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Honda Odyssey: The Ultimate Family Vehicle!

The Honda Odyssey was made for families. They have thought of everything from the vacuum to being able to move the middle seats closer together or further away. This makes installing car seats much easier. There are tons of cup holders and ample trunk space. I can fit a large cooler back there to keep my groceries cool. The seats are very comfortable which makes vacation much more enjoyable. I think my favorite part is the safety rating. Safety for my kids is the most important thing to me in a vehicle. I also love the DVD player. This comes in handy for those long car trips and comes with headphones so the parent says can still listen to music up front. This is my favorite vehicle I've ever owned. The one thing I'd change is the backup camera. It needs to have a wider view, but it's still a pretty good camera. I also love the side mirror camera. Makes changing lanes very safe and easy.

- Jill T

Go on an adventure Odyssey in an Odyssey.

We have not regretted buying an Odyssey once. The car has been reliable for both short and long trips, and our children can easily load and unload independently. The sliding door aids in their independence as well as the open and close buttons that can be accessed from the cockpit or the rear. In addition, our children have control over the temperature and individual vents. Naturally, our favorite feature of the Odyssey is the ability to transport large groups, be it family or friends comfortably. Even adults have noted the comfort of both the middle section and read section of the van. As a younger adult and child, I claimed that I'd never drive a minivan. The Odyssey has proven itself as a classy, reliable adventure vehicle. When I don't see my reflection, I forget that I am even driving a minivan.

- Nate H

Great decision, never doubt it.

My vehicle is comfortable and smooth to drive or ride in, and that is step and go city or long trips. I have a family of five and there's always plenty of room for us and any companions we bring along. There are more than enough cup holders, lights, air vents and climate options. The seating options are Versatile. We love the fact that you can stow the third row or use it as reverse seating. We like the Bluetooth settings for hassle free, hands free media usage. Like the cool box especially on long trips. Like the backup and turning mirrors, also amazing turning radius. We like the hands free entry, push button starter, and of course the gas mileage. This is our second odyssey and we will not probably ever go to something else.

- Stacy H

Great family car! Built in vacuum, comfort and large interior

My favorite part about my car is the comfort. We specifically wanted cloth seats and a DVD player and we got both with the SE. We went in looking for a Pilot when they recommended looking at the odyssey. It also has a hondavac in the back and a regular plug which has come in handy, the vacuum is great living in Hawaii so I can get the sand out and the adapter is great to plug right into. It also comes with integrated sun screens on the middle row, and a spacious back row that folds into the floor leaving plenty of room for groceries and a stroller. My son loves the DVD player along with my husband, I love the nice screen and Bluetooth on the radio. All around a great car and I am thrilled we chose it over the pilot!

- Caitlin S

Perfect vehicle for a large or growing family.

The odyssey is perfect for our family of 5. The automatic doors make loading and unloading 3 children under 5 so easy. There is plenty of space for 3 car seats and all of the baggage we need for our family. The cargo space is wonderful and easily fits our bulky double stroller. Our van drives smooth and runs perfectly. We have. Ever had any trouble with it at all. There are extra little features such as a “cool box” that keeps drinks cool, shades on the kids windows, etc. that make driving this vehicle so convenient. The double touch screens give me access to all the latest technology. And the back up and side cameras are a must! We love our van!

- Christina S

Wonderful backup camera!

Overall I live my 2016 Honda odyssey. The back up and turning cameras help with blind spots. My 3 little gripes are as follows: 1. The battery for the DVD player remote died after the first year and we had only used it once. 2. The middle back seat seatbelt is able to retract completely into the ceiling, which is awesome! However, the plastic casing is not secured well and keeps popping out of the ceiling. 3. The automatic doors are great, but the sensor is in a large deep track at the bottom of the door which easily collects debris and has to be cleaned out regularly or the door does not want to close.

- Wendy Y

Best vehicle we've ever owned.

The most comfortable vehicle we've owned. It lives up to its reputation of the 'ultimate road trip vehicle'. We have fit our entire family (eight people) into this van comfortably with the additional center, middle row seat. Everything is super easy to use, including the rear vacuum. I do wish that the screen would sync up with a phone so that you didn't have to learn a new operating system, though the system does not have a huge learning curve. We love the fold down TV for longer trips, and really love the cordless headphone that came with the van. Super easy to use. Overall, an amazing vehicle.

- Stephanie F

2016 Black Honda odyssey. Reliable, lots of space, back up camera.

I own a black 2016 Honda odyssey. It is my first time owning and driving a minivan. It took me a while to get used to driving a mini man, but now I like it. Some features I like in my van are rear view camera, right mirror camera for whenever I put on the right indicator. I also like the attached mirror on the sunglasses keeper. There's lots of room for my kids and can sit comfortably without sitting closely together. The van is very reliable and if there is something wrong an indicator comes on to let me know. I wish a navigation system came with the van.

- Crystal B

This van can comfortably seat eight people!

The Honda Odyssey is the perfect car for my family. The second row has three full seats but the middle seat can be removed to create captain's chairs. In the third row you can put up the whole row, put down all three seats, or just out of part of the row. The trunk space is deep and I am able to fit two strollers in the trunk even when using the entire third row. Overall, the space and versatility of this van is great. The van also drives nicely. I do wish there was all wheel drive for the snowy days. Other than that, I am very happy with this car.

- Lauren S

Carry lots of people and lots of stuff

There are a lot of good features on the Honda Odyssey. I like that it has a removable 8th seat that comes out of the center of the middle row. This makes it easier to get into the back row or seat 8 people. I also like the rear storage and how the seats fold away in the back to allow for a lot of stuff. My kids love the DVD player. Rear view camera is great. Most other features are good. I don't like how much gas it uses and I am not a fan of the collision warning system. I am not sure why it goes off. Otherwise this is a great family vehicle.

- Meghan P

I love the touch screen at the front and all the navigation features!

I love my vehicle, the way it runs, the space and everything about it. The color is nice. It is a navy blue. The oil needs to be changed often because of how many miles we have put on it, but it still runs like it is new. The interior is the best. We have enough space for everything that we need and more. We use it on a daily basis. My only complaint is the fabric inside. It is just a plain fabric, but part of the seats feel cheap because of the way that they have worn in. This is a minor detail because it is such a great car overall.

- Cristina S

My Odyssey is an excellent family car

My Honda Odyssey is reliable, spacious, and comfortable. I love that I can fit up to 8 people in my vehicle without sacrificing comfort. The back seats easily roll down flat to provide me with tons of trunk space, and on several occasions, the ability to easily remove the middle seats has allowed me to pick up/move larger items without having to rent a truck. I have never had any major mechanical issues with my vehicle. The leather seats are easy to clean and very comfortable, and there is tons of leg room for my tall family.

- Amy C

The Honda Odyssey is not just for soccer moms! It is for everyone.

I love the Honda Odyssey because of its versatility. You can carry up to 8 passengers or you can take all of the back seats out and haul small pieces of furniture. We also like to camp in the back of our Honda! We can put a twin air mattress back there that we both fit on. Not to mention, it is so easy to drive! The controls run so smoothly most of the time you don't even feel the road. Only thing I would change is the seats. They're not the least comfortable I've ever sat on but also not the most comfortable.

- Kirstie H

I would like others to know how convenient the sliding doors are. I see families with young kids driving SUVs and I wonder if they even realize how much easier a van makes this stage of life.

What I love most about my Honda Odyssey is the power sliding doors. It is the best feature when you have kids- especially a baby, because you cannot open the doors of regular cars wide enough to get a car seat out of the car when you're parked next to another vehicle in a parking lot. I also don't have to worry about my older child opening a door too wide and hitting other cars. My only complaint is that it doesn't have driver memory buttons so I can get my settings back faster after my husband drives.

- Laura J

Our experience with the Odyssey elite.

The on board vacuum cleaner is wonderful. I wish it got better gas mileage but it is not horrible - I average about 26-28 mpg. It has a lot of bells and whistles we have not yet explored. The kids are figuring out the entertainment system themselves. The GPS is nice to have but I prefer to use my phone. We did have problems with the engine and transmission within the first year that was covered under warranty. The seats are very comfortable. We added weathertech all over. Already have 57k miles on it!

- Sheri C

Odyssey Magic: Reliable and easy to handle with a growing family

Overall good performance. Practical for a family with children. Very roomy. Sliding doors are Ideal for families with young children to help prevent them banging other cars when you are in a parking lot. The original tires, Michelin, are the best and recommend the same brand when you need new ones. Very good gas mileage as highway miles. Not very good in the snow, since it is not an all wheel drive vehicle. Newer models from 2016, have fewer cup holders, but a storage bin between the front seats.

- Mary Ellen L

2016 Honda Odyssey Review

The odyssey is a very reliable, comfortable and roomy vehicle. I enjoy driving it and it has everything I need to handle kids, adults and animals. As well as luggage or groceries etc. I'm impressed with the smooth drive. The only negative I have is how difficult it is to program all the options it comes with. I am in my early 40, s and I have trouble. I'm not using half of them because it is so time consuming to try to figure them out, and I do find some of them distracting while driving.

- Heather S

Space for all and drives like a dream

I absolutely love the roominess of my van. The ability to carry 7 passengers is great- although access to the third row can be a pain since my kids have to climb over the middle seat. The trunk space is outstanding- I'm a visiting nurse and carry a ton of work gear but can still fit a full grocery shop. There are a million cup holders and places for my kids to put their stuff. The man drives extremely comfortable and well although I wish it were four wheel drive for those snowy and icy days.

- Kelly C

Reliable, but could be improved

My vehicle drives decently; however, for the cost, it should be a more smooth ride. My Kia Sorento previously drove much nicer. I love the room in this vehicle and the storage options. The location of the spare tire is an inconvenience. It is located in the middle of the van inside the vehicle, rather than under the car, which means having to remove car seats and move the seats to access it and when you need a spare tire, it's not something you want to be messing around with all of that.

- Amanda G

Family friendly Honda odyssey, comfort and convenience for the whole family!

