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Wouldn’t buy another

Probably an okay car if you buy the maintenance package. Bought it brand new. So far, dash warning lights looked like pinball machine - all randomly flashing; now just 2 lights randomly light; the speedometer/fuel gauge randomly doesn’t work; the door locks click incessantly; the doors randomly lock themselves at night; something randomly clicks continuously when car is off - step on the brake and it quits - drains the battery so you go to leave and the battery is dead; new is a loud weird sound like the air ducts moving when you go to start it; the brakes pulsate badly when you go to stop; the a/c has quit 2 times; the drivers seat has come apart at the seam; the headlight regular beams are useless - they only light about 10 feet out when going downhill - I drive with high beams on about 90% of the time; and the window pillar is right in your field of view to the point you actually have to lean left and right to see around it in a curve. It’s only redeeming qualities are it gets good gas mileage (even though econo-mode quit working) and it holds a lot.

- Pat

The safety devices work! I feel safe in the car. It gets good good mileage. Easy to drive and park.

I like the size and utility of the Fit, it is a sturdy little-ish car and it gets great mileage. The rear camera is really a safety enhancing feature and the way the seats fold in has been very useful. Things i don't really like about the car are minor except for one thing; the support for the roof in front angles in just such a way that on some turns it is directly in my sight. I need to move , to slightly crane my neck to see around it for good visibility . It's not a huge problem but it is the thing i dislike most. The minor annoying things: no passenger side cup holder and the door handle are difficult for me to reach when the door is completely open and i am all the way sitting , if i turn and put a foot out to lean to reach it It's fine, but when It's snowing or raining It's a minor pain. But i like the car well enough that having been safe and sound after a collision that totaled my first Fit i bought another.

- Jean T

The Honda fit ex is a great value for the price!

I haven't had too many issues with my car. I had to replace the battery at about 60,000 miles, replaced spark plugs and coils at 80,000 miles, routine maintenance really. Only issue I have really encountered was a sputtering upon acceleration. After doing some research, I found that this was common due to the direct injection engine which caused excess carbon buildup. I used an fuel system treatment on my next fill up, which cost $14 and stopped the hesitation completely by the time the gas tank was emptied. My ex has been reliable and comfortable for the 3 years I have owned it. I would recommend the Honda fit for anyone looking for a sporty mom-car that is roomy, reliable and fuel efficient.

- Amy M

My Honda fit and my road trips with my fur babies.

I live my Honda fit! It is a great little car for me, the hatchback makes loading and unloading my demo products so easy. If needed I can put both the back seats down for more storage area. GA mileage in the city averages 32 mpg and highway around 36-38. This car also has a economy light lets me know when I am driving the most fuel efficient. My city and parking places are very crowded and with my compact fit I can almost maneuvered into any space. I love my little red fit and I highly recommend this car. Plenty of room inside the car to go on a road trip with my 2 small dogs and they never complain about my music choices while I am driving!

- Pattie K

It is an inexpensive car with a lot of features that are typically found in cars that are more expensive.

It is a small car but has a lot of room. The seats fold up 4 different ways to allow more cargo space or more floor space in the back. It is very roomy and comfortable for being a small car. It drives smoothly. It is very good on gas, and it has a small tank, so I don't have to spend a lot at each fill up. I have only had a few problems with it since I got it: one of the information screens goes black sometimes when it is cold outside, and my door hasn't been closing right; sometimes the door ajar light will come on, so I have to open my door and close it again. So far, those are the only problems I've noticed.

- Cindy E

The fit is a good car but there are flaws.

The seat is very comfortable and it is easy to drive being an automatic. Now that I own it I realize there are blind spots in the front sides of the vehicle I did not notice when I test drove it. I love the sunroof feature. It is easy to use with a car seat latch feature too. Seats 5 people and seems roomy. The feature of it being a fit and the front passenger seat folding back and down flat is great for road trips. I have used the back seat fit features to squeeze in items when moving too. Overall I would recommend the car but I will not purchase the same car again next time.

- Jenn P

Lots of perks in a little package.

The fit gets great gas mileage - 42-44 mpg in the summer, a little less in the winter (38 mpg). Handles really well in all weather conditions. I love that the seats configure in different ways and so far I have been able to move any large items that I have needed to move. The black interior gets a little warm in the summer, but the ac works great. One dislike - I live in a rural area, sometimes have to drive on gravel roads and the rear window tends to collect a lot of gravel dust. There is a rear wiper, but it does not remove the dust from the entire rear window.

- Virginia G

Love the size and cargo space but should tape over the tire pressure light.

I love the flexible storage. That is why I bought the car. I wanted a small vehicle that wasn't more than I need but occasionally could haul stuff and it is been great. The one thing that has been annoying, the tire pressure sensor is unreliable, after a tire rotation the flat tire light goes on after a few hours or few days when there's no problem. I learned how to reset it. Sometimes it seems to be touchy at other times and I mostly rest it because I do not believe it. Also, I have had a very flat tire that never registered on the light.

- Laura M

Super spacious and great gas mileage!

I love my car! I haven't had any problems with it at all. I make sure that I get the oil changed regularly, and keep the tires in good shape. It is so spacious. The amount of times I have gone to pick up a large item like a piece of furniture and had people assume it wouldn't fit in my car are too many to count. I love that I can have the amazing gas mileage of a car with the space of an SUV. My favorite feature is that the back seats fold up. It's really nice when transporting tall things, and makes it a dream to clean.

- Eileen G

Compact hatchback, great gas mileage.

