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I love the seat warmers in my car and the back up camera.

2010 Honda Pilot

I enjoy my car! I really like the back up camera on my rearview mirror! I would prefer that it was on the dash instead though. The third seat option is great because I have kids and transport them and friends all over! It has a lot of space with the third seat option! When you have the third seat up though you don't have a lot of room in the back for storage. I love that my seats in the front have seat warmers. My kids are bummed that the back seat doesn't have this option though. I am disappointed in the vinyl on the door and console! I have only had the car 8 years and it is coming apart. The car gets pretty good gas mileage and I do a lot of driving in town. It drives great and when we take trips it is very comfortable. It is a great car for a family with kids!

- Tracy A

Standard family car. It is able to meet all our needs.

2010 Honda Pilot

Smooth ride and it gets the job done. It is reliable and a good family car. The issues we've had with it include a rattling in the engine, trunk space, and ac. We haven't figured out what the rattling is but we know it is coming from inside the engine. It has not made itself a problem yet but it is a concern. Trunk space is very limited if you out the last row of seats down so it is not ideal for family road trips unless you put things on the roof. Lastly, the ac is only distributed from the front of the car so the backseat and the second row of back seats stay uncomfortable for a while before air can reach them. This is most notable on hot days.

- Bree P

The Honda pilot is a great family vehicle!

2010 Honda Pilot EX-L

The Honda pilot has been a great car for our family. It is large enough to fit my 3 boys comfortably on long car trips. We've taken several trips over 1,000 miles in length. There is enough storage, also. You can leave the 3rd row up or put it down if you need the space. There is also a small storage (trunk-like) compartment below the floor of the back. The selling point for me was the fact that it has 4 sets of latch anchors for car seats. Most of the cars we looked at only had 2 sets. At the time of purchase, all of our boys were in a car seat. The leather seats are also great if you have a kid who gets car sick.

- Rebecca S

Honda Pilot, a great family car!

2010 Honda Pilot

Great family car! Many amenities to it such as leather seats, television to play DVD's and navigation system. Plenty of space for up to eight passengers. The Honda brand itself is very reliable, has had no mechanicals issues if kept up with maintenance. The back cabin door has a button to close it hands free and the remote control has the feature as well. Whenever going on a trip, this car is very spacious. It is a v6 so gas can get expensive if used as a commuter car, but does have the "eco" to help save gas when on the streets rather than on the highways.

- Lis N

Honda Pilot: The Perfect Family Vehicle

2010 Honda Pilot Touring

I love my 2010 Pilot! It has been a very dependable car and I always feels safe when I'm on the road with my three kids. We've had no mechanical issues. There are plenty of seats for our family of five plus 3 guests, and plenty of storage space to lug around the kids' gear for their various activities and luggage when we go out of town. The Touring edition has all the features we could want, including a nice sound system, DVD player, leather seats, nav system, etc. Will most likely purchase another Pilot when this one finally wears out.

- Meg N

Be aware of any known issues with the type of vehicle you are buying. Always do your research.

2010 Honda Pilot

I like that Honda is generally a reliable vehicle. I enjoy having the extra space for long trips and group trips. It has am attractive body style and having the built in DVD system is extremely convenience for travelling with kids. I dislike that there is a known issue with the Honda engines from 2008-2011, but Honda did cover 75% of the repairs of this known issue, which is good service on their part. I also dislike that they are very expensive vehicles to purchase.

- stacy R

Enough room for all of our family activities.

2010 Honda Pilot EX

The vehicle was a good one for my last job as I worked for a state soccer association and we were always having tournament and meeting where supplies had to be carried to different locations. The pilot was the perfect size to carry all of my supplies to the various fields. . The vehicle was also great for travel as it had extra room in it and made trips more comfortable. The 8 passenger pilot is also great to carry around our grandchildren, with their car seats.

- Eric M

Steady Wheels On a Bumpy City Road

2010 Honda Pilot LX

The driving process is very smooth and can take most severe weather when faced. The steering wheel is very steady when going over bumpy roads and accidental potholes. The glass on the windows are very strong when pebbles hit on the highway from passing trucks. The amount of space in the car is a huge plus when adding more passengers or more loads. The notifications are very spot on when there's a problem with the engine or right after a small collision.

- Amanda B

I feel like it is one of the safest vehicles on the road, it has lots of cargo space and seats 8 with third row seating. It makes a great family vehicle.

