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2016 fit comfort and performance review.

I have not experienced many issues with my vehicle. At times, the tire pressure sensor is on, and once I check the air and fill the tires, the light will not go off on its own. I usually have to take it to the dealer, or, have it looked at when I get an oil change. . Aside from that, there have been no true issues. I like the fit because of its versatility. When moving or helping others move, the car provides a lot of room to store boxes and other belongings. I like the fact that as a small car, it is easy to maneuver traffic and change lanes on the freeway without trouble. Parking is also easier with the fit, as I am able to get into tight spaces a larger car could it handle. The fit has a comfortable interior and an attractive dash. I do wish there had been satellite radio built into the fit model. It has capability to play AM/FM and cds, but I prefer satellite. I resolved this by having a portable receiver for satellite mounted on the dash, but I would have appreciated not having to do this. The fit seats five average sized adults comfortably. I do not take many passengers, but when I do, no one has complained of lack of space.

- Steve F

Honda fit is a good fit for me!

The fit is great on the highway, getting average 38 mpg. Compact but still feels roomy inside, plenty of backseat legroom even with front seats all the way back. Rear cargo area is deep and roomy with fold down seats to add more space. Love the touch screen Audio, very easy to use and also accessible from steering wheel. Appreciate the color guidance on gas usage and econ button for added fuel savings. Good acceleration for a small car. Right turn camera for better vision on turns as well as extra left hand mirror function for blind spot control.

- Lynn S

The best feature about the fit is the gas mileage! 200+ miles on 1 tank of gas!

The Honda fit is very reliable. For someone like me who only has one small child it is very convenient and meets our needs. Surprisingly it has ample truck space so strollers, bookbags, and any other needs we may have day-to-day. It also has very excellent gas mileage. The only downside is there are 3 seats in the backseat but sitting 3 people is very uncomfortable. Other than that it is a perfect vehicle for small families, or college students, or anyone with a long commute.

- Deja D

Reliable, easy to drive car.

I love my fit. It is very reliable, and it gets great gas mileage. It is a great size. It is small and easy to fit in small parking spaces but it is also more roomy on the inside than you would think by looking at it. I also love the camera on the right side mirror. It is great for changing lanes on the highway. It made my move much safer when I had to drive with my car totally stuffed full as much that I couldn't see out the back.

- Clara F

The Honda fit, the ideal vehicle for musicians on the go.

I drive a lot. Mostly for work. About 30, 000 miles a year. I have never had a single problem with this car. Runs amazing. I had a small injector problem, but it was covered under my warranty. Fixed without a problem at the dealer. They even gave me a loaner. I am a musician by trade and my upright bass fits right into the trunk with the seats fold down. Also the rear seats fold up, easily fitting a marshall 4x12. :-).

- Will S

Overall amazing car with a steering wheel cup holder!

Overall I really love my Honda fit and I am glad I picked this car. It is smooth and easy to drive, I love the cup holder next to the steering wheel, and the interface is very nice and updated. The only concerns I would have is that the ac takes a little to cold down (rough on hot Florida days) and there is no AUX port. Other than this, I absolutely love my car and wouldn't want to drive anything else.

- Cassidy B

The fit is a good car overall. Reliable and gets good gas mileage.

I have the 2016 fit lx which is pretty basic. I had a 2016 Civic ex that I loved but I lost my job and couldn't afford it. The fit was a cheaper option. But it is very basic so it is a huge disappointment in comparison. Good gas mileage, roomier on the inside than you would expect, bumpier and noisier cabin than the Civic. It is a great first car for a teen, but I am 50. I want nice. So I am bitter.

- Valerie F

It's a smaller vehicle, so if you're a taller individual this may not be for you.

I absolutely love my car. It has Bluetooth capabilities which makes life easier, a backup camera which might be my favorite feature, a bright yellow color which makes finding it so much easier in a crowded area. It's comfortable to drive and small enough to fit into tiny parking spaces. I have no complaints about this car. It's the best car I've ever owned.

- Ashley W

The room that this vehicle offered. The so-called magic seat is fantastic, it gives you so many option to put things inside the vehicle. Also, so many different combination for long and tall objects.

