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Reliable SUV with third row seating and decent price under the used category.

I bought my car used and was not impressed with how short the warranty was. The reliability has been great. I have not had any engine problems or electrical problems. I have plenty of room with the third row and storage underneath. I have used it for road trips, camping, family time and it all has been great. One draw back with the material used on the interior is stains do not come out. I have spilled water on my seats and I cannot get the water ring out. I have tried many different kinds of cleaning material and nothing has worked. I love the color of the interior and exterior and the space it has in the front seat is great. The third row is quite short on any leg room. With 3 growing boys that can get a little tight. It is very hard for adults to sit in the third row. I would try to find something with bucket seats for the middle row to have a more open feeling, if desired.

- Brittany M

The Honda pilot is by far the best SUV available.

I love my Honda pilot. It is roomy with third row seating, plenty of room in the back for packing, and a great vehicle for both local and long-distance trips. I really like the amount of space available for my family when we travel, and each row of seating has its own USB charging outlets which means no fighting over them. I also appreciate the dual front and back seat temperature controls. The pilot is also extremely comfortable to drive and handles well in all kinds of weather. I feel very safe which is very important to me. The warranty and service I have received from the Honda dealership is way above average which also gives me a sense of security in my purchase. I would definitely recommend the Honda pilot!

- Kimberly M

Honda�s are dependable and will get you where you're going... and fast!

I love the reliability of Honda. The features that I don't like, is the radio. It has a FM1 and FM2. So it goes give you 12 programmable stations, but then you have to switch. It never gives you a full detail list of what's playing. Whether that's regular FM Stations or satellite. It cuts the description off. It's a small gripe, but it does annoy me. The car is pretty quiet. No comfort issues for me. I love the seat warmers. I was able to put a tow hitch on it for our boat. Which I had never had an issue when towing. Runs smooth. Some days I'm going much faster than needed, because the drive is so smooth, you don't even notice how fast you're going.

- Kathleen C

There are no interesting details about my vehicle. It is very durable and safe.

I love my Honda pilot! It is truly a great SUV. It is very secure and safe, and it is well built. I haven't had too many problems, other than my tires needing to be replaced. It was not an issue with the actual SUV. The Honda pilot is a great alternative with those who have children but do not want a minivan. The third row seating is great, but not so great for adults with long legs. When the third row seating is down, there is plenty of trunk space which is great. Another thing I have noticed about Honda pilots... You see a lot of older models on the road. Which appears to me that they are durable and long lasting.

- Mary T

Bluetooth, you can listen to directions while your driving

I love the pilot that I drive. I prefer driving bigger cars and I feel like this car is the perfect size for anyone, it is not too big or too small or too high or low from the ground. It can have 8 passengers including the driver, to have more trunk space, you can move the back seats down. The back is very spacious, and the ac and heating system work very quickly and efficiently. There aren't leather seats so you don't have to worry about extreme weather changes. It also has Bluetooth so you can connect and listen to your own music while listening to driving directions.

- Melanie K

A smart vehicle for the discerning driver.

I love everything about the 2014 Honda pilot! It has plenty of seat room for the driver and passengers. It has endless areas of storage. It has a third row seat to accommodate large families or hauling stuff. The seats fold down flat to accommodate just about anything. I like the sharp, boxy look of the 2014 model. It is sleek and all around a good-looking vehicle. I like how it handles and the power behind of the engine. I use it for towing my camper and it works great. I really cannot say enough about this vehicle. Honda has always made a great automobile.

- Heidi K

Honda pilot a great all around ride for the family.

We had this vehicle for 4 years, no problems have come about, it drives great and handles well for a family car. It's reliable as we've driven on 6 hr trips and you get the comfort as you can adjust the seats for passenger based on leg length. The vehicle does not have heated seats, but it's got full on air conditioning for all three rows and we can seat up to 8 people. There is one things that noticeable and that's when driving you can hear the gas moving throughout the gas tank. The cabin noise can not bad on a scale of 10 it's a 6.

- Dominick T

Honda Pilot not living up to my expectations

I have always loved the Honda Pilot. I was very excited the day I finally was able to afford one. Unfortunately it does not meet my expectations. It's not as big as I would like. I have a family of 5 and the third row is great, but if we are traveling it doesn't hold everything I need to bring. The other annoying part is that when you shit the car off, the only door that unlocks is the drivers door. So I'm constantly locking my passengers in the car. It does drive nicely and it's not very expensive to fill up on gas.

- Gina B

It is an extremely safe vehicle.

My 2014 Honda pilot gives me a sound piece of mind because of how safe it is. My last three vehicles have been Honda pilots. I have been in a couple wrecks in those vehicles and each time my family has been perfectly fine when in all reality someone should've been hurt. But not even a scratch thank god. Everything worked perfectly fine. I am also impressed with the gas mileage of this vehicle. I also like the design. Like I mentioned before, I have owned 3 Honda pilots and think the design of all 3 are great!

- Wendy P

Honda Pilot was the right move for this Dad

I bought my Pilot when my Tacoma became too small to carry two children in car seats. The Pilot comes with plenty of room for passengers and great cargo space when I keep the third row down, which I often do. Whenever we need to carry more passengers, I move one car seat to the back row and we have plenty of space. I recently drove over 1,200 miles this past week to go on vacation and my Pilot are the trip extremely comfortable. With the soft seats, clear modern radio, and Bluetooth connectivity.

- Josh W

Pilot: something for everyone

My dad, who is 6'8', cares about legroom more than anything. Whether he's driving or riding in passenger, the seats are easy to adjust both for him and for the next passenger/driver. The technology (I.e. avg speed as well as miles left, etc) is innovative and straightforward. It also offers Bluetooth connection for phone calls, music and GPS apps. Most important to me is that routine maintenance and dealership trips are never a huge expense.