2010 Honda Pilot

I like the overall look of our Honda Pilot and the lower wheel base because it makes me feel safer behind the wheel. I like the comfort of the seats and the amount of adjustment I can make to the driver's seat. I like that it get above average miles per gallon of gas. I do wish it had more bells and whistles, like self closing hatch and heated seats, but overall I am satisfied with our purchase, and would buy another Pilot, just with more features.

- Trudie C

All around my favorite car that I have ever had.

2010 Honda Pilot EX

My Honda pilot is very reliable. I have never had any problems. It starts right up every time. I have never had any problems with the transmission. For an SUV it gets pretty good gas mileage. Maintenance is very easy. Checking the oil, windshield wiper fluid, transmission fluid is all very accessible. My only real complaint is a simple one, the doors lock automatically after you open the back door, potentially locking your keys in your car.

- Kid O

Roomy SUV with lots of features.

2010 Honda Pilot Touring

My car actually had the motor seized up. It was burning oil too fast. Luckily I had bought a warranty with it and they replaced the whole motor. It has worked great ever since then. It is very roomy and has a ton of cargo space. The third row seat easily folds up and down. The TV in the back is a lifesaver with kids. And the wireless headphones work great and allow me to listen to music in the front while my kids watch a movie in the back.

- Tina G

Amazing family car. Has a lot of space and seats move up and down with ease.

2010 Honda Pilot

I have to keep on replacing parts. I have a decent amount of miles on it and love how it is perfect family car. How ever the past two years every other month I am having to get a new part replaced. It has a nice sunroof which I really appreciate. Comfortable leather seats that do not fade and are easy to clean. The heaters work very good and so does the seat warmers. This year the air stopped working takes a long time to defrost.

- Summer C

Honda Pilot is a reliable,long lasting vehicle that you will enjoy for years.

2010 Honda Pilot

The Pilot has a great engine. Great for hauling trailers, boats, etc. comfortable controls at your fingertips including A/C, satellite radio, and cruise control. This vehicle along with a previously owned Honda product seems to have a slipping or delay in the transmission. Aside from this problem,Honda makes a great, reliable product. I have driven a Honda product for over 25 years.

- Wendy W

The love for a Honda pilot.

2010 Honda Pilot

I absolutely love my pilot. Seats 8 and with twin boys and a little girl all in car seats its still very roomy. Haven't any major issues with it. Great on gas and very dependable. Love the storage space. It has so many compartments and so much room. We have actually folded down all the seats and made a pallet in the back. My husband is 6' 4' and was comfortable sleeping in the back.

- Helen S

2010 Honda Pilot with Third Row Seating

2010 Honda Pilot

I love my car. I think it's incredibly reliable. I've never had any issues with drivability or starting it. I do occasionally have issues with the sensitivity of the low tire pressure light. I think my one annoyance is that my gas mileage isn't great, but I think that's more because of where I drive than the car itself. My car feels very safe, and I would recommend it to anyone!

- Carson D

2010 pilot owner's review.

2010 Honda Pilot

Safe and reliable. Has many features that more expensive models have for less. Super reliable - have only had to change the oil, replace tires and brakes with 100k miles on the odometer. If you can afford the new ones which are pricey well worth it, but recommend finding a lower mileage used one. Best bang for my buck in a vehicle I have ever owned.

- Brad P

A brief observation of a Honda Pilot and its usability.

2010 Honda Pilot LX

I like the size and usefulness of my vehicle, but the tinted windows make it difficult to see at night, and after extensive use the brakes are a bit stiff. The large size if the vehicle also makes parking a bit difficult, but luckily there is a back-up camera to help with that. It's a pretty good vehicle for the family, not really for personal use.

- Caleb M

Safe and reliable vehicle for a growing family.

2010 Honda Pilot EX

The Honda Pilot has been a great vehicle for the last 7 years. No major issues other than the regular required maintenance. It has been great for our growing family. The only issue is the leather on the center console tearing. Also along the driver side door. When the third row seat is up, there is not much trunk room. I feel safe in my car.

- Lindsey P

Recommend Highly... I Tell Everyone

2010 Honda Pilot Touring

So far no problems. We bought this car because we love Honda's. Recently had the need for 3rd row but didn't want a minivan. It came with navigation which is helpful and the back up camera is an awesome feature. Loved the extras such as pull up shades in the back windows. Cars ac works well all the way in the back which was of big concern.

