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Very nice, but some things could be improved.

The ride, stability, noise level, and fuel economy are very good. The plastic lined bed is much better than the painted steel on most trucks, although the bed is shallow. I’m not much a fan of pickups, but the dual acting tailgate and locking trunk sold me on the Ridgeline. The sound quality from the base model radio is poor. Climate control is good. Driver entry for feet is tight due to protruding skirt on seat base, but once in, the seating is quite comfortable. The transmission is smooth but a serious shortcoming is that you can’t lock it into fifth gear for towing. It either hunts between 4, 5, and 6, or you can lock it into fourth, which revs too high. For towing, the fuel tank is way too small, limiting practical range to 250 miles. Available colors are typical boring Honda choices. After 2017, AWD is not available on RT, and the RTS trim went away. I’m pleased with my ‘17 AWD RTS, but with the ‘18 and ‘19 trim level choices, I’d probably pass on the Ridgeline

- Greg Z

The best truck ever: great for gardeners.

I have the Honda ridgeline that has all of the bells and whistles. When I bought it I didn't think that I would use all of the features but to get the ones that I wanted I had to get the top of the line model. I have used every single feature on this truck! I garden at a community garden and when I go there on a weekday and am there by myself I turn on the in bed speakers and work listening to music or talk. I have used the plug that is in the bed at the garden, too. The downside to the plug is that it is only a 2 prong plug so some tools are not able to be plugged in. The trunk is used all the time. The downside to it is if you have a load in the bed you cannot get to the trunk so you need to make sure that you have whatever you need out of the trunk before you load up the bed. I love the lane assist and alert features. There are many times that I have been saved from hitting someone while backing up or changing lanes because of them.

- Teresa D

Honda’s ridgeline remodel takes it over the top!

I drove a Ford f-150 for 20 years before switching to my Honda ridgeline. I like the better gas mileage and sporty feel of the ridgeline. I preferred the roominess of the f-150 but get along fine in the ridgeline. I have chronic pain so comfort was a big factor in my choice of a vehicle to replace the f-150. I have had several Honda's in the past and they have all been good cars. Great reliability, quality, economy, resale value and styling. My ridgeline is no exception. I didn't care for the sloping truck bed the ridgeline’s of earlier model years had so I was glad that Honda did a redesign with the 2017 model year. I cannot considered the Toyota Tacoma seriously but the driver’s seat was not very comfortable. I am happy with my Honda ridgeline choice and expect to drive it 20 years before I will need to trade it in for a new vehicle.

- Rick S

Easy to get into - love the comfort.

I love my 2017 ridgeline. I have always wanted a truck and never had one. As an older person - my concern was the ability to get into/climb into a truck. It is easy to get into, very comfortable. I love the backup feature. I love the many controls on the steering wheel where I can check my oil levels and tire pressures at the push of a button. It is a smooth riding vehicle. My last vehicle was a Honda CR-V which I spent very little money on for repairs. I am looking for the same benefit in my truck.

- Renee S

A comfortable and non conventional pick up truck.

I had this car since 2016 and I haven't any issues with this vehicle at all. Its performance is amazing and so is its reliability. I drove it in snow without any issues. The seats are comfortable and they have seat warmers which makes driving in the winter so much more comfortable. It had the backup camera but it does not have the navigation compass, which is one feature I was sad not to have.

- Joan V

My truck that handles like a car,

Lots of storage space in the truck bed, the under bed trunk, and in the back seat area with the seats folded up. Lots of room for the back seat passengers. Too. Very comfortable to ride in. Handles like a regular car and gets better gas mileage than other trucks. Wish there were more knobs on the dashboard instead of all functions being handled by the touchscreen.

- Les O

Honda, made in America. Dependable.

This vehicle is reliable and has amazing safety features, plenty of space and I love the pickup and acceleration. The 4x4 allows me to feel safe in extreme conditions where a car would not be able to efficiently drive me. I enjoy the sportiness but also love the classiness.

- Brian M

Great tailgate opening and great trunk with lock.

It is really good on gas, great in winter driving, roomy, and will keep it forever great value for the money, reliable. Good looking, great color choices, talked to other people who have bought one and they say all the same things. Good vehicle great truck.

- evelyn N

The tailgate and ice chest/trunk. Very cool features.

I love the trunk that can be used as an ice chest. I love all the little cubbies you can put stuff in. I don't like the base model my FIL bought that we now own. I wish I could have added features after the fact.

