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Honda fit does not fit my life.

I bought this car because it had great gas and the most cargo space in its class that year. However, most of the cargo room is vertical, and I am finding that a car that fits two little kids struggles with two tweens and two large dogs. The tires are an odd size and prone to popping. Plus, they don't make studded snow tires in that size. With a light little car like this, better snow tires would be huge. I tend to struggle in the snow. My car is the manual version, which is good. It strains up steeper slopes, and I cannot imagine it having enough pickup in the automatic version. What I have come to realize is that gas mileage is not everything. The car has been nickel and diming me since the warranty wore off a few years ago. It has high mileage these days, and I am looking forward to the day that I can say goodbye to it.

- Meghan H

Fits anything, goes anywhere.

The Honda fit can be a loud car, and road noise can be an issue. This can alleviated with the right tires, however, so look into what kind it comes with. It is a good vehicle, easy to service yourself, and the parts last well long-term. It has great acceleration and handling, with sharp turning radius, and it is comfortable for long trips. It really can 'fit' anything--it feels bigger on the inside. The window placement keeps it from feeling cramped.

- Hanna M

It's safe and handles great, the short front and back end are perfect for city dwellers and parallel parkers, and It's comfortable even though It's small. I have done cross country trips and it was very comfortable in the Honda Fit hatchback.

It's small and compact yet holds an amazing amount of stuff on the inside. We have done ikea trips and costco trips and have rarely not been able to fit what we bought into the car. We live in the city so the small car, and especially the very short front and back end, is great for parking in small spaces and parallel parking. I do wish it was a different color, but it was 400 bucks cheaper to go with the color they had available when I bought it.

- Mary S

Versatile and extremely economical.

It is so adaptable. You can fold one or both back seats down or you can lift the seat part up to fit tall items. When the seats are all the way down you can actually fit a 5ft cabinet in the car, close the hatch and still be able to drive with a passenger comfortable. It has an excellent turning radius, gets fantastic gas mileage between 33 - 45 mpg so is extremely economical to own and operate. If I ever replace it I will get another Honda fit.

- Bonnie G

Love my Honda fit a whole bunch.

I love everything about my car except that the a/c freezes up on long trips. Since I do not take many long trips it is not really a problem but I will probably get it fixed in the future. I love the versatility of the back seats, folding both up and down. I can carry big bags of dirt for my garden or an upright vacuum if necessary. I have a car seat for one of my grandkids and it is easy to install and remove when necessary.

- Linda H

Great on gas and handles great

I love the fold down seats to make for extra room and it's great on gas. Only downside if you are tall and have reversed car seats really limits leg room. Perfect for shorter people. Car handles very well. Parts can be a little pricey. When I go to the drive inns with kids I lay the seats down and makes perfect space for my 1 year old to play or even lay down comfortable. Fits 3 people laying down with seats down

- Ashley A

The Honda Fit: fits your coffee and your busy life

I absolutely love this car. Even though it's compact, it can fit a ton of stuff in the hatchback especially if you fold the back seats down. It gets great gas mileage and it handles very well on back roads and on the highway. I also love the ample number of cup holders especially the one on the dash next to the steering wheel. It's much easier to drink my morning coffee without taking my eyes off the road.

- Morgan F

It fits the items I need it to and fits into any parking spot.

It is rightly named the Fit. It fits nearly everything I could need to put in it. I also enjoy how easy it is to park because it is small. I wish the seats in the back could be moved back to accommodate my child's car seat better. When it rains and there is a bit of flooding it makes me nervous because the car sits so low. I love the great mileage that it gets and I love the color too. It is blue.

- Susan P

Our Honda fit is wonderful!

I can sum up our experience with our vehicle in one word: wonderful! Have never had any problems with it; bought it in 2011 and it is been good ever since. I might add that it is our only vehicle so it gets a lot of use of mostly local driving with some occasional long trips. We highly recommend the Honda fit and have seen many more on the roads compared to when we first bought it in 2011.

- Susan O

I am always shocked by how much I can fit in the back of the car!

My favorite thing about my Honda fit is how functional the space of the car is. I enjoy driving a small car because I feel in control of the vehicle and can parallel park easily. It also has great gas mileage. I used to have a Camry, and wasn't able to transport as much of my stuff as the fit can. I love putting down the back seats and being able to fit my bike, large paintings, etc.