- Elizabeth H

Great car to grow a sporty family.

2010 Honda Pilot Touring

My car is large and spacious. I comfortably holds 8 passengers. It has been extremely reliable and has had very few problems. This car can pull trailers and has a very sharp turning radius. My kids love this car too. It is a great family car. The gauges and the computer dashboard help me to regulate my tire pressure gas mileage and more.

- Leah C

Realizable. Mine is 8 years old and is a great SUV-handles perfectly in the snow.

2010 Honda Pilot

Very comfortable roomy SUV perfect size! Love the DVD player and heated seats. The only problems I have had with the Honda is the tires - which were lurched at a tire store. After driving the Cecilie for 8 years the key fobs do not work any more. I have 4 key fobs and none of them work. I have to manually lock and unlock the SUV.

- Jan B

There is plenty of room for everyone.

2010 Honda Pilot

It is amazing fits 3+ car seats. It's great for hauling things. Had some problems with the battery but that really doesn't reflect the car quality. The ac has started going out which is odd. I've owned pilots for years and not had that problem. All in all we love out pilot and it's perfect for our family and what we need it for.

- Esther D

Has lasted a family of 5 for 9 years now and is still running fine!

2010 Honda Pilot LX

This car has been driven for 9 years constantly and has never let us down! Great car. Holds up to 8 people so it is great for families to use on an everyday basis and on trips! The stereo has an auxiliary cable option so you can listen to music on your phone or on the radio. Gas mileage is great and very reliable.

- Mackenzie K

Perfect car for a family- safe, reliable, and affordable. The best.

2010 Honda Pilot

My vehicle has been the absolute best. It is 8 years old and still drives like new. It has only needed minor repairs. It was perfect when I was single, in a relationship without children, and now is a perfect car for a family with children. It is extremely safe, which is the biggest priority with having children.

- Lauren J

A vehicle you can count on.

2010 Honda Pilot EX-L

Have had no problems at all, very dependable and spacious vehicle. Love the 3 rows of seats and the way it makes into a 2 seater w/ lots of space to carry almost anything. I would buy a new Pilot because of the good experience I've had with this one but the new ones are a lot smaller and I need the extra room.

- Robert L

The Honda Pilot has proven itself as a very safe family car!

2010 Honda Pilot

I love my Pilot. Runs smooth, it is proven to be very safe, and it can haul a lot of people. It does consume a lot gas, and it has been a little pricey when it comes to major repairs. But I still really like it. I would definitely recommend this car to anyone and I have. It does well in the snow too!

- Judy V

The ups and downs of a 2010 pilot.

2010 Honda Pilot

For the first five years or so, the vehicle was quite reliable overall. However, there have been multiple issues since, everything from recalls to faulty brakes. Those first five years made the purchase worth it. For the majority of the vehicle's life, it has survived many road trips, spills, etc..

- Ben D

That it is a good size, can fit a lot of people and stuff, but isn't overly big or clunky.

2010 Honda Pilot

I like that is is comfortable inside the car, and it is easy to drive. The acceleration and breaking is excellent, the acceleration is perhaps a bit too easy if you apply even not that much pressure. It's easy to handle, do turns, and backup. And there aren't really any blind spots in this car.

- sarah m

Smooth ride and spacious room.

2010 Honda Pilot

Love this vehicle. Purchased it used with 80,000 miles from dealer. It was previously a lease vehicle. It rides wonderfully and is great in the snow. It holds 8 passengers if need be. The seats fold down easily for hauling large items. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a SUV.

- Teresa D

Best vehicle I have had, and I have had 3.

2010 Honda Pilot

The Honda Pilot is an SUV with an abundance of space. 4 wheel drive. Has built in navigation. With a twenty gallon tank it is mostly gas efficient and only takes about forty dollars to fill it. My model has a built in DVD player. My dog loves the space available when the seats are folded down.

- Natasha F

Loving and driving my Honda pilot. Car that is dependable, comfortable and safe.

2010 Honda Pilot EX-L

Good driving, comfortable seats has extra row of seating. Rear view camera. No major problems. Cap check light blinks but have not been able to resolve this issue otherwise everything else is okay. Comes with a 6 CD changer satellite radio, wireless Bluetooth and garage door opener features.

