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2006 Honda pilot-still at the pinnacle of Honda's premier SUV performers.

My 2006 Honda pilot is the best performing and most enjoyable car I have ever owned. After 156, 336 miles driven, it still performs like new. Approximately half of the years I have owned the car it has been garaged when inoperative and the other half it has been uncovered while inoperative. The car has been well maintained and very rarely needs service or parts beyond occasional changes to windshield wipers, a new battery, oil changes and tires. The car has had all dealer recommended maintenance and service for miles driven. It runs quiet and smooth, the seats are leather and look great with no tears, splits or really noticeable wear. The back floor mats and front passenger mat still look new, however the driver's mat shows wear. Overall the exterior paint still looks great but there is some clear coat around the front bumper panel that has peeled due to long time plant irrigation hitting it during the nights while outside. The cost to manually repair that section/panel would probably be close to the cost of a new painted panel. There are a few small dings here and there that are barely noticeable. What I love most about my Honda is its reliability. I never have to worry when I start it or take it on a very long trip, will I get to my destination? I know it will. I also love its roomy interior for all sizes of passengers and loads upon loads of heavy cargo. Its truck chassis means smooth sailing over bumpy roads. It has a great music system, 6-cd changer and a built in large GPS. I plan to drive my Honda at least another hundred thousand miles and then buy another one.

- Jane S

City driving our 4 wheel driving this compact little 8 seater really has it all.

I actually really love the hunt pilot I have 6 children between the ages of 17 and 4 years old with my 15 year old son being seven foot one and we all can fit into the pilot. It is a 8 seater it is very roomy wide why's everybody seems have nice leg room a course we put the smaller kids on the for this back. It has a lot of pick up and go you can definitely jump out into traffic and get going. The only thing I do not like about my particular of pilot as its gas mileage it probably gets about 17 miles to the gallon in town and for me and as much driving his ideal I would really like to get a hybrid they gets like 27 gallons the mile. But the pilot you feel very secure and it handles very well and it is a nice smooth ride.

- Tracy A

12 year old car work wells till this day

The best part about the car is the space. It has enough room to to hold 7 people comfortably and when the back seats are down it has a very spacious trunk. I have moved a couple times and can fit many boxes and item when putting all the seats down. The radio is very nice because it has XM music but it doesn't have an easily accessible aux cord. The car has leather seats which keeps the car cold in winter but become very hot when left in hot weather. The AC works very well but if left in idle the AC stop and it blows lukewarm air which may be uncomfortable for some people. Lastly the car handles well but the brakes are very sensitive. Overall the car has done well for the 12 years my family and I have had it.

- Andrew W

The car is reliable and built well. I'm never worried that the car will completely break down on me.

I love driving this car. It's a smooth ride and I love the feature of the ECO light popping on telling me that I am at peak gas efficiency. We haven't had to fix a lot on the car, which has been amazing, but when there is something wrong the car will let us know. One problem I have with the car is where the back A/C vents are. There are only two and they are right in front of the back middle seat by the knees of the passenger. For a smaller car, this would work and for someone without small children, but for backwards facing car seats it just doesn't work and for forward facing car seats they get too cold. Overall, though, this car is wonderful.

- Emily B

Car is so dependable and love the great pick up when turning into traffic.

My Honda pilot give a comfortable ride, has moonroof, seats 8. Gas mileage is not great 17 miles per gallon 22 on highway. I use regular gas. I have front wheel drive, I feel very safe as this vehicle has good ratings if in an accident. I still have most original parts and 199, 477 miles going strong. I have original struts and shocks. Repairs are few to none most years. I have had to replace headlights several times but most other lights no problem never replaced. I have good tires last 85, 000 miles. I would buy another Honda but love the pilot I have. They last for years. Seats are comfortable!

- Diane V

Huge fan of my 2006 Honda pilot!

I love my 2006 Honda pilot! We purchased it used, but well taken care of, and it has never disappointed us. It now has over 210, 000 miles on it and still runs fantastic! It has high safety ratings, four wheel drive which is great for Midwest winters, comfortable leather seating, lots of helpful features, a large trunk with storage when the back row is folded down flat, third row seating, etc. This vehicle has now made my husband & I loyal Honda customers. . . I am positive my next vehicle will be a Honda as well. I love my pilot!

- Taylor H

The quality of the vehicle. Aside from changing the oil, buying new tires and the typical items that are prone to wear out on a vehicle we have had no major mechanical issues with our Pilot. The engine still hums quietly and is ready to go to work.

I love my Honda Pilot! With 271,000 miles on it, it has been reliable, worth the money I paid for it, luxurious when I needed it to be, fun to drive, rugged for camping, dressed up for date night, delivered me to hospital for surgery, radiation and follow-ups (cancer-free now YEAH!!!). It's been a part of our family for 12 years and hasn't let us down. Seats for 8 is great, lots of cargo space for moving 2 kids to college, smooth and quiet ride. No complaints.

