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Great little car that feels so much bigger when inside!

First let me start by saying I love this car! I got it brand new and I have loved it since day one. 1st thing I loved about it was once you get inside the car it feels so much bigger than you think it will be from the outside. 2nd is I have had very few issues overall with this car. Even getting the little bit of work that I have had done to it, Didn't cost me an arm and a leg. I would say there is 2 things I don't like, 1st being that the shocks are not good at all, you will really feel the road and any and every bump along the way. 2nd would be the windshield wipers, there are only 3 speeds, super slow, fast, and super fast. One of my favorite things about the car is that it fits! The name couldn't have been any better. You want to park in that tiny parking spot, sure it will fit! You want to put that big thing in the back of the car, yep the seats will move around in more ways than one to make sure that whatever it is that you need to haul will fit! Sound system that came with it is not bad at all too. I would tell anyone that wants a great little car that's good on gas, but also has enough get up and go to keep up. Then This is your car!

- Lyndsey B

The best bang for your buck - the fit fits.

Vehicle has large windows throughout which eliminates the multiple blind spots that other cars typically suffer from. The vehicle is also surprisingly very spacious with the back seat capable of completely folding down. That feature comes in handy when I moved from san Diego to san Jose and again, when I moved to a different house. When shopping, or transporting large items, we also use the fit versus the Lexus since it is more spacious. One of my favorite features with the vehicle is how compact it is. It can fit in the tiniest of the parking spaces and makes parallel parking easier. We have the saying “the fit fits” since we're able to nab spaces in busy lots that most vehicles drive past by since they do not fit. The gas mileage efficiency is everything about this car, which is probably the reason why we utilize the fit as our main car. The only downside to the vehicle is the lack of horsepower. Driving uphill is a struggle. In order to keep up with the traffic, I feel the need to be a little heavy footed. Obviously, it sounds like I am pushing the car more than it is limits which worries me in terms of preserving the car.

- Michelle S

Honda Fit: Efficiency & Personality

The 2012 Honda Fit is a great car. It holds about nine gallons of gas, and has a feature that tells you your average gas mileage. For me, that's usually around 36. It drives very comfortably and has reliable but not too sensitive steering and breaking. Despite it being a relatively small car, the back seats fold down, making a lot of room for transporting bigger things. One issue is the wide trim at the edges of the windshield, it creates a blind spot, especially while turning. Also, sometimes the hatchback door handle can get stuck in a open position, which makes it difficult to actually get the hatchback open. However, it is still an awesome car that I love.

- Emily B

Very versatile, configurable, reliable, perfect for urban/suburban living.

The Honda fit is a perfect 'do it all' kind of car in a small package, especially good for urban living. The car is very well designed, full efficient, easy to park, and surprisingly comfortable and roomy for a compact car. While it is certainly not a 'sports car', it is more than powerful enough to drive around town and highways etc without any concerns. The fit is really versatile in part because the seats are easily configurable in a number of different ways and it makes hauling cargo simple. I haven't had any problems in terms of reliability and have only had to replace common things like brake pads, tires etc. Highly recommended.

- John S

Small yet roomy, affordable, and reliable.

I purchased my vehicle 4.5 years ago as a Certified Pre-Owned from a Honda Dealership. I had an issue with the A/C not working maybe about a year into owning it, but it was repaired for around $150 and I've had zero issues since. I absolutely love my car. It's reliable, gets excellent gas mileage, and it's surprisingly roomy for the tiny car that it is. I've been able to put transport purchased Furniture, Bicycles, etc. INSIDE the car by putting the seats down. And to top it all off, the Honda Fit is super cute and fits my personality. I plan to drive this car until it just won't go anymore.

- Ruby K

The Honda fit is perfect for the budget-conscious consumer.

I bought my 2012 Honda fit base model brand new in July 2012, so I have now been driving it as my sole vehicle for over 6 years now. I have only had to do routine maintenance on it, no major repairs. I am 5'3", so it is a good size for me. The folding seats allow me to haul a lot more cargo than you might guess just from looking at the small size of the vehicle. I average at least 30 mpg when commuting, which is combination highway/city driving, and on long road trips I have achieved 40 mpg. Great vehicle.

