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My honest review of the 2008 Honda pilot ex-l.

My Honda pilot is a great car if you have children or have to haul around a few people. It has had some issues in the past but for the most part is a decent car. As soon as we bought it (from a used car lot) the battery went bad and an o2 sensor. It has recently started making a new noise that I am not sure of, too. It is burgundy in color. A 2008 Honda pilot ex-l. The heated seats could be better as well. They get warm for about 5 minutes and then cool off again. I love the large gas tank on it and how roomy it is. I wish they seats were lower to the floor board, though, because I am a shorter girl and my feet do not touch the floor board. It makes it difficult to drive sometimes.

- Kelli C

My incredible Honda pilot.

My car has been so reliable even though it is getting high miles. The interior space is wonderful. My pilot still drives just as good today as the day that I bought it almost new. I really can not say enough positive things about this vehicle. My pilot also came with custom rubber mats and that has truly saved my cars interior. We rescue dogs and own horses so our car hauls all the smelly stuff and gets muddy but it has never let me down. I can clean it up and haul my family and extended family in it comfortably.

- Jessica H

It may suck up gas, but the Honda Pilots are affordable, reliable, and surprisingly comfortable.

My Honda Pilot, as well as any Pilot I have drove in, is comfortable, reliable, and has a great turning radius and handle. The Pilot's also have a good bit of power under the hood. The only problem my Pilots have given me is the mpg, it takes up gas fairly quickly. The transmission has had no serious problems, and the parts needed to replace are easy to find. Great car overall and would consider getting another.

- Kason M

Hondas are known for reliability and being able to get high mileage.

I love my Honda pilot. I've had only wear and tear issues. Nothing major. Its spacious and reliable. I can easily get to my kids car seat and there is enough leg room for everyone. It does ok on gas better when its on cruise. Parks well drives well overall I would highly recommend the Honda pilot to any one. Good for single family's or large families. Its seating capacity is 8. That is a lot of passengers.

- Danielle K

I would only buy Honda they hold up running wise and interior wise great!!

Honda vehicles are extremely reliable!! I used to be the manager of a car title loan business and all day only the Honda would come in there with 300,000 or 400,000 miles on them still running. Mine is a 2008 so technically 11 years old and never had a problem with it running properly. Has all leather and it is not even worn or no tears leather has held up great. I would definitely recommend a Honda.

- Whitney G

It is really spacious and drives well.

I have not had many problems with my vehicle. It runs really well for being 10 years old. It has been a really reliable car for my family and I. It is spacious which is helpful for moving back and forth from college. It has access to Sirius radio, which is nice for long drives. It also features a sun roof which is nice to open up on a hot summer day, or a warm fall day.

- Lo M

great vehicle, i few little irritants, but i still love it

it has alot of space on the inside, but doesn't feel too big to drive, it rides very comfortably. the gas mileage is awful, 16-18 mpg. the center console and the seats have about .75 inches of space between them, big enough to drop things but impossible to get out. this particular car, the dvd player broke, and you can't move the music to play in the back speakers

- katie j

It's been very reliable thus far.

I have had my 2008 Honda pilot for 4 years after my brother gave it to me. It has 150, 000 miles on it, so there were a few issues I have had to fix with it, but any car with that many miles is going to have issues. Since keeping it maintained, it drives well, and I have had no problems with it since. It is in great shape and gets me where I need to go.

- Abigail M

3rd row seat; can seat up to 8 people

My car is reliable, it keeps me up and looking over traffic to keep me safer. It has all leather seats, a third row that can be put up or left down to have more cargo space. I have moved backer board in the I side of my car along with dressers and so much more. I love my car and look forward to buying another one when the time comes.

- Doris D

Best running vehicle I have owned

Love the vehicle, I have over 120,000 miles and no major engine or transmission problems. The only major thing I have done to the vehicle was change the timing belt at 100,000 miles. Allows did oil changes when needed and only have changed out tires and batteries and wiper blades. Other than that the vehicle has been great.

- Robert O

Dependable and holds its value over other makes and models.

I love driving an SUV I love Honda because it is dependable never had any problems with it. I love this size it is just the right size. I love the leather seats and the stereo system add leather seats I like the way it drives it is sturdy and dependable. Do not care for the gas mileage could be better.