- Delaney O

Totally recommend, very reliable and gas saver no doubt!

No complaints at all, Honda seems to know what they are doing. I have had vehicle for 8 years and as long as I keep the maintenance up there has been no mechanical issues at all. Very reliable, fills up the gas tank with just eight gallons and it gives me three hundred miles minimum. Very comfortable and roomy as well. Have been able to put the seats down and maximizes the space.

- Miri P

2011 Honda fit: excellent car.

The Honda fit is versatile, lots of room for groceries or luggage when traveling. Great for when I go to the hardware store and get large items for the porch, yard or house. The back seats are not deep but they are good for the kids. Great gas mileage and reliable overall. Easy to get parts for and the tires are a normal, easily purchased size.

- Laura R

This hatchback's got your back.

Excellent gas mileage, brakes are not too sensitive, great turning radius! The hatchback is great and once the seats are put down in the back, you can fit quite a lot back there. I was actually able to fit a small dresser in there. . There's no backup camera which is a shame, but other than that I really wouldn't change much about this car!

- Kelly S

This car is great! Never any issues.

It's reliable car, easy to drive, and easy to clean. There is tons of trunk space. The back seats fold down to fit groceries, animals, or other gear. I have never had a problem with this car. I only have to bring it in for oil changes. I also love the glove compartment access. There are two different sections to put important information.

- Jennifer T

The fit is not a trendy style so it maintains it is. Longevity.

The Honda fit is perfect for city living. It has a zippiness to it yet due to Its small frame you can find a parking place easily. Good on gas mileage and I have not had to do any major repairs. The fit is also roomy (seats 5 comfortably) but has adequate storage space. Other fit owners stop me and tell me they love their Honda fit>.

- Celeste A

Best comfy & money saving vehicle.

Pros for Honda fit 2011: Save you lots of money on gas. Fits five people comfortably. Big storage to store anything. Excellent safety. Comfortable seating. Rear seats able to be folded, allow to haul about anything. Cons for Honda fit 2011: Bluetooth is not available. Tall passenger might want more legroom. No power seat.

- Florence C

Honda fit: it is basically a Tardis!

Great little car, fits a ton of stuff and gets great gas mileage. It is also been very reliable and had almost no maintenance issues other than routine oil and tire changes. I would definitely buy one again. The only downside is that the 1. 5 liter engine does not have a ton of pickup, but that is to be expected for a small car.

- Marguerite K

2011 Honda fit with magic seats that fold flat.

2011 Honda fit is a great car for driving short distances. It has a lot of room to store things. The back seats fold down so that long things can be transported in the vehicle. The car is very reliable and has not broken down once. I have only had to replace the battery and the tires. I take it in once a year for an oil change.

- Fran G

The gas mileage is great!! And it's super cheap to fill up!

It has been the most reliable car I have ever owned. The only issue I've had is the spark plugs needing to be changed but that's more maintenance than anything. Sometimes when it rains really hard, the roof leaks a little but I live in the desert so all the molding and plastic to keep it out has dried out because of the sun.

- Kelly E

My little red Honda at 50, 000 miles.

I love my Honda fit. It is in great shape, and just hit 50, 000 miles today. It is roomy comfortable and easy to drive especially for a petite woman like me. It has a good ac system, excellent radio and audio player, and is easy to load with its fold down back seats and hatchback. The only downside is that is somewhat noisy.

- Mary Z

Honda Fit is a great �fit� for our family!

Love my Honda Fit! Nice compact car, but can still fit my family of five. Hatchback has plenty of room for groceries and gear. Still big enough to accommodate a roof rack mounted for my husband's bike. Great on gas, and has excellent pick up for pulling out onto highways. I love being able to fit in small parking spaces!

- Lori O

Comfortable, spacious car.

Very comfortable car. Spacious and has plenty of room for passengers, as well as trunk space. Plenty of cup holders and room to hold other items. Two different glove compartments and pockets in the back of the front seats. Drives really smoothly. The only thing is that it feels a little shaky when it's windy outside.

- Sam P

Honda fit: tiny but mighty.

