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What I love about my 2018 Odyssey Honda It is great for road traveling.

I like the spacious cabin. It is bigger than previous models. The 2018 model comes fully equipped even with Wi-Fi capabilities which my kids love. I do too because I can do work sometimes in my car. I also enjoy the navigation system. Oh! And the cabin talk is awesome. I can now talk without having to scream to all passengers in the vehicle while driving or when we need to pick up orders from the drive thru. I can now easily ask everyone in the car what they like with no screaming all the way to the back. The body of the vehicle is longer than previous models which takes a bit more space in my driveway but it is ok. I like it. This model has sensors everywhere to prevent crashes. If it gets too close to a vehicle in the front in flashes you to break. Also, the vehicle breaks automatically to prevent accidents. The performance is good but it could use more power. Even though this model is the first one of the Odyssey collection that came out with 10 speeds which is great on the high ways, it still lacks some power while driving in the city. Finally, one thing I am not too happy about is that it consumes a lot of gasoline. It is my only regret about buying this vehicle. Other than that I am very happy with it and my children too!!

- Munoz A

Best car we have ever purchased!

I love the sensing features the most on my vehicle. It has a rear view camera and I can change the type of view it gives. I has blind spot detection as well, which is another great feature. It can also keep itself in its lane and the steering wheel will begin to vibrate as you are veering out of your lane. We like the automatic doors which allow our young children the ability to open and close the doors on their own. The seat belt buckles are also easily accessible allowing my younger children the ability to buckle themselves in. My vehicle has a middle row seat insert that can provide an extra seat or remove it if it is not needed. I also love the Apple CarPlay. I do not have to fight with the Bluetooth to connect my phone. I just use my cable, plug in my phone and it's ready to play my music, podcast, receive phone calls and even messages. All hands free so I can keep my hands at the wheel and eyes on the road. It also has a very spacious trunk. We keep the extra seat insert in the trunk and we can still have plenty of space for a trunk load of groceries and it's not falling out of the car! It has been my favorite car. We plan on having it for many years to come.

- Crystal T

All you need in a car if you are a family with kids. Even if you do not have kids.

The Honda odyssey looks really nice considering it is a minivan the way it is design. The third row seating is very roomy and have plenty of legroom and you are able to adjust the seat as well. Love the feature of being able to slide the middle row and make different configuration to your need when the middle seat is remove. This makes it ideal when you have kids especially little ones. I wish the did and open to stow away the middle seat just like the Pacifica so that you do not have to take the seat out in the event you need extra storage and do not need the middle row. For the x ex-l with rear entertainment system. Wish they would put the “TV” on both the left and right hand side instead of just 1 in the middle. Makes it kind of awkward to watch when you are seating on the left / right hand side. Especially if you are sitting in the middle row since it is close to the “TV”. The line assist and drive assist is a nice feature that Honda have added especially if you commute or when you do long drive for vacation etc.

- Erika K

Great family and travel vehicle.

The Honda odyssey elite is a wonderful family vehicle. With the side to side and front to back sliding seats in the middle row it makes buckling children into car seats and getting passengers to the back very simple. The odyssey has been very reliable and just needed oil changes and fluid changes which are consistent with mileage. We have taken many trips and the seats and legroom are comfortable in the front as well as the rear seats. We enjoy the DVD player, the children watching the where are you going feature to know how close we are getting to our destination. All the wonderful features to make road trips easier to navigate are amazing for the driver. From the auto lights and sensing brights, to the adaptive cruise control to adjust your speed to the car ahead of you it makes driving enjoyable. We also consistently use the auto sensing windshield wipers, the vac to clean up messes, lane sensing, and the keys being linked to my and my husbands seat preferences. We would buy the Honda odyssey time and time again.

- Sarah J

Versatile vehicle for all your family needs!

I absolutely love this van! It not only fits my family perfectly but it's very versatile. Its design is nice to the eye on both the inside and the out. I opted not to get the navigation system and instead use the android auto app to pull up maps on the screen. It works like a charm. I love all of the features of this vehicle. Especially the fold down seats in the back. That's honestly what sold me on this vehicle. It gives you so much more room when you don't need all the seats and they are so easy to put up and down anyone can do it in a snap. We used this van to move and there was so much space, we didn't even have to rent a moving vehicle. It's an all around great van. The only negative I've found is that sometimes the door on one side won't close and will keep reopening 3 or 4 times before it finally shuts. Doesn't ever do it while it is motion through and it's an issue I've just dealt with. Still extremely happy with this van.

- Jessica M

A vehicle made for families.

I love my Honda Odyssey. The best features are the four sliding doors, automatic trunk opening, captains chairs that slide and the blue ray player. It comfortably fits 6-7 people and can fit 8 for shorter rides. The sliding captains chairs make it incredibly easy to help kids in the third row buckle in if possible. This car would be a great choice for anyone with kids and is one of the only cars I know of that can easily get four car seats and allow and adult to buckle everyone up. The blue ray player comes with two wireless headphones and has 2 headphone jacks so the driver does not have to listen to movies. Also the trunk is so much roomier than SUVs and allows a family to travel with their luggage. This car also has a good amount of power, I honestly feel like I got everything I wanted and needed in a car for my family.

- Natalie T

The Honda Odyssey is the ideal family vehicle.

As a busy mom of 4, my Honda Odyssey is the perfect vehicle. It is roomy and the seats can be arranged any way I desire depending on the day and what we are doing. I love the cabin watch feature, especially with having an 8 month old baby. I can keep an eye on her. Especially when I do not want her to fall asleep to nap in the car. I tell her sisters to keep her awake. The DVD player has been a lifesaver as well for long trips with the girls. The dashboard is easy to use. I love the Bluetooth technology so we can control music from my phone. Overall, I would recommend the Honda Odyssey to anyone looking for a great family vehicle!

- Brittany F

Wonderful for families with young kids!

This vehicle has been wonderful with two little kids, especially when using an infant carrier. The sliding doors are great for garage parking and in parking lots so I don't have to worry about kids hitting doors or not having enough space to buckle them into car seats. I also love the removable middle seat and sliding outbound seats. It makes it much easier to have people sit in the back row comfortably. It rides great and has plenty of storage space. My only complaint so far is that the rear entertainment system has a connection issue and after almost a year Honda still hasn't figured out a fix.