- Lauren E

My thoughts on the Honda Pilot.

I really enjoy this car. It can fit the entire family which is a big bonus but on the flip side sometimes it feels big and bulky to drive around. It has a third row that can fold down so there is lots of storage space if necessary. It is 4 wheel drive and able to handle driving in the snow quite well.

- Ruby N

Honda pilot, reliable vehicle.

It is a very reliable vehicle that with regular maintenance and oil changes has never given me any major issues. The gas mileage is good and it is very spacious. I am able to fit 8 passengers and still have room in the back for bags. Even though it is 11 years old I have no rust or evidence of aging.

- Jennifer P

It is a great, sturdy, reliable car that works for our family of four.

We have been very pleased with the Pilot. It has worked for our family of four for local trips as well as long distance trips. It's fuel efficiency is decent, and we haven't had any major maintenance issues. Our biggest concern is the very limited trunk space when we lift the third row of seating.

- B B

The ride on this car is smooth and not truck like at all.

Even though we purchased this car used, we absolutely love it! It has many bells and whistles including heated leather seats, sunroof and satellite radio. There are only 2 things that kind of bug me about my car...the lights do not come on automatically and the doors do not lock automatically.

- Gail D

Honda pilot is still great after 10 years.

It is an older car that requires some work when starting. That is normal wear and tear because of the year model and the miles on it. Other than that, it is extremely comfortable, accommodating, and useful. It was used often for road trips, and has survived many trips with heavy loads.

- Jasmine D

Pretty decent SUV! Has a lot of seating and is safe.

It is pretty good on fuel and is easy to handle, but there's a lot of wind noise on the highway and if something falls between the seat and console you can kiss it goodbye! I really like the number of people it can seat and that it still has a bit of trunk space with all the seats up.

- Amy E

Honda pilot the 8 seater you always wanted.

I love my vehicle the biggest reason being that it seats 8 but does not look huge like a large SUV. The seats are leather and it is reliable. Very little maintenance. It is a Honda so I know it is a good vehicle. I can carry my children the laundry and the groceries all in one trip.

- Jane A

Amazing vehicle, gets you from point A to B with no problem.

The Honda pilot is absolutely reliable! I have had this car since 2008 and it is still going strong. Never had any major fixes which is good and it has been around a long time. It is just the right size and has everything you could want in a SUV. Honda has always been very reliable.

- Kelli C

This car is fuel efficient.

This car is an excellent car. The cars design is also very nice. The car is excellent on gas and can get you anywhere you need. It is extremely spacious so if you have multiple kids this is the perfect car. It is reliable and will not break the bank anytime you need to fix it.

- Kevin C

Great value for a great car.

None, it still runs great. Interior is really worn but it is great on gas and has great pick up still. It has been very reliable over the years with minimal maintenance. Love the third row and all of the drink holders for the kids. Inexpensive to repair and easy to maintain.

- Kelly A

Honda pilot: low maintenance great on gas and.

I love my pilot I have had since 2008 straight off the car lot. This is a great SUV, very reliable, plenty of room.. We have gone on a lot of vacation, especially camping, on the back of it we are able to pitch tent. The SUV pilot is great on gas, and low on maintenance.

- The A

That my car is excellent and the engine runs well with few if any problems.

The car is great for traveling and handles very nicely. There is a problem that the back row of seats are too close to the second row though this is probably to allow for trunk space. Overall though the car is comfortable and the layout is easy to understand and use.

- Hideki I

It's a great vehicle. Reliable as can be.

I love my pilot it has a seat capacity of 8. Gets decent gas mileage. Has all the features I need like cruise control, ac, heated seats etc. I have leather interior in mine which is nice because I can wipe it clean. It has 4 wheel drive for off-road or bad weather.

- Danielle W

You can see out of every window because they are so much bigger.

It's hard to get into because it is high off the ground. I am only 5 foot and I haft to grab onto the bars to lift myself into the car. Older people can't slide into the car as well. Problems with converter going out after 100, 000 miles and had to be replaced.

- Kerry L

That I am responsible with my car I make sure everything is running properly

I like my car because it's a reliable car that I can go run errands or go shopping. I mainly got so I can take my grandma to her doctor appointments . The only thing I dislike about my vehicle is that my ceiling is loose but it doesn't really bother.

