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Reliable, roomy and powerful

I have owned the car for 2 years and have had no mechanical/electrical issues. Taking it in for service has been easy and relatively inexpensive. It suits my needs for my canine/feline family and is easy to configure inside for their crates and other accessories we need. Driving it feels similar to a minivan. It is wide and large. However, when it is NOT in Eco mode, it has plenty of power and is quite zippy when you step on the gas. The only thing I was unhappy with is that Honda offers upgrades to their vehicles only as "packages" meaning you often have to accept accessories that you really don't want to get the things you need. Overall, I am content with this SUV as it meets all my size and configurability needs and, thus far, has been very reliable.

- Allie T

It is wonderfully comfortable.

My Honda pilot is very reliable. It has a third seat, seats eight (8) comfortably and has easy access to the third set of seats. The trunk capacity is large and, of course, even larger when the last row of seats go down. Putting the seats down in this model is very easy, just pull the lever or push the button. The trunk liftgate is hands free. Unfortunately, there is no receptacle outlet for charging your electronic devices in the back seat. The air conditioner works well, but is a little noisy and, of course, as with most of the Honda SUVs, road noise, in the cabin, is still a problem. However, it does have eight (8) cup holders with an extra small slots on each door of the front seat area.

- Sharon A

Honda pilot: your new family vehicle.

This car is everything I dreamed of. It has great visibility in the “blind spot” that most crossovers/SUVs are really lacking. It has wonderful safety reviews. My husband can fit well without feeling cramped, our son has room for his car seat in the middle. 3rd row seating for when we need it (lays flat for more trunk room when we do not need the seating). Drives well with good gas mileage for the size of the car (22-24 mpg). Only issue so far is the rear air conditioner has broken but this is currently covered under our warranty. I really do recommend this car to anyone with a child or children. I do not even mind the monthly payment because it is so worth it.

- Kristina A

Honda Pilot- A Well Designed Roomy SUV

The Pilot is a great family car. It has a lot of cargo room and gets great gas mileage. The car has very good acceleration and is very powerful with good handling and road feel for a large car. On a recent long road trip we had the Pilot fully loaded with luggage and 5 passengers and we got over 30 mpg! Our Pilot has about 40,000 miles on it and has been very reliable and we have not had any problems with it. On the down side, it is a large vehicle and while it is good for its class, it handles like an SUV. If you need a well designed, quality SUV, I highly recommend that you consider the Honda Pilot

- Tom A

Review of the pilot from a mom of two with lots of little friends.

I love my pilot! I can easily cart around two to four kids with ease (well the car makes it easy, four kids is never easy). I love the heated seats. My least favorite thing is the console where you can change the music. The touch screen needs some work as it is not “easy” to learn like an iPad. It looks like the newer models do not have this issue. I have the black leather and I wish that a dark grey leather would have been an option as the black leather does not hide any of the mess kids make. I do love the extra trunk space where you can pop up the floor and have a hidden compartment. It is amazing!!

- Julie S

Very nice family car. Great on long trips!

I really love my Honda pilot. Of course, there are a few things I would change if I could. I am not crazy about the push button start and transmission. I make mistakes and push the wrong button at times. I do not like the feature where the car shuts off when you are stopped at a light but I think that is becoming standard in more and more new vehicles. It is very comfortable. I love the heated seats! Having grandkids, I enjoy the blurry player. Another nice feature is being able to listen to the radio in the front while the kids watch a movie in the back. Overall, I am very happy with my Honda pilot.

- Maria H

A fantastic SUV for moms who are not ready for a minivan just yet.

I love my Honda pilot! I have two young kids and it is great for hauling all of their stuff around. The rear entertainment system is a lifesaver on long trips. Even with the third row up, I can still fit a full-size stroller in the trunk. There's an insane number of cup holders -- which I love! It drives well and gets pretty decent gas mileage for a large SUV. The only complaint I have is that occasionally the audio system is crackly and the issue will only go away after restarting the car. Annoying, but not so much to take it in and pay to have it fixed. All in all a great family vehicle!

- Cynthia D

it is fuel-efficient, durable and the engine technology is mature and stable

The advantage of Honda is that it is fuel-efficient, durable and the engine technology is mature and stable. And Honda engine has a feature, suitable for modification to increase horsepower. This is stronger than Toyota's engine. As for life and fuel consumption, it is slightly inferior to Toyota. But for the Honda class, the power is also greater than that of Toyota. As for safety, it is much worse than Toyota. This is a fact. The appearance is more beautiful than Toyota but not as good as Toyota. Maneuverability, very handy, it is considered to be able to adjust the front car very well.

- Pete N

Seats family of 6 comfortable.

The vehicle is good on gas and long drives. We've had the SUV for 1 year now and we are surprised by the comfort and features it possesses with 4 kids. Its spacious so it seats 6 persons comfortable. It is always is very reliable, we haven't had any major problems as we have kept up with the maintenance. The only problem I have it's the chair covers if you have kids please get leather seats. Any spills sinks right into the fabric so we have to replace the entire backseat and its quite costly. Overall it has proven to be a good vehicle.

- Lawrence P

The best vehicle on the road.

My car has heated and air conditioned seats. All leather interior with unbelievable features. The DVD player helps the kids have a more enjoyable ride when going on road trips or just cruising around town. There is an interior lighting feature that helps find items in the vehicle without blinding you and allows a very calming feeling. The kids enjoy the space and comfort of the captain chairs throughout the vehicle. The auto lights and auto windshield wipers ease the stress of traveling in adverse weather conditions.

- Joshua L

The Honda Pilot 2016 is very reliable and easy to drive.

The vehicle i am using is a Honda Pilot 2016. I considered it to be one of the best vehicles in the market. The capacity is really good for a big family. The quality is excellent. An ideal transportation for long trips. I never had a problem so far. It is very reliable and easy to drive. It has a lot of features but i only use a few. It has leather seats where you can adjust to relax while on park. Hope the later model would be a better deal so i can trade in my current one. Overall i am satisfied with my vehicle.

- Robert D

2016 pilot is a keeper. Comfortable quiet and mostly smooth ride.

The 2016 pilot has a great amount of passenger space. 2 teenage boys and their friends easily fit in the seats with enough leg room. I have a 50 minute one way daily commute and the adjustable armrests and lumbar support make the drive comfortable. There is minimal road noise and mostly a smooth ride. You can feel the transmission shifting. Sound system is excellent. It is teenager approved! The brake assist works great. It actually saved me from rear ending someone.

- Sarah W

Great gas mileage for a vehicle capable of transporting a family of 8.