This can is great for a large family. It has self opening/closing doors. A great amount of storage and a lot of space in the trunk. It comes with a DVD player, CD, satellite radio and an actual 3 prong plug in the back. It's great for smaller children as it comes with a vacuum to clean up any spills. Also for entertaining, the 3rd row flips backwards, convenient for sitting and watching a drive in movie. Seats 8 comfortably. Includes backup and side camera to help with heavy traffic.

- Kelly M

Love our van it�s the best

We bought a used Honda Odyssey and we have loved it the moment we saw it ! The drive Is smooth the seats comfy and overall it has only needed regular upkeep needs for it ! It's nice because the van tells us when tires are low how many miles we have to go when gas is getting low, tells us when we need a oil change or when it's getting close to having to get an oil change ! They have a button you can press to open and close the trunk also the slide doors are automatic which is amazing !

- Brooke P

Honda Odyssey- the safest and reliable car.

Honda Odyssey is a very safe and reliable car. It has a great safety feature that when cars get too close it will alert you. The back camera is very clear. The dir. is a long screen making it accessible to all passengers in the back. The seats are comfortable and can be tailored to your height. I like the GPS system because it has many features such as finding gas stations and alerting you when there’s work in the area. I very rarely have engine problems or in need of repair.

- Ursula Y

Family friendly, convenient, awesome car

We bought our 2016 Odyssey new and it has been the best car we've owned to date. We have not had a single problem with it. The dash display is user friendly and intuitive. The automatic slider doors are super convenient for loading and unloading. The rear hatch door is also automatic, making hands free opening/closing super convenient. It's quiet, comfortable, and has tons of storage space. I love that the seats can fold into the trunk for optimized space in the back.

- Shanna L

2016 Honda Odyssey EX-L... Great Family Vehicle!

I have not had any problems with the van except to replace the battery. I love the way that it looks and drives. The seats are comfortable and there is plenty of room for 2 adults and 2 older teenage kids. There is great for long trips. Radio & CD player work great. Quality speakers and sound. Moonroof is a nice perk. Love power doors, windows and liftgate. Backup camera is very helpful. I wish it had a roof rack, but I can live without it. I highly recommend!

- Stacy S

Important? Most important is that I have room to haul just s our everything c I could ever need.

I love the lane watch (I think that's what it's called) and leave it on all the time. I wish it was on the other side too! I like the fold down seats...so convenient...and the DVD player. With little people it's a life saver. I wish that the rear door had an automatic open button. And I hate my cloth seats. I get shocked EVERY TIME I GET OUT. If I had known it would be THAT bad, I would have sprung for the extra 10k for the package with that feature.

- Sara m

It has space for days! The gas mileage is great and handles wonderfully.

We purchased the Odyssey because of the space! We have three young kids and needed space for the double stroller, pack n play and whatever else young kids need. It does not disappoint in the space department! The only major downfall is that the two big seats in the middle can't be pushed together. I would love to take the tiny seat in the middle row out and push one big seat over and have the space for easier access to the back row.

- Katherine P

Odyssey: the world�s most convenient family vehicle.

Our Honda Odyssey was one of the most functional and convenient purchases we have ever made. I always said I wouldn't own a minivan as a mom, but I am so glad we decided to get an Odyssey. The automatic doors are a lifesaver. My favorite feature is the easiness of maneuvering all the seats in the back. I recently purchased 6 dining chairs and was able to configure the seats in a way to fit my 4 kids and all 6 chairs in the van!

- Sara S

Pretty easy to put third row seats down for additional storage

Just wish the sound system had speakers in the third row for kids listening to a video. Accessory system is odd. It is scary to try to listen to the radio when car is off. It is so easy to maybe leave auto light on and then you might drain battery. It is not foolproof. We have had a dead battery three times in making a mistake in listening to radio while thinking all power off. Other than these two things we are happy....

- Cynthia p

It's fantastic for people with families. It is also wonderful to be able to hold a ton of luggage or items when traveling.

I love that my honda odyssey has so much space for my kids and dogs. We travel with the entire family on a regular basis and it's great to have the extra space. It's also wonderful to have the 3rd row seat to put my daughter's friends in. We have the Touring version and it includes a DVD player, which comes in handy for long trips. The only complaint I have about is it is that I wish it came in a four wheel drive version.

- Lynn B

Reliable, with a few downfalls

It is a reliable vehicle for the most part. It fits my family's needs since we have 4 kids under 9. It drives well, but my kids do get car sick on long trips if sitting in the back row. I was very disappointed that our front tires needed replacing at only 21,000 miles. There was also a recall on the middle seat latch that I need to fix still. This is inconvenient. My favorite feature for long trips is the DVD player.

- Lee-Ann J

Great, reliable, spacious family vehicle

Great, reliable family car. Spacious seating. I love that the third row can go down and have a bigger trunk space. My family of 5 utilizes the bigger trunk space often when we go out on adventures and need to haul bikes and etc. When the 3rd row is needed, the 3rd row seating is spacious and you don't feel cramped in a small area. I also love the reverse camera and the blind spot camera when turning or signaling right.

- jay T

Great Vehicle For Family Travel

The Honda Odyssey has room for up to 8 people and storage. It is easy to fold the seat up and down for rear storage. It needs more ports for electronics to be plugged in, there are none accessible in the center seats. Also the front bumper is low and is easily scraped on the curb when parking. The electronics can be difficult to figure out. Setting the clock took going back to the dealership so they could show us.

- sandra m

A minimal that works for a mini person!

The car is well appointed and surprisingly has good pickup. I feel like it drives well and the blind spots are minimal. The safety features are great, too. The seats are very comfortable (I am short - 5’ 0”), and the heated seats are a really nice bonus. There's tons of space to haul groceries and packages, and its great on road trips. Gas mileage is decent - better than I would have expected.

- Marcia B

Same Honda comfort and reliability, but leaves room for improvements.

After just a year with this new vehicle, I noticed the wheels would slip in the rain. I do not like the small triangular window on either side of the front windshield. The thick frames around them make it difficult to see people and objects that are not directly in front of the car, but slightly to the side. I have nearly hit pedestrians because these frames block chunks of vision for the driver.

- Chloe L

Perfect vehicle for my young family

Very comfortable and easy to transport everything needed with my growing family. Favorite features are the auto open doors, rear audio, and folding third seat. We have had issues with the climate control features however (2 trips back to the dealer) where the passenger side blows only hottest hot air or coldest cold air. Other than that issue, it has proven to be reliable and a smooth ride!!

- Sara F

Honda Odyssey is the vehicle every large family needs.

I love the space. We have three small children and there is plenty of space for everyone and all the luggage when we go on trips with room to spare. It is a quiet and smooth ride. The extra features are amazing. Entertainment for the kids and trustworthy navigation for mom and dad. Everything is user friendly which is a big plus. Also there are more than enough cup holders for everyone.

- Courtney A

This car is amazing, the most important thing is the flexibility.

The Honda is an essential to our family. It is very versatile in every occasion, to grocery buying in bulk to traveling with family to many other perks. Definitely consider this car if you have a sizeable family, go out to places a lot, and are interested in a reliable non breakable car. Never worry about breaking down cause mine has not needs any great maintenance in the past 3 years!

- Hee Jae L

Liking my Honda Great power and reliability and amazing looks inside and out!

I have had no problems with my Honda Van. I love the strong responsive motor it has. Also the comfort and space inside is amazing! I have leather interior in my van that also makes it look elegant. I don't think there is anything about my van that I don't like or that's been a disappointment, it's really been a good experience owning my van for the past year and some months for me.

- Lea D

It's a minivan that can hold up to 8 people with plenty of room for everything!

I like the buttons for my doors to open and close so my boys aren't in the way of them. I like the mini refrigerator. I like the amount of storage space it has. I like that the third row of seats folds down. I like the DVD player for my kids. I like the gas mileage it gets. I only don't like the thought of me driving a minivan. I used and still a little think they are uncool.

- Jana C

It has a sleek design that holds 8 people comfortably with plenty of legroom.

I like the comfort, sleek design, and the ability to roll down the back windows as well. Tons of storage in the trunk too. We've had it less than 6 months and had to replace 2 tires, and currently it is shifting really hard from 1st to 2nd gear. It drives very smoothly, but I am hoping with the discovery of the shifting issue we are not going to continue to have problems.

- Carrie C

Odyssey, Great Van for Families

The Odyssey handles very well, more like a car than a boat. I have great visibility. The seat options allow for a wide range of flexibility for storing, toting, and people in the vehicle. This van is a must have for a busy family. We were sold on the test drive for the handling and sold on a van after renting an SUV and not being able to fit everything in the tiny trunk.

- Alicia K

Sliding doors! No more worry of kids denting someone's vehicle or our own.

I never thought I would be a van owner, however after having children the space and convenience of one is just unmatched. Car seats fit easily, plenty of room for friends, sport equipment, camping gear, groceries, pets, etc. The newer vans have the nice entertainment system for long road trips, and all the safety features of curtain airbags. I love being a odyssey owner!

- Ashley D

Family reliability at its best

I love my vehicle for transporting my family. Hands-down there is no better vehicle to have an a van when you have small children. There is no risk of them opening the door and hitting another parked car! The only issue I've had since purchasing is an alignment/suspension problem. Other than that, it has been reliable enough to take us on to 1000 mile road trip's!

- Melissa R

An amazingly spacious, comfortable riding vehicle!

I love the comfort and reliability of my Honda odyssey. I am currently shopping for another one as my lease is up soon. I will definitely get another odyssey because of how it rides and the spacious room it has. I love how the back seat folds down into the floor allowing for more room. I have been able to get a recliner in the back when the seats are folded down.

- Leah B

Look no more! The Honda Odyssey is the perfect vehicle for a growing family!

I love my Honda Odyssey van! It is perfect for our growing family with its various seating options for up to 8 people. The interior of the van is very spacious and comfortable. A few of my favorite features are the DVD entertainment system, built-in window shades and vacuum system! Performance wise, the van is very economical on fuel and features a smooth ride.

- Megan S

I love the odyssey van - so functional!