- Jamie J

Minivan mom and loving it. Everyone pile in. Space for everyone.

I absolutely love my van. The way the doors slide open at the click of a button are the best. I love the way the middle seats slide to the side. It handles well and rides very smoothly. It gets good gas mileage. My only complaints are the rear ac vents being located behind the front seat. My ford explorer they were on the ceiling and that is a much better location when having rear facing car seats. My poor kids sweat like crazy. I also wish the seats would fold into the floor instead of being removable. It is hard to take out and store without getting it messed up. It is also pretty heavy.

- Megan H

Odyssey�s are amazing. Extremely spacious and easy on your pockets.

The maintenance is very affordable even at a dealership. Driving on back roads or highways the van rides very smooth. Even in the third row it is extremely spacious and comfortable inside. We also have two rear facing car seats which do not squish anyone in any of the other seating options. Easily 4 adults and 3 RF car seats all seat comfortably. It is a bit wide a little hard to fit in home garage with another car. But the ability to stow and go seats is nice. Gas mileage is amazing. We drive it on long road trips and only have to stop once for gas each way.

- Kaitlyn V

Honda is always a fave, but the minivans have come a long way!

I've always been a fan of Honda for the reliability factor. Though I've never wanted a mini-van, I couldn't be happier with it. They've come a long way. Great power, awesome tech, and fantastic aesthetics. My only gripe is that my front parking sensors don't seem to work very often and videos still don't ever play from a thumb drive, although it's supposed to. The first month we owned the car, I drove my two kids from Florida to Kentucky ... it was fabulous on gas and we were all comfortable and happy as we could be on such a long trip!

- jacqueline b

Beautiful smooth and cozy ride for the whole family

I love this van. We have 3 small kids and a lot of stuff (strollers, scooters, bikes, basketballs soccer balls all sorts of bags and things) the minivan hold everything with no issues. Drives safe and smooth on the road. A lot of bells and whistles. Kids watch the DVD and all is well. Lots of room even for friends to come along. The thing I don't like is how the hands free tailgate should open with your keys in the pocket yet it never does it's not easy either so I hate that feature. It also uses a lot of gas very quickly.

- Sue A

Having a spot for the purse!

I find it very comfortable. I am very short and I feel like it is designed more for a woman. As big as it is it feel more like you are driving a car as opposed to a truck which I felt like with the Pilot. The one very significant disappointment is with the air conditioner. When in idol, or when hot outside at a slow speed the AC does not provide adequate cooling and will even blow warm air. I also feel that there should be better venting for the AC in the back of the van. Other than this issue the car has been great.

- Stacy S

This van is perfect for families!

The Honda Odyssey is perfect for my family. It is really comfortable and drives well. The middle row seats move and slide back and forth which makes it easier to get to the third row. The trunk is spacious and the third row seats fold in easily when you need more space. The third row seating is very comfortable also with plenty of room. I love that I can control all the doors from my key fob or the driver's seat. It makes it really easy and convenient when driving the kids around. I really love this van

- Marie M

Excellent family and commuting car

I have a long commute to work and we frequently take road trips as a family. This is the best car we have ever owned! There is plenty of room for our family of 5 and all of the gear that comes with traveling with small children. I love all of the safety features that came standard with the car. I use adaptive cruise control daily and it is a dream in traffic. We have had many Honda's and expect this car to last us until our babies are driving themselves. Cannot recommend enough!

- Katie H

Comfortable ride with features that drivers and passengers will appreciate.

There have been a couple of recalls but so far they have not impacted us, so in the approximately 1 year we have owned the car the reliability has been good. The features are great, although some of the electronic features have had issues such as the cabin camera randomly stopping. I think it has done that about 10 times in the past year and a couple of times the rear entertainment system has stopped working as well. When the car restarts the problem is fixed.

- Ian P

It has so many safety features.

We had a 2016 the things i'm not super pleased with are regard to gas, passenger seats, air. The gas consumption seems to be a lot more in this model. The seats used to have a bigger gap between, I do know they added some width to the middle seat but I also think there still could have been additional room. the new air vents in the back are hard to point and reach to children in carseats, which is most families with minivans, the top vents were way better.

- jessica c

Awesome for Honda odyssey.

Very spacious car. And it's not only practical but its an elegant car. It has some what I consider luxury features. The car could practically drive by itself. So it's a very safe car. Love the automatic doors. For all those with multiple kids and pets, having your hands full, very practical. Also it is awesome the fact that one of the seats can be removed and then the two end seats slide to either side. And the back seats can be stored. Awesome car.

- Jessica A

Great family car with the latest technology

Great car for the family. Spacious and comfortable. Easy to navigate with the new apple app. The entire family will love it. I have my 2 girls and is easy for everyone to get in and out the car.GPS and DVD make this car a wonderful family car!This is my second lease with the odyssey and each year Honda upgrade with the latest technology. I recommend this car to anyone who is looking for space to your family with luxury at the same time.

- Paula G

Very family friendly for families with lots of littles in car seats.

Very family friendly, I have 4 little kids in car seats. This vehicle is one of the only possibilities for the configuration that we need. Very flexible cargo area. I recently had large things to transport so I took out all the second row and third row seating for the maximum space, and was able to fit everything I needed to. Comfort is great, love the heated seats, shades built into second row windows, sunroof is a pleasure.

- Julia L

Amazing Honda Odyssey with sliding seats.

This vehicle is amazing. I love how spacious it is and the easy access it gives to the back seat. This vehicle can sit up to 7 or up to 8 depending on the middle seat. I love the sliding seats in the middle row, they are great and allow fast and easy access to the back seat. I love how easy and smooth the it is to drive and control. I also love how easy all the technology and functions are of the vehicle.

- Thais G

2018 Honda Odyssey, wonderful family vehicle!

I love that my Honda Odyssey has so much room and can seat 8 people, with room left in the back for storage. The heated seats in the winter are amazing, and the sensors to let you know when a car is in the lane next to your are wonderful. The rear camera is helpful, and the van itself is a smooth drive. The ability to connect smartphones to access or use different features on the dashboard is convenient.

