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Do not buy any other vehicle in this class.

My 2017 Honda fit is very reliable. I have had it for under a year, I have approximately 10,000 miles on it, and I have not had a to do any repairs, except the normal maintenance of change the oil. When the tire air pressure is low, I light comes on in the vehicle to alert me to add air. How cool is that! The features are mostly the same as any other features in other cars in its class, so i'd say they are "nothing to write home about". It handles the road well (performance); picking up speed is about average. I do like the big windshield and big windshield wipers for those times you need added visibility in storms. The backseat is quite roomy. The hatchback is roomy as well.

- Elizabeth B

Gas efficiency in comfort is the highlight of my Honda fit.

Love the gas mileage. $20 to fill up is really nice. Performance is nice especially when driving alone. Noticeable difference in acceleration with 3 other adults in the car. No maintenance issues yet, but I have had it less than a year. Does not handle overly well in snow, as it is a small car. I have been able to push it out of snow drifts by myself when stuck. Feels spacious inside. Usually have kids ride in back seat, but adults have commented on the surprising amount of leg and head room they have. Overall this car has exceeded my expectations.

- John G

Honda Fit EX Interesting detail is right hand turn light

Vehicle is great on gas mileage, easy to drive lots of vision through all windows. Can carry a lot in car, back seats lie flat or fold up to carry tall plants. Cheap on gas. Love the right turn light. Sun roof is great. Easy to drive. Radio has excellent sound great blue tooth has pandora capability. Smooth driving the engine can be a little loud. The radio sounds great. Love the keyless entry and the alarm. It has daytime running lights. A little slow on take off but drives up to 85 with no shaking. Don't care for horn.

- Jeanine H

Amazing amount of space for packing stuff.

Initially I tried to find a used fitbit no one is trading them in. I found a 2017 model as the 2018’s were just coming on the lot, so we were able to get a pretty good deal. My wife and I are “empty nesters” so we do not need anything to big. Plus I was going to use it primarily to drive to work. It is been very reliable and gets great gas mileage. We've been amazed at the amount of stuff we can pack in the fit. The dashboard gauges and controls are easy to use and see. Couldn't ask for a better car.

- Steve G

That it's a very good deal, in multiple ways and has a great resale value.

I like that it's small but has plenty of room for four people and cargo. It gets good gas mileage and doesn't need a lot of maintaining. The only thing that I don't like is these side windows at the very front of the car on each side. The plastic that surrounds them actually blocks you from seeing out which was not the case in my previous Fit. (That model was from the first year they were available).

- Paula T

Small cute practical car with the music to take you places.

I like that I can travel well in my Honda fit. It is spacious enough for one person and the back seats convert into a medium cargo area. It is fuel efficient and easy to park with its small size and rear view camera. Plus, its compact design is cute. The car allows you to pair up your cell phone so your range of music is increased. It also lets you talk hands free through the cars speaker system.

- Crystal J

Lots of cargo space and efficient gas mileage.

The Honda fit is a reliable car to drive for commuting to work and traveling long distances. I use the Honda fit every day for approximately 30 miles, and my gas mileage is excellent and one of my favorite features of the car. I also enjoy the amount of space the car has to hold not only people but groceries, luggage, and other bulkier items like furniture and large boxes.

- Wendy D

The biggest small car for your money!

The 2017 Honda fit is the best car I have had the pleasure of driving. Very reliable and smooth ride all around. The interior is spacious and modern. It has some of the best storage room you could ask for. I am a 6’3” tall man and have ample leg room and clearance for my head. Looks small on the outside but has everything you could want on the inside. Great car!

- Chris W

Reliable. This is the third Honda we have owned. They are a very reliable and usually don't break the bank for repairs.

One of three cars in our family, just for me to get to work, shopping, short trips. Reliable, good gas mileage, easy to drive, compact so easy to park. The radio display is not very good. Display does not give you entire song or artist name...just one word at a time...so very distracting. The air conditioner takes longer to adjust than our other cars.

- Kathy C

Spacious comfortable seats, large windshield, back seats fold up.

The Honda fit is great for any age. It has a special featured patented 3d rear view camera which Honda only has. The back seats have a feature where the bottom folds upward and you can literally stand a bicycle up in the backseat. It is spacious with an extra large windshield and high ceilings so you do not feel like you are in a compact hatchback.