I like the vehicle because the mileage is excellent for commuting to and from work.The price for the vehicle is fantastic, which includes a lot of option. Also, the room that the vehicle has to offer is second to none for this class. However, the only one thing that I dislike is the horsepower. But overall, it is an amazing vehicle to own.

- Kim L

Honda fit: just no. Boring, reliable, bumpy, economic.

My Honda fit is a good car for someone who wants absolutely no luxury or features. It is basic and boring and ugly. And it has not retained any resale value. In two years it is worth 1/2 the sales price. But it does get good gas mileage and is reliable. But so are other cars that cost the same and offer more features. I am disappointed.

- Valerie F

Honda fit: great small car for anybody, easily parked and fits 5.

Our Honda fits are a great 'fit' for us. They easily seat 5 people and are comfortable. They have reasonable gas mileage, and an excellent turning radius. They have a medium trunk space, but we have found bicycle racks can be attached fairly easily if you are a cyclist. Overall nice vehicle, small size makes it easy to park in garages.

- Meg J

The card has great mileage.

The car is the perfect size to hold lots of cargo when the seats are folded down. The back seats have plenty of legroom for passengers. There is significant gasoline mileage savings with a mpg on the average of a least 40. Upkeep is very easy since the model I chose is more basic without all the bells and whistles that I don't need.

- Laura L

. Hauled 6' folding table & 6 chairs between front & back seats, food in back.

We have not had any problems with our 2016 Honda fit. It performs really well and is very reliable. The comfort is not the best, but we forgot that for the great gas mileage we get with it. We get 40 miles per gallon in the summer months and 38 miles to the gallon in the winter months. We love it, this is our second Honda fit.

- Beverly T

Best Honda around. The most comfortable car I have ever driven.

It is comfortable and easy to drive. It is roomy inside even though it is a small car. I get compliments all the time from friends I have let drive it. I would recommend a Honda fit to anyone looking for a small or midsize car. I have had no problems from it since the day I bought it. My next car will definitely another fit.

- Jean M

Perfect car for me. . . Size and comfort!

I went to the dealer just to talk prices and availability. . . After seeing and test driving the Honda fit. . . I drove my new car home that day! It is very comfortable. . . Love the look of the entire car. . . Smooth ride and easy to handle! After two years I still love my Honda fit. . . My next car will another fit!

- Marie D

Roomy, fast, great accessories: I love my fit!

I love my car! Super roomy, reliable, and has awesome features. It gets great gas mileage, and I can fit a ton of stuff in it. The engine is great, my mom says it has "zip"! I love the Bluetooth connectivity and the sound system, especially being able to skip tracks with a button on my steering wheel. I love my fit!

- Rachael O

Greatly fuel efficient, maneuverable, and very safe in the event of a crash.

Extremely reliable car - previously owned a 2015 Fit and was in a bad accident - the car was totaled but held up brilliantly, I was uninjured. I loved the Fit so much I went back out and bought another one to replace it. Extremely fuel efficient. Small and easily maneuverable. Overall the best car I have owned.

- Chris N

Small, easy to maneuver, a lot of cargo space, gas efficient.

I love how small it is and easy to maneuver, the only thing I do not like about it is it has pretty bad pickup but that is standard with most Hondas. It can fit a lot of stuff in it despite how small it is. I like how it is small and easy to park, especially living in the city where parking spots are tight.

- Tess S

Honda Fit meets all my needs

In general, really like the Honda Fit. Very practical in that fuel efficiency is great and engine has plenty of power for a car of this variety. Plenty of cargo space is also a great feature. Only problem i have had is that the tire pressure monitoring light sometimes comes on for no apparent reason.

- Steve C

It is a lot bigger than it looks.

My Honda fit gets great gas mileage. I have never paid over $25 for a full tank of gas and it usually lasts me about 2 weeks. It is super comfortable and I love the hatch back because I can still hall lots of things if I need too. The only issue I have had is with the key battery dying so quickly.

- Alyssa G

Spacious and fuel efficient.

