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Great vehicle for hauling people as well as huge amounts of stuff. Room galore.

Aside from every Honda I've ever owned being reliable, I find the comfort level of the seats to be better than those of comparable minivans. It's ergonomically good in terms of drink holders, seat adjustment, access to things like gas tank, back hatch, & hood releases. The van is great for big loads. Without question, it holds more than any SUV I've ever thought about purchasing. The 2nd row of seats can be removed & the 3rd row easily flips to create a flatbed. Creating this much room has come in handy over and over. My family has outgrown the need for the minivan as a kid's passenger vehicle, but I will keep it specifically for the storage component. This Odyssey is less noisy (truck like) than my previous Odyssey, but it's still relatively noisy. It uses a key versus push starter, and one of the fobs recently physically broke from the attached key. Thank goodness for the backup fob.

- Cindy F

Providing an extra hand when you have your hands full.

Our Honda makes getting around with two young children a breeze. The automatic doors and trunk are great when carrying a child. The collapsible third row means we have plenty of room for bringing everything a family of four could need on any adventure. The only service issues we have had with our Honda has been Honda issued recalls, which our local service center handled without issue. Six years in, the doors and trunk are starting to squeak when opening, but not to the point that we are concerned. We removed the center seat from the second row, so the kids can enter from the truck to get into their seats. This is great for when carrying bags. We just open the trunk, put the kids in, then the bags.

- Alan R

Honda Odyssey Van is a great investment to make life easier with small kids!

I really enjoy our Honda Odyssey. It's been really reliable over the past 5 years. The captains chairs in the back are easy to remove and customize your seating arrangement. The leather has held up well. The hands free sliding door is an amazing thing to own with 3 small kids. I would improve the storage in that model. I wish there were power ports for every seat so electronics could charge. I also wish there were cup holders for each seat. The seatbelt for the driver is too high for a petite person and it cuts my neck. I also wish there were tie down points in the car to secure baggage or things such as a dog crate.

- Sarah G

Honda Odyssey: Great family vehicle!

I like that it has leather seats that are easy to clean from messy kids. They are hot in the summer though. I love that it can seat up to 8 people but can take out the middle seat between the bucket seats. With it being low to the ground, my kids can easily get in and out without assistance. The brand is reliable and has been good to us for 4 plus years now. The sunroof is awesome to open on a pleasant day. The cargo space in the back is deep and can also fold the back seats down into it. I have carried many things in it such as a twin bed and lumber. Overall, it's a great family vehicle with many uses.

- Jamie H

Why you should buy the Honda Odyssey!

This is our second Honda Odyssey minivan. We have not been disappointed in the least. It is spacious and comfortable. The second row adjusts easily for passengers in the third row to get in and out with ease. The third rows fold easily and quickly into the floor to stow seats. This makes a perfect amount of room to take bikes -land a cooler to the park for family outing. The only money we have had to put into the van have been on maintenance things like... tires, brakes, rotors. Keep in mind we have almost 150,000 miles on the van so that is incredible. We recommend this van to anyone who will listen!

- Jodi K

The middle row, middle seat is able to be taken out and captain seats are left for ease in climbing in and out of the back seat.

My van is a gray color with gray leather on the inside. We asked for the weather tech flooring a few years ago for Christmas and added that instead of carpet flooring. It has been nice to be able to clean up spills and messes with three kids in the back. We LOVE the DVD system and it is so helpful for longer trips. Another feature of our van that I really enjoy is the middle row middle seat can be taken out to allow for captain seats. This easily allows my bigger kid to climb in and out of the van. I feel safe driving the van and the gas mileage is pretty good as well.

- Joanna S

It is reliable and an all-round great van, especially for bigger families.

I love our Honda Odyssey. It is roomy, comfortable and for a big car, I feel it gets great gas mileage. I love the option of the extra, 8th seat. Usually we don't have it in, but it so easy to install it and add an extra seat for another passenger. I feel the field of vision is great and it is a very comfortable car to drive. If there is one thing I could change, I wish it had the option of 4 wheel drive. We love to go hiking and occasionally come upon areas that we wish we could go with our van. Unfortunately it is quite close to the ground and not great for off roading,

- Joy D

Great car with very minor issues

I've had very little issues with this car. Last year my alternator died on me and I had to have the car towed that is the only time I've had any performance issues. I sometimes find the drivers seat uncomfortable for long drives, I think it has to do with the headrest being tilted forward a bit. The built in DVD player has an occasional issue we have started a movie and then we stop at our destination and then get back in the van to go home and continue the movie and the movie will be in black and white. Generally if we turn the car off and restart it will fix itself.

- Olivia P

It is a quiet ride, easy to use and fun to drive. The backup camera is very helpful, as well as the lane change/collision systems.

I like that it has seating for 8, and still decent trunk space. I like that I can put down seat rows to hold more cargo, and split seats lying down too. I like the ac/ heat control in the back seats and the ability to have both front seats at a different temp. I don't Like the lack of space in front of the console. My purse does not fit into the console, and it is hard to put things on the floor in front of it. I hate hate hate all of the areas around the seats on the floor where pieces of food fall and it is impossible to vacuum out. I love the backup camera.

- Sharon H

Honda odyssey: a smooth experience for all passengers!

The Honda odyssey provides space and luxury all while driving like a smooth sedan. It has all of the updated features like heated car seats, television for the back of the car, built-in navigation, security features such as blinkers on the side mirrors, etc.! One of my favorite features is the ease with which you can put down the far rear seats for a myriad of reasons, including when companies bring your groceries to you providing them enough space! Also, the rear sits flip around making it ideal for watching fireworks or soccer games!

- J. W

It handles very well and has lots of space for adults and/or children in the back seats.

The box like frame of my Honda's body shape lends to it feeling like it hugs the road tighter. I never feel as if it is unstable when making a turn or in bad weather. I love that my family of six, with two car seats, fits comfortably with luggage when we go on a trip. I enjoy that my husband and I can both drive it comfortably even though we are a foot different in height. My complaint would be that the navigation system updates are very expensive and so we have not utilized them. We in turn down get bad directions sometimes.

- Alisa B

The Odyssey. . All in all, the Odyssey fits our needs and has been reliable.

It is a good vehicle. Great for vacations and hauling grand kids around. Being short I have trouble reaching the top to brush off snow. Sometimes I just have trouble seeing all I think I should see. L. Again, due to size of car I have difficulty parking. It is good for moving furniture and other things. It is nice to be able to remove the seats for more room. I do not like the fact that shopping bags are visible in the back unless you cover them up with something. The service people are very good with repair.

- Chris C

Must have van for large family

As a family of 7, the Honda Odyssey is a must. A wonderful feature is the buttons that open sliding doors and trunk. Having sliding doors is a great way to ensure kids won't open car door into another car or get fingers slammed in a door. We can't believe how much trunk space there is. We can fit strollers, wagon, sports equipment, cooler and more! There are 6 cup holders too! There is a cool box that keeps snacks and drinks cool while we are traveling. I wouldn't think of owning any other van!

- Karen H

I love my Odyssey! Will purchase another one in the future

I love my Honda, we have been taking the van in for regular maintenance (oil changes and service checks) since we bought it second hand in 2016 and we have had 0 issues. There was one recall for the 8th seat insert, and that was repaired but other than that it has been a wonderful ride. We love the features the vehicle provides from the 8 seats to the extra wide DVD player with wireless headphones. It has been fun and we will more than likely upgrade to another odyssey in the future.

- Earl A

Great reliable car with fun features!

I love my Honda Odyssey! It is a very reliable, comfortable, and spacious car. It can fit 4 car seats from a rear facing to forward facing to a booster and still leave space between them. I know my kids love the DVD feature for long road trips. It hasn't left us stranded yet! There is plenty of trunk room in the back and can fold up the back row for more space. I wish ours had the GPS feature in the car but we have other devices for that. But overall we've enjoyed having our Honda!

- Olivia H

My favorite vehicle ever.

I love the convenience of automatic sliding doors to give my kids independence getting in and out of the car without worrying about hitting other cars. My Odyssey was in one accident that could have been very bad. But, due to the vehicles construction and safety features we all walked away unharmed. I love my built in navigation system but wish that I didn't have to pay for map upgrades, there is a lot of construction and new roads being built in our area so updating is a must.

- Lori S

The best family van you can purchase.

My vehicle is great on gas and drives smoothly. It has an eco feature that automatically turns on to save gas. The inside is wonderful! It looks great and is very comfortable. My family also loves it, I have four children and when we go on road trips or just to the store it is a breeze. The space in the van is incredible and the extra features like the DVD/TV, back seat controls for audio and video, heating and air also a movable middle seat make it a great family vehicle.

- cashmere W

This van provides comfort, reliability, and it handles like a car.

My favorite thing about the Odyssey is that it really handles like a car, with a great turn radius, it's responsive, and has pretty good acceleration. Of course it's larger than a car so I'm not talking about the same acceleration, but good for a minivan. We've had ours for 3 years and it's been very reliable. Only feature I would have prioritized more is power doors. When we bought the van, none of our kids were school aged yet so I didn't realize how nice that would be.

- Lisa P

The Honda odyssey 2012 is awesome.