I've only had my Honda Pilot for 3 months, but I love it. It gets excellent gas mileage. The traction control has been useful on my muddy roads. It is very roomy for my large family (8). My only complaint at this time is that it must not have a very good antenna because it doesn't pick up all of the radio stations my previous van used to get. I'm sure I'm supposed to get a Sirius Radio subscription to take care of that, but I'm too cheap to do that.

- Rene W

The heated seats make traveling up north easier.

I love my Honda Pilot. It is comfortable and very roomy for a growing family of 5. I have driven my vehicle to Disney World 3 times and to Delaware and back with no issues. The heated leather seats are amazing during the winter months. My rubber mats keep my carpets clean from 3 kids. Everyone has their own space when we travel for long distances and the air conditioning in all 3 rows makes it comfortable for those in the back.

- Trisha D

Great features in Honda Pilot.

I have had no problems with this vehicle. Love the way it drives, a very smooth ride. Very roomy and comfortable. Has great features such as heated and cooling seat controls. Auto brights when driving down a dark street and access to radio and phone features on the steering wheel. Also has great safety features such as telling you to brake if you are too close to a vehicle as well as a beeping if a car is in your blind spot.

- J P

If you are looking for a vehicle that you plan on trading in on another vehicle later on a HONDA is your choice, they have excellent resale value.

I love my vehicle because it has plenty of room for us to carry a lot of stuff when needed. We travel a good distance when we go see family, so there is a fair amount of leg space for my husbands long legs. The only thing I can say I really dislike about it is that we chose cloth seats and that was a big mistake on our part see we also have dogs that isn't good on cloth interior. Other than that we love the Pilot.

- Leisa I

It's amazing! Buy one now -- you won't regret it.

I love my Pilot. It's a big vehicle, so it holds all the stuff my kids carry around, including marching tenor drums or the jazz drum set my son uses. It's also got space for all three kids to feel comfortable and not squashed in, even together in the middle seat. It's a medium sized SUV, though, so it drives easily, like a car not a truck or bus. I can park anywhere easily and the gas consumption is good.

- Beth J

My Honda pilot is awesome!

I love my pilot. It is very comfortable. I travel all around with my 4 grand daughters who are all in car seats and they have plenty of room and comfort. It is very reliable and enjoyable to drive. I get decent gas mileage- 24 highway. I love the heated seats. The dashboard is very user friendly. Passengers remark they are very comfortable. The third row legroom is a bit cramped for a tall person.

- Karen D

It has built in safety features to help people drive safely.

I love all the features it has. It has keyless entry, heated seats, automatically slows down on cruise control when I get too close to the vehicle in front of me, has a backup camera, and automatically adjust the seat and mirrors for both me and my husband. It is also high clearance, has a roof rack, and has 8 seats. The back two rows can fold down flat for lots of trunk space.

- Robin M

It has to be taken care of in order to be dependable

I like our vehicle because it's easy on gas it's roomy and has side and back up cameras and make easy to see when you are turning and back up. I love that getting in is easy and not low to the ground. The only thing I don't like is when you raise the seat up the seat belt get a little tight across your shoulders and if you're traveling long distance it counter agitating.

- Willie J

Honda pilot; innovative, safe vehicle.

I love my Honda pilot. It is 4 wheel drive and helps me feel safe in rough weather. It is smaller than a minivan, but bigger than a car. Everyone has a comfortable space. My rear hatch fits plenty of groceries, and large items. The TV is helpful for long trips. The pilot has individual temperature settings for the driver, the passenger, and in the rear.

- Melissa W

We made the right choice with this one!

I have always heard Honda is very reliable and safe, I purchased this vehicle with this in mind. I love my Honda pilot! It is so rooming and comfy to drive! I love the back up camera and the side mirror camera as well! We do not use the third row very often but definitely comes in handy when the kids have friends over or for an extended family outing!

- Brittany L

Reliable, spacious and comfortable for big families.

The pilot has three rows of seating area which is very convenient. Fold the last row and you have a spacious trunk area. I specifically love the drop down area in the trunk that allows you put your groceries and the bags will not move around all over the back. The pilot has been reliable so far. We just changed the battery on it for the first time.

- L B

Honda pilot good for families.

Great family car with a lot of space. Love the third row, we have the elite so we have captains seats for the second row. I love everything about the elite, though I wish I had the option of a bench seat for the second row to hold more people. The adaptive cruise control is great unless you're going up or down a hill, the transmission needs fixing.

- Tina B

All around multi tasking vehicle.

This car is very reliable, I would love to see more high tech features such as a sensor when to close to another vehicle or side mirror sensors when parking, also I would like to see not only the third row seating fold but second as well for more space for such a big car. It is very comfortable no complaints there, and very good for children.

- Veronica B

2016 Honda pilot honest review.

While this has been by far, my favorite vehicle, it does not run as smoothly after owning it a couple of years. The acceleration has gone downhill quite a bit and it starts to jerk back and forth when driving uphill. What I like about this vehicle is that it is roomy and safe and extremely comfortable for a family car without being a minivan.

- Kelli L

That it is a Honda and it is the best for holding it Value and Honda's are the best.

I love my vehicle because for one it is a SUV, and it has a lot of room to haul stuff. We travel some to Southwest part of Virginia were our family lives and it is a long trip our Pilot is very comfortable and roomy for this trip. We get very good gas mileage for it to be a SUV and Mid Size Vehicle. Because of all this I love my Pilot.

- Leisa D

It's awesome and roomy! I feel that my child is safe while riding in this car.

I love my car. I have always loved Hondas. I love most everything about my Pilot. It handles well. Probably one of the things i dislike about it is that the sunroof is super loud when opened. This is kind of annoying. Also it takes forever for bluetooth to connect if you want to switch from the main users phone to someone else's.

- Allison h

Perfect family car with lots of space.

My Honda pilot is the perfect car for our family of 3 soon to be 4. It is spacious and sits all of us comfortably even with a car seat. It drives smoothly and the right side video camera is an added safety feature that we love. The car buying process was easy and the price fit our budget. Cannot say enough great things about this car!

- Heather S

Pilot very comfortable and safe.

The pilot is very comfortable and a great car to take on long road trips. It is a very safe and reliable vehicle. It is a nice size for a family of four. It is carries all of our stuff in the trunk and we still have a lot of space. My favorite part of the pilot is how nice it rides. You do not feel bumps and it is just a comfy ride.

- Leah J

Reliable transportation for family.

Pilot is perfect for family of 3 to have extra room for any road trips. Love the safety features of the back up camera and right side camera. Love that Honda is very reliable that is why we chose Honda. Gas consumption is also not bad with eco feature it makes me save gas. Last but not the least my daughter loves the car so much.

