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Honda thinks of all the details

My Honda Ridgeline is exactly what I want and need. It was handed down to me by my parents, but for a vehicle that is 12 years old, it runs great. Smooth, reliable ride that I know I can always count on, no matter the weather, distance, terrain, or any other factor that would stop other cars. I also love many of the features, such as the well in the back, the swivel tailgate, and that the back window can open electronically. In addition, Honda really thought of the little things, such as when you hold the unlock button on the key fob, all of the windows automatically open, releasing all of the hot air from the inside of the vehicle before you step in. This is a life saver in Southern Georgia. The heated leather seats and the sunroof are just bonus features that make me love this truck. In addition, having 4 wheel drive and a big enough bed in the back to haul what I need makes this an extremely functional pick up truck. At the same time, my wife loves driving this truck because it feels like an SUV to her. That's the beauty of the ridgeline is that it looks like a pickup truck but drives and feels like an SUV. The interior cabin is roomy and comfortable, and it is easy to forget that you could easily be towing something like a boat or camper behind you. That's what makes this truck such a perfect family vacation truck. All in all, I hope to continue driving this truck for many years to come, and I would very gladly recommend my to anyone who asks. Hopefully one day my children will be able to call themselves Honda Ridgeline owners, as I can call myself one now.

- Josh D

It is comfortable and drives...

Pros: comfortable size to drive (drives like a car), feels spacious, large windshield range of view for driving (blind spots), ample amount of trunk space, many options for plugging/syncing phone/devices, bluetooth compatible, comfortable seating, quiet engine. Cons: 2wd not snow-friendly, lights are very dim at night even with brights, battery in impossible spot ( you will have to take it in as they have to take everything above it out, very hard to find someone with experience, not a quick change).

- Caitlin D

Biggest selling points for Honda Ridgeline

I love the Honda Ridgeline because it has the feel of a regular car but has the cab for hauling when needed. The back seat is roomy enough for tall adults and the seats lift so have plenty of room for other items when traveling. I was worried about not having a truck for grocery or other items that you don't want people to see, but in the cab, there is a compartment that is easy accessible that can fit tons of groceries or other items that can locked away and kept out of site.

- Cindy H

Total waste of money and time.

Big body little space. Bed is way short. Like that bed door can open out or down. Do not like that it is very high but does not include runners had to purchase separately. Mileage not good. Do not like that ignition is not lit have to fumble around. Much trouble with rack & pinion. This car/ truck is only 4 wheel drive. Have never used it. The hooks for tying down items in bed are so very inconvenient. Have to be double jointed or a contortionist.

- Josie G

Cannot go wrong with a Honda ridgeline!

I love my Honda ridgeline! It is very reliable in the winter time and does excellent in snowy conditions. Also because it is one body unit, which is different from other trucks, it handle very stable and well on gravel roads! I have not had any problems with it in the 10 years that I have owned it. I stay on top of the oil changes and other schedule maintenance. It has lots of storage. You will love the trunk that is in the bed of the truck!!

- Melanie R

Great Truck with a Trunk!

I really enjoy this truck. One of the unique features that I love is that there is a trunk under the bed of the truck -- as big as a car trunk. I have had no maintenance issues with it except routine. The most expensive was the timing belt changes at 150,000. It rides very nice. It only tows 4,200 -- so it could use a little more towing capacity, but this is a great vehicle. Currently at 191,000 and running like a top.

- Joe B

Great sports vehicle lots of trunk space. Not great world truck.

I love the design and capabilities of ky vehicle, but it has had a lot of mechanical and electrical problems. I have spent a lot to fix it and it still needs more work. I love the trunk for my tools. Although the bed is a bit small. I love the aesthetic look of the vehicle. It is also very difficult to do your own repairs on these types of vehicles due to covers and cramped engine space.

- Leonard M

A Great Choice for Dependable Transportation

Extremely reliable, seems to be eating the rear brake pads every year. Had them replaced in 2017 and 2018, and will need new ones again in 2019. It still runs smoothly at 223,000 miles, so I will continue to drive it. As with any vehicle, stay on top of the maintenance and you will avoid major repairs. With that said, I prefer the 2007-2014 body style over the latest model.

- Reggie S

In bed trunk is unique as it can be used for storage and a cooler.

Problems are few, but include timing belt replacement at 100,000 miles which is annoying. Reliability is good as we have hardly experienced any trouble. Comfort is good as the cab has full size truck space. The ride is smooth and the engine is very capable. Features such as in bed think and foldable rear seat help when transporting different items.

- Jeff U

There is a trunk in the bed of the truck!

This truck is the best decision I have made. I love the drive in it. I have almost no problems with it. Gas does great, it can last me a full week when I fill it up. I love the trunk in the bed of truck. Best feature of all. I would recommend this truck to anyone and everyone. I would like to upgrade to be the newer model.

- Walker A

I like the performance and the repair cost.

I like that it is not as impactful when driving on gravelly rocks, I have not had many issues with the car that I was driving, it is easy maintain and I like the performance. It has side curtain airbags and it. Makes my family and I feel very safe. I also like the way that the parts are not too costly.

- Marlon W

a great part of the bed of the truck where you can open it 2 different ways

My Honda has been the best investment ever, It has the best AC and in Texas it's the best part of the car. Other than that just having the ability to transport up to 4 other people and having the bed of the trucks to haul off other things or even store things as needed has been extremely useful!

- Madison C

Ridgeline is okay, but not the best.

While the cab is very comfortable of a ride, visibility is awful. Also gas mileage is not great. We have an issue with the driver seat feeling loose, esp. When coming to a quick stop. When the seat is further forward, the jerking is not noticeable. It did come in handy when we moved last year.

