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Long lasting and reliable Odyssey.

My Honda Odyssey is very reliable and has been for the duration of the time that I have owned it. When I purchased the Odyssey used it had 50, 000 miles. I now have over 200, 000 miles on it. Over the years that I have owned the Odyssey, I have had very few problems with its reliability and performance. I have stayed up to date with oil changes and other maintenance. Although it was sometimes an inconvenience to spend the money on the repairs, it was much better than buying a new vehicle. The Odyssey performs very well in the snow. With regular replacement of tires, it is very steady and sure. I have found that, in the snow, the minivan performs very well. I have no concerns about how safe and reliable it will be in a heavy Rochester snowstorm. Whether the snow is thick or the ice is plenty, the minivan handles great. We have had the transmission, brakes, tires, air, and other items replaced to name a few. We have only used 3 different garages/ dealerships and all have seemed to handle us and the minivan with respect. Although the transmission repair was a substantial expense, it did need to be done. I know you will be very pleased with the purchase of a Honda Odyssey. It has everything a new family to a growing family to a family with teenagers could need. And it is great on long trips with plenty of storage space! We have enjoyed ours for the past 13 years.

- Jill A

That it is roomy and comfortable on long trips.

If you keep the van well maintained and have the. Maintenance done. I. E. Regular oil changes 3-5000 miles, transmission changed every 30, 000 miles, air filters checked and replaced. Check the timing to make sure engine is running at its best, tire rotation and proper pressure. , check all belts at each oil change to make sure they're in good condition, change cooling system to van specs, checking brake pads when rotating tires because service people can see brake pad wear, check all light when you wash your van to make sure all the lights are working, washing waxing will help protect the van body so it does not start to rust. Clean inside of van once a week to keep the inside looking new. Change wiper blades every 10-12 months. Have brake lines and fuel line checked for wear and tear too. It will continue to go where you want to go.

- Jimmy S

Runs great for an old car!

My parents owned the car first and bought it brand new, so it's been running for a long time! Lately it's been warning me about the air bag, but when I took it in to Honda to get a recall fixed, that's when the light started to appear. When I took it back minutes later they couldn't explain why it was flashing. It only flashes every once in awhile, it doesn't always occur every time I turn the car on. They said that if the light isn't flashing then the airbag should be fine. Other than that, we haven't had much issues with our car!

- Olivia M

14 years old and still going strong.

We have had no major issues with our 2004 Honda Odyssey. It handles really well, and holds plenty of stuff. When we go on vacation, we are able to take everything we need. Seats are very comfortable. As this vehicle is 14 years old, there are a few issues that we do have. The power locks do not all work - some doors need to be locked and unlocked manually. The rear side windows do not open anymore, and the clock light and glove box lights do not work either.

- Elena M

Great van, not so great transmission!

I love everything except that the transmission went bad at 117,000 miles and now has to be replaced or rebuilt. It's very roomy, has great trunk space, back sent can be folded down into trunk to make room for hauling things, middle seats can be pushed together to make a bench seat or kept as separate bucket seats, gets good gas mileage, good steering control, other than the transmission really never had much issues and is overall a great van.

- Anna M

My 2004 Honda Odyssey Experience!!

I love my Odyssey. It has over 200,000 miles and still running amazing. I've had to replace the transmission as the only major repair I've had to do. The only reason I had to do that was due to hitting a massive puddle and flooding the transmission. Other than that I'm pretty sure it would've continued running with no issue. I've only done routine maintenance on it and have never had a major issue with it.

- Maria M

I would recommend a Honda odyssey to everyone who has kids!

I love my Honda odyssey! There is plenty of room for all my kids and a ton of cargo space. I love the automatic sliding doors. I do not have to worry about my kids hitting other cars and I can open and close the rear doors with the push of a button if my hands are full or the kids cannot. It has also been very reliable with very little maintenance. I would recommend a Honda odyssey to everyone with kids!

- Teresa C

Older dependable van, low gas mileage with plenty of room.

Love that both side doors open. . . It has plenty of room. . . Leather, TV mid seats, great gas mileage, . . For an older van it has been great. We had Dodge caravan. . . Like this one better. There is a recall on the air bags. We have owned this van for years, having to not do any car repairs- only general maintenance. We want to upgrade but do not want the added amount to our budget.

- Pattie C

Best van for our active family

Our van has been very reliable with only one major repair outside of (basic maintenance) needed last year when the van was 13 years old. The only issue we have now is the sliding doors are beginning to fail us now that it's 14 years old, has 207,000 miles on it and I have 3 little boys. I will definitely be looking into another Honda Odyssey when this one doesn't run anymore.

- Kelly U

Very spacious very big. Great color.

My Honda odyssey is a. 2004. I like it a smooth ride heats good cools good. Color tan .big enough to comfortably ride 8 people.easy on gas.easy to clean.really like it. Great van. Can haul stuff. Go to recycling center with it. Go to landfill with it. Hauled a metal futon in it. Haul futon mattress in it. Hauled air conditioner in it. Nice for hauling groceries. Spacious,

- Linda M

The car that took our family places.

