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Screen & earphones for movies, sunroof, multi CD player, several charging jacks.

I have had this vehicle for about four years. I purchased it primarily as a way to transport my seven papillon dogs. The odyssey had the most cargo space of any van I researched. It also had a great feature of the second row of seats that were very easy to remove, which I did. The third row of seats folds flat so this opens up the whole van to use as cargo space. In addition there is an extra air conditioner in the rear that allows the entire cargo area to be cooled nicely for the dogs. I have had no major problems with the van, only a few hundred dollar or less repair bills. The odyssey is very comfortable with heated seats, multi positions, & a nice, useful center console. One of the best features is a built in navigation system. I have a poor sense of direction, and this feature has saved so much time and aggravation when trying to find offices and or other towns and businesses. There is also a backup camera which allows movement much more safely. I plan up purchase another odyssey in the next year or two. I would give this vehicle five stars on comfort, performance and reliability.

- Sandy M

Reliable modest vehicle for a big family!

We like our odyssey a lot. We've had it for about 5 years. We have 5 kids and 2 dogs always load it with a roof box and rear bike rack for family travel. It would be great if it had more rear storage, but we appreciate the simple design and fuel efficiency that goes with not over styling or oversizing! We wish it seated 8 without the inconvenience of the optional jump seat (you have to scramble over it if you put the jump seat in). We're expecting baby #6 and want to keep our family's carbon footprint as small as possible. However, we can make do and feel good about having a very normal-looking car that handles well and is very reliable. You have to replace your timing belt periodically with all Hondas (after a lot of miles/years) and we did need a new alternator last year. Shocks and brakes also bees replacing/repair every few years, but this is a vehicle that gets frequent use with heavy collective passenger weight. It is a good little workhorse, and we like it. Nice dark blue color, too!

- Elizabeth C

Great spacious family van!

I have driven this van since 2011. It is very spacious inside and has plenty of headroom. We have had it loaded with as many as 7 people along with coolers and luggage. It was a little tight, but totally doable. The automatic doors are a great feature, but we have what I call 'carpool' door, where it sticks and is finicky on the side we used most often for dropping off the kids. Too expensive to get that fixed so we just live with it. The run flat tires that it came with were awful. Every flat meant at least $450 to get fixed. We eventually had the tires all changed to regular tires. We absolutely love the DVD player and headphones. The kids can watch movies while we listen to the radio. The heated seats in the front are one of my favorite features. The van has tons of cup holders too. The very front cup holder makes it hard to put a new disc in the DVD player, but it's a minor inconvenience. Overall, we love the van and plan to drive it until it just won't go anymore.

- Christie P

2006 Honda Odyssey - still going strong!

The 2006 Honda Odyssey is quite roomy and spacious. A few weeks ago we learned to move the middle seat to the center so that my mother-in-law could use it to elevate her feet (sitting on it like a couch). It is great to be able to load many things in the back. I have been able to fit seven foldable 6-foot plastic tables. Because of it is age, it now has a noise coming from what seems to be the rear axle. Honda says that they do not know what is causing the problem. Since this is a reliable vehicle and it is fully paid, I do not want to purchase another vehicle at the moment.., so I have gotten used to the sound. I would prefer it had better mileage. I usually get about 19 mpg in the city and about 21-23 mpg in the highway. Like any vehicle, it needs to be maintained. Several months ago my husband and I drove it from Texas to Colorado and back without any problems. It is a comfortable vehicle and fits our family of six quite well!

- Carla K

The Honda Odyssey is an amazing vehicle that will meet your family's transportation needs for many years to come!

We purchased our Odyssey in May 2006 after our second child was born. We needed the additional room for two car seats. We have had the car 12 years and we have not had many maintenance issues besides the normal oil changes, brake pads replaced, etc. We plan to have the car at least 5 more years. There is nothing wrong with it! It drives exactly like it did 12 years ago. My favorite feature is the ability to open the sliding back doors remotely. This was nice when it was cold outside and I had to get 2 children under the age of 2 in the car. As my children have gotten older, their favorite feature is the entertainment system that includes headphones. The kids can watch tv in back and the adults can listen to music up front. It is the perfect size for a family of 4 to take a weekend road trip. It is also the perfect size for carpooling.

- Nic S

Great family car for all your needs.

We love driving our van and taking it on trips. My children enjoy the movie screen and watch several movies per trip... Really helps long drives go quicker. Our car is very comfortable, plenty of legroom for everyone to stretch out. Love that you can take the middle seat out for a captain seat set up... Makes it easier to walk to the back row of seats. Love that you can put that seat back in to make more room for more people. Great if you need a lot of seatbelt seating for carpools. Holds 8 people including driver. Love that the back seat folds down into itself if you are hauling large items. The only problems we have had over the time are battery issues... I am not sure what we are doing to use up the battery but it seems to need a new one every 3-5 years.

- Debbie A

This is an excellent family vehicle.

The Honda odyssey is great for a family. The sliding doors, optional 8th seat, and multiple cup holders are ideal for kids. The 8th seat slides in and out easily. Although it is a little tough to stow back in its compartment. It has to be slid in at just the right angle. We love how the 2 bucket seats can slide together and the back seat folds down in 2 seperate pieces. This allows for multiple seating arrangements and increases my ability to haul various size things around. . The biggest downside is the van does not handle the best in the snow. We live on a hill and have slid down it many times. Even with new tires I have difficulty getting good traction to get up the hill as well. . Overall, I would recommend buying this van.

- Rhonda K

Great Family Car with lots of space

I love the size of the Honda Odyssey compared to the other minivans. I love having the ability to add or take out the middle seat where the two captain chairs are. The rear seats go down very easily into the trunk. The trunk is sometimes harder to close especially when you have other things (kids) in your arms. I love the automatic side doors. However, sometimes they don't open all the way and stop before they reach the end. I haven't figured out why they do that yet, but it is a bit concerning as I do not want to have to replace a door motor. As we live in Hawaii, we use the AC year round and it has worked well for us while we have owned it. Overall a reliable vehicle.

- Melissa B

Great vehicle for families with lots of room and very reliable!

This is our second Honda Odyssey van. It is a very reliable vehicle and we haven't had many issues over the time we have owned it. I love the roominess it provides as well as all the cup holders. Since ours is an older model, I'm sure improvements have been made such as an AUX port to be able to play music from my cell phone. Another thing I wish we had was a setting for 2 or more drivers to set their seat and mirror preferences. It would be nice to be able to push a button to reset everything to my preferences after my husband drives the van. Overall, I really enjoy having a van and have no plans to change vehicles anytime soon.

- Tammy K

The Honda Odyssey is a fantastic traveling vehicle!

I have taken this vehicle on two very long car rides. About 14 hours back and forth each time. The seats are very comfortable to lay on. The passenger seat leans almost all the way flat for optimal sleeping. The steering wheel is adjustable for the driver to get more comfortable. The two middle seats lean back pretty far for the passengers in the back. They also have control of their own air or heat back there. I've owned this car for about 3 years now and it has 221, 000 miles on it and it drives like brand new. I have no mechanical issues at all. This is one of the best running cars I've ever owned.

- Megan B

The van that never quits.

We had our van for several years now and we couldn't have picked a better vehicle for our family. We have three kids and four big dogs. Everyone rides in comfort with plenty of room for gear. We've only had a couple of very minor problems over the years. The biggest was the power steering pump went out after almost 300,000 miles. Easy fix and we were back on the road. I'd seriously recommend a Honda Odyssey to anyone that needs the space of a van and doesn't want to worry about fixing a broken down van. It's been great.

- Matthew H

2006 Honda Odyssey, comfortable and roomy

Wonderful upgrade from my 1995 Honda Odyssey. Roomy interior, built in Navigation and Infotainment systems were a nice upgrade for the kids. Silly niggling issue with the A/C system. If I only drive a mile or two to a drive thru location and idle in the queue the A/C can keep up just fine. If the vehicle gets up to highway speeds for much longer than that. The A/C system will freeze over and the compressor will usually lockup and burn out if you don't pay attention to it.The '95 model would just keep on chuggin' along.

- Chris L

13-year-old Honda Odyssey Still Working Well

This car is extremely reliable. We bought this 2006 Honda Odyssey around 2009 used, but in good condition, and it has served us well since then. We have gotten a TON of use out of it without an extreme amount of repairs. It has required some maintenance, like belt replacement and brake pads needing to be fixed, but they happened after several years and seemed like they just happened from using the car so much. We did turn off the automatic side doors, since they began to malfunction and wouldn't open or close.

- Erin J

A mom and her minivan equal a great team

I love my minivan. It has a moonroof, heated leather seats. Stow away rear seats, removable middle row seats for hauling items. Power doors and heated rear view mirrors. It fits our whole family plus our two dogs! We have taken many road trips in it and Honda is an excellent brand. We have had only minor wear and tear issues with our van. Hondas are known for being reliable and great gas mileage. I know some have kept their Hondas running up to 300k miles. With regular maintenance of course.

- Rachel V

Safe van for my family, with a lot of comfort and a TV for the kids!

I love my Honda odyssey. This is our second. Our first was totaled when my husband was t-boned in the driver's side door by a person blowing a stop sign - at 60 miles an hour! My husband walked away without a scratch. I will always drive a Honda odyssey. It is the safest vehicle I have ever owned. My kids love the tv, I love the comfort. We have had work done on the power steering pump, had to replace belts, but nothing serious. I love this vehicle.

- Jessica P

Honda Odyssey- the best people hauler out there!