- Melissa E

Honda safety and reliability!

I love that it is roomy and comfortable. I can bring my 4 grandchildren and a dew friends on a day trip! The fuel efficiency sucks though! But it is a big solidly built car that I feel safe in and provides safety for my passengers! The leather seats are easy to clean! I do wish it were a newer. Model that I could hook my phone into, but the 6 CD player provides music on lengthy trips when you lose your favorite station on the radio!

- Norma S

I am driving it until there is no hope.

I am not a big fan of routine anything, including maintenance on my car. I switched to synthetic oil on my first oil change. I have nearly 270, 000 miles on my 13 year old pilot and I have changed the radiator, rack, serpentine belt, water pump, steering pump and maybe a couple other things. I love how heavy and sturdy the car feels. My friends make fun of me for not getting a new car, but I just don't' care. This one is so great.

- Tara N

2006 Honda pilot, high mileage now in year 2018, overall great vehicle but recently been having problems.

This has been a good solid car. I drive 60 miles each work day, and have been driving it over 3 years now. Also great in snow. Recently been having problems though with an issue in the engine. Had spark plugs replaced and issue still apparent. Will be taking my car to another mechanic soon. Overall though, it has 163,000 miles on it and has gotten a lot of great use. If I sold it today, I'd still be happy I had the car.

- Lacey H

Expensive but Long-Lasting

I previously drove a Chevy Malibu, so this vehicle took a bit to get used to. The hardest thing to get used to was the super sensitive gas pedal (which I have found is a common feature among Honda vehicles). The acceleration isn't good, and the gas mileage is not ideal. But it's been going strong for 12 years, so I really can't complain. I also really like the dashboard set up and the control features.

- Jesse M

The "car like" sports utility vehicle.

The Honda pilot is the perfect size SUV for me. It drives like a small car with a really small turn radius, making it perfect for getting in and out of tight parking spots. It also has the space to haul large items like furniture. My dog loves riding in it on all of our hiking adventures. It is over 10 years old but it is in great condition and I will continue to drive it for several more years.

- Anna E

Very reliable car and fun to drive.

It has been a great car, very reliable. I like that you can have 8 people in the car, however the space is tight in the back row of seating. There is a lot of trunk space, and you can put the seats down to add even more space. The car does not feel very big to drive, which is important to me. It is easy to drive and park the car. I do not feel like it is hard to park in most parking spaces.

- Sara C

A Honda old but of great quality.

My car is a Honda pilot of 2006. It is a car model that provides a lot of security. It has a capacity for seven people. The rear seats can be picked up so that the truck has more space. It has four door and a large trunk. It is large size provides a lot of comfort to handle that allows great visibility to the street. In general this car is a great example of safety, comfort and reliability.

- Honda P

This is a great family vehicle that is very reliable. i like that 8 people can fit in the SUV and the rollover rate was very minimal. That is what sold us on the Pilot.

The Honda Pilot is a very reliable vehicle. I love the way it drives. It is a very good vehicle to have if you have a family. It is an older vehicle, so we did have replace minor things. The transmission is running great. The interior is falling apart a little - the ceiling is separating and some of the decorative door panel is coming off, but the SUV is 12 years old.

- Rachel W

The dependable soccer mom vehicle.

Honda’s have been the most reliable cars from my experience. Most of the repairs that I have had to make on my cars are from wear and tear and or maintenance. Being a mother of soccer players, I drive a lot and long distances on a regular bases. I an always comfortable hitting the road with just my kids because my car is very reliable! I highly recommend Honda’s.

- Amanda B

2006 Honda pilot--comfortable and reliable.

Overall I love using this car. It has been very reliable and is comfortable. The negatives would be that there have been several recalls to my vehicle such as both airbags (one twice), and the brakes. The turning radius is a bit tricky to maneuver in parking lots and other small spaces. I would consider buying another newer pilot again once this one finally dies.

- Hanna P

You have to buy certain tires for the car because of the hydroplaning.

I love my car. It is very reliable for long car rides and gets about average gas mileage. However, it hydroplanes very bad when it rains therefore it is probably not the safest option for new drivers or teens that are just starting to drive. The Honda is a great car and I'd gladly buy a new one if the opportunity for a new car was a possibility.

- Emily B

It has over 200,000 miles on it currently and it's still going strong.

I like that it gets decent gas mileage for an SUV type vehicle. I love it's versatility with the 2 back rows that can fold down. We have been able to pile a lot of stuff into it, a lot of people into it and have even used it as a 'tent' when camping. Also, it's all wheel drive so it can go anywhere. And it's easy to drive, easy to handle.

- Erin F

Very comfortable, reliable, spacious, with lots of extras.

The vehicle is older and is showing some ware. The ac went out in it a few years ago and the dealer never fully fixed the problem even after they had it for long periods of time and after I continued to return to have the error fixed. I have decided to just except that the ac will never fully work again and plan to replace the car soon.