- Eulalia C

The car has a lot of cup holders it has 12 cup holders

Well my van I have it doors are broke and it is messed up I have siblings and they mess the car up they pull and hit the doors once they fell out and hit my sister she had a big bruise. So it is kind of a good car but we only got it cause I have 4 siblings they are 7, 6, 4, and 2 so we kind of had to get a van. We did have a nice car and then we had the 2 year old so now we have to get a van.

- Michaela H

The racing stripes are a interesting feature on each side of the car.

My Honda Odyssey is an amazing car. I have three kids, and other than the driver seat and passenger seat, there are four other seats. The seats are comfy. The front two seats are heated and cooled. There is also a Cabin Watch and Cabin Talk feature controlled in the front of the car. Cabin Watch allows the driver/passenger to seen what is happening behind them without turning around.

- Sabrina S

Android auto for the win.

Very smooth ride in the odyssey. You can remove the middle seat in the front row and slide the end seat over if needed. The back row folds down completely flat to create more space. I've used this van for moving, and could fit tons into the back. The android auto feature is my favorite. I can just plug my phone in to access music, my phone calls, and maps all in one go.

- Andrea H

Honda odyssey: perfect family vehicle.

The odyssey is versatile and safe, there have been several times that the blind spot awareness alert has kept me from being in an accident. My 3 children all fit in their car seats in the second row. Very spacious. Also, for the dad that hates having to give up the sports car, it has paddle shifters and a large amount of torque. I even raced a Jeep wrangler and beat it!

- Joel W

Extremely reliable. . My last one had over 230 thousand miles. . Never let me down.

This is my 2nd odyssey. . Drives like a dream, love the big screen with backup camera is great. A/c worked very well. Can adjust for multiple areas in van. Only thing I do not like in the new one is that the mid row seat do not fold flat for storage. The old van seats did. These are a little harder to store. Like the mid row windows. . & the screens for these windows.

- Lori S

Computer dashboard too distracting.

It is a quiet car with a smooth ride and lots of cargo space. The dashboard is too confusing to just quickly change the temperature and too much attention is needed to be paid and makes you take your eyes off the road. Had a problem with the right side passenger door coming off the last two times within the first month of owning it, but hopefully that has been fixed.

- Erin M

Best Honda can on the market!

This is my third Honda Odyssey. Absolutely love the reliability that my cans have given my family of 7. No problems at all with engine, even after 100,000 miles. It seems like it just got better with age. I've driven in about weather (NH) to humid terrain (NC), my cans haven't failed me yet! I'll be the first person to offer my positive option, if asked

- Melissa T

Perfect for families with small children.

Super convenient for families with small children. The sliding seats make it easy to change seating arrangements or get in and out. The vacuum is a great feature since we live at the beach and track lots of sand in the car. Seats are comfortable and the performance is reliable. Very smooth ride. The cabin watch is great for keeping an eye on the kids.

- Rachel P

Best family vehicle available!

The 2018 model has had a few recalls, all fully covered by warranty. I have never been happier with a vehicle or it's features. Lane assist, and impact features, the comfort of the cabin, and the interior safety features are top of the line. From everyday short trips, to long highway drives, the comfort and safety of the van are hard to beat.

- Emily S

Best for families but doesn't feel like the family car you grew up with.

A lot of recalls and some take a long time. Great family car. Actually BEST family car. It's my second one. Love it and recommend it! Good gas mileage. Comfy seats but not the absolute best. The technology is far above any other brand. Would always come back to Honda Odyssey for a family car that does not feel like the typical minivan

- Ashley M

Honda odyssey is a must but.

Love the comfort and safety features. Sunroof awesome, warming front seats are great for cold winter days and the room of the vehicle is outstanding. The screen up front is so big it is somewhat distracting. Also, should have a button by rearview mirror to open the car doors so both passenger and driver can close/shut the doors.

- Sam M

Great and Versatile car with room for 8.

Great performance and versitial size. This is great for our family of 5. We can y’all a ton of cargo. It has a sleek design and also can act as a wireless hotspot. It come full equipped with 10 speaker stereo and blu ray player. This makes for a good entertainment systems and keeps the kids occupied for those long road trips.

- Eric P

There is so much to love about this minivan.

I love this car so far! I love the way the middle seats can slide around. I love the way the doors open for the kids. I also love all of the storage! Everyone is comfortable, and so far it has been very reliable. The only thing I do not love is that it does not have a garage door opener (very minor-but seems odd to me).

- Kimberly K

Amazing family vehicle; perfect for you

The 2018 Honda Odyssey is a very nice car. Spacious and perfect for a large family. With new tech and even sleeker designs, you'll make everyone wish they had your car. I've yet to have any problems with my car in the one year I've owned it. One of the car's great feature is that it alerts you when there is a problem.

- Nga T

It's the first Honda I've ever owned.

I love my 2019 Honda Odyssey. It shifts and accelerates smoothly which wasn't the case with the minivan I owned previously. It has a lot of safety features but some aren't appreciated such as the shaky steering wheel to indicate the vehicle isn't centered in the lane. I also miss the HD radio my other van had.

- Pat S

My favorite part about the van is that it is family friendly - The ease of being able to fit everyone in their friends and equipment.

I like the design. I like the ease of my kids and their friends being able to get in and out. I like being able to haul things in the back very easily. With this model we've had some difficulty with the sliding doors not closing properly. And they also changed the side cameras and I wished we still had those.

- Tiffani B

Trunk is bigger than you think. Doors and controls are very convenient

Its very modern so one has to study the manual to figure out how to use the console and features of the vehicle. It's such a smooth ride. The engine is very quiet. The trunk is bigger than you think. I like the fact that the middle seat can be taken out to reveal captains chairs instead of a bench if needed.

- Rachel S

Great family van, spacious, kid friendly and mom approved.

Love all the extra space it has compared to an SUV. It's very spacious for the driver and passengers. Love the power windows, doors and trunk. The cooler box it awesome, especially in the summertime.full book window shades are perfect for the kids. Wish it came with remote start. Overall a very smooth ride.

- Melissa B

Love that you can connect your phone and it shows on the screen.

