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Solid economy car for light use

2004 Hyundai Accent GL

I put very few miles on it, but I have been happy with its performance so far. I've had to do regular maintenance (oil changes, tires, timing belt, etc. and only a few repairs (brake caliper replacement, transmission sensor replacement). My primary concern was reliability and I have found it to be reliable. It is not a luxury car, but is comfortable. It is not super powerful, but it is sufficient. It has been economical to purchase and to keep running. If I had to repeat the purchase, I would choose this model again. My only complaint is that the paint top coat is rather weak. There are some cosmetic problems, particularly on the driver's side door where I push it closed (I guess the oils from my hand and the friction wore away the top coat). There are a few other random small imperfections like that. I generally ignore cosmetic problems, so I have not considered fixing the paint problems. The headlights are also cloudy now, but I think that is expected for a car of this age.

- Carole P

Absolutely great on gas! Takes about twenty dollars to fill the tank.

2004 Hyundai Accent

The Hyundai accent has only 2 doors, which means if you have 3 granddaughters like me, it is not very accommodating. The good thing about the accent is it is great on gas, I believe about 20-25 miles per gallon. It also has great get up and go. If the gas light comes on, you know you have about 20 miles before it dies. With the car being so small means you can fit almost anywhere, tight spot, bring it on! My car has electric windows which is odd, we had a 2005 model which had nothing electric. Anyway, they are pretty good cars.

- Cope N

Old Reliable Hyundai Accent

2004 Hyundai Accent GT

My 2004 Hyundai Accent is a great vehicle. I got it recently and it was given to me with a loose bolt in the exhaust so the vehicle is a little loud. A few window buttons also do not work. Besides that though it gets amazing gas mileage and has a smooth ride. The speakers that come with the car are old so not the best but the system and the computer of the car have no issues. The car is on the small side but the seats are fully adjustable and comfy enough.

- Foster W

This small car will get you where you are going and at a much smaller cost than most.

2004 Hyundai Accent

Engine and running abilities have been awesome the air conditioner has just recently played out. As far as comfort honestly there isn't any it's a very small car but makes up for that with it's wonderful ability to save your pockets on gas as it is definitely a gas saver and gets around 24-26 miles to a gallon

- Christal F

If you're looking for a budget, friendly car

2004 Hyundai Accent GT

Good car if you keep up on the maintenance. Will get you to and from for a long time. I've just recently started having radiator problems now, which affects other parts of the car. Other than that, this is really dependable vehicle I'm still able to drive it around town, until I'm able to replace the vehicle.

- Kay J

Economic, sturdy, dependable and fun to drive.

2004 Hyundai Accent Base

I really like my Accent, it is small and comfortable, drives easy, has really good performance has great power, is basic no bells and whistles, it get really good gas mileage, inside construction has held up really good. it's 2004 and I have had very few repairs. It I could afford a new one I would buy one.

- Lisa K

I like that it has a rear window wiper and lights go out when the ignition off.

2004 Hyundai Accent

Only problem was a starter motor went had it towed to my house and my son in law replaced it for me. Other then that my wife and I enjoy it is performance has a nice ride and is quick easy to handle. The hatchback makes it easy to shop for food items, and the rear seats fold down for larger items.

- George D

Old but reliable runs well, but not much to look at.

2004 Hyundai Accent

It is old, but it still runs very well. No air. Needs a shock. Inside worn but very functionable. 220, 000 miles. Rust on both rear bumpers. Spout to gas tank leaks, must use marathon pump to bypass leak in gas tank spout. Car does run very well, and it is very good to get to and from work.

- Mike H

Small two door car, with lots of room and a hatchback trunk.

2004 Hyundai Accent

I love my car. Its nice and small. You can fit up to five passengers in it. The trunk is a hatchback so it is bigger than expected from the outside. There is a lot of room in the front seats, your not crammed in a clown car. My car gets awesome gas mileage and is not expensive to fill up.

- Sydney Q

It's really crap on gas 20 a week to week and a half of driving.

2004 Hyundai Accent

Pros.. Are it's good on gas cheap on replacement pairs. If you do up keep you won't have problems with the car. I have had mine since 2011 it's kept up with all the driving I do. Best little car for the money. I am buying another one soon. Cons. Really aren't any I love my car.

- Lou K

It has its engine frame near the front fender.

2004 Hyundai Accent Base

It's reliable and gets good gas mileage. AC will not hold a charge. Transmission gets rough after it gets a couple of 10,000 miles on it. Seats a comfortable. Electric locks do not function as they're supposed to. Has great heat and seat warmers. Roomy and comfortable

- Melissa W

If a small car is for you this is it.

2004 Hyundai Accent

My car is nice and small. It drives amazing, almost never have problems with it. You can fit up to five people in it but only has two doors. It has a hatchback trunk. It is very easy to clean due to being so small. If you like small cars this is the one for you!