- Nicole W

2014 Honda Pilot... Decent SUV

The 2014 Honda Pilot is spacious, with plenty of cargo and passenger room. The gas mileage is about average. My only complaint is that it doesn't make for a very smooth ride. The suspension seems to be more for a truck, than a passenger vehicle. I enjoy the XM Sirius radio feature that came with the car. When backing up the rear camera feature is helpful, although there is no warning if you are getting too close to an obstacle.

- Patrick A

The 2014 Honda Pilot great performance and ride.

The Honda Pilot that I own has a lot of nice amenities such as heated seats and mirrors. Since purchasing this vehicle I have had zero problems with the performance and the only recall has been for the passenger side air bag. The vehicle handles extremely well and has a smooth ride making it fun to drive. The stereo has great sound and Bluetooth. The biggest problem that I've had is who gets to drive when we go somewhere.

- Jane P

Most comfortable SUV for all.

My Honda pilot is as comfortable for me, as the driver, as it is for my passengers. It is reliable, dependable and surprisingly good on gas mileage, too. The only issues experienced (window issue) were promptly dealt with by the Honda dealer, at no additional charge. I do love having a built-in GPS, but would appreciate free updates to the maps. (I typically depend upon google maps on my cell phone, instead. ).

- Doreen G

The Honda pilot - a great car for family road trips.

The Honda pilot has plenty of room for passengers and for cargo. It rides smoothly and performs well in all kinds of weather. It is comfortable and has been great on multiple cross country road trips. I really like the backup camera and reliability. It has not needed any work since I bought it. I wish it had slightly better gas mileage, but I think it (at about 20 miles per gallon) it is average for its class.

- Julie R

A working car with pros and cons.

The vehicle itself runs pretty well on a daily basis. However, I still sometimes experience technical issues when starting the car. The DVD player that came built in to the car had a bad LCD, which can cause the screen not to work or only show lines, which can make my kids very upset. There is plenty of room in this car, and can fit up to 8 people, which makes it great if you are out with family or friends.

- Jonathan G

Honda-pilot, the most reliable vehicle.

It is a very reliable vehicle, haven't had any problems with it yet. The one thing that I like about it the most is its height. I really like that it does not sit low to the ground and I can actual see what's out in front of the vehicle. The sunroof and heated seats are also a plus in the summer and winter. It also has 4 wheel drive, so thats a nice bonus as well, do not want to get stuck in the snow.

- Jeffrey H

My Honda pilot is reliable, well-built, easy to drive, & attractive to look at!

I love my Honda pilot, it has just the right amount of seating and space in the back for groceries, etc. It is the right size for me, and there are not any blind spots that my mirrors cannot cover. The navigation works great; however, the computer/controls for information such as range left in gas tank is extremely difficult to understand. All in all, I plan on driving this car for many years.

- Donna C

It is a very good and reliable car that get do anything that you need it to do.

Very comfortable with heating cooling seats, aux and DVD player and comes with a GPS. Drives very well and smoothly and the performance is very good, it can get you wherever you need to go. It is a very reliable car for all of your needs. Has plenty of space in the back and the 3rd row seats move up and down to give more space and there is a hidden compartment in the back to put more items.

- Justin H

Honda Pilot all the size and features of a van without the look of a van

I love the style and size of my Honda pilot. It is comfortable and large enough to hold a large family without being a van. It has a powerful engine and all the features such as a backup camera, Bluetooth, handsfree calling, etc... Anyone in the market for a larger SUV should certainly look at the Honda Pilot. I was not looking for one and happened to test drive one and was instantly sold.

- Rach W

My Trusty 2014 Honda Pilot

Lot of room, great headroom, second and third rows fold down, comfortable seats. I've had vibration in tires pretty much since I purchased it a few years ago. I do tow my pop up camper and the car does great. Gas mileage is good. Fill tank once a week. I wish I had a sunroof but could only afford the base model (and used). Prices are very high for Honda Pilots.

- Nicole V

Perfect Family Car that combines Luxury and Functionality

We have the brown Honda Pilot Touring model with 4WD. It is the perfect family car. It has the luxury features that you would expect from a higher end car but the reliability that is associated with Honda. I love the NAV, DVD player for my kids, and heated leather seats and sunroof for myself. My next car will be another Pilot. Next time I will want bucket seats.

- Kristen A

2014 Honda pilot-awesome car for the active family!

We love our 2014 Honda pilot! We use the third row seats a lot for kids. Also, the back of the car fits a large dog crate with the third row folded so I can show my German shepherds. It tows our boat as well. It meets our needs perfectly and would be great for any active family or dog show household! Very reliable. No issues. Great in New England weather as well!

- Sarah E

My great Honda that I love to drive and own.

It performs very well. I love the back view camera. I have had it for years and it has not had any major issues that needed taken care of. It is a very comfortable vehicle that I love to drive. The heated front seats are wonderful in the wintertime. The fold down third row and second row of seats give lots of room for shopping or hauling things. I love my Honda.

- Melissa O

It drives smoothly and always tells when there is an issue!

This car has been an absolute lifesaver for our family of four! Not only does it seat 8 comfortably, it is also equipped with a DVD player for the children! It also includes heated front seats and a sunroof! My complaint about the vehicle would be that when filling up our gas tank, a light stays on for several hours stating that the cap isn't secure when it is.

- Brittany S

Honda pilot 2014, good overall except for paint issue,

I love the size of the pilot and it is very comfortable to ride in. I have plenty of room when needed to haul things. It get ok gas mileage. The biggest complaint I have is an issue with the paint, I am starting to have some peeling. I went online and see others have complained of this, yet Honda does not have a recall on this. I disagree with that.

- Mary A

The best SUV on the market!