- Tyrell W

It's a great care for families considering the size and seating available.

I love the size of the Pilot. It has third row seating without being as large as some of the bigger SUVs (with third row seating). It is a very smooth ride. I have very few things that have had to be repaired (all of them were driver induced).

- Joni S

It has amazing resale value.

The buttons on the radio will randomly not work. The gas mileage is good for an SUV. I love all the seat combinations. I have not had to have any work other than routine maintenance completed on my car and it runs like it did when it was new.

- Annie M

Very reliable! Not a constant problem where I have to go to the dealership to have something fixed. It has been a great vehicle!

I bought my pilot new. It has been a great vehicle for my family with little to no problems, only normal wear & tear. Honda makes a great vehicle & I have thoroughly enjoyed it & when I buy another I will purchase another Honda product! :-)

- Regina E

Very spacious and doesn't hit to hard when driving.

My vehicle is not new it was previously owned. If it was a new one I am sure I would love it more. Its very spacious and comfortable. But with it being used there were few problems with the tires and window, but are already fixed now.

- Jennifer J

Good vehicle awesom in the snow. I haven't had to use the 4 wheel drive yet in the snow.

I like that it is a smooth ride. It also has I 3rd row seat which is useful when needed and lots of cargo room. What I don't like is the driver's seat doesn't go as far back as I like. The transmission seems a little jumpy

- William T

I feel safe in it. I have read that the Honda pilot is one of the safest cars.

My vehicle is a perfect size, not too big, but sets high enough for great visibility. It handles easily and is quite comfortable. The seats are easy to lay flat and the front seats are great for sleeping since they recline.

- Linda H

You can see out of it really well. It doesn't get very good gas mileage. It can pull a small camper

I like the space and the navigation system in the vehicle. However, the dashboard is extremely difficult to use. The stereo seems to be in the wrong place as well as the volume control. The AC also makes a weird noise

- Andy M

Honda Pilot EX: One of the best learner cars there is.

It's a nice big car, gets average gas mileage for an SUV. However, the back left door is missing the inside handle and the back of the passenger seat is off. It has navigation and an AUX button, but no AUX jack.

- Kyt W

Few repairs over the life of the car with regular maintenance.

The pilot is roomy, seating seven. Cargo area is large. It is the nicest car I have ever had. I have had very few repairs needed on this car during the time I have had it. I want another one when the time comes.

- Bitsy P

This Is a great and reliable family car. We feel very safe in it.

We have been very happy with our pilot for ten years. It has been great for our family of four for regular travel around nd town and vacations. It has been sturdy and reliable for maintenance, too.

- Joy M

The seats in the back of this car don't go back very far

This vehicle really gets the job done as far as getting my family around. My sister and I are both usually very busy and all of our sports equipment and friends for our carpool fit comfortably.

- Emma K

If you have a big family and are not ready for the mom van.. This is the SUV for you. Still have plenty of space with 6-7 people sitting comfortably.

I love Hondas. We have extremely high miles and it's still kicking and running strong. There's a lot of room. The 3rd row seating has been a lifesaver with having 4 kids 3 of them 6 and under.

- Crystal C

High mileage family vehicle that will last a long time

It has been a good reliable car. It fits my family well. It is getting worn out now but it has 200000 miles so that's okay. I don't like the tire pressure sensors but otherwise it is great.

- Karen J

It is a great car for kids.

Never had any problems but the ac went out in the last year, we truly have kept up on oil changes and it has run wonderfully we bought it used with 135, 000 miles and have had it for 3 years.

- Kayla L

It's very easy to drive. If you want a bigger car to get through snow, it works great!

I like that even though the model is older, it still works great. The seats are comfortable and there have been very few problems. I wish that the newer models had some of the same features.

- Samantha E

Love my SUV, and it's towing capabilities

I love having an SUV. It is great in the snow and isn't uncomfortable but It would be nice if it was a bit more comfortable. I have the towing package and has done great towing over states.

- Emily J

It's versatile but it comes at a cost of repairs and not being able to see well from all angles. I feel like there are a lot of blind spots.

I love it has a third row of seats that can be put away to allow more storage. I love it has a DVD player to keep my children entertained. I don't like it constantly needs to be repaired.

