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It�s called Fit for a good reason.

I love my Honda Fit, it's small but spacious and my friends can fit well in the back seat but it's not as roomy for three big guys. I love the features it has, the car play is fun to use, I have an iPhone so when I connect my charger to my car, the screen shows the icons like it does on the phone. Using sport mode is easy and fast, but it does waste gas a bit faster of course. It's definitely fuel efficient, I take my fit everywhere so I'm usually pumping gas by the end of the week and I don't spend much. It also has an eco mode where it helps save gas as well, I use it all the time. It's named fit for a reason, it really does fit in small areas where a regular sedan car wouldn't be able to fit, and small parking spots are not a problem for this car. The back camera is amazing, it has three different views and the right side view mirror has a camera, so when you turn on your right turn signal it shows you the view of the mirror and it's helpful to identify how far the car is behind so you can switch lanes. It's small but comfortable, and smooth. So far I haven't really had any problems with my car, only on my own expense, I've popped my tire because of a nail on the street but mechanical issues none so far, just like any other car you gotta keep it maintained.

- Erin G

Well-designed little car with flexibility of hatchback.

I have been getting great gas mileage, 41 mpg. I drive both in a city and on freeway. For such a small car it has enough get up and go for me. The hatchback is awesome. I recently bought a 7 foot ladder and I was just barely able to fit it in with the back seat down and laid it through towards the passenger seat. It's so easy to park and use. I have only had it in the spring, summer, and fall so I do not know yet how it will do in snow. I find the seats to be comfortable. The only negative and it's been very minor, is the cup holders in the center console are farther forward and sometimes I have to tilt tall cups to get them in. The extra cup holder is to the left of the driver in front of the vent, so I do not use that one much. I have been loving plugging my iPhone into the USB port and using the CarPlay feature. It's nice listening to my own music and podcasts. The radio also works well. I have the sport model and its been worth it to have the easily washable floor covers.

- Trina D

Excellent visibility, with wide mirrors and corner windows -- very little blind spot.

I love the interior cargo room, adjustable driver's seat height, tall alloy wheels, fog lights, rear view camera, rear windshield, and foldable seats. The wide mirrors make lane changing easy, and the cruise control allows my foot to rest. I also like the gentle feel of the pedals, key ignition and . The only things I dislike are the lack of air vents in the back, and that the windows cannot be opened when the car is off. The display settings could be better: I wish the GPS were built-in instead of requiring a smartphone (which I don't have), and that the engine temperature scale from C to H were visible, instead of just the symbols for when the engine is at either extreme.

- Jami W

I love the movability of this car. It is great to use to whip around town.

This car is amazing! It has a back camera and a side camera. It has a small gas tank, so you may have to fill up more often. So far my car tells me I get 34. 00 mpg. Which this can be changed. It works with android auto and iPhone's. It definitely has a rally car feel. It fits in tight spots, it does not have as much horsepower as I expected. But I still love it. When the gas is running 100 miles or less, it does conserve gas so it does not die so it will go slower. Also the seats lay down which makes a lot of room for bikes or bigger items. Also it comes with a towing hitch as well. This car is my baby! It has everything I need for a great price.

- Ann E

I forgot to mention the great mileage we get! We love our Honda.

We have only had the car for about a month. The only problem we have had was a service message came up. We took it in and they showed us how to reset. The performance has been great. We feel the car has been and will be reliable. We moved up from a 2006 Ford 500. We both use walkers and it is easier to load than the Ford. We especially like the comfort of this car because even though the car is smaller than the Ford, it has more leg room. We're still learning all the extras this car has - backing up cameras, left turn cameras, lane information, tire pressure and the list goes on and on. We're looking forward to many years of driving our Honda!!

- Diane A

The Small Hatchback with a Big Personality.

My vehicle is a well performing car for the price. It isn't the fastest car but I consider it pretty reliable. I haven't had any problems so far with the car and I've owned it for a little over a year. The car has more space than you would think because of its small size. The back passengers have more leg room compared to other small compact hatchback cars. The car has a sunroof, is automatic, has 4 cup holders in the driver and passenger side. The car also has Apple Carplay which is a nice feature to have if you like listening to your own music from your phone. The screen in the car is touch screen also.