My Honda fit is very fuel efficient. On the highway, I would normally get around 40-45 miles per gallon. The hatchback offers enough room for large items including small furniture and several large suitcases. There is enough legroom in the front and back seats for tall riders and drivers as well.

- Patricia D

Great trunk space that fits so much once the seats are down.

Love the small size, hatchback, and convertible trunk space - so much fits in the back once the seats are down! I have even camped in it. The interior feels cheap in the upholstery of the seats and hard surfaces, which it is not a particularly expensive car. It is also noisy and bumpy to ride in.

- Camellia A

It's a compact car on the outside, but roomy on the inside!

I love the small exterior size, but still has a roomy interior! I love the magic seats that fold all the way down and allow me to haul anything I want on a road trip! It's a Honda, which is reliable and runs great! All the fancy gadgets and electronics make it even more a joy to own and drive!

- Bryan A

Great car, fuel efficient.

Great gas mileage, good cargo space and roomy backseat legroom for such a small car. Tire pressure light is extremely sensitive. The least change in temperature causes the light to come on. The tires that came with the car barely lasted 2 years/30, 000 miles before the tread was worn on them.

- Vicki G

Best car I have owned! So happy with it!

It is an amazing little car. For its size, it fits more than you'd expect and it is amazing on gas/mileage. I am glad I listened to all my friends/family that own this type of car and purchased one for myself! I am pretty sure that if I had to get another car, it would be this exact same one!

- Sam G

An excellent fit for our family.

Very reliable, spacious for its size. We love the different ways the seats fold; we can fit all sorts of things in the car. The right-hand camera is especially useful with all the bike lanes in our city. Gets pretty solid mileage, and filling up is way less expensive than our previous car.

- A F

Honda fit - sporty and roomy.

The Honda fit is sporty and fun to drive. It gets excellent gas mileage. We have averaged about 43 miles per gallon for the past two and one half years. For a small car it holds a surprisingly large amount of cargo. It is very maneuverable and easy to park in small spaces in the city.

- Rich T

The Honda Fit gets great mileage and has a lot of room for passengers and is able to fit an 8 ft ladder with no problem.

This car was my first brand new purchase. I work with several people who have the same vehicle which is what prompted me to test drive. The car handles well, is very room, and amazing on gas mileage. I have actually achieved 57 miles per gallon on the highway at a speed of 55.

- Susan G

Love my Honda fit as much as I thought I would!

The Honda fit is a fun, comfortable car to drive, gets excellent gas mileage, and is easy to park. It has been very reliable, as I expected from a Honda, except the fuel injector, which went out a couple of weeks ago and had to be replaced. I think this was out of the ordinary.

- Tamara N

The Honda fit is fit for you.

The Honda fit is a great vehicle. It is great for transportation and has a lot of room in the back for luggage. The gas mileage is excellent and it runs smoothly on the freeway. The size is perfect for compact spaces. It is economically friendly as well as environmentally fit.

- David H

Reliable and safe. Couldn't ask for a better car.

Very reliable and safe! I hit a massive deer going down the highway and not a scratch on me. Has great mileage, I would like the parts to be easier to access, only downside is if you have a problem you almost always have to take to the shop. Other than that it is a great car.

- Dylan B

Small but spacious vehicle.

It is great value for the cost. I like the size and how much space is inside. I wish it had more features like keyless entry or a sunroof. The base model did not come with floor mats and I was disappointed that they cost extra. It is a light weight car but I feel safe in it.

- Beckie K

It's really good on gas- a very economical vehicle.

It has been very reliable over the past couple of years I have owned it. It's small, but has a lot of room. You can fold all of the seats down, and fit all kind of stuff. I love the backup & blind spot cameras. It's also really great on gas, and costs very little to fill up.

- Jane B

Excellent gas mileage for the Honda fit.

I really like the Honda fit. It is large enough to drive a group of people around. The seats also fold down to fit large pieces of furniture. The gas mileage is unmatched. I also really like the sound system which connects easily by Bluetooth to play music from my phone.

- Sam C

2016 Honda fit, great compact car that does not feel small.

This car is great it gets 35 mpg in the city. It is compact yet it can for a surprising amount of cargo. There has been very little maintenance so far for the year and a half I have owned this car. The interior does not feel cramped. The Bluetooth feature is very nice.