I currently have a 2015 Honda fit and I love it! It is a great vehicle for people who want to drive compact but still have the convenience of a hatchback with plenty of space. The gas mileage is truly fantastic, and I often get around 37 miles to the gallon and the interstate, which is great because I commute. In 3 and a half years, I haven't had a single problem with it and have only had to seek out routine oil changes and tire rotations. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to anyone who is thinking about it!

- Bree D

The Honda fit: good things come in small package.

Honda's are extremely reliable. I have owned several. The fit is a little car that actually feels roomier than it looks. The back seats lay flat so the trunk space can actually hold a lot. The fit gets great gas mileage. I get about 38 mpg on the highway. I have not needed any major repairs yet on this vehicle. The only complaint I have is that I do not find the driver's seat very supportive of my back so I place a small pillow behind my back. I highly recommend the fit for cost, efficiency and reliability,

- Emily C

The Honda Fit is a perfect car for any lifestyle, with flexibility, maneuverability, and versatility.

My Fit is a perfect vehicle for me; it gets incredible gas mileage for both city driving and highway, both of which I do frequently. The storage space in the car itself is plenty for everything I need on any given day, and allows me to move a not-inconsiderable amount of things at a time, while still remaining compact enough to drive easily and fit everywhere I need to go. The hatchback has become one of my favorite features despite not expecting to like it as much as I do.

- Diane S

My amazing Honda fit experience.

Vehicle has been reliable, battery and brakes have lasted 5+ years from buying the car, it has withstood one sideswipe collision and is super roomy on the inside although it looks small on the outside. The rear camera is clear and amazing and helps me to park in tight spots. Good gas mileage, between 38-40 miles per gallon. Overall I would highly recommend my Honda fit! It is amazing and just the right thing for me, back seat can also go down and fit more things!

- Sean S

It fits me and my lifestyle. Love my Honda fit.

I love my Honda fit. It is a fun and easy car to drive. I love how the back seats either go up or down. I used the up position a lot when transporting clients and their walkers and wheelchairs when I was a caregiver. I feel safe while I am driving my fit. I have been all over the place. Many road trips and so dependable. I get tons of compliments about my car. It is so quiet and drives real smooth. It "fits" my lifestyle so amazingly. Love my fit.

- Lisa L

Small, reliable car with some concerns with blind spots.

It is a reliable, zippy little car. It is quite small and feels it when there is more than one adult in the car. When it is just me and my two young children, it is fine. It has a couple of blind spots in the front window that can be hazardous. Biggest issue for me is a blind spot with left hand turns. Overall, the car runs really well and we have had no major maintenance issues since purchase. We did buy it used and have had it almost two years.

- Virginia R

My Honda fit fits my requirements for a car.

I love my car. It is size makes it easy to park and pull into my garage. With four doors and a fold down back seat capability, it is very Versatile. I use all its technology but wish it had apple play. It gets excellent mileage and uses regular gas. My car is red and that color adds attraction to an otherwise unremarkable car. I purchased the top, of the line (except for a navigation system). Despite that, the cost was about $20, 000.

- Judy F

My fit is economical and fun to drive.

My fit is a good economy vehicle. I driver approximately 30,000 to 50,000 miles a year for work so reliability and gas mileage is important. My fit is comfortable, reliable and gets 40 miles to the gallon. Great for my work! So far I have had very few mechanical problems. My only complaint is the pulsing I get with braking. Mechanics have not been able to identify any problems with my rotors. Have read this is a Honda problem!

- Kim L

Looks small, but holds a lot and feels spacious.

I love my car. I like how when I put down the back seats I have so much room! I am able to put 8 big totes and a canopy and a couple of boxes in my little car. I get great gas mileage and love driving it. To me the only issue is the amount of money it costs for all the major mile check ups, but I understand that is true for many models. I love I can get into small spaces and can even parallel park easily into almost any spot.

- Martha L

It is a very good car even and it is a great gas saver.

I really love driving my fit, it is a great gas saver and the seats are cloth and comfortable. . It has a cut and sport mode which can definitely pick up speed. . . I really can count on this car to not have any issues. . . I love the touchscreen screen feature, the rearview camera I use a lot as well. . I love driving around with the sunroof open when the weather is nice. . . I have recommended my car to family and friends.

- Theresa F

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that I regret being pressured into the purchase of it.

I love the color and that it has reasonable gas mileage. I am frustrated with the expensive servicing it has required. I am annoyed that I was told it was bigger than it looks and would totally fit a bike-yeah no, it isn't and it doesn't. There is also a design flaw in that sharp turns toward the curb in parking will cause the bumper to scrape the pavement because it is such a low riding frame.

- victoria a

It fits in and is spunky and fun.

The fit has a lot of spunk, a lot of room, good on gas, very reliable, fun to drive, basic but enough features to not overwhelm you, lots of legroom in back and front, no problems, drives nice, fits in, one thing I do not like is the location of the trunk handle and feel the molding may come off and also there is no drink holders in the or no phone Charger or plug in the back.

- Chrissie M

Great safety features and mileage.

I have had my car for about 3 months now and have yet to run into any issues. Performance wise the car is great. It is consistently reliable and has fantastic gas mileage at roughly 30 per gallon. I feel comfortable and safe while driving, particularly because of the rear view camera. Definitely a great car for new drivers given the safety features and compact size.

- Amanda N

Nice features/bumpy ride.

It has a back-up camera and right turn camera that are very useful; heated seats that I love in winter; hands-free phone, CD player, etc.; cruise control; lots of cargo space. The doors are very wide, so I have to be careful where I park. The suspension is not very good -- you feel every bump and crack in the road. The seats are lower than I would like.