- Art H

Useful Information for those interested

2010 Honda Pilot Touring

Has sensors, leather seats. Fully loaded, holds a lot of things. Has a rear view camera window shades headlights are kind of dim I don't like that the turn signal is red has turns signals on the mirrors. Has multi driver seat settings which I like a lot. Power seats. Rear air control

- Ashley J

An interesting detail is the built in TV

2010 Honda Pilot EX-L

I'd purchase this vehicle over any other. It's extremely reliable and safe for my family. Very comfortable for traveling with children over long distance. The built in TV is an added bonus for keeping the children quiet and entertained while riding for long extended periods of time

- Angela F

Comfortable and economy car.

2010 Honda Pilot

We all in my family are happy with this car because it is comfortable to trip faraway places and it is economy in gasoline, it is big enough for a big family because it is for 8 people it is like a van but for outside it is look like a SUV but in really it is a big van for inside.

- Lidia C

Roomy 8 passenger, Honda pilot.

2010 Honda Pilot

It is an 8 passenger. Both back seats fold down. I have bought entire dining room set and fit it in. It has 160k miles on it. Thus far I have had smaller/mod repairs. Car is very reliable. Has leather and sunroof and roof rack. 6 CD player an xm. Extremely comfortable to drive.

- Nicole W

It has a sunroof that brings in a lot of air

2010 Honda Pilot LX

Comfortable, easy to drive, spacious. This is my all time favorite car. I feel safe in it due to it being up high and it drives nice. Not a fan of leather seats as they get too hot in the warm weather and your legs stick to them. Plenty of room for my family to sit comfortably

- Danielle M

Honda pilot to get your family to their destination safely every time.

2010 Honda Pilot Touring

I have never had any functionality issues since buying the car in 2010. It is great in snow (in fact better than the land cruiser that I drove before it.) With eight seats, my entire family can ride together to events. It was great for carpooling and carrying sports equipment.

- Lori D

My thoughts of my Honda pilot.

2010 Honda Pilot

Reliable, roomy, lots of storage, dependable, needs better holding areas for your purse needs a drop down for storage like the odyssey- runs great - never had any major issues with it at all—. I would recommend the pilot to anyone who was looking for an 8 passenger vehicle.

- Sue A

Seat warmers, adjustable seating, and ability to put back seats down is great.

2010 Honda Pilot

The car runs great and has great features. The only thing that I would change is how much room the third row of seats had for their feet. I wish there was more room for their feet in the back seats. Other than those small changes that I would make, I love everything about it!

- Juliana M

They know it is well-made and will last a long time if it is well-maintained.

2010 Honda Pilot

I like the size of it. The third row of seats that we can use is a benefit. Also, I like the fact that suitcases, groceries, etc. are easily loaded from the back. The only like I dislike is that it does not seem to have the acceleration that my wife's Toyota seems to have.

- Gregg R

It is an extremely reliable vehicle. It will take a beating and still run strong.

2010 Honda Pilot

My Honda Pilot has a smooth ride and is very comfortable inside and out. I have always been able to fit my kids and belongings in the truck with no difficulties so the storage inside is great. I have not had to pay an exorbitant amount for service so it is very reliable.

- Tony C

Remarkable family vehicle.

2010 Honda Pilot

Very reliable family vehicle. Spacious and roomy and the third row seat is very easy to utilize or store. Never experienced any mechanical problems besides belt changes in the 200k miles we have driven it. Back camera on the rear view is my favorite feature. Great on gas!

- Chas S

Amazingly reliable car, but has minor problems as it ages.

2010 Honda Pilot

Has been comfortable and reliable since buying it. It is never broken down in any of the road trips we've taken. However, as my family has had it for many years now, it is developed some problems- with its air-conditioning and the door locks that we've had to have fixed.

- Trish P

Simply a Spacious Family Vehicle

2010 Honda Pilot Touring

I love the Honda Pilot because it is one of the few crossover SUV's that can carry 8 passengers. It is spacious enough in the 3rd row too. I am also happy with the Miles Per Gallon so it is a perfect fit for me and my family. Of course it's also reliable, it's a Honda.

- Glory C

The pilot a great family car.

2010 Honda Pilot

Great 8 Passenger 4x4 that gets it done. Great handling in any type of weather. Great entertainment and tow package. Nice perks are the moon roof and fancy rims. Not so nice the storage and the price, that pretty much speaks for itself it is a safe reliable family car.

- Kari W

Plenty of room and a very comfortable car.