- Carole B

It is a beautiful dark purple.

The Honda fit is a small little car. It is cute and comfy in the front seats with decent space. The back seats are not that comfortable. Back seats are hard and terrible headrests. Can hold a lot due to the folding down seats. Terrible front window curve for trapping heat similar to a fish bowl. Good gas mileage and decently affordable.

- Ava G

My Honda fit. The blue sleek design. With nice comfy black interior.

It looks small on the outside. But the inside is so much bigger. It drives nicely. And the stereo system is nice. The color is real pretty. And the seats are always comfortable. The only problem I would say is, when a short person tries to drive it, and it is sunny. The sun visors is not long enough to block the sun out of their eyes.

- Nicole F

I absolutely love this little car!

It is a peppy little car that is very reliable. I love the sunroof. The one-touch open/close for the sunroof is very helpful, as is the one touch open/close for the front, driver's side window. I also love the right-turn camera. I didn't think it was necessary on such a small car, but I fell in love with it almost immediately.

- Sarah H

It is a great hatchback car that has ample room for a family of four.

I like that it has ample room for all four people in our family. Considering that it is a hatchback type car the trunk space is reasonable. I also like that the interior is fabric which helps when it is hot outside. I would have liked to see better options in regard to air conditioning as there is no vents in the back seat.

- Jessica L

New owner of a flashy white Honda fit.

It is very compact, very tech savvy, turns corners sharply and gets good gas mileage. The trunk is rather small and I wish it was another color than white. I haven't taken it on any long travels, so I am expecting a good outcome when I do. I had it for almost a year now. Still think I should of stayed with the CR-V.

- Carmen K

Review on my car Honda fit.

My Honda fit is awesome! It is great on gas spacious and has a lot of space. My husband works in another city and it has been great on gas and it only take us 25 to fill it up for a whole week. Our other car we had was horrible on gas and was not reliable. My Honda fit is awesome and I wouldn't have any other car!

- Jasmine J

It has the room of a hatchback, but gets the mileage per gallon of a compact.

I have owned several Honda vehicles in my life and so I have a predisposition to liking the brand. I really like my Honda Fit because has a spacious interior and a hatchback, but still feels like a car. It gets good mileage and the dealership always is professional when I have any questions regarding my vehicle.

- Timothy A

The car is deceptively safe. It looks like inches part you from the world but this is the safest ride out there.

As my second fit after a terrible accident I was told we shouldn't have been able to walk away from, I can say that their safety ratings are fantastic. The back seat is spacious. My only problem is that it never seems to get cool enough in the summer, but the safety and gas efficiency is a far better trade off.

- amanda e

Honda fit very reliable and safe.

No problems so far. I love my Honda fit. It is a very reliable car. As a new driver I really liked and needed the right camera as well as the backup camera. Driving is smooth and I love how much space I can have by finding the rear seats either horizontally or vertically. Small but very efficient car.

- Maggie E

The Honda fit is a car that is small, but packs a punch.

A reliable car that is the perfect size for me and does pretty well on gas. I have taken multiple long road trips with it, and it is been nothing but amazing! The only complaint I have is that the check engine light comes on all the time, even when I just got it serviced and there is nothing wrong.

- Julia B

Reliable hatchback - perfect for city driving

I like the size of my car and it's reliable. Sometimes I wish it were a little bigger but I know it would be too hard to park where I live. I love the fact that I can hook up my phone to my car - something I couldn't do in my older car. Overall, I like how my car drives and it's easy to use.

- Rachel L

A Honda fit is reliable and fun to drive.

A Honda fit is a very reliable vehicle. A Honda fit is a good choice when it comes to fuel efficiency compared to other vehicles in the same class. A Honda fit is very stylish. A Honda fit has many technological features. A Honda fit is very spacious. A Honda fit has plenty of storage space.

- James V

40 Mpg, safety first, great ride.

We bought a 2017 Honda fit. We have never owned a Honda before. After test driving, we really liked the car and its features. We get about 40 miles to the gallon around town and about 44 on the highway. The side mirror cameras are really helpful when driving looking for blind spots.