I love my car! So much so, that my next car will be another Odyssey! It's like driving my living room- so comfortable! Works great for having kids and carpooling. Plenty of space and storage. For a 13 year old car, still runs like new and has plenty of wonderful features!! My favorite feature is the power tailgate- I don't have to get out of the car to have my groceries loaded!! And the heated seats are a great luxury! Even if I didn't have kids,

- Katharine S

This is a good buy for the money.

I like the size of the vehicle, and the power sliding side doors are incredibly helpful and convenient. The one major problem I have had with this vehicle is that I have had to replace all three catalytic converters (at great cost), and been told by more than one mechanic that this is an issue with Honda vehicles. Also had strange electrical issues - vehicle would start on its own at random times when no one inside and no key in ignition.

- Jo R

It's nice and roomy, with plenty of space for the whole family and all our "stuff "

It's a very good van with lots of features, like sensors, backup camera, DVD player, GPS. My only complaints would be that it is getting old so I'm concerned about reliability. We just replaced the transmission ($$$$) and another annoyance is the "run flat" tires it came with. They wear out quicker than other tires and are super expensive to replace. In order to get different tires we have to pay a ton to change over the whole system

- Rachel S

The most important thing people should know about the Honda Odyssey is that it's the perfect reliable family car!

I love my Honda Odyssey. It is a reliable car that has a nice design. Despite not being four wheel drive, it manages well here in the snow. I love that I can lock me and my kids in the car and then I can stand at the middle bench and buckle them into their car seats—it makes me feel safe. The air conditioning works great. I have had no issues with the car! The only thing I wish it had was a button to open the trunk automatically.

- Bridget N

Super comfy, but problems.

I like my van, but it has had many problems. It could just be the fact that it is 12 years old and was passed down to me from my mom, but it has had many problems. I have had to get the alternated replaced, the timing belt replaced, and a couple other things that I cannot remember. Comfort wise it is really nice. Super comfortable. I am upset that there is nowhere to plug in an AUX cord even though there is a button to select aux.

- Mackenzie R

Why I love my Honda Odyssey!

I love my Honda Odyssey! It gets great gas mileage. The air conditioning works great. I love the built in DVD player for the kids. We can even program it so I have my radio stations set and my husband has his. Plenty of cup holders. The only thing I would say is the leather seats do get very hot in the summer and we have to sit on towels. So I love my Honda but I recommend either getting seat covers or not getting leather seats.

- Tanya B

Best soccer mom car around!

I love my minivan! I can fit six teenagers and their skate/surfboards. I can fit furniture, loads of firewood, etc. In the back when I lay it down or remove the middle seats. It is very comfortable to drive and responsive... Although it is getting a bit old. The only problem I have with it is that the white paint is peeling off. I believe this is a manufacturer's defect as they have indicated so on other models... But not mine.

- Cathy T

Use car buying guide Drivability

The only problem so far is transaxles need to be replaced. The 3.5 liter eng has XLNT speed, quick. Very comfortable w/Captain seats. Great for long trips. Drives & rides like a car. Great reliability. The only disadvantage is the key has a chip, very expensive to fix. Has plenty of air bags for safety. I would recommend this van for any family vehicle. Also very easy access to rear seats. Easy to clean & maintain.

- Johnny. F

Best family vehicle and lots of room.

This Honda Odyssey is a very nice family vehicle. It is very roomy and has a lot of storage options, which is good for family road trips. This van has been very reliable. I have maintained the maintenance on it and I have not had any problems on it besides the alternator. I did have to replace the alternator, but that has been the only thing issues I have had since I purchased. I am very pleased with this family vehicle.

- Chelsea C

Reliable and comfortable. Good flexible set up with folding and removable seats

Our vehicle was having problems it kept losing it's battery. We found out our lights were on. So we turned the switch onto door. And it told us if the lights were on or not. We haven't had any problems since. It works well. And we do change the oil regularly. Sometimes the doors act up. We keep the tires pumped up with our pump. It has been a very good car. And is still in very good shape. It is a Honda Odyssey.

- Sabrina L

Stow and go seating is a must!

Some complaints are : paint is peeling in a few spots, no automatic trunk, side door gets jammed, no automatic lights and the center console collapse too easily. I really like that it has go and stow seating! This has been the feature I like the most. It is reliable and very comfortable to drive and ride in. There is versatile storage, a lot of drink holders and decent gas mileage for a larger vehicle.

- Kari S

Extremely Safe and Roomy!

Honda Odyssey is a wonderful van. I have been very impressed with its reliability. We have a large family, and the eight seats provide plenty of room for everyone. I especially love how easily the seats fold and slide. We also have lots of room for luggage! I recently had a fender bender in our Honda Odyssey. The airbags deployed, and I was completely safe. I am very grateful for our van.

- Amanda L

This vehicle is AMAZING!!

My vehicle so far is amazing! It has PLENTY of room for me and my family. Especially when we go on vacations. It has amazing gas mileage. My vehicle is very reliable, I love it! And oh the seat warmers are a plus. I also love that I can move the seats around or take them out if I needed to. Only problem I have had so far is sometimes my automatic door won't shut by itself but it's a quick fix.

- Courtney W

Odyssey appealing in looks, then satisfies in reliability

Like most Honda's it's very reliable. We have had very few issues. Hail totalled it, but we elected to keep it, because it still runs very well. It has great pick up and go. After 12 years, the sliding doors don't open and close as smoothly. My husband likes to google how to fix these things, and usually it's not a big deal for him to take care of it himself. I would buy another Odyssey.

- Lady C

The Honda odyssey- a dependable adventure.

We bought our 2006 Honda odyssey 1.5 years ago and have not had any issues beyond the expected ones of a vehicle 13 years old. It is comfortable to drive and has so much room! I do find that it has so many buttons and options that I sometimes forget which one is which, but I am used to driving older cars. The odyssey has been a great mobile command center as I travel with my young sons.

- Kathryn M

Twelve year old van review for Honda.

My vehicles is 12 years old, but is it great shape! It seems it holds up well and has aged really well! I love all the functionality of the seats; middle row can be removed and the 3rd row folds down into the floor and opens up lots of room! It rides tall and pretty much makes everyone get out of the way, which I love. I drove a small short vehicle before so it is much different.

- Name T

Large capacity van/ truck.

This addition is awesome, but has problems with the sliding doors. It is comfortable and roomy. It does not have a DVD player. I wish it did. This van seats 8 people. Rear seats fold into back floor. 2nd. Row seats move or remove. Lots of room in trunk and for moving things with seats down or out. Radio is a good one. Lots of features and reliable. Love this van. Kids do too.

- Lorraine C

Don't bother considering anything else!

I LOVE my van! I honestly don't have anything negative to say about it. It is an older model (2006) and has over 100,000 miles on it and it still works like a dream. It is super easy to load/unload the kids, has plenty of room for groceries, etc. From time to time I drive my other vehicle, which is a Hyundai Sonata, and honestly I always would prefer to be driving the van.

- Lindsay S

Great Ride! 2006 Honda Odyssey LX

The 2006 Honda Odyssey LX is comfortable, looks nice, and is a workhorse. It just keeps going and going, gets decent gas mileage, and can haul my daughter and her friends all over the place while they watch a movie in the back or listen to music. I can set the air differently in separate hemispheres of the vehicle. We thoroughly enjoy driving the 2006 Honda Odyssey LX.

- Thomas M

Great odyssey family ride

I love my odyssey. It has a lot of room. I have 3 grandkids and they love the built in DVD player. I love that it has enough room that we can all go together in same vehicle. The only trouble I have had is with transmission I have had to have it worked on twice. But other than that nothing major and I have but the miles on it. Already have over 170,000 and still going.

- Christine H

Disappointing Honda minivan.

There are a few things that disappoint me. Such as the bumpers that crack even at the slightest touch. Also the headlights are not automatic, and the dash lights up even when the lights are off which makes you think that the lights are on when they are not. No automatic dimming rear view mirror which my 1998 Dodge caravan had. I just expected more from a Honda.

- Jim P

Love the 8 person seating and extra room.

My vehicle has been extremely reliable. With regular upkeep, we have had minimal repairs. The greatest problem has been the electric automatic doors. They had been draining the battery and causing problems. With adequate lubrication and ensuring the correct stoppers are in place, it has been working great. Love the amount of room, storage, seating, etc.

- Carrie C

Roomy, comfort, and entertainment (dvd player) all in one vehicle. Honda did great in this model and class!

We just bought this vehicle used from someone we know. It is immaculate inside and out. Even though it has more than 200,000 miles on it and it a 2006. It has leather seats and buttons for the doors to open and close. It drives really well and it is very roomy, great with two car seats. I have no complaints, I never knew I would love a minivan!

- Michael K

Drives really good very comfortable saves on gas.

Good van has all features tv, air, sunroof, CD, radio. Leather seats also saves gas seats 8 people. SiriusXM if you want it. The back door windows let down also 2 back sliding doors. Very comfortable especially when your family is going out on vacation. You can relax while you ride and drive. Also has heated seats and heated mirrors. Very good car.

- Nicole W

I love the cargo hold seats. It can haul a lot of things.

It is had trouble with the air conditioning and cooling system two times. It is been pretty dependable. It's not very quiet, and could be the seals. It take a little longer to get the back wiper to stop working. I don't feel the slider doors are smooth are as smooth to slide as they could be. I feel the gas mileage is good. It's a pretty good van.

- Janice S

Make sure you keep you with maintenance.