2010 Honda Pilot

Honda pilot is a great family car. Good on gas and plenty of room for myself and our five grandkids, the DVD player is a good option when we take long family vacation. There is plenty of room for luggage in the rear of the SUV for whatever we need to transport.

- Gail C

this vehicle is almost like a tank it is very sturdy and reliable

2010 Honda Pilot Base

love this car very reliable take on family vacations and able to go long distance with it. Does use a lot of gas but overall very awesome car. Although sometimes random problems occur with the car but not often and not too big of a problem. Very nice to drive.

- Emma M

My opinion of my Honda pilot.

2010 Honda Pilot EX

I love my vehicle just wish I had more trunk space. When I have my 3rd row up there's very little trunk space. Also wish the glove box was bigger. It's very small does not hold anything. But the vehicle is very reliable and great on gas. And drive very smooth.

- Ashley P

The reasons my 8 year car is in tip top shape!

2010 Honda Pilot

I love my Honda pilot. It has given me no problems since I bought it in 2011. The 3 rows of seating has really been a lifesaver over the years. I do regular oil changes, tire rotation and service reminders which I feel has given the vehicle a long life.

- Andrea B

It is been a good car and is still going strong.

2010 Honda Pilot EX-L

My pilot is a wonderful family car. When the kids were little there car seats fit with room for extra passenger. It has good clearance and I have never had anything done but new tires and oil changes and the vehicle has 168,000 miles. I love this car.

- Tiffany B

Overall , this car is a family car that�s very spacious & very easy to drive.

2010 Honda Pilot LX

The only problems I have with my car is the air has problems, but other than that it's ok. It's a breeze driving since the height is very tall and I really recommend it for an everyday use. The pilot is very spacious and you can accelerate very fast.

- Tanya C

It has been a workhorse ever since we got it.

2010 Honda Pilot LX

It has been very reliable and we use it for everything from road trips to taking kids to all of their sporting events, hauling around all of their equipment for soccer, baseball, basketball etc. It is a great vehicle for parents with young children.

- Dennis B

The most important thing everyone should know is that my car is very reliable!

2010 Honda Pilot

I like the room it has on the inside. I like that I can haul many things by simply folding the seats down. I love the shape of it. I love the fact it holds a lot of people! I have no complaints other than the gas mileage could be a little better!

- Taun M

it runs very well. it has almost 200k miles and you would never know it.

2010 Honda Pilot

i have not had many problems with my car. it has high miles and still drives very well. the only reason i do not give it a five star rating is because i wish it was a little bigger. i would like to have more trunk space once all seats are up.

- sarah k

It is a great family car with 8 seats!

2010 Honda Pilot

I like how much room the third row offers my family and it is very easy to put seats down/up. I like that my car features several outlets for chargers in all rows. I dislike how little trunk room there is and how bumpy it can be on bad roads.

- Sierra F

It's loaded with lots of features! Tow package, running boards, roof rack, DVD, sunroof, CD along with all the basic features!

2010 Honda Pilot

I have only had my Pilot for about 8 months but I love it. I wanted an SUV with a third row and also needed it for towing. It tows our tent trailer beautifully. The used one we chose has a DVD player and sunroof as well which my kids love.

- Christi S

Repairs have been normal maintenance repairs,no mechanical failures

2010 Honda Pilot

My vehicle has enough room to seat everyone in my family plus room for cargo. It has all of the features I need and gets decent fuel economy. It would be nice to have more cargo space when the third row seats are used.

- Mary B

perfect size for families that travel a great deal, or for people that have a busy lifestyle

2010 Honda Pilot

Love the size and style of my car. I am able to transport 8x4 sheets of plywood or 7 other people. The storage space is great. I wish they would get rid of the 'eco' mode. I find that to be annoying

- Michelle A

The Honda Pilot is a great family car

2010 Honda Pilot

The honda pilot is a very reliable car. With the third row seating it makes it comfortable when traveling with more than four people. With the third row seating down it gives you a lot of storage room.

- Pam C

Drives great, comfortable, & roomy!

2010 Honda Pilot

I love the size - very roomy and comfortable. I also like that it has 4-wheel drive so I can easily get around in the winter weather. I also get good service from the dealership where I bought it.

- Jennifer L

It is very dependable and you can't beat the price for all you get

2010 Honda Pilot

Spacious and can accomodate 8 people. Love all the ways to plug in and charge our multiple devices when we take long road trips. The DVD player is a lifesaver. Love the bluetooth and navigation.