- Mary P

The most interesting detail is the cool sporty look!

I love my Honda fit! It literally fits everywhere. Parking is extremely easy, extremely gas efficient and the seats create so much space. It also has rear view cameras, rear wipers and Bluetooth, perfect for commuters who carry cargo with them but do not want to sacrifice space.

- Melanie B

It fits me and has the technology to make me a safer driver.

It really fits me. I can adjust everything exactly how I like it, including setting the seat up straight enough for my back and the mirrors in the right places. Biggest dislike is the placement of the heated seat buttons, which I keep bumping on accident and turning them on.

- Jenni G

Stand up seat to make room for item that is too tall.

I have found it gets good gas mileage it easy to drive very comfortable. I love the push button start also the backup camera is very handy it also switches on for the right hand turns very handy. I like the seat that makes room for a stand up item to fit upright in the car.

- Shirley M

It has many color options and interior options for everyone. Not too pricey at all.

I like the interior, it has many features like any other car, but it also has a nice screen that you can view things on. It has a sunroof, 4 seats, 4 doors, a v4 engine and a good speaker set. The range is good, and has no loud engine noises. I would say it is a good car!

- Rohono R

The amazing Honda fit is the best subcompact car.

Very reliable good gas mileage. Easy to maneuver has excellent Bluetooth easy to navigate in traffic. Handles well on freeway. Has excellent sound system. Roomy for passengers in backseat. Attractive to look at low maintenance costs. Friends compliment me on its looks.

- Jerry F

Economic choice, with good features for the price.

Overall great car. A bit smaller inside than it looks and some of the features are less intuitive than the Civic. It also tends to ride a touch rougher than the Civic. All things considered the price difference really makes the minute deficiencies very forgettable.

- J D

The gas mileage is amazing. Better than I have had in any other car. 40 mpg.

So far, everything seems fine. I have only had it since December. Seems reliable. Ac works well. A bit of a problem with my phone connecting to the car for phone calls, but works for music. Excellent gas mileage! Good visibility, especially with the backup camera.

- Jessie C

The great gas mileage on my Honda fit.

I love my fit! It is zippy and gets great gas mileage. The cargo space is great too. I do wish the music connection via USB was a little more reliable. The voice control is also pretty useless. And I should mention, I had to replace two tires in the first year.

- Lulu S

It has a very high safety rating which is one of the reasons I chose it.

I like that is extremely fuel efficient, it gets 41 miles to a gallon of gas. It is a hatchback which makes it convenient for trips or loading groceries. It has an attractive design. However there are times when I wish there was more room, as it is a small car.

- lori b

Amazing hatchback, great for kids or hauling!

Everything is wonderful with this vehicle. The technology in it is marvelous and helpful, sunroof is fantastic, seats are comfortable, plenty of space! The only downside is the sound the air makes when you have a window down/cracked and driving on the highway.

- Amber G

Super safe and reliable vehicle for you.

It is a very reliable car. It is also very affordable. It is easy to drive since it is smaller but still fits a ton in trunk. It is very safe. I drive often with my commute and it is always been very dependable even on all the mountain roads I regularly drive.

- Michelle J

Gas mileage is great and it is the best part of the car.

Car gets good gas mileage. Car is also very roomy and pretty comfortable to drive. Car also comes with a lot of features. Car is noisy, the brakes could be better, and the touchscreen looks nice but isn't the most functional. Wish there was a knob for volume.

- Joel K

Honda fit is a great car for those who want a compact car for short distances.

The best thing is that it is small and compact and therefore easy to park. It has good eco-friendly options, but it is very lightweight which can be scary during windy days or storms. The driver's seat is also positioned in a way that is not very comfortable.

- Name U

Amazing head room and lots of space!

The car has amazing space in the back, once the seat is folded down. I have owned this vehicle for two years, and have had no performance or mechanical issues. The motor is a little loud, and the ride is not completely smooth, but it is a great car, overall.

- Victoria P

Great hatchback. Gas mileage is fantastic and is inexpensive to fill up.

Very easy to drive. Gets great gas mileage plus it is cheap to fill up the tank. Only real drawback is not a lot of pick-up and takes a fair amount of pressure on the gas to get up big hills. Overall would recommend for anyone looking for a great hatchback.