Right now we have a issue with the power steering but that will get fixed. It is a reliable vehicle but at the same time when your vehicle start aging things will need to be tended to. . . So make sure you keep up with its maintenance and make sure you are taking it to the dealership. You might be able to go on YouTube for the easier maintenance.

- Kerry Ann W

Love my Honda odyssey — fits my 100 children lol.

I have 5 children all still in car seats under the age of 8, and my Honda odyssey fits us all very comfortably with room to spare! My odyssey has a sunroof, DVD player, leather seats, and automatic doors. We bought it used but it been absolutely reliable from day one. For families with little ones, this is the vehicle I recommend every time.

- Nadia N

Loving the sliding doors, everyday!

Big enough to fit 8 people and drives like a car. The interior has held up great for a 13 year old vehicle. It is been very dependable and reliable for our family road trips, too. I would highly recommend the odyssey to any family. When this vehicle eventually breaks down we will be looking at another new odyssey to replace our 2006 model.

- Tom K

My Honda minivan keeps us moving

It's a very reliable means of transportation. It's very good in gas I doesn't keep outside noise out well and tire wear happens frequently. Not a great of leg space. Shortest person in my household is 5'10 (me) so we need more leg room. Brakes and alignment is needed more frequently than I care and maintenance is pricy for a Honda van

- Christina G

The perfect family vehicle

I always said I would never own a minivan but after owning one it has been my favorite vehicle I've ever owned. Perfect for families. There are plenty of cup holders and features that make it great for road trips and soccer games. We love the built in DVD player. The back seats fold down so it's great for big loads. Dual AC is nice as well.

- Kristin W

Honest odyssey review and love of all the cup holders!

Comfortable, helpful, the brakes tend to wear down quick. Wish the trunk opened and close automatically. The TV and captains chairs really make it convenient. Love all of the cup holders and space. I personally want a newer Honda odyssey but I wouldn't drive another type of van. My kids love the car and I love how spacious the trunk is.

- Summer W

It's reliable and comfortable for a large family like mine.

I have 5 children and the Odyssey's electronic doors are a game changer! I open the doors from a distance and the kids run in and buckle themselves while I get the baby strapped in. It's a time saver to say the least. The entertainment system is amazing and it's still running with over 177,000 memory-making miles on it. I love my van!

- Elizabeth M

The amazing van of my childhood

My household has currently owned our 2006 Honda Odyssey van for nearly fourteen years now. It has been a very safe and reliable car for my family and I. Neither of my siblings can remember a time without that vehicle. The van will always hold a special place in my heart due to the travels and good times that I have experienced with it

- Alex M

The automatic doors are awesome and can be turned off too.

I love my Honda Odyssey. We got it in preparation for our children starting school and sports full time. I am able to drive 5 children in our van with no problem. The automatic locks, back doors, and windows were amazing. I had never had those features on my past cars and I felt so spoiled once I had them. We love our Honda Odyssey!

- Caitlin C

The best car on the road!

It is old but only has 45000 miles on t, so it acts like it is new. Nothing is broken on it and it starts right up and runs perfectly. It also is a beautiful blue color that I do not see very often on the road. I love my minivan! I would definitely buy another Odyssey if anything happens to my car, it is the best size and quality.

- Susan C

Honda Odyssey: 2006, the most simple van that can fit for a huge family.

It's big, so the van is quite spacious. I like how smooth the van drives on the street. The features are simple and easy to use. Even it's big and there's no backup camera, but it's accessible to use the side mirrors to get the accurate blindspot. The truck in the back is also spacious that you can fit the mini fridge in the back.

- Tracey T

Honda odyssey negatives and positives.

Sometimes the door does not close on its own. It is comfortable and affordable. The specific space allowed per legs room. Really makes a huge difference when riding a long way. I wish the phone hook would work wirelessly. I also do not care for the way the leather wears. The navigation system is amazing as is the surround sound.

- Tracy G

Best vehicle I have ever owned!

Only problem I have had with my van in the 11 years I have owned it was the sliding doors getting off track or needing new rollers. Other than that, the vehicle has been great for our family, especially on long trips to the beach. I would definitely buy another odyssey. Love everything about the seats and room that everyone has.

- Jennifer W

It has lots of room inside and it's been very reliable for us. It's good for larger families.

Passengers have plenty of room no matter where they are seated. I have room in the trunk for purchases. It's been very reliable. I dislike that when passengers exit from the back and fold the front seat forward - it doesn't easily lock in place but constantly rolls back and forth which is hard to adjust when you are driving!

- Shara J

High-quality, long-lasting minivan great for families.

This car is wonderful. My family has had it for 12 years and it has almost 260,000 miles on it. The only main issue, which didn't surface until later years, is the automatic doors not fully closing. Sometimes, they close; other times, they stop halfway and reopen. Other than that, it's the perfect size for my family of five.

- Maria S

Honda odyssey: family vehicle perfection.

The Honda odyssey is a great family vehicle. With the added options of removable and moveable second row seating, and foldable third row seating it makes customization for multiple family members easy. The navigation as well as the rear entertainment system is exceptionally handy for long distance travel with young children.

- Elizabeth S

An oldie but faithful and true.

It is a luxury model and has a DVD player which is awesome for road trips. There is a GPS system built in and every time we cross time zones our car clock automatically changes. The seats are leather and are very comfortable. The speaker's can be controlled in the front and rear. The CD player has six slots which is great.

- Brittany Z

Honda Odyssey is a reliable vehicle

I like it because it has many seats, and it is very comfortable car. The only problem Is the tie rod of the vehicle has to be changed every year my car has inspection. Other than that it drives good and it is a good size for a big family. If you do the regular preventative maintenance Honda Odyssey will last long.

- Mustafa H

Honda Odyssey are very spacious.

The Honda Odyssey is very comfortable, super reliable and great if you have a big family and want to ride in the same vehicle. My car was a hand me down from my family. I can honestly say that my car is the most comfortable car I've ever ridden in. As it has aged, my car hasn't given me too much troubles either.

- Faith C

At times I sit in my 2006 Honda Odyssey to have time away from my busy day.

The only real problem i've had with my van is the rioters and the brakes. The brakes wore out faster than normal and the rotors needed to be turned or replaced. I really enjoy driving my van. Very comfortable to drive and handles easily. It's also very roomy. I can haul lots of everything with room for seating.

- Nancy K

Our vehicle is the family vehicle, functional and versatile.

We bought Honda because of the company's reputation for cars that last a very long time. We bought used knowing that the car would continue to last way past 100, 000 miles. We have had to put some work into the vehicle, we had issues with the power steering. We have a large family, so are happy that it seats 8.

- Sara N

I love my Honda odyssey!!

I love my Honda odyssey! It is comfortable and extremely spacious for my family. It drives smooth. All the controls are very easy to understand and reach. Plus there is a DVD player! A nice bonus for this mommy of two little ones. Very impressed with this vehicle! We will continue to be a Honda family for sure!

- Kelly E

Good reliable car, with small noise and good reliability.

Very reliable, not very loud. Could be driven fairly long distances of a few hundred miles easily. Some faults may pop up, which can be easily fixed by a handyman. May use lots of fuel. Good car for family, with very spacious interior with comfy seats and user-friendly interface. Good technology for its time.

- Eric M

Save gas, no problems mechanic and excellent internal space.

I think of buying another one of the same newer model only, because it is an excellent car, very comfortable for travel and very Versatile for the city, low consumption of gasoline and I never had mechanical problems, only basic maintenance like exchange of oil, ample internal space my son loves the car too.

- Anderson D

A minivan most likely for a family with 2 or more kids.

My car is very reliable but it is old so it will not start quite often recently but I wish it had outlets all through the car and not just in the front. The TV is good quality just wish that the remote was more accurate and responsive. I also like how to seats fold into the floor of the car for convenience.

- Elijah R

Reliable and comfortable.

The Odyssey has been a reliable vehicle with few problems. Because of the age of the vehicle some parts have been replaced. Because of the reliability my next vehicle will be a Honda. The only complaint is that the paint has broken down over the years and need to be repainted. The paint could be better.

- Stephanie M

Great 'Soccer Mom' vehicle

Very reliable, the only problem we have encountered so far is the passenger side sliding door has come off of its track and that was fairly expensive to have fixed. Other than that, the car is great, especially for families, very roomy and the built in DVD player is great for trips with the young kids.

- Cody O

Good car overall especially with a large family.

It is spacious and very comfortable to travel and plenty of room for a large family. Easy to drive. Only downfall I bought it used and it has within the first year cost over 2k in repairs due to oil leaks and axle issues including my drive line. I would definitely buy one again but only if it was new.

- Alice D

The amazing Honda Odyssey.

My Honda Odyssey is the all around best vehicle I've ever owned. There is plenty of room and the auto-opening door are life savers. I love how the seats fold into the floor for added space. With 2 kids I need all the room I can get. Hondas last forever, are cheap to repair, and drive/handle amazingly.

- Toni P

Fits the whole family! Roomy, easy to clean.

Built in screens for middle row windows, rear control heat/cool. Smooth driving, so much storage, lots of cup holders. No big issues. One vent only kicks out high heat until turning the temp down all the way for a few seconds. Zipper on one of the back seats is starting to come apart at the wrong end.

- Annika B

The car is from 2006, so the car is getting more mechanical issues.

The car model, Honda odyssey, is very nice. You can fold up and take out all of the interior passenger seats except the driver and front right passenger seat. This makes the car very roomy. Though the model I have is from 2006, it still works very efficiently and gives comfortable family road trips.