I own a Honda odyssey 2012. I was the original owner. I mostly love everything about the van. It is comfortable, lovely color of grey/brown, calming inside color of light brown, all features work well, connects with my iPhone to play music on it, spacious enough to hold 7 comfortably but 8 if needed (back row is a bit smaller so a 3rd person is tight). Disappointments are the lack of a charging port in mid and rear seats, and lack of radio control in mid and rear seats.

- Karen V

A Great Family Car- has all the features you need

Really comfortable, smooth ride. Love that even big bulky car seats fit both forward and rear facing easily. Easy to get kids in and out of in a crowded parking lot. Love that the middle seat is removable- it's been convenient to remove it and easily access the third row but I like knowing that I can put it back when we have more people riding in the car. The 3rd row truly folds completely flat and leaves a huge spacious area when needed. It's served us really well!

- Amanda D

Exactly what you need for a large busy family.

We love the Honda odyssey because it accommodates 6 car seats that can all be properly installed. It is reliable, roomy, and meets all the needs of a busy large family. The middle row has 3 seats and it is big enough to have 3 adults across or 3 car seats across. The only issue we have faced is not having a speaker in the furthest back seat so it is a tad hard to hear music or movies back there especially since that is where the subwoofer is located.

- Monica D

It's super functional! I can haul groceries, go on long trips comfortably. I don't worry about the reliability of this car.

I did not want to drive a van but you can't beat the functionality and dependability of the honda Odyssey. I love the ability to remove seats. The leg room is perfect even in third row for our family. SUV previously didn't work for leg room and Suburban too big to drive! I don't like that the seats don't go down into the floor and have to be removed. I also find that our family feels more nauseous than in our other cars when riding in the back.

- Tonya k

A minivan is a great thing to have because the doors open automatically with the push of a button which helps because they don't open out and when you have little kids thats a huge thing because no one is opening the car door into the car next to you. and you can be hands free to put children into the car without having to open the door yourself.

I love all the room that it has, it holds 8 people. There is a huge trunk, which is great for a family of 6, we can hold a wagon in the trunk, while still having 8 people in the van. It drives very easily, you don't feel too tall off the ground, and it can make tight turns if needed. The seats are also very comfortable, and the back ones fold into the floor when needed, the middle row can be removed when needed to carry stuff around.

- Catherine P

Fits 8 passengers comfortably, including large adults not just children.

I love the mechanical doors and windows. It makes getting kids and gear in and out of the car a breeze. My one complaint is that there is no power source in the middle of the car, only the front and trunk. With the many electronics/phones that people use today having power sources for those throughout the car would make road trips more manageable. The van drives well and I have absolutely no complaints about anything else in the car.

- Julie L

It is the ideal car for a mom especially one with multiple small kids .

I love how family friendly it is. My absolute favorite part of my vehicle is the automatic doors . They are perfect for when I have my hands full with kids and groceries and things. I l also like that it has a dvd player built in to help on long drives, and a mini refrigerator which is perfect for things I need to keep cold while in the car. The only thing I don't love it the exterior look. It's fine, but I prefer the look of an SUV

- megan R

If you are someone who needs to drive in all types of weather conditions, I would not recommend an Odyssey. You will need snow tires/chains for snow driving.

I love that my vehicle is roomy enough for my family and all of our gear. I think it is a safe vehicle too. I have 2 major complaints about the Odyssey. First, it is terrible in the snow. It fishtails all over the place. Secondly, the sound system in the vehicle is only in the front of the vehicle, which means individuals seated in the third row are unable to hear the music unless it's too loud for those seated in the front row.

- Candace J

Odyssey a great ride for the Journey.

I love the reliability and performance of our Odyssey. Love the leather, heated seats. Do not really like the dashboard and wish it got better gas mileage. I love the spacious trunk- lay down back seats. Our vacation trips are super comfortable with plenty of room to stretch out. I love the fact that it rides so quiet and you can hear conversation all the way from the back seats to the front. A smooth ride all the way around.

- Cindy B

Great family vehicle with lots of space!

The Odyssey is a great vehicle for any family! The sliding doors eliminate the possibility of kids door dinging other vehicles and make it easy for kids to get in and out. There are many different ways to get car seats for kids in this van, so you are sure to keep your kids safe. My van is 6 years old and I've not had any major mechanical issues or large expenses in the upkeep. It's a great van and I highly recommend it!

- Katie V

My gun metal bullet... The good and the bad

What I love the most about my vehicle is that it is an extremely comfortable car to drive. It has lots of room with the collapsible third row seat and plenty of room for the kids to sit. I also like that it has the DVD player which keeps them entertained on long car rides. When I'm not tremendously found of is that the temperature gauges are not easy to get to while driving. Also the second row seats are hard lock in.

- Carline W

Other people should know that the Honda Odyssey is the most roomy of the Honda family, and that it holds 8 passengers comfortably.

I really like our vehicle because it has enough room for our 4 children and 2 adults. I like that I can take the center row seats out for larger items, but I wish the seats could store away in the floor like other models do. I wish the trunk space was larger for our family but we make the best of it. I really wish the van came with 4 wheel drive so I could feel safe driving in the winter with my children in the van.

- Amy J

Mostly perfect family vehicle.

Almost everything and the Odyssey is perfect. I wish it had floor lights and window shades built in. Making the middle seat in the back row have car seat lock offs would be awesome. Hondas are always extremely reliable and easy to maintain but I hate that the spare tire is in the floorboard of the second row seats. If I ever have a flat I will have to uninstall at least one rear facing car seat to get the spare out.

- Rita S

The Honda Odyssey: Space for Life

The vehicle has been running mostly without problems and has about one hundred and ninety thousand miles on it. Now I'm starting to have some problems with an oil leak and I had a broken relay that I had to get fixed, but other than that it has been very reliable. I like the amount of storage space it has, and it's also very good for sleeping in, which I like because I like to go to festivals and camp in it.

- Richard O

Love Honda, reliable, good size, magic doors are awesome,

Our Honda Odyssey has been great to us. Minimal repairs. It runs great and has a lot of space for all 3 of my children to spread out plus our two large dogs to fit in the back for shorter trips. I love the easy fold 3rd row. One door is a little funky when opening and closing but I still need to take it in and have it looked at. Looking forward to sticking with Honda in the future purchase of our vehicles.

- Jill K

If you have kids, this is the car for you. It has tons of room for strollers and pack and plays and all the baby gear, and yet it grows with the kid. The middle seats are extremely comfortable 'captains chairs' that my kids who are now teens fit in perfectly and are comfortable on long car trips. Some of the other vans we have owned/used over the years, the middle seats aren't as comfortable.

This is a great family car that has taken a lot of use and abuse with 2 young kids for 6 years now and she still runs like she is brand new and looks overall fantastic. Other than minimal normal maintenance, we haven't had any issues in all the years we've had his car. It drives smoothly and offers tons of different seating configurations for long car trips or short. We've been very happy with this car.

- Robin G

Comfort, room, great gas mileage and low maintenance costs are a bonus!

Comfort and room for multiple people. I bought this vehicle specifically for transporting kids for sports and traveling. Great gas mileage for a large vehicle. Features I wish I had like auto lift gate, navigation (traveling) & backup camera. Lots of room and storage. Configure the 3rd row in various ways for various types of purchases. Nice not needing to take 2 vehicles for pickups!

- Sunny L

All your adventures start with a single Odyssey.

This is my 3 Odyssey and they keep getting better. Comfortable ride. Separate rear air control. Side windows roll down. Power side downs make it easy to get in and out. Ability to open and close close side doors at your fingertips. Stow and go seating make transporting large items a breeze. Great gas mileage and plenty of power from the v6. No negatives when you pick the Odyssey.

- Patricia O

The van is comfortable for a family with multiple rear facing car seats.

I purchased a used Touring model van. With twin toddlers and an eleven year old, this van allowed us to have both car seats in place and have enough room for our other child to reach the rear seats. We love the leather seats, the navigation, the dvd player, and the ability to open the doors remotely. The only thing so far that I dislike is that it does not have a remote start.

- Hilary W

Honda odyssey summary on what I like about it.

The Honda odyssey is a perfect van for families with kids and traveling family .I love the seat set up and how they can move for whatever your day has you doing from grocery shopping to going to the beach this van is very versatile. There have been no problems other than normal wear and tear but I keep up on all my oil changes and maintenance. This van is very reliable.

- Amy C

I love my Honda Odyssey I've had 7 yrs since new but issues starting now.

Overall I love my van I've had 7 yrs & would buy it again! I only wish the paint wasn't wearing, my seat warmer worked (tho thankfully FL winter is not bad), my left passenger door didn't make an occasional pop sound upon opening (thus we usually avoid it) and when starting it /it's cold it's making a weird sound that goes away after 5 minutes but needs repair.

- Shay P

2012 Honda Odyssey Touring - More Ups than Downs

The best features are the add-ons. In-dash navigation system and DVD player are great. Navigation for the adults and DVD player for the kids. Kids can use wireless headsets in back to listen to DVD while Radio or CD plays in front. A downside is factory installed run-flat tires are very expensive and very hard to get outside of the dealership, at least in MA.

- Paul D

It is reliable and safe! Comfortable and family friendly.

I love it! I love that the doors slide open and do not open out! I have children and the doors sliding back and not out make exiting and entering the car in busy crowded parking lots worry free! The automatic buttons that open and close the doors are a great perk too when your hands are full. I love the room inside the car. It is perfect for our busy family.

