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It is a great all around vehicle that offers amazing comfort, power, and style.

My pilot drives amazing. It is a smooth ride and very comfortable. I love how spacious the vehicle is. We have third row seating so we can bring friends along with us or lay down the seats for ample loading space. Our vehicle is older so it has over 200, 000 miles on it. With the miles comes some issues. I am currently facing a head gasket issue. Surprisingly the vehicle still drives smooth (though I do not take it long distance anymore). We used a head gasket sealer and it seemed to fix the problems we were having (coolant leaking, engine overheating). I have other vehicles, but my pilot still offers the most comfortable ride. It has 4 wheel drive, which I use frequently in the winter. The pilot has a great heat/ac system that reaches the entire vehicle. The sound system is awesome, even being 11 years old. One of the most random features the car has that I love is the amount of cup holders throughout. There are cup holders in all of the doors except the driver's and in the third row section on both sides. There's also outlets to plug in chargers throughout the vehicle. You can tell that vehicle was made for comfort and convenience. The only new car I desire is a newer model of the pilot. I love this SUV!

- Brittany H

Perfect Family SUV for All Occasions

This has been a very reliable car. It had 70,000 miles when I bought it. It now has 260,000 miles. I've had to keep up routine maintenance and had to replace a few sensors. Other than that, I have had no problems with this car. This car has a built in Navigator and back up camera on the navigator screen. I live both these features. I especially love being able to see what is behind me on the screen inside my car while I am backing up. I also being able to see a map of where I am while I am driving. This car has a 3rd row and that was great when I was carpooling mom. My kids are out of the house now. This car seats 7 very comfortably. The rear air is also very nice for those passengers in the 2nd and 3rd rows. Leather seats make for easy clean up. And the sunroof is great for fall and spring days!

- Virginia P

Good overall performance and capability, falls short on small details.

The wheel is heavy and more difficult to turn than most other cars I have driven. The buttons on the console have very little shape/texture variation, so it is very hard to be able to push the correct button without taking your eyes off the road. This car can hold a surprisingly large amount of people or luggage which is very nice especially for a car that is not really huge. I wish it had more/better air vents for the back seats. It takes a long time for the back of the car to be able to warm up or cool down.

- Mackenzie R

I love my 2007 Honda pilot.

I bought my car used 3 yrs. ago and it only had 1 previous owner. Original owner only had wear and tear maintenance done. I am currently at the stage where more repairs are needed i.e.: alternator, belts and fans. The performance and reliability is great. The driver and front passenger seats are heated. It has satellite radio, 6 disc CD player. Does not have AUX connection, you need an adapter. Has side airbags all around. The heat and a/c does not reach 3rd row seats to well. Great gas mileage.

- Tanya A

Love the pilot, but it has some flaws.

Vehicle does well with preserving gas. I can drive long distances without needing to refuel. I feel safe when I drive my vehicle. It is very spacious. Can seat up to 7 passengers. Can put both middle and back seats down to store big objects that need to be moved (for example, moving into a new home). Middle seats slightly recline, which is a great feature. I can use cruise control through the steering wheel. Would be nice if it had an AUX plug. Would be nice if it had a sunroof.

- Jess T

For the size of the Honda it actually does very well on gas mileage.

My vehicle fits 8 comfortably. We have two teenage boys, one twelve year old girl, an a nine year old boy. They usually have friends and we have two shih tzus that are usually with us. It heats and cools very well in the back with the dual control. It has about 130,000 miles on it and is still going strong with no issues. I'm 5'3 and my husband is 6'0 and we both drive it with great visibility. We plan on buying a newer one in the next two years.

- Rebecca S

Honda pilot has leg room for giants.

The Honda pilot has been dependable. We bought it used and have only had to make normal wear and tear repairs. It rides well and has lots of legroom. My 6'4" son can rise in both the front and back seats with plenty of room. The 3rd row pop up seat is only big enough for smaller children. It has rear controls for the heat/air conditioner. My children love his feature. They also like the drop down center console that has cup holders for the back seat.

- Paula M

Honda Pilot 2007 great family car!

Very roomie, rides like a large SUV, but still small enough to get in small parking spaces. I like that it's high off the ground and that I can see over the hood. It has adjustable seats which helps because I'm short. The only thing I don't like about my particular car is the back windows tinted too dark. There's lots of storage all throughout the car for different things and the third row adjustable seating comes in very handy.


Honda pilot perfect for carrying a team.

My children are/were athletes, and this car carries a team. Its safe, gets decent mileage on road trips, and has room for family trips, too. With an added carrier I have moved kids to college, played tennis/soccer/basketball tourneys all over the southeast, loaded up five teenagers and supplies for a trip to the mountains, and slept in a parking lot for a concert. When I downsize, it will be to a CR-V.

