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Honda insight, a hybrid worth the money.

The gas has a shuddering motion when trying to start. The car works perfectly fine, but does not have a smooth start which can be frustrating. The acceleration is also very slow and it has trouble driving up steep hills, especially if driving in mountainous areas. The gas mileage is wonderful and the amount of space is surprising for a small car. The a/c is slow to cool down, but once it does it gets as cold as any other car. I think because it is a hybrid, it is just a little slower with all of these features. It can carry a surprisingly large amount of cargo. I have moved to different apartments as well as across the country with my car packed and it worked great!

- Erika A

Comfortable and economic, a great car

This car is super comfortable to drive. It has great storage space with the hatchback and the seats that fold down. It handles really well and it's easy to drive. I love being able to use the hybrid feature and to switch it into a more economic mode. It does have problems in which the heat/ac die down when it goes into a stop which switches to the electric battery but it's not all that noticeable. I save so much gas with a hybrid. This vehicle is a great one for newer and older drivers.

- Jordan H

Reliable but sucks at speeding up

I've been driving my Honda Insight for the past 2 years, and I got it preowned - it's a very reliable car (I only take it to the shop about once a year) and very fuel efficient in the city. Even at 170,000+ miles, it's a very reliable car that does its job of getting you places. The only gripe I have is that the engine feels pretty weak, and the acceleration kind of sucks. But the brakes are amazing and very responsive, so I guess it makes up for it a bit.

- Kumho J

Great Car for Gas Mileage

I love my Honda Insight. The best thing about it is the gas mileage. I get over 50 mpg on the highway. I have the basic model and my car is 9 years old so it has only the basic features. It is very small and sits low to the ground. I find it comfortable and I am 5'9' but my son who is over 6 ft literally has his heading touching the ceiling of the car. The interior fabric is cheap and has not held up well but other than that I have had no problems.

- Gina S

Basic needs conquered: highlights of the hybrid Honda insight.

I really enjoy driving in this car however I find that when I am a passenger I get a bit motion sick. I am guessing this is from the lowness to the ground. I find that this car has been very reliable and cost-effective as well as good on gas. I have been told by other people that hybrids seem to cost a lot more but a part from the oil changes which evens out with the gas certainly it does not seem too. It is also well-made and effective and holds up.

- Ariel G

This car is perfect for saving money and for driving in ideal driving conditions.

I like the vehicle because it is fuel-efficient, and has a very smooth ride. It rides low to the ground so it is a smooth and comfortable drive. The fuel efficiency is highly desirable as well. The only drawbacks are that the car does not do well in rain/snow/ice, and does not do well on non-smooth, non-flat roads (ie winding roads, uphills/downhills). The car used to have battery and tire issues but these were fortunately easily replaced.

- Vishal J

Reliable and great on gas mileage but lacks newer technology.

I like that my vehicle has great gas mileage, is reliable, and is eco-friendly. I have had it for 8 years, driven it all over the country, and it has not had any major problems. I do not like that it is an older model now, it is not very attractive looking, and it is not the most comfortable. I also wish it had newer technology in it like a built-in GPS/music/etc.- it does not have any of the newer technology.

- Kathryn S

VERY MUCH gas efficient in city/suburban living

My vehicle is efficient but used. At this point, I do feel a difference in performance due to the battery part of the engine. But, for now as an everyday car for work and leisure, it's great. It's very cheap to fill the tank and on average I fill my tank once a month. It comes with an aux cord input, A/C, 12v charging outlet, and decent sound system. It's small so you can fit in almost every space for parking.

- Ama R

Both back seats go down making for optimal hauling.

One of the things that I love best about my car is the gas mileage it gets. It does not cost an arm and a leg to fill it up. I have always loved Hondas. I feel safe when I am in them and driving them. It is a very comfortable car, it holds up to five people. I love that both of my back seats can go down making plenty of room for bigger shopping days. I was even able to fit our Christmas tree in our car.

- Amber H

Saves money on gas! a least 40 mpg on highway and 35 mpg on city.

I love how I can get around 40mph. I love that it drives smooth with no noise. It has a eco button as well to save gas. I don't like how when using the eco button that the ac will not run. . (save gas). It does not go very fast when you first accelerate, which I don't like. It does not do well in water. It did great for college but other than that I wish I would of gotten a bigger vehicle.

- Audrey L

My vehicle is reliable, and is very cost efficient.

I love my car. The best part of it is the price I pay for gas. It is typically between 20-25 dollars. As my car has gotten older there has been some quirks and how it is starting fail. The is one door that remains unlocked if I try to unlock it with my keys. The only way to lock it is manually switching it to locked. Also my trunk will not open is that door is not unlocked.