- John Q

It is a spacious minivan.

The only issues it has right now includes the air conditioner being broken. The brakes are going to need repairs soon and the wheel is difficult to turn. Other than that it is a great family car or for road trips with friends. There is a lot of space in the interior and can fit up to eight people.

- Shela P

Everything good to me I still haven't find any issues with what I have right now.

Everything was good. I cannot complaint Honda was my favorite brand of car I like less trouble the parts are very cheap to buy, economy on gas, I will prefer to buy Honda a million times that other brands in the us. And the other hands if I will chose another car in the future I go with Toyota.

- John D

How reliable it has been for 12 years.

I would have given my van a 5 star if it wasn't so old. It still runs well, just a little noisy. Honda makes exceptional vehicles that last. There is no rust on this 12 year old van. And the captain seats are still comfy. I love the driver's side armrest. And it's so roomy so I can haul things.

- Leigh K

Made with parents in mind.

I love the convenience of driving a Honda Odyssey. Not only is it reliable, but the designers seem to really understand what features are helpful to parents. Sliding doors that can be opened remotely, extra storage in the floorboard, and easily folding seats are some of my favorite features.

- Alicia M

It's just our way of getting around but lots of memories have been made in that car. It has taken us on many adventures and been through many tears of joy and sadness.

My van is a well used item. It has gotten us through the past 9 years with 4 kids in tow. It has run more than it has broken down. It has been holding strong against the daily wear and tear. Wish it had better traction both in snow and rain. All wheel drive is a must on my next vehicle.

- Lisa P

Spacious family car that is good for events and gatherings

Transmission is going out. It has great a/c and good reliable car. It is a very spacious car it can fit a family of 7. Anytime I need gas it's a good gas saver considering it being a van. It is good for family trips and grocery shopping. I enjoy road trips and drive inn movies with this car

- Lexus C

2006 Odyssey Going Strong

I actually really love our van. It's been very reliable, has a lot of miles on it, and has required very little major repairs. It's 12 years old, so the cushion is out on the armrests in the front seats, and it doesn't have some of the features that newer cars have. But it's working for us!!

- Adrea S

My Honda Odyssey. A dream come true

Very comfortable, drives well, handles well. Great on gas mileage. Plenty of cabin room. DVD is great if you have kids. Very convenient. Long trips is a must with this vehicle. Plenty of storage space. Drives well. Handles great in bad weather. Sliding side doors are a must if you have kids

- Elena S

The best family vehicle!Been in the family for years!

I love my 2006 Honda odyssey! It is very comfortable and reliable. It has been in my family since it was brand new. I purchased it from my parents. It is perfect for long road trips with a growing family. I hope it will be in my family for many more years. It shows no signs of slowing down.

- Rebecca R

2006 Honda odyssey ex amazing room, comfortable seats and tons on space.

I am really happy with the purchase of my Honda odyssey! It has plenty of room for my family, the seats are comfortable, it has a button for my sliding glass doors to open without having to get out! It really does run amazing and was well worth the money I spent! I will only buy Honda now.

- Jessica K

Very dependable great for long distances.

It's Very reliable. Great vehicle extremely important very comfortable very dependable. Comfortable reliable, in-dash TV seats,7. Has a sunroof. In dash navigation system. Great all around vehicles. Very dependable. No mechanical issues. Great for long distances ,seats 7 very comfortable.

- Richard B

Not sure what I need to put here. I have a silver Honda van and I love it.

I have had my van since 2010 and have not had any problems or issues with it. We have a family of six and everyone has their own space. We haven't had to replace anything on it. My children are in orchestra, so we do a lot of traveling. All of the controls are easy to use and understand.

- Paula J

Honda makes a Great Family Vehicle

We love our Honda Odyssey! We have almost 180,000 miles on it and only have had minor repairs and no engine or transmission issues at all! It's great for getting groceries and carting the kids around! The automatic sliding doors and stow and go back seat are two of my favorite features!

- Elisabeth K

Great Odyssey we really love it.

It gets 20 miles per gallon. We have three kids and we are never short on space. The only downfall it has is that I am 6 foot 3 and the front seat is sometimes a little tight when a car seat is behind me. My wife however fits in there perfectly because she is a foot shorter than I am.

- Jonathan H

12 year old Honda Odyssey.

An extremely reliable car. Is around 12 years old and has almost 200, 000 miles but it is still running great. The rear automatic doors get stuck or will not close every once in a while but most of the problems surrounding the car are just from age and extreme use not the car quality.

- Makayla M

It�s a flexible and comfortable vehicle, great for long trips!

Since it's a van it requires a lot of gas for it to be full. Sometimes has oil problems after a while of usage. It's spacious and comfortable, the seats are also flexible. Mileage is pretty sufficient, but again needs a lot of gas to run. Has an easy to use cooling and heating system.

- Gabriela J

Honda odyssey, perfect family vehicle

We bought our 2006 Honda odyssey when we had our 3rd kid in 2013. We needed more room. We've traveled a lot and haven't experienced any major problems. The biggest problem we had was the sliding doors locking up. All other repairs have been simple. It seems to be holding up still.

- Melissa S

Love my Honda Odyssey and will buy another one!

I love my 06 Honda Odyssey! It has a rear view camera, DVD player, multi CD player, sliding doors, and a navigation system.The problems I'm having with it right now is that the rear door doesn't stay open, the right side sliding door gets stuck every time, and my CD player skips.

- Briyan O

What we really like about our van is the side passenger doors are automatic.

Our Honda Odyssey is handicap accessible and it is very reliable and I would definitely purchase another ones. They handle well on the road and get good gas mileage. We've not had any problems with our vehicle but we do service it regular and have new tires put on when needed.

- Dorothy G

Old, but dependable Odyssey.

Dependable, has never broken down, get decent gas mileage, lots of room for hauling kids, equipment, shopping, etc. No DVD player. Leather interior. Left side sliding door no longer works that well. Minor dent in front right side. Has just over 160, 000 miles on it. New tires.

- Jessica S

The best van out of all car makers, Honda Odyssey

The car is 12 years old and there are no signs of it breaking down anytime soon. Very reliable and good on gas. All I did was keep up with the scheduled maintenances and everything is working out like it's supposed to be. The car has given me no surprise breakdowns or nothing

- Anthony L

Hunk of junk: a Journey through inheriting your parents car.

My vehicle is very old. The bumper has issues. My car now sometimes smells when turned on. The engine light goes on and off occasionally. There is a lot of space in the back. There is a video player in the back. It does not have an automatic trunk. It does not have Bluetooth.

- Ellie G

it gives few problems but is the best car for long trips

it has a good performance it will stand to anything it currently has been giving a lot of problems but most are not a big deal. most problems are in the motor but aren't something that will affect performance other problems include the automatic doors not shutting completely

- andy A

Honda Odyssey a good family option

I really love that my version has 8 seats so we can fit all the children. I'm irritated because we seem to always have problems with the DVD player. I've replaced it twice and we still have problems. It drives smoothly and has plenty of storage to accommodate our busy family.

- Kristi J

Spacious . Gas is not too bad . Smooth drive . Easy to handle and drive.

Automatic door went out fast but it is been good otherwise. Spacious and has so much space for my three kids to fit comfortable and I have two car seats. Have taken it traveling and it has not let me down! Definitely not a gas hog so it is not too pricey to fill up the tank!

- Jessica M

The brakes are a problem and have been from the beginning and Honda has been incapable of fixing them.

I like that it sits high, has a sunroof, and drives smooth. I also like the seat warmers and the leather seats because they clean easily. i love the space. The brakes have been nothing but trouble ever since I bought the vehicle so my next minivan will be a Toyota Sienna.

- April B

The automatic doors are life!

I love the features on my Odyssey. It has some go to the motor also. I love the automatic sliding doors. They are convenient for my kids getting in and out. Tons of room in the back for luggage. The secret compartment under floor comes in handy. The seats are comfortable.

- Amanda N

Runs smooth great price cold air conditioner.

I have had no major problems with this van. Mine is configured for a wheelchair ramp and the battery sometimes has trouble with the extra amps. Drives real smooth and runs great despite being 13 years old. Leather seats great air conditioning. Great choice and affordable.

- Lara P

Dependable and safe and drives as smooth as a car.

I love my minivan. I love the dependability and not having to worry about expensive repairs. I like the folding back seat to be able to carry large items. I like the third middle seat that can fold down as a cup holder. I love the cooling bin in the front of the console.

- Ginger B

It is a deep Odyssey everything works well. . The lights the doors all.

I love it because it has a lot of space and it fits the whole family and I can use it for when I need to load big things. And it has a lot of space. I use it for many things that I then need to do with it. And really recommend this minivan the people have a big families.

- Gloria P

18 Cup holders you always have a place for a drink.

All leather. Seats 7, automatic sliding doors. 6 CD changer, video player. Air conditioning coming from ceilings. Back window blinds. Great for traveling with captains seats in front. Very comfortable ride. It also has great pick-up and go. Sunroof is nice to have also.

- Melissa M

Only buy Honda vehicles because they last!

Truly haven't had many issues with the van, Honda is a great car company. We recently had to replace the starter but it's a 2006 so it's a given that repairs need to be done on older cars. The car has helped up nicely inside and out and has taken a beating from my kids.

- Kristin K

Why you should get a Honda odyssey.

It is a really nice vehicle I do not like the sliding door mechanisms seems like there's always issues. The middle 8 seat did not come with it which the vehicle would have come with that seat since I have 7 children. Wish the vehicle got a little bit better gas mileage.