- Amy H

2015 Honda fit review - recalls, gas mileage, storage.

My car has had several recalls but dealership offers to fix them for free, and the dealership has been good about communicating when recalls are needed. The car has good gas mileage and feels much larger than it looks, my 6'8" friend can sit comfortably in my car. I love the hatchback and how much space is available, especially when the seats are down.

- Caitlin B

Comfortable, reliable, has great gas mileage, and a lot of space.

My Honda fit is the best car I have had by far! It has a lot of space for being such a little car. My favorite feature is the front panel touch screen. It also has Bluetooth and hands free calling. The seats fold down in the back for extra space when traveling with large items such as furniture and luggage. It is a comfortable, small, attractive car.

- Nicole S

Honda fit positive and negative issues for a busy mom.

I love the gas mileage, storage space, comfortable seats, seat warmers, sun/moon roof, style, color and durability. A few negatives of my car are the engine noise with the a/c or heat, tire pressure light comes on even when tires are ok, the windshield wipers do not reach the whole windshield, and it runs out of windshield wiper fluid really fast.

- Christina R

The 2015 Honda fit and why you should buy it!

This car provides excellent gas mileage with its eco friendly mode! Comfortable and plenty of space for passengers and still contains enough trunk space! Completely reliable and a perfect car for a small family. Although I do not have the Honda fit with navigation it has a built in Bluetooth feature or FM/AM radio option.

- Kaitlyn W

It looks like a compact car but it is very roomy. It is not as expensive as other Hondas but just as good. It gets great gas mileage and has a small tank so filling up does not cost a lot.

I like that it is a small car but has a lot of room. The seats fold in 4 different ways, so that helps when i have to carry large items around in the car. I like the features in it. I don't like how sometimes when it is cold outside, one of my screens goes blank. Also, my door doesn't seem to be latching well lately.

- Kristina E

Always research thoroughly when you buy a car.

Squeaks when the car turns. Tires that came with the new car didn't last very long. Cheap! I didn't like having to buy floor mats and a trunk cover that should have come with a new car. Cheap! Also there is a hesitation when increase the gas pedal. Not good. On the positive side, I will say that it get good gas mileage.

- J M

It has more space than expected.

Surprisingly spacious for how small the vehicle is. The gas mileage is very nice for going on out of state trips. All of the cars features are also really nice. The back up camera is the best feature out of all of the. I like how you can put a lot of groceries in the back of the car and still have space for the family.

- Vance L

A great car for the money. Great gas mileage, easy to drive.

The fit is a great car- super gas mileage, easy to drive. There is a lot of room to put things in. The seats fold down. You can even put the front passenger seat down if the item is long. Has great features. Good warranty and a great car for the money. Since the gas tank is small, it is not expensive to fill with gas.

- Lynn K

The Fit gets great gas mileage. It is easy to handle and easy to park.

My Honda Fit is ideal for commuting to and from work. It gets 30 MPG around town and 35-40 MPG on the highway. It's compact and easy to handle but has a lot of room on the inside. The back seats fold down so bigger items fit easily. The driver and passenger doors open wide, making it easy to get in and out of the car.

- Donna R

Very informative to what your vehicle needs. It is bigger on the inside.

The fact that I can tell from the dash what needs done is wonderful. I know if my tire pressure is a little too low, which cuts down on gas efficiency. I know my oil life and when I need to change it. It is can fit so much. The seats in back fold down, or just pick up the seats and slide stuff on in. It is wonderful.

- Sam M

The Honda fit is super safe, easy to drive, and comfortable!

The car is really small, which is a plus. It is safe for learner drivers and you can parallel park really easy. The main issue is that in rain is hydroplanes and it can only hold five people. It is really easy to drive and smooth. Taken it on multiple trips and it didn't crash, break down, or lose control.

- Rosalyn C

Small on the outside, with space for a Christmas tree on the inside.

I love how small it is. I am able to fit every where. However inside it does not feel small at all. I was able to fit a 6 ft tree in the car. I love the way it drives and how safe I feel in it. I always tell people if you are looking for a small car that comes with lots of space the fit is the car for you.

- Claudia B

Performance of 2015 Honda fit could've down more to deliver.

Although I do everything I can to help preserve my battery, I am now on my 3rd battery with my car. I also wish that like other cars mine would display my tire pressure as what number they are at and which ones need to be refilled. The blind spots in the front also sometimes make driving a bit difficult.

- Felicia B

Compact car with good fuel economy with unmatched storage capacity.

I love that it's a compact car but effectively a small van. The biggest reason to get this car is that the back seats fold down flush to create lots of storage space for all but the biggest items. I don't like that the CVT (transmission) doesn't seem very reliable as it has had to be replaced already!

- Walter R

The car gets really good gas mileage.

Car has very small engine which makes it good on gas, but also hard to gain speed. Many lights have come on in the year I have owned it. Had a lot of trouble with the fuel system. Had to have new catalytic converter and fuel injectors. It is a good car get around town, but wouldn't make it my main car.

- Christy M

Comfortable, reliable and less maintenance.

It is lighter than the other cars. It is comfortable to use and it is reliable. We used to drive long long drive from New York going to Washington without problem. We do not encounter major problems with the span of almost 5 years. Until now, our car is in good condition and maintenance is quiet less.

- Neil P

Road noise issue but child friendly.

There is a good deal of road noise particularly when you are on the interstate. The Bluetooth feature is hardly usable due to this issue as people seem to hear more background noise that the conversation. I love the gas mileage I get however, and car is really easy for getting children in and out of.