- Amy C

SUVs require more maintenance because of their weight.

Honda pilots are really great for people with active families. My family has a newer car but I love driving my Honda pilot more than newer cars because it was made so well. I have only had to get a filter replaced on the car and that is it. Regular maintenance is all it needs and I have never experienced any serious problems with it. Once the car gets older, i'll be purchasing another Honda pilot.

- Rachel P

Not too exciting, but comfortable and spacious.

The vehicle does not have very many exciting features. However, it is comfortable, and the driver's and front passenger's seats are heated. The driver's seat can be heated so that the seat and the back both get hot, but the back does not get hot on the passenger's side, only the seat. I love how spacious the vehicle is. The gas tank holds a lot.

- Natalie L

Honda pilot has numerous things to offer!

I like my Honda pilot. It comes with a third seat for extra people. The third seat also lays down so I can easily haul things that wouldn't fit into a regular size car. My pilot has a sunroof that lets me open to feel the warmth of the sunshine on nice days. All of the windows are large so I don't have to worry about having any blind spots.

- Kelly P

It is safe and easy to drive and the perfect size!

There has been recall after recall on airbags andparts. The car has had constant maintenance since I purchased it. I am beginning to feel as though it is a lemon. It is only getting about 9 miles to the gallon, most of the time, when it should?ve been 17-18. But I do love the sunroof, leather seating, open interior and the spaciousness.

- Jessie D

This car is perfect for singles and families of all sizes.

I love my car. I have owned this car since 2007 and it is absolutely perfect. It has an entertainment system for the kids, great speakers too. The operation of this vehicle is smooth. Gas does not drain too quick. 4 wheel drive. Good for short and long distance drives. It's also got a third row of seats and big trunk. It's wonderful.

- Brenda L

2007 Honda pilot: black, grey interior seats.

Very comfortable, not the best if you want a lot of space because back seats are kind of small and in the heat it's not the best but the air conditioning is good. The car also travels well for long hours and is reliable. It's a good family car but not more than 6-7 people just for comfort purposes. It is easy to clean as well.

- Merling V

The Honda pilot is a great car.

It is over all a great car we have used it to take our kids back and forth and it is extremely roomy. The seats can all be adjusted and folded down when need be. It is very good when it rains and can drive well in the snow. Sometimes you need to start the engine before you drive when it gets cold so the brakes are warmed up.

- Kim B

Honda pilot-spacious and reliable family vehicle.

The car gets great gas mileage and rides very smoothly. It has a very spacious 3rd row that can fit two people. It is very reliable as long as it is maintained. The trunk is incredibly large compared to other SUVs. I just wish the 2nd row would fold down completely so that I could take advantage of extra room if I need it.

- Diana D

Honda pilot-great family vehicle.

I love the roomy feel of the car. The trunk is very large and you can fold the middle seats down if you want to fit more in the trunk. There is third row seating that can fit two people easily. It gets great gas mileage and handles well on the road. With great maintenance, the Honda pilot will last a long time!

- Dana L

The seats are great and have held their shape unlike Lexus which I do not like.

It is very reliable, but the leg room is too short for me. I love the heated seats since I have back problems. The only problem at the moment is the Cadillac converter and some of the fuses have shorted out, but it is over 100k, so it is expected, other than that I do not really have too many problems with it.

- Karen F

My review of my personal vehicle.

I have not had any problems with my Honda pilot. I love my SUV and will continue to use it as long as I can. It is comfortable to drive, ; the air conditioner works really well; gas mileage is ok and the size is perfect. I have hardly had any repair work done on it and none of the work was a major repair.

- Sadie C

My vehicle gets great gas mileage and its 11 years old!

I purchased my vehicle with 128,000 miles on it. There was only one previous owner. My two favorite features are the trunk space (for camping equipment) and how well the AC unit works. Currently I have close to 200,000 miles in it and it runs like new. My next vehicle purchase will be a new Honda Pilot.

- Jon R

Heated seats woo hop. Everyone should experience it.

I have had no problems with my car. I bought it in may and so far it has been very reliable. I am unsure as to how it handles in the winter. The heated seats option is a new feature for me and the comfort level is on the higher part of the scale. It is very roomy and has lots of compartment space.

- Andrea K

Perfect soccer mom vehicle!

My children are athletes, and this car carries a team. It is safe and reliable, and I do not hesitate to load up multiple kids and hit the road for games and tournaments. It also works well for daily use as a farm/recreation vehicle, and I have moved two kids to college with it, pulling a trailer.

- Amy C

Great family car that is good for a quick trip or long road trip.