- Cay D

Massive cargo space for a subcompact vehicle means you can move lots of items in your car.

The Fit performs quite well for a vehicle at the subcompact size. It has enormous storage capacity for such a small vehicle. The fold up/fold down rear seats makes transporting boxes a breeze. The mileage is consistent around 29-32 mpg. Overall mechanical health of the vehicle at nearly 100k miles out has been excellent, with only some brake pads, tires, fluids, and filters replaced. The "sport" model is mostly about looks, and less about speed, but it runs really nice for everyday driving.

- Noah B

Compact and surprisingly roomy

I love that this car is compact, I can easily take it on road trips and fit all my camping gear in the back, all while getting decent gas mileage. (30 mpg average). There are lots of cubbies and cup holders throughout the vehicle. The speaker system sounds great, doesn't need any eq adjustment. It's the standard model, so it doesn't have all the bells and whistles, but it gets the job done and more than suits my needs. I have a manual transmission, and it's been nice and reliable.

- Rainie H

Great reliable car except for the stock wheels and tires.

Mostly a very reliable car. Good gas mileage and roomy interior for how small the car is. I've even used it to camp in and could comfortably sleep with the back seats folded down. The stock wheels and tires were terrible on my model. All of the stock tires needed to be replaced early on as they seem to be fragile and would leak or popped even from very minor damage. Same with the actual wheels, one of them cracked from a very slight bump while driving.

- Ryan L

The best part of this car is being able to parallel park almost anywhere.

I love my Honda Fit most of the time. For the most part, it is extremely economical, but sometimes it is extremely inconvenient. For example, just to get an oil change can cost close to $100 because the oil needed is synthetic oil. Also, tire maintenance can be semi costly because the tires are smaller and are a little more rare to acquire and sometimes even needed to be ordered by places as they do not carry the tires in the store.

- Liliana Z

It has a roomy interior and is comfortable/ smooth to drive.

I love that my car is small but has a versatile and roomy exterior. I like that the backseat folds all the way down to create enough space to haul large items. I like the way the car handles on the road and the design (hatchback instead of sedan). I like that it gets good gas mileage and can fit into small parking spaces easily. The price was very affordable. I don't have any major complaints,

- Lisa H

Honda quality and reliability is typical of this vehicle and others made by them.

Super reliable car, never has any problems, easy to maintain, great longevity due to timing chain engine & electric power steering. Fully loaded with vehicle stability, ABS, power windows, mirrors & door locks; great visibility, easy to park, great handling on turns, etc. Carries as much cargo as my old '83 Isuzu pickup did (when you fold the back seats down). Amazing what can FIT in a FIT!

- Gaary F

It's a keeper! Gas mileage, storage, reliability.

The 2012 Honda Fit has good gas mileage, and has more storage space than it appears. I've put over 100,000 miles on it since 2014 (bought two years old), and it's still going strong! Very few issues requiring extra maintenance besides the normal check ups. Honda makes a great selection of cars. When this little Honda Fit dies of exhaustion, I will buy another Honda.

- Lauren R

Big things come in small packages.

I love the size of my vehicle. It is a perfect city car and fits in almost any parking spot. The only problem I have had with my car thus far was during a drive from san Francisco to long beach. The air conditioning didn't stay cold for the entire ride down, and this was during the middle of the summer. It was torture driving on i-5 in the heat with no ac.

- Amanda M

Great little car for the money.

My Honda runs well, is low maintenance, has good cargo space and is fuel efficient. It is fun to drive but has one drawback -- it does not take bumps well. The passenger space is roomy for a compact car; even a six foot tall man can sit comfortably. The back seat folds down to accommodate extra cargo, and there is a secret hiding place for valuables.

- Jean D

Its economical! Its dependable... You can count on it to get you where you want to go.

My Honda Fit is fantastic! It gets around 37 miles to the gallon, and is comfortable and roomy. The negative aspects of this car is that it doesn't have a great deal of power and it doesn't have a great AC system. It works but even at its best the people in the back seat do not feel much. Other than that I would say that it is just about perfect.

