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I absolutely regret buying it.

There is absolutely no storage room in it. Has a push start but no place to put the key unless you either take up a cup holder or put it above the gear shift and have it go flying into the floorboard with the slightest turn. Forget putting it in the small hole in the door because unless it is closed the car does not pick it up and will not crank. The material on the seats is awful, the slightest bit of moisture and it looks completely unkempt as if you split a soda or something and then you have to wet the entire seat to get the color to match again. Then there’s always the fact that when you touch the gas it acts and sounds like a go cart trying to get up and go. Oh and you cannot leave the car running and be able to lock the doors from the outside so forget being able to pump gas with kids in the car.

- Lindsey Y

If you are looking for something roomy but compact, this is the car for you.

I live how roomy the interior of my vehicle is while not being a big car. I was looking for a smaller SUV when looking for a vehicle to purchase, and ended up deciding on my hr.-v, which is a crossover. I travel and go on many outdoor adventures and my vehicle has been able to travel far distances with no problem. I also love the eco mode available in my vehicle, which lets me know when I am driving efficiently to save gas. Out of all the cars in my household, mine is known to waste the less gas when it comes to our adventures. The seats fold completely down, to make plenty of room for all our camping supplies, which before. We had to take more than one car to take all our things. Everyone that gets in my car comments on how cute it is, or how much more space they have inside than they believed.

- Mary C

The Honda HR-V is a great, versatile vehicle for the money.

The Honda HV-R is a the perfect vehicle for someone looking for the easy drivability of a sedan, but in a crossover package. The vehicle is very spacious, yet does not feel like a large vehicle on the road. The built in backup and passenger side cameras are amazing added safety features that I cannot imagine living without as it makes lane changes and backing up so much easier. The eco mode option on the vehicle allows for good fuel economy, especially in stop and go traffic in the city. I also really enjoy the all wheel drive for the winter months or going off-road.

- Cassandra H

Safe, efficient, easy to drive.

I love my car. It is the perfect size and make for me and is very easy and safe to drive. The car is big enough to hold multiple people but not too big to be overwhelming or hard to handle. My favorite aspect of the car is the side camera on the right side which helps with many things including parallel parking, lane changing, and other parking. My car is extremely safe and good in bad weather and has gotten me out of many icy snow storms. I recommend this car to anyone, early drivers, families, pretty much everyone.

- Lizzie P

Toggle switch on steering wheel gives the surrounding view of right side of car.

I'd actually like to give a 4 star instead of the three. The vehicle is very good, overall in terms of performance and reliability. It would've been greater if only it had power seat controls as well. One of the best features that I personally like in this car is the toggle switch on the steering wheel for the right side outer surrounding view of the car. The one thing I find it hard to reconcile with, is the poor pull of the car. It must be due to it being a four-cylinder. It also has an underlying 'heavy' sound.

- Pansy B

Still loving it! Looking forward to a cross country trip in it!

Love that I can see the front of my vehicle while driving. Love the heated seats in winter. Love how big the cargo area when both back seats are down and the fact you can have one seat up while the other down for carrying long items yet a passenger can sit back there also. Love that the driver's seat is adjustable up and down so. I can see the front of the car while driving. It is a fun car to drive and comfortable on long 8 hour stretches of time. No problems in the 21 months and 19, 000 miles I have had it.

- Liz M

The H-RV feels like a big SUV with the drivability of a small car.

I love my H-RV because it's the perfect fit for me. I am 5'1", and with the H-RV, I can easily reach the pedals, while sitting comfortably in my seat. Even though, the H-RV seems small, it is very roomy inside. I often have 4 of my grandkids with me, we all fit with plenty of room to spare. The H-RV has plenty of pick up, but is still very economical on gas. I feel like i have the luxury of a big SUV, with the convenience of a small car.

- Nancy D

Safety features for drivers.

My hr.-v is a buyers dream. It has a rear camera to aid in backing up and a camera on right passenger side mirror that comes on when you turn signal on to see if anyone is coming up alongside your vehicle. It does not allow text messages while driving, but Bluetooth allows you to answer or ignore calls. Great features on steering wheel for answering phone, changing radio station and raising and lowering volume.