This car has 3 rows and is great for a family of five or more. We are a family of 5 and we still have enough room for storage in back for vacations. It is great for long trips, it has the DVD player to entertain the kids on the longer trips. The sets are very comfortable as well. Love Honda cars.

- Natalie B

DVD player, power window, sunroof, leather seats and a third back seat.

Is comfortable, reliable and I love the fact that has a DVD player for my kid. I think that is my best investment I ever made and I am happy with my Honda pilot. I will buy another one in the future. I recommend it to anyone who want a car that has a big family and it has third back row seat.

- Patricia S

Vehicle is very dependable and reliable and I am very satisfied with it.

I've had this vehicle for two years and the only issue I've had is the starter which was easy fix, no other problems nor issues just yet, I get my oil changed when I am suppose to, I may not get the entire tune up completed due to finances but up keep on oil and tires I make sure to complete.

- Cynthia R

Bulletproof Japanese Imports

11 years and over 120,000 miles and still running strong. Though the sports aspect of SUV is almost nil, it's like a minivan shaped as an SUV, the car has proved to get me out of bonds, such as inclement weather. The large head space and interior leaves plenty of room for people or groceries.

- Joseph Y

Very reliable and extremely comfortable for long trips. Dependable.

Performance and reliability are awesome. It is great for large families like mine with 4 kids!! Lots of room. Very comfortable. Has heated front seats and rear temperature controls for the back passengers to adjust for themselves. Haven't had any issues with it in 2 years and bought it used.

- Jen P

Satisfied with my Honda pilot.

Has been a very good, reliable vehicle. Never had any mechanical problems and gets good gas mileage. Has optional third row which is great for extra trunk space. No complaints. Very satisfied and would not change my decision if given an option to go back and choose a different vehicle.

- Candace H

For a great vehicle buy this.

Very reliable vehicle. Normal maintenance was performed and have not had any really bad problems. Would by another one gladly. I would recommend the Honda pilot to anyone as it is a dependable and affordable vehicle. Bought one for my son and feel great about him driving it to school.

- Scott T

The look of the body of the vehicle spells power.

It is a monster and I love it. It is eye catching, comfortable, spacy. Has enough cup holders other features that are nice. Easy to maneuver, handle. The ride is smooth and is particularly a nice looking vehicle. I like the sunroof due to the cover keeps the light unlike some others.

- Cherie I

Honda pilot - reliable vehicle.

The pilot is very reliable. I do general maintenance and have not had major issues. It has over 200, 000 miles on it and runs well. I would probably purchase another model after this one dies. I was told that the pilot could get up to 500, 000 miles if regular maintenance was taken.

- Beth D

Love it. No complaints about it. High and stable enough especially in the snow.

Never had and issue with it. Very comfortable and good in gas. Love the GPS screen and able to add my satellite radio. No Bluetooth to radio. A lot of space in the second seat but no the third one. Can fit 8 people easily and the ac filter needs to be changed regularly.

- Rosanna P

The Honda pilot is great for big families, and those who want AWD, and 4wd.

I have had my pilot since 2008. It has over 180k miles on it, and it has never had huge mechanical issues like engine or transmission. I have had to replace the alternator and power steering, and of course routine tires, brakes, and rotors. It is an amazing family car!

- Tiffany P

The pilot is reliable and comfortable.

I live in the Cleveland area and we get a ton of snow. The pilot has been great! Handles very well and I love the AWD. The third row is awesome when traveling with friends or just to use as extra space. Every row is very spacious. You never feel cramped in the pilot.

- Brittany S

Long last and reliable: Buy this car

I really think that the Pilot is a versatile vehicle for families or for the traveler. While this model does not have many gadgets like heated seats, or even leather seats for that matter, it has always been a reliable car and I hope it will be for years to come.

- Laur s

It is a medium sized vehicle that is the perfect size to take safe, short trips in.

It is the perfect size for my need and is a good car to drive for errands and such. The only complaint I have is that the back of the front left seat alway pops off. It's not a big deal but I have talked to other people with the same car that it happens to also.

- David H

Excellent handling in snow.

Honda cars are excellent vehicles. Very little service other than routine. Drives well in inclement weather. Smooth ride. Seat 8 passengers. Very comfortable seating. Very large trunk area. Excellent for long trips. Honda makes cars to run a long time.

- Connie L

I have put it through a lot and it has gotten me through a lot

My vehicle is reliable and can take a beating. I have had it for 8 years now and bought it used. One thing I dislike is that it the features on it are starting to go out so when lights appear on the dash, I don't know if I should trust them or not.

- Camille S

The fact that it is sturdy and resilient and will not have many problems so long as you conduct reasonable maintenance.

My Honda Pilot has been reliable and sturdy for over a decade, with great gas mileage and almost no breakdowns that I can remember. It has only required regular maintenance and has served me very well. I can't think of anything I dislike about it.