- Alyssa A

If you want a family car get a Honda minivan.

We got our car from an owner who was selling it and it does not have any of the technology features. The car is on the low end of the models. We also got a recall from the company which they fit the middle seats issues for free. We were looking for a minivan because we have a child and it makes it easy for us to transport with him and all of his stuff.

- Veronica C

Way better than my previous van!

So far I have not had any problems with my vehicle at all. It is quieter than my previous van which I really love. It is also very spacious. The interior is much more appealing and practical than my previous van as well. It gets good gas mileage. The sound system is good and I love the Bluetooth feature that connects with my phone for calls and music.

- Katie L

Comfort and roomy van for families

The automatic doors are great, especially when the kids forget to close the doors. There is tons of leg room in the second and third rows. There is a removable seat in the middle of the second row. Cup holders are placed next to it within arm length of each seat. The steering wheel has buttons to control the stereo'both volume and channel selection.

- CD D

It is well worth the money for comfort and space and gas mileage is terrific.

I have had no problems with it. If there is a recall you are notified right away and continued to be notified until you make arrangements to get it fixed. .. Mileage is great the comfort is great and seats go down to make plenty of room to haul stuff the performance is great and low maintenance with it. Plenty of features to make trips comfortable.

- Beth A

The 2012 Honda odyssey is at the top of its class.

The odyssey is a reliable and convenient vehicle built in the Honda tradition. It is economical, stylish and adaptable for routine daily tasks. It is great for touring as well. It is relatively maintenance free and drives effortlessly in all climate conditions. I feel it has the best features of any minivan and has been a great asset for my family.

- James M

Honda odyssey a great family car.

I have a 2012 Honda odyssey. It is outdated and showing wear, the dome lights in the front do not work properly, we've had to replace parts on the axle, all of the weather strips are worn out and cracked. However, considering the age of the vehicle it is still very reliable, it always gets us where we need to go. Honda makes excellent vehicles.

- Elizabeth R

It's great for hauling people and cargo.

It's very good for hauling people and cargo. I don't particularly like the styling - too much soccer mom. My only complaints are with Honda - local service to corporate. I don't think they treated a service bulletin correctly and refused to help stating that I didn't show loyalty to the company by not servicing my vehicle at the dealership.

- Stephanie B

My 2012 Honda Odyssey is the best vehicle I have ever purchased.

I love my minivan. Rides great smooth ride great for road trips. The cooler is really cool. Very spacious and comfortable. I have the ex-l version that is leather so if the kids spill something it can be easily wiped. Haven't had no problems besides replacing the battery and the brakes. I get oil changes when needed so everything has been fine

- Kristen L

There is a cool box which keeps drinks cooler

My Honda Odyssey performs nicely but has had some issues once it hit high mileage. The vehicle is very comfortable and easy to accommodate children. I love being able to open and close the doors with the push of a button. It drives smoothly and handles well. I wish I could trade for the same vehicle with less mileage to avoid as many problems

- Kayla F

Can pull our tiny camping trailer.

I love my Honda odyssey because it is reliable and safe. I like that the vehicle has the side airbags. The seats are very easy to reconfigure if we need to haul anything. We have found that it is very comfortable on long trips. In the past three years we have put more than 40,000 miles on it pulling our tiny camping trailer across country.

- Roni L

I love my car. I will be upgrading to a newer version soon.

The automatic doors are a dream! They are a must have for busy Mom's. There is so much space inside the car and a lot of room for extra people. Also there is a lot of trunk space for groceries and sporting activities. Nothing bad to say! I've never had a problem and I've owned this car for 4 years. I'll be upgraded to the newer model soon.

- Tiffany B

Outstanding vehicle for many years

This vehicle has had no major issues. It's very comfortable, both for driving and riding. We have taken it on long trips with no issues. The music/stereo sounds great. Seats are adjustable for any comfort level. Lots of room for storage. Great visibility from all mirrors for oncoming traffic. Good gas mileage both highway and city driving.

- Marie B

Automatic sliding doors are really great for a family with young kids.

I wish it had better gas mileage. But for a family with young children - it is very practical. The automatic doors are great. The push button hatchback is also awesome. Lots of storage is great. Moving the seats around is also super handy when hauling large items. Brakes need to be serviced more often because the design. Which is annoying.

- Tracy S

Comfortable luxury, practical style.

I love my car! I can fit eight people, it has fun bells and whistles like doors I can open using the remote. Handy for this mom. Comfortable heated seats. I can move the seats into different positions as needed for hauling. It feels like traveling in luxury. My kids and grandkids love it, too. Might be the DVD player! No more bored kids.

- Amy M

An all in one: entertaining, reliable, smooth, great on gas & comfortable!

We are a family of 5. With three small children ( 9, 6, 5) our Honda odyssey is reliable (we've had zero problems), comfortable and the kids are always entertained with the DVD system in the back! It also gets fantastic gas mileage and rides incredibly smooth! We've kept any/all tune ups up to date and again, have had no problems!

- Jordan A

It comfortably fits seven, and an eighth person can squeeze in!

I like that it drives more like a car than a large vehicle (good turning radius). I like that it fits adults comfortably in the middle seats. I dislike that the middle seats have issues (sliding, locking) and that the headrests in the back are very large and can obstruct view. Also, one sliding door has some issues sticking.

- Karyn S

Happy Honda odyssey momma.

We bought our car used about 3 years ago and really haven't had any major issues. It is comfortable to go on long trips together. I wish we would have opted for in car GPS. My major complaint is that it makes me feel older driving it, I sometimes wish I would have opted for an SUV with 3rd row seating but they are not as roomy.

- Maggie L

Excellent family vehicle!

Great vehicle for families, the sliding side doors makes getting in and out for my kids really easy. Plenty of room in all three rows, I love how the back row can fold down for extra cargo space. I like how the driver seat can add extra cushion for your back and the heated seats are relaxing. The amount of cup holders is great,

- Sarah A

It has all of the bells and whistles and low cost of ownership.

I love the roominess. We have lots of cargo space and we can still fit 8 passengers. I also like that it has a rear entertainment system for the kids to watch on long road trips. The other great thing is that it gets great gas mileage. I have nothing negative to say about this car. I will get another one in the future.

- Felita C

It has a lot of space so good for a family.

I would like there to be a way to make the driver aware when the indoor dash lights are left on. There is no dinging sound and when the light switch is left on kids can play with it in the back. A security feature to keep kids from turning the lights on unnecessarily would have saved money and time on multiple batteries.

- Sarah L

Mom of four boys and her odyssey.

Great gas mileage for city and highway. Low maintenance. Reliable. Has a lot to offer for the price. The defrost doesn't work well but overall it is a great vehicle, I have to run the air on medium to keep the windshield from fogging . Spacious and maneuverability of seats helps when cleaning . Handles well on the road.

- Susan L

Love our Honda and feel secure with our purchase.

It is a perfect car when we have the children and grandchildren, we only need to take one vehicle and it is roomy and comfortable. We feel safe and secure driving this vehicle, and have never been sorry for purchasing it. We have bought several different kinds of Honda's over the years and have never been disappointed.

- Sue B

Sliding doors. Fold down back and middle seats. Back and front a/c.

It is a really nice van. It rides good. Has a little t of space. Fits different things and has the space for it. Haven't really had any problems from it. Family loves it. Handles great on the highway and the city. I would suggest that you check one out if you have a large family or take a lot of trips on the road.

- Kevin H

It's a great car if you need it converted for handicapped accessibility.

Our Odyssey has been converted to be handicap accessible for my husband's power wheelchair. Before the conversion I loved the luxury of the van, plush and quiet. If I'm alone it feels like a cargo van, his weight helps some. Another sad but necessary part is it's hard to take any passengers without a middle row.

- Jane C

Odysseys aren't the cheapest van out there, but they are well worth the money with their longevity, reliability, and features.

I love the smoothness of the ride in my Odyssey! There is tons of leg on in front, middle, and back rows. It is amazing to be able to fit all three of my kids' car seats in the middle row with LATCH restraints. The back row moves up and down really easily, and we get good gas mileage for such a large vehicle!

- Hannah A

Great family vehicle and my kids do not fight while we're in it!

Super reliable, handles so smoothly and drives like a car. Lots of room for all my kids and their stuff (& my stuff, too). 3rd row easily stows and pops out. Love the widescreen entertainment and 5.1 Dolby surround. Low enough that my kids can easily get themselves into and out of the van... Nice sunroof.

- Ashley D

Gas mileage is not as good as advertised but very comfortable durable van.

I really like my odyssey. It's been a great and durable van for a busy family. we have really only spent major money on routine maintenance. The one thing i will say is it's so digital with the van doors etc, our battery seems to wear out quicker than my older cars. other than that, super duper reliable.

- Erica C

We love the cool box, extremely helpful with children!

My van is now 6 years old, and we haven’t many issues (knock on wood). I absolutely love the ease of the sliding, remote controlled doors, and we have a ton of room for luggage on our semi annual trips to the beach. We have 3 kids, and we have the middle seat taken out so once can climb easily to the back.

- Abbey D

Best minivans on the market

Haven't had any issues I've owned quite a few cars and this by far is the best one. It's the whole package, luxurious without the high price. It ride beautifully smooth, has eco so it's great on gas and it's very roomy and comfortable. It has a sleek look to it inside and out so it's nice to look at as well

- Honda W

We have a basic model of the 2012 Honda odyssey no extra bells and whistles.

