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Great all around vehicle!

I really like the Ridgeline because of its crisp sleek look. It has great acceleration. I never have any issues when I need to pass Someone quickly. It really is a great vehicle for what I need. It is like half truck half SUV. This allows me to haul trailers or boats while still having plenty of room for passenger. The bed is really nice because it doesn't have wheel wells so it is completely flat. This helps with hauling pallets or pli' wood bucks the bed is a flat 4 feet across. All in all great vehicle.

- Lance L

The 2008 Honda ridgeline has a trunk in the bed of the truck.

I have a basic package ridgeline. It is very reliable but rides a little rough. It gets on average 18-21 mpg for gas. I have no special features. It has a trunk in the bed of the truck which is very nice for extra storage. The fabric in my truck seats is pour for showing stains. It is very easy to handle for driving a pickup. It is a nice mid-size vehicle. It holds 5 people. The back seat also folds up for hauling things inside the cab if needed.

- Nancy J

The Honda Ridgeline is the best truck on the road. Good looking and reliable.

The Honda Ridgeline is a great, reliable truck. The interior is roomy and well equipped. I love the look of the Ridgeline, it has a very sleek one of a kind style. The ride is very smooth, much more like a car than a truck. I bought my 2008 Ridgeline used in 2010, and it the only thing it has needed in 9 years is new tires. I have owned a Toyota, a Chevy, and a Chrysler and not one was as reliable and well built as the Honda Ridgeline.

- Lori S

Multi use vehicle seats 5 adults comfortably.

The Honda ridgeline is a very versatile vehicle that holds 5 adults comfortable and can haul a lawnmower at the same time. It also is an excellent vehicle to travel in winter conditions as it has a computerized traction control device that transfers energy and motion to the wheel that has the most traction. Also has a hidden trunk under the bed that is airtight, secures hidden things in a locked manner.

- Christopher P

Durable and reliable. Hard to beat.

It works as a truck but feels like a car on the highway. It has a waterproof chest under the bed of the truck that includes a drain plug. Routine maintenance like oil changes are a breeze with this truck. Everything you need to get to is assessable. They are expensive, even pre-owned ones but they hold up extremely well. I am approaching 275,000 miles and it still rides well.

- Anthony J

2008 Ridgeline - great all round choice.

The ridgeline is an awesome vehicle that drives and rides like a car. It is the only truck that has a trunk(in the bed that is weatherproof. I pull a 20 foot proline center console boat and it has no issue with that weight. It has full time 4 wheel drive that is great in the rain or on dirt roads and the boat ramp. My only complaint is the lack of a Bluetooth system.

- William C

The ridgeline is an outstanding vehicle.

I have owned my ridgeline for eight years and the performance and reliability are beyond dependable. It rides like an accord and is a full size truck. The AWD feature has proven practical in the past due to flooding and other weather conditions like ice and snow. The Honda brand is by far the best choice for dependability and comfort in its price class.

- chad B

Dependable and holds all my stuff

My Honda Ridgeline is very dependable! It has over 200,000 miles on it and drives well! I love the trunk in the bed of the truck so that I can store items. It is very large and holds even large items such as my beach chair and umbrella. If the newer trucks were designed like mine I would replace it only with the same vehicle when I need to.

- Margaret B

Everything I need and more.

I love how much space come with the Honda ridgeline. It is a truck that allows you to do the most things a truck is supposed to do like hauling and driving off-road but it is smaller size allows it to also be used as an SUV or family car. The Honda ridgeline also has the gas mileage like and SUV which is very reasonable for a truck.

- David E

Speed and comfort plus style

Seats are comfortable, but they are cloth so they stain easily. The car handles amazing, more like a midsize SUV than truck so it is really fun and easy to drive. Have never had any problems with my truck. Would highly recommend for anyone. It can even tow small loads. Truck bed is perfect for a smaller family.

- Austin O

Reliable and comfortable truck.

Rides comfortably, drives nice. Love the trunk in the bed. Rear seats fold up for more storage. Not very fuel efficient. Getting some age on it but still looks new. It would be nice to have more updated features, but it is paid for and very reliable. I’d buy a Honda again in heart beat.

- Christy D

The vehicle is very excellent.

The car is great on performance, but I wish it had more mpg. The performance of the car ensures the cars quality of life and is in excellent condition. The ridgeline is an excellent truck with a great amount of storage space. I do however wish the car had a canopy top for the truck bed.

- Trip L

Fun to drive in all weather. Zooming all days!

