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I like the function of turning the eco on and off when you choose.

Great on gas mileage. Nice size trunk for trips. It is nice to be able to fold down the seats and have more room for larger items. We have a 2014 so we do not have all the nice new upgrades other cars have. Good size seat except with a car seat in the back. Does not have a great pick me up speed for when entering the highway. However, the mileage again makes up for this. It makes it easier when gas prices are up having a smaller tank. We take it to Michigan on trips all the time.

- Miranda A

Wonderful vehicle with great gas mileage.

Best mileage per gallon of any car I have ever owned. 55 mpg sometimes on the highway and actually has really good mpg in the city. We have drive in the mountains up hill and down hill in the city and on the highway and the car consistently gets great gas mileage. It is great when you fill up your vehicle at the pump and you pay very little compared to our other vehicles. I like that it is very quiet when starting the vehicle as well as backing up.

- Jeff S

My car is a 4-door hatchback, with cloth interior, CD player, and AM-FM radio.

I appreciate the amount of space in this compact car. I love the hatchback, so I can haul items. The car gets great gas mileage; I fill up probably only once a week. It has been very reliable and requires very little maintenance. The A/C system works well and keeps the car cool. For a hybrid, acceleration is relatively easy.

- Emily G

That 42 mpg cuts my gas spending in half. However, due to the small tank, you refill as often as a regular...you simply spend less because you're refilling a smaller tank.

Because the car is a hybrid, I get 42 mpg. The car's size gives it a very tight turning radius and makes it harder for me to bump into things. That is important because my spatial skills stink. I wish this car hand mirrors on the inner sides of the sunshade and a back up camera.

- Adele H

Sharp looking car and fun to drive

Easy to drive. Looks great and gets GREAT GAS MILEAGE. It's a hatchback and has great storage space. A lot of legroom too. Seats 5 comfortably. Easy to clean and take care of and has a FREEZING AIR CONDITIONER. Insurance is cheap too. Great for new drivers

- Corey L

The car is compact and has amazing gas mileage to allow for long trips for little cost.

I enjoy the gas mileage that I get, as opposed to my previous car. The small design also allows me to squeeze into small parking spaces and steer easily. The hatchback also allows me to fit a lot of items in my trunk area, including small furniture!

- Jasmine U

The gas mileage is incredible. I average about 50 miles to the gallon.

I love the cute styling and absolutely cannot beat the gas mileage. It's my 2nd insight and I couldn't be happier. The only thing I dislike is that they stopped making them - and put out a new one that is nothing like the old!

- Nicole S

Insight 2018: safe, fuel efficient and comfortable to drive.

My insight 2018 is brand new and has many different safety features that are helpful because I drive 100 miles a day in highway and heavy traffic. It yields up to 52 miles a gallons and it comfortable to drive.

- Elizabeth K

It is rather small but great for one person.

The speedometer face is positioned in such a way that I don't see the speed as I'm driving. I also don't like how the back window is divided. I like the great gas mileage and how simple it is to drive.

- Beth g

Great and affordable car for a college student.

It was a very affordable car considering that I am a college student. Didn't have too many problems with it. Not too hard to maintain. Gave good mileage.

- Nick M

honda insight great gas mileage

have had no problems since buying it getting a average of 45 miles in the city and 52 miles on the highway it takes a bit to get use to driving

- frank g

It is incredibly dependable.

I love that it gets amazing gas mileage and has the features I need and that it is blue. I do not care for how quickly it goes through tires.

- Alexis D

Mileage is very good per gallon. Great car for both city and trips

This car is an hybrid, battery charged through driving. Car gets close to 50 miles a gallon. Handed well, not great in snow.

- Dianef B

High tech and comfortable.

The car is comfortable and easy to drive. It has high tech features like Bluetooth and a back camera. It is a reliable car.

- Casey W

I like the curve of the top of the vehicle

Too many oil changes, sits too low to the ground blinded by trucks headlights, not as fuel efficient as advertised

- Kevin M

Love the gas mileage. Love the looks. The seats aren't very comfortable on long trips. The speedometer hits right where the steering wheel is. It's hard to see.

How great the gas mileage is. We get an average of 46 miles / per gallon

- carol g

Great hybrid with amazing mpgs

2019 Honda Insight, great hybrid, saves lots of money!

- Craig A