- Rana O

Great crossover SUV for the price.

Even for the basic model there is Bluetooth and a backup camera. Its smaller than the CR-V but has plenty of room for a great leased price. I love the color and the options of colors they had to choose from. Very smooth quiet ride. The stereo is good and can hear callers on the other end well. So far no problems with anything except needed a new cabin filter but that's because I drive on a lot if dusty roads.

- Sheila S

Not too big, not too short, just the right size.

I have never had any problems driving my car. It was easy to switch from am accord to the hr-v. The USB port for my phone was definitely fantastic and so is the Bluetooth. I have never had any connection issues with it. Sometimes when it is connected to Bluetooth and I plug my phone in to charge the audio will switch from Bluetooth to USB which is a little annoying but the car is still worth it.

- Rachel S

Back up camera. Sun roof. Heated seat. Blind spot camera. Tinted window. Touch screen.

I really enjoy my rear view camera. I have a very tall three year old and it is very spacious for us and his leg space. The back seats go up and lay down, perfect for movie night in your car. My car is a very beautiful blue, which is like an oil spill color because one moment it'll look blue, then purple, and some hints of green. I love it. It is the best car I have had yet. Thanks Honda!

- Chelsea C

My super short h-RV spiel.

Super easy to drive, great safety features. It is very basic for the model but honestly it gets the job done. Nothing fancy at all. Bluetooth and audio features are really good too. Only issue I have with it is that it does not hold as much gas as I'd like, and it would be nice if the trunk had an automatic light so that I wouldn't have to turn it on by myself in the dark.

- Lil C

Great fit! Smooth ride!! Good value!!

Would like easier open tailgate door. Would also like a space to store glasses. Love the size of the vehicle and the way it rides, turns easily and has decent pick up. Never owned a SUV before so getting this as my first model has been wonderful, much easier to get in and out of as you get older because not too low to the ground or too high, perfect fit for me.

- Barbara H

The navigation of the information screen(radio, time/date) is a great distraction from driving. You have to be able to see/read what you are doing.

I love that it is smaller than the CRV but still has plenty of room. It handles well. The only thing that I don't care for is that as an adult passenger, I cannot start the car from the passenger seat (can't reach the break for keyless ignition) if I get in while my husband is loading items into the back or if I get in the car while he is still in the house.

- Karen M

The most luxurious ride I have ever had in a vehicle.

This vehicle is very roomy and comfortable. The navigation system is of great quality. It gets great gas mileage. The pick up is quick. I am confident in the purchase of this vehicle and would recommend this make and model to family and friends. The ride is quite smooth. This vehicle is reliable and trustworthy. I would definitely purchase another.

- Laurie H

Hr-v holds more than you think.

I do not like it as much as I liked my previous mdx but I didn't need a new car as big as the mdx or rdx. Paint scratches and chips easily. Ac does not work very well. Needs a vent in the back. Needs more cup holders in the back seat. Like that the back seats fold up to hold tall items. Like that the back seats fold down flat for long items.

- Kay K

Awesome family car with low maintenance.

This car has amazing get up and go speed. It's very reliable, we drove cross country in ours and had no problems. The gas mileage is not what we thought we'd get but its ok as long as you keep eco boost on. We love our heated seats and the option to lift the back seats up or lay them down. It's a car we hope to keep for a very long time.

- Taylor B

Ruby the hrv. We call my hrv ruby because its red.

I love how smooth my car drives. I feel very safe driving my baby around. I love my heated seats, especially in the cold Cleveland winters. I like that it fits our stroller and all our groceries in the trunk! We took a road trip for 15 hours with a 9 month old and it was great to have such a reliable vehicle. Its pretty good on gas too.

- Alexandra E

I love my Honda hr-v its great for young college girls or elderly ladies.

I love my car, it perfect size for me and I love all the lock safety features it has, for example I love that all the doors stay locked even after you put the car in park until the driver opens the door, it's great because little kids can't just open up the door and people on the outside can't get in without you unlocking the doors.

- Lynn C

Honda hrv - economical choice for a top brand.