I love driving the Honda odyssey! It is very spacious and fits all 3 of my kids with plenty of room to spare. The slide open doors are a must with 3 little kids who fling car doors open too far. The van handles well when driving and to be honest I didn't feel like I was driving anything much larger when I traded in my CR-V for an odyssey. Recommend for sure!

- Lisa H

Reliable and dependable for a great value!

I love my Honda Odyssey! The automatic doors and hatchback that open with a push of a button makes getting 2 children in and out a breeze! Love the smooth drive and spacious seating. Would love to have more durable (plastic) floor mats included at purchase as a family car most have messy children and it would be so helpful in cleaning up spills and crumbs.

- Sarah G

It is a safe and spacious vehicle that is fun to drive.

I do not have any performance problems with my car. I love how spacious it is, how well it drives, how quietly it runs and also that it has high safety standards. I love that we have an entertainment system in our car that can entertain our kids while we go on longer trips. The only thing I wished I could do is opening the trunk with the push of a button.

- Eva G

It's a very safe vehicle and transports my large family.

I like how roomy it is and how many passengers it holds, with a third row seat. It has a rear entertainment system and connects to bluetooth. It runs great, and will probably last a very long time. Some of the settings are confusing and silly. There is not a beep indicator for low gas, and no option to turn one on. Overall I do like my vehicle.

- Tamara S

We love the fold and go back seat.

We have had our Odyssey for one year without huge problems other than wear and tear such as dent in windshield and scrapes on exterior. We love our van! Such family friendly features and so spacious. Long car trips are definitely more comfortable in our van verse our old small SUV. Everyone has plenty of legroom. Love the auto sliding doors.

- Heather N

The screen by the driver's seat is a really nice touch.

Searching for a new car to last a two-week-long road trip, we had bought an owned car from our local Honda dealership. To our disappointment, we had a consistent problem with the front, left wheel bearing. It's fine now, and drives well; however, it took multiple trips to the Honda dealership to get it fixed, which wasn't fun in the slightest.

- Taylor S

Easy to seating adapt for our needs

I have owned my Odyssey for 3.5 years now, and I've never had any issues. It's reliable, comfortable and spacious. I love the automatic sliding doors. I love how quickly and easily I am able to fold down or pop up the 3rd row seats to accommodate our changing needs. The middle seat in the 2nd row is also easy to remove and/or add when needed.

- Mary H

My review on the Honda Odyssey and why it is so great.

The car drives so smoothly. The car is very comfortable and has plenty of room. I always buy Honda and I am always happy for years and years. I love that it has an interior vacuum cleaner and also a video screen for movies for all the kids. I also only want cloth seats and I am so glad that there is an option that does not have any leather.

- Mary F

My car works pretty well and it makes you feel pretty safe with the site of the car.

I drive my husbands car which is a Honda Odyssey. The car is a nice Honda car which I personally like. I'm not into writing much about my car as I'm not into cars, vans, etc. The car works fine and it works nice when you are driving it. I feel safer with a van as it's a larger car and it's important to feel safe when you drive a car.

- Nancy B

Honda odyssey: living room in wheels.

The Odyssey is a very reliable, comfortable vehicle. It has lots of storage and gets decent gas mileage. One of the drawbacks is the lack of an all wheel drive option, which would be helpful in the snowy northeast. The entertainment system is not very intuitive, causing the driver to take their eyes off the road to change the station.

- Ann M

Honda minivan se that has everything you would want in a car.

The car is a 10/10 the fact that the trim cost so low yet has many functions that only the most expensive trim has. The Hondavac the TV in the middle it's great for everything. Family trips are amazing because it's comfortable and the seats are adjustable in so many ways it's great probably one of the best cars for this price point.

- Md A

The perfect car for a family

Drives like a small car but the comfort of a large minivan. Even the back seat isn't too bad as far as leg room. Has Bluetooth connection, great stereo, and power sliding doors which is perfect when you have small children. We have traveled on many road trips with our kids in the Odyssey van and we have loved owning this vehicle!

- Andrea L

Great commuting car.

Our vehicle does great on the interstate and handles very well. The only problem we have with it is the accessibility of the buttons that control the oil change service. To be able to reset it I have to look at the manual every time. Also, the tank should be bigger for gas. As much as we travel we have to fill up the tank a lot.

- Will S

Absolutely perfect for a family on the go!

Absolutely love my Honda Odyssey! It is perfect for a family. It rides smoothly and is great on road trips with my small children. So much is automatic which is exactly what I need with children. I have told everyone about it and have had several friends buy Odysseys because of my review. Cannot say enough good things about it!

- Andrea H

Great for a family with young children!

I love my Honda odyssey! It has so much room and it is perfect for having three kids! The bucket seats make it easy to get kids in and out along with the sliding doors! We also love the DVD player for a long road trip’s and also the wireless headphones that connect to the system. The hands-free cell phone is also wonderful!

- Sarah S

Height of comfort and Drivability

The odyssey has great handling capabilities, roomy interior and a great field of vision. I love that when people come to visit we can fit 4 adults and two car seats comfortably for long drives. The handling is similar to cars I have driven in the past and I truly love to drive it. In my opinion it is the only van to have.

- Jennifer W

The Honda Odyssey is an amazing minivan that doesn't make you feel like a "soccer mom" to drive.

I love my minivan! I like the full 8 seats for passengers, as well as the large trunk area for hauling stuff. It's great that the seats move/fold to make more space. I do wish the middle row of seats were easier to move though, I don't like having to take the entire seat out. It would be nice if they folded down instead.

- S P

Versatile spacious minivan for a family

I love the space and size of my car. The second row of seats can hold three car seats or convert to bucket seats. The third row can fold down for lots of trunk space. The vehicle drives extremely well and has great pick up and acceleration. All the doors open with the click of a button. It also gets great gas mileage.

- Ann S

The joys of Honda, the ups and downs

Plastic guard underneath keeps coming loose. When we bought it the dealer had lug nuts on it that were impossible to remove without a special tool. Thank goodness we didn't have an emergency due to this. The radio needs a code to reset it if the power dies which can be a hassle. Simply hold the power button to bypass this

- Samantha J

Odyssey is great for families.

I love my 2016 Honda odyssey. With three kids, I cannot imagine trying to squeeze us all into a smaller vehicle. I especially love all of the trunk space. My husband and I are very we went with leather seats. They make it easier to keep the van clean. Having a sunroof is also great. Would recommend to anyone with kids.

- Melissa B

Great, comfortable family car.

I Absolutely love this my minivan. It provides us with all the space and room we need for our family. We just took it for our first long distance road trip and it was super comfortable. Having a DVD player is a plus to keep kids entertained. The trunk gives us enough room and space to also transport our 2 large dogs.

- Lisette M

Ride in comfort and keep the kids entertained.

The Honda Odyssey is a great family car and offers a smooth ride. The kids ride in comfort, watching the entertainment system if they so choose. Vehicle is easy to clean especially since our edition has its own vacuum. Would certainly buy another when the time comes. In my opinion, you can't go wrong with a Honda.

- Wendy H

The good and bad about the Honda odyssey.

Pros: dependable car brand, seats 6 comfortably (7 if need be), split back row seats, mid row captain seats, heated front seats, split temperature, back of van controls, DVD player with game console compatible. Cons: navigation system is archaic and difficult to use (we use our phone GPS), DVD screen is too small.

- Criss L

Mini RV living is easy, comfortable and fun in an Odyssey.

No problems. Second Odyssey in a row. First got about 300, 000 miles until we got a new one for long distance travel. We took out the back seats, put some bricks in to make a level board. Have a mattress on the board and our stuff under the board. Made curtains and screens for the windows and travel. We love it!!

- Kathy S

My 2016 Honda Odyssey won the best overall safety for It's category in 2016.

I own a 2016 Honda Odyssey and I love my van. The van is automatic which makes it so easy to drive and it has a V6 so it does have some power. My van is very versatile as I can hold up to 8 people or a lot of groceries! I really don't have any complaints about it and given the same situation I would buy it again!

- Tom W

This car can last you a long time and is so roomy on the inside

I love the Honda Odyssey! It is roomy on the inside and the sliding seats help my large family get in easily. The option to widen the middle row seats for car seats is awesome! The dvd system we have is a lifesaver on long trips and it's nice the kids can listen to that but the front audio can be different.

- Kathleen A

Love my Honda minivan. Great family car.

Comfortable and dependable. This car has been a great choice for my growing family. It gives each of my three kids space of my own and has all the amenities. Gas mileage is decent. Hoping to keep it many more years until it just will not run any further. Lots of space inside. DVD player and captain chairs.

- Lauren S

Honda Odyssey 2016. Good on gas. Low maintenance. Fully loaded.

My vehicle is very reliable. My family and I are always on the go and the van is perfect for us. We rarely have to worry about the maintenance of the van. It is also pretty good on gas. It rides smooth and feels good. It is perfect for my family. We have had it for a few years, now and we plan to keep it.

- Jessica M

Honda doing; best car you are drive this decade.

I have had no problems with the car. The speed is pretty good. Performance wise; it is very reliable. The car looks gorgeous. It is comfortable. I like the many cup holders. It runs pretty smooth too. It takes a little getting used to with the brakes and the speed as the car runs pretty fast when driving.

- Joe V

The Honda Odyssey is an excellent car!

I love the Honda Odyssey! It's a great reliable car. I just drove it across the US. It has lots of room and drives like a car rather than a SUV. I have the LX, but wish I had the EX. Our budget didn't allow for much extra. The Odyssey is very family friendly, my kids are able to easily climb in and out!

- Jordan L

The first back needs to be removed. There is no fold and store.

The car has a lot of creature comforts, including heated seats, sunroof, rear camera and plenty of places to stash stuff, including a cold compartment! It is roomy with plenty of cup holders. It is also great for hauling stuff, especially once you not only fold the seats down but take out the second row.

- Diana S

Has great cargo space but is one ugly truck.

It performs well. Sliding doors had issues and had to have latches replaced. Sluggish when close to needing oil change. Rear view camera is huge help when parking and reversing. Wish it was more stylish. Has difficulty climbing steep inclines. Can be awkward and body is longer than most other vehicles.