- Carrie J

My Honda Fit is the highest rated subcompact car and it shows.

I love my Honda Fit. It is compact, yet still feels roomy once you're inside. The gas mileage is fantastic. I love that the seats can lower completely to create more room for large objects. The car runs well, though it is (not unexpectedly) a little gutless on hills. I have no real complaints!

- Hay C

It's three years old and has less than 2,000 miles on it. I don't drive a whole lot!

I love Hondas. I like the color of my car (Passion Berry - it's unusual). I like that is was available with a standard transmission. I hate that the website let me believe I could get an auto-starter on a standard transmission. I miss a trunk. I feel like anyone can see everything in my car.

- MargaretAnn W

Small but mighty. Surprisingly versatile, roomy, and dependable.

We've had the car for 3.5 years and have had no maintenance issues (save tires and battery). What we love is the flexibility; the seats fold down for hauling and it can easily haul most stuff we need. It is also remarkably roomy for a small car (even the back seat is reasonably comfortable).

- Katherine H

Nice small get up and go with great gas mileage.

No arm rests. Cup holders are not convenient. It has one big wiper and a small one. I prefer two of the same size. Gets great gas mileage. The seats are heated. I love the keyless entry. Wish you could unlock it from a distance. It has good pick up speed when first starting out.

- Barbara L

Runs great, it has Bluetooth.

It runs great, has great gas mileage, resale value will be good when I trade it in, it is a pretty blue with sunroof. I love cruise control. There are accelerator buttons on steering wheel and I can do everything from the steering wheel. I got a really good deal on it when purchased.

- Karen B

All around great vehicle and easy to navigate. Great look.

This is my 3rd Honda. Honda makes a superior product having my other 2 cars for 10 and 14 years. My current car has enough space, is fun to drive and navigates easily, is reliable and easy maintenance. For me to reach the roof to clean is tough and the tide could be a bit smoother.

- Linda V

There is no leg room in the driver's seat and passenger seat.

It is a compact purple 4 cylinder. There is no leg room in the front but plenty in the back. It is a hatchback and has a sunroof that I rarely use. It has great gas mileage. I like that it has heated seats but it gets very hot in the summer and takes a long time to cool down.

- christine o

If you are looking for a very fuel efficient car or are a college student that has to move to and from school often then it is a great car because it has a lot of room.

I like my Honda fit because it is small and compact, the back seats fold all the way down so there is a lot of room if I am going on vacation or moving, and it gets great gas mileage. What I don't like about it is the cup holders and their location and how low my arm rest is.

- Ashley M

Best things about driving a Honda fit.

Great gas mileage. I average 32-34 miles per gallon both on the highway and around town. Storage area with seat down is large. Love the side view camera and backup camera. They really help making driving easier. A little loud on the road when you are driving with no radio on.

- Debbie P

The one thing that is the best and most important feature is that this car is great on gas mileage.

The Honda fit 2015 edition is a lovely car for a person who is just starting to drive. Its features include a backup camera to see what is behind you, a side view camera to see other cars that may be in your blind spot, and so much more! I would recommend this car to anyone!

- Hailey G

Amazing gas mileage and reliability.

There are not enough cup holders and the middle seat in the back is so small that no one can really fit in that seat. The car has amazing fuel saving options with the economy mode. It is very reliable, the only maintenance we have had to so are oil changes. We love our car!

- Michelle H

Best vehicle ever- a perfect �fit�.

I love my Honda fit. Its dependable, comfortable and I have had no issues with it at all. I love the backup cameras and field of vision on all sides. I've driven from California to New York state and back with it - great for road trip - excellent gas mileage and traveling!

- Karen M

Good gas mileage, may have engine problems. Nice and zippy.

Love the size and gas mileage. Cheap plastic on rear hatch cracked the first year from normal use. Engine has been completely rebuilt. New spark plugs, starter motor, engine coils, fuel injectors and more, car is only at 59 k. When it's not having issues it's a great car.

- Kayl L

Fun and fuel efficient. Great car overall.

Very reliable and fuel efficient vehicle. High safety rating for its class. Small but roomier than you'd think. Seats fold down in back for lots of extra space. Rear and right side camera is a nice feature. Computer screen could be a little more user friendly.

- Deidre M

It is a small car but can “fit” a lot of items. I fit a 65” TV in it.

I love my car. It is a really fun vehicle to drive. It has a sport mode that makes driving it even more fun. It m has a lot of great features as well as excellent gas mileage. I would really suggest anyone who has a daily commute to consider driving this vehicle.

- Stefan L

Great vehicle for all your needs!

My car has had no issues since I bought it. I have replaced two tires and changed the oil every 5, 000 miles or so, and it still runs great. It is a little loud, especially on the highway, but that is about the only semi complaint I have! Everything fits in it!

- Katie S

It handles well and gets almost 40 mpg.

I bought my Honda Fit because it was the most fuel efficient vehicle that could comfortably carry my upright bass. It's a comfortable car that meets all my needs. I would have preferred a couple more storage compartments instead of all those cup holders.

- Michael m

Great storage for a small vehicle.

It offers excellent gas mileage. It has a roomy interior for my passengers. The interior seats fold to accommodate extra storage. My only complaint is some of the seemingly cheap components. There is flimsy material in the storage area that buckles easily.

- Michael M

A great affordable and reliable family car.

Amazing gas mileage, very reliable, very comfortable to drive. Great safety features and very roomy for the outward appearance of the vehicle. Very happy with the small side windows to help limit blind spot. To fast or slow paced windshield operations.

