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Hyundai Accent, a super reliable car.

Hi. I bought this car second hand from a dealership near me in Arkansas. It has been 5 years since I have bought it and it has given me almost no trouble except regular maintenance. I have a child and it gets messy with a baby boy but the seats are original and I can wipe them clean so easily. It is a reliable car. If you are looking to buy something that is comfortable, reliable, Hyundai is something you can depend on.

- Erica Y

Hyundai accent, superior in ergonomics.

I love how ergonomically superior my car is, it is great on gas and all the parts are cheap. It gets me from A to B, while looking like a standard 2010 car. I really enjoy being a Hyundai owner and I cannot imagine having another car. It fills up on less than twenty five dollars, what a steal.

- Madison W

Hyundai is a very reliable vehicle and I highly recommended it.

Check engine light will go on and off due to messed up computer. Auto adjust seats. Leather seats with tan interior. All white on outside. Paint chips easily. Very reliable. Great on gas only takes $20 to fill up. Heated seats. Great air conditioning and heating. Very spacious.

- Kaila L

It is a great car for first time drivers.

I personally like my car because it is very small and compact, making parking a breeze. My car is also pretty fuel efficient, which is another plus. The downside is it is an old car and I have spent a lot on getting it fixed.

- Griffin N

That my car is good on gas.

My vehicle runs well and is very good on gas. It is a manual which I like. My complaint is that my air conditioning does not work but that can be fixed.

- Rochelle R

It has been really reliable with very minor issues are easily handled.

I have had this vehicle for 18 years and it has been really reliable. I keep it serviced on a regular basis and it is still in really good shape.

- Tina B

Just an opinion the manufacturer could upgrade the header pipe so it lasts longer

exhaust pipe rusted out still starts runs good very good on gas, the body has worn well. The car drives great. Looks great.

- thomas m

They are very dependable. I would definitely buy another Hyundai

I really had no issues. I loved the 10yr warranty. It had no bells and whistles but it ran and was very reliable

- Lenore S

It can ride long distances. Rides safe and sturdy.

I like that it is a good size and reliable. Good on gas and stores a lot. I dislike when things break.

- Donna J

It gets good mileage and the car is payer for

48 miles to a gallon and drives down the road smooth

- Chris M