- Rachel P

Great car; great price... Worth the investment.

Reliable off road vehicle. Not fuel efficient but that is standard for the size. It is spacious, comfy and looks good. . Updated interior and spacious seating. Safety features are top notch and car handling is pretty decent for its size. Maintenance is fairly expensive but it is a long lasting car. Is it worth buying? Yes.

- Ben A

Great car for a family. Great car for a road trip. Very comfortable and roomy.

I really enjoy my vehicle. I love the room it provides. It has a smooth and comfortable ride. The features that it has, like back up camera and side mirror view is really helpful when changing lanes. I love the cargo area. I am able to fit a lot in it. The removable lid in the cargo area makes it nice for loading groceries.

- Amber B

2016 Honda pilot is great.

Well the axle broke after about 50k miles. Other than that everything is great. The car also has a problem where it shakes a bit when the car goes above 65. I love the third row although it is a bit hard to access. I like all the space especially the head room, unlike the later models where they took some of that away.

- Jason C

Honda Pilot, The Car to Drive.

My vehicle is a super big, and really comfortable. It has a lot of space for leg room and you can sleep in. There is a Tv that you can watch movies on. There are a lot of plugs for you to listen to music, charge your phone, and do different technologies on it. The only thing is it is too big to maneuver sometimes.

- Cindy L

Honda pilot - great purchase.

Drives great. Plenty of room. The extra third row seat is great for kids. Great for long road trips. The only negative is there is not a charging station in the back seat for kids. I would highly recommend this car. We have two other family members that purchased this same car due to how much we bragged on ours.

- Jeremy B

2016 Honda pilot ex-l review.

The car drives great. It is comfortable and has lots of legroom. People do not feel squished when they are in the back or 3 people across. The feature allowing you to set the road conditions, snow, sand, or mud is an awesome feature to have. The remote start comes in handy, especially in winter time.

- Katherine H

Great vehicle for families

With a growing family, this car has been amazing. We have room for two large car seats without needing to adjust the front two seats or sacrifice leg room. The seating is very comfortable and the trunk space is huge. This car has been very reliable, similar to our 2006 Honda Pilot which we still own.

- Abbie D

The pilot is a comfortable ride with great features. Think twice in snowy areas.

It would take to long to talk about the many features. My favorite features are the heated steering wheel, multiple plug in/usb outlets and 2nd and 3rd row skylight. It has a very comfortable ride and a good pick up & go. The only negative is that it does not handle well in snow even with the AWD.

- Monica L

Best alternative family car if you do not want a minivan.

I did not want a minivan! I love my Honda pilot SUV. It can legally ride eight people comfortably. It drives very smooth. It is great on gas. It has many options for trunk space or seating space. Seats easily fold up and down. No problems ever since buying it three years ago. Very safe for family.

- Kimberly H

The benefits of the Honda pilot.

Excellent family sized vehicle with great options and great interior. It has an excellent gas range and my kids love having a TV and 3rd row seating option we equipped our vehicle with. I would highly recommend the Honda pilot model to all. Especially white with black leather interior.

- Oz B

Great vehicle to own and drive.

My 2016 Honda pilot has had no problems. It is great to drive and a comfortable ride. I get good mileage. The heated front seats are wonderful in the cold weather. One thing that I do not like about the Honda pilot is that it comes with a donut spare tire instead of a full size tire.

- John V

Easy and fun to drive with plenty of room for the family

This is my first suv, it's super easy to drive. It has a rear and side camera to help with visibility. I was able to get into an upgraded model that included leather seats without having to pay a huge fee to upgrade. I get great gas mileage and still have plenty of room for my twins

- Melonee M

Love the Versatility of the vehicle from a 2 to an 8 passenger vehicle.

Great SUV. Great ride. Hauls a smaller pop up or camper nicely. Seats 8 adults for maybe an hour Journey or 8 people, including kids for a longer ride. Love the heated leather seats and the temperature control. The seats are all comfortable and easy to access even the 3rd row seat.

- Pamela V

Very dependable/reliable family car.

Very reliable, comfortable drive, roomy, great car for family trip/vacations. Lots of storage, good leg room. Smooth ride. Car safe, many easy to use features. Good gas mileage for an SUV. Very dependable. This is my 3rd Honda pilot and I am sure I will get a fourth in the future.

- Alicia H

Basic editions basic review.

Great family SUV with plenty of room. Basic features on the SUV include back up camera and Bluetooth radio. Sadly, no CD player and no back up sensor, just camera. I prefer sensor as if I am without my glasses it makes it easier. Overall it has been a reliable, well lived in SUV.

- Erica E

Love it. Love it. Love it.

No problems but I am not a fan of the auto idle feature press down hard on brake the car shuts off; let off on brake and it starts. It is backwards. Needs to be reversed. Grandkids love to watch movies. That feature is a huge plus and I wanted the elite for the captains chairs.

- Sharon C

Comfortable, plenty of space and seats, great gas mileage for the size of the vehicle.

Issues with Bluetooth connectivity. The ride and gas mileage are excellent. Love the interior design and space. Would like easier more traditional controls. Push buttons are not things I enjoy, I prefer knobs due to tactile feedback that allows adjustment without looking.

- Jim H

The Honda pilot has many safety features.

I love my Honda pilot! The back up camera is a life saver. I also love the comfortable leather seats. It also has 2 seat memory settings which is so convenient. It rides so smooth. I also love that when I turn on my right signal there’s a side camera to show my blind spot.

- Natalie C

The safety features are above and beyond what most vehicles offer.

The safety features are by far some of the best out there. Everything has been very well thought out for families, such as the built in window shades in the back seats. One complaint is that the software for the navigation system seems to have issues and bugs occasionally.

- Jennifer B

Most spacious of all 3 row SUVs. Lots of legroom in 3rd row seat

Love 3 row seats. Lift gates. Leather seats. Not enough cup holders or storage compartments in middle console. Don't like that the highest trim had a non removable cup holder between the captains chairs. Would have preferred to be able to walk through middle like on a van.

- Katie C

Ride is great, runs great still as long as it is properly maintained.

I love the safety features. I love the craftsmanship. I also love the ease of use in regards to child safety seating. I dislike the stereo features. It's a newer model car however it is not equipped for apple play or any other the things available to models this year.

- Brandy S

Great roomy family car for at least eight.

The car is a great family car. Love that it has a remote start. Very roomy car with easy foldable seats. Car also has different AWD so handles very well in different weather and situations. The kids also love how easy it is to get in and out of the back of the car.