The car is extremely spacious on the inside despite being a smaller sized car, and it has all the necessary features, without any unnecessary bells and whistles. The car has never presented any issues in terms of brakes or engine, and it has an extremely competent sound system. There is a lot of storage as well.

- Paige A

It has the most beautiful color I have ever seen and it is size is perfect.

It drives great, has a very good pick up and go for a 4 cylinder. It is a beautiful color with great paint. It is so small but yet so big! 4 door and both back seats fold all the way down and can be lifted up. Great car for anyone! Gets great gas mileage on interstate and about 25 in city. Still a perfect car!

- Meagan M

Reliable comfortable good on gas

My vehicle has no problems. It is very reliable, good on gas, it is comfortable, everything works well. My vehicle has no problems. It is very reliable, good on gas, it is comfortable, everything works well. My vehicle has no problems. It is very reliable, good on gas, it is comfortable, everything works well.

- Matthew C

Love it!Sporty and peppy like I am! It is super reliable and lasts like a Honda!

The microfiber seats collect everything and are hard to clean. I have a 5 speed and it has good power and is fun to drive. Lots of room and varied to carry things. I like the colors available. I like the look of the sport model. It is very reliable. Had to just this year repair the air conditioning fan motor.

- Wanda F

The perks of driving the Honda Fit

This car gets great gas mileage. 35+ miles on highway. The hatchback feature makes the car quite spacious. Always a reliable car to get me everywhere I have ever needed to go. The maintenance on the car is very minimal. With maximum capacity of people in the car there is a good amount of space for everybody.

- Taylor S

Honda fit 2011 horrible in winter.

It is horrible in winter. Otherwise, I love the room and performance. Do your oil changed and it's a great car. I will not get another though. I live in Maine. I need something for winter. Roomy comfortable lot of cargo space when back seats are folded down. Gas mileage ok. Not great not horrible.

- Alexandria B

I love my Honda fit:) definitely recommend it for others!

I really enjoy driving my Honda fit. It is a great car for the city because the gas mileage is great and it is easy to park. It also has a lot of room. I was able to pack a lot of stuff in my car when I moved across the country. I would recommend it for a lot of reasons, these are just a couple.

- Kelli L

Comfortable sporty ride with great looks.

I have had no problems with this vehicle. Performs very well: has get up and go, very responsive and easy to park. Reliable as can be. Easily fits four people and rear seat folds down to carry larger cargo. All the features you need in a small car: great gas mileage, comfortable, and reliable.

- Rodolfo G

Get the fit because the fit fits!

Battery died. Door needed to be repaired after accident. Otherwise very great ride. It does well on long drives gets good gas mileage. Had 2 flat tires in 3 years. Seats are comfortable, and the speakers are surprisingly bumping. The car is small enough to fit comfortably in any parking spot.

- Matt C

That it is a good car to have when moving objects, as the back seat can be transformed in various ways to accommodate almost any piece of furniture.

I like that my vehicle is good on gas. It is also versatile relative to cargo space, in that the back seats can be refigured to accommodate large or odd shaped pieces to be transported. I don't like that it runs rough (like a sports car) and cabin noise is a bit higher than in other cars.

- Paul H

Happy with our 2011 Honda fit.

The car is extremely reliable. We have put about 100, 000 miles on it in the past 2. 5 years, and only had minor issues pop up. My only real issue with it is that it does not have much pickup for getting onto the highways. That being said, it is a good trade-off for the fuel efficiency.

- Lawrence G

Rebel Honda. Fit takes a beating but a tough girl he has that keeps it sorda fit.

Very dependable, great on gas, comfortable in every seat. Compact great accessories included. The car is very roomy. Travels great. Parts are not expensive to replace. Nice body style on the car. Very easy to get insurance on. Maintenance on the car is very easy & cheaper than me.

- SheilA A

Great vehicle but do not buy a 2011

The performance and comfort are great. However, the 2011 was not manufactured domestically. Replacement parts are very expensive. The reliability is questionable. The automatic locks are already dying. The mileage is very good. The visibility is great because of the large windshield.

- Alyse V

Very spacious and open with great gas mileage

Slow on speeding up, compensation for a smaller engine. Reliability as far as still runs good at 250,000 with mostly highway miles and can average about 40 mpg going speed limits. Very spacious as this came to a surprise govern how small it looks and it also brings in a lot of light.