- Timothy B

That is a safe, dependable car, for growing families.

I love that the car has 3rd row seating and is nice and roomy. The car is safe, dependable, and built to last. It has great resale value. I dislike that it doesn't have a sunroof. I also wish it had some of the technology that the newer cars have.

- Sara M

This vehicle can handle a variety of situations.

It's big and spacious. It pretty great on gas for its size, and it needs minimal maintenance. It's a very nice family car with a large trunk space and extra seating if needed. It can be used for light towing. It can definitely take a little abuse.

- Yelena K

Its reliable, gets decent fuel economy, and it is comfortable

The vehicle is roomy, enough to fit a normal size family. Fuel economy is decent it gets about 25 mph hwy. The engine is a 3.5 v6 which is a great engine only downfall it seems to take off slowly. Other than that it's reliable and comfortable.

- Blake S

The Honda Pilot will last you for a pretty long time. It's a smart purchase.

The Honda Pilot is a comfortable vehicle. Personally, I would prefer to drive a smaller car, but the size and drive of a Pilot is Still comfortable for me. It has Sirius XM capabilities, but the sound system does not have a very high volume.

- Karen L

It drives very smoothly and is comfortable. Be wary of how long the paint holds though.

The Honda Pilot is a very comfortable car. It seats 8, although only 7 comfortable, the 3rd row is tight. My paint is peeling on the roof, which doesn't look nice. It's been a reliable car, however my AC for the rear seats no longer works.

- Amy B

Last long, great for traveling, and sits 8 passengers.

Although my Honda pilot does not have 4x4 but still eats up a lot of gas. It is really good for traveling and does well last long. Brake is now a bit wearing off since now I am over 200, 000 mileage and need to replace or fix a few changes.

- Sheng L

It's reliable and fun to drive.

The Pilot has been very reliable and fun to have. I wish it had a pull over cover for the cargo area in the back. Also, the center tail-light on the top of the rear window, the paint is fading much faster than the rest of the vehicle.

- Randy B

Love our Honda Pilot and it's 3rd Row Seat

Love our Honda Pilot! It's a fabulous family car that fits our family and more. It's extremely reliable, has an amazing AC system, and is comfortable on long trips. I wish the back seat was able to move, but other than that I love it!

- Amber F

It has been very reliable.

Bought used with low mileage. It has been very reliable on both long and short trips. I maintain it regularly including oil changes, air filters, etc. I find it very comfortable and roomy enough to do everything I need it to do.

- Kathy D

Family Friendly, Spacious, Safe Ride

I love my Honda Pilot. It has plenty of room for all 3 of my children. I like that it has an optional 3rd row. Our Pilot has a DVD system which is really great for our youngest. It makes it comfortable for us to make long trips.

- Fariba R

That it works with me and five kids and my girlfriend.

The pilot is roomy enough for the five children in my home, as well as powerful enough to reach highway speeds quickly, stops, and turns, on a dime, and its a Honda, so you know it'll last a lifetime, if taken care of properly.

- Jared B

Honda's are reliable. But unlike Civics and Preludes, Pilots aren't stolen nearly as often.

I like that it's reliable. I can fit most things in it, and it doubles as a truck. It's comfortable to drive. I dislike that the back hatch isn't split, meaning that the back window doesn't open separately from the main hatch.

- T S

It's extremely dependable and will get you and others wherever you need to go.

I like the utility of the vehicle. The wheelbase is small enough to maneuver around in tight parking spaces in the pacific northwest. I do not like the city fuel economy of only 16 mpg - especially when gas is 3 $ a gallon.


They should know how great it feels to drive it and how reliable it is

The car is very nice for taking my kids around. I've had no major problems yet, but it's starting to get up there in age. I've had some issues with the air conditioner. But other than that very comfortable and very useable

- Eric F

It has been very reliable and never broken down in the years that I have owned it.

I like having a SUV to travel in the winter time. I feel safer in this type of vehicle. I like the style and the interior of a Pilot, with the GPS and the seat warmers. Only complaint has been some issues with the AC.

- Alyson G

It is fairly compact for an SUV but still has the 7 seats.

I enjoy the fact that it has 7 seats for all of my children. It has built in navigation which is great. I wish it had a little bit more cargo space in the back but the fact that the seats all fold flat it pretty nice.

- Tyler B

My car is very spacious with three rows of seating.

My car is very reliable. It is about 10 years old but I have only had it for about 2 years now. I have yet to have any serious problems with it. I really like my car. It is not a luxury car but it gets the job done.

- Nik P

It is a reliable and comfortable vehicle and I enjoy owning it.