- Sean R

Plenty of room inside for a small car.

I wish it had more power/torque than it does. But for a small car it has lots of room inside and is quite stylish. It is low profile tires give good traction. I drive it daily in my job and like it. I have put many miles on it in the past several months.

- David S

It's hard to narrow it down to one thing! It's got great gas mileage. It is cute! It has a great sound system and has cruise control. I love the flexible seating. I guess most of all I love the size and the power for the size.

I love my car because it is really small and fits everywhere in the city, and has real pep on the highway. I love my seat warmers and moonroof. This is my 3rd Fit, and my passengers miss the passenger cup holder which is missing in the 2015 model.

- Jodie Z

It is a very small car, with good gas mileage, and it is red.

I feel very safe in my vehicle. The main attraction for me with this vehicle is it dependability and its affordability. The weekly gas costs are very low, and since it is a smaller car the overall maintenance costs are lower than other vehicles.

- Kay B

My vehicle is the best vehicle I have owned.

I love my Honda fit. It is comfortable and easy to drive. I love that I found it in a stick shift. The sound system is amazing. I love that it is really quiet when driving. The car cools down so quickly and warms up really quickly in the winter.

- Amanda T

It's got an amazing amount of legroom and space options for a small car

I love that it has backup and side cameras, touchscreen system, Nav system, heated leather seat. It's great with mileage and low cost for gas and insurance I don't like that it's a tougher ride due to it being small and lower to the ground

- Laura e

Nothing honestly. It's a great car like I said.

The car is great on gas. Drives smooth and definitely built for driving long distances. It's a great car honestly I just rated it three because It's not the car I wanted. But other than the airbags being recalled the car is a terrific buy.

- Pallas E

I love the fact that the rear camera and the right side camera came standard on my car. Also, I have leather heated seats and heated side mirrors.

It is the perfect car for me; right size, handles well on the road, fantastic gas mileage - no problems with this car. If I take care of it, it takes care of me. I love Honda vehicles and the FIT has been the best one I have ever owned

- Beth R

Keep tires properly inflated, use cruise control, you will get good gas mileage.

I like the fact it has a standard transmission. Six speed. It is fuel efficient and has only needed oil changes. The salesman at the dealership was a grave disappointment as he tried his hardest to talk me into a automatic.

- Janet A

It gets great gas mileage, for its small tank I fill up maybe every other week

I like the flexibility, I can have the back seats up for passengers or put them down for more cargo space. For how small the car is, there is a lot of room. I like that it is small and easy to park. I have no complaints.

- Courtney K

The very good gasoline mileage, which ranges from 30 mph in town to 45 mph on the interstate highways.

The Honda Fit has excellent gasoline mileage, always over 30 mph. In 3+ years, it has had no major mechanical problems. It has a lot of room to haul items. The driver's seat and neck support could be more comfortable.

- Gary L

It's a hatchback and the back seat folds down completely so it's easy to transport large items.

I like the size of it. It's 4-door, but not a huge car, so it's the right size for me. I love that you can fold down the back seat completely which makes it easy to move things. And it gets excellent gas mileage.

- Sharon B

It may be small but don't let it fool you. It is very roomy inside.

The 2015 fit is the perfect size for my small family. I love even though it's a small car it has tons of room inside. It also is very gas efficient. I love that I only have to fill it up once every other week

- Claudia T

It is very fun to drive especially with the sunroof.

I love it because it is great on mpg, it is peppy, sporty, and fairly comfortable even when it is full. It is a tad noisy and I have had some issues with plastic parts, but otherwise am very pleased with it.

- Lorna M

The gas mileage is great for an SUV.

I like my cars hatchback. I like the heated seats in winter. I do not like the stereo system I always have problems with the sub connection. I always have issues with the tire indicator showing low pressure.

- Maria E

It's fun, dependable, and safe for my family - a total winner.

I like that my car feels like it shows off my personality - it's fun and spunky. I also like that it is safe and has good mileage. I dislike that it is so lightweight and can be difficult in winter.

- Emily B

That it handles very well.

I like the fact that it handles very well, gets very good gas mileage and is easy to maintain. It could be a little bigger for carting around groceries and such. I wish it was electric or a hybrid.

- Jerry C

It gets great gas mileage

I like my car because I get great gas mileage out of my car. I like that I can use to it to fit my family and sometimes big purchases. The one thing I don't like my car is It's expensive to fix.

- Heather W

It has a ton of room to store things in the trunk.

I like my car because it is compact, which lets me park easily in the city. It has backup cameras which I love and looks cute. It also gets great gas mileage and whips around. It drives great.

- Stacey R

You can fit so much into this small car. It feels like a little SUV!

I really love the Honda Fit. It is small and has a lot of pep to it. It has a sport mode that I really like and has great gas mileage. You really can "Fit" a lot into this great hatchback!

- Steffan L

Fun to drive. Affordable and good fuel economy. The only car I've had that strangers compliment me on.

I love the look of this car. I get compliments on it. I like the mpg and I like paying so little to fill the tank. I don't like that I have to fill frequently because the tank is small.

- Kathy W

The convenience of a hatchback with easier parking and a large cargo hold

The Honda Fit is perfect for city driving. It is small enough to turn on a dime and fit into parking spots where other cars can't. Its cargo space is unparalleled for such a small car!

- Jody W

That it is a safe and reliable car.

The 2015 Honda fit is the comfortable vehicle that maneuvers and drives very smoothly. Breaks are incredible and everything is very much up to par. A safe and very reliable vehicle.

