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The Honda odyssey is a workhorse. It seems like a vehicle that lasts.

The Honda odyssey is a great van. It has helped my family get around for years and years. It has hardly had any issues or major breakdowns. My whole family is a Honda family because we trust the brand and have had very little problems overall. The odyssey has a lot of space which is good because we travel a lot. It is also one of the most comfortable minivans I have been in. The automatic doors are very nice and easy to use. I also love how the back row of seats can fold down to create a larger space which makes moving and hauling things a lot easier than having to rent a truck or trailer. It has also helped three members of my family, including myself, move to and from college. Overall the Honda odyssey has been a great investment. It is well over 200,000 miles and as far as the mechanics say, it still is in excellent condition!

- Hope C

Hondas are amazing durable.

Our honda has really held together. It's got some aesthetic problems being a legal adult now, the paint is chipped and it has scrapes and dents, but it not only got us through the 6 years we lived in another state driving back and forth between neighboring states (3 hour drive), but taught 2 teenagers how to drive. The a/c continues to go out on it, and it needs a new coolant put in every other year, and the deductible rate right now is only $50... so if we get into a crash it won't be saved anymore... but it's a really nice vehicle and I will drive it into the ground, which I suspect will be another decade before that happens... at which time we will be getting another Honda.

- Mads B

2000 Honda odyssey - committed to odyssey's now.

It is very reliable! . We live in wisconsin and I never have issues starting it up in the winter. I love my electric sliding doors but do wonder about their safety once in a while (will it stop and retract if one of the kids is in the way?) . I also like how easy it is to put the back seat down completely without having to remove it from the vehicle! We also have the middle row captains chairs and they are great for separating the kids or transporting elderly grandparents. . The one thing our model has an issue with is a transmission jump but it runs just fine with it even at 170,000 miles.

- Jennifer A

A Nice but not as updated Vehicle

There aren't really any problems with the vehicle just a few 'dislikes' such as the full performance of the car. Such as backseat hearing and warmth as well as cooling can be as of hassle because the far back of the minivan does not receive most of that heat or coolness as you'd like. But mostly I'd understand because it's not as updated and the overall comfort and reliability is strong and the features come with a car charger, special controls for the driver, 7 seats, and rear heating.

- Rosie G

My Family's Everlasting Odyssey

To be honest, I am not a picky driver. My car has lasted my family 18 years and gets me where I need to go. To me, that's what matters most. I like that it has survived this long. It also has ample space for my large family and has last many long road trips. The air conditioning failed on my once two years ago but it was easily remedied and did not affect the car's overall performance.

- Rachel N

The Honda van: truly a family friendly car.

I enjoy the amount of room offered in the Honda van. For a large family there is enough room for passengers and cargo. It is easy to drive and I have not had many problems with it. Gas mileage is decent. I have an older model, so it does not have any fancy features. But, we bought the Honda van strictly because we had a growing family and needed a car to accommodate us all.

- Melinda P

It was a good and dependable vehicle.

Got it from a friend for free.I've had to replace the starter and main pulley. It has been a dependable vehicle.I used it mainly to go to work and take my sister to doctors appointments. The air conditioner worked half the time. My commute was 120 miles both ways. The interior was in good shape. And the body was in fair shape. The paint was gray and it started to get dull.

- Troy S

My 2000 Honda Odyssey is the best.

Easy to fix, parts are not that expensive, lots of room for me and my kids, very good minivan to own. Drives good performance is excellent, not to many problems if you keep on the maintenance. Has powered doors so you can open them from drive seat. Plus has a key that is coded so it's not easy to steal, overall I love Hondas there good reliable for families.

- Juliana M

18 years later, van stands well against the test of time.

Car still works as it should. Performance and handling still remains good. Only problem is maintenance. Especially when you need particular parts that are not mass produced as well as with it is expensive pricing. As years go by we didn't really week a bigger size van. The 2000 odyssey still can quite a lot of things that we desire on an average basis.

- Bob S

Perfect family car for road trips

The Honda odyssey is super easy and comfortable to drive in. It fits my kids car seats which is a huge plus and has all this room. We used it for our family vacation and every day fun. It's the perfect vehicle if you need a lot of space. Especially if you have a ton of kids like us. It was easy to clean as well. Power sliding doors and AC / Heat.

- Shayla S

Great van, drives really smooth, good for long road trips.