- byron s

Would Get Another Honda Fit

I haven't had any real problems with my 2012 Honda Fit. It was worked really great for me. I am approaching 100,000 miles on my car and I have only taken it in for general maintenance and this car needs very little of it if you take good care of it. There is a lot of space to put your stuff in the car and the seat go flat when folded. Awesome car!

- Heidi W

Fun with lots of cabin space .

My Honda Fit is small but offers a generous cabin space and excellent gas mileage . I have had no mechanical problems or other issues . The back seats fold allowing for more than adequate space for transporting large items . This vehicle offers all of the bells and whistles you could ask for . Overall, it's a really fun and dependable ride .

- Tammy C

It has way more room than it looks like. I fit bunk bed in there and another time I fit 76 folding chairs in it.

I love my car. When I fold the seats down I have SO much room to store and transport things. Which I absolutely love! However, I feel I have outgrown it...it feels small now, but the car I want to get next is a Honda CRV, so it isn't much bigger. The gas mileage is great, but I wish it was better. I would definitely recommend this vehicle.

- Emily C

2012 Honda fit sporty and safe.

It is sporty, but roomy and comfortable. It is very stylish and is one of the safest vehicles on the road today with front air bags and side curtain airbags. It has a CD player as well as a port for an mp3 player that can be operated by the steering wheel. Tons of safety features including traction control make this an excellent choice!

- Brenda M

I affectionately call it my golf cart. It's small, but mighty and can carry a lot more than you'd think.

I like how small it is, but that it has ways to make it seem bigger—folding down seats, a lot of cup holders, hatchback. It's like driving a tiny SUV in that way. I dislike how small the cup holders are and I wish it had more features. I have the base model and I wish it had come with a more digital screen like most cars do now.


Pretty red car, pluses and minuses.

Very lightweight and cute first car, bright red is nice, enough space for all of my things and my friends' things. Seats are quite comfortable and the heating system is nice, I wish it had Bluetooth so I do not have to keep using a converter. Drives just fine but shakes on the highway when it goes too fast. Overall a decent car.

- Carl W

The Honda Fit really does fit into your life in so many ways.

I love my Honda Fit! It gets me around town, easy to find parking in the city and it fits a lot of stuff in it. I go camping a lot and all my gear fits in it fine for two people. Not major problems with it. I had to get new tires a couple of times. Due to city life, I had to get the window fixed to break ins a couple times, too.

- Shanna D

The Honda fit fit's it all.

I love my Honda fit. It is the best and only car to have in the city. It handles great in small alleys or highways. It also fits in the smallest parking spots. I really love the fact that you can fold the back seats down and basically have a flat bed. Comes in handy when moving furniture or those homeowner trips to home depot.

- Kelly P

Keep up with the oil changes and check the other fluids the truck will last.

I love the ability to put down one or both of the back seats, or to lift them up, to fit whatever needs to into my car. It looks small from the outside, but it can store tons of stuff. It is also very fuel-efficient. I wish that it was a little higher off the ground, though, and that I could accelerate a little more quickly.

- Jennifer S

Safe and spacious-Honda fit.

I have not had any major problems with my Honda fit. I know that I am safe when I drive around town due to the effective safety features. The spacious interior makes it easy to pack up and move an entire apartment in one trip. The ability to configure the seats however you need them is incredibly helpful in this task.

- Kathryn K

2012 Honda fit. Lots of cargo space.

My 2012 Honda fit handles great, is relatively spacious and comfortable plus (so far) has been extremely reliable. Negatives are slightly disappointing fuel economy and buzzy engine at highway speeds. Also not thrilled about the requirement for full synthetic oil which adds significantly to cost of ownership.

- Ken B

Nimble driving on the road and easy to park.

I bought my car used a year ago and so far the only problem I have had with it was the cabin fan motor stopped working and needed to be replaced. Other than that, it's been great! It handles well at interstate driving speeds, I'd very easy to park, and gets about 36-38 mpg with combined city and highway driving.