- Tiara B

This is a basic automobile but it is consistent and reliable and fulfills its intended purpose.

My car is 7 years old and has almost 60,000 miles on it. It runs fairly well, with only the usual wear and tear. Being a "sporty" model, the ride is a bit rough and cabin noise is loud, but I really like the back seat versatility -- makes it very easy to haul objects of all sizes.

- Paul D

The best feature of the car is that it does great on gas mileage and accelerates quickly.

I really like the front of the vehicle and the amount of windows and the view of everything around you. I really have not had any complaints about the car. It is nice to drive and have not had any issues with it when the recall for the airbag came out process was quick and easy

- Laurel E

Small car with tons of storage in the inside! And fun to drive!

I love how much you can fit in it but it still a compact car and gets good gas mileage. It gets up to 40 mph. Drives good and goes quick. Never have had any issues with it. We get the oil changed when it tells us and that is pretty much the majority of the cars maintenance.

- Kylie M

With the Fit it fits. The �Fit� a love story.

Wonderful car, love the Fit, a little small sometimes, but can fit a lot! Sometimes we try to fit 5 people and all of our luggage and it supremely fits well. With the gold down seats we are able to Evan camp in the fit. Sure is a nice change of pace to drive over a bicycle.

- Tj G

A car that will save you money.

I love this car because it has been a very reliable car for me. Since purchasing it 6 years ago, I have only had to do basic maintenance and replace tires due to flats. This car gets excellent gas mileage as well which helps save money. Overall I am impressed with this car.

- Jon C

It is important to note that while the car looks small there is a lot of space for storage and also people. The inside holds more than it seems.

I dislike how low the vehicle is to the ground. I often scrape entrances into certain parking garages as well as home garages. I also tend to scrape wheel stops because they hit my bumper before they hit my wheel. That is definitely the biggest issue I have with the car.

- alyssa c

Best little car that is great on gas.

I love that this car is small/compact. Drives smoothly and it good on gas mileage. The backseats are removable when you need more space. I like that it has a CD player. I haven't had any issues with this car. It has two USB cables to charge your phone and other devices.

- Mandi T

Fit is fun and practical. Fun to drive, great cargo space, excellent speakers.

The a/c is not the strongest in my 2011 fit. Perhaps because the windshield is so large. The acceleration for this fit is not the best, but it is adequate for me. The seats are comfortable, the cargo space is outstanding for a car its size, and I like the magic seats.

- Katrina S

The Fit fits my 5-foot driver frame AND Hubby's 6'1" frame comfortably, and is as safe as we can get in a small car.

The Fit is as close as I can get to the safety-foam-filling car in "Demolition Man." I've been in 11 MVAs, most as a car PASSENGER, and not my fault, so safety is important. This Fit also affords me nearly 360-degree view, so I'll SEE the nex idiot before they hit me.

- Kathryn H

It is a fantastic car for what it's worth.

I like the size, the feel of the drive, and the hatchback trunk. What I do not like, however, is that it rides low, causing damage to the front of your car over time. It also has a fairly weak engine, and very little power when it comes to driving fast on the highway.

- Abigail P

Small car.....BIG living! Seems small but carries a lot.

Love the size, can park almost anywhere. It seems small but with the back seats down, is an amazing little workhorse. Love that mostly it's really good on gas, unless the a.c. is on full. Love the colour, it's blue. There's really nothing I dislike about my Baby car.

- Jeannie M

My love for Honda Fit and the challenges

I really love the vehicle especially the fact that you can heat the seats when you are feeling cold and the size of the vehicle is to my liking because I do not like big cars. The only thing I don't like about it is that it is very low when going through high bumps.

- Samantha D

Enjoyable to drive but has some engine problems.

Comfortable and size is compact, but has a good amount of room inside. Has had some issues with the engine where it is broken down while driving. Have had to get this fixed about 3-4 times, but it has not done it in over a year now. Very smooth and easy to drive.

- Alex K

Honda fit. Perfect "fit" for city life.

What I like about the fit is I can easily park it in the city. While it is small it is not cramped. What I dislike is it does not bode well with the big potholes in Washington dc. It is great on gas, and I have not had any real problems with the car.