Luxury van, third row seating automatic back doors that can be folded down to a roomy trunk. Good for road trips or a family with multiple kids. Drives smooth. Good on gas. Only problem I have ever had was the rollers on the side doors get old and rusted but are easily replaced. The trunk is spacious. Can fit up to 7 people comfortably.

- Hannah P

Honda Odyssey runs smoothly even after 18 years!

My Odyssey has a good capacity and still drives well considering its age. I enjoy the stereo controls on the steering wheel. The fan is starting to have issues. It makes a loud noise when on high. This car is great for road trips. I can fit a lot of larger items, such as furniture and suitcases, because the seats in the back fold down.

- Jodi P

pretty teal color, good storage, great sounds

my navigation system stopped working and now needs a code from the dealership. So will need to contact them to get a new code so my navigation and DVD player will work again. And my hub on my passenger side is needing replaced. But my seats are soft and cushy and very spacious for an older model van. But I have lots of storage space.

- crystal B

Not the best for long road trips

It is a comfortable vehicle for getting around town and short trips. We took a 20+ day road trip in it and while it had enough space for everything we needed, we found it uncomfortable to drive in for a few days in a row. Granted, a long trip will take a toll on you, but we have found other vehicles to be more comfortable.

- Anna D

My minivan, Honda Odyssey, can withstand a lot of usage and miles travelled. I'm at 150,000 miles and it's still going strong. This vehicle is very dependable.

I love my Honda Odyssey! I'm a short person, and it surprised me that this vehicle fits my body height better than midsize sedans do. It performs well, has great storage and room for passengers. The only thing I don't like about it is that it's getting older ... so I will most likely get another one when it's time.

- Sue H

My Dependable Workhorse Honda

I have so much confidence that Honda manufactures a reliable car. I have owned several and they keep going endlessly. True workhorses. Very little maintenance. Never have to be concerned that I will get where I need to go. Not sure what it would take for me to even consider changing to another brand.

- Patricia N

Honda Odyssey, a family friendly, stylish, and affordable choice.

The Honda Odyssey minivan is spacious, comfortable, and reliable. I always buy Honda vehicles because they Tw the smart, reliable, economical choice. It is especially helpful if you have kids. The automatic doors and remote key control are a great feature that makes my family life that much easier.

- Sylvia N

I believe it to be an all around one of the best vehicles for a family.

I bought it used 2016. I love the van. Awesome steering. It almost does a complete easy turn. Love the remote sliding door opener. Roomy inside. Seats 7 with comfort. Roomy space behind the back bench seat. Drives nice without any issues.. I would by another one. Favorite car I have ever owned.

- Suzanne S

Honda's are amazing, they never fail you, even with 300,000 miles on them.

I have an almost 20 year old Honda minivan, it has 300,000 miles on it and it has never failed us within the 3 years we've owned it. The only time we've ever been out of service with it is due to a flat tire. They come highly recommended and we are currently seeking another Honda to purchase.

- Tina R

How spacious and comfy it is and how much I love it.

Ed how spacious and comfy how spacious and comfy it is, it's super spacious when grocery shopping and it also is fast and when you hit a bump it is a really bumpy. And super nice it's green. And mine's have a Bluetooth radio and plays all my songs so love that and the fact it has a table.

- Derek A

My Honda is very simple and reliable.

I love driving my Honda because it has a very simple clean look with automatic doors. I have had it for forever and everything works great. It has lots of space for driving the family and a TV in the back for all the passengers. And when it gets cold there seat heaters perfect for winter.

- Taylor H

Long lasting trustworthy turnkey ride.

I like the comfort of the Honda Odyssey. I like the way it handles in the winter weather. I like the space of the vehicle. I don't like the way the rust starts to festers by the rear fenders. Also the slider doors bind up and are crazy hard to open when it's below freezing temperatures.

- Mitch M

Excellent vehicle great on gas perfect for traveling.

Great van, very low maintenance, good on highway gas mileage, very roomy inside able to accommodate a growing family, only have had minimum problem issues with this van that was easy and quick to repair each time, I would recommend this van to anyone who likes to travel in comfort.

- Brandy C

Honda Odyssey is amazing!

The Honda Odyssey has heated seats, DVD player and an AUX cord. It drives very well, and is great for many people. Computer system is very helpful with opening and shutting doors. You can play CDs, DVDs and different radios. Very special and gives enough room and it seats 7 to 8.