- Jessica R

I love my pilot it is a great family car.

I love this car it is great for the size of our family it seats 8 the only issues I will say that I have is the amount of gas it takes as well as the limited trunk space as I have stated we have a large family so storage is a must and we have to usually put down one of the back seats to have the space we need for a stroller etc.

- Natalie G

Old faithful is what I call my reliable Honda Pilot.

The car has been a reliable companion, taking me to California and back to the southwest numerous times, sometimes within the same month. Honda currently records over 220, 000 miles and continues to perform with basic maintenance. Looking for a great vehicle that will uphold it is advertising and reputation? Honda is the answer.

- David F

My Honda pilot is highly durable and such a loyal vehicle.

I love my Honda pilot! I currently have 350, 000 miles on it and it barely gives me trouble. It is a 8 seater so it is great for carpooling or families with more than 3 kids. With the rear seat down, there is much space for luggage! The one downfall is the amount of gas it uses. Not a good vehicle for long road trips.

- Kenya W

Reliable, roomy, cost efficient to maintain and love the navigation system.

I love my Honda Pilot! I like driving an SUV because I sit higher up and feel that visibility is better. This vehicle has been very reliable and with almost 200,000 miles on it, I have only had to do maintenance repairs on it from normal wear and tear. I would recommend this vehicle to my family and friends.

- Kristin A

Honda pilot: a quick summary of the vehicle.

My Honda pilot is a dark green color and has a roof rack. The interior seats are cloth with a grey finish. There is a 6 CD player in the car and the air conditioning has vents in the front seat and the backseat. Overall, the storage is great and the car can seat up to 8 people if the third row seating is engaged.

- Alec T

Reliability. . . 13 years old and only major repair has been to replace the radiator.

It is reliable. Is sits high so visibility is great. Maintenance and repair are reasonably priced. It is roomy and the seats on back fold down for more cargo space. One complaint is the small space between the seat and console that I manage to drop my phone into every so often and it is hard to get it back out.

- Jennifer J

It will drive well forever!

I love everything about my vehicle. I love the leather seats, I love that it has a DVD player, I love how easy it is to maneuver, I love how well it does in inclement weather and I love how it looks. Mostly I love how reliable it is, I have over 310K Miles and have only ever had to replace the transmission.

- De w

Great reliable SUV, perfect for a tough chicago winter!

I have a 2006 Honda Pilot I purchased new. It has been a sturdy and reliable car for the most part and I have enjoyed driving it. Comfortable heated leather seats, great for winter months. Living in Chicago, it has always been a beast in the snow and I never had to worry about not being able to get around!

- Allison S

Many seats with rust on the sides.

It started rusting and that we don't like other than that we have had the car for one year and we love it. It has plenty of seats for me to take all of my people and kids around. 8 total. It came with a crack in the radiator and we had to replace that. As well as a crack in the windshield fluid tank.

- Kirk F

It's the best 8 passenger vehicle. It's big enough but not massive.

I love my Pilot. For being a 2016, it looks great! I love the gold color. I love all of the features like heated seats and sunroof. It drives great. I feel safe in it. It seats 8 which is great but we also have a lot of flexibility and the ability to put all or portions of the back seats up and down.

- Corri G

Honda Pilot is a great family vehicle.

My Honda Pilot is an awesome family vehicle. It gets good gas mileage and drives smooth. The inside in very nice and also very comfortable. It is easy to get car seats in and out of the back seat and the 3rd row is easy to put up and down. When the 3rd row is down there is a lot of room in the back.

- Nicole D

Pilot is great for families.

I love the Honda Pilot. It has plenty of seating, lots of storage and is adjustable to meet my family's needs. For being 12 years old, we have had very little repairs too. It is a great quality vehicle that is fun to drive. The navigation is easy to use and the sunroof is great during nice weather.

- Megan S

It is old, but it works great. Doesn't cost much these days. The GPS is nice.

I like how it has a GPS built in and how stable and quiet it is. I love how it can carry 8 passengers, although it does take out most of the storage space when you do that. I don't like how it doesn't have an audio jack or Bluetooth, but it is an old car. A pickup truck probably better choice.

- Eric W

Great for mountain driving.

This vehicle is an all terrain vehicle and we have loved it! I feel very safe in it and all weather conditions… it handles very well on the freeway and four in town driving. It also drives very well in snow and ice conditions. We have three children, and they all fit comfortably in the car.

- Elizabeth G

Want to try a sunroof without compromising the kids? Get a Honda pilot!

My Honda pilot is pretty wonderful; it is a safe vehicle that has a great sound system and can tough through a lot of various weather. The only issue I would have with it is that in the city, the mileage can be a bit low and your tank can deplete quicker, but it is like that with any car.

- Danielle L

It drives like a dream and the engine will last for a long time.