- Jackie A

Honda Fit is the perfect car for commuting and has great hands-free features

It's a really great car, has been very reliable, runs smoothly and is perfect for someone like me who uses it to commute everyday. It doesn't guzzle gas which is nice, and you get a lot of mileage out of it. I like the Bluetooth connectivity which allows me to link my phone and play music on Spotify. Having the controls for that on the steering wheel is great too because I don't have to take my hands off the wheel to skip a song or adjust volume. Also able to answer incoming phone calls or set it up so that I can make calls using voice recognition without having to use my hands. I love my car!

- Laura V

Lots of great features in a small package!

This is the first automobile I have owned in 30 years, as I moved to my location from a large city where I had no need of a car. The Honda dealership in my town is absolutely wonderful from point of purchase through maintenance and beyond. When my lease is up in 3 years I will definitely be leasing another Honda. My fit is a bright lipstick red and I get compliments on “ruby” all the time. I am counting on her to get me through New England winters. My neighbor has a fit and this is her 3rd one. That is good enough for me to have wanted one straightaway.

- Nancy G

Honda fit is perfectly designed for my commute, excellent gas mileage, 37 mpg!

I love my Honda fit! It is exactly what I needed, great size, gas mileage, and technology. Apple carplay is amazing for listening to podcasts and music during my commute. There is a back up camera and a right blind spot camera which are both so helpful. I also really like the cruise control feature that allows me to set how many car lengths I want to be behind the car in front of me, it senses and controls how fast I will go in order to keep me a safe distance from other cars. My Honda fit is safe and convenient!

- madeline H

A wise choice. This car is "fit" in every meaning of the word. Feel safe & happy.

For a Brooklynite, one of the greatest of features of the fit is that it is a compact. That means it can fit into smaller parking spaces than other cars - a boon when there are so few parking spaces. The car is also "fit" in that it rides like a dream, has many safety features (rear camera, blind-spot mirror, brake warning) and uses less gas than the average car. Not to forget is that it is a good-looking car with a nicely designed interior designed for a driver's comfort and ease of operation.

- Anna Marie V

Our Honda fit is a safe and inexpensive vehicle for daily driving.

Great car for day to day driving around town. More room than you expect! We have a manual shifter which makes it a lot more fun to drive. Love the versatility of the back seat. Easy to get in and out of. I feel safe driving around town however I do get nervous highway driving during rush hour when lots of larger vehicles are on the roads. Gas mileage is great! Only takes a few minutes to fill the tank which is awesome in cold months.

- Meghan H

Honda fit/sport interior black fabric with red stitching stays cool in Arizona.

I love my Honda fit! Looks great inside and out! Love the sport version instead of just the Honda fit. My Honda fit has the black fabric with the red stitching. Looks really sharp! It drives beautifully and has great pickup for a 4 cylinder! My Honda fit gets great gas mileage! Love that it is a hatchback and has a rubber insert in the back which protects my car from wet things or items that could spill.

- Alison A

2018 Honda fit: ex sub-model with a manual transmission.

The only feature I do not like is the headlights. Does not have led headlights and the high beams are not strong enough. Reliability has been perfect. Car is fairly comfortable for a small car. Suspension is tight. Performance is adequate but this is not a fast car. Had huge cargo area and very functional seating that can be changed around easily to accommodate cargo.

- Daniel J

The modern car for today�s soccer mom.

My car has air conditioning, eco mode and it gets great gas mileage. I usually fill up about once a month if not a little longer. It has the ability to connect to your smartphone which is great. The voice command is great. It is very spacious for a little car. I love the backup assist. My only complaint is that you can't do GPS or at least I haven't figured out how.

- Darlene S

Second time buyer of a Honda Fit

This is the second Honda Fit I have. I fell in love with the amount of room. The truck is roomy and when I need more room the seats easily fold down. I get really good gas mileage on it. I think my favorite feature is the rear camera. The hands free Bluetooth speaker is very helpful when I have a long drive home and want to make phone calls to pass the time.

- Sara W

Great and reliable car for a fantastic price point.

I love the way it drives and its great fuel economy. It is incredibly spacious for a subcompact car. The amount of space you can get from bringing the seats down is very impressive. It has been reliable and has really great safety features. The technology in the car has been a huge upside and I can no longer live without my backup camera and side view camera.

- Alexandra C

Great technology at an affordable price.