- Heather C

Van gets awesome gas mileage regularly.

The odyssey has a very smooth ride. The ac needs to be charged more often than most. The center tray up front is not very stable and you will lose your drinks on turns. The van gets great gas mileage consistently. It does not take much money to fill up the tank for a week.

- Jennifer B

This car is dependable and worry-free.

This is a reliable car. Need very little maintenance. Good on gas and the trunk is big enough for a family outing. Seat in the back row is modifiable. Overall this is a minivan suitable for a family up to 7 people. Comes with standard features but also customizable.

- Md K

Back of the Honda odyssey.

My vehicle provides ample space for the children to move around to the back seats as well as a hugger trunk area. I love that the 3rd row folds flat and if needed I can take out the 2 middle captain seats. I can also have those 2 next to each other or separate.

- Laura C

My family van, Honda odyssey.

I own a 2000 Honda odyssey.I honestly can say I've own at least 3 vans and this by far has been the best van I had ever own. Love how spacious it is it fits my family of 6 comfortably,it's a gas saver. Performance wise drives smooth feel super safe in it.

- Maria R

timing belt broke $800 cost to fix

I love this van so much perfect for our whole family. The timing belt broke and it is going to cost us $800 to fix it that includes parts and labor. It is a white minivan great speakers awesome location for the spare tire also inside the van under the rug

- Erica S

It is a good quality vehicle, easy to drive.

I have arthritis, so I have some difficulty getting into it, which, of course, I do not like. However, most other vehicles are harder to get into. I like the way it drives, like the fuel economy, like the styling. I also like its reliability.

- Don M

You get good gas mileage on it which helps your pocket.

I love that I have sliding back doors on both sides. I love the gas mileage that I get per gallon. It's more easy to work on than any other van I had. And it's much easier to find out help videos on the internet about how to do it yourself.

- Dearl M

It's all around a great vehicle. It's safe, reliable, and easy to drive.

The minivan has always been easy to drive. It's felt really safe. It's been very reliable and I can take a lot of people places. My main complaint is that it's very old now and the navigation screen is messed up and gas mileage isn't great.

- Patricia P

Honda Odyssey’s last a long time!

My family owns a 2000 Honda Odyssey with about 200, 000 miles 100, 000 were put on by us. Had to get the transmission replaced a couple years back but other than that car still runs well with only know minor repairs needs.

- Evelyn B

That my car might not look like much, it is 18 years old. But it is safe and suits my needs

My van has held up very well. It has over 160, 000 miles and I plan on keeping it till at least 200000 miles. How many other brands can you trust will last that long. So far we have had no major repairs.

- Shannon R

The car still works after 20 years and it's amazing.

I've been using this car for almost 20 years now and it still works fine. The windows can't be rolled down now but the ac still works. The car can still function normally with regular check ups.

- Jessica W

It is an excellent family car.

I really love how easy it is to drive and how safe I feel in it. I have had it done 2000 and it is been very reliable. I can also take a lot of people places. It is old now though.

- Patricia P

It is still runs ok after 18 years, would recommend this van for families.

I like the durability and ease of getting in and out of it. What I don't like is that it is old. We gave 2 other Honda vehicles and our dealership service department is the vest.

- Sherrie G

It's a nice size for your family.

It's a nice car but we've had a lot of problems. The automatic doors will open or unlock by themselves. The services have been very expensive and we've had the problem come back.

- Dave G

It is extremely reliable. We still take trips from Indiana to Florida in it and we don't hesitate to drive our "old " vehicle there.

It is in great shape for being 20+ years old. Drives great and has a lot of storage. It also is able to lay down the back bench seat for more storage when going on long trips.

- Andrea J

The engine is in great shape and is original.

The engine has worked well. The transmission has had very little trouble. The areas around the roof have been prone to several rust areas, so it can leak water during the rain.

- Thomas J

Perfect for a large or growing family.

Has great highway gas mileage, very spacious when and comfortable perfect for accommodation and long drives easy access remote controlled automatic opening doors.

- Erica C

That it's easy to go fast in it and they should just be aware of their speed.

Enough room for the family and I, but at the moment it needs a few repairs. Door, starter and battery needs to be fixed. But great economically with its fuel.