- JoBeth C

The car has a great safety record and has been a great vehicle for my family.

2010 Honda Pilot

The vehicle has been very reliable. I liked all the features when we purchased the car. The features have stood the test of time and the wear and tear of two active kids and two large dogs.

- Tina B

Honda pilot-great all around vehicle.

2010 Honda Pilot

So far this has been a very reliable car. I have had problems with rotors for the brakes warping multiple times. I wish the gas mileage was a little better, but overall an outstanding car.

- Judy V

Perfect family car - great for field trips and family trips!

2010 Honda Pilot

Love this car! Holds eight - perfect field trip car! Also good for long trips with dog in the back. Can also put kayaks on top and can tow a tent trailer. No problems with this car at all.

- Lor W

It is a great vehicle for families with more than two children without having to drive a minivan.

2010 Honda Pilot

I love all the features my car has...the back up cam, the in dash radio display, third row seating, heated seats...the list goes on. It drives beautifully and gets great gas mileage.

- Chandi S

It's very comfortable for long drives and has pretty good gas mileage.

2010 Honda Pilot

I love the comfort and spaciousness. I like the back up camera and Bluetooth capabilities. I don't like the random honking of the horn when the car is bumped or moved by vibration.

- Royce P

It has a ton of space inside, for people (easily fits five adults) and whatever else you want to carry with you.

2010 Honda Pilot

The Pilot is a safe and comfortable vehicle. Tons of space for carrying groceries and supplies, and comfortably seats five. Also quick acceleration and easy to drive.

- Virginia R

Great gas mileage. One of the reasons I always chose Honda

2010 Honda Pilot

I love my vehicle, due to the size it's a perfect fit for my family. Also makes me feel safe than if I was driving a smaller car. Dislikes; the cost to maintain it.


2010 Honda pilot running great with 200, 000 miles.

2010 Honda Pilot

I really enjoy how roomy this SUV is. It also handles very well. The reliability of the car is what sold me on this car. I hope to get many years out of this car.

- Jeff M

The Honda Pilot is a versatile and fun vehicle

2010 Honda Pilot

The Honda Pilot is a great family or single person's vehicle. It has the reliability one would expect from a Honda and the durability of any SUV on the market.

- Kenneth T

This suv is long lasting. We have driven it everywhere.

2010 Honda Pilot

This is a great vehicle for a young family. It seats 8 which is nice. Seats also fold down for storage. Heated front seats are a nice bonus in the winter.

- Suu K

My car is the most amazing thing out there. Reliable, comfy, and spacious.

2010 Honda Pilot

I love everything about my Honda pilot. It is comfy and the most reliable car I have had. Also great to have if you have kids or lots of nieces and nephews.

- Nicole A

It is very reliable and handles well.

2010 Honda Pilot

The vehicle is reliable and solid. However, some of the interior has visible wear due to heat (I live in south Florida where the sun beats down on the car).

- Angie N

Great, comfortable driving SUV. Love that it handles well in snow.

2010 Honda Pilot

It is dependable, a rear size. Gives us a lot of legroom for adults. The one thing I don't like is the armrests have started to bubble, crack and peel.

- Joy L

I have had many cars but Honda's have been the most reliable.

2010 Honda Pilot

The major things I like about my Honda is that Honda's are reliable. And the pilot is very spacious. I dislike the gas mileage on the vehicle though.

- Marisa L

Perfect car for families with multiple children.

2010 Honda Pilot

Gas mileage, space, storage. Kind of of hard to drive. Lost of storage space though. Plenty of room for kids. Very roomy. Many storage compartments.

- Emily P

That it is very safe and reliable vehicle; lasts a long time with good basic maintenance and care.

2010 Honda Pilot

I have a very safe and reliable car. Takes me and family wherever we need to go. Fits everybody and then some. Complaint: maybe better gas mileage.

- mal g

It's a Honda and Honda is known for its reliability.

2010 Honda Pilot

I dislike the fuel economy. I like the way it drives and that it's comfortable. It also has enough space for my family. I like the Honda brand.

- Janice S

It is very stable and has all the extra things you need.

2010 Honda Pilot

I love the room that it has and that it has a navigation system built in. Also that it has free hand phone and last a long time and runs great.

- Brenda W

That it is safe, comfortable and reliable.

2010 Honda Pilot

No complaints. My Honda pilot is comfortable and reliable. It has a large storage area to accommodate. Anything that I might want to transport.