- Kat T

Larger SUV with lots of trunk space or third row seating.

Love the DVD player. I do not like the idol shut off feature. There is no way to turn this feature off. I like the notification of potential crash. Love the backup camera. I like the blinkers on my mirrors. I wish I could have more than one CD or DVD in the player.

- Melissa W

Love the comfort and dependability!

The vehicle is very comfortable and roomy and very reliable. No issues with normal maintenance. Up to date features except for navigation. Sometimes the Bluetooth does not work right. The car rides very smooth and is quiet. Handles the roads and rain really well.

- Jennifer R

Great family vehicle, great for long or short trips.

I love the amount of space in my Honda pilot. I also love how easy it is to fold the seats down to create more room, or create more seats. I love how smoothly the car moves. I also love being able to answer my phone by pushing a button on the steering wheel.

- Davina H

The awesome Honda pilot..

No problems. Dream vehicle. Recommend to anyone whether you have a large family or not. Love the room seats 8 adults quite comfortably. Wilt no discomfort. Children love the room keeps them from fighting they can choose to. Sit close together it far apart.

- Dion P

Great family vehicle with lots of room.

We had a problem with the vehicle shifting to second gear. It was in the shop 4 times in a 2 week period to figure out the problem. We also have had to replace our front brakes already. It only has 38, 000 miles on it. Those are the only issues we've had.

- Amanda M

Great car for families and empty nesters.

It is a great car overall. We love that it seats up to 8 people. The only negative is that the 3rd row is a little difficult to get into for older folks and you sit quite low so you would not want to ride back there very long. Car performs beautifully.

- Pamela V

Great vehicle for a family.

Honda is known for their reliability. This vehicle has been no exception. I love how the Pilot sits up higher than cars and the all wheel drive is fantastic. The interior appointments feel luxurious and the exterior is sharp to look at as well.

- John M

This is a good vehicle, it is very roomy and it also a good ride vehicle.

There is a back row of seats. There is room for the groceries. Put the back row, down and you have extra room. Great for large groups of people. Good gas mileage. It has ac in the back. Complaints there is not a turn camera on the other side.

- De B

I'm just not that impressed with it. It does ride nicely and carry a lot but there are still a lot of things it doesn't fit. I'm mostly upset about the digital screen.

My pilot has a digital screen that you can only use when vehicle is stopped. Annoying. Also did not have CD player which I was told it did. Annoying. Screen is distraction and easy to hit wrong thing on the screen just by going over a hill.

- Nancy h

Honda Pilot is the perfect midsize suv for families of five or less.

I love my 2016 Honda Pilot because it's the most perfect vehicle for my family. The fuel economy, safety features, and size are the most important factors for me. Honda has a good reputation for their vehicles and is a brand that I trust.

- Reese T

The oil filter is in an odd location and is difficult to get to.

I love the durability and reliability. I like the miles per gallon. I dislike that I didn't get the top package. The touring package has a few features that I would enjoy. I also dislike that this model is not able to show allow carplay.

- Kc C

That is has been a reliable car and that it is easy to park.

I love how the car drives and the rear and side cameras. I like the Audio system and the gas mileage for a SUV. I wish the interior and trunk space was larger, and that the car did not scratch so easily on the inside and on the outside.

- Terri A

I have always been happy buying Hondas. This one is no exception. We've been very pleased with the performance and the comfort of this vehicle

This is been a great car for us. We currently have over 72,000 miles on it and they have been problem-free. I've done all the maintenance to it get the fluids topped off. Our family loves this car and would buy again if we needed to.

- Mark B

Get the AWD versus the standard drive. The gas mileage will not be what is advertised

It does not ride as well as my prior car which was a Highlander. It spins out more easily than the Highlander. The phone does not always work through the car. All in all I doubt I would buy this vehicle again if given a do over

- Doug P

It drives well in the snow.

I like the size of the vehicle. It drives nice. I also like the push start, back up cam, right mirror cam, and hands free unlock feature. I dislike the lack of certain features such as a button to open and close the trunk.

- Alicia N

It rides very smooth and is comfortable. There is plenty of room for my 3 kids and their friends. The sensing makes it very safe.

I love the interior and all the features. The Honda sensing is great! Sometimes the touchscreen doesn't work. The pilot works great for the family of 5 we are. I do wish it was boxer styled like the previous ones.

- Katie R

Great family car with tons of space for all your gear and USB charging ports for all your toys.

I like the power and space of the car, but I wish it came in a hybrid. I also feel as though Honda could do a better job with fuel economy. I also really miss the lift-gate glass that my second gen Pilot offered.

- Jonathan P

The safety features including side and back cameras on the car.

The 2016 Honda pilot has many benefits including it has about as much space as a minivan and to make it even larger you can put the third and second row of seats down. This car also has a good amount of safety.

- Craig M

It seats 8 people quite comfortably. It is safe and drives well in all Circumstances

I like that I can fit my family of five and others if needed. I like the sound system and I like that I'm higher up when driving. It is a safe a reliable vehicle that I enjoy driving. It is comfortable as well.

- Emily P

It is fuel efficient and reliable.

Love Hondas for their styling, gas efficiency, and reliability. This one tows our vintage camper with ease. My only complaint is that it is a bit larger than I would like, but needs to be to tow the camper!

- marjorie P

My car has been very dependable. I have not had to have any work but service.

I love the size. Great gas mileage. I like that there is the option for the third row seating. Even with the third seat there's room for storage. But there is the option for more cargo room without the seat.

- Jessica P

Good deal for the price paid. Very nice in design but practical.

Love the car and this is my second Honda Pilot. The new body is nice and sleek. However, this new model needs more testing during production since the acceleration is problematic and it's only been 2 years.

- Tracy N

It Seats eight passengers.

There is nothing I do not love about my vehicle. I love the adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist. I also like the navigation. The amount of storage space and third row seating are also my favorite.

- Beth B

A lot of technology and a smooth ride combine to make the Pilot a winner.

The Honda Pilot has plenty of space for five people and a bunch of stuff or seven people with a little bit of stuff. It gets decent gas mileage and has plenty of power to make getting on a highway easy.

- Scott F

It's very reliable and gets great ratings in consumer reviews

I love my Honda. Plenty of space for our entire family, is very reliable and gets good gas mileage for a larger SUV. Only complaint is the comfort of passengers when sitting in the third row seats

- Bryan l

like the extra seating and cargo room

I love the extra seating and cargo room i also like it's performance it's got good pick up great GPS. I like to drive it from N.Y. to Florida every year. it also has good pick up and good mileage .