For the most part I love my pilot, it drives well, has a great repair record and is easy to maintain or work on. I do wish it got better gas mileage. The only real problem I had with it is that I have had 3 window regulators fail on it and that seems a bit excessive for any vehicle.

- ben m

Very good on mileage on gas. Good for family trips.

The Honda pilot is a very good family car the only problem that we have is that the interior is peeling off everywhere. Very good on mileage. Saves you a lot on gas especially when taking long trip with family. I just wish that it had a little more space for you to stretch your legs..

- Blanca M

The third row seat is foldable, giving the owner the option for 7 seats with some trunk space (about 1 foot deep) or 5 seats with lots of trunk space (about 4 feet deep).

I like the size and design of the 2006 model. The interior is roomy and well utilized (lots of cup holders, pockets, storage compartments). I like the foldable third row seat. I dislike the backup camera, it is one of the earlier models and the screen is not visible is full sun days.

- Katelyn M

I love that it has a six CD disk changer.

It is a Honda Pilot! It has decent miles its used though! No rust. It's really nice and clean on the inside. It has a six CD disk changer and a DVD player. The car runs great when your driving you cannot even hardly tell. Its gets pretty good gas mileage. It's got a third row seat.

- Tyler H

Long-lasting comfort pilot.

My car has lasted a really long time, about twelve years now and is in great condition. I have never had any problems with it and I have driven it halfway across the country and back a couple times. It is a very comfortable car and accommodates a lot of passengers comfortably too.

- Claire R

People should know that this is a great vehicle to get you through the tough Minnesota winters.

I love my Honda Pilot because it has been very reliable and durable vehicle, especially in the winter. I love the heated seats and the fact that they are leather. What I don't care for the vehicle is that the sensors are very touchy and the navigation system is not very accurate.

- TJ K

Roomy, reliable. Comfortable.

No problems so far. Very reliable car. Very roomy! Rides really well. Great gas mileage. Keeps my family and I very comfortable during long family trips. Honda is the most reliable car brand I have ever owned. I love owning this Honda pilot and will one day buy another Honda!

- Bobby S

It runs smooth and quiet, and is definitely able to handle my local pothole-ridden roads.

I just acquired it, so I'm still learning the things I like and dislike about it. It's the EX-L (I think) edition, and I do love the leather interior, and that it's all-wheel drive. I dislike that I can't adjust the lumbar support in the driver's seat. It's... very generous.

- Rebekah L

Honda Pilot Review Seats 7 comfortably Good gas mileage

The Honda pilot seats 7 people comfortably, which means my whole family can fit for our yearly family trips. That being the main reason we bought the car. It has a ton of miles on it but still gets me from point A to point B! Also, I would say the gas mileage is acceptable!

- Laura G

It is great for a large family.

I have a big family of five kids. The Pilot has been great for hauling them all over. I love the room in each row and the small amount of room for storing things in the hatch. It's a great SUV because it does not feel like you are driving a bus. I would recommend this car.

- Laura R

The durability of a 2006 Honda pilot.

My car is the best! It is top of the line for its year. It is 12 years old and drives like a dream. Only thing that is wrong is normal wear and tear (I. E ceiling falling, scratches, etc.. )! The car needs a very minimal amount of maintenance. Best car we have ever owned!!

- Alyssa M

Love and hate Honda gotta love it.

I hate the gas mileage, the noise the 4 wheel drive makes I always think something is wrong with the tires I love the room in it there is room for a car-seat along with room for my other children to ride in comfort I love the heated seats in the winter, the ac is awesome.

- Mary H

That's it's reliable and roomy.

I like that it's roomy for my kids. I also like that it sits above a regular car. I don't have many dislikes about my car but the A/C could be better. It's good but could be better. I don't have many complaints because it's perfect for my needs and for my family.

- Crystal U

It is very safe and comfortable vehicle to ride in.

I just recently purchased this vehicle from its previous owner. It is very roomy on the inside and still seats 8. It has a moonroof. The safety reports are very good. Consumer reports have shown that it is one of the better years to have gotten of this vehicle.

- Dave W

Safe and sturdy. Solid on the road. Air bags and all wheel drive.

I love the space this car has. The ability to fold down seats and make more storage room. The power the engine has. The get up and go. Honda has great durability. I wish the Honda Pilot had better gas mileage. Also did not wear through tires as fast as it does.

- Shannon N

While it makes for a comfortable and safe ride, there is a danger of rolling.

I like that it is held up for the past 12 years with minimal fixes needed. However, the seat design leaves me needing to use a pillow for back support. The ventilation/heater has always been exceptional and the gas mileage is as good as I expected.

- Jonathan P

Reliable and spacious family SUV.

13 years old. No major issue. Had to do alignments for unbalanced tire wear. Engine check light when gas cap is not right. Spacious for four people and grocery shopping. Can configure third row but not comfortable seats. Good for short drive.

- Il C

It is a great model vehicle, that will last for a long time. I don't feel the need to quickly replace it, it holds Its value.