- Michelle V

It is a very dependable, reliable car with a roomy interior.

I like the size, style, color and roomy interior. I live the hatchback and it's very easy to drive as well. I also like the maintenance minder feature. The only thing I dislike is that it hangs low to the ground which is not always good in the snow.

- Patricia L

It is reliable and always starts with no problem. You can depend on it.

The car gets very good gas mileage which is a "like". Overall, the maintenance of the vehicle for things such as engine and battery are above satisfaction however small things break like the window motor and air conditioner.

- shelley f

My car gets great mileage.

My vehicle is the perfect size for my family of 2 plus one dog. I can fold the seats down to make extra room when I need it which is great! I love that it's not too big which makes parking a breeze.

- Kathleen M

My Honda Fit works like it is new, even 12 years later

It's very reliable. No problems other than those caused by regular wear and tear (like brakes etc). I wish I had tinted windows and that the USB in worked with my phone. Otherwise no complaints

- Meg L

It is actually bigger than it looks.

I love the gas economy and the cost of the vehicle. The size could be bigger and it could be higher off the ground. It needs to come already with a key fob that opens the doors.

- Rebeca G

It's well-made and requires little maintenance. It is a very reliable brand.

It requires little maintenance. It gets good gas mileage. It is small and fits easily into parking places. It is easy to see out of, even backing up, in spite of how short I am.

- sandra v

It can go very fast! It's a bit unexpected so it's important to keep an eye on so you don't get a speeding ticket.

There are some issues in having it as a used car in terms of unexpected upkeep, but I like having a car that can actually move with some easy speed and is just small and easy.

- Maude H

The Honda Fit is an adequate car

Roomier than it appears to be. Mileage is quite unimpressive. Tires are small, so you must constantly check the tire pressure. Other than that, it is an adequate vehicle.

- Wayne T

The Honda Fit is a versatile car.

I like the overall size and shape of it. The versatility of the seats is useful for hauling a variety of things. The fuel economy is good. I also like how it handles.

- Erin W

It is very reliable, and I haven't had many problems with it.

I love that my car is compact and it saves a lot of gas. I also love that I can fit a lot of things in my car. I don't like that it can be a little too small sometimes.

- Tynia P

The Honda fit is a very dependable car.

I don't like the look of the car. It's too generic. I do like the gas mileage. I also like many other things about the car. I really have a serious complaints about it.

- Teresa L

Honda Fit is a good, compact, family car

Bought it to be a family car for two kids and it does fit their car seats. But it's a tight squeeze to also fit all their stuff. It's also hard to reach around inside.

- Sarah W

Honda Fit is the best and most affordable car on the market

My car is fuel efficient, comfortable and has even gotten me to and from work in a blizzard. There's more than enough room and it was affordable as my first new car

- Kat W

Honda Fit, The sleeper trap car

Great on gas! Very roomy and comfortable. No problems if maintained properly and goes for miles. $30 to get a full tank from empty that'll last the whole week.

- Dane A

Efficient, easy to handle, attractive colors, reasonably priced

small car, initial tires were poor quality, large wiper blade has to bought from Honda, gas mileage not as good as advertised, otherwise a good reliable car

- Mic P

My Fit is low cost and worth every penny!

I like the red color because other drivers can see me easily. I can easily carry all kinds of things because it's a hatchback. It's pretty good on gas also.

- Elizabeth C

It's very reliable! I would recommend it to anyone.

I love my Fit! There's a lot of room, considering it's small and it always surprises me what I can get into it. It has been 100% reliable and I love it!!

- Karen P

Great little car with lots of trunk space

It's a great little car. Tons of trunk space, wide windshield, good gas mileage (30 mpg highway). The only downside is that it's a little underpowered.

- Heather M

Fun to drive and tons of cup holders for your cup and 7 other cups

I love this car. It has a ton of cup holders for some reason. I like that the back seats lay flat and the hatchback. It is small for a car seat though.

- Bethany M

Low profile tires, you feel the road.

great all around car the only thing I do not like about it is the wheels are low profile and I feel every bump on the road. everything else is great.

- scott C




Large interior capacity and practical

I like that it was affordable and practical. I can fit so much stuff in it. It's not super strong but it's everything that I need it to be.