The functionality of the van is great. I never thought I would care for a van but it has certainly came in handy on many occasion. The only major issue I have is the airbag system had to be replaced several times from the factory. I have had to change the alternator once and the thermostat and battery once. I have had this vehicle for 11 years and still run great.

- Donald M

It has brand new parts on some of it but not all of it.

It runs smoothly after I changed my starter and also my radiator I also changed out my brakes for my front also my rack and pinion and inner outer tie rod so it runs even smoother the interior is not that well but still beautiful has enough room on inside for a minivan can lay down some of the chairs to make it into the floor has enough room for a lot of people.

- Miko L

A beautiful, dependable car to be used for so many things.

A beautiful car and I intend to keep it as long as it runs. Have had no major problems with it and have owned it since 2006. Very reliable. Has never left me stranded. Has leather seats and is very comfortable. I keep it serviced regularly. Only problem I ever had was the windshield was warped and when it was replaced under warranty, no further problems.

- Ruby K

My van has 7 seats, with a deep trunk for storage. A DVD player & cup holders.

My van is a wonderful car for my family! It has a total of seven seats, so there is a lot of room. Plus there is a deep trunk for more storage of groceries, etc.. We have the luxury edition, so the DVD player really helps with the little ones. All in all it is a great, dependable, worth buying vehicle. I have absolutely no problems with this vehicle.

- Shawnee C

The Odyssey is versatile, reliable, and affordable.

I like that it has passenger doors on both sides. I like that the seats come out and can be reconfigured in several ways. Its length is good for transporting long building materials (lumber, trim, etc.) from the store. And the seating capacity (7) has been great for both family trips and car pool fill-in when the usual van was being repaired.

- Chris S

Is a van and one interesting detail, being able to seat 7 people comfortably.

I own a 2004 honda odyssey. I love it and if and when I have to buy another car, it will be another Honda. Drives great, roomy so I can take family and grandkids to many places. Has enough room to carry cargo of many sizes. Has been on many vacations from Indiana to Florida and to Texas and to Alabama as well as any short trips around my home.

- Richard O

Honda Odyssey: oldie but goodie

It's really old so it's held up really well for eighteen years. It's fairly reliable, though it's started to break down - the engine had a problem turning on for a bit, some of the parts are breaking off, the tires lose air quickly. Overall, it's a nice car though. It serves its purpose and any faults up til now can be attributed to its age.

- Nancy L

Great family van. Easy to drive. Reliable.

I have had my van for about 6 months now. It is a good van it gets me where I need to go. I have had to replace the battery. Get the back brakes fixed. Now I need new tires. I bought the van used so I get needing repairs. The seats are comfortable. Easy to drive. I have had some messed up vans but I can say this is one of my best ones.

- Lee F

The v6 engine and the transmission are very dependable. Ours has 230, 000 miles.

My Honda odyssey is a very reliable vehicle. We have not had any problems other than the regular maintenance required for any vehicle. The odyssey is roomy and also very comfortable. Also it is equipped with dual air conditioners and it is equipped with a entertainment package. I would buy a new one if I decided to replace this one.

- Shearle F

Ease of access-- all fluid ports and fuse boxes are easily accessed.

Very comfortable drive. Spacious, comparatively inexpensive to maintain. The main factors of purchase was price and automatic side doors. Wasn't pleased with the factory audio system, so I replaced it. No biggie. All fluid reservoirs are easily accessed, as well as the fuse boxes. Lots of storage and ample drink holding capacity.

- Justin G

Great family vehicle for a good price.

It is a very reliable vehicle. Easy to maintain. Drives well. Has a lot of space and features that are great for anyone who has a family. The gas mileage is pretty good for being a larger vehicle. The only downside to the vehicle is the fact that when it gets higher in mileage electrical things may break, like the side door.

- Jennifer R

It is pretty reliable and still runs good for its age.

It is just old, so things are starting to not work on it, like the power lock on one of the sliding doors. The opposite door does not close with the handle sometimes. The paint has chipped and rusted in various places. I do like the space, the convenience of getting my child in and out, and the DVD player.

- Erika P

The sliding doors will not open when the vehicle is in gear. Please wait for me to unlock the doors and put the van in park, then you may open the sliding door.

I love the height the vehicle sits which allows me to see better and load people and items into easier. The ride is smooth and reliable. The automatic sliding doors are convenient when my hands are full. The only thing I would change is the rear door, I would have an automatic closure on it if it could.

- s m

That she's still running strong. She's carried my kids since they were in booster seats. As crazy as it sounds...She's part of the family.

My Honda can has been a very dependable vehicle. It has lots of miles on it and slowly things are starting to break. She's just old and it would be nice to be able to afford a newer vehicle. But I have two in college and one in high school. Old Bessie is just going to have to hang on a little longer.

