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The most important thing about my vehicle is that it is a Honda and it has been proven to run to 300k miles with no issues.

My 2000 Honda Prelude type Sh is an amazing vehicle for a few reasons. First off, the gas mileage is remarkable and I love controlling the power with the manual trans. Secondly, the power to weight ratio makes the car surprisingly fast. It's a very driver friendly vehicle and I definitely recommend the purchase.

- Brandon P

A reliable car that is made to last.

The car runs great, however it is essential to remain on top of any replacement parts. Be aware of how low it is to the ground as you will commonly have speed bumps scratch the underside. Interior looks pleasing as well as comfortable. Take note of the backseat, as it can be tricky getting your way in there.

- Katrina E

Vtec kicks in at 5000 rpm

They are really reliable, one thing I didn't like about the car is it does burn gas fairly quickly depending how you drive. Performance wise it's a quick little car, I drive it as a daily from work and to school but these cars are averaging at around 220 hp stock.

- Nico B

It's more reliable than many newer ones.

I like the way it drives, that you can feel the car shifting and slowing down. I don't like that parts keep needing to be replaced because of the age of the car. I also don't like the angle the back window is at because it's hard to see out of.

- Carmen C

That it's reliable and it's a great car to drive. And it is fun

I like the car cause it looks very nice and it's great to drive. But the only thing I don't like about it is that it's a small compact car. So I can't fit much in it

- Alora E

that it's 18 years old and still runs like a champ

I like the body style. I like the handling. I have no complaints except, maybe, the premium fuel.

- Anna M