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Good car, glides down the road and has lot of space.

We bought our 2001 Odyssey last week from a taxi driver. It has 175. 000 miles and drives wonderfully. We have already put 430 miles and only spent thirty dollars. The turn signals are a little quiet but are not annoying for being too loud. We did have to replace the catalytic converter and the check engine light still comes on. We will get that checked out again. I like the trunk space and how it is made for groceries and can easily carry chairs. I like the captain chair upfront and the room between the passenger seats. The air conditioning and heat and instrumentation work wonderfully. I am grateful that I only paid $1000 for it. I recommend this model car to anyone looking for a good first car. You feel like you are gliding down the road.

- Adam K

2001 Honda Odyssey, a truly luxurious van that everyone will love, complete with tv and headphones for entertainment. If you want to take a road trip in comfort, this vehicle is for you!

We got this vehicle with 153,000 miles on it but so incredibly well taken care of and clean. It was immaculate inside and out. Our kids think it's amazing, too. It is huge inside and the seats are so comfy. There's plenty of room for car seats and for our kids long legs without kicking the front seats. It came equipped with a tv and headphones if you don't want it playing in the whole car. It drives very smooth. The sound system is great. It heats and cools wonderfully and quickly throughout the whole vehicle. You can set your own temperature in each section. We love it and hope to have our 2001 Honda Odyssey for many more years to come!

- Elizabeth K

Space! Seats 7 with enough room for a wheelchair also.

I like our minivan because it has enough room for my 3 children and their friends if needed. I love that both side doors have automatic opening doors. But what I dislike is the area where the radio is. The cigarette lighter (for Bluetooth connection) is very low. The cup holders are not that great. But I do like that it is reliable when needed for our large family. I never thought I would ever like a minivan but this Honda has made me a fan.

- Jeffrey L

I like it has sliding doors on both sides.

Hondas are really good vehicles. I have enough room to get my daughter and all her friends where they need to go. I have had problems with sliding doors. When something breaks down it seems not to be something minor, but cost an arm and a leg. But the good thing is you can just about drive it in the ground. It has a lot of vents, so everyone can be comfortable. The seats lay back. It has been a good car.

- Rebecca A

Great gas mileage in a family vehicle.

I love that my vehicle is big enough for my whole family but it is very good on gas mileage. I do not have to spend a ton of money on gas and I can still use it when I do not have my kids with me to drive around without feeling guilty about how much gas I am wasting. I like to keep it clean and take care of it. How you take care of your car is a reflection of you.

- Elizabeth P

This Honda Odyssey is a time traveler.

I love my Honda Odyssey for its reliability, comfort, the thought that goes into the interior design, and of course the spaciousness. Also the third seat folds easily and seamlessly down to provide more space for hauling things. The only thing I do not like about it is that sometimes the sliding doors are a little temperamental. It is a car after all.

- Elizabeth J

It was all good, everything was great, could not get anything better than this.

We got it for a very cheap price, very brand new looking, its very helping, it helps on everything, its going to be for my father or my husband, it will help on our everyday life, and it's all good, it is still in a good shape, the floor cover was still in there and intact, we were really lucky to have it with us.

- Yan T

Adventures in the Odyssey.

My Honda has been very reliable, though not without its share of problems. The automatic door motors in both side doors have been replaced twice! The transmission has been replaced and is acting like it needs to be replaced again. I have always felt safe with my family while traveling in my Honda minivan.

- Karol J

It may look a bit rough around the edges, but it gets me where I need to go, although sometimes with a few prayers for God's travelling mercies. We all need that though, no matter what the vehicle.

My vehicle is a Honda Odyssey. It is roomy and I love it. There are some rust spots now and I just had to have new front brake pads and rotors replaced along with the battery recently, but nothing major. Three years ago, I had to have my transmission rebuilt, but it is running great now, and it's a 2001.

- Ildiko B

The everything in 1 vehicle.

The Honda odyssey is very reliable and a good road car for the family. It is spacious with the option to create more space buy folding the seats or removing then altogether. Comfortable ride for everyone seated, and the automatic doors make for efficient loading and unloading of people or cargo.

- Reina R

2001 Honda odyssey: overall vehicle is efficiently great.

One problem I have had with this car is that sometimes the automatic sliding doors wont open. Other than that it performs efficiently. It is very reliable and comfortable and spacious. Features include automatic sliding doors, back window vents that you can open and close, and movable seats.