- Brooks K

Very dependable and roomy vehicle

This has been a very reliable vehicle for my family. We have 6 children and it is so functional for us. It has a removable extra seat in the middle row when we need it. I have not had to do costly repairs other than routine maintenance and it has been a blessing to us.

- Elizabeth I

Leather seats Gear shift is on dashboard.

Lack of gas mileage o rings need to be replaced on the power steering slider door sometimes won't open or close it gets stuck oil leak air filter needs replaced leather seats are ripped ac is leaking in back of van power steering issues Windshield wipers need replaced.

- Evelyn F


My 2006 Honda Odyssey has been a great vehicle. It now has 245,000 miles on it and was primarily used to commute 80 miles round trip to work every day. It's been a dependable highway cruiser with, for the most part, only needing tires and a new battery periodically.

- scott g

It is a very spacious vehicle. One of the best I have ever owned

I really love my odyssey because it has a lot of room and came with with DVD players in it which my kids really love on long trips. I love that it is good on gas and is a very reliable vehicle for my family. I have never had a Honda but I am glad I finally got one.

- Sarah M

It was detailed and painted. It is a fine testimony that proper care pays off .

No problems. Drives well. Carries 6:7 people comfortably. I like it and would get another one. We take good care of it and it has proven to be a good vehicle. We have had it painted once. Looks brand new it has been cleaned and washed often. Not in snow. No smoking.

- Patricia G

Honda 2006 touring in good conditions.

It has plenty of space, car TV, leather sits, with plenty of sites and great in gas. Color is dark blue. With plenty of space on rear area. It has a GPS install also a music radio and clean rugs. Rear camera works good and new tires. Low miles in the Honda odyssey.

- Jessica F

Great family vehicle with everything you need!

Very reliable, love the leather feature and 8 seater option. The storage and space are a must. Great family vehicle. Minimal problems overall. Occasional problems with the electric doors, but with enough lubrication and correct stoppers, they work like a dream.

- Sylvia C

Honda odyssey.. Best family vehicle!!

Our Honda odyssey is such a comfortable family vehicle. We call it our "star-ship enterprise. " Reliable and roomy. The seats fold down with ease to allow for more room. We have a large family, and this vehicle gives us all comfortable space. We love our Honda.

- Jessica T

It is a 2006 and it is in great shape.

I love my van I runs good and everything works good except the navigation system it does not work well. The van is in really good shape for it being a 2006. It has the DVD player leather seats backup camera navigation system 6 disc CD changer. 4 bucket seats.

- Jennifer E

Honda's are great vehicles.

Don't really have and problems with it. Just wish it had a touch screen and also wish it was push to start. It's very reliable and also efficient on gas. It's very roomy for my family of 6 and very comfy to drive. Honda vehicles are just really good to have.

- Morling L

It has a video player for children to watch movies when we drive on vacations.

I enjoyed my Honda until it began to have a electric problem. It will not start at times, but as soon as you connect it to a starter, it starts right away. It has some kind of electrical short and we have had it worked on many times, but they never fix it.

- Patricia L

Honda's last forever! I drive my car hard and it still runs well!

My van is reliable. It runs great and is easy to maintain. It is very roomy. I can fit my kids and their friends and all their stuff. I hate where the gas tank and trunk releases are. The lights do not go off automatically so often I leave the lights on.

- Susan G

The back folding seats are everything. Everyone in so comfortable in my van.

I love everything about my van. It is so comfortable and reliable. Fits so many people and gear at the same time. The fold down seats in the back are a lifesaver. Only issues are the automatic doors stick and the engine guard pan in the front fell off.

- Emily M

There is plenty of room for cargo with the third row seats folded down.

Honda odyssey is a great minivan. To runs smooth and is very comfortable to drive. The second row stating slides to one side making it easy to get into the third row. The heat and air-conditioning controls in the rear make it comfortable for passengers.

- John S

It is a great vehicle for families and traveling.

I love how it handles. It feels like a car, yet I am able to take many passengers. The trunk area is large and has a rubber liner that I can wash. What I don't like is that it is getting older and breaks more and has many miles and has cosmetic damage.

- Mel W

3rd row seating, sunroof, back DVD player, GPS system, seat warmer etc...

Very roomy for a family, all windows go down including backseat windows, equipped with a sunroof, and DVD player etc, big truck deep trunk, it's has a 3rd row seat, both backs seats fold down, has a GPS system, front and back seats can control own air,

- Brittany V

Mom van? Yes, but so much more than that!

I have 240, 000 miles on my Odyssey and it still runs great. The sliding doors are perfect for full hands and kids. It is comfortable. It has a ton of storage space. It still looks great even though it is 12 years old. Seats easily move out if the way.

- Laura H

It holds the road well, drives smoothly, has room and doesn't seem like you're driving a van when you really are.

Drives smoothly, it has lots of space. This van has seats that are easy to fold down so that you have room to haul large items. I love that it has doors on both in the back and it is easy for even adults to sit in the back as well as exit the vehicle.

- Andrea Y

I love my Honda odyssey, especially the heated seats.

The one feature I do not like about it is the trunk that does not have a remote. Otherwise, no problems with performance, reliability, or comfort. I *love* the heated seats during the wintertime. Wish that feature were available on the rear seats too.

- Stephanie P

It's an amazing family car. The back seats fold into the floor which makes it very convenient.

Power button broke on the radio, so because of that the DVD player no longer can be used. We tried to replace the entire radio but a part was broken off so makes it to where we cannot good it at home. Other than that am really pleased with my vehicle

- Nicole G

Very nice and sporty used vehicle.

I have a used minivan and it drives well but has some heat and a/c problems. I love the look of it but I would love to update it soon. I love the color (white) and it is sporty and comfortable. I believe I would enjoy it more if it was a newer model.

- Monica W

Comfortable minivan ride review.

The vehicle provides for a comfortable ride, and is very easy to handle. Good acceleration. Because it is 12 years old, the car does not have the newest technology that other vehicles currently in its class have. Overall a very reliable car to drive.

- Jacob J

Honda is the most reliable vehicle I've ever owned.

I bought my Honda Odyssey new in 2006. It has over 120,000 miles on it. I've had very few problems with it over the years and it is still in great condition. The only major repairs I've needed were the a/c a few years ago and recently the alternator.

- Julie D

Great on gas. Very spacious.

I love everything about this vehicle. It is very convenient. It makes grocery shopping so much easier. Road trips are great because of the space and built in DVD player. Perfect for families. Great on gas. To me it is pretty stylish to be a minivan.

- Shay W

It is a very comfortable car that rides very nicely.

I like the size of the car for my family. I do not like the fact that one month after buying it used I had to replace the transmission. I have several things about the car that do not work properly like the lock on the driver's side sliding door.

- Martin H

Most dependable car ever!

I have owned this car for 12 years and have never had any problems with it. It is very reliable. It is incredibly comfortable to drive and to ride in as a passenger. It gets great gas mileage. The kids love the DVD player and I love the XM radio.

- Amie A

This is a very safe car. You and your family will be well protected in this minivan.

I really like the safety record. I feel that it is a vehicle that I can safely take my kids in. The only thing I would like is more features...not the fault of Honda, but the fault of me for not getting the features at the time of purchase.

- Andrea C

Extremely low maintenance needed!

I really love my Honda Odyssey. I bought it about three years ago used and have only had to change the oil in it about once a year. It is very comfortable. I like to do all kinds of projects and it allows me to haul whatever supplies I need.


The Odyssey is a overall great family car and great for traveling.

I like the reliability. Since it is older, the doors aren't as reliable in opening and closing as they used to be. The power steering seems to have issues in the Odyssey as well as we had another one previous to this that had problems

- MaryAnne M

Honda Odyssey Minivan Review

Overall the care is quite reliable, and it provides for a comfortable ride. Handling and acceleration are quite nice. The vehicle is 12 years old, yet still runs fairly well with limited amount of problems and maintenance being needed.

- Jacob J

The seats can be taken in and out and reconfigured the way that best fits what you need but it's a hassle to do because its heavy and cumbersome.

Love the automatic sliding doors especially with children. The vehicle has a DVD player and plenty of space. The top vents for the air conditioner in the back are great especially for hot days in Florida. The kids really like it .

- Xuan T

The van is very nice and comfortable inside. The AC going out earlier than expected. The road noise is loud. Disappointed with the paint job on the body and the rims.

Overall it is a great car, and reliable. We have had problem with the power steering pump. Otherwise, the car runs great and has plenty of power and acceleration. The paint job is terrible. It's flaking and peeling off and got rusted.

- Rung R

Honda Odyssey great family car

Love the room and space of the Honda odyssey. Lots of features for a family like DVD and lots of cup holders. Pretty reliable; only complaint is the year of Odyssey has a tire called a PAX tire and they are hard t find and expensive.

- Christy S

It is great for large families and has lots of trunk space.

I definitely do not hate this van. All Honda's are great cars and my van still runs very smoothly so I cannot complain there. The only thing is, as an 18 yr old, it does not exactly suit me. I would love something smaller and newer.

- Sue R

Reliability. No major repairs or work needed.

I love the way it drives and the gas mileage for a minivan. It has served me well and the perfect family car for road trips. My only dislike is that it's too big for me now that my children are grown and don't travel with me much.

- Irma L

Great safety rating so I feel safer driving this car.