- Kirsten L

Drives well good on gas but not safe if ever in a accident made of plastic

Drives well. Good on gas. Spacious inside. Love the vacuum. The kids love the TV.I got in a accident a little fender bender and the whole hood crunched in made of plastic mostly if I was in a bigger accident the whole car would be totaled I don't like that I'm glad my kids weren't with me at the time

- Desi C

The Honda odyssey is the perfect fit for all types of families.

The handling of the vehicle is great, it turns with ease. Its spacious and roomy, and the seats can be taken out if needed. The seats are very comfortable and there are more cup holders than I know what to do with, I believe there are 14 or more. The color grey is the perfect color for our family.

- Nicole P

Honda odyssey: good basic a to b vehicle.

Our vehicle is a lease. It is not fully loaded; it just has the basic amenities. Our previous vehicles had automatic doors, and I miss that feature. Hoping to upgrade somewhat when our lease runs out. Happy to have air conditioning, and I do not mind fabric seats (warm in winter, cool in summer).

- Laura Z

Summarizing the 16 Honda Odyssey.

The Odyssey is a good vehicle if you need the extra seats. The only complaint I have is that they put a recall out for one of the seats sayings it could become detached from the floor in the event of an accident. They didn't have a way to fix it until a little while after they put out the recall.

- Mary B

Love the amount of passenger space and room in the trunk.

So far the Honda Odyssey has been fantastic! I have not had any issues and it is a very reliable vehicle. There is plenty of room for the kids and it is a comfortable ride. It is also good on gas mileage. I also like the body style of this minivan as it is not as boxy as some other makes/models.

- Vanessa J

Features to please the whole family.

The Honda odyssey is very reliable. We have not had to any major repairs on the car too date. Just oil changes and recalls. My kids love the drop down entertainment system and my husband loves the built in vacuum when we are on our beach vacation. I feel comfortable and safe in my Honda odyssey.

- Melissa S

Awesome minivan for families

Super reliable, comfortable, smooth. Perfect for families with children. Great on gas. This wasn't my 'dream car', but I've definitely fallen in love with it! It's perfect for our family. It's so spacious and open. I'm so happy we bought it. Wish we could have gotten one of the upgraded models.

- Pauline L

Honda odyssey- gotta love it!

I absolutely love the vehicle I just wish it got better mileage. I would also prefer it if it had a heated steering wheel. The cool box is an amazing idea, however, I wish that it had a separate cooling option so that if it is cold outside you can keep things cool without freezing yourself out.

- Melanie S

Great Performance and smooth ride.

The best minivan I have ever owned. I have had several other brands. The only probably is the computer tech is clunky and not as easy to use as some other brands. Navigation and voice controls are not as easy to use. Other than that it has great performance, smooth ride and lots of space.

- chris L

Relaxing to drive and very roomy.

Wish the tailgate had a foot sensor feature. Very comfortable and great with kids and dogs. Certainly requires more gas than a sedan but not a gas guzzler. Great space for hauling things and picking up furniture. Driving this vehicle makes me feel that my family will be safe in an accident.

- Kirsten G

It is very comfortable to ride in.

I haven't had any problems with my van. It is very reliable and comfortable. If you have kids, this vehicle is a lifesaver. The front seats move up easy in order to reach the seats in the very back. The kids have plenty of room in the 3rd row. Adults are also comfortable back there.

- Melanie P

Honda Odyssey vans are wonderful vehicles.

Love this car. Perfect for families of all shapes and sizes. Plenty of space for everyone and everything. I really enjoy the back seats being able to lie down for more trunk space. The DVD player is a must for long car trips with young children. The gas mileage is simply amazing as well.

- Alexandra C

This is a fantastic road trip car!

My odyssey is fantastic. I have great gas mileage. I can fit so much in my trunk even with 2 car seats installed. The van drives beautifully and I can see out all windows easily. It has been excellent both around town and on long road trips. It is very comfortable and has great features.

- Julia S

Honda odyssey - me and my music.

I love the sliding side doors - easy to get kids and elderly people in and out. The automatic hatchback is nice. I enjoy the Bluetooth function- to be able to connect to my own music on my phone. I can set lights to come on automatically inside the car and turn off when I exit the car.

- Cathy B

Why I love about my Honda.

It drives a little loud. Apparently, that is a problem with odysseys. It drives well and is comfortable. Split bench and trucks in the floor with headrests attached. Gas mileage is not the best. I get about 18 miles per gallon in town. This is my second odyssey and will always buy them.

- Kathryn A

I love that the gear shift is on the front panel so there’s space for a purse!

It is a minivan and has great features! It has a 3rd row seat you can access even with car seats installed. The sliding doors are great for small garages and you can close them from the driver's seat! The rear view camera is a godsend. But you do not look cool because it is a minivan.

- Christine B

Dependable, interesting detail is the camera view on a right hand turn.

I have had my van for two years now with no problems and the maintenance has been fairly inexpensive. It offers all of the comforts any family with children would need. It is very spacious from the main cabin to trunk space. Although it is a large vehicle it does fairly well on gas.

- Crystal G

It is comfortable, . Easily accessible to get in and out of, heated seats.

My minivan is a god send. My husband has a disability, the Honda is very easily accessible. It gets great gas mileage, lots of room for passenger seating or lots of room for cargo. The rear view back up camera makes maneuvering very easy and Honda's have an excellent service record.

- Barbara M

Honda Odyssey is the perfect family vehicle!

I love my Honda Odyssey. I never planned to purchase a minivan, but the handling and roominess of the Odyssey changed my mind. And believe it or not it actually is pretty fun to drive! I love how easy it is to adjust and move the seats too! Definitely a great vehicle for a family!

- Hillary D

Excellent car for families.

The buttons are placed awkwardly. It is easy to drive. I especially love they back up camera. It has come in handy many times. The lane changing camera is useful during rush hour traffic. There is plenty of space and storage for my family. We have taken many road trips in this car.

- Mar B

Sporty and sleek minivan!

Great performance. Nice and spacious interior. Nice looking. Especially for my first time buying a minivan. This vehicle has had a couple recalls but has been a very reliable vehicle for me. Although, I have also had some issues with the sliding door sensors when parked on a hill.

- Nicole B

Difficult to enter and exit

It is hard to get in and out of the two front seats, especially for taller people. I'm only 5' tall, and if I leave the seat in the proper position for me to drive, I have to curl myself up to get in and out. It is also difficult to position infant car seats at the correct angle.

- Martha P

Honda odyssey plenty of legroom.

My 2016 Honda odyssey is perfect for my family. We have 4 children. 2 of our children are in car seats. The car seats are easy to install. Our oldest child is 5 feet 10 inches. He is able to comfortably sit in the back row. I have had no issues. It has been a very reliable car.

- Katie T

The Odyssey has under the car storage for any valuable item you need to store.

The Odyssey provides riders with a smooth ride and comfortable 3 row seating. It is plenty big enough for long car rides and vacations that require a lot of luggage. This van is big enough for a large family or your child's friends. The back up camera allows for safer travels.

- Elise H

Gas mileage is great. It feels like we can go forever on one tank.

No issues so far. The Honda has performed as expected and has over performed in some areas. We love the built in vacuum cleaner. Really helps with cleaning up after our kids. The built in DVD player is a life saver on road trips.I wouldn't hesitate to buy this vehicle again.

- Jason E

It is awesome.i love it it is super family friendly.

I love the convenience. It is everything I need and so flexible and family friendly. Tons of features. I love this car so much as do the kids. I love that I can set up the seats in a way that works. No I le seat most of the ire, but we put it back in when the in laws visit.

- Sandra H

Acc. to my husband, you'd better choose Sienna. I don't agree completely, but style wise if you are okay, choose Sienna

Until now, I love it! My husband keeps saying there is transaxle issue and many other misc. with Odyssey but I think that we are fortunate not to have until now. He found that there is vibration when braking in 60 mph and it may not tire balance problem. We don't know why.

- Grace J

Comfortable family vehicle

This car performs really well. It is very comfortable and reliable. It is very versatile and allows many different opportunities for traveling purposes. Although it does guzzle gas, it is an extremely comfortable ride in long distances. It feels very safe for my children .

- Kira F

The leather seats are extremely easy to clean on my van.

I love the space in my Odyssey and the sliding doors. The van is very easy to use with our small children and their car seats. I wish that there was an actual electrical plug to use with devices. I also wish that the plastic around the trunk area didn't scratch so easily.

- Casey S

Lots of room for car seats.

I like my Honda however it does have some issues with the window going down that I am not pleased about and I am not sure why they didn't cover the strikers in the backseat but it is very spacious and has plenty of cup holders and storage and lots of room for car seats.

- Nicole S

It is the perfect family minivan - comfortable room for 7 and plenty of trunk space

The Honda Odyssey is perfect for our family of 7. It comfortably seats our entire family. I love the automatic sliding doors and large trunk space. It drives very smoothly and has a great touch screen control panel for music, back up camera, hands free phone calls, etc.

- Shelly R

This vehicle has an unbelievable amount of room inside it!

I love my Odyssey! It has plenty of room for the kids, the dog, and all of our belongings! I love the smooth ride, how easy it is to get in and out of the vehicle, and I love the gas mileage on this vehicle. It is better than I would have thought possible in a minivan!

- Lisa C

Well worth the money and has lots of useful amenities

Love that it is spacious, room for the kids to move around in the back, easy to keep clean, sliding doors prevent hitting cars next to you, safe, DVD player and warm seats. I wish it had a little more space in the very back so that I could lay a baby to change a diaper

- kristen r

All the benefits of an SUV, but drives like a car!

There are really no problems with this vehicle. The only issue I had was with the struts on the tailgate squeaking when opening and closing. Honda replaces these under warranty and have not had any issues since. Backup camera sometimes takes a few seconds to switch on.

- Katrina L

8 passenger minivan with removable 2nd row and a built-in vacuum cleaner.