- Bradley B

It's super reliable and saves you lots of money on gas.

My car is a fuel efficient, subcompact car. I have no complaints with it - it's stylish, rarely has problems, and saves me gas money. It could be more comfortable/a smoother ride, but that's what you give up for a smaller efficient car. It actually holds a lot though.

- Jill B

Simple but effective hatchback.

It is small and useful for short road trips, but as a taller person I can fit inside. The trunk is pretty large and the car seats a whole family. The controls are well designed and easy to. Use. There is a reverse camera but not too many unnecessary sensing features.

- Krishna A

This car gets great gas mileage around town. I only have to fill up once a week and I commute 60 miles round trip every day plus errands around town.

My Honda Fit is perfect for me at this time in my life. It gets great gas mileage and has a lot of room for a compact hatchback. The seats fold down creating quite a bit of cargo space. The foot wells are also lower creating more legroom for back seat passengers.

- Holley B

A good fit for you: the Honda fit.

I like my Honda fit because it rides smoothly and has a lot of features that I enjoy, including a sunroof, touch-screen, reverse camera, extra cup holder, etc.. It gets good gas mileage too, even compared to hybrids. I would recommend this car to other buyers.

- Adam T

The Honda fit is a great reliable car.

I love the Honda fit. It gets great gas mileage and is very reliable. It also has seats that fold down to fit large cargo. The Honda fit is also very comfortable and also very reliable. I also like the safety features of the Honda fit and it drives smoothly.

- Sam R

Great for road trips and camping.

I have had zero problems with this car. It gets great gas mileage. It is perfect for road trips and going camping. Handles dirt road better than expected. The back up camera and right mirror camera are very helpful. Really great little car overall, love it.

- Kristin J

Fun to drive and very roomy for a small car.

Tire pressure light is extremely sensitive and comes on at the least change in outside temperature. It gets great gas mileage, is very roomy for such a small car, and I really like the cargo space. I also really like the moon roof. A very fun car to drive.

- Vicki G

It is dependable and economical and easy to maneuver in traffic and tight spaces.

.Honda Fit is the perfect size. The back seats fold down separately or together enabling me to carry large items that I find at estate sales. I fit a large overstuffed rocker and ottoman easily. It gets over 40 mpg and is a comfortable ride on long trips.


Roomy economical Honda fit.

The Honda fit is peppy and fun to drive. It gets excellent gas mileage, averaging 42 miles per gallon for the first 30, 000 miles. It is also surprisingly roomy with plenty of interior cargo space for such a small vehicle. It is easy to park in the city.

- Rich T

Great car for a great price.

Great small city car with excellent gas mileage and tech features. No real mechanical issues to date and has been be extremely reliable. Would recommend especially the exalt trim level for anyone looking for a great compact car with higher end features.

- Matt L

For long trips that are either solo or with one passenger, it's comfortable and has great gas mileage, and is a great value pricewise.

I like the fact that it's one of the few small cars with good trunk space and back seat leg room. On the other hand, the leg room in the front seat leaves room to be desired. It has really great gas mileage, which is useful when I drive around a lot.

- Alan G

It's a good value as long as you're willing to not have much horsepower.

I like the great fuel mileage, and that it's really comfortable to travel in. It has a lot less legroom than the version of the fit we tried out in the showroom. It also sometimes starts shaking on the highway if I'm in some high-speed-limit areas.

- Jonathan G

One important thing worth taking note of the Honda fit 2016 is the Bluetooth!

Great gas mileage! I get up to 33 miles per gallon! Car is reliable and comfortably designed. Interior does not fail to accommodate drivers and passengers with safe designed seats, and is well equipped with Bluetooth and AUX /charging USB ports.

- Kimberly I

It's very safe and comfortable to drive and has a lot of storage space.

I don't have any complaints about my car. I love the Bluetooth in the car and the royal blue color. The seats fold down and they also fold up so you can use the floorboard of the driver rear or passenger rear of the car without using the trunk.

