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Great van! Lots of room for everything!

My Honda Odyssey has been a very reliable vehicle. It has well over 250k miles on it and I still wouldn't hesitate to take it on a road trip. The van will seat up to 8 passengers and still has a good amount of room in the back for groceries, luggage, sporting gear, or whatever you need. My kids love that they can control the heat/ac from the backseat. There are so many cup holders!! The only issue that I have had is the sliding doors stick and need to be greased. This is not something that we feel comfortable doing at home, so it has to be taken to the mechanic if they start acting up.

- Susan A

Lots of space, lasts a long time, drives well in many conditions.

It is a car that I love a lot. First off, the space is amazing. It can seat 7 people with all the seats up, but all seats can be put down or removed to maximize space. Even with all the seats up there's still room and space in each seat. Even though the car has been owned for many years, it hardly breaks down or needs work down, and it functions very well. The only issues with it in the past have been minor and have not affected the drivability. It drives very smoothly, and turns well. It also works well on mountain roads despite being such a big car and not meant for such roads.

- Audrey V

The odyssey is a great car for transporting 8 people or a room full of supplies.

My odyssey is wonderful. I have had almost no problems with my car. It fits 7 and has an additional seat that can be added to seat 8. We use that feature so that we do not have to take an extra car and pay for extra parking, etc. The back seats fold flat and the middle seats can be removed to create a very large space. I can drive my daughter to college without having to make extra trips. The back doors open with the push of a button. This makes it so easy to load car seats of sleeping infants or arm loads of groceries. The back windows even come with built in sun shades.

- Elise C

Roomy and comfy family van.

This van is super roomy and comfortable. Controls are ready to use, especially when I am driving. The steering wheel has radio controls and the driver's seat is easily moved forward and backwards. Tons of storage behind the seats, under the floor, and in the dashboard and doors. It has a sunroof, which I love. That is also easily controlled. The van drives smoothly and provides a small back up camera within the rear view mirror (no big screen in the dashboard). It is XM radio capable if you have an account. The third row seats fold and recess into the floor.

- Casey V

The only vehicle for me is a Honda odyssey.

I love the Honda odyssey. This is the second I have owned. I bought both used at about 80, 000 miles. My latest is a 2009 that I purchased in 2016. It drives like a dream. I am a hobby antique dealer and use it on short road trips. The back is large and roomy with or without seats. At the moment I have the seats out. It is comfortable for me to drive and I feel very safe in it when on the road. I have owned three Hondas in my adult life and the first two went over 220, 000 miles with very little maintenance. It is my vehicle of choice always.

- Barbara B

I love the space, the interchangeable seats and the storage compartment.

This vehicle is very roomy, seats are interchangeable and can fit up to 8 people! Has a rear view mirror backup camera, heated seats, 8 air vents, automatic back doors and the back passenger windows go down and include a blind to help block sunlight from little ones eyes. There is also a storage compartment on the floor inside to hide away blankets and snacks for kiddos. Also included is an audio jack to connect your music to automatically and has XM radio. This vehicle is very convenient for parents or traveling.

- Sarah M

Honda does great carrying family through life.

There have been several issues across the years with the headlights going out pretty frequently. Additionally, we had to have the power steering replaced because it was nearly impossible to safely make required turns. It just took a whole lot more effort than was necessary. It is pretty comfortable for our family of 5, and especially does well on our annual cross-country trips to Canada compared to a lot of other vehicles. The trunk is spacious and the individual air conditioning vents are extremely helpful.

- Martine F

Honda Odyssey is comfortable reliable and fun.

From the start this vehicle has been very reliable, comfortable riding. Easily adaptable for a handicapped person. Had wheelchair lift installed to transport a 300 pound power chair. It has a rear camera for checking before, during and after backing the vehicle up. . Great sound system, with CD player, am, FM and XM radio, three rows of seating, storage compartments making traveling in comfort. Operates wonderfully. Good gas mileage (25 to 27) on the open road, in town travel is average 19 miles.

- Joan K

I am in a wedge. . . A lemon wedge.

It is a lemon. The doors are falling off the tracks because the wiring mechanism is cutting through the bolt that holds them on. The brakes on the right side always wear first due to multiple adjustments. The front and back right tires always need to be changed due to the brakes. I have had to replace the power steering pump. It gets terrible gas mileage. I only have 145, 000 miles on it and I know from experience that Honda makes a great product that lasts longer than this usually.