- Ricardo M

Honda Pilot - A great car for a great price

My vehicle is spacious and able to carry a lot of cargo. I do have some issues with noise coming from the transmission which they say is normal. I love the Bluetooth features and the memory seats.

- Kathy M

I like the Honda because it has rear view backing out cameras.

It has good traction, space, good for families. It looks really nice on the inside and out. It has good audio service with Pandora but I would want to have a cd player which it does not have.

- Elizabeth S

That it is safe for families and has many safety features!

I love the size and look of it! I feel safe driving it and it is big enough for my growing family! I also like that with the automatic start it will heat or cool depending on the temperature

- Kar D

The most important thing is that it's roomy enough to fit 8 people, yet feels compact.

Drives well, comfortable, roomy, good gas mileage. Complaint-hate the touch control panel- would prefer knobs, it's distracting when driving, and hard to press the right spot when driving.

- laura b

Great for long road trips.

Very comfortable to ride in for long trips. Rides very smoothly. Plenty of room in the third row. I am 5� 8� and my husband 6� 2� and we can both ride comfortably in the third row.

- Kristen L

My car is four wheel drive.

Very comfortable, it is affordable, it has lots of cameras on the outside, which is one of the things I really like it warns you if cars are getting to close and it is four wheel drive.

- John C

It is good on gas, and need very minimum maintenance.

I like the features of my car. It drives good and is very good on gas. It lets me know when I need air in my tires or if my oil is low, it has so many features that I love about it.

- Linda A

It is a big car, so use care when pulling in and out of tight spaces.

The Pilot is nice and big, but it feels like I'm driving a small car. It's roomy and comfortable, and has great pick-up. It surprisingly does well on gas mileage for such a big car.

- Jan B

Honda pilot great family car.

This is the perfect family car. Enough room for kids and gear. Easy to drive with the way the seats adjust. Smooth ride, great in snow with all wheel drive feature. Looks nice too.

- Stephanie M

Its compact and its great for large families.

It is a great vehicle that runs smoothly. Its reliable and good on gas. This car seats my family of 7 greatly. We love it because it's really comfortable and its great on mileage.

- Nikki P

Family friendly and safe. Along with being great on gas.

The car is great size wise. It fits my family perfectly and our stuff as needed. Sometimes it is difficult to clean and the third row seems to have less space then the other two.

- Michelle P

It gets great gas mileage on the eco mode. About 29 mpg on the highway.

I have a Honda Pilot. It is very comfortable and roomy. It is fully loaded and feels like a luxury vehicle. My only complaint is that it is hard to get to the third row seating.

- Kahli P

Great reliability and resale value.

Honda has great reliability. Honda has great resale. Easy upkeep and stylish. Quiet and comfortable. Also great for the outdoorsman. Take your dog and your bike and go have fun.

- Robert L

It has Good gas mileage and room for a family.

I like the room it gives for me and my family. It saves on gas for me. Has a good gas . mileage. The only complaint is it needs to be service when the vehicle is having issues.

- tammy n

2016 pilot has to many unsavory issues. Get a newer pilot.

a first, I loved my car. Now I don't hate it but I don't love it anymore. I started having to take it in constantly for warranty repairs before it was even 2 years old. . .

- Michelle R

We love our Honda Pilot!!

Love my Pilot! It is comfortable, there is plenty of room for our family, the kids love the DVD player, the kids can see out well, and it has many desired creature features

- Ellen N

It's reliable. For an suv it has pretty good gas mileage. It's comfortable

We love our Honda Pilot. It has a third row so it can seat 8 people comfortably. When the back row is folded down there is plenty of room for groceries and hauling things.

- Shelby R

Practicality, ease, comfort all in a nice package.

I love the ease of using it. I love the low maintenance. I dislike that it had a big manufacturing problem within a year in the fuel lines that I had to pay some for.

- Gee B

There is a lot of space in the 3rd row for 3 teenagers.

There is a lot of space for my 3 teenage daughters. I love the lane assist and the comfort I get in the driver seat. The only thing I would change is the navigation.

- Jackie S

Its garbage compared to the 2014.

It looks like a van. The touch screen is black it's horrible to keep clean. You can't set destinations while moving. No CD player its extra. Windows are not tinted.

- Linda S

The built in cameras for backing up and changing lanes.

It is a smooth ride. It gets pretty good gas mileage for an SUV. It has the latest technology. It also has a camera that helps me when I change lanes to the right.

- Mitzi G

I like its features. I like the third row storage. I wish there was a better way to access the third row seating when ar seats are installed.

It has amazing safety features. It offers a smooth ride and great accessories such as a sunroof, DVD entertainment system, and passenger-controlled air system.

- Melissa B

How comfortable and roomy it is. And that Honda makes really dependable vehicles.

I like how roomy it is. I enjoy the smooth ride even though it is an SUV. It is a little hard to park. The navigation map is out of date so it is frustrating.

- Caitlyn L

It is a friendly user and can save in a gas.

It is a Touring with car navigation, moonroof, dvd and helps the driver to navigate the steering wheel. I loved it and i don't have any complaints until now.

- Raffy d

Honda pilot software issue.

I love the pilot. It drives very smoothly and accommodates passengers well. My only issue is with the stereo software. The radio/Audio locks up periodically.

- Melody U

Great to drive for family trips!

The inside is very nice with three rows of seats. My only complaints are that it uses a lot of gas. It also feel heavy when I drive compared to smaller cars.


It is very dependable & comfortable.

I like it is dependability. It drives good. I dislike that it didn't come in a metallic bright red color with beige interior. Other than that it is perfect.

- Pam S

It is dependable, affordable, comfortable transportation. I have never regrets about purchasing your Pilot.

I love the gas mileage. It is great for traveling with my family. I love the third row to accommodate my three boys. The color is exactly what I wanted.

- Abby W

Pricey car but well worth the expense.

I like because it is good size and has a very smooth ride. Seats fold down easily and has room for 9 people. I have no complaints about my Honda Pilot.

- Brenda P

The most important thing about my car is the space it has all throughout.

I love that the car comes with side view, when making a left turn. The safety features are great because I have a small child. There is a lot of space.

- Meghan C

The fold down 3rd row is great when we're hauling stuff!

I love my Pilot. I wish the navigation system was faster because there is quite the lag but overall the car works great and I really enjoy driving it.

- Kinsey S

It has third row seating and it is very comfortable to ride in.

I love the size of the Honda pilot. The third row seating is great for us. It is such a reliable vehicle. It handles so well. I have no complaints!


It's a great family vehicle

I love my Honda Pilot. It is great on gas for an SUV. There is plenty of room even in the 3rd row seating. It is a perfect vehicle for our family!