The Honda Odyssey has been a great vehicle for our family. It reliably gets me and my kids where we need to go. The second row seats can be moved apart to make more room. The built-in vacuum system makes clean-up a breeze. Not only does it run well, it looks great too.

- Stephanie R

Honda is a reliable vehicle.

I really love not having power doors, no problems so far. Our 2005 had transmission problems which is not a common thing on Honda. The van is very comfortable for riding and driving. It has enough cargo space for our needs. The 7 passenger seating is very comfortable.

- Brenda F

This twin mom loves her Odyssey

Drives like a small car, great handling. Seats 8, lots of cargo space as seats are movable. So many cup holders and cubbies. Easy to get kids in and out with sliding doors that open at the push of a button. Rear and right view camera makes it easy to park and back up.

- Nicole M

Review of Honda Odyssey safe reliable and comfortable.

My van sits up to 8 people. The only problem I have been having with it is at random times it seems like the transmission is slipping or something. I have had it checked by Honda several times but they keep telling me that nothing is wrong. Other than that I love it.

- Kim S

Helpful reviews for families.

Very dependable . Excellent gas mileage. Perfect for hauling. W 3rd row folded down. Lots of nice extras. . Built in cooler in front is perfect for keeping . Snacks. Very smooth travel. Automatic doors and trunk opener very nice bonus. Especially w small children.

- Caroline W

It has a great air conditioning system

It's a Fantastic, fun, comfortable, reliable vehicle. It rarely has hiccups. It is great for vacations, and riding in the city. It keeps you cool in the hot summer, and warm in the chilly winter. It makes me feel very safe, and my siblings safe. Minivans are cool now

- Sidney C

No iPhone ports in rear seats.

This vehicle needed a transmission computer update which left me stranded before I could get it fixed. It also does not have iPhone ports in the middle row or the back row making it inconvenient to charge your phone if your a passenger. This car is very comfortable.

- Debbie B

Family's best minivan ever.

The third-row seat needs more leg space. Luggage space is modest. The second row is most comfortable. Navigation should be a default feature. Need heated seat for 2nd and 3rd row seat. Car play should be additional feature. Otherwise it is a best minivan for family.

- Lina D

DVD player with headphones

This vehicle is perfect for our family of five. We have taken it across country to visit family and it's so comfortable. We even take it camping and with one seat down in the back row, we are able to fit all camping gear. The built in DVD is wonderful for long trips

- Natasha D

That just because it's a minivan doesn't mean I'm not a fun & interesting person.

I like that it carries my whole family, and all of our stuff. I also like the doors that close automatically. I feel safe in it too. But at the end of the day, it's a minivan and I don't feel cool driving it. I also wish it had XM radio like my old Honda Accord did.

- Heather W

The odyssey is a great kid hauler.

I like that the kids car seats fit easily and we were able to move the center console so that my oldest child can easily reach the backseat. The backup camera is a lifesaver.... I do not like the entertainment system screens. The media area is not driver friendly..

- Erin N

Family van with lots of room.

We love this vehicle! So reliable and such a great family vehicle. We easily fit our family of 6 in it. We still have 2 car seats and 2 middle schoolers and there’s plenty of room. Easy to drive. Seats fold down easily with 1 hand. My favorite car I have driven!

- Gretchen W

Comfortable ride with lots of room.

It is a very reliable car. Have only had to perform routine maintenance. Has lots of room for hauling kids and sports equipment. It runs very smoothly. I spend a lot of time on the road and it is very comfortable. Would totally make the purchase again. No regrets.

- Tash M

Perfect family car! Great for trips and for a family of four.

I have haven't had any issues with my car. It has a v6 engine and drives very well, especially on the parkway. It has very comfortable seats and the space is perfect for my kids. The trunk space is big, especially for trips. It fits luggage for 4 with extra space.

- Joan S

Family friendly and safe!

Family friendly, love the features and safety! Removable middle seat! Huge trunk space and comfortable for long drives! I love the safety features of fcw and heated seats are the best! Lots of cup holders and very easy to drive. Best car I have owned hands down!

- Elizabeth F

2016 Honda Odyssey - best family car.

I love the room in the Honda Odyssey, and have had no problems with the car in nearly 3 years. It has a very smooth ride, and feels very sturdy. My kids love all of the options, including the vacuum in the back of the car. It is a great family car - we love it!

- Kathy N

Power side doors and hatch. Ease of opening doors by the push of a button.

All in all a very dependable vehicle. Lots of room, very comfortable for long trips. Lots of ways to upgrade but even the bottom of line had many bells and whistles. Great gas mileage for such a big vehicle. Amazing pick up and just a great mini van all around.

- Jennifer A

2016 Honda Odyssey great family Van

Super comfortable, reliable van. Automatic doors and windows. DVD player and Bluetooth headphone help entertained the kids in the back seats. backup camera helps with safety around busy areas. Stow away 3rd row allow for extra storage when seats are not needed.

- Stephanie C

This Honda Odyssey provides loads of storage spaces.

No, problems a reliable car, has been always serviced at the dealer very comfortable, spacious seats, great features with a lot of safety items. It is easy to drive very comfortable have taken several road trips of more that 1. 500 miles each with no problems.

- I B

Family Oriented Car and Great for Road Trips with family and friends.

Honda Odyssey is a perfect vehicle for families with small children. Great leg room, comfortable seating and Adjustable seating (change from 8 to a 7 seater). The Trunk is spacious enough to fit all our kids stuff (sports gear, Picnic item, etc.). We love it.

- Pallavi C

Odyssey makes road trips easy

This is our second Honda Odyssey. We drove other to almost 200 thousand miles and we expect the same of this one. Seats 7 and allows our large family to road trip with plenty of room. Individual temperature controls is great perk. Vacuum makes clean up easy.

- Sarah M

Smooth ride. Love this vehicle

Love the seating arrangements. Very smooth ride. Backup camera, power windows and locks. Great storage compartments! Sliding doors are a bit heavy and my van does not have the automatic open/close feature which is disappointing. I would recommend getting it

- Candace C

Reliable and comfortable for a big family.

I wish it has more space in the last row because a bug person is not feeling comfortable. I would like to have more visibility at the front and ac in the last row. Love you can separate the ac and the shades in the second row. Does not consume a lot of gas.

- Andrea R

Honda odyssey is a great family car.

I love my Honda odyssey minivan! It is perfect for my family with four kids. I love the sliding doors. There are a few things lacking that I do wish I would have upgraded on. But overall it drives very smooth and I feel that it is very safe and comfortable.

- Jamie M

Great for both young and old.

Very reliable. Great for traveling and taking kids around town. Comfortable and easy to drive. User friendly. Great on gas mileage. Great for older people as it is easy to get in and out of. Sliding doors are awesome!! Any service needed has been minimal.

- Karen K

Spacious and comfortable with plenty of cupholders

I love my Honda Odyssey. It is spacious and it is easy to drive. I love the extra cup holders. When my family travels 50 miles or more, we always travel in the van. It is very comfortable. The only complaint is that my trunk does not automatically open.

- Marilyn F

It runs very well and is family-friendly. It does not have as much get up and go as older models.

I really enjoy most of the features of my van. Since I don't have the model with the navigation included, the double screens are redundant and can be distracting. The programming for the screens isn't always intuitive and I find it frustrating at times.

- Stephanie C

Van is so comfortable, and has many helpful addons.

Wish it had a smoother ride. It rides really rough. Electronics are okay. I like the storage, but seat are heavy to put them down. Do not like style of rear windows, but they've changed them in 2018. Do not like how rear heating/air conditioning works.

- Kathleen I

It's a great family car. It is comfortable to fit our family of five plus another guest and still have room for storage or luggage.

I love that it has rear and right side cameras. I like the automatic doors. I like the powerful air conditioning. I wish it had the automatic back hatch opening. I wish it would sync with my phone better as it only seems to work maybe half of the time.

- jill m

Great van for handicapped.

Great car, wonderful ride for long distance trips. My husband is handicapped and this van is easy for him to enter and exit. Also very roomy for all the equipment I need to bring for him, wheelchair, walker, etc. I would highly recommend this vehicle.

- Joy S

Great car! Always very good ride.

Great ride and very comfortable and we love taking the whole family on long trips in it and driving on vacations. Rides great with a lot of comfort and easy to handle with great d=features and great warranty. Engine rides smooth and no problems ever.

- Shelly G

It's a great car for price with ample room and accessories even in the basic model.

I like its design, it is extremely comfortable and roomy. It is a well rated vehicle that should last a long time. I do not like the way it shifts gears sometimes - it feels very clunky and sometimes allows the rpms to go to high before shifting.

- Chris M

This vehicle is family friendly!

I like the power doors and how low the vehicle is to the ground. This makes it easier for my young children to get in and out of the van by themselves. I also enjoy the built in vacuum. The entertainment system makes for much more enjoyable trips.

- Jordan S

You won't regret purchasing this vehicle as it is safe, convenient with double sliding doors, and roomy.

I like the room and storage features of my vehicle. It is great for road trips and practices for my teenager and his friends, and all of their gear. If I could change anything it would be that the vehicle has a couple of blind spots when driving.

- Tiffany F

I live in my car and the Odyssey makes that easy! It's spacious and comfortable!

I love being able to transport my kids and their friends. I also love the easy drive and ride. It has tons of cup holders, push button start, and is very comfortable to ride in. I love the ability to lock without having the key in my hand.

- Renee B

It is a great balance between features, price, and having enough space for a growing family. It's everything I could want in a vehicle all in one!

I absolutely love my Honda Odyssey. It is incredibly reliable and I never have to worry about having any trouble out of it. It is by far the most comfortable vehicle I have ever owned. I have had no problems with it and do not anticipate any.

- Lindsey G

Sometimes it says the tire pressure is low when it is not.

Its pretty good- sometimes it tells me my tire pressure is low when in is not. For the most part, it works well. Easy to put the seats up and down, sturdy window shades (the kind you pull up and hook onto your windows). The radio works well.

- Aren A

It is very reliable. It will probably be paid for long before we have to take it to the shop for anything other than regular maintenance.