It is a great sb compact crossover SUV that is economical. The hrv has room for 5 and a nice sized hatch trunk. It drives well, and Honda is always rated amongst the top in safety. It is limited as there is not a lot of room in the front to store things. In addition, it is very generic > not much new technology and not all digital.

- Sheryl H

Great gas mileage. Interesting storage configurations with the back seat.

The vehicle is cheaply made. There is zero small storage space other than the glove box. The steering wheel controls for the radio and volume do not include on/off control. The seat is hard and uncomfortable. The vehicle is so lightweight it can hardly be safely driven on a wet road. Would not recommend this vehicle to a friend.

- Sidney S

It's a lot of car in a little package. Great looks!

Our HR-V has proven to be very reliable for us. It handles well in the snow, is very roomy inside (and very comfortable for long trips) and the gas mileage is very reasonable for a vehicle of that size. My only regret is that it's not compatible with Android Auto. I'm hoping there will be a firmware update soon to remedy that.

- Leonard M

Hr.-v; the SUV for everyone.

Honda hr.-v is reliable, comfortable, and affordable. It is a basic small SUV having great gas mileage, allows for seats to fully fold for a flat trunk space, variability in how back seats fold/configure, offers a smooth drive, GPS capable, Bluetooth enabled, and affordable for a variety of socioeconomic lifestyles/stages.

- Abbey L

Overall average car. Affordable but not ideal. Does not seem very safe.

Good on gas. Not powerful enough. Seats not comfortable for long distance drives. Good size, somewhere in the middle, feels like driving a sedan but very spacious. Easy to maintain, does not need a lot of attention. Really bad handling, cannot go over 90 miles an hour on the freeway without feeling like it will flip over.

- Hansen D

Honda HR-V is a very easy riding vehicle.

This is a very reliable vehicle and I love how easy it rides and features are user friendly such as, using the phone, radio, and switching from miles to oil usage. Honda has provided incredible service to me as well I recently had my tire pressure checked for a nail and fortunately it was nothing but the help was there.

- Mary H

Good size, perks & quirks.

I love my small. SUV, but it has a lot of quirks. The cupholders are too deep, there is only rt. Side turn camera, and - I wish it had better gas mileage. If you want a GPS, that only comes in a package costing $2 thousand dollars. But, I can use my cell phone, drive in the snow, and it is the perfect size with storage.

- Juliana K

The best part of the Honda hr-v is how the backseat storage works.

I would have preferred a slightly larger backseat space. With our toddler's car seat installed, we can only fit one other person in the back. I had hoped to have the ability to fit at least two adults in the back with the car seat installed, but we are unable to and a different car seat would yield similar results.

- Robyn P

A comfortable drive and ride.

It is very comfortable to drive. It has lots of room with the back seats down it's more like a station wagon and there's not much that doesn't fit in the vehicle. It's just big enough to be comfortable but still small enough for easy maneuverability. It also has excellent visibility making it very easy to drive.

- Kay K

Overall, a worthwhile purchase

I've had the car for exactly one year. I like it a lot. It's comfy, drives we'll love the trunk space, haven't had a single problem. I do wish it had a bigger gas tank capacity, and the placement of the backseat door handles are aesthetically very weird, but I love it overall and am happy I bought it.

- Sheila O

It has lots of space, so it is a good car for a small family.

I like the amount of space and room that it comes with. It has room for 2 car seats and there is even a little bit of a room for someone (skinny) to sit in between. The audio system is not a touch screen, it has old fashioned knobs, which I prefer. It drives nice and smoothly and I am happy with it.

- Lea H

The Hrv is very dependable & safe to drive in all scenarios.

I love All Honda vehicles. They continue to evolve with new technology. Ranked highest according to consumer reports for safety, durability. They are also very ergonomically built. With the HRV, there are no Bells & whistles, and little front storage room. But, they are upgrading this year's model.

- Shosha H

Good car, but lacking details.

The Honda is an easy to drive car, and is lightweight so moves and turns well. The size is great, and the trunk is very spacious. I do wish it felt a bit more luxurious. The air vents in the front seat are not very adjustable, making it hard to get comfortable, and there are no vents in the back.