- Katie C

I the AUX cover, eventually breaks apart because of sun damage.

I love the size of it, how much storage room there is, how I can fold the seats down. I dislike the blind spots on the front windshield.

- Kristin J

It's much bigger inside than it looks from the outside.

The the economy of the car and it is great for hauling around things. Much bigger in the inside than it looks. Gets great gas mileage.

- Cynde w

It's fuel-efficient, reliable, and fun to drive.

It's small, easy to drive, and fuel efficient. Even though it's a subcompact, I can fit a lot of stuff inside. Hondas are very reliable

- Elaine m

It gets great miles per gallon & it has cruise control.

It does not have any bluetooth capabilities or a touch screen display, its extremely small, the seats are not comfortable whatsoever

- Anastasia M

There's more space inside than it looks like there might be.

Its small but has a lot of room inside. It's easy to maneuver being it doesn't really have a trunk or hood. It runs like a dream.

- stacy g

The hatch and fold down seats are amazing for carrying gear or even furniture.

I love my car. It is small so it gets good gas mileage, but the hatch and fold down seats make it so i can transport large items.

- Courtney N

It has a good crash rating, despite It's small size.



The most important thing about my car is that is has enough room for 4.

It gets great gas mileage. It is cute. It is small. It does not have much horsepower. It can carry a lot of stuff, very roomy.

- Kelley O

It is an extremely reliable car. It is fuel efficient and safe. What more can you ask for?

It is a cute, fuel efficient car. It also holds a lot in its trunk. It's a very reliable vehicle with style to boot!

- Sharon G

Easy on gas, easy to drive

My 2011 Honda Fit gets excellent gas mileage. It has excellent cargo space for a small car. Acceleration is good.

- Dorothy M

it is a small car but contains a great deal of storage space.

i love this car it is so fuel efficient and easy to park. i will buy a new one when this one gets too old to drive.

- eli k

That it is super easy to drive.

I live in the city and the car is just the right size. I love fuel consumption. I also find the design attractive.

- Kelsey C

It'd be my perfect car if no power steering problem

It's a perfect city car for small family. The only problem i have after 7 years is the power steering electricity.

- Celly S

It gets great gas mileage. It is also a pretty affordable car. Overall it is a very good value.

It is great. It gets great gas mileage. I love it because it is paid off and I do not have a car payment.

- Andrew L

Gas mileage is great with high prices of gas.

Small, compact, easy to drive and easy to fit in small parking spaces. Gets good gas mileage.

- Barbara S

It is small but has a lot of room.

There is lots of room. There are a lot of cup holders. It is compact, yet has a lot of space.

- Alex B

functional, reliable, economical

great little car...like folding seats, easy to drive, good mileage...wish it had more tech

- andrea M

this car is pretty good on gas and drives really well.

it's a fairly spacious car, decent on gas. perfect for me and my dogs. gets me from A to B

- Sarah j

It's fun to drive and great on gas mileage.

No complaints. It's fun to drive, easy to park and has a ton of room for a small car.

- Kimmy V

It gets great gas mileage, and it is easy to work on.

Great gas mileage, but it is a small car, it doesn't have room to haul large items

- joel p

It runs really well. No issues with battery, engine, transmission

It runs great. It is a bit too small and doesn't handle well in rain or snow

- Amber F

It's easy to get around in and moves out pretty fast. It's small so easy to get into parking spots.

I like that It's easy on gas & is quick to accelerate. No complaints really.

- Wilma R

It's not luxurious or fancy, but very utilitarian

I like that it's a small, efficient car that has a large cargo capacity.

- Arthur M

It's a beautiful color that I've taken on a few fun adventures.

I like that it's peppy and zippy and compact. Doesn't use much gas.

- sara g

It is a great car to have and saves you lots of money on gas.

It is very spacious. Has low mileage. It is a fuel efficient car.

- Madelein C

It's kind of small in terms of sitting space. But the hatchback is great.

I like its small size. It's easy to drive and easy to park.

- Lindsey P

Great on gas mileage and it can hold a lot of stuff when I travel. My family and friends always want to take my car.

I can always find a parking space no matter where we go!

- Veronica C