I love this vehicle! Performance and reliability are top notch. I have not had any problems with it. Keep up routine maintenance like any other vehicle and it will go far. It is super comfy and roomy. It has all the features you need in a vehicle. Gas mileage is average, comparable to other SUVs on the market. I definitely recommend this vehicle.

- Kim R

Honda Pilot - Wonderful family SUV

I love the space that the Honda pilot offers, I have three children and have plenty of room in my car. It drives very nice and I have had no mechanical issues since buying it. That EXL model offers leather seats with seat warmers which is a feature that I appreciate during the cold winter's. Overall, it has been a wonderful family vehicle for us.

- Jennifer M

Interesting detail, music can be saved in stereo system from CDs.

Vehicle is a 2014, purchased it used in 2017, so far no problems, performance has been great, reliable and comfort is one of the aspects I love the most, the height of the vehicle is a also a plus, using as a family vehicle, needed a bigger vehicle after our second child, great for transporting pretty much anything, all in all a great vehicle.

- Natasha K

It has a very smooth ride on the highway and has plenty of room for the kids.

I am approaching 100k miles and have not had any problems with this car. The car rides line you are floating down the road. It is fuel efficient and very comfortable. It came with a TV in the back and it keeps the grandkids occupied. It is convenient in carrying groceries from the store. I would but another Honda pilot when I need a new car.

- Melinda B

Great family car with space for everyone!

I love my pilot it has a enough room for my kids and their friends or sporting equipment! The back seats have enough room for adults and kids! It handles well in snow! I wish there was a bit more room when all the seats are up! So the back seat stays down most of the time, it is nice to be able to allow my kids to sit in different rows!

- Lisa T

Dependable vehicle at a Great value for an SUV for a large family.

I have 4 children, 3 dogs, definitely needed space. The Honda Pilot definitely accommodates that & is great in gas. Over 4 years I've only had to spend money in the shop for normal maintenance. I would absolutely recommend this. Vehicle. Mine is over 4 years old and interior & exterior still look brand new. Great quiet ride as well.

- Christina S

Great space, wish it was warmer.

I love the space available. I love the third row option because I can either use that space to haul bigger things like strollers or flip up the seats for extra seating when we need it. It's bigger so it makes me feel secure on the road. I wish I had been able to get the heated seats and a auto start. That really stinks living in Maine.

- Jennie J

2014 Honda pilot features.

The Honda pilot is very dependable. It has lots of room and the fuel economy is great. It also has many features like DVD system and on board GPS. It also has heated seats that can be programmed to individual drivers. The engine also has a variable power setting that automatically turns off unneeded cylinders to improve fuel economy.

- Ali R

Great vehicle with lots of space and incredibly comfortable!!

No problems at all with the vehicle. Very reliable. I was in a bad car accident and there was only damage to the trailer hitch. It is very comfortable in every seat, even the third row, which is often hard to find in SUVs. I love all the features of the touring package, in fact I have had it for 4 years now and still find new things!

- Jill B

Best SUV for a family of 5.

So far I have needed to replace the brakes and rotors. Soon the front ball joints will need replaced also. My back tires are always low it seems. I love the sun roof. It drives nice and smooth. The ac is cold and the heater works great. I love that I can download CDs and it stores them so I don't have CDs laying around my SUV.

- Stephanie W

My Honda Pilot is the best car ever! Will never get anything else!

I have had the car for a year now and haven't had any problems. I love it! Lots of space, good for road trips. It drives super smooth. And the air in the backseats is great for kids. There are plenty of cup holders and extra storage space. Bonus is that the oil does not have to be changed as often as other cars I have had.

- Melissa T

The car provides a smooth ride on town roads as well as highways.

Love this car! Great for travel, smooth ride, fits eight people, which is perfect for a family with kids and transporting friends. The brakes are an issue. At certain speeds when stopping the car shakes as if it needs new brakes and has since purchase. Have had it checked at dealer and always told it is fine.

- Jen Y

Great vehicle for a large family on the go!

I love this car! It has plenty of room for 8 people and tons of cargo space. Climate control is variable for every part of the vehicle. Tons of cup holders throughout. Backup camera is crucial. Great pickup. 4WD. No maintenance issues. Only complaints are gas mileage and the cargo area is oddly slanted down.

- Rachel A

It has three rows of seats that are spacious and comfortably fit 8 people.

I like that it is easy to drive. It is big enough to fit 3 car seats in the backseat. It has a third row for when family visits or we have extra friends riding with us. It has decent gas mileage for a car it's size. Wish it was a little easier to park when traveling downtown / in tighter to fit through areas

- Ashley M

2014 Honda pilot great family choice.

Have not had any problems it has been a great sub that has done well. Has not been in any accidents or has had to have any mechanical work done. This vehicle gets great gas mileage and seats our whole family with its 3rd row seating. I give the car a five star rating and has been the best car I have owned.

- Daniel R

Family pilot: a vehicle on tour.

Nice for traveling. Third row allows for more passenger room, but can easily be put down for extra trunk space. Plenty of cup holders. Rides nicely in the snow. I cannot get the universal garage door opener to program. Plenty of charging ports for each row. Easily seat three people in each row.

- Sarah S

Very reliable and feel safe driving it.

No problems so far. Very reliable. Heated seats, all features work well. Easy to drive. Back up camera helps a lot. Drives very well in the snow. Turns well. Safety features are top notch. Very comfortable, leather seats. Good for long and short trips. I highly suggest this vehicle to people.

- Ashley H

Black Honda Pilot seats 8

I love my Honda pilot! I have 3 kids and usually have 2 of my nieces with me. When we go to the store everyone fits comfortably and has a cup holder! The seats fold down nicely for when I need to move big items. Access to XM radio is my favorite and the heated seats are amazing in the winter!