The odyssey is very roomy and great for local and long travel. Kids and all of our stuff fits very well. I liked the older odyssey engine performance better but it could be that I really need to get used to this sporty motor. I have had a few odysseys for the last 15 years and it has been a great vehicle.

- Melissa H

It is a very nice vehicle but has its positives and negatives.

It uses up a lot of gas and says I need inspections every 1000 miles. It is also bigger and hard to park sometimes. I like how it is keyless and is very roomy. The payment is also very expensive. While in accessory mode the battery is not supposed to die however even after about an hour the battery dies.

- Rachel S

Best van I have ever owned.

I have had no problems so far! The only thing I would change is the clarity of the backup camera at night (looks almost blurry) and the air conditioning. It does not seem to cool as quickly as my other van. But it does eventually cool off. I love the option to add an 8th seat. Other than that I love it!

- Caroline J

Good safety features of the Honda odyssey.

This is our second odyssey. The safety items are what brought us to Honda when choosing our last vehicle and then again with this one. Lake keeping assist, collision alert and the help withe the reduction in speed when using the cruise control is very good. All the airbags are a comforting feature also.

- Charles K

The sliding seats in the back are extremely convenient.

I absolutely love our Odyssey. The safety features are incredibly advanced and the dashboard screen is huge. The sound system is great too. There’s tons of room for our family of 4, including all the stuff that comes with having two under three. The sliding captain chairs in the back are my favorite.

- Britney D

A favorite is the side mirrors light up when someone is in your blind spot.

I was an anti-minivan mom until I got in the Odyssey. I absolutely love the way it drives. I don't feel like I am driving a big minivan. It has so many safety features that make me feel more comfortable driving my kids around. I have owned it for about a year and a half and have not had any problems.

- Lauren P

Honda Odyssey the best minivan out there.

This van is very comfortable. It's very reliable. Was in a car accident 4 months into having it. Was t-boned and no one in my van was hurt. The drive is ok. It could be smoother. Wish I knew how to work the electronic part a little better. We all love this van. Will purchase another when it dies.

- Bobbi A

The good car just for you-Honda odyssey.

Honda odyssey is really a nice car. It has a camera on the side. It can show you or guide you to. Park properly. And its spacious, 7 seater. It displays the real time status of your gas and oil if it needs to change oil. With good speakers in it. And adjustable back sits for spacious back cargo.

- Jean H

Growing family needs are met.

It is very comfortable to drive and the features are not overly complicated. We needed to be able to easily fit three car seats in a vehicle and this does the job. We've yet to try removing a middle seat, but plan to do that in the future as our car seat needs are changing with growing babies.

- Danielle R

Likely my last Honda unfortunately!

Things I don't like: push a button on dashboard to go into overdrive, automatic stall unless cancelled every time I start it, cruise control overrides hand controls in certain situations, cooler box eliminated, front seats don't go back far enough for person with a stiff leg medical problem.

- Judith F

The magic seat is the best!

The best feature about this vehicle is the sliding magic row. It offers a tremendous amount of convenience when traveling day-to-day with young children who cannot fully buckle themselves in and still require a car seat. It is what sold me on the car and what makes my day much easier.

- Blaine C

If you have to buy a van, this is the one.

I have 3 kids under 3. So three car seats and two strollers. So I need plenty of space in the trunk and the middle row. The magic seat is awesome. Love the seat warmer, open close function for the back sliding doors. Love the lane assist. Love the radio buttons on my steering wheel.

- Courtney C

Do not be afraid to buy a minivan - the odyssey is awesome.

It is very comfortable and pretty easy to drive. It does not have AWD or any bells and whistles, but it has enough necessities. I like some of the safety features, like lane keep assist and the car signals you if there are cars in your blind spot. Fuel efficiency is not that great.

- Alison M

I have room for people and stuff. I don't fear backing up. I feel safe in my vehicle.

I love my van. I have room for kids and grandparents. Easy to take 1 car when we go out as a family. For a big vehicle it turns easily. My kids like a movie on long trips. It drives very smoothly. The only thing I would change is a button to click seats upright if a child forgets.

- Stephanie M

Odyssey is great for families.

Very roomy, easy to drive. Convenient for the kids to get in and out of. Great hauling capability, smooth ride and good gas mileage. Not much pickup when you accelerate, but the safety features are great. Adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assist are some favorite features.

- Nora T

The good and bad of the odyssey.

Love my odyssey. Great family van and love the entertainment center. The captain seats are comfortable and plenty of room for the whole family. Get the leather and heat seats - totally worth it!! Wish there were seat pouches in the back row. Wish there was a bin in the third row.

- Beth C

drives like a dream. Everything you could want and more!

Most amazing, spacious van ever! Great gas mileage. Very roomy. No worries about leg room. Reclining seats. Heated leather seats. Dual climate control. DVD player for the little ones to be entertained. Power outlets everywhere. Very comfortable. drives likes dream. No road noise.

- Denise J

Amazing family car i'll recommend Honda to anyone its a must have.

Its one amazing vehicle it has so much and the technology is so amazing in it and the interior is beautiful I would recommend it definitely to the public, it has Bluetooth, seat settings, DVD screen in the back for Blu-ray DVDs, it has a GPS, your iPhone can work on it with Siri.

- Andrea A

The best vehicle I have owned!

This is by far the most comfortable vehicle I have owned. It has not given me any problems, the best vehicle to purchase especially when you have children easy access in and out of the car for children and the elderly. Very spacious even for your groceries! Great for road trips!

- Nancy C

Things that I don't love about my van.

The only complaint is when the back seat headrest are all the way up it is hard to see in out the back windows .. I am not a fan of all the automatic safety features that you cannot turn off. I do love that the middle seats slide from side to side as well as back and forth.

- Amy G

Honda is a great vehicle for family and resale value is wonderful!

Comfortable driving and handling. I feel safe and it is a reliable vehicle. Great family vehicle. Technology is great. Ability to service this vehicle is lower cost and operating cost are low. This is my third purchase of a Honda odyssey. This vehicle really holds it value!

- Mark D

Comfortable and efficient.

