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2009 Honda pilot ~ by far, the best vehicle I have ever owned!

2009 Honda Pilot

Purchased this vehicle new in the spring of 2009 and it is by far the best vehicle we have ever owned. Previous to this, we would trade in and purchase new vehicles every 3-4 years, but since buying our ‘09 pilot, it is been so great for our family we haven't wanted to trade it in. I am also not impressed with the newer body style or the overall look of the pilot since the changes that were made in 2016. We currently have 130,000 miles on our SUV, and it honestly drives like it did when we drove it off the lot 9 years ago. Other than regular upkeep and scheduled maintenance, we have not experienced any problems or issues with this vehicle. I will say that keeping up with regular oil changes, taking it to the dealership every 30,000 miles or so for maintenance checks and bringing it in for any recall updates is so important, as it is with any vehicle. Our Honda pilot has gotten my family with 2 small children to and from many family road trips and vacations. It is comfortable to ride in and so comfortable to drive! I have had countless friends and family comment on how nice it drives and the generous amount of head space and elbow room there is for the driver. Overall, I have been extremely satisfied with my Honda pilot and would recommend it to anyone looking for an SUV of this size. I recently had my local body shop buff out the entire thing, removing all of the scratches, dings and general road/weather/parking lot imperfections. The paint came out beautifully!! It truly speaks to the quality of the factory paint job. We are happily going on 9 years with our Honda pilot and we will continue to enjoy it for as long as possible.

- Kimberley F

2009 Honda pilot ex-l, really reliable and safe SUV.

2009 Honda Pilot EX-L

I have owned this car for the past 8 years and continue to enjoy driving it. Currently it has 111,000 miles on it. I have had no mechanical problems with it whatsoever and the only work I have had to do has been normal maintenance or wear and tear related. I have had issues for the past couple of years with tires slowly losing air which is due to a poor seal. This could be caused by normal wear on the rims. My trim package included leather seats which have held up well to regular use and are easy to clean. I have frequently used this car for road trips and find it very comfortable for several hours of driving. I have heated seats and mirrors which are a great feature in the winter. This car does not have Bluetooth which is the one feature I wish it did. I live in an area that gets a lot of snow in the winter and the car handles this excellently. I have also experienced bitter cold temperatures, but the car started reliably every time. The variable cylinder management system helps save on gas mileage, so for the size and weight of the car it actually does quite well on gas, especially highway. It has a tight turning radius as well considering it is size. My trim package also came with a towing hitch installed which I have found useful. I have an older model and really prefer the design of the model I have over newer models. I would buy this car again without hesitation.

- Elizabeth H

First Honda and first of many to come! SUV that feels like a zippy car

2009 Honda Pilot Touring

This is my first Honda and their great reputation for reliability has proven to be true! It's been a decade of snow, sun, highway and dirt roads and I have never had a car with such low maintenance costs. I keep up on oil changes and recommended services but I have never had anything other than normal wear and tear with my Honda. I looked at equivalent Toyota, Nissan and Jeep SUV options on the Honda felt the safest. I am not thrilled with the electronics (Bluetooth, radio, dashboard, etc). They are pretty basic and did not sync with any of my newer devices. I had to get additional equipment installed to connect certain devices. The navigation system is pretty outdated and the displays just aren't as visually appealing as other car manufacturers offered. But as far as the durability, safety and low maintenance of the vehicle is concerned, I am a huge Honda fan now! My father even got a newer model after driving mine. The car is very comfortable and I've had passengers comment that it doesn't 'feel like and SUV'. It drives and handles more like a car. I'm not a big car expert so I can't speak for the performance. My experience has been that the car has never failed to meet my needs and I have had little to no problems with it after a decade of heavy use. Highly recommend!!

- Lindsey M

An SUV with the smoothest drive

2009 Honda Pilot LX

I really like the Honda Pilot it's a super comfortable car and it looks really sleek on the outside. It's really nice that the car is so big but it drives really smooth and the sound system is really good. One of my favorite features of the car is the middle console between the front seat and the passenger seat, there is room to put drinks and if the area is empty you can use the sliding screen to cover it to put your wallet and your keys on top. Another nice feature about the car is the small area in front of the screen that shows the radio and the time. The automatic seat adjusters are really nice too so it makes it easy to let other people drive my car. I like that it has a rear view camera and although it isn't very big like some of the newer car it forces me to be a little more aware of my surroundings.

- Monica N

It can hold 8 passengers! I will drive this car until she won't go anymore!

2009 Honda Pilot EX-L

I have had this vehicle for 11 years and have had no big issues this far. The AC has been the only thing to go out around 100,000 miles. It is very comfortable. I love that the middle row reclines a little. The third row lays flat so when I want to put landscaping items back there, they sit flat and not on an incline. I also love I can put the third row up and can fit 8 people. Adults in the third row will be crammed. We generally just put the kids back there. Car seats fit well in the second and third row. Third row is not as convenient to get to but the kids can climb over the second row seat that lays down flat.

- Sandra B

The touring edition has a feature for everyone!

2009 Honda Pilot

My pilot is a touring edition so it has a backup camera, navigation, built in DVD player, and 3rd row seating. I love my pilot. My family and I travel a lot and it has always been dependable. The seats are easy to put up or down to accommodate several passengers. The DVD player helps on long trips, the back up camera helps eliminate blinds spots, and the pilot has tons of bonus features. You can set the driver seat to each driver, the vehicle tells you when you're running low on oil life, tire pressure etc. & to be an SUV it has great gas mileage. I would recommend the pilot to anyone.

