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My favorite part of it is the push bar I've had put on it.

It is the best car I ever had it has a sunroof it came with electric start, leather seats, the best thing I like is that it has a trunk and it can be used for tailgating because it has a plug that you can unplug after you are done using it the water in it drains out into the street, also has a GPS and a 5 disk CD player. Rides really smooth and it's easy to get into if your older, my 90 year old mom had no trouble getting into it. Great on gas too seeing it only has a 6 cylinder. So far I haven't had any problems with it. This is the second truck like this I've had and would only get this kind again. Just love it.

- Linda R

Reliable midsize pickup.

My Honda ridgeline has been a very sturdy and reliable vehicle. It is a mid sized pick up that holds plenty of cargo, yet is comfortable to drive. The seats are not very comfortable for long trips. This particular vehicle does not have Bluetooth which is inconvenient in this day and age. Other than that, I have been very satisfied with the way this vehicle drives, it is reliability, appearance and performance.

- Margaret B

Honda ridgeline truck with sunroof.

My Honda ridgeline truck is very durable, safe, reliable. It drives like a truck. We can haul almost anything in the truck bed. We have a cover mounted on the truck bed. The lights work well. It carries 5 people nicely. The seats fold up in the back. We have a sunroof in the cab. The gas mileage is ok. We like the navy blue color.

- Deb B

It's a truck that drives like an SUV. Love that it has a trunk.

The Ridgeline is the truck for people that don't want the rough ride or size of a real truck. Drives great and has more interior room than a small truck. The trunk is an awesome feature. The all wheel drive and OEM Michelin tires work great in all weather and conditIons. It has Honda's reliability. Could use better fuel mileage.

- Tyler G

Honda is a reliable brand of vehicle!

My vehicle is awesome! It runs great! Has lots of room! Goes great in the snow! It has a lot of nice features! Back up camera- keyless entry-ought that tells you if one of you tired has low air pressure- very reliable- great reviews on performance! All in all Honda is a name you can trust!

- Tamara B

Looks like a pick-up truck, handles like a car. Very safe and reliable.

My truck has a lot of power for a midsize suv. It handles like a car. I am not thrilled with the amount of plastic in the interior. Also, it gets horrible gas mileage. However, it is very dependable and I have had no mechanical issues or problems in five years. Just routine maintenance.

- Garland C

Tailgate opens two ways and has a hidden trunk that can be used as an ice chest.

I love my vehicle! It rides well. No maintenance problems. Lots of power. Love the fact that it is like having a truck and a SUV. Hidden trunk is cool as well as the tail able to open two ways. I have a slider window and I love the way the seats are configured.

- Judy A

Gas mileage could be alot better. For a midsize truck, it's barely gets better mileage than my previous Chevrolet Avalanche

I haven't had and problems with my vehicle since I've purchased it. It is very reliable and performs well. It is a sport model so it doesn't have all the bells and whistles but it is nicely optioned. It's like driving a car, ride is very comfortable and agile.

- Johnny M

It's flexible, it's like and SUV AND a pickup in one!

I love the flexibility of my Honda Ridgeline! I can carry 5 people and their bags comfortably as it has a trunk in the bed. I can also use it as a pickup to make runs to the home store or even pickup furniture.

- Donald G

It is roomier and more comfortable than they might imagine.

My Ridgeline is reliable and safe. The bed is plenty big enough for what I need. The interior is comfortable and quiet. The fuel economy and towing capacity are the only downside.

- Jason S

Yes no the car is great .Love it.

Everything, to go cover. Heated seats, trunk, gaps, best truck I ever bought, and I have no CV, complaints about it. Rides smooth and is good on gas, love the sunroof.

- Linda F

Very good product that is reliable and has enough room for family.

My vehicle is very reliable and has lots of room. I can use it for work and play. Pretty good gas mileage and used to take trips with my wife.

- Brett t

Inexpensive except on gas.

Excellent truck. Very comfortable to drive, lots of storage space, mpg could be better, which is the only reason it got a 4 out of 5.

- Jaime G

It's been reliable with no issues, warranty or otherwise.

Does everything I need it to do. SUV type ride. I can go on the beach with it and it goes well in snow. Reliable with no problems.

- Wayne P

I feel very comfortable driving my children around in this truck. It is a safe vehicle.

The Honda ridgeline have a trunk in the bed of the truck which is very convenient. It is roomy inside. Drives very well.

- Heather G

It's very good in four wheel drive! It also has very comfortable seating in it with lots of space compared to most trucks. The best vehicle I've ever owned.

I love most everything about it the only thing I don't like is you can't see very good backing it up.

- Kim E

It is a really good car no problems. If i had to I would buy another one

I like everything I do not dislike anything.Everything is good

- Lionel M

Great gas mileage with the ability to haul items and pull a trailer

Reasonable price, good quality, and great features.

- Robert P