- Laura G

excellent comfort and great gas mileage

Pros: extremely comfortable, great gas mileage, large comfortable back seat, smooth ride Cons: only tows up to 5000 lbs, cruise control on lower end models has difficulty maintaining a consistent speed.

- Alan H

practical and reliable with all the best qualities.

very reliable, decent gas mileage, practical, smooth ride, more than enough room. Looks too similar to the pilot, wish it had an 8 cylinder, wish the back doors opened a little wider.

- chris m

I love the fact that it has a truck that you lock things that are not seen. The back seat folds up in two sections and gives you a flat storage space behind the front seats but INSIDE the cab.

It has a trunk. And it's not small. It also features a drain plug and we used it as an ice chest for a party, putting bottled water in there with ice for our guests.

- John G

An amazing vehicle that is great for road trips. Slim type of truck that's not bulky or high. Really easy for my grandma to get on and off.

Smooth rides, great for family road trips with plenty of legroom for back passengers. The compartment in the bed is great to put ice and use as a cooler.

- Ari A

Honda has a great reputation for longevity and safety.

It rides like a car and has good acceleration. I like being able to haul things. Trying to park it with a not so good turning radius is a problem.

- Steve d

Usable space amazing for a busy mom who like to go do things with the family.

Heating/ac buttons too complicated, same with the stereo. You have to look down too much when driving to adjust setting. Not good when driving.

- Jennifer W

Best Truck Ever for any use!

This is the ideal vehicle. Excellent gas mileage. Plenty of space for passengers. Plenty of room in bed. In bed trunk is an awesome feature

- Christa K

Real honest review. This is my second Ridgeline, so I am pretty happy with this Honda product.

Quiet, quick, and reliable. Great navigation, and good looking. A slight driveline vibration on trailing throttle while on cruise control.

- Bosco B

Honda not willing to fix nav system.

Nav system keeps rebooting. Back doors do not open wide enough. Tailgate has no lock. Decent mileage for a truck. Very good snow and ice.

- Rick Z

High resale value . It holds it value as it is made by a auto company that is known for its high quality

It's a great vehicle,small pickup that gets good mileage and handles and drives like a passenger car. Great comfort and wonderful ride.

- Steve D

It's extremely reliable. The cargo space is good. For a truck it gets very good gas mileage.

I have had no problems with my Honda Ridgeline. I get a very smooth ride.from it, it handles well, and it's been excellent in the snow.

- Stephen T

This vehicle is great for adventures and traveling.

Great overall vehicle. Like the music in the bed. And the fact that its fully loaded. Wish it had a little bit more power.

- Erik D

It's very dependable. I never worry about it breaking down

I love the comfort of my vehicle but I need a bigger size. I also need more power. It's basically like driving a minivan

- Lin D

It is a unibody truck, which makes it not a real truck.

Back doors do not open wide enough. Everything else is nice, leather seats heat up nicely, as well as the steering wheel.

- Nolan B

The mileage that it gets.

I like the mileage that l get. Like the way it drives. Like the feathers that it has. Do not have anything l dislike.

- Nicolas Rodriguez Jr. S

Great mileage for a pick-up. Highway mileage is terrific.

I like the smooth ride. Love the interior and gas mileage. I wish the Ridgeline had a better variety of body colors.

- larry o

Very well built and very ergonomic. Looking forward to having it a long time.

My second Ridgeline and my 5th Honda. Don't think the ride is as nice as my first, but really like this truck.

- John C

Love My Truck, Super Comfortable

Love the truck, its roomy for a smaller pickup and had tons of great features. Travels well on long trips too

- Kimberly R

very convenient trunk located in the bed of the truck

Only dislike is a limited turning radius. Otherwise, all aspects of the vehicle are more than satisfactory.

- bruce s

Great gas mileage it's all wheel drive get me thru winter weather

I love it great gas mileage hauls all the grandchildren . love all the tech. Love that it's all wheel drive

- anne F

It's a truck but without the hassle. Looks and does but not feels.

It is very strong and versatile. It is attractive and meets all my needs. The gas mileage is acceptable.

- Mark S

Maint. System is the best I have ever hah.

No problems. Ride and lack of road noise are the best. The hidden truck under to truck bed is great.

- David R

This car is the best. It is an SUV with a great truck bed.

This is a very good vehicle. Then cargo space is extremely good. It is better than the ford

- Harry D

Don't let the looks fool you, it's got fantastic features and is pretty zippy, great gas mileage too.

By far the best vehicle I have ever owned, it is perfect fit for my needs and taste.

- Scott B