- Kale D

Gas Saver! (40 mpg) Low maintenance!

Gas mileage has been impressive. No major repairs and currently sitting at 220,000 miles! I have kept up with regular maintenance. Comfort is minimal. And no additional features; but I am happy to have it. It's a gas saver and it's incredibly reliable. It is also a very light weight car. So keep in mind you do feel more wind and bumps than most vehicles.

- Stephanie B

Love insight! Honda is dependable and reliable.

The insight has been a very cost efficient vehicle that has been totally dependable and reliable. It handles well in poor weather. It is comfortable and easy to drive. The reputation of Honda as a quality manufacturer is also important to me. I have owned several Honda's in my lifetime and will continue in investing in them in the future.

- Rebecca K

Looks like a Prius without the price tag of a Prius.

I haven't had any issues with the vehicle. Runs and drives great. The biggest issue I personally have with the vehicle is although I am getting 40+mpg it only has a 10 gallon tank so I am still filling up weekly. There was a lot of recalls on the car, but you can go to any dealership and they can tell you if they've been fixed.

- Brandon F

Silver Honda insight 2010 hybrid.

It has been very reliable. I have over 180,000 miles on it and have only had to do maintenance repairs (brake pads, new battery, etc). I consistently get between 45 and 50 mpg. It has enough room to seat 5 and with the back seats down, there is plenty of cargo space. I plan on buying another when this one finally runs out.

- Angela G

Honda insight - provider of great ‘sight’ in inclement weather.

Extremely reliable! Excellent car for commuting. The large windshield has amazing visibility especially in inclement weather conditions. Traction is also great in bad weather. There is much more room then it appears especially when folding down the back seats and having great access to the trunk with the hatchback feature.

- Jaime K

Eco friendly which runs on with battery and fuel.

Wonderful car! It is eco friendly runs on both battery and fuel. Interior is excellent even if is an older model, and many variety of colors available. Fits 5 people. There is no spare tire but only a pump available which I personally find as a disadvantage but that's fine because I put in a spare tire at the back.

- Katie K

Environmentally friendly vehicle.

I love the gas mileage and environmental friendly aspects of the vehicle. My main complaint is the arm rests on the doors are made of cardboard rather than metal, I suspect because it makes the car lighter. The driver's side one has broken, but it cannot be replaced without replacing the whole door panel.

- Ron P

loved when motor cut off at stoplights to save gas

car has been a great gas saver, not that comfortable a ride, bumpy compared to my last car which was a Monte Carlo. it's been a very reliable car. I like the inside. Had to have air conditioning repaired in 2017. Motor assist batteries for saving fuel quit working in 2017. Car only has 76,000 miles on it.

- Shirley F

Spacious and great on gas

Great on gas. I only need to fill the tank once a week. Drives smoothly but so far not the best to handle in snow. Slow to speed up. I love how cruise control maintains the speed by drawing more of the power from the battery rather from the gas tank. Love the hatch back, there is more room than you think.

- Jennifer H

Love my hybrid Honda insight. I am pleased that my car is fuel efficient.

I bought my Honda brand new. I haven't had any problems with it. Love that it is a hybrid and I save on gas unlike the SUV I owned before. My car has indicators that let me know when it is time for service as well as if my tire pressure is low. Also get to see how efficiently I drive each and every time.

- Jo S

Go father on less! I love that its a hatchback and that it is great on gas.

No problems at all. Great on gas and reliable. Lasted through college and will last for a while! I love the gas mileage but I do miss the pick up from a non-hybrid car. Would recommend it to any car buyer! Honda has been my brand of choice for years because they last a long time without any problems.

- Abby R

Insights on my Honda insight.

This car gets excellent gas mileage. About 42 mpg. I do regular maintenance on it, and have not had to do any major repairs. Now it is not the smoothest ride, but I travel a lot for work, so I do not mind that aspect. Another negative, sadly, is that after over 190, 000 miles, it is starting to rust.

- Joan T

2010 Honda insight is a strong vehicle.

Performed flawlessly with absolutely no problems until 110k miles. Only had to do scheduled preventative maintenance. Little things going wrong now. Mostly minor electrical issues with alarm and door locks. Still runs super smooth and silent. Gas mileage currently 48. 2 mpg down from a high of 50. 6.

- John A

Honda insight is a reliable small car.

Doors do not automatically unlock when car is turned off. Too small. The window are not tinted. It is very reliable. Have never had an issue with it. Hybrid batteries are still going strong at. 180, 000 miles. GPS should have a free update. It cost more to update it than to buy a new GPS.