Other than a few minor electrical issues, it has been a very good vehicle. We have had the cables on the automatic windows break, but it was easily fixed. It gets good mileage. I plan to keep it as long as possible.

- Christina C

Best for parents with small family. Also good for families who like to travel.

Very good SUV for families. I have a toddler and a newborn and it is the perfect size. Not too big not too small. Good size trunk space for grocery shopping. You are able to put all the seats down for more storage.

- Tiffany B

It is very reliable and safe.

I love that it seats 8 passengers. I hate the center counsel because it is difficult to clean. I do not like that it is difficult to get to the third row of seats. I love the cargo room. I love the reliability.

- Christie R

Dependable. Comfortable and can hold several people.

The pilot has been a dependable car. Very comfortable. I had to replace radio which meant the steering wheel control no longer works. I love that I can put seat down in middle to be able to carry large items.

- Jackie H

Honda Pilots are extremely dependable cars that will last a long time if you maintain them properly.

I love this vehicle. It is extremely dependable and easy to maintain. It is spacious with having the foldable third row. I wish it was slightly longer so there was more trunk space when the third row was up.

- Nick M

It drives and handles very well, and seems to be very safe.

I love the space in my car. My kids love the dvd drop down player in the back seat. I also love the way the car drives and feels. One last thing i love is the size of my car, later models are much bigger.

- Kaite M

My vehicle is going to last many years and it's already 11 years old.

My Honda Pilot has been extremely reliable. It has only need routine maintenance and has been a great vehicle. The only negative thing I can think of is that it is slightly loud in the cabin when driving.

- Stephanie P

It's very safe and has 4 wheel drive.

Love e it cause it has lots of room for people and for stuff if you need to transport items drivability is wonderful and visibility is great too has many functions including Sirius radio and heated seats.

- Debbie S

Makes a perfect family car

I really love this vehicle. Its large enough for my family and anything I need to haul but it drives like a much smaller car. It's easy to handle and rarely needs anything beyond regular maintenance.

- Ashton E

You won't regret buying the Honda pilot. Best vehicle I have purchased to date.

This pilot is awesome. Has tough GPS screen you can control the stereo from the screen if you'd like. Has a sunroof' total seating. For 8 passengers including driver. Front to seats can be heated.

- Maria M

Reliability is the best. We've had very few problems with it and nothing that was major.

It's been very nice and very reliable. It's got over 200,000 miles on it and it's still going great. Maybe the only complaint is that it's hard to clean between the front seats and the console.

- Suzanne F

It works for me and it is totally paid for. I feel safe in it because it is of good size.

I like it because it handles well in snow and there is plenty of space in the first two rows. I dislike that there is no leg room in the very back and I also dislike the gas mileage that I get.

- Tanya F

This car is extremely reliable if you take care of it.

I like the size and the way that it drives like a car. It's been really reliable. Since we bought it used and it's an older vehicle it doesn't have the newer tech which would be nice.

- Louis R

It will last a long time if well taken care of.

I like that it is an SUV and has plenty of space. I like that it is comfortable. I dislike that it does not have good mpg. I dislike it is pretty loud and wind blown on the highway.

- Alyssa R

It's very reliable and perfect for a big family

It's so spacious and it has a backup camera with a built in navigation. I dislike that you have to have the car on to keep charging. I dislike that there's no aux with the stereo.

- Marlene R

Very dependable and has been so for many years.

I like the seating available for all 5 kids. I dislike the small amount of cargo space available if the 3rd row is occupied and wish all rear seats had latch for infant car seats.

- Ginger M

The space is amazing with trunk space and enough for 8 people

We have some engine problems currently and vtec problems but besides that it has been a very reliable vehicle ... it also has lots of space for me and 2 car seats and my husband

- Cassandra B

It is a reliable make and model and has lasted long time without too many major issues.

I like that is a reliable vehicle and that it can seat more people. I do not like that it lacks space at the back when the 3rd seat is up. I also wish it was more gas friendly.

- Yen M

It is reliable, I like how it drives. Also enjoy the spacious seating area

I love the space the pilot has. It also has a folding back seat for transporting large things and getting my children back and forth to college. also hold 8 people if needed

- Robyn T

Easy and safe vehicle to drive but it really eats a lot

Reliable and easy to drive this suv. The problem is that the gas miles you get is really bad and probably won't get another pilot. Otherwise it's a nice and safe car to drive.

- Dean F

My old Honda Pilot-ready for a new one

The car has been great, but it is super old, so problems are starting and it is rusting. We have never had to do any major repairs until recently which is pretty good!

- Linda B

The two back rows lay down. Works great for moving!

Best car I've ever had. Extremely reliable, fairs well in all weather, great for moving! Also, it doesn't have many blind spots in the car. Therefore, it's a safe car.