- Jena B

Back up camera, heated seats, sunroof, safe, spacious and climate control option.

It is spacious, drives nice, fits my larger family and is safe. I love that it does not feel huge to drive but is still big enough for my kids. Back up camera is nice and heated seats are great. I love that the middle row seat can be removed for easy in and out. Middle console is large as well! Climate control options are nice for front and back and sunroof is nice for warm days. Does not have an entertainment screen for the kids. Only negative I have.

- Kristen A

We love the Odyssey van model. Seats 7

Really Great car overall. When buying, make sure you model is EX-L or higher, as lower models do not include features such as an entertainment system and/or rear climate control. Although cabin noise is slightly excessive sometimes, it is a wonderful travel car. Ithink it is a smooth ride. Room for 7 easy! The two passenger seats in the middle are a bit awkward and heavy to hoist out and in of van but that is always a given for these older models.

- Rodney R

It is big, beautiful and gets us to where we need to be safely.

I love how I can sit up high. It is quiet, and serves our family for what we need it to be. I feel safer with my family in the van. The only thing I do not like about it or any vehicle for that matter is that there is not a divider between the front seat area and back seats, like they have in limos. Sometimes you just want to shut out the noise from the fighting of kids on a drive or the incessant "are we there yet?" On a trip.

- Tracy G

Honda odyssey very practical and convenient for families.

I love my Honda odyssey. Although I live in a northern climate where there is lots of snow, my odyssey is fed, however, with snow tires on my van, it goes through the snow pretty well. One complaint, no automatic headlights, at least on my trim package. My family love the practicality comfort, and the entertainment feature. It is a Honda, do the maintenance and it will last a long time.

- Dylan C

Honda odyssey negative review.

Since I purchased the vehicle used in 2015, there have been several unexpected repairs. Some maintenance but quite a bit of costly repairs. The axle was broke when I bought it. And since I replaced the timing belt, the engine has been making lots of noises. The latches for the 3rd row seating broke so the seat is not usable and the leather on the armrest tire and looks awful.

- Ana M

Excellent family workhouse of a vehicle!!

Our Honda Odyssey has been extremely reliable. It get very good gas mileage and is very comfortable for short or long trips. There is plenty of storage room. We enjoy the satellite radio. The only issue we have had is with the DVD player over the years, but other than that is has been a pleasurable experience. We currently have 217, 000 miles on it.

- Steve F

It is a comfortable, reliable, and economic family transport vehicle.

I like the passenger and storage capacity because it fits my whole family and our luggage for when we are traveling. It rides comfortably and is reliable. I also like the automatic features including power doors and power trunk, all of which can be accessed from the driver's seat and the key fob. No complaints at this time.

- Peter A

The car for a growing family.

Our car has given us many good years of service. We have kept up with all maintenance required and suggested. It drive smoothly. Would recommend my friends to buy the odyssey. The current year offers many updated items. 2009 has also many features. A DVD player and headphones. The front seats have warmers for cold weather.

- Regina M

Plenty of room for family and luggage and extra seating for friends

We have the touring edition which has all the bonus features. The creature comforts make it a dream to drive and it rides pretty smoothly for a minivan. There is plenty of legroom even in the back seats and great trunk space with the option of the stow and go. For a family vehicle, it really meets our needs and then some.

- Stephanie D

Has get up and go power in it.

It sets to low to the ground. It runs great get 30 mpg on highway. It is so quit you cannot hear it running. It does have electric problems with side doors. There is a slow drain on the battery. Has get up and go power you have to watch it are you'll be doing 90 and not realize it. Overall it is a car I would buy again.

- Darrel R

Economic, low-maintenance family vehicle.

This vehicle has been dependable over the last 10 years, seats my entire family and is fuel efficient. Aside from routine maintenance, the vehicle has not required any major repairs. The handling is similar to a car, and the instrument panel requires minimal distraction from the road. Great vehicle.

- Kenneth A

Best family car around now and forever

I love my Honda Odyssey it has heated leather seats spacious third row a DVD player and headphones. It's an older model and it hasn't had any major problems just the normal wear and tear of driving it daily. I'm looking into upgrading for the newer model because I know these cars are built to last

- Stacy N

Safe and roomy. Great for family trips.