I have no complaints about my 2012 Honda odyssey. I have owned it for 3 years now, bought it used and have had no issues with it. There were two small recalls that were fixed with no problem at all. Rides comfortably, drives smoothly on the road. Overall we are pleased with this choice for our family of 6.

- Dawn P

Looking for 3rd row legroom as well as a spacious trunk, buy an odyssey.

I love the leg room! Not all 3 row vehicles have legroom and trunk room. Most have either trunk room or leg room. We are able to travel with all our luggage and still sit 6-8 people comfortably! The rear having control of their air is a plus! And since we have a DVD player, everyone wants to ride with us!!

- Christy T

Very spacious and great family vehicle.

Very reliable and comfortable car for a big family. Love that the doors open with a button for easy drop off and pick up at school. Very smooth driver and great for trips. Easy maintenance and enough space in the back for groceries. It also has a lot of space in the front for storage and many cup holders.

- Martha M

You Can Rely in the Odyssey

No major issues to date. I bought the vehicle used with 100k miles on it. This is my second Odyssey. I had 250k miles on its predecessor and it never had any major issues. I do maintain my vehicles with recommended service and regular oil changes. The Odyssey seats 8 comfortably, including my adult sons.

- Ang R

The luxury mom/work mobile

The Odyssey van has all the features my family loves without breaking the budget. It is a comfortable ride and work colleagues like the captain style seats in the back saying it does not feel like we are riding in a van. It gets 28 mpg on the highway so all our sports trips don't break the bank on gas.

- Andrea M

It is a great vehicle for larger families. We have a family of 6 and have been greatly happy with it thus far.

I love my minivan. It is great for transporting my many children to and from where we need to go on a daily basis. I love that I am able to rearrange seats so that I can find the best arrangement for my family. I do not like the cost to fuel up, but that has really been the only down side thus far.

- Amanda L

Wonderful family vehicle.

I live this van. It has plenty of room for my family of six. The stow and go third row seats are fantastic and the automatic side doors are wonderful with the little ones getting in and out of the vehicle. It has plenty of power under the hood, and the audio system is wonderful with plenty of options.

- Kara R

2012 Honda Odyssey EX-L, dark grey

Drives very well for a minivan, drives more like a sedan. Convenient features for families. One thing that is not so convenient is the gas mileage, I have to frequently fill up. I love all of the room and trunk space and the button on the hatch to auto shut is nice when my arms are full of groceries.

- Ashley D

Family fun dependable transportation.

It is a great family friendly van. Great on gas, very dependable. I am not a fan of automatic doors, sometimes they do not want to open as quickly as I need them too, but overall, it is a great van. It can hold everything needed for road trips. I like the DVD player, that comes in handy with my kids.

- Roseanne B

Great car for a single mom.

I love my Odyssey. Since the center seats are removable and the back seats fold flat, I can use my van almost the same as a truck, but I also have the option of taking my kids and their friends somewhere, safely, and comfortably. The gas mileage is decent, especially for the power behind the engine.

- Christina C

Great car for families of 4 or more

I love this car, there's so much room. Putting seats down is easy, the rear view camera is great, and we can't have 2 car seats and everyone is still comfortable. I feel very safe in this car and I feel my children are also very safe. We use the Bluetooth in this car daily and absolutely love it.

- Courtney B

Honda Odyssey is a good family friendly van.

There are a lot of door problems because the van is always lighting up like it is open while you are driving down the road. The leather is very nice to have with children because it is much easier to keep it clean. The TV is good too for road trips and just to give the kids something to watch.

- Ashley W

The Best Van Around, has everything you need for a family vehicle!

I love our Honda Odyssey. It has great gas mileage, it is comfortable, fits both my kids and their friends or family when visiting. We've even camped in it before. Has plenty of storage, love how the back seats fold down. I only wish we would have gotten the newer model with the automatic doors.

- Kristen B

Recommend Honda odyssey van.

Comfortable, reliable. Gas mileage is good. Haven't had problems with anything. I would buy another Honda when looking for a new vehicle. The insurance rate is good for this size. I love how we can get 7 people in it plus there is plenty of room for hauling something as well as traveling.

- Debbie C

Reliable, smooth and has potential for growth.

I love how it drives smoothly. Love the features and like to see more in future models, like back windows go down, low gas beeping reminder and better indoor lights. Also need more leg room especially for tall people. I am would also be nice to get behind the stereo system easier for upgrades.

- Nicole F

It's perfect for a large family that needs space and flexibility in seating.

I like the high safety ratings the Honda Odyssey has. I also like that seats are adjustable and when we don't need anyone in the back row, it can be put down for more trunk space. It has been a reliable vehicle for our family and fits our needs. I also like the adjustable air in the back seat.

- Amy T

Best minivan I've owned!!

Fantastic vehicle, runs great, lots of digital features, rear camera, navigation system, comfortable, heated seats, tinted windows, 8 passenger, remote side doors, great fuel mileage, built in large TV, cool box, aux cord hookup, great interior lighting, plenty of plugs for charging phones

- Donna K

Comfortable rods and dependable.

I have owned this vehicle for three years and has been very dependable. Like the fact that it has dual sliding doors because makes it easier with the kids. Having the auto door opener is also helpful with kids and loading groceries. Overall I have been very satisfied with this vehicle.

- Nicole K

Our van has a cooler box in the front dash

Love the leather seats and smooth ride. Also comes with widescreen DVD player and Bose sound system. Biggest selling point was the ease of entry for 2 young children.it's nice to have plenty of storage space for long trips. Fits our family of 4 and our 70 pound Golden doodle perfectly.

- Jessica G

We love our family friendly van!

Absolutely love this van! Very spacious and comfortable! Favorite features used daily would be the DVD player, heated seats, and built in cooler. We love that the back seats are easy to put up and down when transporting kids bikes, strollers, etc! Perfect vehicle for a growing family!

- Lindsey R

My Favorite Honda Vehicle

I love my Honda Odyssey! It's incredibly comfortable and spacious! It drives nicely and smoothly and I love the backup camera. The electronic dashboard is an amazingly helpful feature that I use all the time and I particularly love the speed dial feature. I highly recommend this car!

- Ali K

The odd-esy car (off): The car you have to be grateful for

It performs pretty well. I just don't like the older appliances. The fact that it does not have Bluetooth, is saddening. It just breaks my heart. I wish I could have the doors become more advanced. Overall it's the only biggest car that I have. Be grateful for what you have children.

- Chloe W

It is a great family car.

This is my second Honda odyssey. Other than standard maintenance, I have had no other work done. It is a very reliable, comfortable family vehicle. It has plenty of room for everything from grocery shopping to a day at the beach to moving in & out of college. I love my Honda van.

- Cindy L

Honda Reliable Family Car

Honda Odyssey has been very reliable with minimum maintenance. This is the third Honda that I have owned. They are great cars. Retain their value for trade in or resale. Great family car. I would buy another Honda for my next car. I have recommended Honda to friends and family.

- Nicole S

It drives well and is makes it easy for any type of trip we take.

The ability to transport up to 7 passengers. I like the fold and go seating in the back. It holds a lot of luggage. Easy to drive and sits up higher than a traditional car. Sliding side doors and automatic back door. Only complaint is I wish the cooler box was an actual cooler.

- Pamela S

Fits my family of 5 along with our 5 dogs (two large one medium two small)

Spark plug recall, alignment issue which wears down front drivers side tire, comfortable seating, great space, doors are automatic and will open for safety reasons if they bump into something, open the trunk with the push of a button, backseat passenger screen entertainment system

- Gwen K

I s the best car to drive.

My car do not have any problem I take care, all the services and this is the 3 odyssey I brought. And is good to travel and have a good comfort and is save to drive the maintenance is not expensive and the Honda service is number one. Is good and have to many points on security.

- Miguel H

It is a great family car. There are eight seats, although the center one can be removed, and if you only have 5 kids you can remove one of the captains chairs for easy access to the back.

When we first purchased our vehicle bluetooth audio was a jewish thing so I was really excited to have that. I like that the bench in the back can fold into the ground completely and I like that the middle chairs are easy to remove. I dislike that the trunk isn't automatic close.

- Sara D

The best part is sliding doors.

I absolutely love my minivan! I love that is has sliding doors. It is a must if you have children. It is very spacious and very convenient for road trips, or it you need to buy furniture. It drives very easy. I was nervous about driving a big car, but I got used to it very fast!

- J H

The Honda Odyssey has one of the highest minivan safety ratings.

I love how well the inside functions. Plenty of well placed cup holders. I love the safety rating. I love that it holds so much and drives like a small car with great gas mileage. It has great air conditioning. The only complaint is that my doors unlock when placed in park.

- Michelle B

It rides so smoothly and is very comfy for our large family!!

I love my odyssey van because with a large family with small children, not only is there plenty of room for all of us to be comfortable but there is enough cargo space for all of us. It's also very easy for all of our children to get into and out of the van, I love that too!

- Sally R

It is extremely comfortable on long road trips. It has heated seats, lots of leg room and a nice sound system.

I really like that it is spacious and comfortable on long road trips. I also like that it has a backup camera and gets good gas mileage. I also like that the seats go down so we can pack lots of item in it on road trips. I don't like the body of this van. It's not attractive.