- Christina W

Flexibility and reliability that comes in a small package

The versatility of the Fit is one of it's best assets. The back seats can be lifted up or the back of the seats can be folded down to create extra storage space. It is a comfortable and reliable basic car, small without feeling cramped inside.

- Lynda M

The Honda Fit gets really great gas mileage and is comfortable for such a small car.

I love the gas mileage of the car. It is currently getting 41.6 miles per gallon, which is awesome for saving money during my long commute. The car is small, but comfortable. I would definitely recommend a Honda Fit to friends and family.

- Katherine J

It's adorable and can parallel park anywhere! Turns on a dime too.

I wish the windshield wipers had more options for delay wipe. I also wish when the backseat folded down, it did so so that it could lay completely flat. That small bump in the middle makes it difficult to sleep back there if you need to.

- Kaitlyn B

Honda put a huge amount of money into making it as roomy as possible. It shows.

I like the spaciousness of the interior. I like the eco and Bluetooth features, especially. The exterior is sporty and comparable to a Prius in my opinion. My only complaint is the blind spot on each side of the front dash.

- Kyle S

It has great gas mileage, and it is much more spacious than you would think when first glancing at it.

I love that my car has great gas mileage, especially since it was as if I was always filling up my old car. It's very spacious, and I can put down the back seats and fit almost any large item I would need to transport.

- Rachael A

It is good for long distance, but make sure you have spare tires.

I like the compact size combined with a hatchback. It gets good gas mileage and the overall layout is simple. I do not like the low clearance and how there are cheap plastic parts that can fall off from the bottom.

- Amelia E

That it is the perfect car to drive if you work in the rideshare field, all my rides say that I am "killing it"

I love that it is cute. I love the color, mystic yellow pearl. I love how it is compact, yet roomy. I love the gas mileage. I love the dream engine. I just love, love, love, it. I love the cameras, it feels safe.

- Christine F

Economical and dependable car the holds its value well

My Honda Fit has been reliable and handles well. A very economical car for what you get and it holds its value well. And you can fit a lot in it! Yet easy to fit in parking spaces. This is my second one.

- Jolene L

The honda fit gets great gas mileage and drives like a dream.

It's comfortable. It looks small but it fits an insane amount of stuff and it also has a lot of legroom. I do wish the center console was higher (like my old accord. It's a little awkward for my arms.

- Lauren S

You get what you pay for. It is a practical car for around town.

I love that it has sch great fuel efficiency and it's very practical. It has extremely uncomfortable seats though, and I frequently cannot feel my feet and am sore for days after long car rides.

- Brandi H

My Honda Fit has excellent gas mileage. I only need to fill it up once a month or less.

I like that it is small and compact. I like that it has backup cameras and side view cameras that come on automatically when I need them. The car has a lot of space inside and is good on gas.

- Caila S

It has great gas mileage compared to so many other vehicles out there.

I love the size of it and the fact that it's a hatchback. It's extremely good on gas mileage. It has a good amount of space in it for a smaller car. It has been very good and reliable for me.

- Lauren R

It gets better mileage than my husband's hybrid and it uses gas!

Small, great gas mileage, Bluetooth. Fun to drive, comfortable. Only complaint is I wish it had a front camera...I cannot see the front of my car when I park and sometimes scrape the front

- Ricki K

The Honda Fit is roomy and reliable and safe and I love the excellent gas mileage.

When it says 'Fit' that is correct because everything FITS in my little car. I love the gas mileage and the reliability of the Fit. I also like the local dealer who keeps my Fit serviced.

- Amy Z

I love the space of the hatch and it's versatility even for a small car.

At first I didn't like it because of the handling. Once you got used to it, it was way more fun to drive. The negative views from everyone is weird. I wish it was cheaper for what it is.

- Eric n

This car has about 40 some miles a gallon for a 10-gallon tank. It is very impressive.

I like that it is a very reliable vehicle despite its small size and has great mileage. I haven't have had to do any repairs. The only bad thing is that after long drives, my legs hurt

- Sanwal Y

It's a great value for what it offers. Based on other competitors, it's a great option!

I love how much my car can hold while being so small. It's easy to drive and has great visibility. It isn't fancy and doesn't have any luxury features but I think it is a great value.