- Julia P

it is very trustworthy, haven't had any real issues with the car, basically i change the oil every few thousands and that's all it needs, works very we.

i love the feeling that it keeps me safe! when my son was learning to drive he made a mistake and got stuck in the middle of a junction, another driver crashed into him, her car was a total loss while our Honda had only some scratches and a broken lamp. since then i am holding tight to this car.

- nily D

Best minivan out there to buy or lease.

I love this car. It fits about all of my people. I can basically move almost all large items. I think that it is totally awesome on gas. It only takes 40-50 dollars to full it up. I have not had to replace anything to major in car parts. I feel beyond safe on the road when I am driving it.

- Patricia M

Very spacious, roomy and comfortable ride.

Very spacious and comfortable ride. My model also has DVD player for keeping grandkids occupied. Electronic sliding doors. Maintenance is easy. . . Has cruise control and audio/video controls at your fingertips. Quiet. . It is very quiet ride back hatch is very roomy as well. For storage.

- Ann Marie B

A very practical minivan.

I like my minivan because it's convenient and it fits everything I need. Also I am very comfortable when driving. I entertainment for my kids via DVD player. It is also great on gas for when I travel out of town. It has a lot of cargo space too. So yes I am very happy with my minivan.

- Andre B

Good for large or small family.

Cool comfortable for small or large family. 3 row sets nice trunk a/c blows through whole van. Add a GPS system to make ride more joyful. Not so good on fuel being its a old ride. Nice music system for family alone with Bluetooth. Nice change holder. Fold down seats. Tinted windows.

- Dexter C

The Honda engine is made to last. We plan to drive ours until it can't be driven, and it's lasted a long time for our family.

Honda Odyssey has been a great fit for our family of 6. It's an older model, so it doesn't include a lot of perks of newer versions, but the thing that we value most is how long will it last. With the engine Honda uses, this has lasted a long time and has even more life yet to live!

- Stephanie S

Reliability in motor not in looks.

It runs great. Very reliable. In the 10 years I have had it the only problems I have had is the automatic doors died and needed to be fixed. The paint is starting to come off like they didn't wait for primer to cure completely before painting it. So it looks awful but runs great!

- Joanna L

My van is reliable, even though it's 14 years old.

It's been reliable even though there are over 200,000 miles on it. Some of the extra features, like the power sliding doors, are beginning to wear out. It gets my family where we need to go with plenty of room for each of us. It gets decent gas mileage for a vehicle of that size.

- Sarah S

Very enjoyable and fun to drive.

Plenty of room for my six grandchildren. Very dependable. Fun to drive. Great gas mileage for the size. Rides and drives comfortably. I purchased the vehicle about eight months ago and have been very pleased and satisfied. It has front and back air so everyone is comfortable.

- Lisa B

Does it all! People, cargo, stuff, it can get you where you need to go.

Great vehicle, carries kids, full sheets of plywood, and the roof rack is awesome. It even has a hitch so I can tow small trailers. It has plenty of power to get up to speed with traffic, cruise at highways speeds even fully loaded with a trailer, and is comfortable to boot.

- Luke P

Electrical complications.

Have electrical issues but runs well, would recommend to a friend. Honda dealerships have been nice and helpful. Vehicle has over 280k miles and runs great, take care of regular maintenance and they will run forever! When I purchase a new vehicle it will be a Honda odyssey.

- Sam C

2004 Honda Odyssey - great minivan only problem is the paint on car peels.

Love our Honda Odyssey. We have had it for 14 years with hardly any major problems. Only thing that is bad is the paint on the older Honda's - the paint peels badly. Other than that, I would definitely get another Honda again. Very reliable and has served us well for years.

- Nicol V

Honda odyssey built to last.

My odyssey has been the best minivan I have ever owned. I purchased it used, but it has been extremely reliable and has required minimal maintenance. Even with its age and high miles I still do not hesitate to drive it anywhere. It is roomy and drives and handles smoothly.

- Megan F

Great ride good gas mileage.

Very reliable vehicle, no major issues, pleasant driving, great mileage only maintenance issues were tires and oil changes, and tie rods due to Ohio potholes, very comfortable, seating for up to 7 people, DVD player, air conditioning at all seats individually controlled.

- Richard H

Inside the car is comfortable, controls are accessible, and easy to understand.

This van has made multiple trips cross country and is still is good condition. Once a year $1, 000 is needed to be put into the engine, but performance is reliable. The van is comfortable, easy to clean, and easy to care for. This van is also good for beginners drivers.

- Emma T

Still love this car 14 years and seven children later.

I have loved this car. It is so easy to load it up with kids, groceries, furniture, whatever you need. The seats fold down into the trunk making a lot of cargo room easily. All of the controls are really intuitive. It is very comfortable. I would totally recommend it.

- Ida W

Family vehicle, great for trips and transporting.

I have over 175,000 miles on it and runs great. Very reliable and comfortable. Great family car and lots of room. Also great for transporting things. I highly recommend it to anyone. Easy to maintain it as well. Also great for pets and family trips. You will love it.