- April F

Old but like new with over 100,000 miles

2009 Honda Pilot

My Pilot is very comfortable to drive, has a lot of room. It's fully loaded with heated leather seats that are very comfortable especially with long car rides. Power sunroof. It has over 100,000 miles and still runs very well! There is no blind spot which makes it easy to see all around while driving. The only thing that has been acting up is my power mirrors. It is really roomy inside. Since it's an older vehicle the GPS is not updated nor are the features with the radio and console. But I can still use bluetooth for hands free cell phone use and the stereo system sounds great!

- Michele T

It can legitimately carry anything! Three kids in car seats fit across the middle row, no problem. The backseat is functional and can my 6'2" husband can ride back there without his knees hitting the seat. There's enough room in the back to carry a week's worth of luggage (including baby essentials) on a roadtrip to Colorado.

2009 Honda Pilot

I like that my vehicle makes me feel safe on the road driving with large trucks or semi-trucks. I love the features my vehicle offers such as leather seats, seat warmers, a DVD player for the kids, the ability to split the audio so the adults can listen to something else while the kids are watching a show and that I can roll the windows down to cool my vehicle by pressing a button on my key. My only complaint is regarding all SUVs - I wish they were made with sliding back doors so I could have the functionality of a minivan with the comfort and style of a large family SUV.

- Rachel M

Square but yet efficient.

2009 Honda Pilot

The interior would have to be my only issue with the 2009 Honda pilot. The seats are like great big sponges. Once you spill something its in that seat for life. I have yet to find a way to successfully clean them. Overall, the 2009 pilot has been my favorite car and I have had her since she rolled off the truck at the dealership. I will probably drive this baby until the wheels fall off and even then I will more than likely just fix her and keep going. We call her the beast because no matter what she keeps on going, she's just not very pretty on the inside anymore.

- Elizabeth B

2009 Honda Pilots are very reliable and safe.

2009 Honda Pilot LX

My Honda Pilot is extremely reliable. It is about 10 years old and was handed down to me from my mom about 2 years ago. I have never had issues regarding the vehicle excluding occasional tire pressure trouble that was easily fixed. It is extremely comfortable and I feel very safe driving it due to its size and stability. The interior is very nice. Although it isn't much of a newer car, the technological package it comes with is very enjoyable. Its performance is enjoyable too as I have no issues with driving long distances, braking, accelerating, or merging.

- Grace M

Reliable and comfortable SUV for the whole family!

2009 Honda Pilot

I absolutely love my Honda Pilot! I've owned several new makes and models of vehicles and this is far and away my favorite! It is reliable, I've never had a single problem with it, I've only had to perform routine maintenance and general upkeep. It currently has almost 135,000 miles and still drives like the day I bought it! I couldn't be more happy with it, it is also so comfortable! That is the first thing anyone who drives it says first. It has a tremendous amount of head, elbow and seat space. I would recommend this SUV to anyone who will listen!

- Kim F

Honda Pilot: Best investment for our growing family ever!

2009 Honda Pilot Touring

I love how versatile the vehicle is. Steering and turning radius is amazing for such a big vehicle. I can fit up to 7 passengers which is perfect on practice or game days. There's tons of room for storage and/or passengers. I haven't been the most up to date with my maintenance but the car still runs like a dream. My car is almost 12 years old now and it's been the most reliable since the day we bought it off the lot, brand new with only 12 miles on it. Best purchase my husband and I have made for our family and we are so fortunate to call it ours.

- Ryan K

Awesome SUV for Busy Moms that want to ride in Style!!

2009 Honda Pilot LX

My Honda pilot is extremely reliable! It's very roomy and can fit eight. When you drop the seats you can fit so much in! It Drives so smoothly. Wonderful armrest storage compartments in the front and back. Also has a storage compartment in the trunk area. Great on gas and mileage. Mine has over 150,000 miles and still runs like a gem! I even have a 15 inch TV installed on the ceiling which entertains the kids tremendously during long drives. Seats are leather and extremely durable! Melted gummy's and spilled juice boxes wiped clean every time !

- Jeanette M

Great car. Lots of space. Great for families.

2009 Honda Pilot EX

I was really hesitant to purchase his car at first because it was a lot bigger than the smaller car I normally would drive. It didn't take long to get used to it. I couldn't imagine myself in any other car. It has been very reliable and I love how much space it has. The third row seat is great because we can take a lot of people with us or lay it down and have more room in the trunk for luggage and groceries. Even though it is starting to get older I still love the look of it. I will be driving this car until it won't run any longer.

- Kim H

The touring edition accommodates everyone!

2009 Honda Pilot

I have a touring edition and really love the extra features it has to offer. My pilot has navigation, dvd player, 3rd row seating etc. We travel a lot and the vehicle has always been extremely reliable. You can even set the drivers set to adjust to whose driving it automatically. The rear view camera helps alleviate blind spots and it's very easy to control the car. The only complaint I have is I wish the 3rd row seats had more leg room, it is a tight squeeze for tall individuals on long car rides.

- April F

All the space and cup holders!

2009 Honda Pilot LX

The Honda Pilot is a great, sporty family car. It has 3rd row seating, plenty of storage room, and tons of cup holders. It has a great design layout inside the car that allows plenty of legroom no matter where you are seated. The only problem I have is it randomly honks when I get out and takes a while to stop. The car is very reliable and rides very quiet and smooth for an SUV. We love our Honda Pilot for family road trips, and would definitely buy another one!

- Rebekah S

A Very Good Vehicle for Families

2009 Honda Pilot Touring

There are a few things I like about the car. I like that there are two settings for the driver's seat. I LOVE the heated seat. The sunglass holder has an interesting feature that surprised us. It has a mirror, that if you don't close it all the way you can see what is going on in the back seat. Perfect for watching the kids. I like also that this vehicle has a camera for backing up and that there are sensors that tell if you are going to hit something.

- Linda M

The Honda pilot seats 8 people and gets great gas mileage.