- Masai W

It's cheap and sounds/runs like it. That is all I have to say.

I like the hatchback. Other than that it runs and sounds like a low end vehicle. It has a tick-tick-tick when it runs which sounds like a wind up toy. It has no pickup and seems to have weird problems the dealer shrugs its shoulders at. Would not recommend.

- Pamela G

It's a hatchback so it has a huge amount of storage.

Overall, we really love the car. The gas mileage is excellent, it does well long distances and it is comfortable. The biggest drawback is the suspension which is really loose and on poorly paved roads it's a bounce house. The hatchback is also a great have.

- Sara M

The wonderful gas mileage of my zippy fit.

Very fast and zippy. Good gas mileage. Few repairs needed, although I did have to replace two tires in the first year. Very good cargo space for such a small car. Voice controls are not great, and sometimes the USB phone connection does not work perfectly.

- L M

The vehicle is great and works very well and meets all my needs.

Great car with no issues. Performs well and gets great mileage. Very comfortable seats, lots of room to store large items and plenty of legroom for tall people. Very easy to fold back seats down to fit large items like fridges and cabinetry for moving.

- Rose S

The Honda Fit is a great car - economical, fun to drive, roomy yet compact.

I love the compact size, the fuel economy, the Bluetooth connection to my phone. I appreciate the room back seat area, especially when I pull up the seats. It's a great little car for teaching my son how to drive, too!

- Tammy T

Great maneuverability, and gas mileage. No so great paint finish.

I like that it's small and zippy. It makes super tight turns and is easy to park. I love the back up camera (I've never had one before.) My only complaint is that the paint scratches easier than my previous car.

- valerie l

41 mpg, baby. In these days of high gas prices that is a big deal.

I love the gas mileage! We regularly get in excess of 40 mpg with the Fit. Sure, it isn't fast and doesn't really have curb appeal. But, it has what we need at this point in our lives.

- Kim H

It has a significant blind spot that you will have to account for all the time.

It has a great internal environment with a lot more space than you'd think. My biggest complaint is that it has significant blind spots by the windshield which really surprised me.

- Jumbo L

Rear view camera comes standard with this car.

It's easy to drive and has pretty good gas mileage. It also comes standard with a rear camera that makes it very safe when reversing. The trunk size is decent for a compact car.

- Roxy c

Great gas mileage. I love that I do not have to worry about extra costs.

Honda fit is a great car with almost no issues. Regular service to maintain but other than that nothing major. Very reliable and comfortable for all members of the family.

- Caroline B

Even with the 3rd row seat up right, there is still a lot of storage in the back.

Perfect for a lady of my age and needs. It is not a gas guzzler. Seats four people comfortable and can accommodate carrying larger purchases a sedan could not handle.

- Matilda F

Great Sight Lines So You Can See the Whole Road

The sight lines on the Honda Fit 2017 are incredible. It is very easy to see the road clearly from all angles. It is roomy on the inside and the interior is nice.

- Sarah B

It is very easy to park and navigate, especially in the narrow city streets

It's small and easy to get around the city in. Some of the frame makes it hard to see. The pick up is also just okay, but it works to get me where I need to go.

- Betsy J

It gets great gas mileage.

My Honda Fit is white, I really wanted Yellow. The car gets good gas mileage. I mainly use it to get around town, don't do much traveling anymore.

- Karin D

It's economical on gas, good looking, easy to see. It does not blend in with the scenery.

It's a hatchback and very roomy. I love the backup camera and use it all the time. I can see all around my car. I can easily steer into places.

- Teresa D

Has many safety features, Two outside cameras and many airbags.

The gas mileage is very high. It is fun to drive. Has many safety features that more expensive cars to not have, No complaints at this point.

- Priscilla Y

Easy to drive. Has good storage space.

I like the size, easy to park. Looks good. It needs something so it doesn't take the bumps so hard. I feel it on the passenger side more.

- Carroll M

Honda Fit, the way of the future.

This car is amazing, It is zippy quick and very reliable. It doesn't cost a lot to fill the tank up and last for two weeks with my commute.

- Shay O

The llama in manual is hilarious, also fits a dog crate perfectly.