- Linda P

The gas mileage is good enough to offset the car's flaws.

I like the color, silver. My favorite part about my car is the gas mileage is pretty good. I can put in $10 and get over half a tank. I'm not a big fan of the hatchback design, it's definitely a bit too "mom car" for me. I wish the engine power had a bit more oomph, I always feel like I'm driving a golf cart.

- Amber D

Honda fit is a reliable dependable car.

Love my fit. Bought it brand new, and it's been super reliable since day one. I did wreck it once but after repairs it ran like a dream. Just paid it off a couple years ago and I am looking forward to driving it till the wheels come off. Both of my cars are Hondas and I don't think I'd go with another make.

- Matt T

My car got problems which is hard

My vehicle is in less weight. Can't go for long trips such as going to another state. Once I tried to in another state and I felt it was too windy outside. I was not able to drive properly. But this car is good for local use. You can use it for work, buy something in supermarket. Very flexible to drive

- Vats S

The Honda fit, a great fit, no matter what.

Only con is that there is very little engine power, it is a four cylinder, but I have had similar cars in the past that could really move. However, it gets great gas mileage, city or highway. It has so much space and is still a compact car. The back seats fold down and you can move so much!

- Kristin K

I really enjoy that there are 10 cup holders!

The tires are too small so you can feel everything in the road and the gas tank is really small so you have to fill it up often, even though it gets really good gas mileage. Also it is really low to the ground and scrapes if you go up a big hill and it does not really do well in the winter.

- Leslie C

It is very reliable - it handles really well in all weather conditions.

I love the size - it is big enough to pack up the car and go for a long vacation. But it is also perfect for city driving and tight parking spots. The only thing I do not like about it is some features that I would use (like heated seats, Bluetooth, etc.) Weren't available with that model.

- Lydia F

It's incredibly comfortable and spacious, the maintenance is minimal and it's fun to drive.

I love my car! It's blaze orange so I do love that about it but it's really easy and comfortable to drive and has a lot more space than one would think it does. It has a lot of head room and great big windows. The only drawback is the air conditioning does not function well on long trips.

- Allison L

Honda fit 2012 -don’t know yet.

The Honda fit I own is a very reliable vehicle but I have only owned it for two years and have driven it for 4, 000 miles. I did need to replace all four tires. I do not know the car yet because I need to spend time driving it more. Everything in the car works well, so far so good.

- Leslie T

Perfect fit for a small car

This is a Great car .. it definitely gets great mileage. Small and compact but enough room for my family. Love the hatch back for larger items. This car is Perfect. I would definitely recommend it to anybody looking for a new car. Easy to maintain and very comfortable

- Melissa S

This car can hold much more gas and storage than it looks.

I love this car. The mileage is amazing--it can go almost 200 mil (highway) on half a tank. The storage space is much more than it looks, and I've never had any failures with it. It has rear wheel drive, which makes it good at slow/ice maneuvering. Also, it's adorable.

- Priscilla O

It has great gas mileage and can fit a lot of gear in it.

It pulls slightly to the right, but I'm pretty sure I just need an alignment. I wish it had more seating room, although there is plenty of storage space, which is good for camping/hauling things, etc. I like the sound system, which is really nice for such a small car.

- Matthew F

The Honda fit fits ok for a family of 4.

It works ok, I would think the mileage would be better for the size of the car. I have had issues with spark plugs backing out a few times resulting in an odor of gas in the car. The air conditioner is fading already. It is an okcar but not great for a family of four.

- Autumn W

Ask me about my awesome Honda.

It has awesome mileage. It is very dependable. The size is just perfect for a two-person household. It is surprisingly spacious and you can load a lot of stuff inside. The casing can easily get dented. I like the look of the sport version of the Honda fit.

- Jay M

Nice tide with good storage.

No problems with fit. Only maintenance has been normal wear and tear items like tires, oil change, brakes. . Back seats flip up easily which is great for shopping or gardening needs. My only complaint is there was no sunroof option at the time of purchase.