- Audrey c

Compact on the outside, spacious on the inside, great mileage and great versatility.

I love the compact size of the car for use in the city, but the interior feels spacious too. It is versatile and can fit lots of items. I like how it handles, and gets great mileage.

- Nick R

It's small but perfect.Gives a good mileage and the size is perfect for a small family.

I love my Honda Fit, It's small, compact and perfect for me. Not too high tech not too basic It's just right for me. i dislike nothing about it and I don't have any complaints.

- geetika a

Our Fit is fun to drive and very economical to operate.

Our Fit is small, maneuverable, and easy to drive. It is also very economical to operate. The only downside is the amount of road noise that can be heard while on the highway.

- Pat W

It may be small but does the job in a quality way.

I love that it is a quality vehicle. I wish it held a little bit more than it does. My AC is very weak for some reason, so that is the other negative. Overall I love it though!

- Heather R

It's a leased car that I constantly worry about and can't wait to turn in

My car is a good size for my area because parking is challenging and my car is compact.I like the hatchback trunk. I don't like the seats and I don't like the defrost system

- Mah P

It fits my personality and allows me to utilize in different ways.

It is a perfect size for me and it is great on gas. I like that the seats fold up or down based on what I need. There are few blind spots. I really do not have any dislikes.

- Katie R

I love my sporty Honda Fit.

I get 40 miles to the gallon and great performance. There is plenty of legroom and storage space in the hatchback. I have a sunroof. It is bright red and a sporty. Design.

- Dale D

That it gets great gas mileage and that her name is Amber Dash

I love how my car has seats that can be laid back so that I can fit more things. I love that the gas mileage is amazing and that there are hook ups for my iPod and iPhone

- Marlayna S

Right side mirror camera, it helps to eliminate the blind spots.

I like the size of it. It is easy to fit into space parking spaces in the city. I would like more updated technology in it. Though the side and rear cameras are nice.

- Rachel Z

It's very reliable and smaller than it seems.

True to Its name, it fits in most parking spaces. I don't have to service it too often. It also fits most of the groceries in the back. I have few complaints!

- Charlie G

It has many safety features.

I like how it drives and the miles per gallon are good. I like that it is small but there is a lot of space inside and that it is a hatchback. No complaints.

- Elise T

Great features included on a basic vehicle.

I like all the great features available on a very basic vehicle. The only thing I miss is being at SUV height. If it were, it would be my perfect vehicle.

- Shari M

I get very good gas mileage. I get anywhere from 36 to 48 depending on where I'm driving.

Economical, easy to handle, comfortable, roomy for a small car. Love the color which is passion berry pearl. Love the cup holder which is easy accessible.

- Barbara B

It is a fun car that gets great gas mileage. I love the usefulness of it.

I really like the leg room for my bad knee. It is great on gas. I also can park it anywhere I like since it's a small car. I wish it was electric though.

- Jesse N

Fuel efficiency is It's most important feature, in my mind

I love the gas mileage, sporty design, heated leather seats and sound system. I'm not 100% satisfied with the comfort (due to shape) of the driver's seat

- Kimberly O

Love my Honda fit! Would recommend!

Easy to get in and out of. Lots of room for a small car. Good on gas. Gets 30+ miles per gallon. Livid on mountains. Car pulls mountains with no problem.

- Beverley C

The Honda Fit gets wonderful gas mileage, both during stop and start driving as well as on the highway.

I have no complaints about my car. It never has any problems, it get great gas mileage, and it is comfortable to drive. It also has a great safety rating

- tamera c

It has great gas mileage, very economic especially when gas price goes up contiguously.

My Honda Fit has great gas mileage. It has saved us so much money on gas in last two years. It's small but very roomy even in the back seat. I love it.

- Kia C

It is compact and reliable.

I like the size and reliability. I think it is spacious for a compact car, it is also fuel efficient. I do not like the comfort of the back seats.

- Jessica B

Reliability. It has never failed me in the 2 years I have been driving it.

I like the gas mileage, hatchback, comfort, reliability. It is easy to get in and out of. I like the color and I love the place where I bought it.

- Carol G

The gas mileage and safety features.