- God R

Great gas mileage! Even driving through the city back and forth to work I only have to get gas once every week and half depending on prices

I love the great gas mileage I get. I'm not a fan if the mini window on either side. It is supposed to help the driver see but I have found it to be more of a blind spot or hazard.

- Whitney H

That it has blind spots because it is very low to the ground.

I need a larger vehicle now that I have a child. Something with more trunk and backseat space. I love that it is small which makes it great for parking and gets good gas mileage.

- Anna C

It has ample storage space even though it is a small/mid sized vehicle.

The seats sit high and I have no trouble seeing out the windshield (I am short). It handles well in the winter. I like the color (yellow) so I spot it easily in a crowded lot.

- sally H

The Honda Fit is a great vehicle for college students looking for something small but roomy, dependable, and fuel efficient.

My Honda Fit is great because for a small vehicle it is roomy on the inside. It is dependable. My biggest complaint is that there are pretty bad blind spots near the mirrors.

- Nate E

It runs well and gets good mileage.

The Honda fit is the perfect size for me. I love that I can put the back seats down for more trunk room. There are several ports for USB plugs, as well as a car Charger port.

- Marie C

It is very economical with good gas mileage on the highway.

It is a good car that has good mileage both on street and highway. It looks nice and is spacious enough. Tires seem to be a bit of a problem but besides that no complaint.

- Rose Q

Can haul a lot of things when you put the back seats down for a small car.

I like that it has a lot of cargo space for a pretty small car. Has good gas mileage. Very cute. I dislike that it kind of feels like a plastic toy car driving at times.

- Ruby J

It is a hybrid with great gas mileage.

I like it because it gets good gas mileage.. I also like it because it has a good design.. I dislike the blind spots.. I also dislike the squeak in the driver's seat..

- J M

It is the perfect car for traveling with 2-3 people.

I love the back-up camera as well as the seat warmers. I wish that the car also had seat coolers for the summer. I also love the connection of the phone to the radio.

- Arden I

Easiest car to park in san francisco. Also maneuverability is fantastic

I love everything about my Honda fit. It is compact ..and easy to park as well as spacious because the back seats can be folded flat or up to give more luggage space

- Kelsey P

Small but powerful with lots of space

Fit is a small / compact car but it is very powerful, very roomy with smart spaces. I like how the rear seats fold flat so that it can contain extra large items.

- lisa f

The gets great gas mileage and it is to drive. You can move the seats to get a lot of stuff in the car.

I like that it is small and easy to park. I like that I can fit a lot of stuff in it. I like that my kids easily fit in the back. There isn't much of a trunk.

- Joe G

Super reliable and super comfortable. Honda Fit can fit pretty much anything and anyone.

Super reliable! That's what I needed when buying a car. My Fit is small on the outside but big on the inside. It has a lot of legroom and is overly comfortable.

- Elizabeth M

The car will fit everything you need for a weekend camping trip.

The Fit has good clearance so it does well in the snow. The internal capacity is great, we can fit quite a bit of cargo in it. The gas mileage is excellent.

- Derek B

The Honda fit is very economical car to have.

The Honda fit is a great little car. I get great gas performance. I highly recommend this car to anyone. The Honda fit maintenance costs is very inexpensive.

- Brian S

It is quick, reliable, and affordable. Honda's run forever and for the price it's a killer deal

I love the gas mileage. This is the second fit I've had, the older one had more space in the trunk so that would probably be my only complaint with this one.

- Amanda H

It's a great car over all. Pricey for things but Honda is a good name

It's great on gas miles with living so far from family members. I will say the price for parts and routine maintenance is more than the Ford I owned before.

- Miranda M

The car handles great in bad weather. Very safe car.

Love the gas mileage, the way the car handles in the rain. It is bigger inside than it looks. The switch for the back windshield wiper is hard to locate.

- Patricia R

The most important thing to remember is that it is a upscale economy car.

I really like the roomy interior for a small car. The gas mileage is good. I had so mechanical problems. The only dislike is the early low gas warning.

- JJ Z

It has great gas mileage/.

This is my third fit, I love the interior room and gas mileage the moonroof and heated leather seats make it almost perfect. One negative small gas tank.

- Bill S

Amazing gas mileage and also able to store a lot.

I like how compact it is, but can still store a lot. I also like the gas mileage it gets. I really love the Bluetooth features and the seat warmers, too.

- Christina R

Great features for the money. Great family starter car that's not a van.

Plenty of room and configurations of seating. Seats aren't very comfortable on longer drives, very stiff. and would like cargo space to be more durable.

- Amy W

Great gas mileage. Very good I am not having to repair things.

Great gas mileage. Runs well and not high maintenance and it looks good. The roads little bumpy but otherwise the car overall is one of the best I had.

- Gail G

It has a backup camera. Adjusted seats. Blind spot mirrors.

I love everything about it. But sad that I will be trading it in for a new one for the winter. It sits too low and scrapes the bottom of the driveway.

- Ashley H

Haul big in a small package.

I like my car for it's excellent gas mileage. I like it for It's storage and hauling ability. It's just the right size for me and my lifestyle.

- Kristi C

It's smaller than it seems - it's got a lot of internal space!

It's really great. It fits very well into any parking space. It fits my whole drum set into the back. It's good for groceries too. Good on gas.

- Charlie C

Good small car. Great fuel consumption. And good storage.

I like the size, efficiency, and easy maintenance. For a family of 3 is perfect. I love the space to haul items when I put the back seats down.

- Gabby F

I would highly recommend it to anyone who is not too large.