- Meredith B

It is sturdy and dependable. I call it my tank.

I love the size, 3rd row, leather seats, durability, and large size. I wish the placement of rear air vents was better, as people in the 3rd row do not get enough air.

- Jennifer M

It's made for a family. If you have multiple members in your family It's a great vacation car.

I like the amount of space it has. Plenty of room for my family and all of the stuff we need to take with us. It's very comfy but still easy to control while driving.

- Nicole l

It's a great car all around. Inside and out. Perfect size and style. Perfect for me and my family. Great for mountain driving. Great for hauling things in the back. I just feel really safe to drive this car and have my family in.

I love my Honda Pilot. It has plenty of seating for my family. And it has room to put my groceries or other things to transport. The perfect size. Not one dislike.

- Dana S

Functional and comfortable. Super convenient for families.

This car is the perfect size for our family of five! It's comfortable and it is functional. I love the third row option and that I have a lot of space when it's down.

- Jenny A

The most important thing about my Honda Pilot is its reliability.

I love the space it gives me and my family. I like that it is a reliable brand. I do wish there was more storage space in the back when the third row seats are up.

- Tara L

One thing is that it does not have very strong braking so you need to be careful.

Very good for moving things. It is very easy to drive and handle on the road even though it is large. My only complaint is the gas mileage should be a little better.

- Brandon R

It's very reliable. Honda's in general are reliable cars, I feel like I can put another 100k miles on it and it will be still ok to drive

I bought the pilot used and it has 100k miles and it runs like new! Very reliable and spacious. It has a 6 cd changer and with 2 screen TVs in the back for the kids

- Andrea C

You'll Love Being in the Pilot's Seat

I like the vehicles third row seating. I also like the leather interior and heated seats. The SUV also has great power and has required very little maintenance.

- Sherry G

Reliable, spacious and worth buying used.

We bought it used and it's a pretty old model so I don't like that it doesn't have any of the latest technology. That being said, it is reliable and comfortable.

- Kathryn R

It does not waste to much gas and that is a plus.

So far, it is reliable. Very comfortable, especially during long trips, having a DVD really helps keep the kids occupied and quiet. Spacious for my large family.

- Mary N

I have had very few repairs needed, just regular maintenance.

I love my Honda pilot. This is my fifth Honda and I will only ever buy them. I would recommend a pilot for any family especially those that are sports families.

- Kelly Q

It is very durable, you can pile the miles on this one.

This is a great vehicle for long distance trips, plenty of seating room, plenty of storage space and lots of power, plus 4 wheel drive. No complaints.

- Carl H

It has great safety features and visibility. Because of this, the Honda Pilot is a great family car.

I love the visibility- I can see all around me. There are 8 possible seats so I can carry a lot of kids if needed. I love the gas mileage for an SUV.

- Mary M

It a very reliable with proper maintenance.

It has a generously sized interior with comfortable seats. It gets moderately good gas mileage. I wish it had an a way to play music from my phone.

- Pamela C

It is a good car for a good size family. And it fits 8 people in the car.

I like how big the car can fit 8 people. I love that the car is blue. . I do not like how old it is and I wish I had the money to get a new car.

- Katherine F

My car is a mid size SUV that is very comfortable and easy to drive.

My vehicle performs great, good gas mileage, plenty of room, basic features but that is all I want, and is very easy and comfortable to drive.

- Leanne M

It's a great "mom" car that isn't a minivan.

It's a great traveling vehicle and a great "mom" car. Easy to load and unload. I like the ease of getting in and out of this vehicle as well.

- Lisa L

It's a relatively maintenance-free vehicle, although you will still need to keep an eye on fluid levels.

I like the look, although the body style is a little dated. It rides very comfortably. Gas mileage is not great, but it could be a lot worse.

- Jason S

Honda pilot-great family vehicle.

The trunk is very roomy and there is a 3rd row option that can easily fit two people comfortably. It is a smooth ride and great gas mileage.

- Dana D

Extremely reliable! Handles very well and is spacious!

Very comfortable. Spacious. It's a heavy vehicle so brakes wear out faster than some other vehicles. Very reliable. Never had major issues.

- Hannah M

It has a lot of room and it's four wheel drive is very powerful

It's pretty nice overall. It's very spacious and powerful; it has great four wheel drive, but it's getting a bit old and it has bad mileage.

- Khyber S

It's a great car for those who like to bring a lot of people or for people who like to tow things.

I like the that I can tow things. I like that I can put a lot of things in it. I like the third row seating. I don't like the gas mileage.

- steve b

My car is very safe and the maintenance is extremely inexpensive. I have not spent a lot of money on my car, even though it is 11 years old.

My car feels very safe and roomy. Love the open design and the feeling that there are hardly any blind spots. Love the 3rd row seating!