I really love the comfort of the odyssey. I love the sliding doors and the ease of getting everyone in our family in and out. I love the heated seats in the winter and the sunroof for nicer days. I love the entertainment system for keeping my kids happy on long road trips.

- Amy T

It has been a great help with the expansion of my family. The extra room is very helpful

I own a new 2018 Honda Odyssey. I have to say I LOVE this van. It's so easy to drive. I also got a few perks with the car like push button start, auto lift gate and backup camera. All these makes the driving experience much better. I couldn't have made a better choice

- Antony J

Love my odyssey! Drives smoothly safe for snow, very spacious, heated seats.

Love it. Rides smoothly. Drives safely in the winter snow, love my heated seats in the winter, very spacious for a family of 6 with a spacious trunk to fit groceries or luggage for traveling.I haven't had any problems with this car yet and hopefully won't any time soon!

- Vivian M

Amazing safety features and integrated technology.

No problems. Love the performance and reliability. Safety features and integrated technology are top-notch. We have added a fire TV and have Wi-Fi service which I love. We waited to buy this vehicle for the sliding seats. I would definitely purchase this vehicle again.

- Andrea R

Odyssey is the van of your dreams!

Very comfortable for a daily driver and road trips. Lots of storage and space options for traveling and commuting with young children. There are many safety options available in this vehicle as well. The gas mileage is awesome and so far maintenance has been routine.

- Amy P

The car is amazing. I feel safe in it

The car is great for families, or if you want to uber. Great features.,Handles great. My kids love it, lots of space in the trunk. Great for road trips. The car is great for sports gear, going to the beach Blind spots are not terrible, safety features are great

- Brian D

There is nothing I can say.

The performance is really well and it speeds really fast when I need to pass someone in a 2 lane road. It is also very comfortable and provides lots of technology. It has a well design and lots of seats to carry people and a well designed trunk for easy fitting.

- Douglas B

Great way to ride on those long trips!

The Honda Odyssey really has a smooth ride with many comfort options and amenities. The technology built into the vehicle is world class. They have really upped the score with this years model! I would recommend this model to anyone looking for a safe fun ride.

- Jim E

Perfect vehicle for travel with spacious seating, great on gas mileage.

This vehicle is great on mileage. It is perfect for anyone who travels as a family often. It has a great size trunk for all your luggage needs. It is also very spacious. Everyone fits here perfectly with plenty of room to stretch during the long road trips.

- Ivette C

Comfort, space and style for the win.

Smooth ride. Reliable, safe and comfortable. Very spacious trunk. Option to seat 8 people. The entertainment system could be better. Trying to figure out front and rear sound is a bit of a pain even with a manual. Overall, very pleased with this vehicle.

- Christina A

New does not necessarily mean better.

Rides like it has square tires. No compass. Uncomfortable arm rests. Horrible headlights. No front storage. Shifts like the transmission is falling out. Gas mileage is ok but I would rather have a smooth ride than good gas mileage. Interior is noisy.

- Paula S

The space on the inside of this van is fantastic!

I love how smooth the vehicle drives. I also love the space on the inside. It provides for very easy access and getting my children in and out of the car is not difficult. I really appreciate the push button start and automatic doors and windows.

- Catherine F

It has a lot of driving d=safety features that keep you in your lane, helps stop you if the car in front of you stops too quickly,alerts you if it feels you need to pay more attention to your steering/driving

I have had my vehicle for a little more than a year. It is a very roomy and comfortable minivan that I feel very safe using to transport my family . I like all the safety features and the super bright lights that help so much driving at night.

- Lisa S

Spacious and efficient vehicle for families.

It drives very smoothly and love the backup camera especially since the minivan is long and parking can be difficult. I love most things about Odyssey except that the rear view camera lags for about 7 seconds from the time engine is turned on.


There is a control panel at the driver's seat for all windows, both sliding doors, and the trunk door.

The seats in the 2018 Honda Odyssey are extremely functional! I can configure the middle row many ways. When I take out the middle seat I can slide the two other seats to either side. They can slide forward from any position as well!

- Ashley N

Gas mileage is very important. I feel that it is very important to know how far a car can go on a certain amount of gas.

It is very big and has a lot of space to put stuff in. I love how much space it has because I sometimes travel and I need to pack a lot of things. I also enjoy how good the chargers are. My favorite part is the built in navigation.

- Vrat V

Reliable, spacious and reasonably priced.

Great car especially for families! Ample space for passengers and cargo as well. Amenities are useful and plentiful. Love the ability to move seats in different configurations. Gas mileage is good and the ride is smooth and quiet.

- Julie V

More modern version of the mom-van with added safety and comfort features.

This vehicle comes with many standard safety features included, such as road keeping assist and crash indicator. The interior is very roomy with seating up to 8 people. Very reliable vehicle, with decent gas mileage for a van.

- Jenny P

It's a great family car with many family friendly features.

I like the van because we needed an upgrade for our growing family. I love the adjustable middle row seats and the automatic doors. I don't like that it doesn't have a CD player and the trunk hatch doesn't lift up high enough.

- Carina T

Flexible family car with roomy seats and plenty of storage.

I like how smoothly it drives and the safety features. I like how easily the seats can be moved and the backseat folded down for my cargo seat. My only complaint is I wish it got better gas mileage or had a hybrid option.

- Cassandra G

The van is easy to drive and is loaded with options that make it safer.

I love the sliding doors for my kids. The sliding seats work great for loading and unloading the van. I love how deep the trunk is for groceries. The steering wheel is smooth. Overall, a great vehicle for busy families.

- Katrina S

The most important thing to know about my vehicle is that it has important safety features that gives me peace of mind. One is that it notifies me if I'm departing my lane in any way. It also brakes for me if I'm getting too close to another car.

I like the roomy interior and the latest technology. I love the vacuum cleaner, the apple carplay and the blu ray player. Smooth and comfortable ride. At this point, I still don't have anything negative to report.

- Monica T

The sliding seats and easy storage for seats makes this car well worth it

I love the automatic doors! The Magic seats that fold and slide so easily make this car amazing for a family on the go. The Bluetooth audio features are excellent and make driving with technology much more useful

- Jamie H

The safety features are wonderful for moms with children.