My only dislike is there’s no room to spread out. I love it is fuel efficiency. It is economical, fun to drive, and has good safety ratings.

- Rachael L

The tire pressure sensors are very sensitive and resetting them after filling air in your tires isn't intuitive.

Great gas mileage. I wish the smartphone interface was better. The gas cap release button is hard to find. It does the job I want it to do.

- Eric L

It gets great fuel mileage for not a lot of money!

It is a small fuel efficient vehicle that gets great fuel mileage. It is flexible so I can carry everything and everyone I need to carry.

- Anne H

it's good for what I need it for

handles well, carries 4, big trunk, good mileage, works as good multiple purpose vehicle. built in usb ports to charge phones, bluetooth

- Richard L

The gas mileage is great!

I like the gas mileage on my fit. It's easy to drive and is roomy for a small car. The only dislike is that it has a small fuel tank.

- Milli R

Braking is amazing and handles well.

The car handles really well. It's a small compact car that is comfortable. The car breaks amazingly. The design is sleek and beautiful.

- Daniel R

In terms of interior space, it is a lot roomier than you think looking at it.

Like: good gas mileage. Comfortable. Low emissions. Lots of storage for stuff. Dislike: a little noisy. Acceleration a bit sluggish.

- Victoria W

No maintenance or service repair problems.

Very roomy for a compact car. Gets great gas mileage for a car that exists in my city in the year of our lord 2018. Trivial pursuit.

- Eric D

It's amazing! Everything you need.

It is the perfect size for city driving. While it does not have the best gas mileage, it is reasonable for the size of the vehicle.

- Aaron S

Fit best and worst features of 2015.

Comfortable, roomy, great gas mileage. Hate the flap thing under front of the car and too low to the ground, drags on everything.

- Melinda S

Small car that feels like a normal size car.

The fog lights break. Has a difficult time connecting to Pandora. The bottom where the oil change is done comes off all the time.

- Dana Z

It is surprisingly spacious. The back seats go all the down to create a flatbed. The seats could also come up to create a deeper storage area.

Good gas mileage. Surprisingly spacious. Unfortunately, the driver's seat hurts my back, it's uncomfortable to sit in for long.

- Kevin A

It is safe, roomy and good alternative to a minivan.

Great gas mileage, good stereo system, easy to park with backup camera. Only complaint is that it is a little loud on the road.

- Debbie C

It get great gas mileage. I only have to fill my tank once a week.

I like the gas mileage my car gets. I like the hatchback which I fit a lot of stuff in my fit. Could be just a smidge bigger

- Heather P

The heater is great and it's very convenient.

No dislikes. Likes are the look, the feel, the size and the power in the small car and the choice between stick and automatic.

- Britt U

cargo space and heated seats add the moonroof and a fit is perfect

It is my dream model, Fuel Efficient with all the cargo space of a station waGON. mOONROOF AND HEATED SEATS MAKE IT PERFECT

- JoAnn H

It is a great little family car.

I like that it is flexible, fits my family, and looks fun. I wish it were heavier so that it drove better through the snow.

- Emily B

Toyota Fit has good and bad features.

Too small,cramped inside. Can use a small parking spot. Gets good gas mileage,tires are relatively inexpensive to replace.

- Deborah T

Safety and reliability. Gas mileage.

I like most things about it, but I have been frustrated by the frequent maintenance issues, especially for such a new car.

- Nicholas P

Great gas mileage, you can fit lots in it.

I like that it is a hatchback, gas mileage, style, size. I am not crazy about the color, but I wanted a stick shift.

- Alexandra W

Reliable Honda Fit Hatchback

Easy to park, plenty of trunk space (hatchback), very reliable, sufficient leg-room in the front for taller people

- Victoria T

very comfortable for both a short adult and a tall one,.

like the size. love the room inside. don't like the fact that there is no vents or real cupholders in back row.

- con b

The Fit works for families

Love the fit. A great little car with good gas mileage. Works for my young family of four. A great commuting car.

- Lauren N

This car had a beautiful interior and is a smooth ride

I love my vehicle. It has been the first vehicle I have owned that hasn't caused me problems. Drives like a dream

- Brittany K

It has a high safety rating and has proven to be reliable.

No complaints. It is very reliable, great on gas mileage, easy to drive, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

- Courtney P

Has an amazing amount of interior space.

Very reliable vehicle. It has many versatile features and gets very good gas mileage. It is very fun to drive.

- Alex W

Gets great gas mileage. Great console and cup holder location

Love where the cup holders are. It doesn't look big, but it's very spacious inside Wish it had more horsepower

- Katie M

it is economical. i like the mileage that it gets. it is easy to handle

i love my car. it is economical and repairs are inexpensive and awesome mileage. there is nothing i dislike

- marcy j

Reliable, economical, roomy, easy to drive, good heat and air

Economical, reliable, roomy, Bluetooth Comfortable, performance, nice looking, Easy to drive Always starts

- Melissa H

I love how convenient it is to reconfigure the seats and how roomy it is despite its small size. No real complaints.

It's a great car and versatile but also extremely cost effective between the purchase price and gas mileage.

- Sarah N

It is really easy to park in the city, and has good mileage.

My car is kind of small, and doesn't fit my all my dogs. But other than that I really really really love it.

- Yoko M

very small engine, very slow but great gas mileage. it's a cheap economy car. not a lexus

nice and small with great gas mileage, fits into many areas of the city and is comfortable and easy to drive

- Travis I

Easy to navigate in urban environment. Great storage capacity

Subcompact with lots of space. Great seating position. Excellent visibility. Powerful engine for small car

- Urs C

That it's beautiful! Also that it's silver.