- Mark F

A nice upgrade from driving a sedan

This car is in between a sedan and a regular SUV. It's spacious enough to carry some cargo in the back seat. The only complaint I have would be what appears to be some manufacturer defects since I got my car. I do love the camera mounted on the side view mirror. It's very convenient.

- Jenny L

Hr-v: the new ride in town.

This car is extremely user friendly with a great turn radius and awesome gas mileage. A comfortable ride that is still compact to fit in tight spaces. Touch screen navigation and Bluetooth are both added bonuses. The back row of seats fold both up and down for maximum storage space.

- Sarah S

Great in icy weather, ok pick up.

The car handles really well in inclement weather. It is virtually impossible to make the car skid (we tried). However, the car does not have great pick up and you can really hear and feel the engine working if you try to accelerate too quickly, which can be a challenge on highways.

- Dev R

Great Honda! Very recommended car!

The car is great. I wish that there was a bit more room in the center council. The back, however, has a lot of space. The battery had to be replaced, but the dealership did it for free because the one that it came with was faulty. Overall, the car is reliable and I feel safe in it.

- Tate B

It has manual transmission, which makes it more fun to drive.

Very comfortable, drives nicely, feels like an SUV, but much smaller, and easy to maneuver, it has a big cargo space, convenient when doing monthly or weekly shopping, also nice when you travel with a pet. Very good on gas, I can drive at least 300 miles on one tank of gas.

- Jenny K

It get great gas mileage for a crossover and is fun to drive.

I love it because it has so much cargo room. I can fit in practically anything. Also, it's so high off the ground, after my sedan, and I love that. It has all the bells and whistles but is also low tech in suv land. the perfect crossover for me and the pacific nw weather.

- Mal O

Not worth the money. Feels like car is not made well.

Pros: Vehicle size, back seat configurations, roomy area in back. Cons: Electrical problems since day one, small gas tank (have to gas up too often), not enough acceleration power. This car does not feel as solid and well-made as my previous cars, i.e., Civic LX and CR-V.

- Evelyn I

Honda hrv is a great car.

It is perfect size for me as I am shorter. Great backup and passenger side camera. Good size trunk. It is also great on gas. I do wish it had a bigger gas tank. The heated seats are also great. Everything is touch screen so I do leave fingerprints all over the screen.

- Faith K

It is reliable and comfortable. I do not love the bluetooth. The navigation system is good. The mileage it gets is acceptable as well. It feels sporty and is a very manageable size SUV. . It handles well in the highway. It could have more guts. But I enjoy driving it.

- Karen D

My 2017 Honda hr.-v and how much I really enjoy driving it!

I cannot say enough good things about this car. It is so easy to drive and handles well in rain and snow. The camera on the right side when using the right turn signal is amazing. I love this car and would definitely consider purchasing another when the time arises.

- Diane V

Reliable vehicle, decent price.

I am happy with my Honda HR-V. It has been very reliable, so far. The one thing I don't care for is the controls for the heat and radio. Everything is touch screen, and you have to take your eyes off the road to change anything. I would prefer knobs or buttons.

- Lisa Z

It gets great gas mileage for the long-haul trips..

I love the fact that it is 4-wheel drive, and yet it feels like a car. It is not a tiny vehicle, but it is not one of these huge SUVs. It feels safe driving next to a truck on the highway, and yet compact like a car. There is really nothing I dislike about it.

- Sandy D

I love the heated seats. The moonroof is a nice touch too.

I love my car. It runs great. My car great gas mileage and good traction. My car also has great speakers. I will always buy Hondas. The heat and air conditioning are top notch. The heated seats are great too. I would buy another one in a heartbeat. It is great.

- Megan A

Roomy and safe great colors.

I like it but it is to slow. When you go after a red light it does have much of a get up and go. It is roomy in the inside cozy like it hugs you. Very safe. Great colors to choose from. The back is roomy as well. Plenty of room for groceries or anything really.