- Chelsea G

Old minivan looks like new.

Honda Odyssey’s last forever. Mine is 15+ years old and still running. Even though my family only has three people in my family, having a minivan is helpful. There’s plenty of room for groceries. I also think it is one of the better looking minivans, even my old model looks pretty new.

- Evelyn B

Honda van hearty vehicle!

We bought our van used in 2007 and it is a 2001 model. Since we have had the vehicle and 150000 mile later we are now starting to see it is age, having to replace sensors, possible looking down the road to replacing the transmission. All in all our Honda odyssey has been better great.

- Polly G

It has a lot of room and is very comfy for day to day fun or family vacations.

Doors jam a lot but all in all great vehicle. Is great for families. Has a lot of space to fit everyone. Good for family vacations as well. The vehicle is great on gas usage. Easy to wash the yuck off. Has 6 to 8 seats typically. Has a lot of space to be comfy and not squished up.

- Allie L

Awesome environmental control system.

My vehicle has very few problem and very, low maintenance. The great performance is like no other I have ever owned and it gets good gas mileage. If I were to buy another vehicle I would definitely consider Honda. It lives up to it is name and retains it is resale value.

- Roy M

It is a beater car not much to tell you.

It is used for getting to point A to point B has had many repairs done to it in the last month. Tires need replaced rust needs to be taken care of. It is a beater car but gets me to where I need to go. Would like a new car but can not afford the car payment every month.

- Amy C

The third row seats tuck away providing you room to transport large items.

I love my Honda odyssey because it is reliable, comfortable, has lots of room, and has features that are more like a luxury car. For example, the arm rests on the front seats move up and out of the way so that you can reach across the front seat to the passenger door.

- Elizabeth J

2001 Honda odyssey with folding 3rd row seating.

I like the 2001 Honda odyssey for it is space but it uses a lot of fuel and the transmissions usually go after 100 thousand miles. It'; s very comfortable and has third row seating, which folds into the floor if you do not need it which creates a lot of luggage space.


Honda year odyssey: the car of a lifetime.

This van is wonderful! It is roomy, reliable and definitely comfortable. I feel safe in it and I feel like my family is safe. The design inside makes having a family in it super easy! The middle seats can be taken out when necessary. It is roomy enough for traveling!

- Kim V

I can turn my van into a cargo van or it seats 7 when needed.

I bought my van used it is been very good. I have not had any major problems with the van. I have only done simple things. Tires, battery, wiper blades. I did buy bad gas once and had to change the number one coil but other than that I am very happy with my Honda.

- Cheryl M

The Honda Odyssey is a reliable vehicle.

I really like the comfort and convenience of the Honda Odyssey. The sliding doors are nice, but sometimes they get stuck and don't work. The transmission in my Honda is not working well a the moment, but the engine is working great. My van is over 200, 000 miles.

- Katie M

A Honda Odyssey the car that is efficient for a family of seven!

This vehicle performs smoothly, its fuel efficient. The a/c is good quality as well. It has keys that open and close the doors with the alarm. Comfortable seats that are cool even if the sun is heating them directly. You can adjust your mirrors electronically.

- Dayan R

Great gas mileage for a SUV.

I love that my car is big enough for my whole family and that it's clean and nice. It is a Honda, and they're easy to work on. When I need something done, it is usually a cheap and easy fix. It's white, so it looks nice from the outside (when it's clean.).

- Elizabeth P

Quality, solid car that I can trust for road trip, vacation

I like my car, because it's a solid car. I can fit 7 people inside (minivan) and still have a lot of space. Perfect for my family, we can have different hobbies using this car, beach trip / hiking / building some stuff... Everything go inside (equipement)

- Charlotte V

The reliability of the vehicle the interior space and the versatility of the van. Also the fuel efficiency. This is an older vehicle that I named Greg and Greg gets me and my family where we need to go!

I like the way this vehicle drives and that it is reliable. It's also comfortable and fits my whole gang of kids into it. I appreciate the seats that for fold down for extra storage when the seat is not in use and it looks nice too!

- Sandy W

That is it is been going strong forever.

I like the space, both cargo and people space. I like the versatility, being able to carry kids and stuff but do not have to compromise one. I do not like how old it is, wish it had a hitch, wish the center console was more useful.