- Andrea S

It saves me a lot of money.

I like that the vehicle is dependable. The features are good. The age of the vehicle is not good, I would like to drive a newer vehicle.

- Shane B

Honda Pilot great for a family

Our vehicle has been very reliable except for the air conditioner system broke after 8 years. I would definitely recommend it overall.

- George J

It's a very reliable vehicle and really good on gas

I have had it for about five months now and have had absolutely NO issues with it. It runs AMAZING and I have no complaints whatsoever

- Brittany M

It's the best family car with plenty of room and features.

I love the third row seat. It looks stylish and the vtec engine is fantastic. The only thing I would change is the poor gas mileage.

- LG G

It is a great car for carpooling grandchildren!.

There is nothing I dislike about my vehicle. Great to travel in. Very very dependable. I do not dislike anything about my vehicle.

- Elizabeth A

It is very reliable and I believe it to be very safe.

Very comfortable ride. Spacious for a third row vehicle. Okay but could use more cargo room. Would like rear temperature controls.

- Brent H

plenty of room for a large family

It's a great vehicle for a large family. It has 3 rows of seats and plenty of storage space. It does get bad gas mileage though.

- Chris P

Perfectly Pleasant Pilot!

Gas mileage isn't great. Very reliable car for myself and two dogs. No major maintenance issues in the time I've owned the car.

- Laura S

Even though the back seat AC is broken right now the front AC works pretty good.

I like the leather seats. I like the 3rd row seats. We have a DVD player in it. We just spent a lot of money fixing up the car.

- Megan S

The car is owned by me not the bank.

I like the 3 rows of seats. Towing capabilities is also something that I really like about the car. I dislike the gas mileage.

- Steve B

I love that my car is very spacious and roomy. It allows me to have fit five individuals comfortably. The only small complaint I have is that my car wastes a lot of gas.

The most important thing that others should know about my car is that it's reliable and I would recommend it for new drivers.

- Gen B

The best suv on the market

I love all the room in the car. I love how the Honda Pilot is heavy duty and dependable. It's big enough for the whole family

- Carmen H

Great car that has lasted multiple years

Really enjoy the car. It has been very reliable and for the most part only needed general maintenance. Good family vehicle

- Steve E

That it has great gas mileage and gets me from point a to b

I like it's room to grow and has great storage sometimes the electrical meters causes problems but has great gas mileage

- Ashley O

Just love having the extra space for camping trips.

I love the smooth ride the extra room it provides. Great for trips. Cost of maintenance is low. Decent miles per gallon.

- Kathy S

It drives well and is very dependable. It is great for long trips!

I love that it is reliable. It has everything I need. It is starting to get old though. I would like to get a newer one.

- Amy W

It is very reliable and and low in maintenance costs.

I love my vehicle. It is very reliable. It has lots of miles and still has many more to go. My family loves it as well.

- Lizbeth G

I love how much room we have. I have 5 boys and needed something big. Plus it's pretty. I didn't want a minivan. The best party had been very little maintenance.

It is fast efficient and very spacious. We have had to put very little money into repairs and it is over 10 years old.

- Kelly P

Driving a Honda Pilot makes the driving experience so much fun-I highly recommend it!

I like the moonroof. It has 4 wheel drive. I like the leather seats and how it drives. I like everything about it!

- Kimberly C

Great Car for busy sports family

Very comfortable. It is 11 years old so I would say very reliable. I would definitely recommend this car to everyone

- Kathy M

The 2007 Honda Pilot is the perfect family car, comfortable seats fit 8 people.

I love my 2007 Honda Pilot!! It is the most reliable vehicle I've owned. The seats are also extremely comfortable.

- Ashley H

It can achieve high miles and still run very well

I love our Honda Pilot. We seats a lot of people, we've never had any major mechanical issues with it. No dislikes

- Shan H

All around a great vehicle

Amazing vehicle... It's the second one I have owned. Fit's 8 people which is great because I have a big family.

- Andrew W

You'll feel really safe when you drive this car.

Size of vehicle, is just right. Love having the third row. Has great power for a 4 cylinder, and it is a Honda.

- Ricky T

It's great in the winter. Gets great traction in the snow.

I love that I can load cargo, move furniture or transport eight passengers. It was a great car for carpooling.

- Sara P

it is comfortable and great for traveling

I love that it seats 8 people. I love the it has great gas mileage. I love that it sits higher that a sedan.

- Lisa F

an interesting detail is that it has a lot of room for passengers

this is a super reliable car that my family has had for over 10 years! gets good gas mileage and is reliable

- Audra B

It is very reliable & the gas mileage is not too great but guesses all SUV gas mileage is not that great

* Not too many problems. very reliable, average gas mileage, the ride is not too comfortable, but it's ok.