- Tina E

The pilot is a sturdy SUV but not if you are looking for sporty or fast.

The pilot is very old man looking. It has heated seats which is a plus. The four wheel drive is also a plus. It has a very bad blind spot when making a left hand turn. It is not that great on gas mileage. I do like the safety features. Overall it is a average SUV. I would not buy it again.

- Nancy D

This vehicle is a dream when travelling long distances with family.

I haven't had any issues with my vehicle since I got it in January of 2014. I bought it brand new and it has been reliable. I take it when I go on long road trips and it is roomy enough to take all of my bags. I recommend this vehicle for anyone with a family or anyone who likes to travel.

- Marisa G

It is a great vehicle for our busy family, holding a variety of items and equipment as needed to suit our needs.

This has been a great vehicle for us. We now have three teenage boys who fit in the middle row comfortably. I am content with the gas mileage it gets for the size of vehicle it is. Routine maintenance has been done and no major services outside normal wear and tear have needed to be made.

- Nicole H

My Honda pilot is very dependable and the safety features are great.

The car is very solid and has many safety features. I do not like the body style it looks very old man. I like the four wheel drive because I live in the northeast. The heated seats are very nice and it has great air conditioning. I wish the body style was sportier and more fun looking.

- Nancy D

2014 Honda pilot. . . Love it.

2014 Honda pilot. Love it. Roomy. Can haul more than our Chevy truck. Gets better mileage than our previous SUV, Chevy Trailblazer. Love the third row seat. I sat in it with our medium size dog for trip from Phoenix to San Diego and back and was comfortable. I am 5 ft. 2 And 110 pounds.

- Lynne M

2014 Honda pilot 4 wheel drive.

2014 Honda pilot 4 wheel drive has CD player, power windows, power locks and power side view mirrors. Runs great. Never had any mechanical issues. Running boards, luggage rack. V6 has plenty of power for basic everyday needs. Will definitely purchase another Honda when this one dies.

- Phil H

Perfect Size for my family

The Pilot has enough space to transport 8 people but can also be shifted easily to transport 4 with lots of luggage. It has great gas mileage. The only thing that I don't like is when I brake after it has been raining, the front window gets splattered with a large amount of water.

- Casey C

The car has a nice place to put your drinks on the front and back seat.

I really like this car. It's comfortable and nice to sit on. The design is not something very different from all the other cars, but it's pretty. The radio works as good as it could be. Sometimes the AC takes awhile to reach into the back seats. In general it's a very good car.

- Mariana F

Jump into a pilot and take flight.

Smooth ride, good stereo system, lots of space, affordable, comfortable seating, sporty appearance, decent highway gas mileage, handles well in be. Bad weather, 3rd row seating for extra passengers, plenty of storage space in console and doors, attractive easy to use controls.

- Ryan S

The Honda pilot is a sleek SUV. The Honda pilot is very roomy,

My Honda pilot has great gas mileage. The suspension is easy to turn. The drive is smooth and not choppy. The Honda grips the road and curves smoothly. The four wheel drive is great in the mountains. The features are user friendly. The interior is functional and eye catching.

- Marie B

Honda pilot (2014). Very nice vehicle, roomy and comfortable, and very reliable.

Everything is lovely with the Honda pilot, except the paint job. After researching the issue, online complaints indicate Honda struggles with their white paint because it peels. Unfortunately, paint is not covered by warranty or extended warranty and is very costly to repair.

- Yvonne C

My experience with my car snow white, which I named it.

I haven't really had problems. It runs great. Roomy. Gas mileage is wonderful. Big car. Entry of space inside. My family liked my car for traveling. Payments are kind of high but I managed. I have done some upgrades on it. I try to keep the mileage low so it will last longer

- Janet S

Happy Customer of a 2014 Honda Pilot

Drives great, gas Mileage is decent. Has all of the features I need. The back up camera is nice, I just wish it would beep if you're too close to something. It would also be nice if the seats had a cooling feature or the steering wheel a heating feature as some vehicles do.

- Alyssa B

The ability to fit three car seats, a double jogging stroller, and many additional items has made this vehicle so valuable to our family.

My Honda Pilot helps me travel anywhere I want to go with my family of five. I can fit three car seats across one row of seats. I can fit a large, double jogging stroller in the back storage area. It gets great mileage and does well in any weather. I have no complaints!

- Cathleen D

The best type of vehicle I have ever owned.

I have had no issues at all with this vehicle. I absolutely love it and when I replace it I will buy another one. It has the right amount of space I need and comfort. It drives well and handles nicely in the snow. I love the color of my vehicle and all the features it has.

- Jon C

The Pilot that keeps me going.

My vehicle has been with my family for years. I have 8 people in my household in total and it has survived 5 car accidents. It is highly safe and durable. The seats are easy to clean and it is a great car for moving furniture. The car is full of space for any large family.

- Fran L

I love the dual climate and three row seating.

I feel super safe in the Honda. I love the heated seats and dual climate. Its enough space for the family to go into and feel comfortable on long car trips with the three row seats. I have always been able to have strong gas performance as well. Would recommend to anyone.

- Lauren B

The Honda pilot is the best vehicle.

I love my pilot great gas mileage great performance and big interior for a family. I've been on some long distance trips and the comfort is outstanding. My whole family loves it. The best thing about my pilot is the features that come with it there are so many to list.

- Michael A

Seating for all and lot of space: Honda pilot.

I love that my Honda pilot seats 8 people, we use the third row occasionally when we have family visiting, it prevents us from taking multiple cars. I also love the storage space. It is easy to drive and the interior is very comfortable. The back up camera helps a lot.

- Nick M

Big enough for my family of 6, but too big to drive!