- Carolyn H

Honda Pilot is a Great Overall Vehicle

2010 Honda Pilot

I have loved everything about my vehicle. The only thing I've had issues with is the leather on the center console has started to peel off.

- Brenda D

Drives very smoothly, and has great control.

2010 Honda Pilot

Like the size, color and handling. I dislike the deceptive size of the car when backing out. I dislike the buzzing static from the AUX cord.

- John P

It is mine. It is something we have worked hard for and take pride in.

2010 Honda Pilot

I dislike that my inside leather is peeling and would love to get it recovered. I love the car itself, the way it drives and the third row.

- Carissa H

My car has lasted me almost ten years with minimal repair.

2010 Honda Pilot

I love the space that it has on the interior. I have not had to replace any parts, except for the tires. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Leeners b

That it is roomy and if you are not a van type of person this vehicle is for you.

2010 Honda Pilot

I like having a third row seating and 4 wheel drive, heated seats, and good stereo system, and backup camera. I dislike the gas mileage.

- Jill I

Honda Pilots are great vehicles. I would recommend to anyone.

2010 Honda Pilot

No complaints. At 8 years old it is starting to have little things happen. Looking towards the next few years when I get a new vehicle.

- Billy H

It's roomy for having the third row option. Two adults can sit comfortably in the third row.

2010 Honda Pilot

I love that it has the third row option. It's been a great car for my family even though we bought it used. It's been very reliable.

- Charitty H

The Honda Pilot is a Reliable vehicle for a family.

2010 Honda Pilot

Love 3rd row, size, smooth driving, handles snow well. Compartments are convenient. Only complaint was I had a leak that ruined rugs.

- Denise T

It is roomy and holds a good amount of people.

2010 Honda Pilot

It is a large sturdy vehicle that holds 8 passengers. I like that it has held up well throughout the years. No complaints so far.

- Margaret b

Dependable, nice looking, affordable

2010 Honda Pilot

Great reliability as long as service is kept up with. Routine repairs have been needed. Comfortable for every day and long trips.

- SarahC C

Pilots are awesome family SUVs and worth the money spent.

2010 Honda Pilot

Ample space for any occasion, runs great and has outlasted any vehicle I've owned with no more than normal service/maintenance.

- Kayla H

8 passenger can ride in the vehicle.

2010 Honda Pilot

Love it 8 passenger. 4x4 great power but good gas mileage. Good cabin layout. On the downside there is not enough trunk space.

- Kari Ann W

Space is great. Lots of room for a large family to travel in.

2010 Honda Pilot

Love the size. You don't feel all cramped up. It has been a great car. I would buy another Honda pilot if I was looking.

- Melanie F

Good gas mileage, still going with over 133,000 miles

2010 Honda Pilot

Upholstery cracked and ripped, seems wobbly when driving, good gas mileage, shows how many miles left before refill needed

- Angie E

The third row seat is beneficial for traveling with children. And ample storage.

2010 Honda Pilot

Love the Honda pilot. The third row seat comes in very handy for family and friends. Hondas are just overall great cars!.

- Carol W


2010 Honda Pilot


- Liz B

It is a safe family vehicle.

2010 Honda Pilot

Very few if any maintenance issues. This car fits our family comfortably. It is a reliable vehicle.. No complaints.

- Nat S

Perfect for a family of four

2010 Honda Pilot

It is a very reliable SUV. It is the second one I have owned within the past decade. Perfect for a family of four.

- Emma A

Wonderful car for big families. you don't need to get a minivan!

2010 Honda Pilot

Very reliable. Great storage that is quickly accessible. Seats 8 fairly comfortably! Super safe -- great mom car!

- Sarah H

Honda: The best you can buy

2010 Honda Pilot

Reliable,dependable,comfortable,efficient,and stylish! Honda is a name you can trust.Never any serious problems.

- Mark P

Reliable vehicle that can accommodate 8 people on long trips.

2010 Honda Pilot

Roomy, reliable SUV that has been driven daily for 8 years. No problems would by another one as my next vehicle.

- Nancy M

People should know that the car is safe. It is a good built car.

2010 Honda Pilot

I like the spaciousness of the vehicle. I dislike how much maintained has been required. All around a good car.

- Andrea Z

Very little vehicle maintenance required

2010 Honda Pilot

Fits my family of 4 comfortably. Gas mileage is decent and is roomy. The interior upholstery doesn't wear well.