2009 Honda Pilot EX-L

The Honda pilot is somewhat bulky feeling when driving in cities with smaller roads. It does not feel properly insulated because on long distance drives at high speeds, the interior tends to be noisy as if the windows are down. As an SUV, the pilot gets great gas mileage for long distance drives. If regularly maintained, the pilot rarely has any mechanical faults that require additional repair outside of warranty. It also spaciously seats 8.

- Anand K

Good family car with lots of space!

2009 Honda Pilot

My biggest complaint would be how the vehicle rides. It is feels a bit too springy if that makes sense. The highlights are the space. Lots of room for storage especially if the 3rd row is folded down. Perfect for a family with lots of gear. Easy car seat installation. Gas mileage is not good but that is not what I was looking for in an SUV. I get about 21 mpg I would guess, but I only really tracked it once.

- Savannah M

My Honda Pilot has been a truly reliable vehicle for over 180,000 miles .

2009 Honda Pilot EX-L

My Honda Pilot is a spacious vehicle offering much comfort. It is a reliable vehicle but over the years I have had minor issues such as a minor electrical problem. I have replaced an a/c relay, and the headlights due to a very dull film that build up on each of the front headlights. I am preparing to replace the shocks and struts next. But with that being said, I continue to enjoy my Honda Pilot.

- Leon B

The Honda pilot is a modern and spacious vehicle.

2009 Honda Pilot

I honestly haven't had a lot of problems. I have had my pilot for over a year and I do routine maintenance to make sure it runs properly. I haven't had any major issues. I love the seat warmers in the cold months, I like that both back bench seats will lay flat and I can do that by myself when I need to. I love the room. My pilot seats 8 comfortably and I do not have to drive a minivan.

- Jennifer T

The pilot's size and handling ability.

2009 Honda Pilot

My 2009 Honda pilot has the most reliable car I have ever owned and has stood the test of time since '09. I bought it new and just recently reached the 100k milestone with no major decline in performance. Aside from the above associated with the pilot itself, the service received nationwide has been no less than excellent. I am proud to say that I am a happy Honda owner.

- Ellis T

Honda Pilot 2009 Positive Review

2009 Honda Pilot LX

This car is very fancy for being an '09. Is has heated seats and a sunroof. It has an aux port as well. I also enjoy having the meter telling me my mpg as I drive. The seats are uncomfortable if you're in the car for over an hour, but it does have leg room in the middle row seat. I also love that the third row seats fold down. Perfect for a mom of more than one kid!

- Mag V

Honda Pilot for Adventurous Families

2009 Honda Pilot LX

It is what I call my 'adventure car'. It fits 7-8 people and we take it on long rides. Honda builds reliable and long-lasting cars. I feel safe driving my three children in it. We had to replace the suspension recently but it runs well at 142,000 miles. We do have a bit of a treading sound in the back tires and suspect it has something to do with the Eco setting.

- Joe V

Great SUV with utmost comfort and versatility.

2009 Honda Pilot Touring

I really love my pilot. It is very comfortable. Roomy and versatile. I love the spacious 3rd row seats that are large enough for adults to use unlike is 3rd row competitors. It has many options. Very smooth ride. I also like the large screen area on the dash. The separate heating and cooling controls for driver and passenger and rear seats is a huge plus.

- Bobbie Jo F

Family vehicle with no regrets. Ever.

2009 Honda Pilot EX-L

I love the fact it has enough room for my entire family with the three row seating. Along with being able to still have room to store things in the back as well. As long as you keep up with regular maintenance you get good gas mileage considering the size of the SUV which is also a mega plus. It's a great family car that keeps its value as the years go by.

- Kimberley D

Owning a 2009 Honda pilot.

2009 Honda Pilot

I have the touring model. It is a really comfortable ride. It has navigation and Bluetooth for calls only. I wish the Bluetooth worked for music. My tall teens have plenty of room. Even though it is almost nine years old, it still runs great. One thing it does go through, is brake pads. I have owned the car for 3 years and I have replaced the pads twice.

- Amanda C

Windshield washer problem.

2009 Honda Pilot

We have had very little trouble with this vehicle. I think went for many years with no windshield washer fluid because of a leak. The service department at the dealership could not find a leak, so we just did without for many years. They finally found out that it was a twisted gasket and not a crack after all. I now have a functioning windshield washer!

- Lydia S

Honda Pilot is spacious for all passengers.

2009 Honda Pilot

My Honda Pilot is very reliable. It has tons of leg room for all passengers and the fold down seats are easy to use for the little ones that ride with me. Road noise is not an issue and the seats are extremely comfortable. Gas mileage could be a bit better but my previous car was tiny so I am relatively bias as this is a new vehicle for me.

- Tim Z

A great comfortable SUV that seats seven people and is very dependable.

2009 Honda Pilot EX-L

This vehicle was bought second hand in 2014 and had 75000 miles on it. My wife and I have put 130000 miles on it. I have had the oil changed every 5000 miles and have replaced the brakes on it one time. This vehicle has been the most dependable vehicle I have ever owned in my life. We love it and plan on replacing it with another one.

- michael M

From dance competitions, moving to college, moving across the country, and more.

2009 Honda Pilot Touring

Brakes go a lot, my engine is going, but it has lasted me over 200,000 miles and its lasted so long. The seats are comfy. Lots of room. My friends love going on road trips in it. The stereo system is great. It's easy to clean. The white needs to be waxed often. The headphones stopped working. My stereo buttons stop working randomly.

- Meghan P

Drives great and handles well

2009 Honda Pilot

It is very comfortable. Besides regular maintenance no major mechanical problems. Driving it is so easy. Love the 3rd row seat. I love how the third row seat lays down flat. Tons of room for traveling. Good leg room. Good gas mileage. One dislike is the leather seats they are too hot. The leather on the door armrest has torn.