It's very well suited to my needs. I like that there's a place right at eye level for my phone, which enables me to glance over at notifications without taking my eye off the road. That, plus the fuel efficiency are the two things I like most about it. I don't need to drive a lot, but when I do, it's nice to enjoy comfort and convenience in a budget vehicle.

- Tamu A

It handles well, has great gas mileage, and a really comfortable ride.

I absolutely love my car. It fits me (no pun intended) perfectly and I feel incredibly safe in it. I love all of the features and have highly recommended it to others. I'm not entirely satisfied with the navigation system, but it was not a feature I cared about. I was more concerned with the color of the car and the deal I got, so I took the navigation.

- Sabrina G

The gas mileage is higher than predicted.

Love that it comes in manual transmission and love the bright yellow. Thrilled that gas mileage averages around 40 mpg despite predictions of 28-36 mpg. So far it has been reliable, but it is new. It can be a little sluggish up big hills. My first car with cruise control and I like how it self adjusts to the cars in front of me.

- Linda B

An enjoyable car to take on road trips.

Car has fast take off. It handles well, hugs the road and is fun to drive. On the downside, motor and air/heating are very loud. Back seat folds down so it can hold a lot in cargo area. Passengers in back seat say it is comfortable with adequate leg room. Mileage is amazing. Hands off phone and built in GPS is great.

- Sharon C

Great car, tons of room, great on gas.

This is the best car I have ever owned. While it is not the best car for the snow, it drives so smoothly. I love how good it is on gas and the large touchscreen is great for navigation. It is a subcompact car but there is more room than it seems. And the seat fold up and down in the back which is an amazing feature.

- Tatiana B

Honda fit is a fun and practical car to drive.

It is a fun car to drive. Decent speed, easy to find parking spots, and super practical. Love all the versatility with the seats positioning making the car useful for various tasks. Spacious inside and the sporty look makes it extra fun to drive. Plus Hondas are reliable and the cost for maintenance is reasonable.

- A M

Honda Fit Review - small car with some big features

Honda Fit is a great vehicle overall however it has some small drawbacks. First, it is a little bit too small although it is pretty spacious inside after you take down the back seats. Secondly, some parts of the exterior are made of cheap plastic material. In other words it is a great introductory vehicle.

- Andre J

Efficient small vehicle with more utility than competitors.

Fantastic vehicle with more space than the exterior would let on. Gas mileage is great. I average between 30 mpg and 40 mpg per tank of gas. My only complaint is with the ratio in the manual transmission. It would be nice to be at lower revs at highway speeds. I feel it would help the mileage even more.

- Samuel R

When they say fit, they are referring to HOW much it can fit!

This car can fit so much in it, and has tons of features. Even the base model has a backup camera. But not only does it have that, it has the tech that keeps you in your lane and breaks and what not. It's not even the higher model, it's the base model with "sensing" added on. And can't beat the price.

- Kylee H

You can configure the seats in the back in different ways - it's great for my large dog!

I love my Honda Fit! I love that I can configure the seats in the back in different formations. I like the safety features - like the back up camera and the Honda sensing. I also get really great mileage. It's small and fits easily in parking spaces. There really isn't anything I don't like about it.

- Nancy M

The fit is the perfect size and saves gas.

The fit is the perfect size for me. I use it for work a lot work transporting food and I never have a space issue. It comfortably fits 4 to 5 people. It really saves on gas too! There's a gage that helps monitor your speed. I have the sport edition so I am able to shift from my steering wheel.

- Tia M

Honda fit - more space, less money.

The car is small but reliable. Extremely good on gas. The back seats fold up or down - perfect for storing different objects. I have had the vehicle over 6 months and so far have not required any additional maintenance other than an oil change and putting in windshield washer fluid.

- Patricia A

Sensing Feature is AMAZING

It's great on gas, especially on the highway. It has all those newer features like back up camera, blind side camera, etc. Mine comes with the sensing and tells me to brake when a car is too close in front of me or puts me back into my lane when I go off. It's a pretty neat car.


Leather and radio are great, gas mileage not so much

Does not get great gas mileage and is not great in the snow. I hate sitting so low. I have to fill the gas tank sometimes twice a week and I drive mostly freeway. It does not take to potholes well but the tires are very expensive. There's fancy stuff in it but the dials seem old

- Tara H

Honda Fit, why I gave it a 4.