Honda vehicles are very reliable. This is our second Odyssey. It comfortably fits right persons. The third row seats fold flat with the floor when not in use. We love the back- up camera, and the dual front and rear air conditioner controls.

- Kevin M

The comfort and features of the Honda minivan beat out the competition.

As we compared vehicles the Honda Odyssey ticked more items off it just than other minivans. Three seating is comfortable, even for a 9 hour drive sitting in the backseat and there are lots of little spaces to organize things at arms each.

- MaryAnn M

It is the most practical car for a growing family and is very fuel efficient.

Love the sliding doors, spacious cargo area and the DVD system. It is a great vehicle for a growing family. Probably the only thing I do not like about it is that it does not sit a little higher off the ground and it is not a?Cool? Car.

- Megan S

Easy to maneuver, has a backup camera and passenger side mirror camera

It is a good reliable car with plenty of room for passengers. We did have problems with the a/c when we bought it and after a few trips to fix finally worked properly. Would have preferred to get the Pilot but got the Odyssey instead.

- Tanya G

I finally got a dark blue van! Also like the stable center console.

Except for the recall on the second seat not latching. I enjoy my Honda Odyssey (do not like the name- have trouble spelling it!). Safety was the number one reason we picked the Odyssey in 2001 and the reason we bought one in Jan. 2017.

- Denise P

2016 Honda Odyssey SE is great!

Absolutely love our 2016 Honda Odyssey SE. We can carry everything we need. We can change the seating arrangements for luggage or how we need our children to sit. The perfect vehicle for a mom, or anyone who transports multiple people.

- Colleen T

Why my main car is good and comfortable.

It is really comfortable and can hold many passengers, which really helps sometimes. It is very comfortable and has many features, such as a mini movie player, and automatic doors. It is very reliable and has never broken down before.

- Zach M

Great handling minivan with plenty of space for a family of five.

I love my Odyssey since it handles well and has room for all three of my kids! It also has great trunk space and the back seats are easy to fold down when transporting large items. The driver's seat is comfortable and adjusts easily.

- Jackie H

The reliability of a Honda Odyssey

I have had 0 problems with this car, the car is 100% reliable. I have almost 60,000 miles on it and have just had to change the oil. It fits our family of 6 comfortably and I would never get anything else other than a Honda Odyssey.

- Emiley B

It's big! Minivans are okay but I miss my suvs

It is okay, kind of too low to the ground and some of the technology parts are weird. My kids love the DVD player and I love that it keeps them quiet on long trips. It is not a. Ebikam buy again but serves its purpose for now.

- Debbie K

Is it from the 2003. So it is very old.

It holds all my family and all the cargo. It drives like a race car. Its safe for family. I have not complaints. Love the design of the exterior of the van. Only suggestion would be making the second row seats slide back further.

- Tori R

That it's very spacious and very reliable. Hondas have always been my favorite car because it will last forever as long as you properly maintain it.

Since I have 2 kids, the Odyssey is perfect for the entire family. It's very spacious and enough trunk space for all our luggage when we go on road trips. Plus it has a DVD player which keeps the kids quiet for a little while.

- Ferdous S

Just because it's a minivan doesn't mean it's not awesome!

I love that it is safe, reliable transportation large enough for my family. The modern day conveniences / technologies are also a welcome addition. The rear DVD has saved my sanity more than once. There's nothing that I dislike.

- Gretchen S

It's a great family car but even if we didn't have kids it would be nice to have for long road trips.

I love my van because it's big and easy to get the kids in and out. It can go in the garage easily because of the sliding doors. What I don't like is how quick it gets messy and it's hard to clean because of the 3rd row seats.

- Alissa W

Automatic doors make the minivan It's best features. Being able to open/shut from the driver's seat makes our life a little less hectic.

We drive a 2016 Honda Odyssey with the media package. We absolutely love our minivan, perfect for our family of 4. Only complaint that we really have is the poor in the city gas mileage, we average about 16 MPG in the city.

- Tyler C

If you have a large family or you like to take road trips, this is the car for you.

I love this van. it is extremely comfortable and spacious. it has many luxury addons which is nice when we take the kids places. i really don't have any complaints about the car and there is nothing that i dislike about it.

- marianne f

The Honda Odyssey is spacious, with room for a growing family

I like how spacious it is. I like how it has rear view and side view cameras. I like overall the quality of Honda vehicles and I like the local dealership where we bought it. My only complaint is that it is so expensive!

- Allison P

There are cameras that turn on when you put the van in reverse or when you turn on the right side blinker.

I like the heated seats, but wish that the heated part was for both the back and seat. The hard drive for music storage is nice. I wish the driver side mirror had a camera for changing lanes like the passenger side does.

- Rustinia B

It is so comfortable and roomy.

I really like my Honda Odyssey because it works so well for a large family. It is easy to get into the very back with the sliding seats. My children really like the DVD player and it helps keep them entertained on trips.

- Tianna B

It is a big car, they need to be cautious when they make a turn near the car.

There seems to be a lot of sensor issues. The car door beeps that it is open when it is not. I like that there is a lot of trunk room. I don't like that the car is too wide, a lot of cars scratch while they make a turn.

- christina V

The Odyssey is safe, reliable, & comfortable.

My van is comfortable and has been very reliable. It's easy to drive and has a lot of safety features. I especially like the rear camera and the blind spot camera. The gps needs improvement, but it's still very helpful.

- Kay R

It's so convenient for moms and families with young children

I love the convenience and ease of use. It's so nice having the sliding doors and auto openers. I dislike the head room in the front seat and how heavy the middle seat is to remove. Otherwise, I love everything else.

- Sarah N

My car has a cool box, which is a cooled storage space for drinks. I love it!

It is comfortable and handles well in bad weather. It is full of convenient features like power doors, a cool box for drinks, great music and entertainment system, and leather seats. I love how much cargo space it has.

- Marie M

The most important thing about this vehicle is the space. It moves people, it moves furniture and it moves groceries.

The odyssey is the most comfortable van you can grab. I was hooked on an SUV until I drove this baby. Especially the driver seat with the rear lumbar support for long rides. It has the room to move everything I need.

- Dave I

This car is so large and can hold all of your children as well as your luggage with leg space.

I love the space. We can travel with the kids and have plenty of room for luggage. It came with a DVD player and headphones. I wish we have navigation and a vacuum. I don't like the look of the minivan but it works.

- Mina H

I think it is a great car, it is just too big for my liking.

I think that the car is way too big for my preference. I like how it has a back-up camera, TV, and sensing. By sensing I mean that it warns you when you are about to hit something or you get too close to something.

- Roberta M

It feels like driving a small car while still being able to fit a family.

I love the size of it as it doesn't feel too large yet it still fits a lot of people. I dislike that there's no door to the farthest back seat so it's difficult to reach. I also wish there was more storage space.

- Amanda M

It is very reliable. I've never had a real problem with it mechanically.

It's red in color. It's okay, but I would prefer a different color in the future. I enjoy the bluetooth connection in my car that allows me to use the phone hands free while driving. I have no real complaints.

- Kate H

The blind spot control. Hows you can see what's behind you without having to turn around, you can just press a button

I like the cooler and the advanced radio on it. I also like the blind spot control when I press a button it can see what's behind me. I love the air conditioning and the fact that I'm able to charge my phone


Great family car! Highly recommend this car for moms and dads.

Absolutely love this car! The sliding door. Removable middle seat in the middle row. No key start. I do wish it had automatic open and shut back door. I also don't think this car has enough charging ports.

- Christina E

The Odyssey handles great! It handles more like a car.

It handles like a car but has much more room. It gets decent gas mileage. I love the backup camera. I do wish it had a camera when you turn on the left blinker. Also, I wish there were more color choices.

- Vicki H

Their best thing it's the security part while driving.

It's a beautiful car starting for the exterior, then the interior is marvelous, so comfortable, luxury details and the security while driving it's superior to any other car that I has driven in the past.

- Iris L

Spacious for your whole family

I love the room and the possibilities of this vehicle. I am able to fit my whole family in and things I purchase. The only problem I have had has been paint coming off and leaking around the window seal.

- Kandace B

It is very reliable and holds a lot of cargo.

I would like windshield wipers that covered more of the front passenger side window. I like the internal vacuum cleaner. I would like the rear seats to have the armrest compartments like the old odyssey.

- Rose C

It is reliable and has good gas mileage.

My van drives like a car. It is very comfortable, and the first choice vehicle we choose for road trips with kids. It has more than ample space for things like luggage, groceries, my massage table etc.

- Lisa F

The smooth ride and the immense space to fit a big family. It's' a keeper for a family with kids. Used it to move large items, can fit a generator, BBQ oven. It's pure comfort.

Like the seating space Like the interior model and entertainment setup Like the drive, its quiet and smooth despite being a beast. Like the storage space. Don't like the exterior style. No complaints.

- Sanjeev V

That it's very comfortable, and that it doesn't break down(;

I love the Honda Odyssey because of the technology I'm sure the newer ones are even more advanced which I do plan on upgrading sooner or later but really it's just a great advanced comfortable car.

- Joshua E

If others have the same model they should make sure to keep up with news about any recalls, as that can affect the safety aspects of this vehicle.

My van is very reliable. It gets good gas mileage. I do wish I could access navigation maps on the built in screens. The tailgate also sometimes does not close all the way and it has to be re-shut.

- Amey Z

The Odyssey: A Perfect Family Vehicle

The Odyssey is a spacious, reliable family vehicle. My young children love the rear entertainment system and I love the built-in Honda Vac. Overall this car has been a great choice for our family.

- Alison L

To make sure to get the parking sensors they are a lifesaver!

My favorite feature is the automatic doors and tailgate. I love all the space and that my family of six can use it to go on vacation. It rides very nice and has a lot of features for the money .

- Angela J

8 seats and a lot space, slide door.

Love this car very much, especially the slide doors on both side which make me easily open for my kids and loading stuff. It has a lot space, 8 seats, very useful and convenient for a big family.

- Helen G

Overall it's a great car with some good features.