- Fatima V

My car has a button inside the car to open the gas lid

My care is absolutely wonderful. It has last 18 years and is still running wonderfully. It is a stick shift ;however, I would never wanna lose him.

- Allison M

Runs great considering its' age, number of miles, and condition. I like Honda's reputation. My only complaint is that it is getting very old, so it needs some repairs.

Honda has a great reputation! They run for a very long time. And with my experiences, most usually can last with having more than average mileage.

- Ann M

Good gas mileage. Plus it drives very good. And it handles curves.

This is the best vehicle I've ever owned. Has very good gas mileage. Drives so good. Handles curves very well. Has no problems. Good on oil.

- Lisa K

Lots of pickup when you step on the gas.

I like that it has enough room for my kids, husband and myself. I do not like how old it is. It has more miles on it then I would like.

- Michelle S

Beware she is ready to blow we believe the head gasket is weak or messed up so therefore she has no problem overheating

I love that it has so much room and I love the air conditioning....I hate the faded peeling paint job and I hate that it runs so rough

- Diana H

It is very spacious inside the vehicle.

I love how big and roomy it is. My kids have plenty of space. It drives like a dream as well. Definitely has some power in the engine!

- Kay W

my honda minivan aka the mercedes

The honda odyssey is the ultimate chick magnet. Dual sliding doors,stow and go rear seats, It will seat seven people with no problem

- bob f

It is roomy and provides good mileage.

The car is roomy and reliable. The car has trouble with pulling to the left. The car has the ability to be a good family vehicle.

- Eamon O

It is easy to drive, easy to take out the seats and roomy.

Problems with electrical, brake lights and tail light problems, rubber trim fell off driver side, overall performance is good.

- Deborah S

Engine of the van is really good and very useful for big family or loading stuff.

I have been driving Honda odyssey for 18 years now and it still works well. The performance of the engine is really awesome.

- Princess E

The transmission has a known issue of wearing out too soon.

I like the space, and the features. I don't like that the transmission was weak and had to be repaired at just over 100k.

- Rez l

It has been of good use and got me to when I needed to be.

It is an old car. It needs some major fixing. The sliding doors sometimes do not open. It also needs a new paint job.

- Alyssa C

The great ride as well as all the room you may need.

This roomy vehicle is the best ever. Rides very well, is very easy to drive and has the best visibility when driving.

- Peter O

This is a very dependable and smooth riding car.

The vehicle is very reliable. The ride is very smooth. There is plenty of room for my family. I have no complaints.

- Tracy F

It's lasted 18 years with no major problems and has been easy to maintain

I love that this car lasted so long (18 years) without any major problems. That peace of mind has been great.

- Marie C

I has great handling for small car

It good and has great gas mileage with great seats and super reliable when it comes to speed I would buy it

- Leyland E

Safety of the car is a priority & how efficient it is

It's a car that is good on mileage does run into very much problems if maintained & good family car overall

- Anon A

It is old and rusty. The engine and tranny works well.

I have a love hate relationship with my van. I like it for the room but not very usable for moving things.

- Vicki G

It runs and doesn't have anything to major that is wrong with it.

The Air conditioner works. The back windows work only when they want. It has bluetooth capabilities

- melody g

Durable vehicle. Great for a family. Low maintenance.

Long lasting and very spacious. Good family vehicle. Works very well with regular maintenance.

- Shailajah P

This car is wonderful! I have had it for over 18 years! Pros: There is a ton of space and is able to make long roads trips. Cons: It did start breaking down around 5 years ago.

This car is the most durable car I have ever seen. It has lasted 18 years.

- Pranav G

I love that my vehicle has adequate space for our family. It runs great and we have no issues besides the automatic doors sometimes getting stuck. It is a gas guzzler, but overall very happy with it!

It safely fits our entire family. It drives smoothly and is reliable.

- Amanda S

It can fit 8 people in it and that is awesome. It is really good to carry all things for sports. So we will have all baseball stuff and soccer.

I wish it was bigger. I wish it had a bigger trunk. It is white.

- Laura M

Good for big family. Really good on gas and is a reliable.

Really good and reliable vehicle. Very good for large family.

- Manny P

Is in excellent condition and runs very well

It gets me when & where I need to be/ smooth comfortable ride

- Gerry W

Amazing family Honda odyssey.

- Kristin A

Cannot go wrong with buying a Honda!

- Sharon R