- Kathleen H

A small, sporty hatchback

The best thing about my car is the location of the cup holders, directly on the ends of the dashboard. I have had very little issues as far as performance. I have only had to do regular maintenance, and have had no major repairs in the time I've owned it.

- Ethan A

The Honda fit just fits and it's fun to drive.

I love the way my Honda fit fits as I drive. It's compact yet roomy. It has lots of space for storage in the back and the back seats fold up and down for all kinds of storage and transportation needs. It gets pretty good gas mileage and it's fun to drive.

- Paul W

The Honda fit is a great fit! Even the back seat got thumbs up from my daughter.

I can fit things in my car that do not fit in my husband’s truck. Mileage is good. I can park anywhere and make u turns on tight streets. Honda does a good job with little extras like the armrest and double glove box, and generally good use of space.

- Julie M

It is quite small, but it's powerful and has great storage.

I like my car because it is small and compact, which makes it easy to drive and maneuver. I also like that it has a hatchback. I dislike the radio and other control buttons because they look very old and dated despite the car only being a 2012 make.

- Allison C

It's a sporty little car that gets decent gas mileage.

I like that it is small and gets pretty good gas mileage. The back seats flip down which gives me lots of room to carry things. The air conditioner doesn't always work when I am accelerating. The defroster emits a bad smell when I first turn it on.

- Gayle F

It is a good family car too.

It is compact, so it can park almost anywhere. And it is a hatchback, so it has lots of space to store and transport items when needed. It runs well and looks good. Only dislike would be that I wish it had better mpg or was a hybrid electric car.

- Megan D

You trade off a few years of great gas mileage by paying for it literally with repairs that seem needed sooner than in other cars.

It is falling apart a whole lot faster than any previous car I have had. Plus, once someone puts up the back seat headrests, you have two huge blind spots to f you want to see to merge in either direction as to what traffic is like behind you.

- Elizabeth N

The Honda fit has the volume button for the radio on the steering wheel.

I like my Honda fit because it is reliable and dependable. I love having a hatchback car. The car looks tiny from the outside but it actually can carry a lot of things. I only wish it had a sunroof and maybe a bigger gas tank.

- Sarah J

The Honda Fit 2012 has great gas mileage and use of space!

I love how it's small and easily maneuverable but still makes great use of interior space. But now that I do have 2 dogs and one baby on the way, I do wish I have a little more room and that the wheels are more snow worthy.

- Emilie B

Not the best car for long road trips but amazing as a daily commuter vehicle.

The car runs great. It is very reliable. It can get a little squirmy at high speeds. It is also a quite small, but the trade off is the great gas mileage. Also, not a ton of power so you really need to plan your maneuvers.

- Heather T

It is small and safe and gets great gas mileage and is kind of cute too.

I like my vehicle because it is small and zippy. I like the hatchback and the fold down seats, because that makes it very versatile. I like the size because I hate parking and driving our minivan makes me nervous.

- Karen B

It is not as economical as I would have thought on the street for a small car.

This car was originally for my wife. It is too small and there is a blind spot. It can pick up speed on the freeway but it is rather tinny. Passengers in back say it's like being in a boat. Want a heavier car.

- Walter H

Its awesome! It's adorable! It's fun! And it is also super useful for all sorts of situations you might be in, as well as being great on gas!

It's a great little car. It fits SO much stuff inside of it and I love the fact that the back seats not only go flat, but also lift up. I have used the car during two moves and those features were a life saver.

- Shannon F

It does great highway driving

Love that the Honda Fit has a flat back so it is easier to navigate pulling out of a driveway or a parking spot. It has a ton of windows which helps with viability. All in all I would buy this car again.

- Claire S

Good Reliable car with one rare glitch.

I have for the most part enjoyed my car. I did have an issue where the spark plugs eroded away and I had to get it fixed. It is not a common thing. Other than that it has been very reliable.

- Matt M

My car is an overall great car!

It's honestly a great car. The steering is very easy and it's very reliable. The car is extremely low maintenance. In the past 6 years that I've had it, I've only had to change the tires once.