My Honda is big enough for my family of 6, but does not feel too big to drive. I love the extras, navigation, radio, HDD (records all my CDs), it is comfortable, I love the front bucket seats. My only complaint is the paint. The paint on the roof of my car is peeling.

- Kathleen Q

Honda pilot puts you in the cockpit of a smooth, safe ride!

I love the sightlines out of the back and side windows. I love the size, since I have two young daughters - it makes me feel safe. I wish that it was better on gas, but that is the trade-off for the size. I also have problems with the Bluetooth functioning sometimes.

- Steve S

I enjoy being the pilot of my Honda pilot. Roomy, good investment and economical.

It is overall very dependable. The gas mileage is reasonable. It is very roomy. We are not little people and. It seats up to 7 very comfortably. It can be converted to haul stuff very easily. It has had very few mechanical problems and survived a couple of accidents.


Honda pilot great family vehicle.

My Honda pilot is large and roomy. It has 3 row seating and can hold up to 8 passengers. It has Bluetooth capabilities and USB ports. The only downfall to this vehicle is gas mileage. It averages about 18 miles per gallon which is to be expected with this sized SUV.

- Tanya P

Large SUV with comfortable interior.

My car drives great. The leather seats are comfortable and have held up well. I have not had problems with the car at all and have kept up with the maintenance. It is very reliable. The audio system is a great feature. It also drives well in snow and icy conditions.

- Melanie V

Comfort and capacity a must for this catering chef!

I love that it has so much space! The third row seat folds completely away for when I need it to. I am also very happy with the comfort of the ride. The lumbar adjustment on the driver's seat is great for my back, and in the cold weather the seat warmers are great!

- Margaret E

Summarize my experiences.

I have had any problem with the car. It is a great car in most aspects. It is roomy and has enough power to carry 7 people. The only thing I am not happy about the car is the fuel efficiency. It only get about 16 miles-per-gallon, making it expensive to drive.

- Ling K

Love this vehicle. It is got a lot of get up and gone!

The car is very reliable. Starts every time. Very easy to perform an oil change on. The Bluetooth capability and backup cameras are awesome. The Bluetooth is great for road trips. I love having the backup camera. It is nice to have the gauges tire pressure.

- Jonathan W

Best SUV with 3rd row for the value.

I drive between 300-500 miles a week. Very comfortable, reliable, and great on gas. Drives extremely well! I love the extras on this model. Leather, heated seats and entertainment system. The Bluetooth connection is awesome and I love the hands free option.

- Kathy K

Comfortable ride and easy to drive.

Love my car! Very comfortable for long trips and in town. Wish it got better gas mileage but maybe my next one will. I am told the 2019 get much better mileage. I have the rear entertainment package which makes it nice for kids. Love the three seats also.

- Lana L

I Love my spacious Honda Pilot.

I like that my vehicle sits high. The seats are comfortable and I like that they have the heat option. Storage in the console is heavily utilized. My AC is fine on the passenger side but blows warm on the drivers side. Seating is plentiful and spacious.

- Heidi H

Honda Pilot is a basic car.

It is a very basic suv. It can be quite loud on the highway. I wish it had the beeping when you back up or are about to hit something. There are blind spots too when changing lanes. It has been reliable and spacious. You can fit a lot in the back.

- Heather D

The pilot has the best ride of any SUV I have tried, not feeling like you are in a truck, but rather in a car.

I love my Honda Pilot because it is large enough to comfortably seat multiple persons. It also can be used to carry large loads like gardening supplies and potting soil. I also like that it has a very comfortable ride and suspension.

- richard g

Family vehicle that still looks sporty and cool.

I like the roominess in the car. It has high ceilings and is wide. I like sitting high above the ground and feel safe in it. I like the layout of the car. I like the look of the car. SUV without looking like a soccer mom car.

- Jennifer w

Roomy and comfortable interior that truly seats eight people.

I like the size of the vehicle and that the back/trunk area can fit a lot in it. I can also use the third row when I need to and can easily and comfortably fit three people back there so it truly does seat 8 people total.

- Felice D

This is a great family vehicle and very reasonably priced given that it has a third row.

I love that my Honda Pilot has a third row seat. The gas mileage isn't horrible. Great for long trips and short distances around town. I have room for my kids and my dogs. I love the back up camera and heated seats also.

- Amy B

Great for a large family without being a gas guzzler.

I love my pilot. It fits all of my 6 children comfortably, however is not a large vehicle that requires a lot of gas. One downside is the amount of room for storage in the back is minimal when the third row is up.

- Melissa L

The space that is available in the third seat as well as the trunk is larger than most other comparable SUVs.

We have a large family and needed a SUV with a third row. The space in the third row of this car in addition to the space in the truck really impressed us. The car drives really smoothly and fits our needs.

- Steven O

It does take synthetic oil which can be a little more expensive but not overly so.

I have owned my car for almost 4 years and have not had any major issues with it. I can comfortably fit my family of 5 plus a couple of their friends. It's a smooth ride with good gas mileage. I love it.

- Ashley L

Family car for those too cool for mini vans!

We bought this vehicle when my daughters were born because we needed 3 across seating, and also were interested in 3rd row seating. This car fit the bill for us. We enjoy it, has been a reliable car.

- Jason C

It is a great family car that is not too big.

I love that it is a smaller SUV. It has great storage and space. I do not like how it turns, it is top heavy and so it peels out if I have to make sharp turns. It does not have a lot of engine power.

- Michelle C

Love my vehicle. Plenty of space for the family of 5

Love my vehicle. It has plenty of room for our family of 5 with extra room for guests. The only problem I have is that there isn't a lot of trunk space for the stroller when I have the 3rd row up.