I haven't had any problems with it. I feel it is very reliable. We use it for family trips and to transport my granddaughter back and forth to school and do not have to worry about anything. The back seats fold into the floor and we can pack a lot when traveling or when you go on shopping sprees.

- Stacey K

Spacious, comfortable, and reliable family vehicle.

Very reliable Like the cargo space Seats 8 which is convenient for hauling kids and their friends Back row lays down to increase cargo space Love the hidden storage compartment under floor behind front seats. Helpful for concealing valuables. Like that middle seat in 2nd row can be removed.

- Eileen J

Can use regular electricity in the car.

Wonderful- everything you need, good reliable use, great for road trips, problem with air conditioning, just got timing belt fixed, tires are expensive, leaks oil, love the style, do not like the new minivans by Honda, costs too much, love the GPS size would like to buy another.

- Sidney H

It is reliable, has a ton of space and has a powerful engine.

I like that it has a lot of space and that seats can be taken out. I like the automatic doors. I don't like that I don't have a navigation system or a way of connecting to the internet. I also don't like that the bumpers tend to separate and the tabs no longer fit together well.

- Andrew B

Best minivan out there that you could purchase.

It is been the best van I could have ever asked for. No real problems just normal wear and tear. Only have had to replace the timing belt and brakes. We have had it a long time and hope to have it a couple more years. Honda has always been a great make of cars and vans for us.

- Kim D

Our Honda has been a good family car.

It has been a good family car. The cabin lights are starting to go out as well as the auto windows. It is very reliable, comfortable and has worked for our family on our travels. We would love for it to have leather seats for easy clean up but we can work with that better.

- Lacy B

Comfortable family minivan.

Love the minivan. It is very convenient for big family gathering. Driving group of friends around. Sliding doors are very convenient as well, especially with small parking lot. Very reliable and comfortable. Definitely meet our family needs. Nothing to complain about.

- Li F

Great family, reliable car with little to no major problems.

It's a great family vehicle, good on gas. Other than regular routine maintenance my van has had no major problems. It's a reliable car, has a built in DVD player to keep the kids entertained, with headphones so only they hear it & I can concentrate on the road.

- Brandy D

Fun minivan for all families.

I love my minivan because it is so comfortable to drive. It has many features like all leather interior, heated and power seats, a cool moon roof, and is very easy to drive. It's very stylish, too. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone! My whole family loves it.

- Rebecca M

Great minivan great for families or bands.

Great vehicle. Honda is one of the best car makers out there. It is a very spacious minivan gets great mileage and can be towed with relative ease. It is also prepared for all the bells and whistles including abs, power windows very hot heater. Ac and power doors.

- Michael G

It is reliable. We will most likely purchase another Honda.

My van is getting older, but it has been an amazing van for our family. We are now nearing 175K miles. We have had it for seven years and have had very little issues. When we bought it, it had all the bells and whistles and now it is slowing showing Its age.

- Jodi C

Great family and traveling car.

This vehicle is well priced and looks nice. Handles well in all weather. Comfortable controls and leather seats. Holds its value on the market. Lots of space for people and stuff. Great traveling vehicles. Easy to maintain parts ate affordable and easy to find.

- Karen B

Great, comfortable, reliable.

Great performance, max comfort with the leather seats and very spacious and super reliable. Features a bit old obviously, and no sunroof but still very good car. Used for many trips has many miles compared to when bought, no problems still running perfectly.

- Jasmine R

This car is a great people-hauler... you can comfortably carry 7 people and all their luggage

I like that it is reliable and runs well. It has enough room to comfortably fit my family. And we can carry all our luggage. It has an annoying safety feature so that the sliding doors don't open all the way when the windows are open which is more dangerous.

- Stephanie P

Great family car for the whole family.

Great ride, holds 8 people, removable middle row middle seat. Big trunk, automatic doors, key fob, reclining seats, Adjustable seatbelts low maintenance, roof top rack, CD player, good sound system, doors will stop closing if there is pressure on the doors.

- Sue S

Like I said this isn't my car so not many different things I know.

My car has fewer features than most cars do. It is cozy and comfortable. I have many questions to ask about my make. I do enjoy driving this car as well. My feature is the radio and the cat seat junctions. This is not my car so I don't know much about it.