- Nicole P

Very roomy vehicle. Can seat up to eight people or haul large items.

It has lots of space. The back seats can collapse so there is room to move things like furniture. It can seat up to 8 people. The only complaint is the repairs it needs as it gets older.

- Melinda B

My car seats 8. Thats a huge deal because most cant fit 6 let alone 8.

I love my pilot. My favorite things are the 3rd row, sunroof, leather seats, seat heaters, and seats 8. I don't like how the seats fold and that It's hard to get carseats in and out.

- Mary W

2008 Honda pilot value package 4WD.

Great, reliable, safe vehicle! Good on gas and great in the snow due to it is all wheel drive. Plenty of passenger room and a nice trunk space. A great SUV for a good price!

- Kate T

Solid reliable vehicle, truck like.

Good 4 wheel function in snow and off-road. Rear brakes are a problem, need more maintenance. Gas mileage average, drives bit like a truck, solid feel. Reliable vehicle.

- Keith L

It's a very reliable vehicle.

Besides regular wear and tear I have had no problems with my vehicle. It has taken many 12 hour trips no problem. It is holds 8 people and still has decent trunk space.

- Daniel K

It has 3rd row seating an plenty of cup holders got the whole family

It is a spacious vehicle an has good ride comfort and power an the better choice than getting a van the only problem i have is lack of trunk space when were all riding

- Ben S

reliability. it will get you through anything, snow, rain, anything.

extremely comfortable and reliable, I have no issues whatsoever other than routine maintenance. it handles very well for an SUV and the gasoline mileage is incredible.

- Carmine m

We were once in a very serious car accident and the officer stated "the safety of this car saved your life."

This is our fourth honda pilot. We absolutely love them! We feel safe, have room for traveling, yet is not too big to drive around town and park in tight conditions.

- mackenzie s

Extremely roomy and very comfortable leather seats. Adjustable, motorized side and front knobs fe adjusting seats

Great vehicle for a larger family or who likes to travel in comfort. Includes heated seats for a long cold day of traveling and a sunroof for a refreshing breeze.

- Carolyn N

The car is very comfortable and super spacious! Cannot go wrong with it: ).

I love this car! More than enough room for my family!! It rides smooth and looks great! My kids are always ready to hop in the car and go. The perfect mom car: ).

- Brittany W

Good gas mileage. Additional rear storage.

Wide enough for 3 across car seats. Minimal blind spots. Easy maintenance. Loading rear passengers can be a bit of work. Rear air placed in a non-convenient spot.

- Jennifer B

A Honda will run when nothing else will. Reliability is amazing

It has comfort features, such as heated seats, dvd player, rear air control. Also runs great. We take lots of road trips & never have to worry about breaking down

- Amanda R

Reliable vehicle with excellent gas mileage.

It has been one of the best all around vehicles we've ever owned. No complaints or issues with maintenance or service. It has over 150,000 miles and runs great.

- Leah S

It is a very safe riding vehicle that I feel comfortable transporting my children and grandchildren in

I love the amount of room my vehicle has. I have moved several times and have always managed to fit almost everything into it. I wish it had better mileage.

- Shay B

Very reliable 4 wheel drive SUV. Low maintenance costs.

I bought the car used and it's been very reliable since I had it. It's pretty basic without a lot of bells and whistles but I think that's why it's reliable.

- Scott D

The Honda Odyssey that I use has an interesting feel with the transmission.

The Honda odyssey is reliable. It transports me to places I need to and the performance is standard. It is comfortable even without the newer model features.

- Kevin L

My Honda Pilot is perfect

I love my Honda Pilot. It is perfect for traveling to and from work and school. It is good on gas and reliable. It has 3 rows of seats and is very spacious.

- Anna L

It is a great size, can fit 3 car seats across safely, it rides nicely.

Love the size and 3rd row. Love large trunk space. Wish it was a higher trim level, and had leather so it was easy to clean. 2 kids makes cloth not great.

- Lauren T

It seats 8 passengers, it is comfortable and interior is leather/vinyl.

I love the leather seats and that it seats 8 passengers without the look of a large SUV. Dislike that I do not have video or Bluetooth capabilities.