Love the car, so much space for storage. I moved twice with this car and I was very impressed. Backseats are stiff and could be improved.

- Kellie M

It has superior fuel efficiency.

I like: size, fuel efficiency, ride, accessories included.. I dislike: cargo space and that you cannot open cargo door from the inside..

- Anna Marie V

Anyone can afFord this vehicle. It is moderately priced and is a good value.

I like the style of my vehicle. I also like the fuel mileage of my vehicle and I also like the interior and storage space in my vehicle.

- Robert R

The Fit is reliable and comfortable and works perfectly for our family of two.

The Fit is reliable and comfortable and works perfectly for our family of two. The gas mileage is wonderful in town and on the highway.

- Anna G

Great with gas costs, roomy for a tall person to drive and rides smooth.

It rides smooth, turns good and stops good. It's great with mileage of the gas tank. It is roomy that I can fit the car and I'm tall.

- Heather P

It's a TARDIS car (it is bigger than it looks). If a small car is not ideal this is a good one to look at.

I like that's it's small and compact but still has a lot of room. If I put the seats down I can easily fit furniture. It drives well.

- Sabrina A

The car has great gas mileage. Eco saving features.

Great mileage. Not enough storage spots. Do not like spoiler in hatchback. When cleaning windows, squeegee doesn't fit under spoiler.

- Karen P

It is very good about the oil life. You don't have to change it that often. I think the oil lasts about 8 thousand miles

It's really good on gas. It is roomy for a small car with plenty of room in the trunk. The car runs very smooth and turns very well.

- Roger S

The most important thing others should know is that I enjoy driving my Fit every single day.

It has a very smooth ride. I get great gas mileage. It is very roomy. I love that the seats recline completely. No real complaints.

- Hope b

Honda Fit first had user review

smooth engine, comfortable seating, solid at high speeds, good fuel economy, good air conditioning, all in all a very good package

- jack h

It is sleek and comfortable

I love that it has a hatchback. It is comfortable. I like the bluetooth connection. I like that it has a camera when in reverse.

- Kate G

It's very reliable everytime I get in my car and fits my needs.

Like everything about it except when you put your foot on the gas to excel it makes a terrible noise. I love the way it looks

- Naomi N

A great small car for good price

It's a cute car with great gas mileage. I am partial to small cars, but it is uncomfortable for my taller friends to ride in.

- Briana D

It gets very good gas mileage.

My vehicle is a 2017 Honda Fit. I like that it has a hatchback. It also gets over 30 miles to the gallon. I have no dislikes.

- Al W

The way the seats adjust to create more cargo space.

I love my Honda Fit; I love the color. I like the roominess inside. I like how the seats adjust to increase the cargo space.

- Nan S

I love my 2017 silver Honda fit.

I have owned a fit for the last 11 years. They are reliable, comfortable and have very good gas mileage and safety features.

- Christi J

It was made in 2005 and has a v6 engine.

I love the gas mileage it gets, the rear backup camera, the ride. I wish it had more leg room. Otherwise, it is a great car.

- Debbie K

It is a good reliable vehicle.

It gets great gas mileage. It is safe and fun to drive, and I don't have to fill the gas tank but 1 time every 2 or 3 weeks

- Cynthia B

The gas mileage is awesome. That's what I like most.

I love the good gas mileage. And it handles real well for a compact car. I can't think of anything I don't like about it.

- Phil S

Low maintenance. Great gas mileage.

Holds a lot in the "trunk" when back seats are in the down position. Great gas mileage. Not too bad for long road trips.

- Cindy M

You don't need a giant SUV just because you have kids. My Fit fits two car seats, two large strollers and two adults at the same time. And it's super easy to get everything/one in and out of

Not really. I love my car. It is the perfect size and fits two carseats and strollers. Gets great gas mileage. Love it!

- Beth D

great cargo space. seats fold down completely flat to be able to haul things

just bought a honda fit and don't like it as much as my previous car pontiac vibe. much smaller and not as comfortable

- Janice W

That car is dependable and also reasonably priced and easy to drive

I like storage in this vehicle where back seats can go down, also very good gas mileage, and car has been very reliable

- Edward S

The Fit has Excellent fuel economy .

