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Best city warrior to get around the city.

Our car is super gas efficient and drives well. We live in the city where there’s lots of stop and go so the gas efficiency is really important to us. It is super dependable, we have driven it through snow and rain without any problems. The comfort is fine for short distances but we've gone on several road trips and once you get at about the three hour mark it is not so comfortable. We do love that it is so compact that it is always easy to parallel park in the city but super spacious inside. We have been able to run to the local hardware store to bring everything from huge bags of soil to bricks. Having the rear passenger seats fold down easily with the push of a button is super helpful when we have large items. We have had about 3-4 recalls though since we bought it in 2012. The most recent was about a month ago, makes me wonder why it took six years to find out that there is something wrong with the airbags.

- Rosy E

Honda insight works best for me.

I love the economic Honda insight. I reviewed several cars before I purchased and decided on a hybrid insight because I wanted a hatchback 4 door small car and the Honda insight fit the bill. The reputation of Honda also led me to look at the insight. I drove both the insight and the Toyota Prius but the visibility for me in the Prius was severely limited and it was not in the insight. I also drove the Nissan leaf and felt it do had limited driver visibility. I am short and I could not adjust the seats of the Prius or the leaf to be about to see out the back window of the car enough to feel safe driving it.

- Pam F

Reliable car with great gas mileage but lacking performance and interior room.

We bought this car mainly for the great gas mileage and because it had a lower price point than most other hybrid cars. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because it's performance is pretty laggy, especially in econ mode. And it's not very roomy inside. The backseat is pretty cramped. If you have a rear facing child seat, the front passenger cannot recline the seat at all. With all that said, if roominess and performance isn't a concern then I would highly recommend the Honda Insight.

- Michelle R

You'll save money with great gas mileage.

The Honda insight is great on gas mileage. It drives smooth with no problems in good weather. It brakes well in the snow however getting through more than about two inches is a problem I am not sure if it's the weight of engine but it will stop and get stuck in snow. I would highly recommend to anyone in warm weather climates.

- Scott P

The gas mileage! It's amazing! The backup camera is also great to have!

I love it! I've had it for over a year so far and the gas mileage is amazing. I think the only thing I would change/want differently would be that it is lower to the ground and sometimes when I am driving my grandparents it's harder for them to get in and out of the car! Otherwise I LOVE it!

- Katie C

Great gas saver and good mileage.

It is perfect for gas saver and easy to drive. Maintenance is pretty easy and slightly expensive. Has good stereo and radio. Has an easy steering wheel. Nothing else to say. The car is pretty great and saves money on gas. And it is a hybrid. Miles are great. Can drive long distance.

- Gabby G

Dependable, fuel friendly car

This car is very dependable. It has had very few mechanical problems since 2012 and it gets very good gas mileage. The only complaint I have, is the front seats could be more comfortable to sit in on long drives, but on the whole, it is the best car I have ever owned.

- Clayton T

I can go a good speed and get 42 mpg

My vehicle gets great gas mileage which is something that I love. I also like it's sound system. One thing I don't like is that the AC sucks in it and I end up sweating with the ac on blast. I also don't like that it's not bluetooth capable with your phone music

- Evelyn E

It is a great price for a new car.

I like my car because I like the monthly payment, and I like the gas mileage. I do not like the hatchback look or the speed. It takes time for it to accelerate. I also have oil consumption issues. I wish I had something smoother, faster, and more comfortable.

- Samantha F

Great gas mileage, Mine averages about 43 miles per gallon.

It's a Hybrid. Gets 43 miles to the gallon. Runs well. It is very comfortable. Gets better mileage when you travel slower around 45-50 miles per hour. Has power to drive faster than 70 on the highway.

- David K

It is in good condition. I take very good care of it and I have never broken down.

I like that I get around 45mpg, and I also love the hatch back. The interior is very roomy. I would have like to have had better features like Bluetooth connectivity with my car radio.

- Katie G

Great little car. Can go from Santa Barbara to Napa on 1 tank. Can't beat that!!

I love the gas mileage and room inside. Had an oil consumption problem which lead to an engine seize, but Honda replaced the engine. No charge. Great Company, great car!

- Kristy B

Gets good gas mileage, easy to drive, you can get and out of parking spots easy.

What I like about my car is that it has great mileage and handling.... What I dislike is that it eats tires & burns oil.

- Katie S

it's a hybrid which is cool I guess

It's great to drive and reliable, but has had a few mechanical problems that have thankfully been covered by warranty

- Payal P

It averages over 40 miles to the gallon

I get great gas mileage. It's cheaper to fill my tank than when I had an SUV. It doesn't have a lot of power though.

- Luke F

Quiet Car Lots of gas mileage

The car is super quiet especially under 5 miles per house. It runs well and is very good on gas. I recommend.

- Martha Y

It is very fuel efficient

It is very fuel efficient It is trustworthy The gas tank is too small It is sluggish to drive

- Richard O

it is really good on gas but does not have too much space for other passengers.

What i like the most about my car is the gas mileage. What i dislike is the lack of legroom.

- Robert T

I like that it gets good gas mileage and it's a hybrid. What I dislike about the car is that it's jumpy on acceleration and sometimes the steering wheel locks.

It can get better gas mileage than the literature states if one drives conservatively.

- Karen H