I love the ride, how it maneuvers, how many people I can have with us, and the general gas mileage. It is a great vehicle that has served my family well. I also like that it can tow trailers/boat as this has come in handy with my family.

- becky b

Great family car, spacious.

The Honda pilot is a great family car that is spacious and lots of seating. It has lasted our family a very long time with minimum issues mostly age related. Overall, it is a great car good on gas and still runs great after long usage.

- Brittany S

I can get economy and style for a really good price.

I like that I can use it to transport large items like furniture, bikes or groceries. It is easy to drive and holds large amounts of cargo. I do not like the gas mileage. It uses a lot of gas and is expensive to keep the gas tank full.

- Linda H

It's reliable! Nice leather seats, third row seating and a DVD player!

It is great with the third row seating. I wish the third row was bigger, it's only for small children it even smaller adults. It's an 06 and had 100,00+ miles on it so I'm starting to have to slowly put money into it. But it's great

- Kristin O

My car has been the most reliable car I have known to exist and is still chugging.

I love that it has three row seating. I also very much like the way it handles and the fact that it switches from six to four cylinders when necessary to save gas. Only thing I do not like about my vehicle is the color (silver).

- Hector G

One of the most important things others should know is that it will get you through the rough Minnesota winters.

I like that my Honda Pilot has been reliable and a good winter vehicle. It also comes in handy when hauling many items. What I dislike is that the sensors seem to be very sensitive and the heating in the truck is not the best.

- TJ k

Great space with enough room for everyone and everything.

Drives nicely and rides nicely. Very comfortable even on long drives. Great space for the family and for hauling things needed for the family. Terrible window design causing horrible helicopter noise when rolled down.

- Dawn V

Honda Pilot, A Dependable Performer

Honda Pilot is a real dependable car as long as regular maintenance such as changing engine oil, transmission oil, differential oil, coolant, timing belt, spark plug and tires is performed according to its manual.

- Yeong L

Honda’s last forever, I have over 100, 000 miles.

Reliable. Dependable. Comfortable. I have been very satisfied with this car in the eight years that I have ended. I can comfortably seat of my family I have four, and easily carry two other passengers so I needs.

- Liz R

Dependable for over a decade

I have found it very dependable. I did have some problems with the air conditioning which was eventually resolved by the dealer. I was disappointed that it did not come with a cover for the cargo compartment.

- Joan S

You cannot go wrong with a Honda Pilot

My Pilot is the best car I've ever owned. It tows by boat wonderfully, is OK as to fuel mileage, is comfortable to ride in. does not give me any problems. I gas it up and do routine maintenance and that's it.

- Kenneth L

The Pilot is fabulous! Dependable. Comfortable. Easy to drive.

I purchased the vehicle new. Besides being extremely comfortable and easy to drive, the Pilot is mechanically sound and I've experienced no mechanical problems in the 12+ years since I made the purchase.

- Anita M

Honda pilot great besides color.

Performance is very good. Just the baby blue color is not preferable but it gets me to point A to point B very safely. Great cargo space and use it on the beach a lot. Great handling and great leather.

- Grant B

Roomy for passengers, good visibility, not exceptional performance in snow.

I like the vehicle enough, but it is definitely a passenger vehicle as opposed to a sport utility vehicle. I previously owned a Nissan pathfinder and a Toyota 4runner and I would rate those two higher.

- Kevin C

It is wide, so turns may be tricky, and you may feel boxed in during traffic.

A large vehicle that's really good for mountain navigation and winter driving. Nice for bigger families or for camping and other sorts of recreational outdoor activities. Prone to overheating though.

- Irene C

It's perfect for a big family.

I love my car. I have had it for 7 years. I drive 30 miles twice a day 5 days a week for work and its still in a great condition. It has over 200, 000 miles on it and is still functioning desirably.

- Callie R


I love the style the performance is awesome no major problems at all one of the best cars I have ever owned. The reliability of this car is amazing and it has good gas mileage for a car this size

- James V

I had it since 2006 and it runs good.

I like that it is spacious, big, and I can see high up on the road. What I do not like about it is that it is currently outdated and would like to updated the car and it is interior accessories.

- Angela M

Lasts a long time and rarely has a problem requiring extensive maintenance.

Lots of room for a large family. Maintenance is easy and it rarely has any problems. It is great for a vacation. Our vehicle still works really well after many years. A great investment.

- Charles M

Flexible and comfortable family vehicle

I like the quality of my Pilot. There have been relatively few mechanical issues over the years. Flexible seating. Seats can fold down for hauling bulky items. Love the seat warmers.

- Amy P

it is very reliable, very spacious, lots of cup holders and places to stash stuff

there is a lot of cargo space, it has great acceleration, easy handling, I like that when driving I sit higher than I would in a car, I feel like I can see the oncoming traffic better.