- Cynthia S

It is the right fit for all!!

The fit is very compact on the outside but is very spacious on the inside. It is very easy to drive and the built in navigation is a godsend. I love hatchbacks and the fit does not disappoint.

- Gabriela R

Good reliable vehicle great on gas runs smoothly

My car has been very dependable, great on gas runs smoothly. The Windows do not have enough protection from Sun glare. As long as you keep the normal maintenance up car is very reliable.

- Susan B

Honda been around for years and it is dependable and good on gas

I liked it cause it is good on gas ,Honda is a great car and dependable.The color of my car is great and I people always compliment on it.The car has little or no maintenance

- valerie b

It has great gas mileage and and handles really well because of how light it is.

My Honda Fit gets great gas mileage and it's amazing for commuting to work. I don't like how lightweight the car is, because it's more susceptible to damages and easily dents.

- Gill L

My Honda fit gets 32-35 mpg, is roomy and a fold-down flat back seat for cargo.

My vehicle i like because it gets great gas mileage, it is clean, runs well, holds the road well and feels spacious. The only thing i dislike about it are the blind spots.

- Elizabeth W

How efficient this car is with gas.

I like my car because it gets great gas mileage! My average mpg is 39-45! Also, I can haul a lot in this small car. When the back seats are down, there is plenty of room.

- Mary W

It's a great little vehicle that gets good mileage. It's fun to drive.

I love how compact it is, but it still feels roomy and comfortable. The hatchback provides the perfect amount of space to suit my needs. The mileage I get is terrific.

- Daria J

My family owns 5 of them because they're so great!

Easy to drive, park and maintain. Great fuel economy, easy to service. Trouble-free and able to carry a lot of stuff despite its size. Most reliable vehicle ever.

- Gary B

The most important thing others should know about my car is that i work hard for it. It is my first vehicle.

I really enjoy my vehicle. It gets super good gas mileage. I love how the seats fold for if i need to move things or go on a trip. All in all no complaints.

- Andrew M

It has two blind spots in the front on both sides of the car

It's a very reliable car. It is a little difficult to drive in the snow since it's so low to the ground. It has good gas mileage and is a good commuter car.

- Carolyn C

The fit is compact to go wherever you need it to go, but also sporty to do what you need it to do.

Reliable, tall, comfortable, versatile, dependable. There are 9 cup holders, and the back seats fold down completely flat to transport whatever you need.

- Cheryl M

A versatile people and stuff hauler.

It has versatile rear seats for transporting bulky items. The gas mileage is good. The only complaint is that there is no option to upgrade the engine.

- Bob B

It is extremely easy to handle and park.

The vehicle runs really well and is extremely reliable. The gas mileage is consistently over 30 miles per gallon, which is great on a student budget.

- Karen W

It runs well and it is a classic I love my old school car it is very dependable.

Like that it's easy on gas, and it is reliable... Do not like it has little pick up when taking off from a light or getting out onto the highway..

- Tarri C

It's cute and sporty - and can fit a lot of stuff inside of it.

I love most things about my car including the fold flat seats and the good gas mileage. I wish I had the version with the for operated lift gate.

- Diana F

The fit sport has paddle shifters.

I love the many cup holders my vehicle has. I love the storage space and capability. I love the cloth seats and how comfortable the seats are.

- Rosie C

It's a very cute car - I like the shape.

I like the car a lot because I find that it is really easy to drive on freeways. I have had other cars that don't have fast enough pick-up.

- Kira C

It is reliable and a great family car.

I love that the Honda fit has the flat back it makes it much easier to park or pull out. On the downside it does not have a ton of power.

- Claire S

Lots of interior space in seats and trunk

I like the compact size and easy drivability. It gets excellent gas mileage. The interior is spacious enough for passengers and cargo.

- Varsenik W

You can pack a lot in the back when you put down the back seats.

It is roomy for a small car. I like the orange color. I dislike the tire pressure icon, which has four sensors that need replacing.

- lana b

There will never be enough cup holders in any car after you drive this one. Seriously.