- Kim J

Has cup holders on the side of the seats to open and collapse to close it.

The only problems with the vehicle are the brakes which, is my problem because I have not gotten them fixed. Also, the air conditioner does not work but, the heat does. On the other hand, this vehicle is great and durable. I bought the product used but, it is good.

- Sierra V

Love the van but does have some annoyances.

The table in between the drivers seats has nothing to stabilize it so it vibrates when you drive the car. Also the middle captain chairs done move enough to give you easy access to the 3rd row bench seat. The DVD player is a nice addition to keep the kids occupied.

- Corinne N

Lots of room to store things like groceries.

My main complaints are how often parts start to break down and need replacing right now. The amount of room it has, especially in the back, is useful for storing furniture or a lot of groceries to take to take home. The interior is pretty easy to clean as well.

- Alex w

It has automatic side doors, takes alot to fill up the gas tank but does last a long time

I love the co Captain seats, love I can fit me my husband and our 3 kids in it comfortably. The navigation is amazing. Honda is a great vehicle, last a long time. It is very comfortable with all the extras, heated seats all windows roll down, leather interior.

- Jessica H

Well maintained Honda make a great family vehicle!

Though my car is over 10 years old it is very reliable. Consistent maintenance and a great mechanic has also contributed. It is roomy and comfortable for our family trips. We have had issues with our ac and transmission but again our mechanic did a great job.

- Crystal W

2004 Honda odyssey great for people with big families

The sliding doors on these vans go really quick and all the time and Honda parts cost a LOT and you have to have special Honda fluids in it also so you're better off to have a good income if you own one of these so that you can afford all the things for it.

- Laura B

There is none I wouldn't recommend it to no one.

Tire blew out transmission is going out plastic piece under the van ripped off at went out and the side down quit opening all tighter costs us $5700 to fix I wouldn't recommend to buy at all not worth it its a waste of money and Hondas r usually great cars.

- Rosemary M

It is the perfect vehicle for moms of little kids.

I love my vehicle! The sliding doors make it easy for the kids to climb in and out. Getting the seats out to remove them was a breeze. It is spacious and secure and reliable. There's a DVD for the kids. Lots of containers and pockets throughout the vehicle.

- Emily P

I enjoy the space and it is a comfortable ride.

I like the room and that the seats are removable in the 2nd row. Even though I bought the vehicle used and have had it for 3 years now, the only things I have had to replace were: the starter, battery, seal on the oil sending unit, radiator and the tires.

- Kimberly H

You are able to adjust the two center seats in more central position or you can align them with the front seats. They also can be removed for more room to haul things.

It's a reliable vehicle. It's roomy and I like how the third row of seats folds into the floor. I don't like the cup holders because the ones in the drawer are too small and the ones in the center are too big. Overall I am very happy with this vehicle.

- Cathy L

Can't Wait to Put Another 250,000 Miles On My Honda!

I've owned my Honda Odyssey for almost 6 years now. During that time, I've had to replace the transmission but that is expected when you put almost 250,000 miles on it. It is very reliable and super comfortable. Plus it can fit all of my stuff :-)

- Calvin C

It is reliable and great for families.

It is roomy and meets my family's needs. It has a good engine and has no problem accelerating when merging onto the highway. It is an older vehicle and many of the systems are wearing out (transmission will need to be replaced in a year or two).

- Sheryl B

The automatic doors are sensitive, it is best to let me open it.

I love how sturdy it is. I have had to get little work done and I have over 200, 000 miles on it. The only things I dislike about it are the wear and tear of driving it for so many years. Cupholders, locks, automatic doors, ac are all struggling.

- Amber D

It has 150,000 miles on it and it's running great! The air has some issues and the transmission has been replaced but it's still kicking.

I love that it's a van. It's spacious and the leather seats are a plus. There's a lot of versatility in being able to take the seats out and move them next to one another or moving apart. It's old and not the modern dream my husband and I have.

- Sarah M

It is a reliable and safe car to drive. It performs very good on snow and ice here in the Chicago area. It's worth the money I paid.

I've never had any problems with my van, just had a couple of recalls. Plenty of space and is very comfortable. It has been very reliable and is a safe car to drive. There is nothing that I dislike about it. I will buy a new Honda again.

- Shirley K

The Honda Odyssey is safe and reliable. It is the perfect family car!

My vehicle is super reliable. It is 14 years old and we have barely had any problem with it. The only problem is the driver's side door lock is broken so it has to be locked and unlocked manually. Other than that, it has been a great van!

- Kristen M

Dependability. We have never had any major issues with the car.

I love my Odyssey. It is dependable and very comfortable, especially on long car rides. We took this car cross-country and it made for a wonderful trip. The DVD player was used daily for our small children at the time. It is a great car.

- Cindy S

It is the most reliable vehicle I've ever owned...and I've owned a lot of them!

It's been a very reliable vehicle. It has heated seats, radio controls on the steering wheel & electric seat positioner. I love the size of it. The cruise control doesn't always work but that's probably due to the age of the vehicle.