Has plenty of legroom. Handles well on the city and the highways. Good acceleration and braking. Enough storage space that I need for my daily activities. Back seats are roomy. Sound system is good and loud. Love the height over other vehicles I have driven. Good mileage on gas.

- Raymond R

A good truck for light work.

Very reliable in bad weather. Able to travel in bad conditions with minimal reliance on 4WD feature. Handles like a car. Roomy back seat. Bed is too small for serious use. Gas mileage is average for vehicle of this type. Would recommend it to anyone looking for a lite truck.

- Jean H

I love my Honda! This is my 4th one!

I rarely have problems. I keep the oil changed religiously and it makes all the difference. In nine years I have had to have brakes changed, alternator, a battery and that's it. I chose to have the timing belt changed at 150,000 miles. I absolutely love my Honda.

- Jackie N

It does not get stuck in sand on the beach when I launch my jet skis.

My Honda ridgeline rides like a car it is smooth. I also love the trunk, it helps me store my tools out of site. The only thing I did not like was the fabric on the seats they stained easily so I changed them to leather.

- Timothy C

Drives great- lots of storage!

The Honda ridgeline drives like a car. Very comfortable ride. Very roomy interior. Excellent use of space for storage. It is the only truck I have ever seen that actually has a trunk in the bed, which comes in very handy.

- Kelly B

Reliable Ridgeline in the Desert

The Ridgeline is a very practical vehicle with four doors and a truck bed with trunk. My Ridgeline is 9 years old as I bought it in January of 2009 and have since put 292,000 miles on it with only minimal repairs needed.

- Dave L

Everything I want and need

The Honda Ridgeline is everything I want and need in a vehicle at this time in my life. It gets me from point at to be with great gas mileage. It also has most of the benefits of a truck while having the size of an SUV.

- David E

It is a pick up truck and still has truck under the bed that you can close.

I like the size of it. And I like that it is a pick up truck but you still have a closed trunk to it. Only thing I do not like about it is the bed of the truck is kind of small.

- Elizabeth K

It's dependable, but also very versatile, very comfortable, and still looks good.

After 10 yrs, it doesn't look out of date. It is extremely dependable, and has had virtually no major issues. It has over 150,000 miles, and is still going strong.

- Gabriel B

Great truck for traveling and everyday use

This vehicle drives very smoothly and is able to transfer big items in the trunk. There is lots of room inside and outside the trunk which is good for traveling.

- Gabby W

Honda has a high reliability.

It has a one piece body/cab so it is a smooth ride. It has been very reliable, no issues at all since I bought it. It has a trunk in the bed and is very handy.

- Gail C

Reliability, low cost of operation & maintenance.

Ride, quality of build, reliability, utility of the vehicle. Design and functionality, the trunk in the bed. Interior could have less plastic for my tastes.

- Eric J

A lot of room, has a trunk underneath the bed and gets good gas mileage

Great vehicle! We got it used in 2014 and it still has a new car smell! It rides smooth and has a lot of space! We love our truck!

- Amanda R

It is reliable, useful and well built.

This is a very well designed car. It has terrific functionality and with 300,000 miles, a great engine and mechanical operation.

- Dave L

It's great if you have a big family. It feels safe and has power.

Love that it's an SUV and a truck. Wish it was a hybrid. Wish it got better gas mileage. Love how roomy it is. Feel safe in it.

- Priscilla C

Love my Honda pickup truck!

Rides nice, very comfortable, love the trunk inside the truck bed, can haul stuff. Rear seats fold up. Gas mileage not great.

- Chris D

Only pickup truck with tailgate that opens down or open out

Very reliable and dependable vehicle with very few issues at all. One of the most reliable vehicle I've owned


The Honda Ridgeline is the best small pickup.

I like the roominess of the interior. It is well designed and has excellent storage. No complaints.

- Paul B

Great on gas and can hold a lot of items for trips

It is very long lasting. It doesn't take up too much gas and is easy to drive.

- t s

I love my truck. It has been wonderful for me. I almost didn't buy it because i did not like the handles on the inside. I am so happy that I did get it though because it has been a wonderful vehicle

It is very reliable. It is an all wheel drive and does wonderful in the snow.

- Katie S

it is loaded with great options and plenty of storage

it's a party truck, great ride and I like the look, plenty of storage place

- willie p

The gas mileage stinks but it's not bad for a pickup.

I love how high up I sit in it, it's reliable, and it drives great.

- Sarah C

Lots of room and dependable. Very comfortable to sit in on long trips. Plenty of space for other things as well

Has great driving features and has worked very well for me.

- Benito U

It has a strong engine and goes fast.

Love how rugged it is. It is built very soundly.

- Gary D