- Stephany P

It has a lot of room in the back to haul things and has been very dependable

I like the cargo capacity and the ability to seat 8, It's the closest SUV to a minivan without getting one. I wish it had more technology features and safety features (blind spot detection, etc)

- liz h

I would say comfort and reliability

This is the first Honda we have ever owned. It has surpassed our expectations. We like the roominess, comfort, stylish look of the interior and exterior, the way it rides, no problems in 4 years

- June b

It is extremely reliable. No performance issues.

My Honda pilot has been extremely reliable. I have had no maintenance issues other than normal oil changes or tire rotations. I love the backup camera and the sunroof. It has a very smooth ride.

- Kim S

Very reliable and will last you for years. When you buy this car you'll fall in love

Very reliable car. I have driven it well over 40,000 miles, sometimes for hundreds of miles at a time and I have had no issues with it. Very comfortable car for lots of people, really spacious.

- Sydney R

Gets ok gas mileage for such a large vehicle and can get a lot of people in it.

Battery life didn't last long. The battery from the Honda dealership was installed 2 years ago and already died. I needed a new one and honda wouldn't cover it. Otherwise, I like the vehicle.

- Lyle W

Can comfortably fit the whole family. Easy to drive.

I like that it fits all of my three kids and their carseats with room to spare. It feels comfortable and spacious but I still feel comfortable driving it. I like the dvd player for the kids.

- Katie O

Color is perfect. Seating is flexible.

It is great for long trips with lots of cargo space. Gas mileage is not bad for such a large vehicle. No issues with maintenance or breakdowns. Have taken it on long trips. Good visibility.

- Suzanne P

They are known for there lasting the miles go along way. Minor problems maybe but the car will keep going and going.

We are a Honda only family. We love the pilot. Plenty of room. I also have 3 seats in there so it is even longer. I lay down flat for moving bigger items. The engine is great and strong.

- Sherry S

It is a safe car to transport our children. It is also a comfortable car. The only time we wish we had more room is when we are traveling and have lots of stuff to bring with us.

I like the size of the vehicle. We have three children and they can all fit with car seats. I wish it got a little better gas mileage. Overall, it has been a very good vehicle for us.

- Jared E

It's awesome, safe, high quality.

I love the Honda Pilot for many reasons. I feel completely safe in it with my family, it is spacious, and nicely designed. I love the cream leather seats. I really have no complaints.

- Shanna B

It is fast and can get away from you.

I love that it is a 4 wheel drive. I like that there is plenty of room for my family. I dislike that the locks do not open on all the doors when the key is turned off after driving.

- Vicki M

My car is extremely reliable one of the best vehicles I've ever owned

I love my Honda.I never have to worry driving in any kinds of weather.she's a beast lol ..love all the room.only dislike is when all seats are up very little storage in back.

- Lynn B

Great car would recommend to anyone looking to drive for a while

So far the car has been great! We bought it to drive for at least five years and so we wanted something that was going to be affordable to keep up with regular maintenance

- Corinne G

It's really roomy. It's the perfect size.

I love the height of it, but it is quite long. The speakers and sound system are amazing. The vehicle was used and it still runs like it was brand new when we bought it.

- Mckenna M

The SUV is nice and roomy inside as well as being short in length.

I really love everything about my SUV from the size to the convenience of all of the gadgets. I particularly like the automatic back hatch lift and the heated seats.

- Carol T

Comfortable to travel in.

The pilot is a wonderful family vehicle. It will seat 8 adults comfortably. We have taken several family trips and the pilot is a comfortable vehicle to travel in.

- Janice S

I would recommend the Honda pilot to anybody

I really like the Honda pilot, it has good ratings. It drives well, it has room for all my kids. It has the third row in the back. And I has a good crash rating

- Terry F

It is very safe to drive and reliable.

I like the way it handles and how roomy and safe it is. It'd good on gas considering its size. I do not like how boxy it is and the interior features are dated.

- Shane W

Great family car! Easily fits my family of four, which includes three car seats!

I have not had any problems with the car, and it is very functional for my family. It is the touring edition, it has all the options, and is very comfortable.

- Ariana U

It's a long lasting dependable vehicle that gets you where you need to go in comfort.

It works very well in all seasons. The version of the Pilot is the most comfortable I've had and is also very stylish. Honda Pilots are wonderful vehicles.

- Vince R

Works great for 3 across seating. I had a hard time finding something in a decent price range that could achieve this

We bought this car because we had 2 small children, wanted/needed to sit 3 across and wanted 3rd row optional seating. This has worked perfectly for us.

- Marie D

Family car with enough room for everyone.

My Honda pilot is amazing. I have a special needs child and the 3rd row helps so much and there is enough room for all his equipment. We love our pilot!

- Holly S

I love my heated seats and xm radio.

I've never had any problems with my pilot. I have put a new battery in it, that's it besides tires & oil changes. It is very comfortable and reliable.

- Jessica H

I love the amount of interior space it offers. Ideal for small to midsize families. Low maintenance costs and very reliable. My only negative is it's gas mileage. Due to its size it offers low gas mileage

The feature where the car automatically switches between using 6 to 4 or lower cylinders depending on the speed. It helps with lower fuel consumption.

- Anand J

It is decent on gas and the trunk space is great

I like the size and the trunk space when the third row is down. However, the check engine light is constantly on, even though we service it regularly.

- Tiffany S

It's a very reliable spacious SUV.

It is very spacious. The 4 wheel drive works great driving down the beach. It has been very reliable car. I have no complaints about this vehicle.

- David V

Great car, needs a little room

I love my car. It has RES, 4wd, sunroof, but I wish the third row was slightly wider. I think they had room they could have used but chose not to.

- Jennifer K

The honda pilot will last for years! It does not disappoint!

It is super reliable! It can fit 8 people. Loads of storage! We owned a 2004 Honda Pilot prior to this. It was still running when we traded it in!