- Jill H

It is a very reliable vehicle that is well made and will serve your family well for many years and miles.

2009 Honda Pilot

I love the look of the vehicle. It is large enough for our family of 5. We've taken several long distance road trips and it is comfortable to ride in. It currently has 220,000 miles on it and we've had minimal repairs. We're considering buying a new one when this one dies. Although, I may not want to wait that long. lol

- Jen C

Honda Pilot: Extremely Reliable

2009 Honda Pilot

My vehicle is extremely reliable. I have had a couple of instances when I have noticed a peculiar sound in the engine and taken it to the shop, but it has never stopped or stalled on the road. I have almost 200,000 miles on this car and plan to get another Honda Pilot when this one comes to the end of its lifetime!

- Kailey M

Honda pilot touring: holds lots of stuff!

2009 Honda Pilot Touring

The 2009 Honda pilot touring model is rugged and reliable. It can carry a full sheet of plywood flat in the back, and can haul a lot more, as well. If it is people you're interested in hauling, the pilot's third row seat means the SUV can comfortably carry eight, though that third row does not have much leg room.

- Sarah R

Honda pilot - still going strong after 9 years.

2009 Honda Pilot

My car is very reliable, I love the leather seats and moonroof, plus the seat warmers and automatic starter is great for these New England winters. I have replaced some things since I have owned it, but mostly just wear and tear like all new tires, brakes, brake pads, rotors, new radiator and muffler repair.

- Danielle A

Honda pilot recommendation.

2009 Honda Pilot

Love this Honda pilot is has a lot of room, 3 seats, great on gas. Took a trip for 500 miles with 5 people and was comfortable and has not but 1 problem which is catalyst converter and timing belt. It is maintenance free except for oil changes. I love so much I do not want to trade it or buy a new SUV.

- Rose T

Honda pilot for a large family.

2009 Honda Pilot LX

I really love my car. We had to get a vehicle that carries 8 people and the Honda pilot is perfect for that. This is the second Honda I have owned and never had an issue. We did purchase this car used and had the power steering redone before we bought it but other than that we have had no issues.

- Rebekah B

Great space for cargo and running wires

2009 Honda Pilot LX

Spacious room in the back to fit a stroller, pack n play, and groceries. Drivers side window needs the motor and glass replaced. Nice pockets on the back of the front seats. Easy to run led light strips and add new speakers to front, back, and sub. Room to replace with aftermarket head unit.

- Amanda D

My sweet used Honda pilot touring.

2009 Honda Pilot

My car is wonderful. It has very slight interior wear, but overall it looks great and runs great. It is awesome. I bought it used and in the condition it is in I feel like I can drive it for another 100-150k miles. It is the luxury touring edition and has everything it could have had in 2009.

- Jake D

The pilot has a ton of space!

2009 Honda Pilot

I haven't had any big mechanical issues or expenses beyond the normal car maintenance. It drives great in the snow and works well with big car seats. I love how the third row folds down completely flat so it is easy to fit a lot in there if needed. I can fit a double stroller very easily.

- Ashley Z

Can't go wrong with Honda!

2009 Honda Pilot EX

Had a recall on the air bag system. Other than that, it's been wonderful! It is roomy and perfect for Fla family. Not too bad on gas for a full size SUV either! I love the Honda brand anyways, but a Pilot is the way to go. Can't complain about the navigation system or DVD feature either.

- Nicki P

Extremely spacious for road trips

2009 Honda Pilot LX

Honda Pilot is a great reliable car. Great for people with big families, lots of room, very spacious. Built in GPS system although I have to pay a fee to have the GPS updated. Comfortable leather seats that recline. I would recommend this car for anyone looking for a reliable family car.

- Kelly D

Reliable sports utility vehicle.

2009 Honda Pilot

This is my second Honda Pilot. I have had some engine /coil issues, but it is been reliable for the most part. I like the size and the look of this model. I enjoy the heated seats, the sun/moonroof, the stereo/cd/video system and the seating options. Wish it were better on gas. . .

- Shawn S

Honda Pilot summarizes review and maintenance of vehicle.

2009 Honda Pilot EX-L

Honda Pilot is an amazing vehicle and never had any problems with it. You do have to keep maintenance on the vehicle to keep it going. One of the biggest expense is the timing change which is at 100K miles. Always keep the fluids in the vehicle and change them according to the manual.

- Steven B

2009 Honda pilot review for 2019.

2009 Honda Pilot LX

The 2009 Honda pilot is very comfortable and seats 7 comfortably. It performs well and is very reliable. The features are ok and we would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone. The third row seat lets down and there is plenty of room for luggage, and other items that need carrying.

- Linda A

I love my Honda pilot. It offers me more than I expected.

2009 Honda Pilot

Comfortable, reliable, inexpensive to maintain. It offers a lot of passenger room for a medium sized vehicle. It has the ride of a heavier vehicle, and handles very well. It will be my preferred choice when I buy another. It also offers a ton of storage, and well as a great layout.

- Terry G

So far, very few repairs needed.

2009 Honda Pilot

Very versatile. Great space for hauling things plus a luggage rack. Three rows of seats. Easy to collapse seats for hauling. Have only had to do routine tune-ups and brake shoes plus one recall fix. I like the back-up camera a lot. Feels safe. Best part: Honda's last a long time.

- Kat K

Overall great car to drive.

2009 Honda Pilot

It is a great car, 8 seater, drives really well except the wheel sometimes shakes when going on the freeway. The paint job is now spotty even after car washes. There’s black mold looking spot that come out of the white paint. Overall great car though for traveling too.