- Karen L

Hondas make for reliable vehicles, no question. Our family will not hesitate to consider another Honda for a future vehicle.

For a minivan, it accommodates our family's needs while providing some stylishness. It is reliable and has great gas mileage. Our family has taken it on many road trips up and down the coasts. We will definitely buy another Odyssey.

- Michael O

Great travel and good on gas.

It is wonderful for trips very comfortable good on gas a lot of room and moving stuff all the seat lay back and one folds down has automatic doors has a CD player moveable seats has a DVD player to watch movies while traveling.

- Kimberly T

It seats 7 and is comfortable even for those in the back seat. It's great for long trips with kids with seating options and DVD player and lots of storage space.

I like the navy color and the DVD player. I don't like the cup holders or the way the spare tire stores. Right now the passenger sliding door is broken and cost prohibitive to fix which is a problem for a family with car seats.

- Jill K

Honda's are reliable, few issues but to be expected.

As you know Honda's are reliable. My van is more for practicality. I have kids and it works great for hauling them around. There are some issues with the power steering that I have found is common among the odyssey.

- Nicole T

It's the perfect family vehicle- plenty of room for people and toting things around.

I love it! It's the perfect size for transporting my family around town, and on road trips. My extended family lives across the country and we always have plenty of room for luggage without feeling cramped.

- Rebekah S

It was reliable and functioned well.

I like that is it is big. I like it is adaptable regarding seats. I do not like that it is old and I am starting to have problems with it. I do not like that it is dented on the side. I wish it was newer.

- Tammy B

It has plenty of trunk space and also the third row seating if I choose.

I love how much room it has with having kids. The built in DVD player is also a plus with toddlers. The only thing I dislike is the placement of cup holders and how the vents are set up on the dashboard.

- Corinne N

My Honda Odyssey is reliable and safe and taken care of.

My Honda Odyssey is a great reliable vehicle, but you do need to keep up with it and make sure your get your transmission and timing belt checked yearly since Honda usually needs transmission work.

- Mary W

Great family vehicle love it

I love it, the only thing I can think of is that there should be more accessible places to change your phones or whatever. Having one in the back where the hatch is doesn't make sense to me

- Spring A

It is good for taking a big family around.

I am not a really a fan of the car. It has broken down on me twice and still doesn't ride well. I think the guy sold me a lemon and it was in a accident that wasn't put into the carfax.

- Troy P

It runs great!! The whole built of the vehicle is meant for families with children. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone with kids.

It's very reliable and ha's never broken down at all. My complaint though is that the paint is chipping. There was a recall on it but they aren't planning on doing anything about it.

- Abigail A

It holds heat well in the winter.

I like that my vehicle is easy to get in and out of. I like that it can carry 6 people. It's easy to drive and not too difficult to park. I don't really have any complaints about it.

- Angela R

It is very reliable. It never fails to start even in winter.

This car has very good area of seating and cruise control. It handles well and there are plenty of windows making it easy to keep watch of other traffic. It get good gas mileage.

- Mary S

It is very reliable and has decent resale value. Can run a long time as well As a lot of miles with routine and regular maintenance

I like the spaciousness of the interior including storage. I feel safe and secure in the minivan. Gas mileage is ok but would Prefer better. Decent pickup. A little loud driving

- Joe P

It runs very well. Lots of room and everyone is comfortable in it.

I love my vehicle. It runs great. We just recently purchased it and there are some things that need to be fixed on it, like the air conditioner. It is new to me and I am happy!

- Amie P

Dependability and spacious.

I love the leather interior and how spacious the interior is. We have not had any issues with it in all of the years we have had it. Drives really well long distance travels.

- Heidi R J

The sway bar is messed up.

It is not as fashionable as I would like but it is very spacious. Also my car is getting older and more expensive. With that being said my car has great mileage for the size.

- Maria K

A great family can with excellent space.

I love the space the car has! I can fit 3 carseats without any problems. I have not had any problems. The mileage is good, the AC works great, and it's great for families.

- Debbie J

It is a great family van, but it does not handle well on snow and hills.

I keep up with regular maintenance. Have had some issues with the automatic doors. One currently works, the other has a broken motor. It's been reliable over the years.

- Nicole M

While it's a nice vehicle to drive, it only gets 19 miles per gallon.

My vehicle is a minivan. I gave it a 4 star rating because, although I love it, it does have some things wrong with it. What I do like about it is it can hold 7 people.

- Debra G

It generally runs well and is a quiet and smooth ride.

It's spacious enough for the whole family. It tends to have sliding door issues, meaning the door won't open or close properly sometimes. There have been a few recalls.

- Sean A

It is a good size for a family, but it might be too big for only a couple people.

Despite the vehicle being old it still runs well. Love the size, it fits all of my camping gear and skis and is great for moving things around and fitting many people.

- Katie M

They last forever. Our Odyssey has 250,000 plus miles.