- Carter M

Honda odyssey: a family's best investment.

It is a reliable, safe and comfortable car. Most importantly, the car has a lot of room and space for everything. Anything that you need to transport, you can do so with this car. It is safe and has a good mileage. It is a great car for families, especially bigger families.

- Amanda L

My family car the odyssey.

Other than the sliding door getting stuck all the time, it is a fine car. It is perfect for a big families. We have taken it on road trips and it has driven well. Also has good feature of the TV. The kids love it and it keeps them entertained. Also has enough cargo space.

- Jasmine B

My Experience with the Honda Odyssey

We have been driving this vehicle since 2014 when we purchased it from a private party. Very comfortable for up to 8 people. Included DVD player and leather seats. Sunroof and Bluetooth. Heavy body for safety. Nice cargo area and good visibility. Backup camera is nice.

- Kathy E

It is a safe, comfortable and roomy minivan.

It is very roomy, and easy to drive. We have not had very many mechanical issues, and good gas mileage. It is great for long trips, very comfortable. It is great that it sits up higher than a lot of vehicles on the road, it is safe to drive, it is a dependable vehicle.

- Kelly S

Great family minivan and affordable

No problems at all. Only maintenance has been general wear and tear maintenance. Drives Welland has the amenities that you want. Perfect family vehicle. Automatic doors and windows. Great speakers and ability to connect phone for no hands calls and music playlist.

- Michael H

The perfect family vehicle

The Honda Odyssey is a great family vehicle. It's roomy with a removable center seat. With seating up 8 it's perfect for vacations or everyday life with kids. The trunk is roomy and the automatic doors are perfect for dropping kids off. I highly recommend an Odyssey.

- Claire H

My Honda Odyssey is a great van for me and my grandchildren.

I love it. I am tall (6'6") and it have plenty of room and power for me. The van is very well engineered! I recommend this to everyone. There is plenty of head and leg room for me. There is plenty of room for many passengers including car seats for my grandchildren.

- Brad L

Great car, lots of space and storage.

This car really helps if you are with a family, it can fit up to 8 people. The car has ample space and is very comfortable. The trunk is huge, but can be even more big if you put the back row down. I recommend this car for anyone who wants a decent looking big car.

- Josh L

Very spacious, comfortable for even 8 people.

The car shutters when it brakes, but is comfortable other than that. It has lots of space. The speakers are great, and Bluetooth functions work perfectly. There's plenty of trunk space as well, this is definitely a great option if your in the market for a minivan.

- Jayden P

Total package in a beautiful car.

I love my Honda odyssey touring. It has every feature we need including automatic doors, DVD player, HDMI outlet, split screen for extra entertainment, easily cleaned leather seats, GPS. It has always run beautifully. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone!

- Heidi H

Our friends have one and we were able to see how reliable they are. Our last car, Acadia, was not and cost us a lot of extra money.

I love the sliding doors and that my children are able to hope in quickly on their own. There is also a ton of room for all the things that come with young children. It's not my favorite car but it's definitely growing on me. It's perfect for a growing family.

- Elizabeth L

It is a great vehicle for anyone with a family for the shear convenience of the sliding doors.

I like the cargo area, sunroof, & heated seats. The back seats fold flat into the floor which helps with hauling large items. I like having buttons to control the radio and other things rather than a touch screen for everything. Backup camera is good too.

- Shelly P

I have had very little issues with anything. It is very reliable.

I like that my vehicle is very reliable. I have not had to have any major repairs at all. It has approximately 140,000 Miles and still drives good. It has plenty of room for my family and we have even used it to travel with 7 plus luggage. No complaints.

- Heather L

Good mileage, run smooth comfortable.

I think is the best vehicle we had. Drive smooth in highway reliable depend durable. We had no problem. Run smooth in highway get go miles. City run good no major problem. Comfortable for long rides. Keep up to date in maintenance. Bad weather also good.

- Carlos V

Automatic sliding doors are the most important feature of this vehicle.

I love my van! I have automatic doors and an automatic hatchback. The ease with which my family can get in and out is incredible. Also, the extra sets of latch systems, and the ability to fit five car seats in the van at once has been immensely helpful.

- Brooke K

It is an awesome vehicle, very spacious and has a great safety rating!

I love the Honda Odyssey, I have not had any problems with it so far. I love the space and how easy it is to fold down the seats. my kids love the leg room and the dvd player. If I ever need another Minivan I'll look at another Odyssey for sure.

- Janine G

If you are looking for a family car, that will last for many years, pick this 1.

This is a great family car. There are multiple seat configurations for long trips with kids and all their gear. We've had this car for 6 years and it still looks and runs like it is brand new. We've only had to do minor upkeep maintenance on it.

- Robin L

The versatile Honda Van is a perfect for families. We live in the Western US and love to use our van to explore the amazing National Parks and other beautiful landscapes. It is comfortable in going distances!

We love our Honda van. It fits our family of 7 comfortably, and is smooth to drive. We also really like the option of the 8th seat and use it often if we have an additional traveler. I feel like it gets pretty good gas mileage for its size too.

- Joy D

It startup every time doesn't leave me stranded.

I like that the car is dependable, gets good gas mileage rides nicely and is safe. It is easy to drive and has cruise control to give my foot a rest. It has heated seats and good air conditioning. Lot of room for passengers and groceries.

- Joy B

The Honda Odyssey is a wonderful family vehicle, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a family vehicle!

I love my Honda Odyssey minivan! It's the second Odyssey we've owned and we love so many things about it. It's comfortable, safe, and has great gas mileage. And, there are lots of features my kids love like the DVD player and bluetooth!

- Kerry G

It is incredibly reliable.

I like that I have plenty of space to move items, get multiple children to activities without worrying and can easily get to everything. It is a safe vehicle and reliable. It's a smooth ride and the pickup is quick and runs great.

- Jeff M

5 stars for Honda Odyssey!

I love my odyssey! It's a great family vehicle, and our second one to own. We upgraded when we were able. Honda is so reliable, and we only have the expected car issues with use and mileage. Would absolutely buy this vehicle again.

- Abbey P

Great, reliable, comfortable vehicle.

Super comfortable vehicle, great for road trips and carting the family around. The GPS is not accurate even after updating the system. 100k service was extensive and expensive. It continues to be a reliable vehicle even with 122k.

- Chris P

It does not have an automatic trunk closer thing.

At the time we purchased our vehicle Bluetooth phone was new so I like that. I also like that it came with all weather mats. I like that the middle seats can be removed easily and that the back seats can fold flat into the floor.

- Sara D

The reliability is not up to the standard of what Honda porrays!

Love the interior room for seating and passenger space. What I dislike is the reliability. A Honda should have a great record for reliability, but this car not so much. Lots of money spent on fixing many things on this vehicle

- Don T

Very reliable with no fear of needing major repairs. Also very safe.

Have had it for 4 years with no major problems. Feel very safe and proud to be in it. It's lived up to everything I thought it would and more. Lots of room for a family with 3 kids. I'd definitely recommend it and get another.

- Heather C

It is a quality, dependable, economical car.

Love the fold down seats. Love having seats for 8. Like do not spare is not under the van. Dislike that do not spare is a little tricky to get to with the car mats and not a lot of room between the seats to get the tire out.

- Jessica H

Comfortable family car, incidental issues

Super comfortable to drive. Love the automatic doors and windows, easy to load with kids and groceries. We have had some issues with the breaks and one of the automatic doors gets stuck and has never been able to be fixed

- Carol R

The Honda Odyssey is reliable and perfect for busy families.

We love that our Honda fits 8 passengers. This allows us to transport our kids and friends. We also love the reliability of it. Our biggest complaint is the lack of stow and go seating like in the Town and Country.

- Tina H

In 4 years time I haven't had to do anything but oil changes and tires, this car is built to last which is so important. So reliable.

I haven't had to do any big work, it's great. So much space is great for 3 kids and travelling! It's not as bad on gas as I thought it might be. It's just as good now as when I bought it 4 years ago. I love it a lot!

- James K

It's very durable! It can fit a full sized couch when the seats are down. It has fit a washer and dryer as well.

Our van has been an amazing vehicle. It has held up and has only had issues with rotors being warped. We were able to get them sanded down and the van was driving smooth again. It is due for its 150K mile service.

- breona c

It will last! I drove my last Honda odyssey for 180,000 miles.

I love having 8 seats, the up and down ease of the back bench and that it is divided. I love automatic sliding side doors and cruise control. I wish it had the foot touch back hatch and then it would be perfect.

- Dianne D

It holds a lot of stuff! We have plenty of room when going on vacation.

It is very easy with kids, convenient slide remote controlled doors. I like how it is looked at by society. I am short, so I do like that it is easy to get in and out of without having to climb up in an SUV.

- Abbey D

Wouldn't rebuy- I've never owned a car that completely started falling a part in such a short time

Nice room, but it's falling apart. The bumper is pulling away from the frame, the hydraulics went out in the trunk, the sliding doors freeze in the winter, now the locks make a weird noise when I unlock them

- Heather P

Investigate before you buy Honda!!

We have had nothing but problems with this year vehicle. It is my understanding that it was involved in a lawsuit before I purchased my car. It should have been recalled not sold to an unknowing customer!!

- Tabitha M

It's good for a lot of different uses.