- Janice T

Despite not having enough ac vents around, this car has lasted me for many years now. It has not given me any complications. It is easy to use and easy to change oil, easy to pull the seats, and overall the best car I've ever had.

2009 Honda Pilot

I love my car. It is spacious and perfect for my family. I love that it has the dvd and headphones. I love that it saves me money on gas. The only fallback to this car is that there is not enough ac vents for the back passengers. Sometimes the ac doesn't get to everyone.

- Wendy L

Honda cars and SUVs are the best!

2009 Honda Pilot

I bought this car with 180, 000 miles and perfect condition. Leather interior and lots of space inside. It is very reliable. I drive often long distances, and have put 201, 000 miles on it after 8 months. Honda’s are the best made cars and last even with high mileage.

- Cecilia L

Great performance and comfortable seating.

2009 Honda Pilot Touring

Performs great, never had a problem with engine. The seats are very comfortable except now I have 2 growing boys and their feet hit the seats in front because there's not much room with car seats facing forward. Drive is smooth and steers easily. Trunk is very spacious.

- Courtney L

The Honda pilot was definitely designed with the driver in mind.

2009 Honda Pilot

My Honda pilot is the touring model that has many great features. It is comfortable to drive with the adjustable seat and steering wheel. It has plenty of room for the driver and passengers. It is economical on gas performance. It is a very reliable vehicle. I love it!

- Ann Marie S

That is great on gas and roomy. I also find that it can really take on rough weather and pulling. The honda holds their value very well.

2009 Honda Pilot

I really love my Honda Pilot because it has a lot of room. The Honda is great on gas as well even though it is a smaller suv. The Honda has a lot of seating, two rows of seating in the back and even after that, a lot of back space. I haven't had any complaints so far.

- amy b

Its white with a lot of space in the back.

2009 Honda Pilot

Bad gas mileage but good amount of space and its durable, my car is currently past one-hundred thousand miles and its holding together great, to bad it costs around sixty dollars to fill up here in California because gas is three-fifty a gallon but still a good car.

- Tyler W

love it great car would buy another one

2009 Honda Pilot Touring

love it drive well low ware and tare my car is great no problems it a great car good gas on long trips put 93 gas in it my wife drives it you got key 1 and key 2 to set it up how you like it to be set up I love it so much would buy another one if I could some time

- cliff R

Spacious SUV for active families wanting economy vehicle.

2009 Honda Pilot

Love my car, never gives me any problems. Most reliable, has never let us down. Big and spacious, tons of space. Everything fits. Very comfortable vehicle for long family trips. Spacious leg room. Very roomy for car seats. Also great on gas for an SUV of this size.

- Sandra F

I have a Lexus. It is a brand new car when I bought it and it is very stylish.

2009 Honda Pilot

I like the space inside and quality of the car. It has over 200,000 miles and looks great. I can put down the 3rd row for carrying items or taking my lab places... It does pull a little when driving and I miss not having built in phone/am radio. I use an aux cord.

- Cecilia R

its great car, it's awesome to drive, its reliable great drive shafts

2009 Honda Pilot

I love my truck how comfortable it is to drive and the space for all the passengers 8 as well as the features like sunroof and leather seats. I am kind of mad about the problems with the transmission which most hondas have and I am starting to have with this one.

- Gabroe;a f

Great car for a family! Lots of room and tones of durability!!

2009 Honda Pilot EX-L

Fits are family and baby car seats. Reliable. Love the body style. Lots of room. Smooth ride. Not a lot of upkeep even though there are lots of miles. The seats are super durable even with two kids that spill stuff all over in the car. Lots of nice tech features.

- Aubrey W

Overall good car with few issues.

2009 Honda Pilot Base

It is a reliable, comfortable car. There has been no major problems with the car. It includes lot of space and storage compartments. It has had some small issues such as the heat not working on the driver side and the radio buttons not always working correctly.

- Lilly G

It's extremely reliable. I haven't had to any issues or expenses, other than regular maintenance like oil changes and new tires.

2009 Honda Pilot

I like that it has lasted for 174,000 miles without any major issues whatsoever. I wish that it had things like GPS and the camera to help with backing up, but that is to be expected from an older car, and I'd much rather have that than a new car with payments.

- Adrianne M

I love my Honda! It has been the best car for me!

2009 Honda Pilot EX-L

I have loved this car and everything about it. I love the leather seats. The third makes it super convenient with three kids and their friends. I love the compartment in the back you can put all kinds of stuff in it. My car has been a great car. I love it.

- Ann L

Honda pilot is a great truck for families

2009 Honda Pilot Touring

I love our truck. The heated seats always come in handy though we don't use them as much in Arizona. I love the sun shades in the back row and the third row of seats. I like that our GPS programming can be updated with a disc each year so it stays current

- Sha A

Honda pilot taking care of our family through many years and milestones!

2009 Honda Pilot

Easy to handle safe sturdy reliable like the third row when carpooling like size when now moving kids in and out of college good in snow and poor weather conditions have not had any maintenance issues just routine upkeep as now has 130000 miles on it.

- Beth D

It is an excellent top if the line Pilot (no DVD).

2009 Honda Pilot

My Honda Pilot is a great vehicle for transporting our animals when need be. It is very roomy as my husband and I are tall. There is a lot of legroom. The only feature it does not have is the built in DVD player. The navi system is wonderful.

- Debbra N

The 2009 Honda Pilot: The SUV that does what it needs to

2009 Honda Pilot

This Truck is very convenient for my family and I to travel with, do all the groceries with, ect. and it's never missed a beat, never had any problems, except for normal wear. We've had this truck since it left the production line back in '09

- Kristian U

The performance and the room that it has. I can have all of my kids plus my parents all in one vehicle

2009 Honda Pilot

The honda pilot is a very reliable vehicle from performance, endurance and reliability. I love it. Only thing I've had a problem with so far in 6 months is tires lol. I run over a nail and now all tires are dry rout so I'm needing 4 new ones.