- Sydney Q

A very good car with lots of features for the low price.

2004 Hyundai Accent

This car is very good on fuel, it takes many years before parts have to be replaced, very reliable and the engine lasts forever it seems. It rides very smoothly and has a good heavy duty suspension. A comfortable car with many features for the price.

- Larry J


2004 Hyundai Accent

I love the size and speed of my vehicle. It is super convenient for driving around the city because I can fit into tight spots. The only thing I don't like is the lack of trunk space, but that's what you get when you have a small vehicle.

- Kira S

It has a good heavy suspension and takes years before you encounter problems. The engine seems to last for the total life of the car, which is at least 15 years.

2004 Hyundai Accent

I like the price, it gets good gas mileage, very rarely does it have mechanical problems even when it is older. This model is a little harder to work on then the previous model I owned, because the underside is lower to the ground.

- Larry R

Good little car as far as gas.

2004 Hyundai Accent

I really didn't have any problems with it until this last year. I had to replace the starter, and put my 2nd set of tires on it. They do have a tendency to rust above the wheel wells and bottom doors as it gets older.

- Michele B

It's solid, well-built, and handles extremely well in rain and snow.

2004 Hyundai Accent

I like how well it handles in the rain and snow. I don't like that the clock and A/C don't work, but it was bought second hand used. I like how durable it is, but not that it rumbles when I drive it.

- Ashley W

Reliable and good on gas. Comfortable and great for trips.

2004 Hyundai Accent

My car definitely isn't luxurious but it is comfortable. I make a 12 hour trip multiple times a year and am fairly comfortable each time. I have about 90k miles on it with no major problems.

- Juliet W

It really does drive and run well. And it gets decent gas mileage.

2004 Hyundai Accent

It drives and runs well. My dislikes are all internal. The seats are so uncomfortable, and its generally just cramped when you are in it. Even when you are driving alone.

- Amy D

It has good gas mileage and is perfect for a college student. Not too many bells and whistles.

2004 Hyundai Accent

I love it because it's a car and I'm honestly not very picky. It has good gas mileage and suits my needs. I don't like that it's needed a lot of maintenance recently.

- Paige P

It is a two door and it is tiny but on the other hand the trunk is very large.

2004 Hyundai Accent

I love how small it is because I am tiny. It does make a lot of noise because it's a tiny car. I also don't like that I have the two door type.

- Jamie S

It is good on gas and the cat last a long time before needing repairs.

2004 Hyundai Accent

It is good on gas and compact. My car last a long time, but recently it started needing a lot of repairs, but then again it is 14 years old.

- Larry J

The benefits of purchasing your new hyundai accent..

2004 Hyundai Accent

The 2004 Hyundai Accent GT provides a smooth performance, easy to handle, comfortable to drive, good gas mileage.. and it's safe.

- Sara C

It's a women's car and I love it.

2004 Hyundai Accent

It rides nice and let's out cool air. A good engine nice seats and since having it for 3 years I have had no problems.

- L J

That it is a 6 cylinder and I drive it to fast.

2004 Hyundai Accent

I like everything about my vehicle. I do not dislike my vehicle. My car must be old but it is in pretty good shape.

- Katherine H

It is comfortable and beautiful.

2004 Hyundai Accent

The only complaint I have is the engine is a little loud. I used to drive a van and I couldn't hear the engine.

- Patti W

My car is very compact and doesn't have very much space. It runs well and is very easy to drive.

2004 Hyundai Accent

Not the newest car, but is my in good working order. Requires minimal maintenance, and I feel safe driving it.

- Andrew G

Old car! Would love a new one.

2004 Hyundai Accent

It is older, so it's not a good looking car. It used to be reliable but a lot of censor issues have started.

- Tori M

For me it is a good car, not expensive and still work perfect is 2004.

2004 Hyundai Accent

The materials are very cheap what i like about the car is not very expensive, in gas as well

- Alexis E

It is Fun to drive and easy to maintain.

2004 Hyundai Accent

Good gas mileage, easy maintenance and it handles the road really well.

- Amy W

Its is fun to drive and gets good mileage. It's very durable

2004 Hyundai Accent

I love how tiny it easy and easy to drive. Wish it was 4 door

- Kait R

Very inexpensive to drive, and reliable. If there is a problem, it is cheap to fix. No complaints, but I am ready to trade up

2004 Hyundai Accent

Inexpensive to own and maintain. Reliable and easy to drive

- Becky S

It gets me to where I need it to every single time.

2004 Hyundai Accent

Great gas mileage. Good quality. Small and fast.

- Dave E

whenever you need to get something fixed it will cost around 400 dollars

2004 Hyundai Accent

it is expensive to maintain the gas mileage is ok!

- John m