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Great on gas and full of options.

My vehicle is fairly new and so far has handled as expected with no problems. We use the Frontier for traveling as the Fit does not have the ride or room for traveling comfortably. I use this car for my personal reasons and to commute to a college where I teach on a part-basis. It has all the bells and whistles that the more expensive cars have and I love it. Just because it is a small car, I didn't have to give up accessories that more expensive cars have, and they came standard. It's quite a zippy little car but it also has an economic choice that centers on better gas mileage. When the economy button is off the car gets an average of 31 mpg, and when economy button is on the car gets an average of 35 mpg.

- Patricia H

Things I love about my Fit

I've only had my car for about five months, but I really love it. I feel comfortable driving the Fit as it is the perfect size for me. It's a little slow getting up to speed but that is not a problem for me. I like having a camera on the passenger side so when I put on the blinker or I hit the button, I can see in the other lane if there is a vehicle beside me and I can see how close to the curb I am when parking on the street. I love how I can either put the back seat, the part you sit on up if I have something tall that can't be laid down when transporting it, and the back part of the seat can be folded down if I have something long to put in the hatchback.

- jane S

The Honda FIT: Try it, you WILL like it

I love the Honda FIT. This is the fifth FIT I have owned. It has a roomy interior that can hold far more cargo than you would ever imagine. Yet it drives and parks like a small car. The gas mileage is thrifty and won't empty your wallet at the gas pump. They always have several color choices and I always pick the 'fun' or bright unusual color. The computer assistance and accessibility are what you would expect from a luxury car, yet Honda makes it affordable with the FIT. Try it, you WILL like it.


Low-cost, High-value: An affordable car with good gas mileage

Excellent gas mileage, especially with the ecoboost button option. I use the eco-boost button at all times and I have not noticed any decrease in engine power. Surprisingly, good amount of space for all passengers, including the back seat. The hatchback trunk allows me to store all my emergency gear for rough winter roads while still managing to fit groceries and sports equipment. As a graduate student, the car payments are very affordable and I don't feel like I am settling for a low quality product.

- Oliva G

2019 Honda fit, has nice design and mpg.

So far I have had this vehicle for about a month and have had no problems thus far. The ride is very smooth with minimal bumps unless it is a bumpy road or something of course. The design of the car itself looks very clean and aesthetically pleasing as well. The mpg is about 35 which is absolutely amazing might I add. I got the red one with black interior and the colors look so good together. I genuinely love this vehicle. I give it a 10/10 as of now.

- Audrey L

I keep the second seats folded down, with a liner in the back—lots of room.

The air conditioning is not the best. It does not circulate well, in the front seats or (especially) for the back seat. I do not love the options for the windshield wipers. They seem to be either too fast or too slow. There is a “handy” cup holder on the left side of the dash for the driver. However it is directly in front of a heat/cool vent. It blocks the heat/ac, and it affects the temp of the beverage in that cup.

- Kate N

Outstanding performance fun car to drive.

There's no reaching for controls, It drives perfect in snow, It's great on gas, There's and eco friendly light that help you know when your saving gas. If you choose to push the eco button. Yes it gives you a choice. It starts great even in freezing weather. The Seats are comfy. Audi system is great attaches to your phone easy, audio phone works perfect, cruise control is easy to use for the first timer,

- Barbara J

Cute sporty Honda Fit gets lots of compliments around town

Sporty compact car that feels big inside. Lots of window space so you can see the road well. Backup camera and turn camera features make a safer ride. Keyless entry and start are nice features as well. Lots of room to haul your stuff. Pinstripes on the seats are cute. Color selection is limited for the year. Ride is a little rougher than my last Honda but overall I am very happy with this car

- Liz M

Honda fit - the perfect match.

I have no issues with my car. I love that it is safe and compact, yet spacious. It is great on mileage and very easy to control. The rear camera is extremely convenient. If I could add one feature, I wish it had the sensors that beep if you are attempting to switch lanes and a car is near/in your blind spot. This is the ideal car for me! Safe, efficient, and affordable.