I love that my vehicle drives well, it is an easy car to drive. I also love all of the safety features. It is convenient to use with my small children. The warranty has also been great- Honda has done a good job.

- Kasey c

Great for families & young kids. Lots of seating options.

There are a lot of things I like about this car including the sunshades for the middle seat passenger windows. I also like the magic sliding second row seats. I greatly dislike that there is no CD player.

- Carina L

My kids say it is very comfortable to ride in. Their friends all beg me to do carpool.

It is extremely comfortable to drive and ride in. I love it because my son no longer gets car sick like he did when I drove my Pathfinder. It has wonderful features like lots of phone charging ports.

- Laura S

Needs more customization options other than that it is good :D

A button needs to be added (preferably on the keys) to close the trunk of the van. On multiple occasions I've had to get put the car and shut it myself. It is very rare, but overall the car is great!

- Sarju P

It is equip with great technology. It also has a seat that can be removed.

I really like that it contains anti accident features. It break when your car needs to. If you pass out and the car goes to the next lane it starights it. It drives in snow. It contains option of eco

- Cynthia L

I love the second row sliding seats! This is amazing for accessing the back row to buckle my 3 year old in his car seat. I don't have the option to tilt seats because the second row has 2 rear facing car seats.

There are tons of amazing safety features that are utilized while driving. I especially like the blind spot monitors being closer in and beeping if I turn my blinker on and a car is in my blindspot.

- Meg K

Family Favorite - Honda Odyssey

Our Honda Odyssey has been our family's favorite vehicle. It provides comfort for my children and the automatic doors make everything so much easier for me. It is reliable, stylish, and comfortable.

- Elizabeth P

A great comfy room van that drives very smooth and has numerous safety features. I love how it has the blind spot sensor.

Wonderful van. You can tell they got the input of moms in the design of this car. However I wish they would have left the vents on the ceiling in addition to the new ones they placed on the sides.

- Amber B

Great family vehicle! A lot of room for 8 people!

I love my Honda Odyssey. The drive is nice and smooth and there is plenty of truck space. I do not always like having the car tell me when to slow down or brake, but I wouldn't trade my Odyssey.

- Carrie H

Very convenient and easy for kids to get in and out themselves. Independence!

This is my first minivan. I love the sliding doors and the fact that the kids can get themselves in and out. I don't like how low it sits to the ground and I've hit the bottom a few times.

- Sarah G

Pros of a minivan that other cars on the market do not have at the moment.

I bought the car because I needed an comfortable 8 seat car with trunk space included. With children and older parents, I also needed a car that everyone could easily get in and out of.

- Erin W

It's got great safety features like staying in your lane, brake alert and things like that.

I love the safe driving features. I also like that it gets good gas mileage for a large car. It's also got great features for kids with the DVD player and other things. It's awesome!

- karin s

It is the perfect vehicle for a family of 5 or more.

I love the convenience for our family. It makes long trips much more comfortable. I wish I could have gotten a higher trim level a built in DVD player and navigation would be nice.

- Diana P

Convenient for families. Very safe. Rides smooth. You'll love it.

The Honda Odyssey is very spacious for a family of 5. The seats in the back lay down flat if needed which is great. And most important of all it is very safe with the new features.

- Brad M

I love the convenience of the vehicle. I don't like that i cannot control the safety brake option. I can feel a delay in shifting in the auto transmission feature

It's the best car for families on the go. It has the most conveniences most parents look for-hands free doors, space for anything needed for human and fur babies and travelling

- Julie M

It runs wonderfully. It has lots of feet room. The seats are wonderful to.

Absolutely love this car. The GPS is great. The car sounds great all around. The seats warm up. Which I love that. The interior is all leather as well and it is just wonderful.

- Christy C

It has a very quiet and smooth ride.

I like the smooth ride and that it is quiet and has a lot of space for the kids. I dislike the screen and how I have to reach so far to press it and change the channel etc.

- Erin M

Family friendly functionality would be the headline.

It is a functionally great family friendly car. It could be more comfortable and stylish. As far as vans go it is very reliable and roomy. We love the tv and spaciousness.

- Ari H

The Honda Odyssey is a comfortable, convenient family van.

It's brand new, drives great, is comfortable to ride in. The dvd player is great for entertaining my kids. It has plenty of room to luggage when we are on road trips.

- Denise L

Get a later model year and confirm that Honda has fixed all the kinks in the redesign. Test drive with the cabin watch on while playing a disc and see if the system crashes.

It has good features generally, but the rear entertainment system is poorly designed and crashes. The car has been very buggy. Just lots of little frustrating things.

- Lauren M

It is the most comfortable car I have ever driven.

It is fun to drive and comfortable. It has a lot more cargo room than we have ever had. Only complaint -- wish there were a few more bells and whistles for the price.

- Allyson M

The slide seats make it so easy for families with small children.

The Honda Odyssey is amazing. My kids and I love it. The slide seats are a lifesaver. I get 4 kids in and out of car seats so easily. Great for the carpool line.

- zkayla T

It has too many safety features.

The odyssey is very spacious. It has room for eight passengers which is great for my grandchildren. It has a lot of safety features which is very important to me.

- Joni H

The gas mileage is great. In addition to the car does not have many problems.

I have zero complaints about it. Best vehicle I have ever had. I love the security of having the safety features for my kids, and it is comfortable and spacious.

- Kim C

That it is well made, and meets all important expectations of a vehicle.

I like how smooth it drives, its ease of use, and its safety rating. I would like for it to have the stow-away seats. Overall, we love it and have no complaints.

- Carrie T

It's a great car for mom on the go.

I just got it and I absolutely love it. It is very comfortable and has so many new features. For instance it can save the settings on the seat and the mirrors.

- Michele G

love the smoothness of the ride.

love the reliability of this van. the only problem we have had with it, are the two sliding doors will occasionally become stuck when we try to close them.

- Chr O

It is roomy. We've experienced issues and owned the vehicle less than one year.

We have had electrical issues, problems with DVD, stereo and backup camera glitches. We have also had issues with the automatic doors not opening/closing.

- Nicole I

Odyssey, a Large Family Vehicle

Good smooth ride, sleek contours. Drives like a car and not a minivan. Acceleration is great with a 9 speed transmission. Easily carries our family of 6!