Love the size and fuel economy. The seats can easily be moved to fit lots of things in it. It has tons of cupholders. It's purple!

- Christy A

It is a compact car with a lot of trunk space, which has been helpful when traveling and moving spaces.

That the seats in the back go down completely, giving you a lot more trunk space that you can hold furniture in such a small car!

- Miki T

Great gas mileage durable vehicle spacious

The honda fit is a very reliable car that gets good gas mileage. Has lots of room for passengers and moving things. Very roomy.

- Stephanie F

It's fantastic! You should get one too. Right now!

I love my car because it fits my personality. It also gets great gas mileage, and i can move a lot of stuff. It is very roomy.

- Jenyfer C

The car fits everything I've needed and is super user friendly

The Honda Fit has great gas mileage, is very easy to drive and park. It seems more spacious on the inside than one would think.

- Hunter C

There is a ton of cargo space, it fits large items easily.

The car has tire problems. There is a lot of cargo space. It is great for taking the dogs anywhere. It is okay on gas mileage.

- Barbara G

It is well made, reliable and economic

Inexpensive. Good gas mileage. It is reliable, it doesn't break down often. Inexpensive to repair. Good design for my needs

- Kenny B

It is an ideal car for family. Honda always make good cars especially when it comes to security features

The car is great in mileage. It has Good security features ( 5 airbags). I cannot complain with how spacious it is

- angie s

My car is one that is pretty inexpensive, is safe, and has great gas mileage.

I love my Fit because it is small, yet spacious. It is a safe vehicle. It has great gas mileage and is very cute

- Caitlin K

It has a small gas tank that but has a big truck that the seats can fold down in multiple ways

Like that it is reliable and holds its retail value longer then a lot of other brands of cars that are available


You won't be as fast as other cars on the road, but you'll need to go to the gas station less often.

I like the fuel economy. It's easy to park. I don't like the manual transmission, which is starting to slip.

- Henry R

Honda Fit Review Woooo Hoooo

It's light, and it is good on gas mileage. However it does not have a lot of power, which is a bit annoying.

- Nika K

It has great mileage and safety ratings.

I love the highway gas mileage. The hatch is convenient, the back seat is roomy. I like the overall style.

- Matt Y

It runs very well and has lasted 6 years now with just regular maintenance. It's a very well built car. And has great gas mileage

I call it my tank. It hit a log and nothing happened to it. I do wish it was a little bigger and had AWD.

- Melissa M

My Honda Fit gets great gas mileage and handles well.

My Honda is great. it gets amazing gas mileage and handles really well. it's the perfect size for me.

- katrina s

The Honda Fit has good gas mileage. Really good turning radius.

It is reliable. It does well on gas mileage. Doesn't cost much when doing routine maintenance.

- Peter Z

It is a nice, compact car that is small but surprisingly has a lot of room.

I enjoy how much room I have. The gas mileage is very good. It is very comfortable to drive.

- Steve N

Very economic, well equipped and reliable for a compact car

Very economic gas/mileage. Reliable. A little too small for our current and future needs

- Sebastien J

its small but still has decent space to fit things. miles per gallon are very good. reliable

Very compact and sleek. Good miles to the gallon, sporty enough. ac is a bit weak

- lucas s

Perfect for millennials to get around town or on the highway.

Like the style and fit of the car. Do not like the lack of tint in the windows.

- Erin P

It is very easy to navigate on the road and park. It has very few blind spots. It is RED!

You will never want to drive any other car after you buy this one.

- Adam S

It is small and compact which i love. However the battery dies a lot.

Its small but can fit a lot of stuff. It gets great gas mileage

- Courtney H

It's small and easy to navigate. But it can still fit a lot of things. It doesn't have any navigation or anything but I still like it.

You can fit a lot of things in it. The seats move up and down.

- Kelly L

You should consider this car if you don't want to have any parking problems in the city.

It's small but very spacious inside. Reliable as all Hondas.


Easy to turn. Easy to park. Comfortable and spacious inside

Motor is weak for size. I like that it's easy to park

- Ali M

- Ashley F