- Dar B

Love my 2009 Honda Odyssey

I absolutely love my minivan. It has everything in it that i want. I'm a big guy so there is plenty of room for me. I got the Navigation package with the rear entertainment for my kids. I have no issues with reliability and performance meets my needs

- Larry H

Tons of storage space throughout.

This vehicle is great! Lots of space, low maintenance as long as you treat it well and keep up with it. No major problems. Very reliable. It is uses regular gas and as can be expected, can tend to use gas faster than a small car. The design is wonderful.

- Kaitlyn R

Safe, reliable and seats 8!

Vehicle is very reliable and is a smooth, safe ride. Best features include backup camera, heated seats, sun/moon roof, and power doors and liftgate. The only issues have been the A/C, power door motor and, lately, check engine light due to misfiring.

- Jessica L

Great family car for younger kids who cannot control opening and closing the door themselves, and pets too.

Love the room inside the vehicle. Easy to put the back seats up or down. When the middle row center console is removed there is no place in the vehicle to put it except to take up room in the trunk. The car is very wide and is sometimes hard to park.

- Gwen R

It is reliable and spacious.

I love how much space my van has. I also loves that I can travel with my family of four comfortably and have enough space for luggage and etc. Driving this vehicle has been a game changer since my last car was a tiny hatchback Scion Xb.

- Naomi H

The most important thing a person should know about my car is that it has space for everyone!

I love my Honda Odyssey it's a great car for three kids that always fight with room for 7 people. I certainly like the trunk with enough space for vacations. There's nothing I really don't like about it, I hope I keep it for many years!

- Shannon M

Very reliable, drives well, for a family.

Love the room of the trunk, additional seats, air conditioning, way it drives & handles, where it sits on the road, leg space, dashboard. Next year had the Bluetooth & navigation so a little bummed do not have it but next car will!.

- Serena D

It seats 9 people and storages. Great for that camping trip or day a the beach.

It is very comfortable, with leather seats, captivated by the DVD player in back, auto correct sliding side doors and a great stereo system. Rack and tow package are an excellent addition to the already solid color value thus far. .

- Noah M

Honda van is perfect for a family wanting a longevity vehicle; fully reliable.

This van has been the best reliable, comfort, and ease of driving. I do wish it was better in snow; the van tends to slide even with new tires. We put on winter tires because of this issue. Normal tires would be dangerous.

- mary k

That this car has held up very well and will continue to hold up well.

I love that I've had the vehicle for 9 years and haven't had any issues with it. Just general maintenance. I like that it can be 7 or 8 passenger. I like the storage capabilities. I only wish it handled better in the snow.

- Liz H

This car is well made and will last you a long time!

I love our Honda minivan. We didn't get all the bells and whistles, so the features are pretty basic, but that vehicle is almost 10 years old and has over 100,000 miles and has never had any major issues or repairs!

- Tanya S

High safety rating and also has a high resale value

I love my minivan, it's roomy and has 8 passenger seats, and having 4 kids that comes in handy, it has a high safety rating and one reason why I chose to buy it, it looks "cool" and not a minivan look

- Jacqueline B

It's got loads of space, both seating capacity and cargo space.

Love the cargo and seating capacity as well as number of cup holders and storage. Do not like the gas mileage. It's getting old do things are starting to squeak, but overall it's in great shape.

- Angela D

Poor Gas Mileage but Roomy and Convenient

More storage space than my previous midsize SUV. Comfortable seats and the kids really enjoy the rear entertainment system. I was surprised at the poor gas mileage, my old SUV did better.

- Sarah L




It has lots of seating and is pretty easy to drive for a minivan.

I like the steering, DVD, and power doors. I dislike the bulkiness and creaking when I drive. I also am disappointed that the paint has chipped off of a good portion of the vehicle.

- Erin L

It is the best car to own when you have young children.

I like that it is comfortable for the whole family to ride in, especially for long trips. I like that it is very reliable. I really like the parking sensors and backup camera.

- Susan T

It is sturdy, big, and is useful if you have a family with a lot of kids.

The Honda odyssey is a very good car for the price you find it at, being able to fit 8 people in it. We have had to do lots of repairs, but it is a very good and sturdy car.

- Matthew T

The Honda Odyssey is a solid and reliable minivan for families.

The vehicle is great in most respects. It's spacious enough for my family of five and drives very well in various road and weather conditions. I wish it got better mileage.