Just minor issues with speakers and malfunction of the wipers when bought new. But will recommend. It's a comfortable car and very accessible to even make moving. Used it for mines. I believe it's a safe car and it's great for a small family. Love the smooth ride on the highway.

- Elvira S

Spunky car, with lots of room!

My Honda Fit has more room than you would think! I moved my entire life across state lines and for everything in it. The gas mileage is great, but the tank is naturally not as large as I would like. Great for getting you to and from work, and you'll never pay more than $25.

- Kara A

The car gets AMAZING gas mileage for the size of the vehicle!

I love the amount of room even though it's a compact car. I really like the 10 gallon gas tank and the 38-41 mpg I've been getting. I enjoy all the "bells and whistles" the car has despite not being a top of the line model. The back-up and right turn camera are awesome!

- Deanna V

Love the safety features of my car

Super easy to see out the windows. There are extra small windows in the front 'blind spot' area. Backup camera is fantastic and love the lane assist feature. It drives nicely. Handles smoothly. Seats are comfortable even after a long drive. Reliable and easy to drive.

- Candace M

Versatile and great value.

Extremely versatile and great gas mileage! I think it is fun to drive and offers a terrific value. It can be a little noisy and does not have the greatest pick-up, but for what we paid it has been a fantastic car that we hope to be able to keep for many years to come!


The Sport trim has the best combination of features: fog lights, key ignition, 16" alloy wheels, and cruise control.

I love the overall body style of my new Honda Fit, Sport Trim. It has ample cargo space, rear windshield wipers, fog lights, USB chargers, and a rear camera. No major complaints, but I would prefer to have an internal GPS device instead of having to connect a phone.

- Jami H

Review of Honda Fit - small car with big features

I love my Honda Fit, it was affordable, good on gas and is a reliable vehicle. The size of the vehicle is important to me because I live in the city and it is easy to maneuver around small and crowded streets. For being such a small car, the interior is very roomy.

- Kathy G

It's not that good on the highway. Under 60 mph it's no problem. Cruising at 65-70, the car seems a bit flimsy

I moved into an apartment, and the parking space was too small for my former car. The Honda Fit is 9 inches narrower, and has smaller doors, so I can actually get into and out of the space now. Also the technology is much more advanced than what I got 4 years ago.

- david k

My Honda fit is small and blue.

I love my Honda fit because it is so easy to drive. It is so reliable, very comfortable ride. I am also able to squeeze into small spaces. I do not have any extra features in my car, but I do not even need it. It is perfect just the way it is. I love my Honda fit!

- Elizabeth S

Loving my fit like Cuco loves his Cr-V

I have loved my honda fit for the past year I've owned it. It is GREAT on gas, averaging about 35 mpg overall. only complaint is the front tends to be a little short for my taller father, but that's because the car leaves so much space for backseat passengers

- Misty U

Cute car, cheap to drive in town and on the road

Sprightly, cute, economical. Seems reliable, bought May 2018. Previous Honda owner. I did have a flat but was unable to tell and drove too far, ruining my only 4 month old tire. Wish steering wheel was adjustable, but bought for economy and driveability.

- Bronnie S

Honda Fit is a good fit so far

So far it is fun to drive, and useful for errands, such as taking múltiple pets In carriers to the vet, or stocking up on groceries. Though the Fit is the same length as my old car, it has a lot more cargo space. The safety features are nice toó.

- Monica H

The Honda Fit is a great choice in the subcompact car class.

The Honda Fit is a great choice in the subcompact car class. The base LX trim features a spacious and flexible interior highlighted by Honda's rear Magic Seat, which offers you numerous configurations to carry people and cargo of all shapes and sizes

- Peter A

Great Gas Mileage, Updated Features

I bought this car in April 2018 and really like it so far. It runs really well and is reliable. I wish it were a little more powerful, but the gas mileage is good. It has all of the updated features that I like, such as Bluetooth and Android auto

- Lori L

This is a great city car that is small without feeling cramped

I love my Honda Fit. It drives very smooth and is an extremely comfortable car. I live in the city, so having a small car was very important to me, but it also feels spacious on the inside. I also love the backup camera for parallel parking.