- Rhonda M

It's very reliable with great safety features and fun to drive.

This is my 2nd Pilot so I know they're reliable and safe. I like the features and the size of the vehicle. I prefer the previous body style though.

- Ann H

It is a very reliable car. I feel safe driving it with others around.

I like the roominess of my vehicle. It drives smoothly and has great safety features. The color scheme is Blue exterior with gray trim which I like.

- Jen L

How safe it is. The size is perfect and I feel safe when the roads have ice on them.

I love how much room there is. The 3rd row is awesome because you can fold it down. I also love the way it drives and how safe it is. No complaints.

- Page S

The seat warmers don't work but the size is good and it handles well.

I like the size and how roomy it is. I hate the seat warmers. They barely work and Honda has told me they're fine. I also wish I had darker leather.

- Jennifer E

It's a fantastic SUV with lots of extras such as the back up camera and the right side camera.

Love almost everything about the Honda Pilot. The one problem is the automatic engine shut off when stopped at lights. This get annoying at times.

- Cheryl P

Has great safety features.

I like the ease of driving. I really like the back up camera. The Bluetooth for phone and music is awesome. It gets decent gas mileage for a SUV.

- Sally N

That it's a safe, reliable, and great vehicle if you need to haul cargo or a trailer

It's great on and off road. The vehicle gets decent MPG and is low maintenance. My Honda Pilot also has plenty of cargo space and a towing hitch.

- Kirk D

It has good gas mileage for a suv.

I like the size of the vehicle and the backup cam is great. The air takes a little long to cool off and there aren't enough cup holders upfront.

- Shaena S

It is reliable. A good brand. My sister has one and my parents just bought an '06 because I love mine so much. It retains its value.

Love the way it handles. Its roomy but not too big. Haven't had a problem with it at all. It has all the safety features and bells and whistles.

- Rebecca R

Plenty of interior space. Also had good gas mileage for an suv

Great car but stereo system is not very good. It seems to have connection issues with using streaming services. Maybe it's due to a update issue

- Sean C

It feels safe and is easy to drive.

Like how it handles, the acceleration, the amount of cup holders. The seats are comfortable. I dislike gas mileage especially with the a/c on.

- Lori D

For an SUV, it is great on gas.

Currently experiencing an issue with the front axle or right wheel bearing and the radio/entertainment center keeps restarting while driving.

- Shannon N

Honda = Reliability = Lifestyle

Love how the Honda Pilot handles on the road. Honda has a reliable history with our family. We have had many Honda vehicles, and equipment.

- Shari E

Pilot's handle really well and are fun to drive.

I love the comfort and power of my Honda Pilot. It has all the features I need. I do wish there was more cargo space in the back of the car.

- Michele P

Driver armrest is very small and too low. Car has good engine though.

AC could be more powerful. Driver arm rest is not wide enough and is not comfortable. I like that there is plenty of room for all passengers

- Jose V

It has all the sensors to advice you if you are getting close to an object.

No complaints. It is roomy and comfortable for the whole family. Does not waste gas. It has all the bells and whistles I like in a vehicle.

- Celeste S

Perfect family vehicle for a family of 5

Haven't had one problem from it, it has been the perfect family vehicle. It has all the room and pros of a minivan but is more like an suv.

- Bob S

A reliable and convenient vehicle.

A convenient vehicle for a family of seven members or less. Comprehensive multimedia technologies and safety & driver assistance features.

- Sophia G

even though It's all wheel drive it handles badly in snow/ice

needed the extra seats, does not handle well in snow/ice. fairly good gas mileage and handles fairly well but not a lot of fun to drive

- mike W

It handles very well and for a large SUV, it has decent fuel economy.

It's a large SUV that handles all of my family's needs. Comfortable with great storage capacity. Decent fuel economy with great tech.

- George S

It is great. But I would update it if I could.

It's a smooth ride and comfortable. I do not like that it wastes a lot of gas. I like the sunroof. I like that it fits my whole family.

- Leslie F

The gas mileage is great for an SUV.

I love how roomy it is and the ride is very smooth. It's great on gas mileage. I love the backup camera feature. I have no complaints.

- Erin D

It is a luxury vehicle and I feel safe when driving it.

Lots of extra room and a smooth ride. Also it has a lot of extras that make it easy for long trips. And gas mileage is good for a SUV.

- Steve T

It has a 3rd row seat option which easily accommodates bigger families.

I love my vehicle because it has a lot of space. I like the comfort of the vehicle and the way it drives. It is a good family vehicle.

- Christie M

It has great gas mileage for a car it is size.

Very comfortable, good gas mileage, holds 8 people.... Only complaint is can not respond to a text message with the "canned" options.

- Susan M

It can be pricey if you buy new, but looks for a used car with low miles

I love the size of the car, it has lots of room. It is a good family car and can fit 8 passengers. Smoothing riding and great on gas.

- Jen C

Third row is a winner for large families.

The Pilot is a great vehicle for a large family such as mine. The third-row option is great for long hauls since it is very spacious.

- Richard J

The Honda Pilot is a comfortable car with many modern amenities.

The Honda Pilot seats eight. It is reliable, but does have a few glitches. The door seals leak dust when driven on primitive roads.

- Deborah V

it's great on gas, i love the right side camera when driving as it helps make sure someone isn't in the lane next to me as i move over

i love this car but i wish the second row would fold up against my front seats to make more room in my car. besides that i like it.

- sara g

Great gas mileage and fun to drive

I don't have any problems. It is a good car ,comfortable, large and has good gas mileage. I get 30 mile per gallon on the highway

- roger E

It has different gears for bad weather.

It is very good on gas and rides smooth. It takes very little maintenance to keep it up. Everyone likes how easy it is maintain it.

- Jad K

It is extremely reliable.

I do not like that the engine sputters. I love how it drives, the features, and the gas mileage. I like the reliability of a Honda.

- Shannon B

This car is safe and comfortable with plenty of space for cargo.

Smooth ride that feels solid and safe. Have owned my last Pilot for 13 years and it is still going strong. I have no complaints.

- Nancy N

Safe and easy vehicle to drive

I like the spaciousness of the vehicle, the ease of the driving the vehicle, and that it can hold up to 8 passengers in the pilot

- Jessica F

All services are on time, all maintenance in future are scheduling, car have 75000 miles and need oil change

My Honda Pilot is an excellent car, I have never been problems, fit very well. Good engine, good acceleration and performance.

- Mark J

The vehicle is good in the winter it is good in the snow

I like the fact that the vehicle is an 8 passenger suv. The vehicle is good in the winter and snow it gets good gas mileage

- Lisa H

It has a lot of space. It is a nice ride. I enjoy having the space to accommodate by family.