The best thing I like about my Honda is that it is easy to maintain. Parts are not hard to find and are usually reasonable in price. I also like how roomy the van is.

- Andrea C

It is small and gas price is high and seats will not let up.

I love that even though the mileage is high, I have had no problems with my minivan.. The only thing I dislike is backing up and worrying that I do not see a car..

- Catherine B

That it takes a licking and it keeps on ticking

I love the capacity of the vehicle. It has been a great vehicle and has totally served Its purpose. It has served our family for a many years. I love my Honda van!

- donya M

That I have had for a long time.

Super slow it is takes startup I have to start it 20 mins before I leave the color is chipping on it I hate wasting time I get late to work but it is not that bad.

- Sarah L

It has a very smooth ride.

Like the hands free doors, like how we can set the front and rear at different temps.. Dislike the fact that it's used, the center cup holder thing is not stable.

- Jennifer B

It is an excellent, reliable vehicle that has low maintenance costs.

It is very reliable. Very low maintenance cost. Only issue is all of the airbag recalls - they are free - but have required a number of trips to the dealership.

- Eric C

It is a very reliable vehicle.

Good size with 3 teenagers. There's always a friend coming along so a 7 seater is great. Been very reliable. Seats are very comfortable, especially with heater.

- Jennifer H

It is know for bad transmissions.

I like it because it's comfortable. I like how it fits all my kids. I dislike because the transmission is bad. I dislike it because I can't drive it right now.

- Kayla B

It is a reliable vehicle that will last a long time and has a good resale value.

I dislike tall vehicles, but our van is not too tall. I like the space and roominess for tall people. I like the captain seats that can be moved or removed.

- Valerie P

It can haul mostly anything we put a coach in it at one point

I love my van it has been very dependable and helps with my kids it has a dvd system that I also love I have drove it back and forth to Texas with no issue

- Lisa C

The Odyssey is a very convenient vehicle that will outlast other vehicles.

This vehicle is very dependable. It would be better if it seated 8 people instead of 7. The only reason I don't completely love it is because it is old.

- Jennifer C

A Reliable van with good safety features.

My van drives really, I enjoy how it handles on the freeway. My only problems with it is that the leaks oil sometimes, but other than that it works fine.

- Ramon L

Has a good working period.

The pickup is pretty good. The automation is not exceptionally good, but works. The air-conditioning and other facilities are pretty good for the price.

- Sai P

Great vehicle with lots if room

Great vehicle. Very reliable. No real issues. I would definitely buy another one if I had a chance. If you're looking for a van, this one is great

- Derek V

Very few mechanical errors since purchasing.

I love the way the van drives. I have had very few issues since I purchased the van. The only complaint is the passenger airbag keeps getting recalled.

- Christina M

Vans aren't just for soccer moms. My husband is a drummer and his band mates fight to ride in his van.

Perfect for transporting our special needs daughter and all her equipment. Good gas mileage, comfortable seating, and our oldest loves the DVD player.

- Carolynn M

Interior, trunk space and power engine.

Love the automatic sliding doors, it has a very powerful engine. Lots of trunk space for my road emergency tools. Very soft and comfortable interior.

- Ann R

the way it drives and the way the tires are and how well she takes gas

I love it I have never really had problems but with the brakes it a very nice van it gets me where I need to go and it bring me closer to my family

- breanna R

It's fantastic if you have kids.

Love the space, and especially the automatic sliding side doors and air in the back seats. Do not like how difficult it is to close the back hatch.

- Lindsay C

It is very spacious and it rides very smooth, good for long trips.

I love the space in the van. It has comfortable captain seats in the front and the middle of the van. I wish the windows rolled down in the middle.

- Josh M

Lots f electrical problems with this year make and model. But great on gas.

I had to put lots of money into my car. I fixed the water pump power, steering, line, the front end, starter, oil pan, timing belt, and much more.

- Ebony B

It is very utilitarian and functional, but is definitely an average SUV.

I like everything of those vans are really comfortable, is nothing bad can I say of those vans, I really love it, is really helpful for my family.

- Martha M

It is a great family vehicle, roomy and comfortable.

Great car. Only issues are small ones. Dash lights going out, window motor not working. No major issues with the powertrain at all. Very reliable.

- Bill A

Excellent Large Family Car with lots of storage room

The car is very roomy. Can put 4x8 sheets of drywall or paneling in with easy. Can transport 7 persons comfortably with good leg and head room

- Norman T

Mom Ride: for those busy moms

I love my van, it has power doors which makes loading and unloading kids fast. It has a dvd player which is ideal for us because we drive a lot.

- Kaitlyn P

Capacity passenger is 7 and the comfortable to drive.

I love because is to 7 passenger. . And have more space to back, is economy and very seat comfortable, I feel safe, because is a medium size.

- Alexandra M

Very reliable vehicle, economical to own and operate.

Very reliable vehicle. Never had any major problems with it. Has over 140,000 miles on it. Have owned it for 10 years and still runs well.