- Maria G

Excellent vehicle that I didn't think I would like or want, but it won me over.

Simple reliable vehicle with very few problems. Plan to drive it for a few more years. Currently has 130000 miles and engine runs very well. Starting to show a little rust. Interior is biggest complaint, the seats really stain if anything gets on them even water leaves a stain.

- darrel C

Nicest small pickup on the road.

This truck gets very good mileage. Do not like the fact that the passenger seat in the front does not have lumbar support or electronic controls to move/adjust. Also, the interior noise is a little loud while driving on the freeway. Love the lockable compartment in the bed.

- Cheryl M

SUV and truck wrapped in to a nice little package.

I love my vehicle, I haven't had an issues beside the normal maintenance. I do have to update my GPS in the car. The CD will cost 100. I love how the inside is like a SUV but just enough bed in the ack to be a truck. The heated seats are a definite plus.

- Donna C

Extremely functional and practical, in spite of not being very attractive

It's the only pickup truck that actually has a reasonable back seat. It is flush with features and handles very well. My only complaint is that it requires more maintenance than the lore of Honda would have you believe, but it is an old car

- Steve Y

Gas mileage needs to be improved significantly.

I like all the cargo storage area that the truck has and It's versatility. The truck handles well and is comfortable to ride in especially on long trips. Gas Mileage is horrible as far as today's standards go.


The style, the ease and convenience of the vehicle. It is a quality vehicle and is easy to maintain. The local Honda dealership is very helpful.

It rides very smooth. The interior is like a car. The rear seats fold up and there is a storage compartment underneath. It has a trunk underneath the truck bed. It is well made and drives easily.

- Elsie K

Low maintenance and It will run forever as long as you take care of it

I love my car because it is very low maintenance and has good gas mileage. However, I do not like the fact that it does not have a navigation system and the lights do not come on automatically

- sarah g

Not a great truck because the bed is only 4 feet but absolutely the most comfortable vehicle we've ever had and very little mechanical trouble ... actually none so far.

Bought it used with about 30000 miles on it. Best vehicle I've ever owned. Comfortable ride, NAV system is great, love the heated seats, storage area in back seat and built in trunk.

- Richard P

The truck is reliable and durable.

Vehicle is reliable and runs great. Plenty of room to haul different sized items. Only drawback is the gas mileage which is abysmal as far as today's standards are concerned


My Honda ridgeline has a cooler in the trunk

Love my Honda ridgeline, I have 193000 miles on it and have had relatively good luck. Has a backseat, drives like a car and still has the truck bed which is super convenient

- Warren W

super functional. room for 5 people back seat is pretty big and great for projects that you need to haul stuff

Only complaint is I wish it got better gas mileage other than that it's a small super useful truck that handles like a car is comfortable and low maintenance

- Brandis Y




I love the fact that it is a multi-use vehicle. It has room for more than two people. I can haul groceries, bikes, kayaks and any home improvement items in the bed. It is roomy on the inside. It's good for all seasons and different weather. The only setbacks would be that it doesn't get the best gas mileage and, it has two blind spots for shorter drivers.

It serves more than one purpose because it is a truck with a good size cab and also has a trunk in the truck bed that also serves as a cooler.

- Ashley H

Reliability is the best thing about the vehicle.

Love the car its very reliable gets me from point A to point B every day. Its very roomy and is a great alternative to a full size truck.

- Jonathan R

There is a big blindspot that can be a problem when turning.

I love how it drives. It is very comfortable yet has the convenience of a truck. The only thing I don't like is the big blind spot.

- Jeff F

There is lots of storage in this truck. There is a trunk compartment and storage under the seats.

It is comfortable to ride in with lots of leg and head room. I am a big man so this is important. I like the storage compartments.

- gary f

rides like a car but I have hauled a ton of wood pellets with no problem

great vehicle, lots of storage,great in the snow,looks sharp, decent gas mileage great ride have had no problems in 190,000 miles

- Richard S

The Honda Ridgeline is a very reliable vehicle to own.

My vehicle is between a car and a truck. The tailgate opens like a car or drops down. I like that the vehicle is paid in full.

- Jonathan L

Great family vehicle for camping.

Great truck, great comfort, stylish, great family vehicle, great for haul for camping has a trunk that doubles as an ice chest.

- Tim C

Great storage; drives well

No real problems. Preforms good. Not the best gas mileage. Runs smooth. Turn radius is large, but not a big deal. Great storage

- Chris L

Perfect family truck with lots of space.

Perfect family truck! Love the extra storage and secret trunk space! 4x4 capabilities. Easy truck for dog lovers!

- Elizabeth R

It is dependable and comfortable.

It is dependable, gets decent mileage, looks really cool, and has a hidden trunk in the bed of the truck.

- Cheryl M

Enough space also the tailgate opens similar to a car door and also folds down.

I like that I have enough room in my Honda ridgeline but currently dislike that it is a older model.

- Jonathan L

My daughter was in it driving and had an accented. The lady's car was mess up pretty bad. But our truck held up. Just got a small dent.

Just because it has a lot of miles don't mean anything. It will hold up strong

- Angela M

This is a wonderful vehicle. Good looking. Easy handling.

That there is an actual trunk on this car. Gas mileage is good for a truck.

- Helen J

Handles like a car, has a truck's towing abilities

No complaints at all. Just bought this vehicle and I love it!!

- Crystal S

Very versatile and great in the snow.

Very comfortable ride. Very reliable. Gas mileage is poor.

- Mike S

Has lots of room.It's a 4 wheel drive and drives very smooth.Has a nice trunk in the back.

Like because has room,dislike the gas mileage .

- orten H