Best feature is power-adjustable pedals so that a short person can reach them. Honda has great performance and needs minimal service. Dislike that the pedal feature has been discontinued so I cannot replace this vehicle easily.

- Kat R

Our Odyssey is a very reliable vehicle. With regular preventative maintenance, we hope to drive her past 200,000 Miles.

We purchased our Odyssey Touring used a few years ago. It has been a reliable vehicle, comfortable during long road trips, and gets decent gas mileage. We have built-in navigation, but haven't purchased the current nav upgrade.

- Audra M

It has been super reliable. At 12 yrs old it's still going strong with few repairs.

The cargo space and fold-down last row are great. I also love the plus one seat in the second row which allows us to transport up to 8 people. All of the space is also my least favorite part. I miss driving around a small car!

- Kathy G

It is very reliable and trustworthy and never breaks down

I like that it is reliable despite the fact that it was bought used. I like the comfort of the seats and how easily they fold down. I do not like that the radio does not connect to my phone to play music through the speakers

- Heather J

It is reliable and suited for families on the go. I would highly recommend getting a Honda Odyssey.

I love how I can fit my whole family of five and more in my van. I love the way it drives so easily. I hate that the parts for my van cost so much. I hate how the doors keep messing up especially in the winter season.

- Cortney D

This vehicle is constantly winning awards for safest in Its class.

I love the space inside and the ability to move the seats around into different configurations. I also like the heated seats, sliding side doors, master light switch and DVD player. I love the automatic lift gate.

- Melissa B

That it is the most bad a*s car there is on the road.

I like the fact fact that it has air conditioning and it goes really fast. Also I can watch movies for my kids and they stay quit as I drive. It and drive really fast so fast to we're I barely have to tap the gas.

- drake m

All around amazing van. Awesome van for a larger family of 7.

The seating is amazing for a large family. And the convertibility to be able to move seat positions around is awesome. Love the auto doors and the entertainment package. All around amazing can for a large family.

- David H

The amount of money it takes to fix the van when something goes wrong with it.

I like that it has lots of seats to hold my family. I love the navigational system and dvd player for my grandkids. I dislike that how much gas it takes and how expensive it is to fix anything that goes wrong.

- Stephine M

It is a great family car that has lots of room and storage.

My vehicle is great for short family trips (only because it is older). I like the power that my car has and it also has great air conditioning. I dislike that I had to replace the transmission for $5,100!!!

- Martin H

Comfort. If you don't feel comfortable in the vehicle you will not be happy.

Honda Odyssey is the best minivan we've ever owned. It is reliable, dependable, sharp looking, and comfortable. Comfort is an important feature, especially on long trips. Extremely happy with our purchase.

- Sonya T

Dependable and comfortable Honda Odyssey

Very dependable, engine should last at least 200,000 miles. Comfortable. Cold a/c. Power windows, anti lock brakes, cd/am/fm. Spacious. Problems include head gasket, transmission. Also turning ratio poor.

- Ray B

It is GREAT for families and has a lot of storage space.

I like the big windshield and back window that makes driving easier. I like the automatic sliding doors that can be operated by a button on the console. I don't like the middle seat of the second row.

- Karen S

The Odyssey is a great family vehicle and makes a parents life a little easier.

Only issue is that one of our sliding doors will not currently open. I have one child and having my second in December so I love the sliding doors. Lots of trunk space too for strollers and groceries.

- Anne R

Top ratings for safety. Holds the value for resale. Very comfortable whether you're the driver or passenger

I like how many people I can have in the van, roominess that it gives each passenger. Can remove seats if needed in the middle and lay down the back ones. I can't think of anything I dislikes about it

- Sharon N

Its paid for! I would never think of having a car payment.

I was able to purchase it from a family member for extremely cheap, it is reliable and runs well. However it doesn't get the greatest gas mileage, and in the future, I would not choose to drive a van

- Keri d

Love the space for the kids.

Bought pre-owned. Ok condition but only need it to get to work and around town. Runs well with some minor issues like sliding doors don't close properly. Also, needs some work done under the hood.

- Amanda B

It is great for families. It is a very good size and can haul a lot.

We have had some problems with the doors. We recently had to spend a good amount of money on it, but it has been a long time since we had to pUT money in it. But it is a great size and reliable.

- Ashley B

Minivans are cheaper up north like Ohio then buying in the south like Oklahoma.

I love my Honda. It has a DVD player and sunroof that I love the most. 8 person seating and the 3rd row folds all the way down to make it flat. Its save for all my children and their friends.

- Tammy S

My minivan has been very reliable, I have only had to replace the battery and one wheel bearing.

I own a minivan that has a lot of cargo space, is easy to get in and out of and is very reliable. It is easy to maneuver and has a comfortable ride. The gas mileage could be better though.

- David I

Gas Saving Family Vehicle

This vehicle is the perfect family car. If you need space for kids, or you transport a lot of baggage, this is the vehicle for you. Not to mention it has great gas mileage and drives smooth.

- Briahna S

A lot of space for passengers and luggage in an easy to drive car.

This vehicle has lots of room for passengers and luggage. Our van has over 170,000 miles and runs well. The steering is not as easy as it should be at times. We need to have it checked out.

- Sarah G

This is the best family vehicle.

I love the space. The trunk is huge with stow-away seating. Automatic sliding doors. Great on gas. I dislike that after 10 years my automatic sliding doors have just stopped working.

- Michelle p

A great car for travel with minor gripes.

Been using this car for over 10 years and it still works great. It is easy to use and control. My only gripe with the car would be it is needs a lot of refueling and it is a little big.

- Mickey C

There is lots of space, great for anyone with kids. Can fit a lot of people.

I like that it has a lot of room for car seats, toys, snacks, books. There's a compartment in the floor and the back row seats fold down easily for more room. I dislike the gas mileage.

- Hannah E

It's a family vehicle that can accommodate any age from front to back.

I love all of the space and collapsible seats! The vehicle gets decent gas mileage and it's upkeep is fairly reasonable in regards to expenses. We love the DVD player in ours as well.

- Laura S

Better in gas mileage than you'd think.

It is a comfortable vehicle, roomy and extremely dependable. It gets good gas mileage. It has a lot of features on it. When it was new it was the top of the line vehicle for a minivan.

- Jerry B

It is a safe and reliable car.

It is an old car but reliable and roomy. It has had a new alternator and recently had the air conditioning replaced but overall it is has been a great car with little repairs needed.

- Jennifer W

Great for larger families! It makes life so much more convenient.

I love the space available! So much in this vehicle makes the car so convenient: sliding doors, rear control, etc. There are minor control things I would change if I had the chance.

- Debbie C

Buying a used car sometimes can be tricky women point of view.

I brought my car used and its great on gas 23 miles per gallon has not had any real issue with the car the only thing I do not like is I have to get my oil done cannot do it myself.

- Nicole J

Great for multiple kids. Yep.

Best car or van I have owned. Like the removable seats. Great ride. No real complaints and I think I'll change the timing belt at 100 miles. Hope to run it for many more years.

- Brandon J

It's incredibly dependable.

I like the gas mileage my vehicle offers. I like the amount of room and extra storage my vehicle offers. Dependable and durable vehicle. I wish it was easier to work on myself.

- Nate J

My minivan runs great. Over 10 yrs old and still going strong.

I love my minivan. Can transport big things. I can fit 8 people in my car. My seats to get back to the 3rd row seating is the only thing I would change. Hard to get back there.

- Crystal A

My Honda van is the best!

Love Honda vans. I've owned 2 so far and they are very comfortable and reliable. The sliding doors suck. They freeze shut in the winter. Overall they are worth their value

- Brenda M

Smooth ride with a lot of space for children this would be the ideal vehicle.

I like it because it has 3rd row seating. It also has a lot of space inside the vehicle as well as in the trunk. There really is not anything I dislike about it. Drives great!

- Nikki F

It is a great family car and it has plenty of space for multiple uses.

I like that it is reliable. It can have a mechanical issue but still last a very long time and barely represent the issue. I like that I have plenty of room in the vehicle.

- Tiff c

It is a very dependable vehicle.

I love my Honda Odyssey. It is comfortable and roomy. It has great features for Its year. My only complaint is that it is a bit expensive compared to some similar models.

- Brian H

Keeps On Going Year After Year

This has been a dependable vehicle. It has more than 200,000 miles and is beginning to have little issues but all can be repaired making it continue to be dependable.

- Carol R

It has a lot of room so kids aren't on top of each other.

It's large and roomy. Has air conditioning and a nice radio and cd player. Seats up to 8 if I put in the small seat.I just wish all the seats folded down in the back.

- Renee G

It is very comfortable to sit in and to drive in.

The automatic sliding doors often break. The auto locks don't work on every door. There is a blind spot on each side when you look back to check for cars in traffic.

- Michelle B

It holds a lot of gas and has excellent acceleration

Handling is great! Not new but it looks and feels like a new! I have space to put large items when i shop at BJ's and if i need more space, i can fold my seats down

- Valarie B

This car has a lot of gadgets, a little confusing in the beginning but I can find all my answers in the book that is provided.

The Odyssey is a great minivan. I bought it 10 years old and it's never needed any make mechanical work. It gets good mileage. Comfortable and easy stowaways seats.