- Jay A

No auxiliary power to listen to music devices

It's extremely spacious. It has a sunroof. Comfortable seats for long car rides. The only downside is there is no Bluetooth or auxiliary power.

- Erin T

I can decorate it with pretty much anything and it looks good.

I absolutely love my vehicle. It has taken me everywhere I've needed to be. Sand and snow are no problem. And it has never given me any problems.

- Emily W

Always dependable, sets the standard for larger, mid-level SUV's.

The SUV definitely needs some work done to it. The check engine light is on and I need to get several things done to it. It is reliable though.

- Curtis T

Always in the shop, always needs to be fixed.

We often have problems with the electrical in the car. Lights not working, window motor died. Love the car, except for those kind of issues.

- Wendy P

Love the room in my Honda Pilot.

I love that it is very dependable and reliable. It fits the eight people I have in my household including my teenagers even in the third row.

- Lorna W

It is reliable. All Honda's are very reliable and it's making it easier to build confidence in your car buying from them.

I really love my pilot. You can't go wrong with a Honda. It's reliable, spacious, good on gas for a bigger suv, and it's a decent family car.

- Austin B

It's a great dependable car. Unfortunately my Pilot is included in the faulty airbag recall. I am having that fixed as soon as the dealership gets the parts in

I love the size of it since it seats up to seven but it's not overwhelmingly big. It's fast and it's safe. My favorite car I've ever owned.

- Christine S

A great, utilitarian vehicle that should last for a long time.

It is very spacious with lots of cargo room. It has remained reliable with regular maintenance. The car handles well and responds smoothly.

- Sarah F

That it is roomy and can take everyone on vacation an tow a cart

I like the size of my pilot. I like that there is room for 8 people and I can get all my grandkids in. I like that it has a towing package

- Annette W

Wish it had better gas mileage. Bicycle fits in the back standing up.

Bad gas mileage. The emissions catalytic converters broken too. Much money to fix. The inside lining on the ceiling is starting to break.

- Rosie S

I like the style of the car, but I'm not sure I would buy it again, maybe the newer models are better.

I'm not a fan of the heating/cooling system. The third row seating feels no air. Even the second row air is not very good. Fogs up a lot.

- Andrea B

It has great gas mileage.

I do not like that is has a lot of road noise. I do like that it has good gas mileage. I do like that it has room for me to load things.

- Jeremiah M

Easy to drive - handles like a car.

Easy to drive, comfortable, good on gas, not huge but fits 8 people, very reliable, never had problems with it, very low on maintenance.

- Karen S

It is safe and reliable and will last a long time.

I like the reliability of the vehicle, the 3 row seating to accommodate the family. I do wish there were more trunk/carrying space.

- Jaimie H

It has the capability of xm radio

My car is spacious and roomy especially with two children and a spouse. It's a smooth ride that very rarely ever has any problems.

- Lindsay S

It has held up very well for almost over 10 years now.

I like that it drives well in the snow in the winters, however I would like a vehicle with more music and entertainment choices.

- Natalie M




Honda is a reliable make.

I like the Honda pilot but it is a little to big for my liking. It has been a reliable care and it is now going on 10 years.

- Alexis P

Is a great car. . Again my only issue was with the engine light.

Great vehicle - engine light used to be on an off but was ok after the software update was done. Everything else work fine.

- Paula C

Holds up well over time, after many rides and such it is still going strong.

I love the overall look of the car. The only complaint I have is the seats can get a bit uncomfortable. Holds up over time.

- April S

Great for small family. Very dependable

Dependable. Perfect size for active family. Third row comes in handy for carpooling/field trips/etc. Roomy for long trips.

- Shannon g

It is very comfortable on long drives. I have only owned Honda's.

It is easy to get in and out of. It holds seven people. It is great to transport furniture. It is great for road trips

- Janet M

That there is a lot room and it's nice and rides smooth

I like that there is a lot of room. I don't like that it has bad gas mileage and don't like that it's maintenance cost

- Alejandro K

Gas mileage is ok, but could be better.

It is ok. Not great. It could use more features. It does get decent gas mileage though. But, I do not love it is look.

- Jessica C

Very roomy enough room good speakers and sound systems drive very smooth good on.

No complaints. I love it. It is roomy enough for my kids and road trips get mileage. It is good on gas and the road.