The van drives well and has some decent features. I like having a built in vacuum. I wish it had more features like blind spot detectors on the left side. It also doesn't have great gas mileage.

- Stephanie G

That it does not drive or feel like the size.

This vehicle is a pleasure to ride in. It is comfortable, roomy and quiet. It is also good on gas. The seats collapse and give even more room. The storage compartment in the back is very handy.

- Eurica K

That it is safe and reliable. The Honda is very highly rated in crash tests.

I love that it has leather seats. I also love that the Honda gives you the option of the center seat in the middle row that is also removable. I do wish that the middle row seats were heated.

- Elizabeth C

it is a great family car for multiple kids.

i like it because i can carry all the kids stuff. Three car seats fit across the back row making it easy to get in and out. I dislike that it is a huge car and i prefer smaller cars or SUVs

- Thomas M

It is the best car on the market for a busy on the go family.

I love the sleek design, especially with it being a minivan. It offers a wide array of modern technology including an entertainment system. The only negative is it doesn't have a power trunk.

- Lindsay M

It is a great minivan for a large and active family.

It fits our large family with eight seats available. Our Odyssey is super comfortable with enough room to haul all the things for soccer tournaments or weekends away. I only wish it was AWD.

- Julie P

Honda Odyssey caters to families with convenient features like automatic sliding doors, while keeping them safe on the road.

Our van has wonderful features for our growing family. We have been able to take many road trips and feel safe with Lane departure warning and side view camera. We love the automatic doors.

- Kristen S

It's a great practical family car but isn't going to be high performance vehicle

It is super family friendly and convenient for everyday travel with my family of 5 + dog. Dislikes are it's not really fun to drive from a performance standpoint but it is very practical.

- Michelle L

Drives very well and comfortably.

It is so roomy, has amazing features and is perfect for our family. The kids have a DVD player they love watching movies on and we have a vacuum cleaner in the trunk that comes in handy!

- Jenna P

It is comfortable and has plenty of room for traveling with children

I finally broke down and got a minivan last week. I like it a lot more than I had anticipated! There is a good amount of room for my 2 young boys. They are able to get in it themselves!!

- Kari M

It's a dependable and quality vehicle with decent gas mileage.

It gets decent gas mileage to be a large vehicle. It's roomy and easily accommodates my family especially when vacationing. The purchase price was a little high but it's a decent value.

- Angela S

Great family car....lots of space and safety features

I love how pretty much everything is hands free/automatic: doors, trunk, etc. I like the camera for backing up and blind spots (I wish it was on both sides though, not just passenger)

- Erika B

It's so convenient to drive if you have kids.

The minivan is very convenient. It seats 8 people, so it makes it very easy to accommodate friends and family. I wish it had more outlets to charge a phone or plug in a DVD player.

- Jennifer S

There's a lot of great storage room inside.

The odyssey is a family friendly vehicle-great fuel economy and smooth handling. I like that I can hardly hear it when it's running. It makes me feel safe and there's a lot of room.

- Erin A

We love our Honda Odyssey!

We've had our odyssey for over two years now with no problems. The seats are easy to fold up or take out to rearrange the van for different purposes. The kids love the extra space!

- Jamie H

They should know that it is very wide so make sure it fits in your garage before you get it home 😬

I love all the space that it provides. I also like the reverse camera! I do not like that the side view mirrors have to be manually folded in. I do like the automatic sliding doors

- Kylie D

Others should know that my car is one of the safest for my kids on the road.

I love my minivan because it serves the needs I need in a vehicle. I love the sliding doors for easy access to get kids in and out. I also love that it is made with safety in mind.

- Kelly M

There is plenty of room and I feel very safe in it.

We just bought it last month and I love it! We had company this weekend and we were all able to fit with our beach chairs and had plenty of space! I also love the little cooler.

- Leah C

It's safe and reliable. I am comfortable transporting my children and I've never had any issues with it.

It's comfortable, roomy, reliable and safe. It is large enough to transport my family plus a few friends. It has an entertainment system to help keep my little ones entertained.

- Tamara D

It is comfortable and roomy

My vehicle handles great, turns sharp for a van. It has lots of room for cargo and passengers. Love the backup camera and right side camera. Wish it also had a left side camera.

- James P

My car is very reliable and easy to maintain. It is also a very comfortable car to ride in.

There is not anything that I really dislike about my vehicle. If it got better gas mileage that would be great. I have no complaints really either. My car if very reliable.

- Debbie H

It has room for everything we need and more, without packing being a puzzle.

I like the space the Odyssey has for our whole family. It's a comfortable ride, and we fit well. I do miss the excellent gas mileage of our previous small vehicles, however.

- Ginny B

The car is decent and works for the family or for everyday use.

It's a good car and a decent price. It has eight seats, with lots of legroom in the front. I like the good safety and new tech features. I dislike that it is getting old.

- Sy w

A great family vehicle with lots of space.

The Honda odyssey is a great family vehicle! It can fit our family of five with lots of room to spare. It is comfortable with great features and has been reliable so far.

- Michelle T

Honda Odyssey is the perfect family car

We love our Odyssey ! It's super comfortable and the features are so well thought out - from accommodating car seats to dual climate control it's perfect for our family.

- Shauna M

A high level overview of my Honda Odyssey

I like that even though it's a minivan, it doesn't handle like a large vehicle. I don't like that it only has the blind spot camera for merging or turning to the right.

- Stephanie S

It's a great minivan for a family that includes more than 2 kids

I like my car mainly because it has a lot of space to fit my family. It works very well, easy to drive and I absolutely love the 2 cameras in the back and right rear.

- Lidia S

Family friendly vehicle offers lots of flexibility for young family

I like the auto open doors and keyless entry. I like that the seats have various configurations. I wish there was better gas mileage and more user friendly interfaces

- Stefanie W

Very comfortable and reliable

I really like my Honda Odyssey van. It's very roomy and comfortable. It's also very stylish. I was able to upgrade to katzkin seats which make it very easy to clean.

- Erika M

Comfortable and Spacious Minivan

I love my Honda Odyssey! It is very spacious and a comfortable ride. The extras like lane change and rear entertainment are the perfect perks, even in a SE model.

- batoul i

The Odyssey rides like a dream.

The ride is comfortable. gas mileage is as high as 36 mpg. The Odyssey can carry seven people or a full 4 x 8 sheet of plywood. It's very easy to enter and exit.

- Eric B

Y'all when moms happy. Everyone’s happy. The space. The DVD system. It is a dream.

The only issue I have is that the driver's seat is super uncomfortable for long distance drives. There are a ton of cup holders and lots of space. Easy to clean.

- Jessica K

It has great features for bigger families to accommodate everyone.

We take road trips with our kids and have plenty of room. The built in DVD player keeps the kids entertained and the built in vacuum is great after beach trips.

- Kristin C

It's spacious and has a lot of room. It's easy to drive.

The Honda Odyssey is the perfect family car! It's like driving around in your living room! With comfortable seating, lots of space and an entertainment system!

- Mary C

IT doesn't feel like you are driving a big truck, it feels like a car.

I love how easy it is to drive my kids around. I love how it feels like I am driving a car even though it is high off the ground. I wish I had gotten the GPS.

- Stacy W

My car is a very important part of my everyday life. Almost like a member of the family. It helps transports us back and forth from school, work, grocery stores, events, etc.

I own a typical soccer-mom van from Honda. I like the automatic side doors and spacious interior. The TV/Entertainment system is also ideal for my toddlers.


I love the safety of the van

I love the safety of my van and all the safety features. I like the back up camera and right turn camera. I love the comfort of the seats and the heated seats

- Shelly L

It has tons of storage and can also hold up to 8 people.

Love it because it has tons of storage and we can also have up to 8 people in the vehicle. It is also easy for me to hey my toddlers in and out of the van.

- Brooke S

The rear movie screen is nice, the reverse camera is a nice feature.

Owned a previous odyssey and they changed several things that I liked about it with the new one. I am also over driving a minivan, ready for something else.

- Jen M

A great vehicle for family road trips and adventures.

I love my Honda Odyssey. It is roomy enough to fit my large family. The features on it make for a comfortable drive. I do not have any complaints about it!

- Ryan D

it is very convenient for a busy mom/ family

I like all the features like leather seat and the plug connection to charge phones and tablet when traveling. I dislike how big it is, or the shape of it.

- kim M

You must hit the unlock button after turning off the car in order to open up the rear doors. It doesn't happen automatically.

It's beautiful on the outside! I like that it's convenient to get my kids in their car seats with the automatic sliding doors. I don't dislike anything.

- Catherine W

Enough room for my family and the kids' friends.

Great family car, drives well, backup camera. Automatic doors - do not have to worry about the kids banging the doors on other cars. Decent gas mileage.

- Kristina C

It is a very comfortable vehicle and feels safe while driving it.

I like how roomy my van is. Fits 8 adults well. I do NOT like that the cloth seats have cloth armrests! They should be vinyl will get dirty too easily.

- Ju F

2016 Honda Odyssey Review

The Honda Odyssey that I own is really beneficial in my daily life. It has lots of room for the kids to have space and when we are going on day trips.

- Edwin B

its spacious,sophisticated,improvised.

it's perfect.i love it.the space,seating,mileage everything is beyond my expectations.i suggest this to my friend who is looking to buy new vehicle.

- saranya p

Make sure you get one with a power liftgate.

Like: holds the entire family with plenty of room. Has DVD player with headphones. Dislike: no power liftgate. No navigation system. No tow package.

- Alan N

The Honda Great Family Car

The Honda Odyssey is a great family car. I love how spacious it is for my three kids and how we can take guests. The automatic doors are amazing.

- Shannon D

How dependable Honda vehicles are.

Very dependable vehicle and for the size it is great on gas! Has all the room inside to fit our family with complete comfort. Love the features.

- Russell P

It is a great vehicle for a family. Has a lot of convenient features as well as safety features.

I love the roominess of my van. It is very comfortable to ride in. I feel safe driving my family in it. It has been a very dependable vehicle.

- Christina R

Even though it's a minivan, it's the coolest minivan ever. I recommend it to everyone who had more than 2 kids.