The gas mileage, the space, the sleek design. I love the color and the interior fabric. I think it is a great safe car that is easy to drive.

- Jessica L

Built in Bluetooth and fold down back seats.

Runs well. We have experience any issue yet. It is reliable and has built in Bluetooth. Good gas mileage with fold down back seats.

- Lisa K

It is a very compact car with great features.

It has some problems with Its airbag and battery issues it also seems to have some cool features like fog lights and great seating.

- Sean D

It's very versatile. Honda is a very reliable brand of car.

Love the rear view camera and lane assist. Can't figure out how to plug in hdmi to watch tv on car screen. Love the way it drives.

- Jenny G

Good on gas. Sunroof. Easy in and out.

Easy to drive. Comfortable. Good on gas. Style. Easy to get in and out. Easy load. Foldable back seats. Good price for money.

- Barbara T

Great Honda fit starter car.

Well. I really like my car the only thing that I say you can improve on is having a navigation feature built into the car.

- Jane A

Bigger inside than it looks.

Only one complaint - the windshield wiper does not have enough speeds. Otherwise, I love it. Roomy and great gas mileage.

- Skip T

It is unique, classy, draws attention and lots of envy.

I love the gas mileage... I love that it is compact, easy to park.... I dislike the front seat space, not enough room..

- Gina H

Its great! It's nice looking and I sure don't regret buying.

It's a nice car, good sound system. It looks quite sporty and it goes pretty fast. Trusty car and I feel safe in it.

- Madigan C

That it's dependable and gets good gas mileage. It's the perfect vehicle for the two of us. Not too big. . .not too small.

It's perfect for us. It has all the items that we need. The mileage is fantastic and the car is very comfortable.

- Bonnie C

It has a ton of cargo space, even though the car is small.

It's compact, which is great for parking in the city. It has a lot of cargo space, which is convenient for my job.

- Wayne L

Very spacious and good on gas

Very reliable. It is a spacious car and it is more spacious when the seats are down. Very good on gas for commutes

- Maria M

The backup camera is awesome, and there's a right turn camera too

Tiny, great for city living. Huge space with seats folded down in rear (hatchback). Great gas mileage (above 36)

- Noah M

Very fuel efficient. Small but fast feels like a large car

Small but feels really large inside. I can get into really small parking spaces which is important in the city

- cara N

It's affordable, reliable and practical. It's not luxurious in any way but it's sufficient.

I like the magic seats and the cargo space. Also the gas mileage is great. It's a value car that's efficient.

- corey W

Dependable great gas mileage. Flexibility.

No complaints. Good cargo space. Great mileage. Good electronics and safety videos. Very roomy. Good pick up.

- James K

Fun to drive and it 'fits' everything and everywhere.

Love the acceleration and love the fold up or fold down magic seats.. Hate the drives front left blind spot.

- Cheryl B

It is compact yet roomy. It holds a lot of stuff.

I like the gas mileage. I dislike it is missing features I'd like. I like the sunroof. I like it is red.

- April B

Seat space is excellent and leg space. Like the backup camera

Excellent car for mileage. Loud engine grinding when you first take off then is very quiet while riding.

- Naomi N

Great vehicle for the money - good gas mileage and very safe to drive.

Good gas mileage. Quality vehicle - feels very safe. Very flexible options for moving items in the car.

- Gale P

It is a safety car for my family. Also the brand offer great maintenance.

Great on gas, very roomy, always starts, looks good, easy to care for. I love it, it is my fourth one.

- Judy H

i love the gas mileage. i like it is higher off the ground than some cars. i wish it had a trunk

the gas mileage is pretty good on this car. you fill up the tank for less than $25 from almost empty

- michelle v

It can be small if you're a small person.

I love the style and color of my Honda fit. It's sporty and fun. I have no complaints with my car.

- Christine A

Reliable and safe, yet practical and fun to drive.

I love the compact size that still has room to haul large items. Great gas mileage, fun to drive.

- Tamara S

Great gas mileage even in city driving.

Great Mileage, easy to park, great looking but a little small for room for a six foot driver.

- Bud C

Small, affordable yet practical and looks good!