- Aubrey J

They have transmission problems that Honda knows about. OTherwise, I love the vehicle.

I love the vehicle except that Honda knows about a transmission problem. They have not recalled it. Now I need a new transmission that will cost more than the car cost. It is a part they used that is defective but do not recall

- Katrina C

Lots of space and a good, reliable family car

Great gas mileage and very reliable. I love the automatic sliding doors and it has a lot of space for my family of 5. The captain's chairs don't always move forward like they should but loading the car is pretty easy.

- Tara F

I love you!!!! Thank you for being a reasonable vehicle for me!!

I love my minivan because it is a hardworking transportation for my family. Plus, it is a reasonable price for someone to own a Honda. This vehicle lasts for a long time to take people to different places in life!!

- Evelyn m

Definitely would buy a Honda again

Best vehicle I have ever own..I bought it 2002 and it's still going...I have never had any problems with it..never had to have any mechanical work except regular maintenance...I definitely would buy another Honda

- Sherry E

Space, comfort, reliable and great cost on gas

Comfort it's amazing! I love all the room and space that I have for my 4 children. Love being able to take out the middle seat. Only negative is my doors no longer work electronically and it cost alot to replace.

- Misty S

Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems

Everything works great except for transmission. I had to switch out transmission twice. These vehicles came with bad transmissions. I would not recommend buying one because transmissions will break down quick

- Ruben C

Very nice family van, would be great to travel in.

This is my sons van and it is very nice, sliding doors which makes it easy to enter and exit. Very easy to drive, easy on gas. The heater and ac can be controlled from front and back. It's just a great van.

- Polly S

The transmission was replaced twice.

The transmission had to be replaced twice in two years. Other than that everything is driving well. I think the seats are mostly comfortable. I don't like the headrests. They hurt my neck after a while.

- Reha H

That my car runs great and is amazing.

What I like about my car is how much room there is in the car. I love the space there is. I love how big the trunk is and I am able to put my stroller in it. The doors though, they do get stuck a lot.

- Dee C

Honda's are supposed to be very reliable, and if taken care of, will last and last.

It's the oldest vehicle I have ever had, and it also has far more miles than any vehicle I have had. I also hate the color. I've had problems finding replacement parts for it, due to its age.

- Stacy G

It is well made and will give you many miles of riding pleasure.

I have a Honda Odyssey and I love it! It is a car that is long lasting and reliable. The one thing I do notice is that the parts do Cost a little more when you buy them than some vehicles.

- rod m

She has over 225k miles and is still running strong.

My van has been extremely reliable. I have had issues with the sliders, the driver's side primarily. And the transmission went out and had to be replaced. Otherwise she has been amazing!

- Amber C

It keeps on going no matter how hard the trip is.

I bought the car for $400 with a bad transmission. My husband put in a new transmission and the car has been a gem ever since. Gas mileage is great. I can haul anything in the back.

- Valerie S

My vehicle has very low mileage.

My vehicle is reliable. I get good gas mileage. I love that it has back doors on both sides of the vehicle that I can open and shut automatically, from the driver's seat.

- Susan B

Very user friendly and simple design.

Transmission issues around 150, 000 miles but runs as good as new after having it rebuilt for a few hundred bucks. I love my Odyssey. It is the perfect family vehicle.

- Samantha J

Honda Odyssey Still drives good with over 100,000 miles on the engine.

My Honda Odyssey drives really good when I maintain the oil changes and mechanical fixtures. It has over 100,000 miles and it still drives like butter. I LOVE MY CAR.

- Ahmia P

Honda's have transmission issues

I hate that sometimes the sensor in the transmission sticks and doesn't have power and I have to pull over shut it off and wait a while before I can go again.

- Debbie W

That it is very reliable. You can trust to drive this van for a long time and travel great distances in comfort.

The van is very reliable, having put 219000 miles on it. The ride is comfortable as well. There is an issue with doors and transmission on this model.

- James V

It is great for chauffeuring kids around to practices and school.

My odyssey has lasted for over 15 years with minimum problems, except one transmission replacement a couple years back. Overall a very reliable car.

- Emily C

Plenty of room for pets, friends, or stuff to carry around!

I love all the space for me and my dogs. It is getting old so the sliding doors are glitching. A lot of the electronics are starting to fail.

- Danny D

This van is very comfortable, roomy, and easy to operate.