I love that my kids can fit in it comfortably. I love the space in the back for groceries and kids stuff. I really don't have any complaints.

- Vanessa S

There is plenty of in my car from r my family of six and we also have room when we have extra friends with us.

It is a fantastic vehicle for a large family! The automatic doors are a great feature for picking up and dropping off the kid did for school!

- Natalee C

It is a really comfortable vehicle to drive, especially long distances

The power is awesome. The space is incredible. I wish it got a little better gas mileage, but for the utility it is a trade-off worth making

- Matt S

Very good and reliable car.

Would like on screen navigation. Would like it to be less expansive. I like: rear cameras, in car DVD player and headphone jacks, runs well.

- Megan C

It is well made. We have not had an issue with it ever

I love my odyssey...it is very easy to drive, has an excellent turn radius, great visibility, and is made by a company that makes great cars

- Drew S

Reliable, comfortable, the one I have has a good entertainment system for the kids

Great car. Min problems like the back door gets frozen/stuck in the winter. There were 2 safety recalls regarding the seat in the middle.

- Bianney G

It's very efficient and receives good mileage for its large size.

The vehicle is large enough to fit the whole family. The air conditioning works very well. The trunk has enough space for all our needs.

- Aaron J

It's a safe car, with great safety features. I wouldn't drive anything else.

I like that i can fit all my kids (three of them), and still have space for stuff. It is the best car ever, with great safety features.

- Diane P

It is incredibly functional for any life situation.

It is incredibly reliable. It gets great gas mileage. My family fits comfortably. It is incredible useful for carrying people or Stuff.

- Andrew B

That it is made for a family. It has room For the whole family to be comfortable.

Honda makes the best minivan. They hold up very well and the maintenance on them is easy. They are comfortable and have lots of room.

- Jes B

My car has automatic sliding doors which makes it easier for the kids to get in and out of the car.

My mini van rides smoothly. There is enough room for my family plus some. Also, we have the dvd system which makes long trips easier.

- cynthia d

Great van, needs better gas mileage.

Reliable, comfortable, love the automatic doors and trunk. Seats are easy to adjust and reconfigure. Wish it had better gas mileage.

- Elizabeth M

Awesome family car for transporting children to and from school and activities.

Car is spacious and gets decent gas mileage for a van. It is easy to store and transport stuff. Has great backup and side cameras!

- Sheila M

Handles nice around corners and on long trips.

Only thing I do not like is that it is a bit hard to park because of its size, but at the same time I like the fact that it is big.

- Peter S

A lot of great features with good gas mileage.

I like the great backup and lane change cameras. I like the space and gas mileage. The Hondavac is convenient but not very strong.

- Teresa B

Family fun in our Honda Odyssey.

It works great for our little family! We all can fit easily and have room. It is perfect when the kids have friends over as well!

- Brit S

It is very reliable! It is great for the whole family to ride in comfort!

Love the roomy interior with great features that satisfy the entire family. Smooth and comfortable ride. Great mileage and look!

- Barb H

It is the best car that I have ever owned and I would not buy anything else.

I love the space, the seating capacity. I love the sliding doors. It is large, but does not feel too large. It also has power.

- Nicole R

It drives well, fits a large family. I have a daughter in a wheelchair and it fits in the trunk without accommodations made to our minivan.

It's a minivan and fits 8 people, has a DVD player, drives well, and is spacious. I don't like driving a minivan but that's it.

- Christina B

The car has a good safety rating.

The car is safe. It is easy and comfortable to drive. Easy for my kids and elderly people to get into and out of. No complaints.

- Cindi C

That it gets great gas mileage and drives very nicely.

I love how it can accommodate my whole family. It seats 8 so that is perfect for my family. I love the handsfreelink it offers.

- Christina P

cargo size, runs smoothly

it's perfect size for our family of 6 with plenty of cargo space. Removable second row middle seat is very convenient as well.

- Lynne R

The fuel efficiency in highways and in the city as well.

I like the spacious interior. I like the fact that the last row can be totally folded in. The middle row can also be adjusted.

- b c

there is a 3rd seat, and the 3rd seat has a lot of room

I love it, never in shop, has plenty of room in 3rd seat, has 3rd seat, only thing I dislike is they don't have 4 wheel drive

- Mary Ann M

It is very safe and a very reliable van.

It has a backup camera. The seats fold down in the back. I do not like that it does not have power side doors or a moon roof.

- Lori B

Extra usb portals are helpful

No issues, wish it wasn't as pricey. Wish the entertainment package was standard along with GPS. Like the seating arrangement

- Jen H

It is very reliable, fun to drive, and comfortable vehicle.

It's reliable and has everything I need space wise. I currently have no complaints about my van. I really enjoy driving it.

- Erica M

Road noise makes it hard to hear way in the back

I like the Honda but could use some basic updates. The sound for watching movies should come from speakers in the back.

- Taylor b

It's seats up to seven people comfortably with 3 rows of seating

The van seats up to 7 people and haS a lot of space for whatever your doing. The DVD player keeps the kids busy on trips

- Wes S

The most important thing is that is has great gas mileage!

I love the gas mileage, the automatic doors, and keyless entry. I wish it would change seat seatings based on drivers.

- Molly T

Very roomy and fits several baby items (2 strollers and toys!)

It's very spacious for my family of 4! No problems at all in the 1.5 years we've owned it. Very reliable and comfortable

- Megan C

It is good especially if you have kids and it has a big compartment and you can easily vacuum it.

I like everything about my vehicle especially when our family go outing, It has tv on it and our kids like it so much.

- Marium J

There's enough room and it's safe for families and friends.

It's safe and reliable. I drive it to school every weekday, Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. I never worry about it.

- Madison B

It gets really great gas mileage.

The front and back seats could use more cup holders. Everything else I love. The av system can be complicated to use.

- Alicia G

Minivans are much better than people give them credit for.

It is spacious and fast. It is reliable so I feel safe having my children in the car. It is a good fit for my family.

- Joel E

Safety features with rear camera and right side mirror camera.

Easy to drive.. Great safety features.. Able to accommodate my handicapped spouse.. Great on open road for traveling.

- Joy G

The most important thing that people should know about my car is that it is safe and reliable. It gives me peace of mind

It has room for 3 car seats. I love the automatic sliding side doors. Has a moonroof and tons of storage in the back

- Maureen G

It is a very safe ride, and well made.

I like the comfortable ride of my vehicle. I do wish it were a little smaller, but I do not hate that aspect of it.

- Martha F

Spacious and comfy for families

My Honda Odyssey is very spacious for traveling and road trips. The DVD player is helpful in keeping kids occupied

- Amber S

Love my Honda Odyssey: Best car for families!

No problems. Great reliability. Love the built-in DVD player and vacuum which both come in great for family trips!

- Amanda D

It's very Spacious. It's very convenient

Love that the side doors slide open. Love the space and the vacuum inside the car. Love the memories we have had.

- Lisa G

It's very roomy and comfortable.

It has a lot of room. It gets good gas mileage. Tv's for the kiddos entertainment. Comfortable for mom and dad.

- Ashleigh A

We love the removable seats.

Roomy, comfortable, and well thought-out. Whether just my husband and I or more family, it never feels cavernous.

- Kristina H

It is a great card game with great ?? is a great way game and a the free.

I like it is okay. But it is expensive. It is also very stinky. It also is very small. We like it overall though.

- Linda H

Having the extra removable seat is nice.

I like to smooth ride, extra seat and easy fold down seats. I dislike where to hatch and slider door buttons are.

- Danielle T

I like that it is nice big but it's a little too big. It is hard to find parking and fit in it. I like that it contains blue tooth and it also has a tiny tv for my siblings.

It is a mom car and is mostly used to run errands and go places. It is kind of old and I want to buy a new one.

- Roberta M

It has been very reliable.

I love the room that the car affords but don't like that there are no bells and whistles like automatic doors.

- Katy s

It isn't just a minivan, it actually is very stylish and comfortable.

I absolutely love the spaciousness, comfort, ease of use and ability to pack tons of stuff and people into it.

- Dawn A

There is great space in the trunk for luggage and storage is not an issue.

I like the middle seat as an option. The trunk has lots of space and overall there is good legroom in the van.

- Cindy F

It's perfect for someone with kids in carseats and so comfortable for travel.

Large enough for whole family (5 people), comfortable, love the cameras and extra features. Safe and reliable.

- Kristen K

Roomy for all your kids, pets and all the stuff you need!

I never thought I would like a minivan but now that I have one I love it. With 2 kids and a dog it is great!

- Pam M

We Love Our Honda Odyssey

We love our Honda Odyssey! It is so convenient with kids. Easy to get in and out, especially with car seats.

- Krista S

It is super functional and has lots of room to hold 7 people and their stuff.

I love that it is a minivan, but I have been very disappointed with the transmission and the stopping power.

- Nan M

Good buy for the price. Comfortable, dependable great on gas

Quality vehicle. No problems. Very dependable, no maintenance other than regular oil change and check up.

- Richard S

Best minivan in America!!

Perfect for family. Easy to drive and versatile for storage in the rear. Have not had one mechanical issue.

- Daniel F

It is kid friendly! It is great for space, travel, car seats, easy to clean!

Love it! Love the room, the entertainment package, the number of drink holders, and how kid friendly it is.

- Kristin H

That it is comfortable and handles well.

It is large and moves a lot of things easily. It is very comfy but it takes a lot of money to keep fueled.

- David I

it's a stable, reliable car

It's comfortable to ride in, and can haul a lot of stuff. But it doesn't excite me, it's pretty boring.

- carrie G

It is very practical and family friendly.

I love the sliding doors. We have the DVD players that keep the kids entertained. It is a smooth ride.

- Heather F

Trunk space galore!! 8 people can fit!

Love the car. Love the space for the kids, the trunk space is great. Don't like there is no hdmi access

- Lisa B

The seats get really hot I wish there was a cooling system.

It is not the best looking car at all, nor is it very fast or fun, but it holds a lot and it is safe. .

- Dahlia P