- Dana R

Honda Fit - Great Car for what you pay

It's a nice compact car with great gas mileage. It was super affordable and everything I needed in a car without being over the top. It has all the safety features that make it feel very modern and is missing any extra flairs that might come with a more expensive luxury car. I would recommend this car to someone looking for a sensible car that won't break the bank.

- Laura C

Very Spacious, Luxurious-feeling on a basic model car.

It is a very reliable car that requires only $20 for a full tank of gas. Has lots of room inside of it. Very nice interior. The only issue is it does not go very fast when needed and the brakes squeak on hills. It's performance and comfort are at a high and Honda is well known for its reliability.

- Zoe L

Fast but not too fast just right

No problems with the car, rides very smoothly. Great gas mileage on it. Good tires come with it. The radio plays perfect no static to the speakers. Overall I feel like the car is an excellent choice if you like smooth all around vehicles. I couldn't say anything bad about that, think about that

- Anthony R

Small car with comfort of SUV.

This small car is perfect for city living. It is great on gas and can park easily in most places. The seats are comfortable and the car is easy to use. I have not experienced any problems with this model, and this is my second one. Though it is a small car I have always felt very safe.

- Jessica E

Great gas mileage but lacks power

I like many things about my car such as the high miles per gallon, the rear camera, and the front display that interacts with my iPhone. But it can be a little lacking in the horsepower when I am trying to go up hills. I also am upset with how quickly the factory tires wear down.

- Michael A

The main reason I purchased the fit is because of the sun roof and how open and spacious the car is for being compact

I'm in love with my Honda fit it gives me the best gas mileage super comfortable and spacious, it's perfect for any sort of road trip. The back can be completely flat by putting the seats down for when you're moving out, grocery shopping or bringing your bike along.

- Alexa p

Honda fit for virtually everybody.

This car is small but has lots of room. Quick with surprising power. Loaded with technology and features on the ex model. It gets great gas mileage. It has great reliability and is inexpensive to maintain. The ride is a little stiff but is super fun to drive.

- William N

The backup camera is good, I can see what's behind me when I drive in reverse.

This car is compact and has a lot of features. I can put a lot of items in this car despite it is small size. It handles well. The small size and backup camera allow me to get through tight spaces. I am afraid to use the econ button, so I never touch it.

- Mat M

2019 Honda Fit: Best Big Little Car for Your Buck

Choosing the 2019 Honda Fit for my most recent lease was an excellent choice. It is a great little car that has a surprisingly large amount of room inside! It gets good gas mileage, controls well, and is just as good as the dealer told me it would be.

- Renee M


I love the storage and great gas mileage that I have in my Honda Fit 2019. I only fill up my tank twice a month on average and I never spend for than $20 to fill the tank fully.

- Macy H

It is good for someone who wants an economical car.

It is small and good on gas. It is great for being able to carry a large quantity of things despite it is size and it has plenty of leg space as well.

- Dana C

I have only had it for two months, but no problems so far.

The vehicle gets very good mileage in city driving which is something a do a great deal of. Highway mileage is also good, but could be better.

- Joseph L

It is sporty and efficient. It is safe and durable. This car is great for cargo.

I bought this car on Friday and it is fantastic for my needs. It is a hatchback and the seats fold flat. This accommodates my bicycle.

- Thomas P

Great car so far. So far so good.

Only had car for a couple of months and haven't had any issues yet. Car drives great and gets really good gas mileage so far.

- Christopher H

Its reliable, very recommended. Prius had more user friendly things inside.

I just bought it. I used to drive a Toyota Prius. I liked that much better. Honda is not very good at the inside of the car.

- Tina S

A Honda Fit is cute, comfortable and has plenty of room for your stuff

A fit is great for local driving, it's small, comfortable for four passengers, has a lot of trunk space and is great on gas

- Sue Y

Good gas mileage. It is yellow and very sporty.

Little small in space while sitting. Having to try and get comfortable. Hard to drink a beverage. Great car otherwise.

- Ryan M