- Neal J

Great mileage - slow car.

Great mileage and handling. Slowest car I ever owned. Concerned about the cost of replacing the hybrid battery. If I can get a replacement hybrid battery for less than $1000 i'll replace it and keep the car. If not i'll get a new car. I have 130k miles on it now and it still runs great.

- Bob H

Off-road insight is a champ.

I really love our car. It gets great gas mileage, and it is fun to drive. It also does surprisingly well in lots of off-road situations!! We have taken our car camping all over the rocky mountains and the car has not failed us once! The option to turn off the engine assist is nice too.

- William F

Grey Honda insight, 2010, 44 miles to the gallon and the best car ever.

I love this car a lot. It rides very smoothly and I get 44 miles to the gallon. The engine works well. The only problem I have is that the tires ride very low and tend to run out of air very quickly. Otherwise this car is fantastic and honestly, if I had to, I would buy this car again.

- Helena J

Great gas mileage and my favorite car

This car rides well and minimal maintenance issues. Affordable completely and it saves a ton of money on gas. This is my favorite car I have owned! Maintenance is quick and easy and cost efficient. The best part of this car is gas mileage. Cheap fill up and goes very far on a tank!

- Emily O

Fuel economy and reliability make this a great car

My only complaint is it's not really made to be all that comfortable. It's not necessarily that uncomfortable, though. Fuel economy is great! I've never had issues with its reliability and it's already at 130,000 miles. The hatchback is nice so trunk space is pretty spacious.

- Anastasia W

It is super economic! I save a lot of money with gas.

I like that it has a hatchback, and it is very economic because it is hybrid. Also, it is very compact but not too small, perfect for me. However, it is engine is not very potent, and when I accelerate it takes a while to get to the speed I actually want to be driving.

- Leticia S

Economical vehicle that you will always love!

Never had any issues, just regular maintenance. Very fuel efficient, usually getting approximately 55 mpg. Best mileage yet is 68 mpg. Back seats/hatch folds upward making for lots of luggage space. I even hauled a 40 gallon hot water heater once. Great car!!

- Amanda P

Dependable car with great mileage. Good looking style.

Honda Insights have been around longer than the Toyota Prius. They have an excellent track record. I still see many of the original Insights around. They are very mechanically reliable and get great mileage. I've had not any major problems with my Insight.

- Sindi M

Great car for short people.

It is not great for tall people, the, widows are starting to stick, the computer does not work correctly anymore, and cannot turn on defrost. One the plus side it gets good gas mileage, and durable seats, at almost 200,000 miles the car is still working.

- Barbara J

It is great on gas and gas is high right now

Hybrid battery problem after 5 years need to replace. The car is super cheap on gas and rides very good!! The vehicle is comfortable roomy and the children love it. The car has a great stereo and the music plays loud. You can get up to 50 miles a gallon

- Melissa X

It's the smartest and most vehicle purchase you can make. I'm not brand loyal normally, but my next car will definitely be a Honda.

I love my Insight, it's very fuel efficient and practical. It's flexible because of the hatchback, which is perfect for lugging stuff around. I do rideshare driving in it as well, and I've had no major mechanical issue for the entire time I've owned it

- Paul M

It does not have much get up and go speed.

The Honda insight hybrid is one the best cars out there! It runs and drive extra smooth. It also has exceptional handling, great gas mileage, and plenty of room for a family or group of friends. I am so happy with my decision to purchase a Honda!!

- Jasmine C

i like my vehicle because I got a great deal on it

the reason I love my car, is because its eco friendly, it drives smooth, and I like that when I break it almost seems like the car turns off while I break so it's really safe and assured, I like that I have a v4 engine to so I save gas

- hanssel b

it gets about 50 mpg in nice weather on the highway

it is a small hatchback hybrid that gets 40/50 mpg in the summer and about 30/40 in the winter. it is great because it is small and great with mileage. i don't like how the bumps are felt and how AC and heat don't work well.

- tracy m

The Dodge Caravan is a very reliable vehicle.

I love my Honda Insight the most is the savings on Fuel. For being a 2010 I have almost soon to be 60,000 miles and paid off. My dislike is when driven on Hybrid mode and stopped on a Hot day the air stays on but not cool.

- Madeline S

It gets great gas mileage and has been very reliable.

Gets great gas mileage and has not required much in terms of maintenance and repair costs.it also has quite a bit of room for things in the back when the seats are folded down. It could use a bit better acceleration.

- Ronald K

It is a hybrid, so you can run it on gas or electricity.

The Honda insight is a very reliable car. It is great on gas mileage, and a smooth driving vehicle. I have never had any problems out of it. I would recommend it to someone shopping for a small, gas saving vehicle.