- Roger D

Great Stylish Family Car - love the backup cameras and heated seats

My Honda Odyssey is very reliable, this is my second Odyssey. Very spacious and drive very smooth. Comes with all the bells & whistles. Minimal problems with the car.

- gina f

Great family car for a long or short drive and very family oriented.

I like the fact it fits all my family into one vehicle. My kids like the fact it has a rear entertainment center. I like that it is so easy to remove and add seats.

- Nicole C

The room available in this van is fantastic.

This van is very reliable. It is very comfortable for a family and performs very well. The features, especially the drop down TV, comes in handy on long road trips.

- Jake P

The car is old, however, on the highway it feels like a brand new car somehow.

It is big. It is spacious. It consumes too much gas. Has too many mechanical problems. The car can break down any minute I hear different noises coming from it.

- Matthew K

It is very reliable and gets good gas mileage.

My vehicle is very comfortable and offers plenty of space. I like that I can take out the rear seats to increase the cargo space to carry larger purchases.

- Johanna B

It's a great family vehicle, very durable, and gets decent gas mileage.

I love the power doors, windows, and locks, as well as the navigation system. It has lots of storage room for our family. It also has a TV for long trips.

- Amy S

It is dependable and doesn't break down. It is a perfect for a large family with multiple children in carseats.

I would love the same car/model only a newer year. I love the capitol chairs for the two carseats, and the fordable back row for large stuff to transport.

- Irina J

I have had too many things "break" on the Honda & have had more problems with it than I expected to have.

I wish I still had my Toyota Sienna. I preferred it over the Honda. I like the back-up camera on the Honda but I dislike many other things on the Honda.

- Dawn D

The Honda Odyssey is very roomy and rides awesome.

This vehicle has been great for our big family. We purchased it when we were told we were having twins. since we are a military family we travel a lot.

- betty a

It is very roomy even when full of people and luggage.

I like that it can transport 8 people and still have trunk space. It gets good gas mileage and needs few repairs. There is nothing I dislike about it.

- Amanda C

It is very spacious and has a powerful engine.

I like the power of the engine and the automatic features. I don't like that it dies t have Bluetooth. Also the seats are really hard to move around.

- Andrew l

Many people dislike the thought of driving a minivan, but if you have a family with small kids, it is the perfect vehicle. I think I may even keep one as the kids grow up

I love the space in my van. It is perfect for my family. Good gas mileage, spacious, smooth riding.There really isn't anything I dislike about it.

- Ashley B

If you have lots of friends that you drive around, this is the van to do it.

It has been reliable for years. There is plenty of space for road trips and driving lots of friends. It is also good for hauling music equipment.

- Adam p

It's pretty standard vehicle nothing important.

It has been reliable. It drives like a car. I am ready to move out of a mini-van; I am just tired of this car. Otherwise, nothing wrong with it.

- Lisa P

Reliability and safety is key for the odyssey.

I love the consistency if the vehicle. I know when I walk out that it will start and get me where we need to go. Very little maintenance needed.

- Jill A

Roomy, reliable transportation.

Bought the vehicle used. Sliding door acts up occasionally and tries to close before fully open. Do enjoy the heated seats during cold weather.

- Snowden b

Good reliable car with no big problems. They are fairly inexpensive also.

Smooth ride, good on gas and very reliable! My van carries my family, comfortably, when traveling. My kids are entertained with the DVD player.

- Eric C

It is a reliable vehicle.

I like this vehicle because it is reliable and comfortable. My family has room to get in and out easily. I also like the options it came with.

- Sarah W

A Great Family Car- Dependable and practical

It is a great family car that easily seats 6 comfortably and can seat up to 8. The automatic doors, including the back hatch are convenient.

- Lori G

Good service grate prices.

The vehicle consumes a lots of gas, but is comfortable and spacious. It is safe and stable in the road. The vehicle is perfect for families.

- Marisol M

The fuel mileage isn't very good.

It is reliable. It is large enough to fit almost anything I want to carry. The fuel mileage isn't very good. It is comfortable to drive.

- bob M

the gas mileage is very good. i love the color of the van.

i like that the vehicle seats 7. i enjoy the sun roof and trips with the family because it's so spacious. i really like the gas mileage.

- april b

It's a great family vehicle! Lots of room for kiddos and all their stuff!

I love the automatic doors! Makes getting in with kids a breeze!! I also love how roomy it is, and the 8th seat option! Such a great ride!