- brian N

Great family car, I use it for road trips as well and it's wonderful

It is approaching 200k miles so it has some problems and burns through oil quickly but it is very reliable

- Abigail L

It is awesome and it has a lot of room inside for travelling shopping.

SUV, fits my family of 5, good in the snow, I wish it had more room in the back when the third seat is up.

- Camille N

Comfortable, reliable, family friendly, rides like a car

So roomy and easy to drive. Love third row seating. Feels like you are driving a car instead of an suv.

- Erin G

Good family car. Comfort first.

Comfortable and reliable. Enough room for travel with 3 kids. Decent gas mileage. Good view when driving.

- Destanie M

It has been reliable. I have not had many problems with it.

It is very roomy, rugged and has been reliable. There's not much I dislike, except maybe the body style.

- Donna M

It is good on gas, no problems since I have purchased the car.

It's got a third row seat and DVD player. It's paid off too. Drinks too much gas though so dislike that.

- Hana H

It is very reliable and great gas mileage.

Like the car but would like a newer model. When shopping found newer model too expensive for my budget.

- Theresa D

It is reliable and works well in most incline to weather.

My vehicle is very reliable and handles good in all different weather the four wheel drive works good.

- Lisa R

Eleven years strong.......

Vsa sensor has kicked the bucket. No 4 wheel drive, no anti lock brakes, no vehicle stability assist.

- Naomi H

Great buy. Reliable vehicle.

It is lasted a long time. A great family vehicle. Low maintenance. Lots of miles. Would buy it again.

- Liz G

It is a fantastic vehicle and is definitely low maintenance.

I mostly love my Pilot. It's spacious and reliable. I wish it got better gas mileage though.

- Christie B

It is a great vehicle for personal and family use.

I like that it is an SUV. It gets good gas mileage. It rides comfortably. No complaints.

- Charice M

People need to know that a Honda pilot is very room. Great for family vehicle.

I really like how it drives smooth. Hondas are really good on gas mileage. No complaints.

- Britteny B

Dependable, reliable, economic, roomy, and great seating and sound

It's great. Spacious and fuel economic. I only dislike the lack of auxiliary cable

- Allan F

It has vast amount of cargo space and doesn't use a whole lot of gas

It handles well, and is all around great vehicle for transporting people and goods.

- Matt G

It seats 8, but not comfortably and car seats are difficult.

The cargo/trunk space is much too small. Car seat install is difficult in 3rd row.

- Becca S

It has proven to be reliable and durable transportation.

The car has been excellent for our needs. It is roomy, but reasonably economical.

- Henry P

It is nicely sized for hauling and moving things around. It's been decently reliable as well. It is not fuel efficient and its size is a problem in a more urban environment

I can transport up to 7 people comfortably or I can haul bigger objects.

- kirk r

has nice features and is comfortable and spacious!

roomy, comfortable ride, enough space to carry lots of sports equipment

- Rhonda L

It is a great family car with plenty of seating. It has pretty good gas mileage for a SUV.

Has always run great. It has 3rd row seating. Honda is a brand I trust.

- Jaime L

I like my Pilot. It has leather interior that has held up well with two dogs and a child. I do feel like the inside could be roomier. The interior lights in the front of the vehicle, both the roof lights and the sun visor lights shorted out, I feel like that could be improved.

It has been a good, safe vehicle! I have never not felt safe in it.

- Jen H

It's perfect for travel. Everything fits nicely and everyone has plenty of space.

It's perfect for our life.I have no complaints about this vehicle.

- Courtney M

safety and control easy to handle in all types of weather

Size space for everything and anything can carry 8 people no issue

- Stuart H

That it's good on gas and has enough room for a large family

I like thats its good on gas and it has a lot of seating/room

- chrisann C

it's reliable and trustworthy I can haul a lot in it

No complaints at all, I love the vehicle, love the capacity

- Nel G

It is over ten years old and I have had to make only one major repair.

Very roomy. Very reliable. Good gas mileage. No complaints.

- jeff n

Very dependable, very safe, very good on gas mileage

Very Dependable, very safe, very nice, very good, third row

- Jeannette Z

It's a fine vehicle, spacious, and sits up high so things are more visible than in a sedan. It drives and rides smoothly.

Safe, comfortable ride that is spacious and carries a lot.

- Kelly L

Good transmission is the most important thing about the car

Bad gas mileage. Other than that not complaints. Nice car

- Lynn N

The Honda Pilot is an efficient vehicle with a lot of space for transporting people or goods. It rides smooth and gets a fair amount of gas per mile. I have no complaints as I may purchase a newer model in the near future.

It offers a smooth ride and with a great deal of space

- Matt B