It is very reliable. I have had this van for years and have had no major issues. Regular maintenance is key to keeping up a good vehicle.

- Nakeshia H

Honda makes amazing, long-lasting cars. There is a lot of room for kids and groceries or camping gear.

I love everything about it. The seats could use a little extra cushion. I love how the back seat folds down and gives me lots of room.

- Delfina H

loving honda for life no matter what

it is a beautiful van and it is very dependable at the same time.my family members including myself love this brand for transportation.

- Evelyn K

Its reliable and awesome.

Transmission went out last year, fixed breaks recently and alignment. Bought a 130, 000 miles and is now over 200, 000. Very reliable.

- Ashleigh K

It is very comfortable and roomy for the whole family.

I absolutely love my car. It is a very comfortable minivan. It has never given me any problems. It is our perfect family car.

- Lucy S

Over time it has been fairly dependable with only expected repairs related to years and mileage.

I don't like the color - silver, but I love and thank God that it gets me where I'm going almost every time. Praise the Lord!

- Karin b

I would by a new one without hesitation.

I love it, roomy and easy to drive. Low maintenance and comfortable to drive. Only complaint is parts to replace are high.

- Frank L

Good car reliable for families

It's been good so far recently purchased needed brakes and an egr valve replacement it runs good and is okay on gas

- Sarah E

It is reliable and good on gas mileage.

I like vehicles that sit up higher than a sedan.. Dislike I would rather drive a truck or a large sedan not a van.

- Polly G

It can break down at any time.

I like that it gets me to where I need to be. Dislike that I can no longer maintain it. Its breaking down on me.

- Olga R

It is great reliable comfortable.

Roomy seats 7 perfect for long trips comfortable reliable ac works great nice looking. Bad on gas. Tranny slips.

- Terry G

Its big and roomy, great for kids.

Very reliable, not fast, very spacious, gets the job done, great for kids, not bad gas mileage, sliding doors.

- Jon D

My sons have learned and are learning how to drive with this model.

The sliding doors do not always function. They do not want to slide open. I am happy with the minivan overall.

- Wanda H

It is very reliable even though it has over 280,000 miles on it.

Door handle broken. Power seats, windows etc. Air conditioner is loud. Brakes squeal. Leather is peeling.

- Ben G

The minivan has gone over 50,000 miles and it's still hasn't broken down.

It's 17 years old and yet the minivan is still working just fine. As if it just came out of the dealership.

- Nicolas S

Not your average soccer mom van!

Perfect for anyone with kids. Very spacious trunk. Easy fold down back seat. Comfortable reliable stylist

- Diana C

It is comfortable and drives smooth.

Great, comfortable, drives smooth, it's a van, it has a lot of space inside, comfortable seats, good ac.

- Kathleen A

It has a lot of storage space for groceries, camping equipment, etc.

My van is useful and reliable. The gas mileage is bad and the automatic doors sometimes do not work.

- Alissa M

It has lasted a very long time making it super reliable.

It's very reliable. Easy open side doors make life easier. I love the fold down back seat.

- Cheryl S

It is old, but it runs great

I like how smooth it rides. It runs well and has no real issues. It works great in snow.

- Tori H

It is dependable transportation and safe for my family.

It is very dependable. It drives well. It has a lot of room for the grandkids.

- Sonya P

I'm the original owner of the vehicle and have always been impressed with its reliability and ease of use. It's "user friendly" by which I mean it's easy to drive, easier to load & unload. I love the power sliding doors and expandability of the back storage compartment. Great car overall!!

Dependability. I've had so few mechanical or repair issues over the years.

- Barbara S

It holds 7 people and there's plenty of legroom too.

I love my stereo system. I hate having to spend lots of money to fix it.

- Amber P

Odyssey will run for years and years, without running down your pocketbook.

Good power on acceleration. Seats 7 comfortably. Safe for my family.

- Holly L

Very reliable and good on gas. Safe for family. Spacious as well. Versatile space when folding seats down.

People should know that hondas especially the vans are good on gas

- Christina P

Transmission sucks door sticks once in a while. The ac is fantastic

Transmission sucks replaced twice. Mileage is not great

- Stu W

That It's is a It's a honda

It's very roomy and rides great and runs great!

- Tommy G

well designed … works well

bought it used ...works great...very reliable

- jay h