- Me M

2017 Honda hrv pluses and minuses.

Affordable. Not very good gas mileage. Too low to the ground for me. Difficult to see over and around other cars. Sunroof is a plus. Seats fairly comfortable but do not adjust high enough for me. Easy to parallel park. Defroster and heat take too long to heat.

- marcia R

My car - couldn't be happier with Honda and the hrv.

Reliable with no issues to date. Good gas mileage. The amount of cargo space for the size is wonderful, I love the flexibility in how the back seats can be adjusted in multiple ways. Interior material is easy to clean. Sleek design on the exterior. Great car.

- Jenna H

Runs great but very basic no frills vehicle.

Reliable, not so smooth ride, tires just ok since I've had several flats since purchasing. Like the calling features, but storage is soso. Basic interior, no power seats:( black interior shows off dirt easily. I have replaced car mats with quality ones.

- Sue S

The HRV is sturdy, reliable, spacious and works great in bad weather!

I love it, it is sturdy on the road in bad weather. It feels smaller than my husbands CRV but bigger than my old Civic and much more spacious inside. I love the seat heaters. I dislike the center console area, it is not as useful as I would like.

- Julia B

This is a great car for the price.

I have the base model so it doesn't have all of the features I would like. It has pretty good pick up and go for a 4 cylinder. I think the AC and heat is kind of weak. I love the storage capacity and the way the seats flip to create more storage.

- Samantha K

Honda hr-v is a great car.

I love my hr-v. I had both of my knees replaced. The hr-v is the right height to get in and out of. I really like the backup camera and the passenger side card. It is a comfortable car. It gets pretty good gas mileage. I like the space of the car.

- Norma Jeanne S

Great value for the price, safe, and the best crossover option.

I love that it is the same footprint as a Civic but higher up. I feel it has good viability and the "magic" seats allow me to fit way more than you expect. In a perfect world, the seat might be a bit more comfortable and/or the ride smoother.

- Kelly H

Expect basic transportation and good mileage

Hard to say I just think of vehicles as just basic transportation. The only thing I can think is lack of modern safely features like auto braking that can be found on other cars in this range. For a crossover SUV the ride can be a bit rough

- Joe M

It's looks are deceiving. It may look small but it can hold a lot of stuff in the trunk.

I love the bright red color of my HRV because it is easy to find in the parking lot. It is roomy enough inside to transport a lot of stuff, like groceries, but also small enough to park easily. It is quite zippy, picks up speed nicely.

- Liz G

Weak horsepower. Great gas mileage.

The downsides to the Honda HRV is that it has weak horsepower and there are upgrade package options, you cannot add individual upgrades. The upsides to the Honda hRV are the gas mileage and ability to fit a lot in such a small car.

- Esther K

Good price for what you get.

I like the size - plenty of space but not too big. I like how the seats fold for more space too. Love the trick door handles in the back! Dislike- gas mileage could be better. And the blind spots on the front sides are pretty but.

- Brenda M

It is a great value because it has all-wheel drive, great style and good quality.

I like my Honda HR-V because it is all-wheel drive, has great style and was a great price. It has been very reliable so far and I have had it for about 14 months. It has good crash test ratings as well, which I consider a bonus.

- Stacy H

Most important thing others should know about my hr-v is the great gas mileage.

I have no complaints. What I like is the room inside, the overall size, the ease of handling, gas mileage, the car sitting higher from ground than my civic, & Honda's reliability over the almost 50 years that I have owned them.

- Linda H

It is small on the outside but really spacious on the inside.

The rides really smoothly and the features are really nice like the Bluetooth and the different options to play music. The downfall is with the defrost. Even in the summer the heat has to be on to defrost the front windows.

- Nicole C

Great gas mileage for this car when you drive highway

Overall the car is a very smooth ride. I wish the center console had more storage as well as the "trunk" area. The Bluetooth works but sometimes freezes on the phone screen and can't reset without turning the car off.

- Tim C

It is a subcompact SUV and four wheel drive.

My car is finally the perfect one for me. I love it very much but if there’s one complaint it would be that all controls are via touchscreen (i.e. ac/heat, defroster) which makes it harder to use while driving.

- Sara O

It is a good, solid, dependable vehicle.