- Anita C

That it is safe and reliable. It was also built in my home state.

2009 Honda Pilot

My 09 Honda Pilot is the best. It is fully loaded with room for me and my husband comfortably and front for my nephews. It also has a built in navigation system and entertainment system. My dislike is the how much it cost to but fuel in it.

- Tonya F

Handles very well in all situations.

2009 Honda Pilot

I love that my pilot has tons of cargo room and can seat 8 passengers. The moonroof is awesome and I will never have another car without one. My only complaint is that during heavy rain some water comes in from the top of the windshield.

- Tara S

It seats eight people but the back row can be folded in for extra cargo capacity.

2009 Honda Pilot

It seats eight people. It also has a hidden storage in the back and a moon roof feature. The front seats are equipped with a heat option. The only negative is the backup camera sometimes shows you to be way closer than you actually are.

- Brandi M

It is incredibly reliable in its mechanical performance.

2009 Honda Pilot

We bought our Pilot new 9 years ago and have experienced no mechanical problems with it, after putting 137K miles on it. It is very comfortable, seats 8 for hauling my kids' friends around, and I will happily drive it to 200K miles!

- Sara D

It's great for transporting lots of people, but also adaptable to loading big things.

2009 Honda Pilot

It has tons of room and the seats are easy to fold down. It has been mostly reliable, but I am frustrated that the back hatch won't open anymore. It's an expensive electrical issue to fix - or at least more than i'm willing to spend.

- Jen R

Not made as well as one might expect.

2009 Honda Pilot

I like that is it is got lot of room, both in seating and storage. I do not like that I have had problems with the engine shutting down while driving. Also, the middle console "leather" is cheap and thin and has wrinkled and ripped.

- Lynn O

Perfect basic vehicle for someone who needs 3rd row seating and still wants have a trunk.

2009 Honda Pilot

The 3rd row seating has plenty of space for 3 people without being to cramp. The storage space under the flat in the trunk makes the small trunk space very functional to keep emergency items in for children and life.

- Julie P

It has been a very reliable vehicle with minimal repair needed.

2009 Honda Pilot

I love our Pilot! The only problems we have had are with a leak in the air conditioning system. It is a great vehicle that has more room than what it looks like on the outside. I would definitely purchase one again.

- Rebecca G

I love the amount of storage that the car has, from the trunk, the the glove box, the the two compartments in the middle counsel

2009 Honda Pilot

I love my car, compared to other cars I have driven, the steering makes me feel like I have control over the car and I'm safe from taking long to short trips. It is very reliable, and love the layout of the car.

- Kali L

It is large enough to handle tasks and people small cars can not.

2009 Honda Pilot

I love the size and flexibility of carrying capacity. Can hold three car seats across middle seat. Hatch in back for large objects seats fold. Third row of seats for extra passengers. Handles well in snow.

- Rita S

My Pilot has been very reliable. It has only required regular maintenance. It's great on trips.

2009 Honda Pilot

Love the room, and how comfortable it is to drive. I feel safe in it, and my son feels quite comfortable in the back. It has plenty of space, and rarely requires work to be done on it. Very reliable

- Carol S

Heated seats are the bomb! Very nice on a freezing cold day.

2009 Honda Pilot

Has been a very reliable vehicle. Lots of headroom and legroom in front and back seats. Love the heated seats and sunroof and leather seats are very comfortable. Definitely will buy a Honda again.

- Wendy E

The 2009 Honda Pilot is roomy. It has a lot of leg & height room in the driver's seat.

2009 Honda Pilot

I like the width & length of the driver's seat. I wish there were a/c vents in the third row. I like the center console space. I like how it lowers the use of gas based on how fast you drive.

- Liz B

The Honda Pilot third row seating

2009 Honda Pilot

I love my vehicle, it has enough room for our family when we go on road trips , with tons Of storage. I can also haul the kids and their friends around, the third seat is great.

- Melissa C

I love the fact it has a third row. Very family friendly.

2009 Honda Pilot

Well a couple weeks after we purchased the sunroof is now of track and cant be closed all the way which cause water to leak in when it rains other than that...all is well

- Kayla C

It is a very dependable vehicle.

2009 Honda Pilot

We love our Honda pilot. It has plenty of room for our family of 6. It is easy to drive and has had no major maintenance issues even though it is almost 10 years old.

- Jessica C

It runs well and has very little problems that need fixing.

2009 Honda Pilot

No complaints. It fits my large family pretty well. I would like to see more room available in the back row of the vehicle. I like that it's a good sized SUV though.

- Laura R

Solid performer but a little boring. It can carry a lot of stuff, though

2009 Honda Pilot

Great for travelling with kit needed for sports; good for groceries and for long travel. Poor fuel consumption for urban travel and driving on narrow city streets

- Keith W

It is a great family vehicle. It can easily seat 8 people and is great for family trips.

2009 Honda Pilot

I would have liked to have spent more money on a step up bar on the bottom of the vehicle. It is hard getting older family members and young kids into the car.

- Sammy L

Very spacious with 3rd row seating. Plenty of legroom in every row.

2009 Honda Pilot

My favorite vehicle I've ever driven. Came with backup camera and built in DVD player. Very spacious and I can pull camper with it. Also have 3rd row seating.

- Danielle I

Reliability, which is an important factor when choosing a car.

2009 Honda Pilot

The Honda Pilot has a lot of room. It drives smooth and feel solid on the road. So far, the only issues I have had with it were due to normal wear and tear.

- Tracy S

It is a very reliable car. I feel safe driving it even when it is full of kids!