- Elizabeth M

It can hold up to 8 passengers.

My Odyssey gets my family where they need to go. It is dependable and comfortable. I feel safe in it. I wish it had a built in DVD player.

- Alicia O

I like its comfort. I can fit everyone in it.

It's really comfortable. I like how the seats in the back are stored. It's a smooth ride. I like the storage it has and the cup holders.

- Nikki F

It's spacious on the inside and allows for a lot of storage.

I love the automatic sliding doors that will automatically stop if they bump into something in their way. It's spacious and comfortable.

- Kellie T

Drive very smooth. Has an economic feature to save gas

Engine broke after the first 3 months. It was covered under recall. Cup holder everywhere. Ac is great. Tire pressure indicated on dash

- Holly A

great Honda Odyssey, reliable

it is a great vehicle. it has lasted my family almost 10 years and it still runs well. we have done routine work on it but nothing major

- alice p

Reliable van with lots of storage

Very reliable, 130,000 miles and going strong. Timing belt was changed, brakes have been replaced twice. Along with regular oil changes

- Paul C

It is a great car for larger families. It is also a good car for road trips.

I like that it is comfortable, and spacious, and easy to drive. Dislike the poor gas mileage, and it uses more expensive synthetic oil.

- Ananda S

Great capacity to fit cargo. Moved our son to college in one trip. The middle chairs are removable and the back seats fold down into the floor.

Very smooth driving. Love my heated seats in the winter. Lots of room for all of our kids. The DVD and monitor is a plus for travel.

- Deb K

That I have had it for a very long time. Long overdue for a new one.

It is features are not as new, it needs oil changed a lot, gas so expensive but it has a lot of space., a DVD player, good doors.

- Kacey D

Reliable car that has held up well to travel and use

Reliable vehicle we bought used and have had for over 4 years. Held up well to the abuse of 3 kids. Like the DVD player in it

- S M

Comfortable and roomy. Easy to drive.

It's super roomy and easy to maneuver. The only thing I would change is to update to a newer version of the same model vehicle.

- Shirley G

It is amazing has comfortable seats and it is seats are not plastic.

My car is van passenger so it is fit my family. My car is comfortable and I enjoy driving it. I also like they way it is made.

- A Y

Minivans are so convenient! I always thought that I was too cool for one. Now, I'm a proud owner!

I love the automatic doors for my three kids. The storage spaces is wonderful. The backup camera is crucial for safe driving.

- Anne S

It is the perfect small crossover SUV!.

I like the space it provide including the fold down back seat. It is good on gas mileage, parts are easy to find and repair.

- Melanie S

We have had to have it worked on a few times in the past but not near as much as the other vans we have had before this one.

We love our van. It holds our family plus potentially 3 more people. It is very dependable. We do not have any complaints.

- Michael S

Odyssey is family friendly.

My Honda is pretty comfortable. I don't like that the paint on the roof is fading. However, I haven't had any issues...

- Mireya M

The seats are so comfortable, you won't want to get out at your destination.

It's a reliable vehicle to transport my family. All of my kids car seats fit well. It's comfortable to drive and ride in.

- Emily M

That it is very reliable and dependable.

I love it because it's good on gas and is very reliable. Safe vehicle to drive my grandkids in back and forth to school.

- Kim W

Minivan that handles like a smaller car.

It has flexible seating, including third row seating, automatic doors, DVD, backup camera, and it handles really well.

- Erin M

It is extremely safe to drive.

It is reliable. Can take a real beating so sturdy. Cost efficient, it does not nickel & dine me too death. Very roomy.

- Linda G

No regrets - Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey is a great minivan which good reliability and build quality. I have never regretted purchasing it.

- Aaron K

Good for families and for kids because it has a TV for kids not to get bored.

I like how many people can fit in the car but what I don't like is how heavy it is in a way that is heavy to drive.

- Genesis L

Great interior space for passengers.

I love the push button automatic doors. I dislike that there's not a button to push to open and close the trunk.

- Jennifer T

I like the sunroof & the hidden compartment on the floorboard behind the front seats

Seats a lot of kids, good gas mileage for the size, extra storage room, long lasting vehicle, looks attractive

- Jamie J

My van is at almost 150,000 miles and has been extremely reliable. I have not taken care of some regular maintenance that I should have and it has recently needed extra services but it is running wonderful again.