- Juan H

Easy in and out access for up to 7 people!

Vehicle is very reliable. I have almost 290, 000 miles on it. Body is still in great shape. Great vehicle for transporting kids and friends.

- Sydney J

Not specifically my car but when it's your only vehicle need to keep it well maintained because it gets you from point A to point B.

Runs fine, but the ignition is annoying and it's hard to start. Had a locksmith fix it, but need to take it to an actual dealership to fix.

- Nicholas S

It is very versatile, and is just as competent on back roads as on the highway.

It is an older model which is falling apart from lack of maintenance. It is in a constant need of new parts. It also has some engine issues.

- Jason T

Great in every way. Powerful, reliable, and very stylish.

The reliability is great. Decent mileage. Lots of room. The vehicle has excellent room for a family and the ability to carry a lot of kids.

- Luke W

Honda motors run forever and do not break down very often.

Great gas mileage and comfort. And negative was automatic side doors they quit working after like 2 years then never closed right again.

- Steven W

It is very easy to drive.

It is reliable and comfortable. Holds grandkids. Can double as a pickup when I need it to. It is good for taking the dog's to the park.

- Mare B

Best Van for the Long Haul

Very reliable. Has over 200K miles and still going strong. Routine maintenance always done. Only problem was a transmission repair.

- Marie B

I love my Honda. Most reliable car I have owned. Will only buy Honda.

I love the roominess and reliability. I hate that the front window motor is always going out and having to be replaced at my expense.

- Lorraine R

It's very comfortable to ride in.

I like the roominess of the vehicle and it handles great. The automatic sliding doors refuse to close sometimes and that's annoying.

- Graham h

Great van... Perfect family vehicle!

It is not a super smooth ride, but it just keeps going, with almost 200, 000 miss on it. I can fit so much in my van. . . Love it!

- Kathryn B

That it's reliable. They have great customer service in the sales and service department

I love my Honda Odyssey because it's always been reliable. Never had any major issues with it and is now almost at 200,000 miles

- Susan R

It can fit all my friends. And it has lots of room for luggage.

I love how roomy it is. It's also easy to drive. However nowadays it has been having trouble with the balance and transmission.

- Maya W

It's still driving even though it has some really high miles.

It is a dependable vehicle. It drives really well. It doesn't have enough features. Could have a TV inn it, that would be nice.

- Matthew V

I think people should understand how reliable Honda's are and the good gas mileage they get.

I love the gas mileage and the ease of buying parts because it is a common vehicle. I also love the comfort. No complaints.

- Terra H

The most important thing to know about my van is that it is reliable and fits everyone comfortably.

I love pretty much everything about my vehicle. I don't like the low mpg. I also wish that it sat eight instead of seven.

- Kari K

It is a faithful, no frills vehicle.

I like the vehicle bc it runs well and faithfully. I am not crazy about driving a van and would prefer a smaller vehicle.

- Marian M

The sliding door issue.It can balloon into a major problem if not taken care of right away.

It is a decent vehicle. No major problems. The sliding doors malfunction after a while and require lots of maintenance.

- Joe P

Plenty of space for the family.

I have 3 years with my car is a very comfortable to drive in long trips so far no problems besides the regular tune up.

- Angel R

That it is a good and faithful car. If you take care of it it will last you years.

I like that it has working air conditioning. I don't like that the CD player doesn't work. I also love how it drives.

- Amber S

The safety of our car is amazing and seats up to 7 people

The vehicle is spacious which is a must for our family. The automatic sliding doors don't work but we make due without


It is a reliable car! Been riding for a while.

It is a stable car, had it for over 10 years now. It has held up well. It is a very reliable car. Good for families.

- Dana K

That ut is reliable and helps in every way.

I really don't have a ton of problems with my vehiic to b quite honest. I don't have many problems with my vehicle.

- Melvin M

Minor issues with my van since purchased.

Awesome, love my van. I have had very minor problems since I purchased the car new. Most of my car is maintenance.

- Chris M

My van is very dependable.

Love the room it has so much it is very reliable. I love the features it has DVD layer it is also very comfortable.

- Lisa L

The automatic sliding doors are annoying. They don't open sometimes and then other times they don't close properly.

The automatic doors are awful! The seats become uncomfortable after awhile. It drives like a car and not a van.

- Wendy S

Runs very good we have over 200, 000 miles and counting.

The odyssey has lots of room, I like that the seats fold down-we have carried some furniture and lots of people.

- Paula M

It works well and the safety is worth it for the mileage.

I like how big it is and the way it runs, but it is difficult to park and often makes me feel like a soccer mom.

- Sharp P

Reliable car. Good gas mileage. Comfortable. Good visibility.

Reliable. Comfortable. Once, driver's window wouldn't go up all the way. Other than that, ideal car for family.

- Amy M

The Honda Odyssey is so reliable!

I love our Odyssey because it's so reliable. We're at 180,000 miles, and it has shown no signs of slowing down!