- michelle h

Great Eight Seater Honda Pilot

We have owned this vehicle for a few years. We bought it as my go to work vehicle because it has an AWD option primarily. We love the heated leather seats, 8 seatbelts, and sunroof.

- Robert H

It's very heavy on gas. I put in so much more compared to other vehicles I've owned.

The locking mechanisms are faulty, particularly on the trunk. Everything has to be unlocked manually. Also, it's a gas guzzler. However, it is roomy and the heat and AC are on par.

- Renee W

That it is amazing and not as bad on gas mileage and one might think

I really like my car, it's very roomy and I have plenty of room for people and cargo. The only thing I don't like about it is that it tends to hesitate when you are putting into gear

- cathy w

It has been virtually trouble free!

Even though it is 12 years old, it purrs like a kitten and has exceeded our expectations. We have driven it all over the USA trouble free. In addition, we love the all-wheel drive.

- Hugh k

It drives good and handles very well.

I love the size. I like the number of people I can carry. I do not like when I have all seats up that there’s no space in the cargo area. And I wish it had an auxiliary cord plug.

- Amanda P

The color is the most interesting thing of my vehicle.

I haven't had any major problems on my vehicle. It runs great. I do the normal maintenance that is required to be done on vehicle. I would recommend my Honda pilot to anyone to buy.

- Natalie M

The leather seats and seat warmers are the best thing in this vehicle.

The performance of my Honda is amazing I have never had huge issues or anything the comfort is outstanding. Driving in the snow is so easy and I always feel safe it is so reliable.

- Lindsay W

It's very dependable and fits my style. I chose the color and interior. It is perfect for my family.

I like how dependable it is and how long it has lasted me. I also like the body style. It was my first brand new car I bought. I love it. No complaints, but I want a new one soon.

- Andrea K

Important to keep up with regular interior cleaning.

I love the room for everyone and smooth ride when traveling long distances. Feel it is reliable for a 12 year old SUV. With regular maintenance it will continue to keep us going.

- Camille M

Reliability! Good performing mid size SUV. Great on Gas!

It's actually a reliable car with good maintenance. I have over 120k miles and it's still reliable. In NY it's about $50 to fill the tank. I can fit 8 people into my vehicle.

- Kadina T

It's family friendly. It's easy for everyone to fit, easy to get the babies in and out, comfortably.

I like the space! Great amount of room for front and back seat passengers, lots of space for groceries. I like that it sits up higher. I dislike that the gas mileage is bad.

- Emily M

Plenty of room for the family

I really love the 3rd row seating and the fact it stows really nicely when you don't need it. The interior is very roomy so you don't feel like you are sitting in each other

- Emily R

It's definitely worth the money. It has a great feel in the seating, and it can hold seven people in the suv with fold down seats in the trunk area.

I love how it makes me feel high up above a car. It has good power when pulling out of the highway. I dislike that the older models do not have dual air or backup cameras.

- melissa s

The gas mileage around town is very poor.

Very reliable vehicle, I haven't had any maintenance issues since I purchased it in January 2017. Great utility for hauling other people and moving bulky items for others.


If you keep up with the maintenance it is a good vehicle.

The only issue with the car is it has some electrical problems, but I love everything else about it. The size, easy to drive, smooth, and nice interior are all positives.

- John B

It can be hard to find spares.

I love my car. It allows me to be extremely independent and set my own schedule. Where I live it can be hard to find spare parts but the car itself functions pretty well.

- Taco O

This is a solid vehicle. It will last for many years and many miles.

I love my pilot. I like all the features and haven't had to repair much. Minor things like some dash lights need to be replaced but it is 12 years old at this point.

- Brandy R

It's very comfortable. The seats are nice and it's roomy enough

We bought it used. The engine light is on a lot. Sometimes it drives great, sometimes not. It's a super comfortable car though. I love it when it drives well

- karri p

Reliable. Smooth. Sturdy. Strong.

Reliable and roomy has been a great car!! Only regular maintenance has been needed and it has gotten me through many snow storms. I would buy another Honda.

- Robin H

It is dependable with low repair costs as long as you maintain it.

I like the dependability. Out of all my cars this is by far the greatest. I do maintain it with regular maintenance but my repair bills have been minimal.

- Debbie C

My Honda is very reliable and even when 8 seats are all taken it still has space.

Love the amount of room. It's very dependable. Very nice to drive /ride in. Don't like the check engine light coming on and nothing seems to be wrong.

- Jamie F

The vehicle was purchased with 35000 miles and the current mileage is 72000. Great on mpg.

No issues, great on gas. This was purchased certificate preowned at a Honda dealer. I bring it to my local Honda shop for regular maintenance.

- Kraig S

It's a great car is all aspects.

I love my Pilot because it has lasted for currently 12 years. It is roomy and comfortable. The only issue that we have had is peeling paint.

- Katie C

This is an a amazing vehicle.