It's convenient for when you need to haul either people or something bulky. It has plenty of room. It gets decent gas mileage for its size. It's a bit of a lemon, though, and I'm going to replace it soon.

- Sam W

Odyssey is ideal for families with small children!

My vehicle is a mini van. As a mom it is an ideal vehicle. The sliding doors are wonderful for getting in and out. I don't have to worry about the kids bumping the car next door. The seating is flexible.

- Kristine C

It drives very smoothly and has been reliable without many issues.

I love that my vehicle has been for the most part very reliable and drives very smoothly. I dislike that I have had problems with the back sliding doors not latching and reopening instead of closing.

- Stephanie S

It is very kid friendly and has plenty of space for extra passengers as well!

I love the ease of getting car seats in and out, we also have plenty of storage room in the back for a stroller and anything else we need to tote. We get great gas mileage and it drives really nice.

- Rose B

It is incredibly roomy. More than you think it would be. The third row folds down and creates a lot more room.

I love my Honda Odyssey. The automatic doors are a great feature for taking the family places. It has been a great reliable vehicle on long trips to Florida, Georgia and South Carolina! We love it!

- Heather V

Van was put together perfectly with perfect parts. It is the best vehicle I have owned yet.

Dependable, efficiency, safe, and comfortable. 5 star safety. 28 mpg most of the time. 5 years old with only the basic maintenance. I do believe this can is exceptional. Properly put together.


Great minivan! Honda Odyssey should be on your shortlist!

No problems so far! You obviously have to upkeep (oil change, etc.) but that's true of any vehicle. Some materials are peeling where I close the door but I don't know if that's me or the material.

- George M

If you want a smooth, easy ride with the capacity of a larger vehicle but the feel of a car, look into a Honda Odyssey.

I love my Honda Odyssey! It drives smooth and has a lot of space, but doesn't feel like I'm driving a boat, like old minivans used to. It is also pretty good on gas mileage for a larger vehicle.

- Theresa E

you must remove the entire middle row to get to the spare tire.

I like the window screens in middle, air vents for the middle, love the gas trip meter. dislike that there are no vent windows in back, must remove everything in the middle to get to spare tire.

- rupiah B

It has great safety ratings. I feel good knowing that my family will be safe in this vehicle.

I love how much space we have and how versatile the seating is. I can move things around very easily. With three kids, we need room, and this gives us plenty. It also gets good gas mileage.

- Katie F

you can easily fit 8 people and their things in the car for travel.

I like that I can fit so much in the car when we travel. I like the adjustability of the seats. The van has made running errands, having visitors, and doing normal family things very easy.

- Michelle B

Safety and recommend to every family for a minivan. We take extended family with us and nice to have that

I love all of the spacious room and how you can move seats around for storage. Consoles can be removed. Drives smoothly even in bad weather. Dislike my color currently but overall love it.

- Helene L

Love the 8th seat. Roomy and comfortable

Its roomy. Great for families. Love the optional 8 passenger seat. That extra seat is a full seat.. not cramped at all. Love that u can widen or narrow the middle row. Smooth driving

- Tara S

It has lots of room, plenty of seating, and can be reconfigured to haul large items.

I love the room to carry things, the ease of reconfiguring the seats, 8 seatbelts, and the comfortable options. I do not love the weight of the middle seats when I need to remove them.

- Elizabeth S

It runs nice and is safe. It can handle large loads and run fine

Love the minivan and how it rides. We are a large family and there is plenty of space for all of us. I would say the only downside to it is that we need to get new tires frequently.

- Marissa R

The highlight of this vehicle would have to be the extra room and comfort.

This vehicle has been really reliable. We like the room inside and all the extra features. Only thing I do not like is the ECO ups and downs in the driving. Gets good gas mileage.

- Elaine S

Its very spacious and comfortable no matter where you sit in the van. I also believe it provides a great deal of safety features

I like the ease of getting kids in and out and the space it provides to be comfortable to every member of the family. I dislike that repairs tend to be higher than that of other cars

- Brian H

This car well made and high quality.

My Honda Odyssey is a well-equipped, smooth-riding vehicle. It is very comfortable on long trips. It also has good leg and shoulder room, and there is more than adequate cargo space.

- Glenn S

It's a great vehicle. It rides well and is good on gas.

I love the way it rides. Controls are easy to reach & use. Seats are comfortable. The only thing I don't like is the glass covering over the back up camera--it's creates a glare.

- Karen N

It's a piece of crap, literally, the radio doesn't even work.

It gets me from point a to be. It is a 4 cy. and has no power. If I use the a/c it crawls. Front end can't be aligned, yet no one knows why. I can't scream it's a lemon loud enough!

- Laura B

Its safe to travel, never worry about having problems. Its roomy for all of us, and we're quite comfortable.

i have 5 children, 7 people in household, and we all fit. and we fit comfortably including car seats. It's good on gas mileage. we feel safe when traveling. Have had few repairs.

- Roberta S

Honda- a family brand suited for all family sizes with a variety of styles.

Honda Odes. Vehicle rides smooth and feels very comfortable on the road. Features support our large family and give us the space we need even with 6 people. Extremely happy w Honda.

- Robyn G

It's reliable, has great seating options and style.

I love the way it handles, the turning radius is excellent and makes it very maneuverable. It gets great gas mileage. I like the folding seats in the back and the cargo capacity.

- Karen C

Love the ability to remove seats. It is so versatile.

I love the room, three rows of seats, extra space in rear to store things, good gas mileage, dependable, easy maneuverability, drives great, remote doors, DVD player, ac in rear.

- Donna H

It has heated seats. I love them on those cold, snowy days that we have around here.

The trunk door doesn't always close when you press the button. It's always a disappointment when I have to put some effort into closing the door. Other than that, it's great.

- Alicia W

Great family van gets you to where you need to go on good gas mileage.

It's always rain right for me get me to where I need to go great on gas mileage fits my whole family and the dog seats fold down and great for packing stuff if you go camping.

- Andrea P

Great family car for traveling or staying around town.

Love the convenience of the siding doors with two young boys. The rest backup camera helps too. Lots of room for traveling or day trips. Also good for hauling stuff around.

- Laura H

It is a very reliable vehicle. The family car that will last your children's childhood.

I love my vehicle because I can go places with my whole family. It drives smoothly even after being six years. I have only had to repair normal wear and tear items as well.

- Johnelle M

It is very reliable and doesn't need much maintenance.

The seating is spacious and gives our family the room we need for errands and travel. It has been very reliable. We also appreciate the vehicle's reputation for safety.

- Luke w

very safe. I've been in several accidents (3) none of which were my fault and I felt very safe.

tons of room. comfy seats. quiet. great turn radius. I love the space in the trunk. Other features like backup camera and sensors for other cars are great for safety.

- holly l

2012 Honda Odyssey Touring model.

The Honda Odyssey has been a great vehicle for us. It drives well and Honda has extended warranties on things that have been found outside of original warranty work.

- Katie A

Family of 4 Loving our Odyssey!

We have not had any problems with our Odyssey. We are at 110k miles and it's running like its brand new. It is very comfortable and the kids love it as much as we do!

- Leah S

Very useful, Great investment

The mini van is very useful for big families and to move things. Also is good to sleep, when you are traveling long distance. Nothing bad I can said about the Odyssey

- Miguel J

Roomy, comfortable, and safe. It has lots of convenient features, like a backup camera and Bluetooth as well as a cool box. It is a great family vehicle.

I like the automatic doors and trunk. I like the smoke h ride, safety ratings, leather seats. I wish it were four wheel drive and handled driving in the snow better.

- Charlotte B

It has the most top tethers for car seats and can fit a big family easily

I love the convenience of the sliding doors and auto lift trunk. It drives really well and we haven't had any issues with it. It is perfect for our large family.

- Samantha M

Plenty of room for a large family. Trunk space is great.

Love the way it rides. Plenty of space for a family of 7. Great trunk space. No real complaints only minor nickel dime repairs. Love Honda service department .

- Suzanne C

automatic rear doors baby! And also auto lift gate.

Doesn't get good gas mileage locally. DOES have an 8th seat which is great for our family of 5 children though. Expensive as anything used and even mores new.

- J B

I think there are more than one thing I would tell my friends. Like it is very dependable and a reliable car.

It is a family vehicle. I like that it is very safe and reliable. I wish it had seats that would stow away. I don't have a backup camera which would be nice.

- Melanie R

The safety rating on this vehicle are very high.

Very roomy! Electric dice does and hatch. There is a refrigerated compartment that I love! Nothing I really dislike. . . I have no complaints about this car.

- Rani B

It has good safety features and easy to drive.

Love the space, the folding seats and how easy they are. Love the automatic doors and trunk. Like the way it drives and the tv for the kids in the backseat.

- Jennifer Y

It absolutely puts safety first, which is really important when it's carrying precious cargo.

I have three children, and the Odyssey was designed by someone who has children. They have thought of almost everything to make life as easy as possible.

- Alex F

Spacious and perfect for a medium to large family.

Spacious and fits our entire family plus friends and/or bags and such they might need. Runs well. don't have any problems. Would definitely buy it again.

- Elizabeth R

It is a very comfortable ride.

I like the room it has. I do not like the cost to keep it up and running. I like the way the seats fold down. Like the heat and air controls in the back.

- Nancy R

Has lots of storage and seating space.