- Dexter C

The DVD player. Keeps the kids happy and distracted. Also it's very easy to fix.

2010 Honda Pilot

It's great and luxurious. I love how it has a DVD player for the kids. Just wished it had better gas mileage.

- Rebekah P

Reliability is what Honda is all about!

2010 Honda Pilot

A very nice vehicle to drive. I have had zero issues with this vehicle. Love the resale value on this suv.

- Brian P

Saves me a lot of money on gas

2010 Honda Pilot

Car works great don't have any problem saves me money on gas and it also helps me drive safe all the time.

- Robert R

Very reliable vehicle and great looking too. The newer models look more like a minivan and I'm not fond of the body style

2010 Honda Pilot

Love the size, color, interior and sporty look. Drives well just getting old and has high miles on it.

- Charity P

It is very convenient lots of space. It is not a show off vehicle

2010 Honda Pilot

Nice large car with a hitch where I can put a bike rack. I wish the car got better gas mileage.

- Jon W

My Honda Pilot is a great family car. My kids are involved in lots of sports so we need the extra room for equipment, friends, dogs and other family members. The Pilot is comfortable and looks classy.

2010 Honda Pilot

The Honda Pilot is economical but has all the features for a good and comfortable family car.

- Erin S

the honda pilot is a very reliable vehicle

2010 Honda Pilot

I like everything about my pilot. it has enough room to carry 8 people and it can go off road

- glenn W

It's great for a family of five. Has good mileage and smooth to ride in.

2010 Honda Pilot

Pros: It can carry 8 people. Cons: The head rest for the back seats are uncomfortable.

- Tori T

That it is roomy and I am a bigger person.

2010 Honda Pilot

Like that is roomy. Does not need a lot of repairs. Also I can carry big loads.

- Dan M

I love my Honda Pilot, it's roomy, comfortable, reliable and well made. I will keep it for many years to come

2010 Honda Pilot

Honda stands by their product. The quality of it exceeds many other vehicles

- Sharon W

That any car is going to be a ton of money from car repairs to payments and then gas

2010 Honda Pilot

It's ok but needs to much work to keep up with. Has us also super expensive

- Saa D

It is reliable and definitely has enough space for everyone, but the gas mileage is pretty terrible.

2010 Honda Pilot

It is a reliable and dependable vehicle that does well in winter climates

- Warner E

Very reliable vehicle with space for 8 people. Drives great.

2010 Honda Pilot

Love that it saves gas and it is very reliable. It fits my big family!

- Karena G

Hands free phone ,dvd,fits 8, rear and front air, navigation.

2010 Honda Pilot

It is nice and roomy has navigation, DVD player hands free phone.

- Brenda W

It's reliable. It's roomy. It has pretty good gas mileage.

2010 Honda Pilot

Love the dependability. It glitches sometimes. I like the room.

- ashlet s

This car is going to run forever

2010 Honda Pilot

Large Suv, tow hitch, 4 wheel drive. 3rd row seating. Love it.

- Stev C

How dependable the truck is

2010 Honda Pilot

Dependable. Have over 200k miles and never had a major issue.

- Ken K

very nice for family and good to use for road trip

2010 Honda Pilot

love it and very nice and comfortable and no complain at all

- Richard M

My honda pilot is safe and roomy! Gas mileage is not really good but I can easily seat eight people

2010 Honda Pilot

Love my Honda Pilot. Very roomy and I love sitting up high!

- Gerry D

I like how it is easy to drive. It has the 3rd row seats and works for my family of 5. I do with though it had an easier access to the 3rd row seating.

2010 Honda Pilot

It can fit 3 car seats in it. This includes all in one row.

- Jenna R

Size is perfect. Drives amazing. Not too big. But not small. Seats fold down. Fill it like a truck and Honda quality

2010 Honda Pilot

It is long lasting and reliable fun to drive handles well

- Amy B

It's roomy and drives well. The family can take a roadtrip and fit all that we need to take without problem.

2010 Honda Pilot

Love everything but the cost of filling the gas tank.

- Elizabeth T

I love the space. It's an amazing family car. It has lots of storage.

2010 Honda Pilot

It's an amazing family car . It makes you feel safe.

- Nat L

Very reliable and safe.great car

2010 Honda Pilot

No complaint. Beautiful car just what I need

- JJ N