Small and agile. Practical with a lot of space. Inexpensive. Looks good for a budget car

- Kevin C

that there is so much storage. You can fit 2 bikes or a set of skis in the back

I love the good gas mileage. Also that the seats lay flat. I love the large cargo area.

- Melanie L

That is gets great gas mileage.

I love the gas mileage. The car is very roomy. It is nice and small so parking is easy.

- James H

Vehicle gets High gas mileage and is a very fun vehicle to drive

Love the way it drives. The miles per gallon I get, the low maintenance of the vehicle

- Sandy L

Reliable, efficient, roomy, has some extra features.

The passenger seat (squished) and floor space (awkward placing of feet) are limiting,

- kathy b

It gets great gas mileage and is comfortable. The handling if fine. The engine is small, but cranks up well and transmission is very smooth.

It seems to be a safe car. It is structurally sound and I feel secure when driving.

- Bill R

it's a really lovely car. the screen, its reversing camera, it is a beautiful and modern car.

I love the car, the comfort, fuel consumption, everything I like about the car.

- anais o

Car should only be used for commuting back and forth to work, should not be a family car

Too small for people about 67" Love the camera on the passenger side mirror

- Trista G

I like that it is small but it doesn't feel like one of those toy cars, weak and vulnerable. It also has a surprising amount of storage space. Additionally, it gets excellent mileage. If I had one complaint it would be that it isn't very aerodynamic. I can often feel it being pushed around the road when it's particularly windy out.

It is safe and reliable. To date I have had very few issues with my vehicle.

- Teresa Z

Very gas efficient. low clearance so it is horrible at handing bumps, potholes, cracks on the road, would like the car to be taller to give you better vantage point when turning into streets with traffic. loud engine. I love the magic seats and how much space the trunk has.

The car is larger on the inside than it looks, you can fit a lot inside it.

- alexander S

My car is surprisingly roomy.

I think that my car is stylish, it is roomy, and it gets great gas mileage.

- Melissa R

Great fuel economy and compact size makes it easy to park.

I like the size. I like the economy. It could use a little more power.

- Joe R

I love the size. I like the hatchback. I like the gas mileage I get.

Great gas mileage and lots of cargo room. It is very easy to maneuver,

- mary b

I has awesome safety ratings and has way more space than it looks.

I love it! I've never had a problem with it. It gets great gas mileage

- Sesilee W

I like the heated seats, and how compact it is. I like the touch screen and cameras and sunroof.

Small and silver, fits me. Leather heated seats. Sunroof and cameras

- Megan K

Great value for your money! No better quality for a compact car .

Fuel efficient. Compact. Easy to drive. Lots of room. Comfortable.

- Tim M

Color. Compactness. General look and shape. Fuel efficiency.

Compactness. Mobility. Gas Mileage. Color. general look and shape.

- Alan S

It's got a lot of storage space by folding down seats and a hatchback

Love that I can fit a lot in there. Also love the gas mileage.

- R G

Nearly unbreakable. Consumer reports best in class.

Great gas mileage, uncomfortable seats, not enough leg room.

- Guy L

A nice car to zip around in. It has excellent gas mileage. I love the driver's side dashboard cup holder. The magic seats are nice; they fold down quickly and easily.

The Honda Fit gets terrific gas mileage and it is so sporty.

- Clyde R

It is roomier than it looks.

Efficient, roomy and dependable. It gives a noisy road ride

- Joan M

Too small inside. No one told me it had a 10 gallon gas tank. Handles well, would be better for my grandson than me.

good mileage, but you still have to stop too often for gas.

- Annie O

Safety .... ......zxss news see's wws2 .,dress,,.. ..,

No. No risk of problem. I don't ...... Www Wessedeee Eeee

- Akujin A

The Fit gets good gas mileage and has plenty of cargo space which I need. The FM radio has never worked well, and there is a shake to the car when brakes are applied with more than a small amount of pressure.

The Honda Fit has a Deceptive amount of cargo space.

- Shawn L

safety mileage economy fuel usage service 24/7 emergency service

fuel economy sporty compact new reasonable price

- chris s

The Honda fit fits my lifestyle.

- Walker M