Love the space and comfort for travel. I like the gas mileage. I dislike that the windshield wipers are not tied to turning the lights on automatically.

- Hope K

It is very good and comfortable on long trips which we take quite often.

I like all the room it provides for a number of things. It gets great gas mileage. It is very comfortable and handles very well. I have no complaints.

- Mike P

It is very convenient for a family larger than 5.

It is very spacious for driver and passengers. The handling characteristics are smooth and enjoyable. Its large size makes it hard to park at times.

- Garrett L

Honda Odyssey is great for big families!

I love the Honda Odyssey for big families! The sliding doors are fantastic! The room we have in the car is amazing! We have loved driving this car!

- Sloane T

That it's got plenty of room for 8 and that it's a reliable van

I like that it has enough room for 8 passengers. It gets great MPG which is very important. It drives smoothly and is reliable. I love driving it!

- Amanda S

This is a great Family Car, roomy and comfortable!

Love the vehicle, very few complaints. One would be the blind spot when changing lanes. Love the back seat folding down. drives extremely well.

- Kristen R

It can accommodate so many people/luggage. We are able to travel so easily with so much stuff we need for our small children.

The Odyssey has so much room for my large-ish family. I love the different seat configurations possible. It's a great vehicle for family travels.

- Erin B

I can comfortable seat 8 people. It is good for dropping of kids.

I love that I can take many people in my car. it is very comfortable. But I wish it wasn't so popular because it seems everyone has the same car.

- trsh c

Manual sliding doors stick and are hard to open for the kids.

Lots of room for everything. Really enjoy the captains chairs for the kids. Easy to drive. Hard to park, but the backup camera is very helpful.

- Heather B

I love my Honda Odyssey minivan

Comfortable, drives easily, lots of storage, navigation is easy to use, 60/40 split for 3rd row seats gives lots of options for seating/storage

- Jennifer L

Honda odyssey is perfect for busy moms.

I love the space of a Honda odyssey. It is amazing how much gear it holds. I also love the fact that I can fit half the soccer team in my car.

- Christy R

The thing I like most is how comfortable it is especially for large families

I love my honda van. It is perfect for families of 4 or more. We have plenty of room for family and friends and it is a very comfortable ride.

- Sandra B

It's very safe and a great car for a family to own.

Carries everything I need to haul. The features are awesome, like keyless entry and stereo that stores music. Wouldn't trade it for anything.

- Jesse S

Great family van that's reliable

Drives like a car, great mileage, great space to store things, tons of cupholders, great for kids and dogs, doesn't need tons of maintenance

- Jennifer S

Have never had a problem with any on the 3 Odysseys we have owned. The vehicle is safe and dependable.

Great mileage for a minivan with low maintenance. Lots of room. a great ride and fun to drive. Only dislike is removing the 2nd row seats.

- Richard L

Great capacity and space for family who has many kids and family members.

Engine dead when closed to 80k mile. Comfortable for long distance travel. Great capacity for both adults and kids. Low maintenance cost.

- Minna C

It is reliable and roomy and everything is up to date.

What I love about is that it is big and roomy but what I dislike about it is that, it is old. I want a newer version like 2018-2019 make.

- Jenny C

The whole family loves it

We love the kid friendly features of the vehicle such as dvd system and third row. The electric doors and back gate are very convenient!

- Sara W

It has a DVD player, fold down seats

It rides smoothly, it's reliable, it seats the whole family, it looks good, it is safe, Hondas last a long time if you take care of them

- Meredith W

It is safe and run exceptionally well.

I like the space provided for seating and storage. I like the option of the 8th seat. I like the automatic doors. I have no complaints.

- Rebecca R

My car is a family friendly.

I like my minivan because it's roomier. It has adjustable seats and sun shade you can retract. The gas mileage is very consuming a lot.

- Shei B

It drives very smoothly and has plenty of room for comfort.

I love my Honda Odyssey. It has always driven very well. It has plenty of room for 8 passengers and luggage. It is a very smooth ride.

- Sandi W

Great comfortable, reliable family vehicle.

I have had no problems. The vehicle is very reliable. Works well for our family. The seats are comfortable. Love the automatic doors.

- Lisa S

Love my Odyssey it is perfect for young kids.

Awesome for small kids great for road trips. Lots of cup holders and latches for car seats. Very comfortable easy to turn and park.

- Cindy S

It makes life so much easier with all the extra storage and sliding doors.

I love how spacious it is and the design is really great. You and tell everything was really well thought out when it was designed.

- Jori W

It has a ton of room for seating and is good for sport events and traveling

I love that it holds our entire family comfortably. It is very spacious. I like all the features. I wish it sat higher like an SUV.

- Michele B

It is easy to drive and I feel safe in it, with all the airbags it has.

I like that it is up higher so you can see more. Drives easily. Holds lots of grandchildren. Only dislike is gas mileage is poor.

- Colette Q

It is never been in an accident.

Love the comfort of the van and the safety security with my family. Love the doors that open. I do not like the navigation system.

- Dina G

It connects to Bluetooth.

It has Bluetooth. So many seat for my whole family and cup holders. My moms van also has a TV, if we want to watch movies we can.

- Ana V

It is amazing. It is very low maintenance and perfect for families.

I love my odyssey. It is perfect for my family of 4. Lots of space and low maintenance. It will definitely grow with my family.

- Andi S

It's a great vehicle for my family with all the driving we do

I love everytime I press a button the doors or trunk opens. I like being able to reconfigure the seats as needed for road trips.

- Melissa o

It's really inexpensive compares to other cars on the road. It's reliable. They last a long time.

I like the trunk room!! I like that it has 8 seats. The car is very reliable when you service it regularly. It rides smoothly.

- Leanne A

It is perfect for families.

I like that it is a good family car. It has a lot of room for our family. I wish it had a tv for the kids and a back up camera.

- Andrea L

Roomy, comfortable, and reliable family car that seats seven

This van has a lot of room for a family of 4 or more. The seats do come down to help carry things and it can fit two car seats

- Steve B

Honda Odyssey vans are the perfect choice for families.

Comfortable, excellent for road trips, love all the room. We are so pleased with our van and would highly recommend to anyone.

- Melissa M

It is roomy and typically dependable. It is comfortable for families.

I love my Hondas. THis particular car, we have had a bit more trouble engine wise than the other Hondas. But I love the room

- nicole b

You can't go wrong with an Honda Odyssey.

It is the optimal vehicle. It is stylish and dependable. It not too big nor too small. It seats the whole family comfortably.

- Charles K

Gas efficient is the reason I bought this car.

The car is spacious. No major car troubles. The shade of blue is perfect, I love it. Although, it needs frequent oil changes.

- John J

All the room! It's great for hauling stuff or people.

I really like all the space. My daughter's fight so the extra room is a must. I dislike the brakes! They shake so quickly!

- Megan P

You need to make sure your are tires properly aligned, and make sure doors work 100% when buying

Numerous problems with doors, and tires. Its fairly comfy, with plenty of room, NAV system and radio features work good too

- Jaden P

Reliable, practical, and comfortable vehicle for short and long trips

It is quite practical. My odyssey drives well and is spacious. It's great for long trips. Everyone has the space they need.

- Sharon S

That it is reliable and mileage is pretty decent around town

I like the style of it and the room that it has for all my kids but I do wish it had more of the luxury things added to it

- Kandi C




Recall problems but reliable.

There was a recall on the back seats they tend to become jammed but I have not had the issue. It is a very reliable car.

- Leah M

It's safe and really easy to use with kids.

I love that it's reliable and spacious inside. It's safe for my family and has all the things we need in a family car n

- Krysta W

I find it to be a roomy vehicle for large families that travels well.

I like the fact that the minivan is big enough for my family when we travel. I don't like that it shake when I brake.

- Megan L

Great family vehicle. Fits all of us.

We have had three honda odysseys and have not had problems with any of them. The first one went to almost 300K miles.

- Samantha t

It has great use of space. It has a front end that sits so low it scrapes a lot on curbs. It has a touchy elect. system.

It's great when you have kids! I can take friends home in bad weather. I am really still figuring out the nav system.

- Jessica F

It seats 8 adults very comfortably. Has electronic charging ports and a cooling area

I have no complaints about my vehicle my only concern has been the number of recalls I've had to take the van in for

- Tina L

They have to take care, because I love my car.

My car is very nice, comfortable and I love my car, my kids love my car is very good, my husband like my car too.

- Cecilia V

Small but comfortable when needed given the circumstances.

Brakes and mileage problems. Its an old car but needs some constant maintenance and upkeep. But it is convenient.

- Chris W

it has tons of room and is such a comfortable ride!

I love having room for my family of 4 plus friends.The van rides so smooth and I love that we have leather seats.

- Amanda K

I like the smooth operation.

I love that it sits high.. I love all you can haul.. Love the leg room it has.. Large and hard to wash by hand..

- Linda P

It is gas efficient considering it is a minivan

It is efficient on gas for its size. I also like the way the seats are arranged and the trunk is very spacious.

- Farai T

That it is a safe car. It has lots of airbags in both the front and back.

I like that it is a newer car and seems safe. I also like that it reminds you when things need to be looked at.

- Rebekah L

Dependable for driving across the USA.

My van has tons of space for a family, good on gas as well as dependable on the road. Regular maintenance only

- Nikia G

All in all it's spacious , nice, deep trunk.