I love the space. It has a nice ride. I didn't realize that I needed such a larger vehicle, but I am happy that I have it.


The nice drive and comfortable ride.

My pilot is so comfortable, and it drives so nice. I have a big car that fit all my mom necessities and still looking cool.

- A J

The Honda Pilot is a safe car with lots of luxury features.

It is spacious and luxurious. It drives smoothly. There is a entertainment center for my children. It is very comfortable.

- Louisa W

The car is a great family car, it is easy to pack all camping gear you need.

It is a sharp looking SUV. It has enough room for people and camping gear. I don't like quality of the radio and speakers.

- Rajmund S



- vickie K

Love My Pilot, would never get a different car

Honda Pilot is reliable. runs smooth, like a car not a truck. 3rd row seat is easy to use. It has lots of cargo space

- Lisa F

Nothing really it makes a good Car for a mom with kids L

I like that it is a luxury suv and comfy . I dislike that it is hard to get in and out of the back with three car seats

- kay K

That it is a great family vehicle. It is safe, spacious and great on gas.

The pilot is spacious and has a lot to. Offer. It offers third row seating if needed and plenty of electronic features.

- Jennifer T

It has great gas mileage and very roomy. It also looks great.

The Honda Pilot is very roomy and vety safe. It came with a feature called Honda Sensing that help driving in the city.

- Cary Y

It is a great car for a family vacation. It fits 8 with no gear and comfortably fits 6 for a road trip.

I like the ride. It is smooth and comfortable. I like the reliability of a Honda. We are long-time Honda customers.

- Liz B

Others should know that Honda Pilots are reliable vehicles

We love our Honda Pilot - we never had any issues with our vehicle. I will stay loyal to the brand because of this ...

- Robyn P

It's family friendly and extremely fuel efficient.

I do not like the mounting location of the back up camera. I like how smooth the brakes are. I also like the moon roof

- Katelynn R

It is a great car for the value.

My pilot is a great car and reliable. I wish the 3rd row had more room. The remote starter is great during the winter.

- Greta V

In the back/trunk there's a hidden compartment to store extra things.

Honestly there is not a problem with my car. I love it the a/c is good the sound is great. There's a TV and it live.

- Esther F

This car has almost everything you can expect from a mid size suv.

I love this car. Gas consumption is good. Acceleration is way better than most of suvies. Completely i recommend it.

- Ilhan K

Amazing driveability and great gas mileage

I really do not have anything negative to say about the car. Other than the Bluetooth connectivity is not the best.

- Haley J

Seats 8 passengers comfortably and it's good on gas

I've never had problems with my car. We've driven it cross country for several summers and has been very reliable.

- Adrienne K

It is very well ranked for safety. It is also very large

Easy to drive and lots of space. The trunk cannot be opened when parked in garage though because of how big it is.

- Cris R

It has the reputation of a good, reliable car with good gas mileage.

I don't like that it looks like a "mom" car. The older models looked sportier. I do like that it runs smoothly.

- Kristen S

Honda pilot has excellent safety features.

It's been very reliable. Rides nicely. It has a lot of room for cargo and passengers. Excellent safety features.

- Sarah S

It's a great reliable, versatile car that's great for families

I love how versatile it is. I like how well it drives. I like how reliable it is. Doesn't have the most leg room

- Tom W

It drives like a car, and the features are everything I need.

Love the safety features, remote start, push button start, heated seats, sunroof, and rear entertainment center.

- Tara G

Perfect family car that is great on gas.

I love how it drives and it is great on gas. It is very stylish looking. And super comfortable perfect mom car.

- Kelly A

The mpg is decent it could be better.

It is very comfortable. The back is very spacious. The driving is very smooth. Great handling. Amazing design.

- Ali B

I makes you feel safe and it is a good family car:)

I love my pilot! It sits 8 comfortably and it is very spacious! The ride is very smooth and it is a great suv.

- London H

Give the make and model, it is very affordable.

Small running boards. Very dependable. Lots of room. Good gas mileage. Like the color. Can fit the dogs in it.

- Rudd P

It's very practical!. And it's a very nice looking car, drives very smoothly on the freeway.

It works for me with 3 rows of seats. It's very easy to drive. It's very comfortable. It has a nice features.

- Coleen D

Spot light about Honda Pilot 2016

Very steady during the snow season. Gas efficiency No CD player No build in navigator Tires rotation often


Roomy and comfortable family car.

My Honda pilot is a great family car! It is comfortable and has lots of storage space. I would buy it again.

- Lindsay K

The car ride is very smooth.

I love everything about my car. So far, there are no complaints. The car has been great for my family and i.

- Judy H

Great Truck needs more cockpit space

This truck is amazing. I do wish it were a bit roomier. We are a family of 8. It can get tight on big trips.

- Andrea S

It's very safe and quite comfortable even if you have to sit in the third seat

I like that I can take 7 passengers. It's very roomy and I love the backup camera and other safety features

- Nancy D

My car is modern.It has a lot of the latest technology.

I love my phone integration. I like the backup camera. I dislike that this car doesn't have a backup alarm.

- trudy m

I love all of the safety features and all of the space to haul my family around!!

It is roomy and safe. It has really good features and is nice to look at. I really enjoy driving it around.

- Karen J

It is a really great car!

The gas mileage is not as good as others. I really like the way it drives. I also like the look and feel.

- Penny J

My car has the latest safety features

I like my pilot for the safety features. It is reliable and comfortable to drive. I dislike the gas mileage

- Susan C

It's spaciousness and adaptability with that space.

It's large size for passengers and storage. How quickly it heats up/cools down. The futures it comes with.

- Justin P

Good mileage in a luxury car! And low repair rate as well!

I like the safety of my car, the look, and most of the features. I don't like the interface with my phone.

- Gale B

It has driver assist and built in gps system

I like my vehicle because it is spacious and has extra features like driver assist and built in dvd player

- Emily g

It is cheaper than regular cars.

I love the size and comfort, I dislike nothing about this vehicle. Rides smooth and like sitting up high.

- Jill W

I absolutely love how the seats have heat and air conditioning. I love the safety features and the touch screen dashboard. The heated steering wheel is awesome too. I dislike the amount of storage area - I had previously had the Honda Odyssey which had much more room.

It lets you know when you need to steer and steers you back when you appear to be going out of your lane

- Kristin H

I Love my Honda Pilot (my fifth Honda)!

I love my Pilot! Smooth ride, reliable, comfortable and roomy. The optional third row is so convenient.