I like the fuel efficiency and the space inside. Hate that it's noisy. Wish that the wipers worked better.

- Anne L

You Can Fit a Lot in a Fit

It is a small car but it holds a lot. It is roomy to me especially since I was used to driving a minivan.

- Linda W

Its more spacious than one would think. Lots of rooms for carrying groceries.

I like the mpg. I like how much space this small car has. I don't like that it doesn't have navigation.

- Rashid H

It has a relatively small gas tank, approximately 8 gallons, but it has pretty good gas mileage.

My honda fit is very reliable, safe and it comes with bluetooth, aux and a high quality sound system.

- Becca B

The car is extremely mechanically sound. Nothing has ever gone wrong with it.

Perfect size for our needs. Runs great. Don't care for the placement of the air conditioning vents.

- Dara R

It is a lot of fun to drive and it comes with a lot of upgrades that are standard.

I love the gas mileage. I love the visibility all around the car. I think the size is perfect.

- Car S

This is a Typical Honda- Great Car

I love this car!!! It is a typical Honda. Transmission must be maintained through dealership.

- Kristin C

When you really do not want an SUV but you want room for supplies and equipment.

I like my Honda Fit due to the flexibility and room that it has. It is semi sporty as well.

- Greg S

I really like my car because it is small and short so it can fit into many different places. I like the look of the car and I like that it is a hatchback. For my specific car, I do not like that it has fabric. I am not aware if they make this car with leather.

It has the absolute best gas mileage in the world and is great for people that drive often.

- Alyece B

great space and gas mileage.

it has great gas mileage. It retains Its value and has plenty of space. It is comfortable.

- dw W

We love the gas mileage we get with this car. There are great features for an amazing price, and Honda supports you before and long after you have the car. Plus it is a sturdy car with little to no issues.

The car helps you keep green with the feature where you can see how much gas you are using.

- Ann P

Good on gas. Very fuel efficient.

It has a lot more space than it appears to. It is good on gas. I do wish it had more power.

- David L

The vehicle is compact and responsive, so it's easy to maneuver. I can also fit a lot more into the car than you might expect, given its small size. The gas mileage is pretty good, and it's comfortable to ride in. The only real complaint that I have is that it rides so low that the undercarriage scrapes on the ground if I drive over a tall bump.

It's great for people who need a smallish car that can transport a decent amount of stuff.

- Hannah B

It can fit a ton of stuff. I've used it to move, to put a bike in, etc.

I like that it's small and compact. I like how it drives. I do not have any complaints

- Kerri H

It is very gas efficient and looks small but it very comfortable.

The only complaint if any is that it does not pick up very fast but takes less gas.

- Gopi P

Excellent resale value. Excellent gas mileage. Seats for adults easily.

My mother paid for it. It's paid in full. Comfortable ride with good gas mileage.

- Linda A

The car has way more storage space than it seems. Seats fold down and allow for loads of storage space in trunk.

Lots of trunk space. Back up camera comes standard and love the fuel efficiency

- Meghan D

It's efficient and easy to maintain. Good gas mileage, and no problems. Plus, it was a great value.

You can't go wrong with a Honda Fit; they're a great value and easy to own.

- Tammy S

Small and zippy vehicle but with great load potential

Honda fit is a reliable vehicle, compact but with plenty of room inside

- Serena M

It's a great little car that is reliable and gas efficient.

Like the gas efficiency. Dislike the road noise. Like the compactness.

- Mic J

The car has a low cost of maintenance, drives great and is yellow.

I like the gas mileage. I like the ride. I like the easy maintenance.

- Kelly B

It has a rear view camera on passenger side to aid in lane changes

Great mileage, easy maneuverability, very dependable, love the look!

- Laura W

this car gets very good mileage per gallon of gas.

it is easy to drive. it gets great mileage. it is easy to maintain.

- Bon L

It is great on gas. It is compact. It has all of the amenities of a luxury vehicle without the price. It lasts about a month on a tank of gas.

It is very low maintenance. It is not worrisome and is reliable.

- Bob M

It's roomie inside! Great car! Love my fit! Runs well, fabulous gas mileage. You need this car! Get your now!

The Honda Fit is fun, sporty, and gas efficient. You need one!

- Carol M

The car is very spacious inside despite being a subcompact.

Very spacious, easy to drive, reliable, good fuel efficiency.

- Yoko N

Great storage room for a compact car.

Tremendous room and storage. Great economical gas mileage

- Bill F

It's very reliable and performs well in all weather

Great gas mileage, lots of space and very low maintenance

- Mu h

the maintenance cost and the fuel economy is at very good levels

dependability, usefully and good fuel economy good value

- J G

Super versatile, easy to drive with great gas mileage

Great gas mileage, super comfortable and practical car.

- Fiona O

Our car is wonderful for gas mileage and cost of any repairs.

It is very durable and well maintained. It is my space

- Jennifer S

I would not buy it again and wish I could afford to trade it in

It is very uncomfortable but gets good gas mileage

- Sue T

It did not cost a lot to buy. I was able to get the color I wanted - yellow - and manual transmission. This is the first time I have had a hatchback, and I don't particularly like it (it hits the grocery cart on its way up). I also wish I could lock the car from the hatch. I love the backup camera and keyless entry.

It is a good value. You get a lot from your money.

- Bonnie W

It's much bigger than it looks

It is small yet very functional and great on gas

- Holly B

Reliable with good mileage, styling and resale value.

Great car, gets good mileage, practical size.

- Allison K