This is amazing car great performance and have plenty of room. It has 7 passenger seating. And can fit lots of equipment with the seats down.

- Jason L

My car has been reliable.

I like my pilot's reliability. I like that it can seat 8 passengers. I like the fact that it is relatively good on gas. I have no complaints.

- Janice S

It's a great, safe family car that allows us the space to bring friends along on trips.

I like that is very good in snow and weather. It has lots of space for 7 passengers or for cargo. It has good safety ratings. Fairly priced.

- Eleanor T

It is comfortable to drive and has enough foot and head room.

I love the room it has on the inside. I love that it has 3 rows but the 3rd row can be folded. I wish I can hook my phone up to the radio

- Susan L

It is old but I love it. I wouldn't trade it for anything else.

I like the look of it rather than the new model. It is roomy and reliable. Nothing to dislike about it, maybe just the amount of mileage.

- Jacqueline C




It drives well in all seasons.

Love the space. Comfortable to drive and ride in. Gas mileage is okay but not great. Wish it had DVD player for kids in the back.

- Kristina S

Honda cars engine is really good.

No major complaints. One issue is I wish they had speakers in the back for the TV. The car feels a little too congestion inside.

- Luis C

The pilot is very reliable.

The keys snap off often and are pricy. The performance of the car itself is wonderful. The 4WD is the best feature the car has.

- Evans E

It can fit a lot of passengers in the car. Has a ecosystem so it can save some gas.

It has had a few accidents in the past and was able to make full recoveries. The gas isn't bad although I wished it had better.

- Kevin A

Reliable. As long as you do all of the scheduled maintenance, the car will run forever

love the Honda Pilot, been driving it for many years, reliable, 4 wheel drive, fits my entire family comfortable and clean

- Steve M

my Honda is very safe and extremely spacious. it gets great gas mileage and ive never had any problems with it

I love that it has a 3rd seat in the back we often travel with six people and everyone fits comfortable very reliable car

- fran r

Great performance and reliability

Great performance and reliable comfort level is adequate average gas mileage plenty of space inside and very comfortable

- James S

This car runs great if maintained and high mileage isn't an issue.

I enjoy the ability to have third row seating. I enjoy the size of the vehicle. I enjoy the ease of driving the vehicle.

- Ashley M

It is a great long distance car. As you can put seats down and sleep if you need.

Big, low maintenance, reliable. Driven back and forth to Florida every year. Holds two large dogs and all the luggage.

- Brenda G

I feel very safe when driving my family around, and it's very comfortable for long trips

It's very roomy with lots of storage. it handles well on the road. Lots of safety features. Has a nice loud radio

- Cassi T

Durable and dependable over the years

2006 honda pilot. good car, especially in Its prime. just getting older now with a lot of miles (almost 200k)

- Scott W

Has 3rd row seating that folds down, seats 7 people comfortably.

Very dependable and drives good. Spacious, has 3rd row seat that folds down. Smooth ride and good look vehicle.

- Brenda R

Extremely reliable car with very few repairs needed overs the years.

It is very reliable and has been a great vehicle. Space and split 3rd row is nice. A little much on road noise

- lin b

Great for hauling and spacious.

I like the 3rd row seats and the space in this vehicle. It drives smooth. It doesn't have a Bluetooth setting.

- Amber B

Check engine light always comes on.

Like- steers. Dislike- gas mileage. Like- AUX cord. Dislike- no miles per gallon calculation. Dislike- engine.

- Alyssa G

All in one - plenty of room for passengers, gear, etc.

Great car, drives well, few issues. Tire pressure sensors don't work anymore & wish it had an auxiliary port.

- m h

It is reliable and comfortable for up to eight people.

It is easy to drive, It is safe, and it was inexpensive. It has a lot of miles and keeps running perfectly.

- Sam M

It has relatively low gas mileage.

It's big! I love the room. It's a smooth ride. The color is pretty. The gas mileage could be better though.

- Leslie K

It's before the age of iPhones so it only has a CD player and no MP3 player.

I like the air conditioning but I wish my car got better mileage. It is big, spacious and relatively safe.

- Alex K

Very dependable vehicle for a family

I love my pilot. It drives very smoothly. It is very comfortable on long drives. Mechanically it is solid.

- Missi K

It offers versatility and comfort.

It has lots of cargo room. I like how the seats fold flat. The gas mileage is not as good as I expected.

- Janis I

The large size makes me feel secure in the case of an accident.

I love my car, the handling is great and so are the safety features. However, the car is not great on gas.

- Molly F

The Honda pilot is actually built on a truck chassis.

I like the storage capacity. I like the gas mileage. I like the color. I like the style. No complaints.

- Ned H

People should know it is very reliable and great in the snow

I like the shape of my pilot I can see over the front end and the large back window with no blind spots

- janet d

Great car to take on a roadtrip across the country.

Great car, extremely reliable, plenty of space for road trips but not that great at getting out of mud.