It is the most reliable van on the market. I look forward to a newer model when I am done with my current van.

- Catherine D

love sliding doors for my kids to get in and out without hitting anything

I like the leather heated seats and the easy of driving a van. I hate the small leg room now for my tall teens

- Robin B

The Honda odyssey runs fine.

I like the size of the van. I dislike the fuel economy of said van. I like that it is mostly low maintenance.

- Angela L

Great Reliable Family Vehicle

Vehicle has been extremely reliable since time of purchase. No major problems. Vehicle has great gas mileage.

- Kenneth C

When we buy a new car it will also be a Honda Odyssey.

Easy to get in and out of. Room to carry our extended family. Back tailgate opens with the push of a button.

- Rita S

Comfort and driving ease. Made for busy families who are on the go

I love all the room to haul things. All the compartments for storage is nice. The fuel gage is hard to see.

- Lori C

Stable Mable to the rescue

My vehicle is reliable and dependable. I have had no major problems, it is also good with the gas mileage.

- Denise R

You can fit a lot of stuff in people in this car.

Air conditioning does not work well when you are stopped a traffic light and I wish I got better mileage.

- Michael G

Get a car with better material.

It is a great car. Cheaply made though. Drives great and sounds great. Many things break on it though.

- Samuel K

It has a long life and is great for carrying large families around.

It's old but runs well for its age. With regular maintenance, I think it will last a long time still.

- Rebecca R

not very many issues after almost 10 years old.price to maintain is very reasonable.

room enough for the kids and grandkids. we can all go in the same van and not have to take two cars.

- Mike R

I like the storage and the automatic doors. I had to replace the engine at 60,000 miles which I thought was horrible. I like that it drives like a car while being tall like a truck.

It drives well and is convenient. Everyone says Hondas have great reliability but our engine failed.

- Cathy D

It's a reliable vehicle with lots of space.

Love the space not only for passengers but also luggage. Decent gas mileage. Reliable vehicle.

- Krista C

my cars important features could include electronic door opening and door locks,security system.

i like the leather seats,a/c system.i dislike some features a/c system,middle row sets,radio.

- angela h

it's reliable and is very dependable and it keeps us safe

I love that it fits everyone and lots of things. wish it was newer... with those features

- Je D

It's a safe and reliable vehicle. I feel comfortable knowing that my kids are safe while I drive it.

I love the space. I love the leather seats. I love the storage that it gives my family.

- Lauren G

The one most important thing others should know about the Honda Odyssey is that it is easy to operate.

I have a used minivan. I like the space. The steering is not as smooth as I would like.

- Kellie S

I like my car because it has a nice sound system. The air conditioner doesn't work but it's old. It has comfy seats.

My car is the best car. It is reliable and the only car that anyone should ever buy.

- Skylar S

The Odyssey is very comfortable on long trips as well as for carrying up to 8 passengers

comfort ability to haul stuff, grandkids, dogs. used for camping on long road trips

- sylva s

It is a great van when you have children. It is very logical in its design. Very reliable.

It has a lot of room. It does not have a center wall by your feet. It drives great.

- Rose L

It feels safe while driving. It's good on the take off.

I like the automatic side doors. It's roomy. It gets me from point a to point b.

- Marilyn D

It lasts forever. We have over 210,000 miles on it!

I love the interior. It is very spacious. The heated leather seats are amazing.

- Christine b

Great family car - it meets all of our needs. I would buy it again.

I love my minivan. It is flexible with seating and cargo. Perfect family car.

- Dawn g

It gets our family from point a to point b safely and comfortably.

I like the storage underneath. However, the battery life is very frustrating.

- Erin K

It is dependable and you can count on it. The problem is gas mileage and the parts are really expensive to replace

It a dependable car Have few troubles. Problem is too much usage of gas

- Steve L

The back seats go all the way in the floor for more storage space. We have had problems with the doors sticking or freezing shut in the winter.

There is a lot of room for a family! It is comfortable for long trips

- Nicole T

Very reliable Can transport a small group comfortably

It is roomy Sliding doors are very handy Front window is too wide

- Honey A

My car is comfortable and reliable. I have had very little mechanical issues

Very good car. Fits a lot of passengers and has good gas mileage

- Jennifer J




It's a honda and is made well

dislike age like handling and space dislike color

- jeff S