- Melissa S

It's a great family vehicle and is very functional

Our Odyssey has wonderful safety features. I love sitting higher on the road. It has a smooth ride, carries 8 people and keeps passengers entertained.

- Tim c

It is comfortable, safe, and convenient.

This car has it all for a family. Moving seats, reliability, pull down TV, a backseat camera, and more. Everything is at the driver’s finger tips a.

- Alex M

Safety and comfort are key.

I love the comfort and safety features, especially the blind spot indicators and backup camera. Only dislike is the auto closing doors close too slow

- Kerry E

It is technologically advanced

I like how spacious my vehicle is and how it maneuvers. I like the back up camera and navigation system. However, it doesn't have a lot of power

- Eileen C

I love how smooth the drive is.

I love the sleekness of this vehicle as well as how easily it drives. do not like that the sliding doors occasionally get stuck and won't shut.

- tay o

2108 Honda Odyssey is roomy

The Honda Odyssey has enough room for eight people with removable seats. It has a large cargo area in the back and equipped with Apple Play.

- Amanda H

Highest rated minivan for safety which was very important to me

Very comfortable to drive and to travel in. Very attractive looking. Highest rated for safety amongst minivans. Roomy. Very pleased so far.

- Angie C

My car has lots of horsepower for a van.

I love the new technology. I like the way it drives, very smooth. It comes with a vacuum cleaner. It has a good radio system (Siriusxm).

- Alice T

IT is a great family car. Lots of room for a big family but comfortable for just one driver too

It's comfortable. The kids in our family love the dvd and movable seats. I love the heated seats option and phone charger in the middle.

- isaac k

It has lane control and auto stop assist if you get too close a car in front of you.

No problems, still learning about all the extras to use. Great performance and reliability. Very comfortable. Fully loaded with extras.

- Marvin S

It is the most useful vehicle for a family due to its space and ability to move seats around

Our van drives well and has all the features we need for it. It's very versatile and spacious and was a great purchase for our family

- Rachel N

The trunk space is amazing and can hold 6 large suitcases plus more.

I love how big it is since it can hold my family of 6. I love the radio system and blu rays. The trunk space is also a good size.

- Rebecca L

It is practical and very safe.

No problem as of yet, it is still new. Very safe and roomy for the family. Has everything to keep you comfortable for a road trip.

- Leslie H

You have to buy an iPhone which I think is a monopoly for apple.

Do not like that I had to buy an apple iPhone to run things on it. Really like the color. Really like dependability. Lots of room.

- Mary M

It is absolutely the best. I have owned two other minivans in the past and this one by far is the best!

I love that it has all of the newest and greatest technology. It is looks very cool. It has enough space for my family plus more!

- Heather R

It is really quiet when you drive it.

I do not have any complains at this time. I like the vented seats and the vacuum in the van. I also like the rain sensing wipers.

- Heather B

The interesting feature in my van in the cabin watch and talk feature

I like my van but I don't like some of the features they got rid of in the newer model. The gas mileage could be better as well

- Bailey S

Great family car that comes with a ten year warranty.

I dislike that the paint seems to be easily chipping after only having it for 8 months. I do like the comfort for my family.

- Jen G

It's very heavy on gasoline. It takes a lot more than my old van.

I absolutely love my Honda van! It's perfect to large families like mine. I can easily fit 4 car seats without any problems.

- rose a

that i treasure having it and that it is my lifeline to keep stability in my life

i really enjoy the comfort and the easy to use and navigate. I dislike how much gas it needs and also the monthly payment.

- rachel L

It has an auto shut off that you have to disable if you don't want it to go down to 4 cylinder at stop lights, and people think your new car is shutting off

I like the new look of the Odyssey. I do not like that you have to disable the auto shut off. I like the third row seating.

- Mel t

It has a high safety rating and it rides beautifully.

I like how roomy the interior is. Love the way it handles/drives. It feels like a car, but has the functionality of a SUV

- Jennifer U

The blind spots are kind of big in the car, but other than that it is good.

Sometimes the tech is weird. It is very comfortable. It is convenient being able to switch from 5 to 8 seats. Smooth ride.

- Carolina T

the best part of the vehicle are the doors can be opened by a push of a button

Love the sliding doors and the dvd player. The back up camera could be better but overall the car is wonderful family car.

- Amy S

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it has a lot of room and it is good for big families with more than one child.

I like that the vehicle is more roomy for my kids but I also feel like the vehicle is too big for me to drive comfortably.

- Jennie N

Comfortable, durable and family friendly.

I love the Honda odyssey. I have had 4 of them and they are very comfortable for all the family. I haven't had any issues.

- Sofia V

It's a great vehicle for a large family. It has plenty of room.

Honda Odyssey 2018 van. Has navigation, rear entertainment, sunroof, and sto and go seats. The back has ample cargo space.

- Crystal C

It drives very smoothly and with no issues.

I love the way it drives, the space it gives us in the trunk, and room enough for all our children to fit in comfortably.

- Carrie J

Sometimes the auto idol doesn't work right

I like all the features such as cabin watch and power tailgate. There is a lot of features that Infont understand though.

- Jen W

Honda Odyssey, great dependable car with advanced safety features.

I love my Honda Odyssey. The vehicle drives wonderfully and is great on gas mileage. I have no complaints at this time.

- Christopher V

Honda odyssey made for families.

My Honda has automatic doors except back. High safety features like brake alert moveable seats mobile seats and more.

- Katrina D

It is very spacious and versatile for many uses, whether you are a large family or small

I love the sliding doors and sliding seats in middle row. The van drives well and has nice features that are included

- Jacob N

It comfortably seats a family of 7 and we love the DVD player.

It has a lot of room and safety features. Its comfortable. I don't like how the safety features controls everything.

- Becky B

I really love my Honda Odyssey!

Love my car! Great gas mileage, very comfortable and great looking. Perfect for out family with two small children.

- Jaime H

It's very well made and very reliable

Love that it has lots of room and entertainment for the kids. I miss having the inside cooler and vac in this model

- Katrina F

Enjoy the ride with enough space to fit the family

it was an affordable car. Big enough for my growing family but sporty enough not to make me feel like a soccer mom.