- Ann C

THE VEHICLE FOR EVERYONE A VERSATILE CAR, YOU Can fit lots of people and still have cargo room. or pull out seats and fit large items

it fits 8 people and has a very smooth ride. it has a lot of cRGO ROOM AND FAIRLY GOOD GAS MILEAGE. 1 DOWNFALL IS THAT THE DRIVER SIDE AIR DOESN'T WORK VERY WELL

- angela p

Has run great for me over the past 12 years. Need for it...diminished as my kids have aged. Blessed to have the DVD player

Overall the van has been a blessing for my family. Now that my kids are older and able to drive themselves ..the need for the van is not as high as it once was.

- Christine B

A great van, but not as reliable as one would think.

While we appreciate the functionality of our vehicle, and the value for the price, we keep having to repair our van. We thought we'd have much lower maintenance

- Katie Y

It has a lot of safety features. Automatic sliding doors.

I love it because it has a built in navigation system and tv's. I dislike because Honda's are supposed to be very reliable but they starter is going out on it.

- Roxzanna L

Very dependable. Not a lot of breakdowns or problems.

Great gas mileage. Very dependable. Very comfortable to ride and drive. Plenty of room for passengers and gear. Plenty of horsepower to haul what you may need.

- Joseph Y

She has never let me down. Love it!.

I love the leather seats and DVD system. I also love how it drives. I hate the gas mileage. I really wish it got more and it was more economical for a family.

- Elizabeth W

It is old, but it is a good car to get.

I like that it is sturdy, but I have had it for a really long time and it is wearing out. I need to get frequent oil changes and that is really frustrating.

- Olivia K

That it's a reliable, comfortable ride. Does well on gas.

I love the comfort and quiet ride it provides. I like how much room it has, plenty of room to spread out. I like that it is predicted to last a long time.

- Karen B

It drives well and lots of power for a minivan.

Many repairs, and the same repairs over and over. Ac compressor and alternator are weak points. I like how it rides and drives, enough room for the family.

- Jeremy K

It is nice to have side windows that open. And my cat likes it.

I like how roomy it is and that it is easy to drive. I dislike that this model does not have Bluetooth or any way to connect my phone with the cats system.

- Sophia C

It's super comfortable with lots of thoughtful storage space.

I love my minivan! There is plenty of space for my family and we never feel cramped or crowded. It's perfect for driving kids and great on long car trips.

- Anna C

This van really takes a beating!

It is very reliable. The features are convenient for a large family ( drink holders, easy to clean fabric, etc.) It takes a beating and still works well~!

- jenny R

I absolutely love my Honda Odyssey, it is super comfortable for road trips, very roomy for multiple children. I drive 80 miles to and from work a day, and for the size of the vehicle, I get good gas mileage. I have had minimal problems with my van. I love my backup camera and my GPS system, they come in handy every single day. The sliding doors are a plus for the kids in parking lots.

It is a very reliable car, I bought it used. It has been perfect for my kids and my family, for long road trips or just simple trips to the grocery store.

- Marissa W

The navigation system is really hard to figure out how to update it all.

I do not like that that aux cord connection is in the back, like that it fits all my family, do not like that the self sliding door always get messed up.

- Heather P

It drives smooth and easy like a sedan, not like a typical van.

Will hold up to 8 passengers. Drives extremely well. Fold into floor rear seats. Only dislike is the cost of maintenance IF I used a Honda dealership.

- Henry G

I find it interesting that the middle seats can be a two seater or three easily for another person

I think my Honda Odyssey is a very good car it is roomy and comfortable. Even if all seats are filled with a person it can still hold a lot of storage.

- Stacy B

Get many miles out of the lifetime of it. It just keeps going with minimal maintenance.

I like that it has a DVD player for my kids to watch movies. It has been a great vehicle with little problems to fix. The gas mileage is not too bad.

- Alisa B

It is very reliable but is a gas guzzler.

I wish that there was an AUX cord, but besides that I love the GPS, the heated seats, the DVD player, and the speakers split between front and back!

- Elana G

It has plenty cargo space.

It has plenty of space and great for travelling. It is however not fuel efficient. For us who do not have little children anymore, it feels boring.

- Maricelle W

It rides smooth great SUV for small family.

Most important to me is the comfort in seating. Can carry almost any load. Like the fact that both passenger and driver can get the air they need.

- Beverly N

It's spacious and has lot of.compartments. seats fold.down into the floor

I like the room and auto doors. How it was plenty of LATCH systems to install car seats and having 8 seats without having to buy a huge vehicle

- Amanda H

Honda Odyssey - the van everyone should own

I like that it can seat 8 if needed. Has heated front seats. Drives wonderful and handles great in winter on Iowa roads. Gets good gas mileage.

- JoAnn T

It's reliable for my everyday uses. I love it very much.

I love my minivan. It has automatic doors and windows. It's actually not bad on gas. My grandchildren have plenty of room to be comfortable.

- Gina C

It is so reliable. We actually own 2 Odysseus and one has 240000 miles on it and is still going strong.

It is reliable; i have had very little trouble with it. It is a pleasant ride and easy to drive.I have a big family and it can hold all of us.

- Mich B

The gear shift is in an odd position.

I love the amount of space as well as the amount of extra storage space. I also enjoy the gas mileage. My only complaint is that it is older.

- Terri C

The back seats fold down into the van floor.

My Honda van is very comfortable and easy to drive. The only problem that I have with my vehicle it that the trunk does not open by itself.

- Serena J

It is super reliable and easy to maintain and keep in good condition.

It is a very good and reliable vehicle. It rarely has any problems or needed repairs. It is a comfortable vehicle for our family's needs.

- Heather P

That although it is a little pricier, it is a vehicle that runs for a long time with good maintenance.

My minivan is so reliable and great on gas. I have never been left stranded. I is comfortable and pleasant to drive and has tons of cargo!

- holly m

There is a 5 star safety rating on the van and would bup it again.

I love the way it drives. I love that I can put my seats down myself. I love being up high. I have no complaints. I would by another one

- Sharon L

Great family vehicle for trips

The minivan still runs great. It has held up over the years dealing with 3 kids and friends. I would definitely buy it over again.

- Steve L

It is perfect for families with kids.

I like the cargo space with the back seats down, plenty of room for stuff! I dislike that it is showing its age, it looks run down.

- Cassandra I

Safety and that the car is a wonderful family car.

Wonderful car. We love our Honda so much that when the transmission went out, we replaced it. Very safe and very reliable vehicle.

- Deborah S

Do it all. The Honda Odyssey has done it all. It hauls a lot of people and luggage in comfort

the Honda odyssey has been very dependable.We have taken it on many road trips and is very convenient to haul people and luggage.

- kerry k

Very comfortable drive. Good for family trip. Seven to eight people can sit.

I like my car, specialty in a long trip. However both sliding door stopped working a while back. I have only around 75000 miles.

- rin s

It is a very kid friendly vehicle.

Drives really great. Very family friendly. , lots of room for storage and super car seat friendly. Also a very reliable vehicle.

- Hannah H

Versatility of this fine car.

Love the versatility of the vehicle! Love the space! Love how it handles! Love how safe i feel in it and am happy with the mpg.

- Richard S

I bought it dented like this.

Like: hauls lots of kids, lasts forever, cold ac. Dislikes: ugly color, body damage, not much trunk space, bad power steering.

- Melanie G

It runs smoothly, everyone is comfy.

I like all the extra features for kids: DVD player, car seat anchors, etc. I do not like that the door does not always work.

- Brandon D

Has nearly 200,000 miles and still going strong. Seats are still comfortable

Lots of space inside with each seat being comfortable, even in the 3rd row! Mileage is good but have had issues with engine.

- Jules M

Comfort and a great drive!!

It's a great family car! We love it for long travel with our 3 boys! Great room and very comfortable! Highly recommended it!

- Christie N

Is that the air doesn't work...and that it seats 8 people

Air conditioner doesnt work...the starter needs to be replaced...the horn is starting to fail...other than that it runs good

- Rita A

Saves on gas when you have multiple kids that need to get around for school.

Odyssey is roomy, safe, and comfortable. My only negative is that it is loud when driving; could use better shock absorbers.

- Ym H

They outlast many of the other vehicles on the Market.

I love my Honda Odyssey. They are known for last for several hundred thousand miles. I rarely have any issues with my van.

- Marquetta B

Long history no of a/c and electrical issues with this make and model

I like the vehicle but there are constantly issues with the ac, electrical system, etc. Also, the tire sensors never worked

- Elizabeth C

Honda Odyssey gold standard

My vehicle has a build in lock box, holds up well in a car accident, seats 8. has a 6 disk cd changer. stow and go seats.

- Chantel B

It is great for kids. Good space. Very convenient features.

I like the amount of space, great for kids. I do not like the seats, they are hard to fold. Car is very durable over all.

- Amber A

It is good on gas and fits comfortably and a good van to travel and a lot of room.

I like how it rides and really roomy. My dislike about my van does not come with a lot of options. My van is only basic.

- Kelly B

The most important thing in my car is about how many people can fit in it.

My car is great for road trips because it can hold a lot of people. Two people can sit in the front, and 5 in the back

- ethan b

It holds a lot of cargo when seats are folded down or removed.

It holds a ton of stuff. It is perfect for taking kids to college. It gets better gas mileage than other minivans.

- Judy M

Don't buy Hondas first one ever never will buy one again.

Automatic doors quit working. Like sunroof. Air works great. Spacy. The parts are expensive when needed to get fixed.

- Liz P

It is bigger than you expect.

I dislike the fact that there is not an aux cord. I like the space in the car. I do not have much to complain about.

- Elana G

Perfect for busy families!

We love our Honda Odyssey! Great for family travel and weekend sports. Spacious and quiet. Very dependable vehicle!