2009 Honda Pilot

I love my vehicle. I can fit up to 8 people in my car. It is great for soccer carpools! However if I have 8 people, there is not much storage space.

- Melissa A

My Pilot is fun to drive and very gas efficient. It's extremely roomy inside.

2009 Honda Pilot

I absolutely love the way my Pilot handles. It has very updated interior and the sound system rocks! There is plenty of room for my family of 6.

- Lisa R

My car is a 2009, but still looks and drives great!

2009 Honda Pilot

My Honda Pilot is very comfortable- it drives like a car, not a truck. It is very dependable. Also, it is very safe. I also love the look of it.

- Nat R

I feel safe in it due to its size and structure.

2009 Honda Pilot

I love everything about my pilot.. It is the perfect size vehicle for all kinds of options.. The pilot is extremely dependable and worry free..

- Jenny W

It is great for small children and feels safe.

2009 Honda Pilot

Love my car. It is dependable and almost perfect size. I don't like that the car doesn't have room for luggage when the last row is being used.

- Tina R

Great suv for travel, families, or anyone needing a reliable vehicle.

2009 Honda Pilot

My pilot has been very reliable even at high mileage. It's fantastic for travel and as a work vehicle. I haven't had any issues with it at all.

- Lindsay T

It runs great but could get better gas mileage. Great for carrying 8 people.

2009 Honda Pilot

No complaints. Still runs great. Cannot imagine buying a new car. Love the moon roof, carries a lot of people, love the built in gps the best.

- Marilyn H

It is a big SUV but the fact that we can carry up to 8 people is important part.

2009 Honda Pilot

The Honda pilot is so versatile and it has three row of seats and fits up to 8 people. Also conserves gas on the freeway. It is a great car.

- Arlene C

It seats 8 people very comfortably and that's important for my family.

2009 Honda Pilot

I love the way my car rides, even though it has 165k miles on it. It's very roomy, seats 8. The only thing I don't like is the gas mileage.

- Jimmy B

It is made by Honda. Honda vehicles are very reliable. We have had very few repairs needed.

2009 Honda Pilot

Very roomy to accommodate large family. Love the Sirius Radio. Wish the leather armrests did not shred easily. Would like a smoother ride.

- Cathy L

It is very comfortable and runs very smoothly; it is great for travel.

2009 Honda Pilot

I like that it is comfortable and spacious. It is a nice color and everything works food. It is just a little too big for me personally.

- erika R

It's spacious and can hold 8 people comfortably. It's reliable and Honda is a great brand.

2009 Honda Pilot

It has a lot of bells and whistles. It's a touring. It is very roomy. It Jane given me any problems. Maintenance is pretty inexpensive.

- Dee W

It's a great mid size vehicle which can seat eight people and great storage.

2009 Honda Pilot

It's very roomy. There is tons of little spaces for storage. The makers definitely utilized its space. Also great ride and very comfy.

- Meredith B

There are so many great features like a sliding moonroof, heated seats, and a backup camera.

2009 Honda Pilot

My Honda Pilot is the best car I have ever owned. It drives well and even after 9 years I'm the road, it is holding up like a champ.

- Alyssa S

I want my kids safe and space to haul them to soccer with friends.

2009 Honda Pilot

Like: space, not flashy, you can fit sheet rock on the back. Humble car that can fit 6 kids for soccer. Dislike: old DVD player.

- Leah K

Economically legit for the fam

2009 Honda Pilot

A great car for a larger family and good on gas. I would recommend this vehicle to people who are shopping for a dependable SUV.

- Valerie V

The interior of the vehicle has not held up very well. It started falling apart pretty quickly. I do enjoy the features of the vehicle. It is fairly roomy, but the third row could use a bit more room.

2009 Honda Pilot

The interior quality is pretty poor. I wouldn't recommend bothering with the leather when it's held up just as well as cloth.

- Heather S

It is spacious and drives very well.

2009 Honda Pilot

I like how big the inside feels despite the outside looking moderately sized. It drives well and fits our family comfortably

- Patrick S

Love My Honda Pilot !!!!!

2009 Honda Pilot

Overall I would buy this again. The leather inside is cracking and bubbling. However with proper maintenance it runs great.

- Zina G

It is a reliable vehicle, well built.

2009 Honda Pilot

Love overall features but gets poor gas mileage and ride is a little too firm. Overall, it is a great, dependable vehicle.

- Jim W

Safety and gas mileage. Need to have an engine that last forever.

2009 Honda Pilot

Is a great car, do not break easily, it shows when I have to change the oil, is a 8 passenger car. The brand helps a lot.

- Roberta V

Best family vehicle there is!

2009 Honda Pilot

Best family car I've had. No problems, just regular maintenance. Very reliable and spacious enough for the whole family.

- Melody C

I like that is is practical and very efficient. It will last for 200,000. I wish it had more bells & whistles!

2009 Honda Pilot

Honda's last and they last forever! We have had Honda's in the family that got passed around because they lasted so long.

- Kristi B

You can fit eight people inside and still have room in the back for a few groceries. Yet, it still gets decent gas mileage.

2009 Honda Pilot

It drives well and fits several people comfortably. It has heated seats, which is very nice. I wish it had remote start.

- Kayla B

It is spacious and the car run very smoothly.

2009 Honda Pilot

What I like about my car is the amount of space, the model of the car, how the car moves smoothly, and the reliability.

- Joe L

My car is amazing and I love it.

2009 Honda Pilot

I like it because it drives well. It has plenty of room for the kids and strollers. It has very few maintenance issues.

- Ashley L

It's high consumer report rating! It has the highest rating of all SUVs.

2009 Honda Pilot

I love the space. I love the way it drives and the safety features. I like how high it sits up compared to other SUVs.

