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That the new Honda odyssey is partially self driving.

I love all the self driving options on my mini van. I have arthritis in my right knee so it is a plus the vehicle can stay in lane, slow down or gain speed, measures distance from another vehicle all by a touch of a button. I also really like the touch buttons to start, reverse and drive. The cabin talk is also a very neat feature ( makes talking to my son easier when he has the cars headphones on). The only downside is my 2017 had a side camera and I had hoped this car would have 360 view camera.

- Amy S

It is a very useful and intelligent car.

The car is very useful, I use this car to work and drive up my families. The trunk is very large, because my parents live in other countries, each time when they come, we can put several baggages in the trunk, and it is not necessary to rent another car. The intelligence of the car is also very good. It can help to recommend me to hold the steering wheel, it is also equipped with auxiliary brake system, when the car is too close to the front car, this car could automatically brake.

- Bei X

Great family car with enough cool gadgets to make my husband proud to drive.

Very comfortable and reliable family car. Most important feature to me is the sliding passenger second row. This allows both of my kids to be away from the door and more towards the middle where it is safer. It is also really easy for someone to get in the 3rd row. Even with the 3rd row up there is enough trunk space for my double stroller and groceries. Power doors and all the gadgets inside make this the best car I have ever had.

- Angelina H

Why the Odyssey is the perfect family van.

I recently purchased a 2019 Honda Odyssey ex-l with nav & res. This is the perfect family vehicle. The sliding doors are perfect for school drop off & pick up. The rear entertainment system makes road trips fun for kids. The sliding seats make for easy access to the large 3rd row seating. I highly recommend this van for families of small children.

- Sarah J

Awesome ride even though it a minivan it great ride. I enjoy it a lot.

It comfortable to ride don't here a lot of outside noise.Very room inside it 8 passenger. Around town I get 20 miles a gal on highway about 29. The dual heat work great cause I am always chilly and my husband is always hot. The control screen is very easy to use we like the new interactive screen.

- Nor P

Honda Odysseys have the highest safety ratings of the minivans on the market.

I like that my Honda has high safety ratings and enough room for my entire family. I also like sitting higher and seeing more when I drive, and having a backup camera is fabulous. I don't care for the gas mileage, and I wish there was a compartment or two more for the driver.

- Jennifer S

Improved controls for new model.

Love the push button start and push button controls. My van has the vacuum which is really helpful in keeping it clean. The blind spot indicators are super helpful. Navigation has been improved with easy input. Not really fond of the cruise control but you can turn it off.

- Tammy M

Great safety rating with safety features designed to avoid collisions.

Purchased it earlier this week to be our new primary vehicle for our growing family. We love how much space there is and the great safety features. Would have liked better fuel efficiency or electric but those are not currently available in this size of vehicle.

- Ryan D

It has amazing camera detection. I didn't know when I bought it but there's indicators that show cars in your blind spots, little bells go off when you get too close, etc. Also, the seats can be adjusted and saved for two people !

I love how much room is in my vehicle - I can fit my two kids and all of their stuff ! I like all the features but dislike how hard it is to park sometimes. I wish there were front and side cameras that I could see.

- Emily H

The safety features on the car are top-notch. Between the cameras, the sensors, the notifications that you need to brake or stay in your lane...it'd really be difficult to have an accident in this car (that was your fault, anyway.)

I like that it has so much room; my kids have room, and my husband can fold down seats and put large items in the back, like a truck. It also has a lot of safety features that are pretty cool that I wasn't used to.

- Talia R

The car is very adjustable and has changeable seats so it is easy to adapt to your family.

I love all the outlets there are so many!! The vehicle is slightly wider which makes it hard to back into a garage. Honestly the car is a pleasant luxury experience. I love how modern these cars have gotten!

- Ashley Y

Space and Comfort. The Honda Odyssey gives you both.

We love our van. It is comfortable inside and out. There is plenty of room for not only our family of 5, but we can easily fit their friends as well. I highly recommend the Honda Odyssey.

- Pat M

The van is a very smooth and quiet drive and ride.

It drives great but I think it has too many bells and whistles. I wish it had a CD player. I do like that I can talk to text through the car.

- Angie K

Price and feature that is the most important to know, the next will be gas mileage

save gas and easy to load the kids to the van. I don't like is they don't have AWD option for the van

- Jeff T

Its technology friendly and kids on board. Entertainment system and sunroof.

I like the space for kids. It is very smooth on the highway. I don't like the exterior color

- Mehdi A

It is roomy enough to carry the entire family and has room for baggage too.

It has plenty of room. It gets good gas mileage. It has a comfortable ride.


It's a 2019 and has great consumer safety ratings. If I have an accident, it should protect me and grandkids very well.

It's got a lot of room. Three rows of seats. Handles well and is good on gas.

- Mary M

Our last Odyssey, while great, did NOT have power doors. This was difficult to navigate with young children. I finally have power doors and it's made life so much easier with young children!

Power doors, magic sliding seats, heated seats, roomy, fun to drive!

- Kelly E

It's safe. A little hard to drive a lot of buttons.

I love all the safety features, dislike how small the DVD screen is

- Jackie R

It is super safe .I feel good driving with my kids in the car .

Has a lot of room . Beautiful color. great on gas. Smooth driving.

- Melissa S