The only problem I have with my Honda Fit is remembering to put gas in. It goes a long time on one tank of gas!

- Kay S

It is great on fuel! And fun to drive.

I love to drive my Fit. It's very peppy. It is awesome on gas, I have to remind myself to check my fuel gauge!

- Kay B

Great gas mileage, passes California emissions standards, around $20 for a fill-up

I do not like the dealership that I got it from. The car itself is wonderful and it gets great gas mileage.

- Bridget R

Its economical. Inexpensive to purchase and to maintain.

Its small and easy to park. It gets great gas mileage. It has plenty of room to transport things for work.

- Nicole Z

I love it, it takes me everywhere I want to go, whenever I want

I like it because it's a small car, so easy to car but still very spacious inside it's not very powerful

- kristel l

It is a good price for this car.

Rides nice. It is good on gas. It is compact but spacey. It comes in nice colors. It takes curves easily.

- Carroll J

The car is easy to drive and small so easy to park

It has cameras to help me reverse and see the right blindside. It has plenty of space. I wish it had GPS

- Chelsea W



- William G

It holds an amazing amount of things. You would never guess that so much can fit into that little car.

I love that it holds so much stuff. It gets great gas mileage and is adorable. I have no complaints.

- Sabrina B

Overall a good car for an older driver

Loud engine noises ,small gas tank. Rides good easy to drive good gas mileage room for four people,!

- Ken H

Comfy and easy to drive. Would recommend to all of my friends.

Great no dislikes about this vehicle. The engine is great and quiet. The car saves on gas .

- Polly N

i love that it's economical in saving gas. It's great for driving around San Francisco because it's easier to find a parking space that can fit a smaller vehicle.

It's great for city living because parking can be a hassle and this makes it so convenient

- Winnie M

It is economical and gets excellent gas mileage.

It is economical and very practical. It gets great gas mileage and is enjoyable to drive.

- Bill K

I love that you can move the seats down and literally "fit" anything in there! I love the gas mileage. I love the safety rating. The AC is not that powerful. The defrost takes forever.

It's a great travel companion car, and you can take everything you need with you.

- grace p

The no key starting aspect of my 2017 Honda Kit I bought in 2017.

I like the low MPG. I like the ease in parking. I like the short turning radius

- Tom F

For a small car it is really comfortable

I like that it isn't big and gets great gas mileage. I don't dislike anything

- Kevin N

I love the price (affordable) and the size and ability to configure seats in several ways. I don't like that it has very little power, but as a result I do like that it gets great gas mileage.

Great gas mileage and very economical with great longevity and resale value.

- Elizabeth B

The FIT is bigger than you think.

Love the fuel economy, the size and the fact that you can carry a lot in it.

- eric P

I like that it is small and fuel efficient, but also high enough off the ground that my hips don't ache when I get out of the car. I also like how roomy the trunk is.

The Honda Fit is a great car for commuting and for running typical errands.

- Amy W

economic, good design, efficient, reliable family car, safe.

Small easy to park, good hp, small outside but big inside. Economic.

- Brak K

It's a good city car that is small and easy to navigate around. But it gets a little loud on the highway.

It is a very good city car to navigate around on small city streets.

- Anne J

Great gas mileage. Love the way I can put the seats up and down. Comfortable for 3 or 4 adults. No complaints.

Honda Fit really does fit everything I need to carry and transport!

- Jennifer L

The Fit is reliable and versatile, an all-around great car loaded with features at an affordable price.

The Fit is roomy and economical, with desirable features included.

- Janet F

Honda fit is good fit for the budget and it can save you gas

I like it because it is fuel efficient but I do not like it's mph

- Alfonso P

i like the amount of seats it has. my only complaint is the color.

that it is able to seat a lot of people. really good for families

- samantha H

It has a high resale value! If kept in good running condition, you should be able to recoup much of what you paid for it.

It is reliable. It is easy to drive/maneuver. It is economical.

- Roxanne W

It has fantastic mileage, I don't have to worry about filling the tank with fuel

It gets great mileage, is comfortable, and easy to drive.

- Mark M

I love how this car can hold so much. It also has a touch screen and backup camera which are amazing

it is fuel efficient and very spacious for a small car

- Madelyn E