- Juan D

It seats 8 people and it's cheap on gas just doesn't have much room

I love my Honda pilot the best vehicle I had ever chosen lots of room for all my kids and it seats 8

- Jess F

It holds a large tank and costs quite a bit to fill it up.

I like the size and space, the gas mileage could be better. I like how fast the ac can cool it down.

- George W

Even though my car is a SUV, it has good gas mileage. .

Dependable. Great gas mileage. Smooth ride. Roomy. Front seats are very comfy. I love the brand!!!!

- Lee G

Dependability is this cars best attribute. Very low service issues.

It is very dependable. I have had very few issues with repairs. It is big enough for my family.

- James M

It's great for a family with kids. Plenty of space for all the car seats and extras

I love the space I have inside. And I like sitting higher than most other cars while driving.

- Jo H

quality for a good price fun to drive and comfortable inside

reliable comfortable and useful is my vehicle it is nice looking and i enjoy driving it

- erna g

It is very reliable and safe to drive, especially when taking grandchildren.

I like the ride and comfort of the car. I am not happy with the rear window visibility.

- Paul C

It can fit eight people! So we can carpool to save money.

I like that it has lots of space. It also has an eco feature. It's in very good shape.

- Tina A

That it is a very comfortable car that can carry transport a large amount of people.

I love my vehicle in how it allows me to comfortably get from one place to another.

- Alejandro C

It still works very well .

It is silver. It is very comfortable to drive. I haven't had many problems with it.

- Sharon P

It's a great car, comfortable,

Love the comfort and size. Would obviously prefer a newer car with lower mileage!

- Deedee J

We love the Honda Pilot. Ours has a Video screen in the back that helps our children avoid motion sickness. The leather seats with seat warmers are a bonus. A couple of plastic parts have fallen apart, but that's about it.

Great family car. It gets great gas mileage, and is very comfortable to ride in.

- Tara w

The most important thing others should know is that it is a smooth drive and not a huge suv

I like the size of the suv. It's not good on gas. Wish there was a bigger trunk.

- Keri E

You can fit people and so much stuff

I love the room in the cab. I love the heated seats. And it is so easy to drive

- Amy J

The interior is strong and holds up 3 car seats in one row. Not much trunk space but managed if seats are down. Engine is strong and last very long

If you have kids and they play sports, there isn't much room with all seAts up.

- Angela Y

My car has been great for me so far. It has over 130,000 miles but it has no large problems except for that the AC has broken twice.

It is a very reliable car and it has stayed in good condition for a long time.

- Ryan Q

It is dependable and has over 200,000 miles on it.

Love the space and gas mileage. Love that it is easy to drive and dependable.

- Brandy C

Gas mileage, easy to see around you, blind spots are a minimum.

Very comfortable, easy to get in and out, good mileage, reliable vehicle

- Jeff W

This car will last years and year with only basic maintenance.

Long lasting, reliable, plenty of storage room. Love being higher up.

- Mary S

It s large enough to carry a sheet of plywood easily

The Honda pilot is comfortable and is able to carry the things I want

- darnyl v

It's mine and it's comfortable it has a roof rack and a hitch

The height the visibility the space the dvd and the ease of driving

- Vonia T

Super reliable. I can always depend on it to just keep going. (270,000 miles on it.)

It's a workhorse, it's been super reliable and a great family car.

- Peggy A

purchased used, got exactly what i wanted. needed all the recalls done, Honda has been good about keeping work done. runs well with good upkeep

easy to drive holds up to 7 people comfortably good gas mileage

- laura g

It's a reliable and dependable car.

It's very reliable, looks good and can seat up to 8 people.

- David R

It is very reliable transportation for my family of 3.

Drives like a car. Very reliable. Can fit the whole family.

- Andrea H

You cannot turn off the 4wd so the gas mileage is pretty low

It's comfortable and spacious and safe but it guzzles gas

- Kate M

It's not very fragile unlike any other cars today.

None to complain but it'll be nice to have some upgrades.

- Junior C

My Pilot has over 230k miles and it's still running great. Getting me to where I need to be and I would buy another one

Honda is a great company and I will not buy anything else

- Maria C

Mechanically durable and requires few major repairs

Like interior size and leg room but dislike fuel mileage

- Tonia K

It has lasted a very long time, for I have owned it for over twelve years, and during that time very little maintenance has been required

Reliability is excellent Low maintenance cost Durability

- Caryl C

It keeps going where I need

It gets me where I need to go. It's roomy. Good on gas.

- Dena C

Amazing midsize family suv. Fuel efficient and fast.

It is an amazing car also fuel efficient, wide, fast

- Ryan W

I've never had serious maintenance issues or repair. Car drives well and leather quality in interior still looks like brand new, no fading or wear.

Inexpensive, relatively, to maintain over 10+ years

- Kelly M

It is really good for travel

Style Nice big/wide windshield Comfortable

- Amy J