It takes forever for the AC to come on, it eats up gas , but it fits all 6 of us The breaks are very fragile.

- Kira R

Great storage! Easy folding seats! Easily cleaned.

Love the storage of a mini van, like the gas mileage, like how much gas it holds, love the easy folding seats

- Julie M

Family car, without a doubt, spacious and dependable

I like the space it has for my large family. the entertainment system is a plus. it rides relatively quietly.

- Kathleen L

A Reliable family vehicle

Easy to handle the steering wheel. No major repair since I bought it. A lot of space inside for a big family.

- Rosanna l

My car is extremely helpful - with children especially. There is a lot of space for all of the stuff I need to haul around on a day to day basis. The entertainment system helps keep the kids busy also.

Convenience!! That is the most important thing. So much space, the doors open on their own, kids can jump in!

- Kate L

It drives smoothly but you have to replace the brake pads often

I love that it can fit my entire family very comfortably. The heated seats and tv are our favorite amenities.

- Katy M

I have 3 kids so it's kid friendly. It gets us around easily.

I went from a convertible to a minivan. My husband had to convince me to get a minivan after our 2nd child.

- Julie N

I first went with a minivan so my young kids could easily enter and exit. Even now that they are older I don't worry about them banging doors in a parking lot.

I love its longevity and dependability as a vehicle for our large family. My Odyssey gets great gas mileage.

- Andrea R

2012 Honda Odyssey, with DVD and leather. We bought it new in 2012 and we have not had a single problem.

It is a very reliable vehicle. We have had no problems with the vehicle, since we purchased it new in 2012.

- Hayley H

It's a reliable and safe vehicle for our family to travel in.

This vehicle works well for our family of 6! My favorite features are the backup camera and the DVD player.

- Katie C

Great for families and for driving short or long distances.

Excellent family car. Reliable with minimal issues and problems. Smooth ride, dependable and easy to drive.

- Kerry M

Very comfortable and reliable.

Very roomy and comfortable. Have taken it on a few road trips and no problems. Air conditioner works great.

- Olga F

Overall greatest vehicle for kids in activities.

Greatest vehicle ever owned, smooth ride, holds up well. decent gas mileage, fits everything and everyone.

- Randi B

This car gives you the space of a much bigger vehicle but drives like a car.

We love this vehicle. We h e not had any issues with it and take it in for regular scheduled maintenance.

- Joan P

Functioning and comfortable car for a large family

Performs well, is comfortable to drive, is reliable, works well for our family of five, great gas mileage

- Jessica A

Dependable family vehicle that makes trips a breeze

It's reliable. It's very functional and excellent for long trips. Despite Its size, it is easy to drive.

- Sharon r

Room for 8 passengers!!!!

Reliable, cheap to maintain, very little maintenance, very spacious, very versatile, but loud road noise

- Allie W

One of the best thing I have bought.

The one and only thing my vehicle is missing is a TV and DVD system for long road trips with the kids.

- Victoria M

Drives smooth and I feel my family is protected with safety features

Love the way it drives. Love the heated seats Wish it had stow and go seats like the town and country

- Lori B

It's a great ride. Very safe. Lots of great features, and wonderful for families.

I love all of the minivan features. I just wish it had automatic start and intuitive cruise control.

- Emilee M

It is great for someone raising small children. The room is perfect

I love this vehicle because it works great for my larger family. We use it for traveling frequently.

- Leslie C

it is perfect for a bigger family and it is ok to be a van mom

I love the cargo space and how much space my kids have. I feel comfortable driving it and very safe

- Jax E

The gas mileage and room are awesome! I haven't had any trouble.

I love my Honda Odyssey. It has plenty of room. It gets awesome gas mileage and is very reliable.

- Cathy F

I love the sliding doors so my kids don't bang into other cars. I love that I can rearrange the seats and there is plenty of room with 3 rows of seats. I like having plenty of room for gear.

It is very family friendly and has plenty of room for your family plus guests plus luggage/things.

- kristin k

I like that it has heated leather seats. I like that I can fit my whole family in it, comfortably, as well as a lot of stuff. I don't like the noise, shape of seats, design of control panel.

It is comfortable for large families. It has high safety ratings. It has a great resale value.

- Amy F

Air conditioner breaks all the time

Relatively decent vehicle. Gets the job done. Has lots of little and big repairs needed though

- David M

We've had electrical issues in the past. Doors not registering as closed so we'd have to manually silence the warning tone in order to drive without going insane sort of electrical issues. In addition most of the lights inside no longer work and the rear hatch no longer locks. However it has never left us stranded anywhere, we've never had any issue that kept us from getting where we need to be. The roomy interior and heated seats are a big plus as well. We use it regularly to haul hay and it does just fine.

It's extremely reliable. It hauls us, it hauls hay, and it's always got us where we need to go.

- Alivia F

Reliable and lots of room. Overall rides nice and has lots of legroom and storage.

Like the room and the way it drives. Good on gas mileage. Our van shimmies a lot when braking.

- Ken O

I love that my vehicle is fully loaded. I love that it is roomy. I'm able to transport my 4 children and their friends. I dislike the road noise.

It is reliable.I have had to have some repairs done, but for the most part I can depend on it.

- Belinda T

Space for storage and mpg

Good maintenance record, decent mpg, bad in snow and no super comfortable for taller drivers

- Mar g

You should know where on or in the car to find important information

good quality, good company and good recognize. It was good safety. And It was good price.

- Sheanne G

It has more room than you'd think with the seats down.

I like how big it is. Lots of space for the kids. It is a safe vehicle. No complaints.

- Michael R

My car is very reliable. It is a great family car with the amount of space and storage it has

I love the amount of space it has. It is very comfortable also. It is very reliable

- Angel R

if you want a vehicle with a quiet, smooth ride, this is the vehicle for you.

It is a nice smooth ride. It is very roomy. Overall, mechanically it has been good.

- Pat W

I bought this van brand new 6 years ago, and it has been great the entire time. It is very reliable and dependable. I also feel very safe driving it.

Dependable and Safe Family Transportation is what you will find in the Honda Odyssey

- Angela M

It is a reliable family vehicle. It is built to last and is a smooth ride

Love the smooth drive, safety features. Able to fit 5 kids relatively comfortably.

- Ellen W

It is great for a growing family of young children.

I love the 3 rows of seats. It has very large cargo area. It rides very nice

- Anthony N

That it has powerful engine and it goes fast .the seating arrangement is good

I like the model of the car and also the features.. I dislike the colour of it

- Gunnu J

I like the comfort it provides. I love the rear entertainment system. I love the leather seats. It drives smooth.

It is comfortable for all that travel in it. It fits eight people comfortably

- Frances P

I like that the side doors slide in and don't open out. Gas mileage is a plus. Lots of cargo space.

I would have to say that the cargo space is one a big selling point for us.

- Mary W




It's a minivan. Helps us get all our errands done reliably.

It's a minivan - helps you run your errands and get you there reliably

- eleanor d

Its safe and has plenty of storage room. Honda is a reliable brand

I feel safe It has plenty of room Its reliable Honda is a great brand

- Nicole D

I love the store and go seats and the back up camera. The button to raise the back hatch is also awesome. I have 4 kids, so the extra space is also great. The gospel feature and bigger screen for it and the camera is a nice bonus as well

It is a great family car! A smooth ride and gets great gas mileage.

- Tracie G

It is very reliable and sits high. It is an all purpose vehicle

I love the ride and handling. I have no complaints. It is the best.

- Martha N

It is a great car all around and it has been good to me.

It sits high above ground. It is spacious. I find Hondas reliable.

- Nicky S

Great family vehicle. Very spacious. Comfortable!!

I love my van. It is big enough for my family. It is comfortable.

- Jacy C

That it is very reliable and has high safety ratings

n/a no complaints. It works great, lots of space, have no issues.

- Michelle H

Decent gas mileage. Drives like a car. Holds resale value

Automatic doors and trunk. Adjustable seats. Sunroof, DVD player

- Emily A

A safe vehicle with airbags around the vehicle.

I like the room. Great vehicle for children. Enough cargo room.

- Calista H

I love my van. The back seats are easily removed. The third row seating easily folds down into the van which allows for lots of storage.

Keep up with your maintenance and your car will drive forever.

- Sarah B

It's low maintenance. Always starts up when it needs to b

I love my car because of the ease of getting in and out of it!

- Debbie G

it is a big minivan and it consumes more fuel than cars.

It has plenty of space for long trip and drives very smoothly

- Scott M

This van is not great for tall people. The van passagers door slides weak. Between chairs need better to set holder for drinks or storage bin. It's nice drive smooth though.

Drive smooth nice and nice put stuff in the back of the van.

- Gina V

I love the capacity for taking extended family or my kids and their friends. It also works well for cargo with the seats folded down. I dislike the blind spot on the right side and the low fuel economy.

The Odyssey has lots of space for carrying people or cargo.

- Kathy B

It fits eight people comfortably. It has a rear camera.

It's spacious and comfortable. It has useful features.

- Valerie M

It's supposed to be safe.

Grey minivan. Seats 7 people. Not too great on gas.

- Angie G

It is reliable It is roomy and variety of options

It is roomy has a third row and great on gas

- Melissa M

Honda odyssey perfect for parents.

- Katie W