- Laura M

Reliable and strong, it lives up to Honda's reputation

Great, reliable car. It is spacious and is strong. The seats are not as comfortable as a minivan and less space than a van but great car overall.

- Irma M

Why the Honda Pilot is a great buy

My Honda Pilot has been a great use for me I've driving this car for around 3 years. It was my uncle's originally but still works just as great.

- Jane B

It is big enough yet does not feel too big, and is easy to drive.

Only problem is the leather seat is ripping. Love the size, height, comfort. The ride could be smoother. And noise could be a little quieter.

- Crystal P

It is a good reliable car. The suv is midsize but fits everyone comfortable.

I like that my car can fit eight people in it very nicely. I also like the fact that the suv is a midsize suv but it drives like a large suv.

- Bree P

It only gets 20 mpg, but it is reliable. The versatility is great.

I can either have lots of passengers or lots of luggage. I love the versatility. I have enough space and do not feel cramped while driving.

- Laj M

It's paid for and I paid in cash. It's the second Honda Pilot I have owned

I like that it has more room than my older Honda Pilot but do not like that it's harder to see while driving. There are more blind spots.

- Dez P

It is way bigger than it looks!

Love the size and I feel so safe! It is great in the winter. I do not like that is goes through gas so much. It drives like a truck.

- Rebecca T

I drove on one tank of gas all the way to the coast (7 hours)!

I feel safe and it's great when you have kids. The mileage is great. It's easy to drive and sometimes hard to park in tight spots.

- Marla J

It's wonderful. Id recommend it anytime.

Three rows which is great with all my kids. Very easy to use the seats and put up and down if I need the third row. Drives smoothly.

- Katie B

It have 8 seats, and 3 rows with a good sized trunk area.

I love to reclining seats. We have clear radio. I have five kids (and expecting) and a husband, and his is the perfect car for us.

- Melody W




It drives smooth and not like a truck. It seats very comfortably.

Love it. Love the size and seating capacity. I love the seats folding down. Like the back up camera. It has a great turn radius.

- Traci K

It is a great family car since it is safe and spacious.

I like that it is safe, and reliable. I also like that it has lots of truck space. I do not like that it is not fuel efficient.

- Nicole M

It's super reliable. Rarely has it had an issue and it is also super safe, even when a deer ran into it.

I love the size, comfort, and reliability of my Pilot. I wish it got better gas mileage, but overall it's my favorite car ever.

- Emily J

I think it would be helpful for everyone to know about All the safety features

The things I like about my pilot is because it is spacious. The handling is tight and responsive. I like the navigation system.

- Anthony B

It is a reliable vehicle. It is good midsize SUV that can hold a decent amount of things. We take it everywhere. We have had a lot of cosmetic issues. The back door handle doesn't stay on. Also it does not have great traction in the rain.

It is very reliable. The only things we have had to do besides cosmetic is general maintenance. It rides great and is durable.

- Tara F

It's super roomy-great for large families and road trips.

I love the size. The Pilot can seat up to 8 people, which is awesome. Gas mileage is great. The car is safe and dependable.

- Tabitha T

That it is reliable and never has mechanical issues

There is nothing I dislike. I l like the size, seating arraignment, reliability. Honda makes great cars and I love owning one

- Jon D

This is my 2nd pilot and I do not want to buy any other make and model. I love it!

I like how it handles and how it looks. My kids and their stuff fit well in it. Gas mileage could be better but it is an SUV.

- Gretchen K

Still brand new after five years.

There has been no problems with the vehicle. We maintain it on a regular basis. Mechanics have told us it is like brand new.

- Nicole S

It is dependable. Of you follow the car maintenance schedule you will never have a problem.

I like the comfort of the vehicle. It has good storage for the things we like to do. It has been dependable. No complaints.

- Linda B

Reliability of Hondas is usually pretty good.

Like the reliability of Honda and the size of vehicle. Do not like the ecoboost on the engine. Causes shuttering of vehicle.

- Michelle S

The most important thing is that it is a very safe vehicle and is reliable

What i really like is that it has a third row seat and that it is a standard feature. I love that its a sporty looking SUV

- Krista C

Solid dependable car, great for families.

Has all features, easy to drive. Good in all weather, fits my whole family. Very good on gas, my favorite vehicle to date.

- Christina W

It is roomy and reliable. It drives nice for an sports utility vehicle.

I love the size and style and it is very dependable. I do not like the cheap carpet material they used in the trunk area.

- Rhonda B

The Honda Pilot Is Awesome!

No problems so far. If you are looking for a great car this is the SUV that you should look into buying for your family.

- sue t

It is the only SUV I want to buy in the future.

This car is great - I like how it looks and it fits all my kids and all their stuff! Which SUVs get better gas mileage.

- Gretchen K

The vehicle is safe and reliable, provides peace of mind.

I like my suv because it drives smooth, is safe, reliable. It had enough rom to travel or take a trip to Home Depot.

- Carla M

Very roomy for a family, especially small children with all they need on vacations.

I love the amount of room it has, very spacious. The sunroof is nice. It has very acceptable gas mileage for a SUV.

- Ashley G

It has a camera you can use when backing up.

I like how it feels and how it looks. I am also very fond of Honda in general. I like how advanced the pilot is too.

- Amy O

It is fun to drive short or long distance.

I love it shuts off when idle to save gas. I love it has a backup camera. I love it remembers my seat placement .

- Patti E

Although I like it a lot, it doesn't get the best gas mileage.

I like my Pilot because it's roomy. I also have a bike rack that I use. It's good for carrying friends and family.

- james m

It is dependable and always starts.

It has a nice smooth ride. Always dependable with a lot of space for stuff as well as people. It also looks nice.