- Katherine D

That it is a Hybrid and that it has great gas mileage

I love the gas mileage that I get from my hybrid and even at 8 yrs old I still get between 40-44 mpg. I wish it had better pickup but was willing to sacrifice that for gas mileage and it still holds true now.

- Diane A

It does get excellent gas mileage and has been very reliable.

The way the hatchback window is designed it makes visibility in the rear very difficult. It is also not very comfortable to drive long periods of time due to the seat design. It has been reliable otherwise.

- Anita M

Ecoboost sucks and not worth it.

This car has 150, 000 miles on it, keeps breaking down, does not always connect to my phone to play music. I hate the Eco boost where it turns off while at lights or stop signs and turns off the ac.

- Kaitlyn D

It has been a very reliable car for the entire time I have had it.

I like that it was an affordable hybrid. I like that the car has been a good car for me this long. I do not like the tan interior. I also do not like that the fuel efficiency was lower than a Prius.

- Rose G

Gas efficiency without sacrificing driving.

It is a great car for those who want to get around town or go on long road trips. It is reliable, has plenty of room, gas like a Prius. . . Without being a Prius, and very affordable to own.

- Alex R

I think people should know that this car gets amazing gas mileage.

I love that it is a hybrid and gets great gas mileage. I love the design of it as well. I don't like that it doesn't have cruise control. I also don't like that the airbag was recalled.

- Vicki C

It sips gas and I don't have to worry about gas prices much.

I like that it is a hybrid. It makes me feel like I am helping the environment. I like the high gas mileage. I like the sound system in it. It is small and easy to park in tight spaces.

- Larry J

It is very compact. I would recommend it for a single person often driving alone but would not recommend it for someone often transporting passengers or children.

I like my vehicle for the most part. I like that it is a hybrid car but wish it had more electric car functions. I feel like I use about as much gas as someone driving a non hybrid car.

- Megan S

That it is a hybrid and it saves money on gas. It's good for if you have a long drive to work/school.

I like that it is a hybrid, which saves us on gas. I like the size of it for driving, parking, and gas purposes. However, for a family of four and travel, it's a getting cramped.

- Amanda C

Good gas mileage. Good value for a hybrid. Too small for a car seat to be comfortable.

I like that it's a hybrid. I do not like that is so small. I don't need an SUV but it is so low it is hard for me to put my one year old in her car seat without bumping her head.

- Michelle M

Great gas mileage comes with tow you drive not with what the car estimates.

Great gas mileage, ride and size! Could have a little more power and comfort. When trying to pick up speed, especially on freeway uses an extreme amount of rpm to get up and go.

- Alexa S

Very reliable and good gas mileage.

Gas mileage is great, however, my car has led lights which are extremely expensive to replace. I have had to replace both the driver and passenger rear lights within 2 years.

- Kelsey S

It is very reliable and dependable. It gets me where I need to go.

I love the gas mileage I get with this car. I've had it for over 8 years and have never had a major repair. All repairs have been normal wear and tear every vehicle has.

- David R

It is a dependable car with great gas mileage since it is a hybrid.

I like the great mileage I get, the size and color of the car and its reliability. It is a low car, so it is getting harder to get in and out of it as I age.

- Rita S

It gets great gas mileage. Typically 39-40 miles per gallon

I love that it gets great gas mileage. It does have some hail damage, but it's functionally wonderful. I own my car without any loans. Over 100k miles on it.

- Lauren M

Great, affordable hybrid option

Incredibly reliable vehicle. I've never really had any mechanical issues. My main problem is it is basically useless when trying to drive on ice and snow.

- Jessalyn K

That it is of good quality.

I do not dislike the car, it is good on gas and it is a hybrid. The sound system is also good. I do have to take it in more 9ften for a oil change now.

- Pamela W

BOO HOO they stopped making it. You can only get a used version now

I love the mileage! I regularly get more than 50 mpg. I don't like having to go to the dealer for maintenance. It is a great, reliable, safe car.

- Nicole M

Money saver Honda Insight

I love the way this car looks compared to the Toyota Prius. It is truly efficient on gas and a great Hybrid that has lasted me 8 years and going.

- Rebecca S

It is a hybrid so there are more than one battery in the car.

It is a hybrid, so it has excellent gas mileage. I have own the car for around 6 years with no issues. I do wish it had better acceleration.

- Matthew M

Very fuel efficient. Engine turns off when you come to a complete stop.

Love the gas mileage. Like how compact it is. Like how much space there is in the hatch. Love how reliable it is. Dislike the overall look.