- Kristin E

Find the vehicle that best suits your driving needs. I needed a reliable vehicle with good average fuel mileage for mostly solo highway trips averaging 65 mph - the Honda Fit was the best match available.

For the type of driving I do the Honda Fit is perfect. I'm on highways almost exclusively for a 70-mile round trip 5 times per week and have averaged 49 mpg over 20,000 miles driven thus far. I have zero complaints about the vehicle.

- Kent Z

It is a smaller hybrid vehicle.

My Honda fit is really great. It's easy to drive and for a small vehicle, Its very roomy! It's a hybrid so that's a plus as well. Nice sound system and it comes with a lot (Bluetooth etc) for a lower cost than most other cars.

- Amber P

The Fit is a quite economical car with a reasonable selling price and incredible fuel economy to save money, especially for those with a long commute.

The Fit is a fantastic car with a surprising amount of space for its size. I love that it gets such amazing gas mileage. Additionally, I feel safe knowing that Honda makes a high quality car that will keep my family safe.

- Cynthia H

It is more comfortable than it looks.

I love the compact size and the fact that I get good gas mileage. The interior is big enough to fit a lot inside of it, especially when the seats are folded down. The sound system is very good for being stock.

- Tawny B

It ride's smoothly and takes less gas.

Lots of interior space for cargo. Good handling. Has all the latest safety technology. Has apple carplay. Good safety ratings. Only thing I dislike is the headlights. They are not bright enough and not led.

- Dan J

It has great gas mileage and has a ton of nice safety features.

I like the size. I like all of the safety features like lane assist and automatic braking. I like that it includes apple CarPlay and has a ton of USB ports. I like how the seats fold for more trunk space.

- Stephanie V

The Honda Fit is a lot of car for a subcompact vehicle.

I absolutely love my Honda Fit. I recently upgraded to a 2018 from a 2015 and added leather seats and black wheels. The car is insanely comfortable, spacious, and gets excellent gas mileage.

- Natalie O

Little but oh so comfortable.

I love that it is small and good on gas. It is pretty roomy inside for a little car. I love the keyless entry and start. I love how it looks, so cute! The air conditioning could cool better.

- Cindy W

Besides being one great dependable, roomy and comfortable car, the Honda Fit has back seats that can be magically folded down to even accommodate a bike in it!

It's one great vehicle, dependable, comfortable and roomy.It has better gas mileage than most. It's small, just the right size, yet it has lots of storage. I truly love the Fit!!!

- Dee T

The Honda fit has really good mileage.

I love the car. The cost is relatively low, but it has amazing mileage and can house all needs you may have. It has a decent size trunk, and expanding when you put the seats down.

- Andrew M

Good gas mileage. Nice back up camera. Price is also good

I like the size of it. However the interior is not well designed. It's hard to put a water bottle in cup holder. And there's no room under passenger seat at all. Awkward.

- Martha B

Great gas mileage and fun to drive. We get up to 40 mpg on the road

We love our fit. The gas mileage is great. We get between 36 mpg and 40 mpg. For a small car it is pretty roomy. Our only dislike is it could have more interior room.

- Terry B

Has an average gas mileage of over 35 miles per gallon.

The Honda Fit has many positive attributes. The gas mileage provides the best value. There is much storage space. Considering the size it has a strong safety ability.

- Sandra D

I feel it is safe for the size.

No complaints. It has a lot of room for a small car, has leather seats that heat up, air conditioner and heater, seats go up in the back to make room for big things.

- Debbie B

My truck is drive very smooth and safe.

My car is compact size, economical on gas. I get good mileage. It is roomy and comfortable. I like the Bluetooth, handsfree phone. I love my beautiful blue color.

- Irma V

We have a reasonable lease payment per month.

The best thing about our fit is the mileage. We average between 38 and 40 miles per gallon of fuel. We have plenty of cargo room and it is a pleasure to drive.

- Terry B

The car never broke-down on us. Only once would it not start and we needed a battery.

Just got this Honda Fit. My 2010 was dependable, very low maintenance(Just regular service items). good gas mileage and handy loading with the hatchback.

- Mike L

It is affordable, $18, 000 new.

This car has good mpg (~35), turns corners fast, and good braking power. Lots of room, but it would be nice if there was something covering the trunk.

- Sean N

It's my baby car! it can fit anywhere! gets you where you want to go!