- Leola P

It's the perfect size for families.

It's great for families. The safety is amazing. I love that I can fit all my kids and their sports gear in the car.

- Jill C

You wouldn't think the side sliding seats isn't a major feature by it we use it all the time and think all new models should have this feature

Great for kids and really designed with the family in mind. Our favorite feature is the side sliding middle seats.

- Gregory S

It's comfortable for long trips, saves gas , and very safe.

It has a camera to see anything in the back. It as well let's me know when I'm going over the lines while driving.

- Kimberly M

It's been on the road for over 200,000 miles.

The ride is smooth, the handling is easy, it is highly rated for safety. I really have no complaints or dislikes.

- Jennifer F

My car is very safe and is great on gas.

I love how much room it has and the openness. It is also great on gas. I like how smooth it drives and the color.

- Sandy T

It has plenty of seats so there is enough room for everyone to fit

It is new so I am just getting used to it. It is very comfortable. It has plenty of room for everything I need.

- N W

So much room for the kids! I love how technologically advanced it is. I don't like that it doesn't have navigation built in and I have to use my phone.

There is plenty of room for a big family with multiple car seats, and lots of extra space in the trunk as well!

- Lisa L

Excellent car, I recommend it for families.

It is spacious and comfortable, it runs well, new, covers my expectations, I have no problems with the engine.

- Dalia S

It runs great and smooth. It is also very good on gas mileage.

I love how my car drives. I love how much space there is in my car. I love how it will fit my whole family.

- misty g

Vans are not always desired but the features on my van make my life much easier.

I love how easy is to get my children in and out, the features of the car, and the ride itself is very smooth

- Sarah M

Great family car everyone fits comfortably no fighting!

I love that the seats move. I love the automatic doors. I dislike all doors have to be shut to reverse 2 ft.

- Ashlee H

The new transmission is terrible

I like the ride and feel of the van. I like the miles per gallon that I get. I don't like the transmission.

- john D

My car is safe, efficient and very comfortable. I love the way it drives.

I love the roominess of the Honda. I love the leather seats, the automatic doors and the safety features.

- Julie T

The Odyssey is a great van for anyone that wants a smooth ride, plenty of room, and great mileage

very comfortable, very roomy, rides smooth, great gas mileage dont like gear shifting, very slow to react

- Jim w

It has wonderful safety features, blind spot, back up camera.

I love it, so easy to clean due to the moving bucket seats. It has all the space that a big family needs!


Seating options for 4 kids cannot be beat

All the tech features are great. The one drawback is the electronic system seems a little glitchy

- Jay P

so much space! There's room for storage and all the kids and carseats!

It has been amazing! I never wanted a minivan but my mind has been changed! no complaints so far!

- stacey B

It has lots of safety features including blind spots sensors

Like the roominess and space. Like the blind spot sensors. Like that it gets good gas mileage.

- Trish G

We enjoy driving this vehicle and would recommend buying this car

Very comfortable and easy to use. Good trade in value . Good gas mileage.Good looking vehicle

- Sandy N

decent gas mileage for the size vehicle. smooth ride

no complaints. I love it. plenty of room. smooth ride. great for our kids and grandkids.

- kerry s

It fills my usage needs. Great for travel, carrying larger loads and fun to drive.

Carries lots of stuff. Comfortable for entire family. Drives like a high performance car.

- jim t

Flexible seating and storage capabilities make it fit all of your needs

I like that it has room to fit everyone in my family and has trunk space. No complaints

- Debbie W

100 % Luxury reliable car that you can count on. Style

I like it all. Everything is modern. A bit complicated to learn, but I love it all!

- Janira C

It is a great family vehicle. Lots of room, seats fold down.

I love it, hate not being able to turn off the automatic shut down to 4 cylinders

- Mel W

Spacious, comfortable and reliable

Great and reliable. We love how comfortable it is and how much room we have!

- Megan s

Highest rated minivan for safety. Drives very smoothly in comparison to other minivans I test drove.

Drives well and looks nice. Very roomy and comfortable. No complaints

- Angie C

The Honda Odyssey is one of the most reliable and versatile vehicles on the market for a family. We easily fit all three of our children and a large breed dog comfortably when traveling, whether local or out of town. It's a fuel efficient vehicle with eco smart technology that saves gas as it drives. The mobility of all the vehicle seats is definitely a plus. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a midsize vehicle.

It's fuel efficient, drives well, and seats up to 8 comfortably well.

- Rachel M

Drives safely and comfort in seating. Excellent quality.

It's an amazing vehicle. Drives easy, comfortable, good gas mileage.

- Yvonne J

Reliable and roomy. I like minivans for their versatility and size.

It drives very smoothly. It has a lot of room. Very nice vehicle.


It is Spacious but road noise could be loud

No complaints, the mini van is very practical and fuel efficient

- Puojen V

It runs well, rides great, and has plenty of room for the family.

I like everything about my van. I do not have any complaints.

- N A

The vehicle has automatic settings for the doors and is keyless (only requires the key to be nearby to work). The car also has several driving features that help the driver to stay in lanes, see if there are cars in the blind spots, and know when to brake. The car has a touch screen control panel which makes the car seem very technologically advanced but overall this car is very easy to use and creates a smooth drive.

Honda Odyssey vans are reliable and family friendly vehicles.

- Tiffany S

Love the sliding doors and plenty of space for the family. Like the entertainment system except it has some issues where it does not work if using the CabinWatch. Love the vented cooling seats.

Sliding doors are wonderful and the sliding middle row seats.

- Roxanne L

I love my van we had a older model that we loved too we love the new feature of almost self driving but i am not a fan that you removed to turning left camera

how comfortable it is for trips that is why we sold the Yukon

- sarah l

Love the Magic second row seats! Love the dash and electronics

Slow earning survey credits often don't credit. Videos freeze

- Robin W

We love the way the car drives and all the technology and safety features at your fingertips.

Up to date technology. Safe. Dependable. Easy to use.

- Caroline W

It is the little things that matter.

- Nicole H

My least favorite minivan.

- Heather D

Family friendly & 2 thumbs up!

- Alicia O

Best van for a growing family.

- Elizabeth M