- Ernie R

It has plenty of room for people and things.

I love the van! I bought it because at the time, it had the most cargo volume space. I love the space inside.

- Lynda D

It is easy to drive and I feel very safe.

I like that it is very roomy and I can fit my whole family and grandma and grandpa. It holds a lot of stuff.

- Elena M

It has plenty of room. It seats 7 very comfortably and still leaves room for stuff.

I like how spacious it is. I also like that it has a dvd player for the kids. The locks don't always work.

- Dorie H

The parts goes out really easy.

Every part on the vehicle has went down the only thing good about the van is the DVD player if you ask me.

- Joan H

It is very reliable and safe for a family with room for many carseats.

I like how roomy it is for our growing family. It is very safe and drives smooth. I have no complaints.

- Teri W

Honda Odyssey great for families

Love it! It's reliable, long lasting and safe. Good gas mileage. Roomy, Comfortable seating for seven.

- Jennifer G

Very reliable when it comes to gas and performance. Also very roomy.

Parts are cheap to buy if need to replace. Great on mpg. And love to performance. And very reliable.

- Jeremy R

Hondas will last a long time. The prices are a bit high compared to others.

Hondas are very reliable. It has lasted with the standard maintenance.Looking to buy another soon.

- Nancy J

I love the van. The seats are easy to move to make more space, there is plenty of trunk space, and it's a nice ride.

The Odyssey is a safe and easy car to drive with plenty of space for passengers and trunk space.

- Rachel N

I love my minivan! It holds a lot more than what you would think. Was able to move my daughter into college in one trip! Very reliable vehicle, smooth tide

Has a great reputation for being reliable, no major problems and I've had it for fourteen years

- Elaine J

It has decent gas mileage and it can handle going to all the camping spots I love without being too big.

It fits my whole family. I can fit all my camping gear in it. Gas mileage is also pretty good.

- James S

It runs and the interior is in decent condition. The heater works.

Reliable, but uncomfortable ride. It needs new shock absorbers. No real complaints.

- Barb S

Honda is a great quality product. Last for many years

Love the quality runs great after 14 years. Wish sliding doors Windows would go down

- Pam T

It's very cheap and reliable to own and operate. and holds lots of kids

It is cheap and reliable. It holds my whole family. I wish it was only a 4 cylinder.

- Ben S

It's a reliable, safe, spacious, every day use, sleek van

I love everything about it . Is a reliable, safe and spacious van. Not one problem

- diana o

It's nice and comfortable with the ability to seat slot of people

It's pretty big and can seat a lot of people. Smells a bit bad. Is getting old.

- Ryan R

The space is great. We can fit the whole family easily. The van is easy to control too. No complaints, but wish the motor for the vented rear windows didn't burn out so easily.

It's a great family vehicle that is easy to load and unload everyone as needed.

- Bill W

It is a solid car that will last for years. It is a good car.

For a 2004 vehicle it still runs well, but maintenance costs are adding up.

- Brandon F

It is not really sporty if you like that sort of thing.

The space it has. It is also reliable. It could get better gas mileage.

- Sean w

Cup holders are not deep enough and the drinks tip over easily.

Great for vacations, you can take a lot of luggage and necessary items.

- Anne Z

I love the reliability of the van. I hate the look of it.

It's reliable, trustworthy, and I feel safe with my kids in the van.

- Brittany K

The gas mileage is not good at all. Be prepared when one thing breaks another will also.

To many vehicle repairs within the last month. Not good gas mileage.

- Roxanne R

Too old behind in accessories beginning to have issues has been a great vehicle

Honda vans are very well made and carry a lot of people and items..

- Marva H

it's a honda, and it is very roomy, great family car

I like the room, I like the quality, like that it is an import,

- Kathy Y

Is very reliable and has lots of room. Have been very happy.

could get better mileage i guess. it has a lot of room though.

- Amber B

I love it!! It's a great van.

I love all of the space, sliding doors, rear climate control.

- Brittani M

We love the versatility of the moving seats and folding back down of the back seat! It does have a problem that it overheats and dumps transmission oil at times.

It is a great family vehicle! It is also very pet friendly.

- Rose L

It's very reliable and spacious, great family vehicle

It's great, i have no complaints, It's held up really well

- josh p

Good gas mileage. Can carry a good amount of cargo

No dislikes. Is roomy smooth ride. Sharp looking vehicle

- Richard G

it is a good car when you have kids who are active.

it drives smooth. very spacious. perfect family vehicle

- joan z

Gets me where I need to go.

The space and reliability. The fuel mileage is just ok.

- Linda R

Reliable car, strong and cheap on gas, very roomy back row seats fold down

Great family car. Good extra space. Cheap on gas.

- Jamie V

my car is very nice and working well

no my car is awesome.i don't have any.complaints

- Anna S

It doesn't get great gas mileage

Very little upkeep. Just keeps going and going.

- Denise M

Carries a lot more than you would think

Works well, decent gas mileage, paint peeling

- Elaine S