- Bonnie K

The sensor on the truck is very good.

Like the feel how it drives. I like the sensor on the interstate. I like the back up and single camera.

- John J

It is very dependable and stylish and I love it forever.

I love the spacious feel, even on the third row. I love how it drives. I also love the dependability.


The third row in the back of the car is really convenient

Great car never and I had any problems. Just do the maintenance on the car and it will last forever.

- Rita K

Added safety features including lane departure. It handles well in all weather. Can change the terrain that car drives on for better traction.

Love the way it drives and the safety features. It is a solid vehicle. Drives great in all weather.

- Patti C

The pilot is a beautiful and spacious vehicle but it certainly needs an update

gas mileage is poor. I love the space and safety rating. Since it is a honda, then I have no worries.

- sandra m

It has excellent gas mileage.

Great gas mileage and lots of room. Good for the kids. Has third row seating. Large screen is a plus.

- Jane L

Safety, treatable, familiar

Love it, feel very comfortable and safe, I really trust the brand, excellent when you have to travel

- Rosa S

comfortable drive and plenty of seating but not great on gas mileage

Comfortable drive, roomy, plenty of seating.. dislike does not have all the safety features standard.

- Rachel O

Great get up and go and lots of roommates

It is large, can take 7 people anywhere. Plenty of cargo room. Most importantly it is not a minivan

- Lee b

So easy to handle. Great in the snow.

No easy access for self repair or jumpstart. Lots of cargo space. Fits a lot of people. Comfortable.

- Jane P

Excellent midsize SUV which is perfect for today's family.

Good mpg. Great safety technology. Great handling. Good acceleration. Comfortable. No Apple Carplay.

- Tom B

Reliable and secure. Will last

I like the reliability and spaciousness. With the sound system and a.c. system were better designed

- Jessica H

How comfortable it is and it is very luxurious. I enjoy the leather interior and rear camera

I enjoy the seating for 8. I can get a lot of cargo in the back. Good power and comfortable ride

- Colleen O

It is a smooth-riding vehicle and great for long trips.

It rides smoothly. It looks great. SOme of the features are difficult to learn how to use.

- Ann N

It is a touring with dvd, moonroof and built in navigation.

It is a friendly user, safe and save a lot of gas. I don't have any dislikes and complaints.

- Daisy S

It is made of great quality and dependability. It is a very comfortable ride.

The car is very reliable. It is very roomy and comfortable. I like the third row seating.

- Ted S

I feel very safe driving in it

Roomy. Handles well. Good visibility. One complaint is it sometimes is slow to change gears

- Emily S

Reliable and safe for my kids and our family to travel with room for what we need.

Ease of getting into the 3rd row is not ideal. Wish there was a better way with car seats.

- Jessie D

Ease of handling and dependable steering. Good reliable auto.

Nice smooth ride. Dependable transportation. Spacious accomodation for up to eight people.

- Jay H

It is a great vehicle and I am glad I bought it.

I think it is a great vehicle. It is large and spacious. It also gets great gas mileage.

- Danelle F

It's great getting me to and from vacation spots. Love driving in all over the country.

Love the color and shape of it. Love the mileage i get for an SUV. No complaints at all.

- David L

It's good for families. Lots of space for kids and all their things.

I love how it is good for my family. Lots of outlets and cup holders. Good cargo space.

- Allyson T

It's big enough to have 8 people in it.

I love the body style. I love the color. I love that I have a third row if I need it.

- Dave l

Most dependable and safe vehicle.

It's 100% reliable. It has a great safety record. It is a great performing vehicle.

- Linda b

Large space to carry things. Smooth ride. Very comfortable seating. It is large but easy to park and maneuver.

Comfortable ride. I like the heated seats. Not crazy about the center armrest.

- Amy G

The most important thing that other know bout my car is what it seat 8.

I love the seating for 8, The cargo area is a little small, It's very reliable

- lynn b

I love my vehicle because it has an eco mode to make gas mileage stretch further. I also love the rear entertainment system.

Smoothest Ride, sleek inside and out: affordable and practical for families.

- Jordan M

It is reliable and practical car for a family like ours.

I like the drive and size, but not thrilled about the upholstery and mileage

- s r

Honda's are Safe and reliable as well as fun to drive

Honda dependability. Honda resale. Comfort in Driving. Storage capacity.

- Rob L

It is a dependable vehicle. I only have ever had to do regular maintenance on my past Honda pilot.

It is comfortable. It has plenty of room for families. It is dependable.

- Patty T

The 2016 Honda Pilot is a spacious vehicle perfect for a family who wants a reliable, mid-size suv without breaking their budget.

It's a spacious vehicle that doesn't feel like you're driving a minivan.

- Tristin E

It is a very safe and good quality vehicle for a family

Love the size for a family but dislike the touch screen on the dashboard

- Michele T

It's safety and dependable. A lot of moms drive this vehicle.

I love the safety features. It's dependable. Holds a good resale value.

- Tonka W

Rides smooth, easy shifting due to the newer transmission.

Gas mileage is not as described. Lots of room for passengers or stuff.

- Eric D

The car I own is very nice if you can afford the car.

I like the new design of the car. I don't like how expensive it was.

- Shane M

Side lane change blind spot camera is amazing. Safety features are top notch

Perfect size for 3 row vehicle. Drives great. Great safety features

- Michael S

I dislike some of the safety features that are just really inconvenient but we like the room it has in it and how the seats can move around. The DVD player is also a big hit along with the navigation system too.

It has a lot of room and third row seats plus room behind it too.

- ashley c

It drives very well and it's big enough to fit 8 people. I wish the middle row had USB ports as well.

It's an excellent car. It drives smoothly and takes regular gas!

- grace h

It drives very smoothly , it is comfortable. The gas mileage is fair for the size of the car.

My pilot drives like a small car and does not bump down the road.

- Susan V

It is very safe and comfortable. It is a great vehicle for families too!

It is hard to access the third row with car seats in the second.

- Megan G

Good handling, gas mileage. Love the seating for 8. But very bad radio!

Has plenty of room for whole family with Seating for 8 people.

- Chris S

It has really good ratings. It has a lot of room. It drives really nice.

It has plans plenty of room. It is comfortable. It is safe

- April H

love gas mileage and it drives very well. my kids love it too

it has 3rd row seating, good gas mileage, very comfortable

- traci b

It drives well. It is a big and comfortable vehicle. I can see all over while driving.

I like it's size. It drives well. It's comfy and roomy.

- Mom2savvy@y B

Plenty of room for a family of 5, without driving a minivan!

- Jenny B

Comfortable and nice looking.

- Danae H