- Robin B

It was affordable and offers good seating.

I like the space. I like the backup camera. I like the air conditioner is the back seat. I like the 3rd row seating.

- Kristen L

It is good on going on long trips. and it does not burn oil or anything

well my honda pilot is a very nice riding car it does good on gas and it has three rows so there is plenty of room

- elizabeth h

It best designed for large families

It is great in the snow and realisable it fits all my children and our dogs for our day trips !! Great gas mileage

- Kelly E

Good design, gas mileage is wonderful.

This vehicle is reliable. It holds 7/8 passengers. I can use it to carry a lot of garden supplies. Lots of space.

- Barbara R

It's 3rd row feature is so easy to use and great for extra people.

It's spacious, comfortable, and very reliable. We have been so pleased with our purchase from the very beginning.

- Marc J

It is a dependable car - good for a daily driver and long trips.

I like the height of the vehicle, the interior space and how it rides. The only thing I dislike is fuel economy.

- Heather K

It takes a lot of money to fill up.

The car is quiet, it holds many passengers, and still has enough room in the back to hold things. No complaints.

- Hannah H

Honda pilot is reliable and dependable.

I love my vehicle. It is very reliable and economical. I would highly recommend a Honda to anyone. Check it out.

- Kelli H

It is a very good car love taking it on love trips.

I love the dependability of my car. I love the fact that it has three rows of seats. Very comfortable to drive.


Honda Pilot. Rides well and is mileage efficient

Makes quick turns, comfortable seats, great gas mileage 16-19 mpg on average, Bluetooth enhanced, leather seats

- Sophie G

One great vehicle with and sunroof

Great car. Love this car. Had for 10 years. Very reliable. Cit five or more people very easily and comfortably.

- Jill B

It is in great condition and extremely reliable. Overall, I love to drive it.

I do not like how big it is. I do like how easy it is to drive. I like how there are little blind spots in it.

- Olivia G

Long lasting family vehicle

Love it, it has many features including dvd player, steering wheel radio control, rear ac. Its very spacious.

- Gladys K

The room and extra back seat.

This vehicle is great for family with the extra seat. Love the room and has mileage. Repair has been minimal.

- Beth A

My car is reliable and useful in many ways. It is a good family car.

I like the storage capacity. I like it's sitting room. It is generally reliable and inexpensive to maintain.

- Jess B

It may be an older model but it runs amazing.

I love my car because it drives good and it's good on gas it doesn't burn oil also it has plenty of room.

- Elizabeth H

It's reliable and safe. It has great convenient features

It's very user friendly. It has a lot of very convenient features. It's very reliable and fun to drive

- Teresa B

It seats eight and it's not an expensive cargo van.

I bought my Honda Pilot used. The reason why I bought it was because we needed a car that seats 8.

- David B

It rides just like a sedan. It has a lot of legroom.

I love my Honda Pilot. It allows for a lot of cargo storage and a roomy backseat for the kids.

- Diane L

The Honda Pilot is a great SUV that can accommodate up to 8 passengers. It gets decent gas mileage for a mid size SUV.

It is dependable and spacious. The Honda brand retains its value because it was made to last.

- Scott P

Comfortable and flexible in terms of seating.

Great riding highway vehicle, yet easily driven in the city. Gas mileage could be better.

- Cliff Z

I like the quality of Honda vehicles. I also like the look of the SUV and the layout of controls. I wish the back had recessed areas so items like groceries wouldn't roll around.

It gets you where you need to go the vast majority of the time without needing repairs.

- Jen E

it is made with quality products, I love the olive color.

Love the style and the 3 row seating. How dependable it is. no complaints

- patti p

It's a Honda the most reliable car on the planet always ready to go

The big gas tank and the maintainer required to keep up oil changes

- Sean B

Fits my family of 5 well. Plenty of room for kids and equipment

I don't like the head rests on the front seats. It drives well

- Hope H

Has plenty of storage space and seating. The headliner falls down and needs to be replaced

Headliner is falling. Like the space available in the back

- Deborah L

I like that it's 4x4. Love the color. Love the stereo system.

That it is fast and that it seats eight passengers.

- Jonathan S

Do not buy 2008 Honda pilots!

- Courtney M