- Kristina B

It is very versatile and durable.

Like room. Like size. Dislike overall look. Dislike color. Like quality. Wish there were more windows that opened.

- Melissa N

Reliability is great for Honda Odysseys

I really love the Honda Odyssey. It has been so reliable, and I feel safe driving it and being a passenger in it.

- Kelly R

Many features that mothers need and want.

Likes: multiple cup holders, great gas mileage, space, stow away seating, heated front seats, moonroof, xm ready.

- Holly L

Versatile for transportation of children and freight.

I love the reliability and function of my minivan. I love the child transportation aspect. I hate the mpg aspect.

- Brant V

That is it running great. Will not leave me stranded. I've had it for a good time now.

It is spacious. Good driven. No problems. Love the color. The size is perfect. Kids love it. Like to go cruising.

- Jessica V

It is dependable. It is the standard of vans. We love it.

I love all of the room for my family. It has been a reliable vehicle for our family. Our kids love the dvd player

- Alison M

It drives smooth as can be. It possibly might stall on you but it will turn back over after turned off, and turned back on

I love my interior and exterior of my van. I dislike the fact that my van stalls sometimes. Overall I love my van

- Tyshawn S

I enjoy the space, the automatic doors. I like there are in ceiling AC vents for the back seats and that we can move the music to the back for playing. I like how it handles

I feel safe in my van. Comfortable. Easy to carry multiple people. Will hold 3 car seats across the middle seat.

- Aidey S

Vehicle is roomy for both passengers and luggage. We've had no problems with the van. The only think now is that it is old and there is new technology with newer models.

It's great for families of both adults and kids. There is enough room for everyone including space for luggage.

- Scott M

The safety is still going good. It drives wr in eraser conditions. The door can get jammed when it sense someone's too close .

I love the space. The third row is extra roomy. It has good gas mileage and the kids love all lhe cup holders.

- Ora S

It is absolutely always reliable to get me where I need it go.

The interior room, tons of room. The sliding doors are so convenient. The reliability it is always dependable.

- Amy K

I have never had any large issues or problems with my van. I love that even after 12 years it still runs great. The van has held up through the abuse that children put on a van. I love how much stuff I can fit into my van.

I have only had to worry about basic maintenance, I have had no mechanical problems since purchasing the van.

- Heather J

Built to last. Honda's are known for their ability to last a long time with no major problems!

As old as my van is it has never had any major issues. Runs great, plenty of room and comfort for our family!

- Rebecca P

Good minivan for families with more than four people and families with infants and toddlers.

Pro: Good family minivan. Large capacity; good resale value; reliable quality Con: loud road noise; low mpg

- Daphne C

Contrary to popular believe Honda engines still have lots of problems.

Transmission had to be replaced and problem with engine mounting bolts and coolant system also door sensor.

- Angela W

Lots of cup holders and very comfortable seating.

I love my car! It offers all that we need for our family with comfortable seating and lots of cup holders.

- Mateo P

The spaciousness of the car. Can fit a number of people in addition the luggage.

Enjoy the roominess of the car, very spacious. Easy to drive. Could be a little more economical to drive.

- Judy F

Trouble free, great for kids with plenty of room.

Reliable, dependable haven't had any major repairs. My next purchase will be the same. Great for travel.

- Betty B

Very reliable and trusted to transport my family.

I like to have the seating to take my family places, room to transport stuff and great gas mileage

- David B

The Honda Odyssey has great storage space in the floor and in the back with two glove compartments. It has plenty of places to hold drinks and drives very well. The downfall is that there is no phone charger in the middle seats and no way to connect your phone to audio.

The most important thing to know about the Honda Odyssey is that it is reliable and drives smooth.

- Zulaika E

There's lots of room for a big family, and there's plenty of space in the trunk

I like the how much room it has. And it's comfortable to sit in. I just wish the AC worked better.

- Katie L

Like the seating space. Like the trunk space and the electronic moving doors. Dislike the maintenance. Dislike the Ecosystem because of the vibration

It has a ton of space inside and is great on gas. The Eco system makes the car vibrate too much

- gemma m

Great for traveling . Sliding doors are great for shopping

love sliding doors. Wish it was a little smaller since kids are grown now. Great for traveling

- Mar V

The quality of the Honda vehicle is exceptionally made.

It has lots of seating. Very roomy storage options. DVD player and 6 CD player. No complaints!

- Katherine B

It is roomy for 7 people. It also is great for putting a cooler in the middle of 2 seats.

I love that it is big for traveling. I love that it is comfy. I love that it fits my family.

- Vicki w

VERY reliable car. Honda is one of the best cars made.

I love Honda products. The car is reliable, well made and has safety features I appreciate.

- Deborah Z

it is reliable and safe the stereo system has a 6 disc changer.

I love my van. I have a navigation system that works great. Plenty of room for the family.

- melanie p

Our Honda Odyssey is great! We have not had any problems with it yet. We love the size and how easy it is to get our family in and out of. It does need the timing belt replaced as it is at 106k miles and according to Honda that needs to be replaced otherwise it could cause engine damage.

It does need to timing belt replaced around the 120k miles mark, and it cost at least $1k.

- Ashley M

It's the car i had wanted for years and now I have it.

I Love the way it looks, I love driving it, the sunglasses compartment. I love the colour.

- Shirelle L

That it gets great gas mileage and Honda's are known to last forever.

I love the 3 rows of seating. DVD player for kids is awesome. Smooth ride and very roomy.

- Laura A

My Honda is perfect for my family. We bought it used in 2016 and have been extremely happy with it. No issues, minimal upkeep, safe, comfortable, lots of space.

Very high quality and well made vehicle. Little to maintain and very easy to care for.

- Lauren W

The great versatility of room. It's easy to drop seats and load items into the vehicle. Take people with space.

I like the room. I dislike the sliding doors. They continually have problems sliding.

- Heidi J

drives nicely and seats a lot of people. You can also transport furniture easily

I love the space, the fact that I can put the seats down, that I could seat 7 easily.

- Michele N

It has lasted a long time.

I like the size and how long it has lasted. Only complaint is that It's getting old

- Monica S

Although it's a good van, the VSA light comes on when we drive it now. Read up on it and apparently lots of people have the same problem with this same van.

Love heated seats. Came with satellite radio and DVD player and tv. Drives great.

- Jennifer A

How reliable it is and how comfortable it is to drive.

The transmission is beginning to slip and the chair heater doesn't work anymore.

- Valerie N

I love that it gets such good gas mileage. It is very comfortable and lots of room for my family, pets, and anything else I need to carry in it.

Its safety record and great gas mileage, so that I don't have to get gas often.

- Terra H

That it's very dependable.The few problems that I had with van were very easy to fix.

I love everything about my van! It came fully with everything that we needed.

- Krystal D

That is an incredibly dependable vehicle. Trustworthy

Comfortable and dependable. Good gas mileage, and roomy for the whole family

- Jerry B

Nice van, good for travel. Good for a family, comfortable and easy to drive

Love a van. Has sliding doors and plenty of room. Has a TV. Good for travel.

- Caroline P


it is very reliable. It has good power. Maintenance on it has been minimal.

- Michael S

The door needs to be fixed. The motor is out of the door.

It is a van. I like it, but am having problems with one of the side doors.

- Tracee K

No complaints. Love my van, this is my second Honda Odyssey. It is easy to drive and I feel safe in it. I have the Touring model, so it has many upgrades.

It's safe and easy to drive. It has plenty of room for the whole family.

- Judy H

It has great gas mileage. It has kept running a lot longer than imagined. It has started breaking down more an moreover that last year.

It is incredibly safe. Has enough space to carry a family comfortably.

- Amanda H

It is perfect for a family with kids. Has room for everyone and everything. It is also a very durable and dependable car.

It is very comfortable. It is very spacious. It is very dependable.

- Rosaura C

It's not for small families, it's more for large families

It's fast and efficient, but at times I think it's a little too big.

- Tos D

that honda is a car that can last long

the capacity and the space of the car. and the lifetime of the car.

- d l

We have loved our van since the minute we purchased it. Only recently has it even given us trouble, and with the help of a Honda dealer, it was back on the road in virtually no time. It's VERY family-friendly and reliable, which is a big deal to us.

Honda Odyssey is the most family-friendly car we've ever owned.

- Staci K

Comfortable ride , safe on the road , very good on gas mileage

Dependable, ease of driving , comfortable, no complaints at all

- Kiran D

It's reliable and dependable and all around great van

I like the durability of this vehicle. It is also very reliable

- Lola A

Low mileage for a Honda product

Easy to get in and out; seats 8, relatively poor gas mileage.

- John N

The car is good for transporting items and people.

The car is reliable. I like the available seating and space.

- Nic H

It is the best minivan we have ever had before. The color is like a bluish gray.

It has some space to store stuff. it has good gas mileage.

- Melissa V

I like that it has a lot of space and i can seat 8 passengers. I like that the seats fold down flat in the back and the middle seats remove.

It has a lot of room in it and you can seat 8 passengers.

- AnnMarie T

Through the ten years of having the vehicle, I have run into very many problems with it. I didn't like driving a minivan in the first place, but when it was constantly falling apart, it was rough. I plan on getting a new one soon.

The electronic doors stop working after a few years.

- Alexia B

It is dependable ,okay on gas has power to get down the road. Very reliable vehicle

I like the power it has,the way it holds the highway

- Tony W

It is very good. Excellent Condition. Smooth to drive.

It is very good. Excellent Condition. Smooth Drive.