- John S

Honda Pilots are made to last.

2009 Honda Pilot

Most comfortable vehicle I have ever owned. Drives smooth and tons of room for storage. Honda's are built to last.

- Jay P

Great vehicle to own and drive

2009 Honda Pilot

It's been a fantastic vehicle. Lots of room. Regular maintenance done to the vehicle with no problems at all for us.

- angie s

It is got the Toyota reliability factor.

2009 Honda Pilot

I love everything about my car. Perfect family car. It has plenty of room. I have had very little problems with it.

- Christine M

It is a safe and comfortable vehicle. I feel protected while I'm in it.

2009 Honda Pilot

I like the quality of the vehicle. it is comfortable and has good gas mileage and it is large enough for my family.

- Christina B

Best suv in the market. Look no other places if you are buying or considering.

2009 Honda Pilot

The car is very Versatile , it has great handling, and roomy interior. It provides great feedback to the driver.

- Mimi W

The Pilot is roomy and comfortable.

2009 Honda Pilot

There is plenty of room for numerous passengers. It is very comfortable and drives well. We get good gas mileage.

- Sue G

It seats eight people, whereas most SUVs only seat seven.

2009 Honda Pilot

I love the room inside. It has a built in dvd player. It seats 8 people. I love the dependability of a Honda.

- Deann C

Great gas mileage, it is a great family car.

2009 Honda Pilot

Drives and rides great has the room for my family. The only thing I dislike about it doesn't have auto start.

- Judy R

Honda's last forever. They are reliable. Great engines

2009 Honda Pilot

Hondas are dependable, comfortable, and last forever. I have almost 200,000 on the car and it's still going.

- Jennifer G

Great family vehicle, a must for off road

2009 Honda Pilot

Great for a family, only downside is gas mileage could be better. Love that it has 4 wheel drive for off-road

- Nicole W

Air bags need to be replaced before you drive the car.

2009 Honda Pilot

Don't like the seat. Like that its lasting. St is too close to the console. Headlight covers are yellowing.

- John L

The car is still running good.

2009 Honda Pilot

It is not a domestic car. The hatch is manual. Too boxy. The interior was not made with quality materials.

- Dora H

How it handles accidents.

2009 Honda Pilot

I like the way it drives. I like the amount of people it can carry. But it is not cost effective on gas.

- Lynn M

Its great. I love it very fun to drive and spacious.

2009 Honda Pilot

I like the navigation system and surround sound. I like the spacious interior room. I like the color.

- Jarrod W

Most comfortable car i have ever had for the entire family.

2009 Honda Pilot

Very comfortable, good fuel economy and space for family but can still tow small boats and trailers.

- Gabriel A

It drives really smoothly and gets great gas mileage!

2009 Honda Pilot

We love our Honda Pilot. It is roomy and drives well. We really think it looks great and classy.

- Martha A

reliable! it has gone cross country 5 times now without any issues.

2009 Honda Pilot

i really like the size. it fits all our kids and gear. dislike the amount of gas it uses.

- kelly w

It's not just a soccer mom car. It's also a great adventure car for someone who's outdoorsy.

2009 Honda Pilot

I love the room. I also love the Gas mileage. I can still haul things around in it too.

- Corey B

Reliable transportation, holds lots of stuff for long trips to the beach

2009 Honda Pilot

Has been very reliable, like how it sits high without blind spots, great for long trips

- Judy O

Dependable and reliable vehicle that is a part of the family

2009 Honda Pilot

Like the dependability of the vehicle. It is a little bigger vehicle than I need now.

- Kerri D

It is reliable and have never had any issues with it

2009 Honda Pilot

I like the size, fuel economy, reliability. No issues and would buy a Honda again.

- Mike J

Like that it is a Honda, they make great cars. Like that it can fit a lot of people. Wish the back/trunk area could fit a bit more.

2009 Honda Pilot

IT is a very high quality car. It is reliable, safe and can fit a lot of people.

- Amy T

I love how it handles, I love that I can easily fit my child's car seat in it. I love that it has heated seats. I love the back-up camera.

2009 Honda Pilot

That it can fit so much stuff, from luggage to groceries, to multiple car-seats.

- Lauren B

I like the dependability and the smooth ride. The car has given me no problems in the three years I have had it. I would like it to get better gas mileage, but being an SUV it's understandable. It would be great if the Honda Pilot came in a hybrid and got better gas mileage.

2009 Honda Pilot

Its dependability, the down the road costs have been only scheduled maintenance.

- Kyle C

It has third row seating, and all the back seats can fold down.

2009 Honda Pilot

I love the size and third row seating. I love the DVD player. I love the space.

- Megan A

It's reliable and safe never fails me

2009 Honda Pilot

i love honda It's safe and reliable I have owned many throughout the years

- sue K

I love how comfortable it is and I feel very safe in it. I have great visibility and lots of people can fit into the car. It also hauls a lot of stuff too. I wish it got a little better gas mileage but it's not bad.

2009 Honda Pilot

It is very well-made and long lasting. I never have problems with my honda

- Christina G

The most important thing someone should know about the Pilot is how much it can carry.

2009 Honda Pilot

I love the roominess. I like the look of the older version of the Pilot.

- Pepper W

It is roomy, comfortable and reliable. We've had very few problems with it over the years.

2009 Honda Pilot

Very comfortable. roomy. Nice smooth ride. Lots of storage. reliable

- Car S

I only change the oil. It was in the shop recently and it was costly.

2009 Honda Pilot

No complaints. Big, durable, sweet ride. I would buy another.

- Randy H

My vehicle has lot of room for family.

2009 Honda Pilot

I bought my vehicle used. I wish it was new model.

- phan k

The very iconic Honda pilot.

2009 Honda Pilot

- Kerry B