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Versatile and well made vehicle.

Gets decent gas mileage, comfortable, fits 2 car seats easily, great back up camera makes it really easy to back up in tight places, love the trunk feature and the fact that the tailgate opens down or on the side, good family truck for a small family, it is not so big as to make it difficult to park, but big enough that it feels steady and safe. Really been pleased with it.

- Amy A

2014 Ridgeline - a great little truck

I have had no issues other than the massive airbag recall and whacking into a deer and needing a new radiator. The engine has good punch. 4 wheel drive is a selected function which is kind of a pain but it works really well. I replaced the rear differential oil at about 50,000 which was a little early but other than that. I have no complaints. (Stereo could be better)

- Stephen C

The most interesting detail to me is the tailgate. It opens down or swings out

I really like the following: easy to drive, high build quality, very useful trunk, easy to open tailgate that opens out or down, convenient trunk, the truck bed light and the quality of the mechanicals. I don't like the gas Mileage, and the fact that when I unlock the doors with the key fob, it only opens the drivers door and not all doors

- George F

Great vehicle for the a person who likes the outdoors.

My Honda Ridgeline is a very good driving vehicle that handles more like a car than a truck. It has plenty of tailgate space for an outdoors person, but better handling. There are many cargo options in the vehicle with one large compartment under the tailgate. Great vehicle with 4 wheel drive to get out of bad situations.

- Nelson K

White ridgeline is a great truck, but it do not have enough features.

I do not have any problems. I am not satisfied with the performance, it does not pick up speed like I would like for it to, it does not have a temperature gauge inside like my 2011 ridgeline. It is very reliable. I only have 37 thousand miles on it and I purchase brand new in 2014.

- Pam W

Love my very functional Honda ridgeline!

I love my Honda ridgeline. Very functional. The trunk is awesome for a truck. The ride is comfortable. Gas mileage is reasonable. 18 around town and up to 20 miles per gallon on highway. No problems so far with vehicle. Have a little over 60,000 mile on it.

- Dawn J

It gets very poor gas mileage for a honda.

It is a 4 door truck with a traditional trunk built into the bed of the truck. I really like that the tailgate swings both down or sideways. I dislike that it should have had more modern features when I bought it ie bluetooth, built in compass.

- John V

It is comfortable to ride in.

I dislike it because it did not come with the temperature of the weather inside like my 2011 Honda ridgeline. I like it because it's the car or vehicle of my dream.

- Pamela W

It's very reliable and has plenty of room and is safe

I love it, it handles great has plenty of room. It very reliable and always can be counted on. I would definitely consider another when I want a new truck.

- Brian W