It is dependable and drives well. I like how it looks. The gas mileage is just OK and could be better. It's a bit large for my garage. It is comfortable and has some great features which make it nice to drive.

- Bil K

Safe Vehicle with plenty of room for the family

I love the Honda HRV mainly due to safety reasons. The car is little enough to squeeze into tight parking spaces, yet big enough to cart around my kids and all their sports equipment in the hatchback.

- Jennifer D

HRV easy as 123 for all your needs

The Hrv gets great gas mileage, love the side mirror cameras easy flip seats, compact car, low profile ,lots of charging ports for phones and ipads. I would like air vents in the back seats.

- julie D

Be prepared for the uncomfortable seats on longer trips.

The Honda HR-V is a nice sporty vehicle. It gets good gas mileage, but isn't particularly peppy. The seats are pretty uncomfortable on longer trips, and the lumbar support isn't adjustable.

- Brian E

High performance car and highly efficient with fuel

It's a reliable car that is incredibly low maintenance and cost efficient for the everyday driver. The interior and exterior specs are wonderfully tailored as if they were meant to last.

- Anais A

For me, the most important thing is that it's great for long trips.

I love my HR-V. It's the perfect size for me to transport my kayak, luggage, my dog, and whatever else I need for a weekend trip. It's also great on gas for my hour long commute.

- Caroline B

The HR-V is larger on the inside than it looks. It is a 4 door.

I love that my car is awd. I love the size and the versatility of the seats in the back. The AC could be a bit stronger with vents in the back seat. And I get GREAT MILEAGE!

- Sherri B

Efficient, dependable 4 wheel drive

Gets good gas mileage and uses regular octane gas. Four wheel drive. Very small gas tank. Standard features are extremely minimum. The glove box doesn't even have a light.

- Jen M

That the backseat is very uncomfortable to be in, especially during long drives.

Good car but lacks space and comfort in the back seat. Also, would prefer a larger vehicle, this is the compact SUV so I think I would like the regular sized SUV better.

- Susan T

Very cute and fun. Not too big and not too small.

It is the perfect size. Not too big and not too small.. I feel very safe in the car... Dislike- it will not connect to my phone for Bluetooth, missing remote start.

- Brittany S

Good for winter driving since it's AWD. I needed something good when it slows

I love that but car is all wheel drive. Gas mileage is amazing and the second trim level is a big difference from the first trim level so it's worth the upgrade

- Helen L

It is the perfect size for someone with one child and wants a low car payment.

I like the size. I like the options such as break hold. I dislike that it does not have automatic trunk release. I do not like the voice activated technology.

- Caroline R

Sometimes I can get up to 32 miles to the gallon

It gets great gas mileage. It's super cute. It has a blind spot camera that is super helpful. Only thing I don't like is that the back seat is very small.

- Mary D

It is a compact SUV that does not feel as small as it is.

I like that it's a very responsive car to drive. It's also fun to drive. I do wish that the headrest was adjustable front-to-back and not just up-and-down.

- fran l

The gas mileage is amazing! Enable EcoBoost and you will see 350-400 mile ranges for each tank of gas!

Great gas mileage. A way more reliable car than my previous one! Maintenance is minimal and I only have to take it in every 6 months instead of every 2-3!

- Alison I

It maintains to others to be comfortable and relaxing while enjoying the ride.

There is nothing I dislike about the vehicle I drive. It relax me a lot and get to use whatever I want. There's absolutely no complaints while driving.

- Randy N

The car is good on gas fill ups.

I like how it drives, I like the size of the car. I love that it has Bluetooth and hands free. I love that it does not take much money to fill it up.

- Jodi M

The most important thing you should know about my car is it is very reliable.

I love how my Honda CRV is just the right size. It is not overly large but it is four wheel drive so I feel confident driving it in snowy weather.

- Bonnie S

It is a great small SUV with plenty of cargo area.

Love having a small SUV that is safe in bad weather and has lots of cargo room. Mileage is pretty good, I am happy with that. No real complaints.

- Eileen H

Very affordable and reliable

I love my suv. It is compact but at the same time has tons of room. It gets great gas mileage, fun to drive, awesome in the winter with the snow.