- Leslie H

Great reliable family vehicle!

It runs great. Has decent gas mileage. Has a lot of cool features. The extra room in the back is really handy.

- Johnathan W

The overall roominess it does not look like it from the outside but its huge inside.

I love my car it has all the room for my whole family. Interior is a great size ,plus it has great gas mileage.

- Michael T

The value and how comfortable it is.

I like the size of the vehicle. It is convenient for transporting children. It also has a lot of cargo space.

- Bridget M

Family sized vehicle with a lot of room

It has 3 rows and seats 7 max. The 3rd row seats are split so you can fold one down for large shopping trips.

- Adriann T

It can fit all our bikes in the car.

The car has been very good. I have had no major problems. It can fit all are bikes in it and is comfortable.

- Bryan Y

Very reliable vehicle for anyone.

I like the reliability. My pilot always gets me where I need to go. Great on snow and ice. Lots of storage.

- Dana J

The safety of the vehicle.

I love my pilot. I like that it has a backup camera. I do not dislike anything on my model. No complaints.

- Carole B

Good car. It is very roomy and reliable.

It is loud. Can hear too much outside noise. Windshield wipers are always streaky. Pedals not adjustable.

- Ann K

Love all my Honda vehicles!

Great and safe for my family. We love it! I have always had Honda vehicles and love them. Very reliable.

- Ashley A

I would own a Pilot even if I didn't have kids!

Spacious, good on gas, feels like a truck but drives like a car, very little maintenance and no issues.

- Kelly S

Love the roominess, ride, and additional features. good pick up and decent gas mileage for an SUV

large interior, smooth ride, only complaint is there sounds like there is something loose underneath

- karen w

sensor in behind the car is very use full for parking

there is a problem car door opening , sometimes engine problem, hard light problem ,wheel problems

- bridgette b

It is safe and reliable vehicle. Has more than enough room for my family.

It is a reliable vehicle. Every Honda I have owned has been a reliable and practical vehicle.

- Elisabeth S

Good fit for mid sized family including a great safety rating and all 3 of my children's car seats fit well. Strollers fit in the back trunk with lots of space for kiddos gear.

Good gas mileage, lots of trunk space, car seats fit comfortably. Smooth drive and SUV vehicle

- Betty L

It's a great car for driving in all types of weather, especially winter driving.

I love my vehicle, it fits our family perfect, has extra space to haul things, smooth ride.

- Amanda M

great on gas. surprisingly the v6 has eco drive and it is marvelous to go all week long on one tank of gas.

i wish the seats would fold down into the floor for more space; but they do fold flat

- Teresa R

love the size. works great for 2 car seats and still has room in the back for packing for trips. has dvd player that is wonderful with 2 kids

that it has a 3rd row of seats and lots of room for packing even when the row is up

- kelly h

They should know it is a safe and reliable vehicle.

Love the smooth ride. I can sit up high and see out. Will buy another Pilot soon.

- L N

It's easy to drive and very safe. I love all the room

Love your room. Love that it is all wheel drive. I also love the it is very safe

- Laura Tamashiro T

It is a gas hog. I love the color but the paint is fading already.

I like it because I can fit all my stuff in it. Also like the ride and handling.

- Steve C

Love how reliable it is and how it fits our family.

Rides like a dream. Fits our whole (large) family. Feel safe driving it.

- Cheryll W

Utility & winter driving and handling. Decent fuel mileage for a seven seat vehicle.

Likes, seats, handling, comfort. Dislikes, brakes!!, eco mode stumbles

- Gunther H

Very nice car. Leather interior. Navigation works great. Heated seats. Runs excellent. Drives so smoothly. 3rd row seat for whole family. DVD player works great. Zero complaints. Love the 4 wheel drive family vehicle.

the comfort of the ride is unmatched by any other suv i have owned.

- Kelly G

Very good,for use personal and business purpose

No complaints,great SUV for using for personal and business purpose

- Pascual S

The car is very spacious and comfy

It is safe and reliable. It is roomy. It fits our family perfectly

- Noel p

Safety, it has plenty of safety items and that is why we bought it.

It is the perfect SUV, we are extremely happy with it all around.

- John D

I feel safe in it. My kids have plenty of room to spread out and carry things.

I love the way it drives and the room it has. I have no dislikes.

- Heather W

Its very spacious and has plenty of space for kids and adults. Love the entertainment system also for the kids.

It's the best and you should give it a try if you love headroom!

- britney w

It's an affordable car that fits 3 car seats across the back!

I have no complaints. It fits my family well. And rides great.

- Kim H

It's safe and has decent gas mileage and I bought it second hand

Easy to Maneuver and it's safe to take my kids in and around

- Crystal W

It worths a great quality, easy to use and comfortable.

My family loves it for trip. Easy to drive. and comfortable.

- Tiffiny L

this would be the only vehicle you would have to buy for at least 10 years

This vehicle has 45000 miles on it and it never failed me.

- Lawrence B

Is a very economic vehicle, excellent performance.

Excellent performance, I love this vehicle is very useful

- James B

performance and development with good secure and excellent development

great vehicle with excellent performance and development

- jamie p

Great seating holds a lot of people and big trunk golf

Need GPS and electrical seating and a tv in the bal seat

- Ashley G

My car is very reliable. It is very versatile and gives me the ability to transport from 2 to 8 people at one time. There is plenty of storage even with the 3rd row seat in use. This model was the last year with the boxy body style. I love this factor because it gives you more head room in the back.

It gets great gas mileage for the size of the car.

- Kristin L

I really love the third row seating option in my vehicle. It gives me the flexibility to transport more people.

It has a third row seating option and drives well.

- Tri Y

It is roomy and comfortable, and versatile

My primary problem is fuel constitution.

- Greg m