- Elyse F

Not long after purchase the motor for my passenger window went out and is very expensive to replace.

I like that the Honda Insight is a hybrid and gets great gas mileage. The car is small and sometime difficult to get the kids in and out.

- desiree e

It is reliable and durable vehicle.

Fuel efficient, hatchback gives ample cargo area, great handling. Seats not as comfortable as they could be especially for long distance.

- Becky D

Great gas mileage and environmentally friendly vehicle

I like the gas mileage and the fact that it is environmentally friendly. I dislike the cardboard arm rests in the name of weight saving

- ron p

Hybrid is the best way to go when you are purchasing or leasing a vehicle.

It's a hybrid and it's amazing on gas. You barely need to do any maintenance on the vehicle. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Latisha G

The gas efficiency is awesome. The sound of the horn is silly. It's overall pretty great.

I like how efficient it is on gas. I like that it's paid for. I like that it has 4 doors. I wish it handled the snow a little better.

- Dori P

That it is a great starter car and it lasts for a long time.

Save money on gas. Can fit into small parking spaces. But it is too small when traveling, so there's no room for us and the luggage.

- Kira H

you need more or less 25 dollars in order to fill the tank which saves you a lot of money

I really like this car because it saves a lot of money in gas, i travel for almost a 1000 miles and i only filled it 3 times

- Daniel O

It's acceleration is very slow so watch the RPM as you speed up.

I like that it is fuel efficient. I like that it is quiet making the drive more relaxing. I don't like it's acceleration.

- Anthony C

Good car for economy people but lacks the get up on ramps and speed.

Cons- seats hurt my lower back and when driving on eco the ac doesn't work. Pros- great on gas, easy turning, space.

- Audrey L

Integrated motor assist car.

It has motor assist. It is very fuel efficient. It is dependable. The battery is more expensive than other vehicles.

- Melissa O

Gas mileage is amazing. High 40s to low 50 miles per hour

Super gas mileage roomy looks sleek Dislike the acceleration Video game color changes help me drive efficiently

- mitch v

The Honda insight hybrid. Great on fuel. Horrible power and speed.

40 mpg. Hybrid. Horrible in snow. Lightweight. Front wheel drive. No alternator. Automatic or manual shifting.

- Thomas B

It is hybrid. It has eco friendly. It had for aux, sub, radio, CD player.

The car is very convenient when it comes to gas. It is hybrid so the drive is so smooth. I love it so much.

- Cecilia R

Mileage, how a hybrid car works, how to increase miles per gallon by driving habits.

Love the gas mileage, wish it was a little bigger and more comfortable. Wish I had gotten heated seats

- Mary J

It's a hybrid and gets good gas mileage.

It's a hybrid. It's a bit small though, especially for more than 2 people. I have told you everything.

- Janet M

It is dependable and gets me where need you go.

I like the gas mileage. I dislike that it is so quiet. I also like the trunk space and the dash panel.

- Chelsea C

Insight - a pretty great car with a few bugs

Text to speech problematic, have to buy maps each year, can lurch when accelerating from a full stop

- Margaret M

I love the gas mileage for this car! 42 miles to the gallon is wonderful for my wallet. The comfort level is great, can fit four people comfortably and still have plenty of room in the hatchback for stuff.

42 miles per gallon for Honda Insight! You should buy this car and save money every mile you drive!

- Vera E

It is a wonderful car and that it is a quality ride. It is not the powerful but it makes up with the hybrid

I love the hybrid in it but I do not like how it is not that powerful going up the hills.

- Sam M

it is reliable and safe to drive

i love my car- don't want to trade it in- gets great gas mileage and is dependable

- lea C

it is a small hybrid vehicle

The vehicle is small and fuel efficient. The vehicle does not accelerate quickly.

- C L

good gas mileage and low maintenance I have owned two

I have no complaints I don't need to spend any money on repairs Good gas mileage

- David C

I think it is a very good car with great gas mileage!

I love the gas mileage. It is dependable. I wish it had more space for car seats.

- Vanessa G

It runs well and it also runs on not too much gas.

It's reliable. It's cost-effective. It's fun. It's convenient.

- Dylan W

cheap to keep, hybrid with batteries, low maintenance

good on gas. very reliable, cheap to keep good color choices

- mark h

Honda made a mainstream hybrid and Toyota stole the design.

Great fuel mileage. Low maintenance costs. Honda is a rock.

- no h

It has over 100,000 miles and is a piece of crap. The front bumper is off on the sides of it. It is barely hanging on

It is a hybrid that still has the original hybrid battery

- Alfred E

It's economical and good value.

Lacks power but has great mile speed gallon.

- Charles D