- Karen F

It does get really good gas mileage.

I like that it is good on gas. It is small enough, yet still can haul things. I like that it drives smooth. I dislike that it cost so much.

- Crystal M

A push to start car that has amazing mileage

Perfect car for women who are looking for something a little bigger than a sedan. Very roomy on the inside while it's not too big to drive

- Yerim Y

great size when comes to driving and parking, holds a family of 4 comfortable

Love it, great interior, perfect size, easy to drive, comfortable, great price, easy to park, love the colors offered, sleek body exterior

- patty m

Spacious HRV- inexpensive yet has all qualities you need

It is very spacious and comfortable and very easy to drive. There isn't much console storage but a very roomy trunk and backseat area.

- Grace H

Affordable family car and economic friendly.

It is economical reliable car. Cheap on gas and insurance. Easy to maintenance and upkeep. Good vehicle for multiple dog lifestyle.

- Aurelia R

The heated seats are really nice and if you live in a place like Ohio that is really important.

I love my heated seats and the sunroof. The gas mileage is ok but the tank is a good size. I do not enjoy trying to open the trunk.

- Kim S

It has one of the highest safety ratings according to JD Power

Very smooth ride and nice leather seats. My only issue is that the vehicle has no seat coolers only seat warmers. Overall, good car

- Ryan U

It's great if you don't want something as big as an SUV need a little more space.

It's actually a really great car. I haven't had any issues so far, the oil life is great and It's extremely spacious for Its size.

- Erica E

This car has the feature where it will let you know when to service your car.

I love how economical my car is on gas. It is a smooth ride and it is comfortable. I also love all the safety features of my car.

- Elizabeth G

Not sure. Good in gas and fulfills my current vehicle needs.

Just hate that spiders seem to love my car. Never had that problem with any other car I have had. Other than that is a good car.

- Dulce B

It has all the features that we need and more.

We love this Honda model. We had a CR-V last year and downsized to the HR-V and are very happy. We will lease this model again.

- William D

It is a very good size and has great safety features.

Perfect size, right amount of options, good gas mileage, Honda is reliable brand of vehicle, good color selection, good price.

- Sheila S

Honda makes good cars! So, far it has been very reliable.

So far, I have had no issues with my 2017 Honda HR-V. It gets decent gas mileage, although not as good as the sticker claims.

- Lisa L

great gas mileage. so far it has about 32 mpg in the city and i think 35 mpg highway

love the gas mileage, how much room you have in the back seat, and able to but the back seats down to make more room in trunk

- jen l

It has good fuel economy.

It has good fuel economy. The style is a small SUV but based on a car. The color makes it difficult to spot in a parking lot.

- Vicki B

It is fun but it does not go to fast.

I like everything about it I just wish it was faster. When you are at a light and you go it doesn't get up and go very fast.

- Me M

Good quality. It looks good and runs very well. Honda is very reliable and at a decent price.

I love it! It's a good family car, yet sporty. We believe that we will be able to drive this car around for the next decade.

- Amanda B

Stylish car which is reliable and trustworthy for long run.

Very Reliable, compact and looks very elegant. Has Eco mode to save on the fuel. Show the correct temperature in the inside.

- Kiran s

It is bigger than a regular car and smaller than an SUV.

It is very comfortable. It has a lot of space for long trips. Very silent on road. Brand new technology (bt, cameras ).

- Barbara S

Excellent car for older people.

It is dependable comfortable smooth riding and easy to use. I am not very computer savvy and l can use this car easily.

- Suzanne P

It is important to know that there is a great amount of spacing and leg room for all passengers.

It is very spacious. It handles well in all weather. The technology is great. I dislike the placement of the USB port.

- Ellena B

Very high mileage and extremely comfortable.

I live the size of my car. It is compact and works for my lifestyle. It has a good fuel economy and it feels spacious.

- Sandra C

I love driving the Honda HRV

I Love the Honda HRV. I have had it for a year and drive all the time for work. It is very reliable and comfortable.

- Marra R

The rear seat fold up or they lay down.