It is great. I call it my baby car because it is small enough to fit in most space. I like laughing at the conservatives in their massive trucks

- Philip W

if you are driving on a hill, you may need to press extra gas pedal since the horsepower and torque.

it's very economical and fits 4 people comfortable. The engine is strong. The options for sport and higher is great for ones who need it.

- James S

The reliability and the cost.

I love how much room there is in the back seat. The car is also very big. What I do not like about the car is that it is hard to drive.

- Melissa P

2018 Honda Fit Sport Review

Reliable, good on gas, roomy on the inside without being too big and unwieldy to drive, comfortable and good visibility while driving.

- Kristen S

The car has rear view camera capabilities for safety.

It's small and convenient. It's got the basic whistles necessary to get me where I need to go. I don't care for the colour, overall.

- Gem P

Safety features and very economical to drive.

Good mileage, comfortable, easy to load walkers, good color, very good disability, like hatchback, good handling, keyless entry.

- Diane K

Gas mileage is very good.

I love the size and gas mileage... I do not like that I had some issues shortly after buying it but Honda took care of them..

- Peter I

Economical transportation.

Like - the technology, versatility of the seating and style. Siri's radio, and apple play. Dislike -slow pickup, road noise.

- Walter H

Visibility is amazing out of the driver's seat.

Visibility out the driver's seat, just enough space for the family to make short trips, and it gets excellent gas mileage.

- Jen K

The honda fit has a 10 gallon tank & it is real good on gas with today's high prices.

This is my third honda fit. i love this car. my only dislike is that i wish it had all the cup holders like the 2013 fit.

- ethan c

It is a great car for families.

It's my favorite color. It's really easy to drive and it is so smooth on the road. Able to fit everything I need into it.

- Michael L

It is more comfortable than other small cars/

The Milage is impressive. I especially enjoy the roominess inside the car. The rearview screen has proven very helpful.

- Elise S

It can actually fit a lot of stuff because the seats fold forward, back and up.

It's compact. It's easy to park. It has a lot of useful features like eco mode, cruise control, and a back-up camera.

- Jessica B

The car looks very small from the outside looking in.

It's great on gas. It has plenty of space. It handles very well for commuting. It'll carry four people comfortably.

- Jeffrey W

Very reliable and great on gas mileage!

This is my 3rd Fit. I love them. They are just the right size and great on gas. Honda's are very reliable cars.

- Tina r

The price and the interest rate were just what I was looking for. It feels solid.

Very comfortable small car. Roomy interior. I think the side view are a bit obstructed by the vehicle itself.

- Arlene C

Versatile and great gas mileage, cute and fits lots of stuff

Versatile and compact, great gas mileage. Cute, fits what I need it to hold. I'm really happy with my car!

- Monika C

Great features for a great price!

My car gets great gas mileage (on average 34 mpg) and though it is a compact car, there is a lot of space.

- Megan S

Lots of storage space for the size due to folding chairs

Good mileage, great storage space, handles well, does not have good acceleration or top speed though

- Adam S

My car is perfect for my lifestyle. It is great for road trips with friends but is also ideal for city driving.

I like how spacious and fuel efficient my car is. I dislike some of the features of the AC/heat.

- Patricia P

that it is good on gaz. even though small spacious enough

It is a small car, smallest I've had but it is practical leaving in NYC for parking. good on gaz

- lynn B

The color is bright, the design is beautiful, it is good fit for me!

I like my brand new Honda fit, it is valuable, it is fuel efficient, it is cool to drive.

- Xianghong G

It has a lot of power for a hybrid and please take time to know its capabilities

I like the smooth ride and power it has. I do not like the fact it has no DVD player.

- Diana P

It is technologically advanced and safe for both driver and passengers.

It is expensive. It runs very well. It tries second guess me technologically.

- shiela w

It's orange. I can find it easily when looking around for it.

Only complaint is that it's terrible in snow. I really like it though.

- Everette A

Easy to drive, easy to park.

Smaller than last vehicle. Great town car. Good mileage.

- Duane A

everything about it is great love to zip around in it

love it nice n cute very smooth good gas consumption

- mary t

Honda is dependable. Haven't had a bad one yet. I enjoy driving them.

Easy to drive. Easy on gas. Fits well in the garage.

- Neil T