It's comfortable to drive on road trips. It gets great gas mileage. I can pick and haul things in it for remodeling.

- Laura M

Very good for small family and rugged enough to load and carry many items.

None. Perfect size and performance. Love the color and comfort when driving long distances. Could use a better rate.

- Carol H

The perfect sized crossover to meet all of your needs.

I love the size of my HR-V and the way that it drives, it is so smooth. The design is so simple but sophisticated.

- Kelli R

The back up camera is awesome.

I like the traction, dislike the factions. I like the dislike the. I like, dislike the CS, dislike the reactions.

- Shea H

It is a reliable car that works for so many different scenarios

My vehicle is a great size, it is not too big, but it also has a lot of space in case I need to move large items.

- Emma C

Crossover car that is a good size and has decent storage space.

It is a practical vehicle that gets me where I need to go. I like the size and it feels safe to drive. Good car.

- Peter P

It's got some get up and go

I like the sporty design. The color and how the screens are tilted towards me are awesome. I like how it drives

- Amanda S

Great miles per gallon, technology and cameras. It's not too expensive

The technology in the car is great. Reverse and blind side cameras are immensely helpful. Great on gas mileage

- Matthew S

Better for shorter drivers or those who do not need large head room.

Compact SUV with enough room. Fuel efficient and offers great gas mileage. Enough cargo space for my needs.

- Stacie P

I love the way it handles, and how safe I feel while traveling. I also like the interior seating and cargo area; I travel with my grandchildren, and we always need the space.

It's a very comfortable ride, for all passengers. We have done long road trips, and it's very comfortable.

- Caren H

All wheel drive good in snow.

Gas tank lever location is hard to reach. Also the back hatch door is difficult to open. Good gas mileage.

- Nicholas B

2017 Honda HR-V Owner and Driver

The Honda HR-V is a reliable car with great MPG. It's a smooth, comfortable ride and has a lot of space.

- Eric T

good all around vision when driving vehicle. The rear view camera is a nice addition.

Like the size and room inside. Hate the rough ride and pump handle for driver's seat adjustment

- Joan M

It is reliable. It is not a gas hog. It runs smoothly. Very efficient.

no complaints at all with this vehicle. I love it very much. Would recommend to others.

- nadine h

It was s good value for the price.

I like the look and how it drives. I don't like the gas mileage. I like the features.

- Bil H

Good for small family car. Good on gas. Would recommend to anyone.

Car is very good on gas. Roomy even though it is compact. Drives smoothly.


It's compact but fits 5 people comfortably. The seats go down in the back, so it hauls like an SUV.

I love the compact size and gas mileage. I do wish it had more horsepower.

- Tiffany J

The vehicle has good fuel economy even though it is a regular gas engine.

Green, fuel economy, not much power, utility vehicle based on car

- Vicki F

it's great on gas, compact, easy to drive. the only thing i wish it fit 6 people instead of 5

the one thing that that people should know its cute and reliable

- marie b

It has good gas mileage, well built, and it is very stylish.

It's a great car just not as big as the CRVs I have had before

- Carol C

Love most of it except interior fabric and camera is not that great.

The car has all wheel drive. all wheel drive all wheel drive

- Cathy T

It's a good size. Enough space without being to big.

Comfortable seats. Room for wheelchair. Not enough storage.

- Ilene W

It's great for a small person.

I love it, but it is a little short for my 6 ft husband.

- Jill S

sunroof I luv it and it works great better than a convertible

it is light weight. i would like it to be more reliable

- cindi r

fuel efficient, beautiful and tech advanced car around

it's awesome, fuel efficient, cost efficient, beautiful

- r n

Only wish that it was a V6. The car itself is fantastic

Space and quality gas make this car a fantastic choice

- Matt N

I love that it sits higher than a car; it handles marvelously well and is spacious. No complaints at all.

Typical Honda: reliable, efficient, and fun to drive.

- Maricruz T

convenient size makes it easy to drive and park as well as style, sleek, up to date, modern

size, color, features, how it rides, look of inside

- amanda M

easy to drive and easy to park, good gas mileage

I like that it is sleek not to big and not to small

- ken W