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My car has everything that I need: space, reliability, safety, and comfort.

My car works really well. When I drive 400 miles to visit my family, it has never broken down. It drives well in city traffic. It is comfortable, and has a lot of room to seat passengers. The engine is quiet, and I love the radio! The radio has a great sound, and is perfect for getting me through long trips. My car has been reliable for me for the past 13 years! This is important to me since I live in a city that has little public transportation. It is a great car to get me back and forth to work. I like my car because the trunk has a lot of space, and the seats can go down too. It helped me out a lot when I moved into a new house! I am so glad that I choose my Hyundai. It has everything: reliability, space, a great radio, and safety.

- Andrea C

It's Small ,low cost , and reliable

It's a smaller car if you have long legs or teenager this car is not for you if you are looking for a car that fits a small budget now I have had a few problems with it at 48,000 miles my time belt broke and the clutch went down the same time and the cat broke around 130,000 miles but this car has been good and reliable and was not expensive to fix I wish it had better cup holders

- Jalesha H

Safe reliable little speedster!

I love my manual Hyundai Accent! it is always reliable and consistent. There has been no major mechanical problems. I am very impressed with this car as it is my 1st Hyundai I only had Chevy's and I would buy another one. This is a no frills car all manual and it has 137,000 miles I only now have changed the clutch system that's 13 years later!

- Catherine M

They should know that it's a reliable car that can take you very far, fast, and for a low gas mileage. The steering feels smooth for both the highway or in the city.

It's a red Hyundai car that my father bought for me about 4 years back. It was used but was in good condition. I like that it's a reliable car and is compact compared to some of my family's larger cars. However, due to this compactness, it does offer smaller space on the inside which is sometimes a problem for a tall person like me.

- Tashi U

The car is reliable and spaciousness for road trips.

The only problem I have with the car is that it is old and has problems with the headlights at times otherwise the car is still in good condition and is very reliable. The car seats are another interior issue because they are velvet gray and get stained when you spill things but those are easy fixes so nothing big I dislike.

- Chelsea G

2005 Hyundai accent - good for city driving or a first vehicle.

This is my first car, so I can't really give much feedback regarding it. So far for being 13 years old it provides decent mileage at 25 mpg in the city. Good vehicle for a starter car or city driving and drives well. It is comfortable for me sit in. One issue I have is it does not have cruise control.

- Eric N

Good, basic car to satisfy need to get from one place to another.

Good performance. Almost no problems. Ride is not the best but is comfortable - I have driven worse rental cars! Maintenance is relatively simple. Most things can be handled at my local car repair shop. I do like the fact that there are not a lot of fancy electronics so fewer things to go wrong.

- Susan Z

Reliable vehicle that protected me in an accident

Definitely reliable. Have had for 12 years and have never experienced a problem. Was in a pretty bad accident back in 2009 and the vehicle protected me well, even from being hit in the driver's side. Comfort wise, could use some better seats, but other than that, I don't really have complaints.

- Melissa R

It has a nice color, it looks like a blue/silver color.

My Hyundai is fuel efficient. It runs on most types of gasoline, except ethanol. It is mostly reliable. The only problem recently is the engine light stays on, and the airbag light stays on. I do not have money or income to fix my car. I would like to purchase another Hyundai in the future.

- Christine L

It is a compact car, which is great to me.

I haven't really had very many issues with this vehicle. Only thing I would list as a problem is the gas tank is small, so for commuting to work it tends to burn through gas. Vehicle is also considerably small, so while that works for me because I am short, it might not be ideal for others.

- Melody G

I changed the headlights and they are better.

Transmission slips, other than that its. Ok. I get fairly good gas mileage and that's a plus. Its small and easy to drive. Parts are inexpensive. And it gets me from point A to point B everyday. It's the first foreign car I've ever owned. I can say I would buy another one.

- Jamie C

It is very small and white with two doors.

The car brakes need to be smoother. Car is too small and needs four doors. Needs to be aligned and oil needs to be changed. Tires need to be rotated and the car does not pick up speed very quickly. Drives very slow. Very compact for small parking spaces which is very good.

- Alice C

For short individuals & only personal use. A great first car for new drivers.

Performance really good on gas takes $30 to fill up to full. Very affordable since I am a college student. It's not high tech it more of an basic model. It's a two door vehicle. Everything on this car is operated manually except the windows surprisingly.

- Ivy V

That it is a standard motor.

I like that it is small and easy to drive and good on gas. I do not like the fact that it is rusting inside and out so much.I never had a car do that and lately all kinds of things are going wrong but it is 14 yrs.old

- Carol s

It is a small car that runs okay and gets me from place to place.

Like: it is a small car with a hatchback and it has a manual transmission.. Dislike: it does not have a lot of power when the AC is running, plus it is rusty because I bought it in Ohio and used it there for 8 years.

- Jeremiah C

Compact and economical. Nice body type.

My car is very easy to drive. It also is easy to get parts for and reasonable to fix. It is easy to park and good on gas. It seats four people comfortably. The trunk area is good for groceries.

- Doreen C

It drives great on the highway.

I like the gas mileage. I like the way the car handles. It is cute. I do not like the seat belts. I do not like the small trunk. I do not like the door locks. Two are already out of service.

- Laura B

The brakes need to be redone.

It's a good car, runs well and still overall in good condition. The only bad thing is it needs new brakes & tires. The tent needs to be redone on a couple windows, but it's overall okay.

- Lydia F

It's cheap and decent. The door handles could have been made better or at least not of 100% plastic.

It's small, good on gas. Haven't had any terrible maintenance issues. All the door handles but the driver side one broke so I can only open the drivers side door from the outside.

- Jacob M

Was inexpensive and good mileage.

Back doors no longer open. Good gas mileage. Gas indicator (float) doesn't always work, so check engine light is always on. 164K miles and fairly reliable transportation.

- Craig M

I would like people to know that this car is a very reliable and it would be a great car for anybody starting a family or wanting a new car

The vehicle is very reliable and I do enjoy the fact that there is a sunroof it also is very good on gas unfortunately the timing belt has been replaced three times

- Morgan S

This car won't disappoint you, spacious, safe, comfortable and service is great.

It is very comfortable and runs smoothly even after more than 10 years of use. I take it in for regular check ups, which have a reasonable cost. Service is great.

- elizabeth v

Must wear seatbelt and no eating in it.

I love my vehicle. It is great on gas. Its comfortable and rides great. Not one thing I dislike. My next purchase of a vehicle will also be a Hyundai.

- Teresa M

A great car for in-town driving.

It is a nice vehicle and good for going to and from work. It has been very easy to maintain. I really don't have any complaints about the automobile.

- JR G

If you need to go to work and get home, it works.

It gets you from point a to point b reliably. Great Gas mileage. The only problems i have run into are user error and other drivers hitting me.

- Jeremiah H

Highly recommend Hyundai Accent. This vehicle is very reliable and long lasting.

This car is excellent. It drives great and gets about 40 mpg. I have owned my car for 13 years and only ever had to have minor repairs done.

- Crystal B

Extremely reliable vehicle.

I have had the car for 4 years, and the only issue I've ever had with it is headlights/tail lights. No major issues. Extremely reliable.

- Sierra H

it has been a reliable mode of transportation

i like the gas mileage it has been a pretty reliable vehicle little things have broken and needed repairing but overall it has held up

- james B

Very cost effective for gas and repairs. Great family car.

Rides smooth and is inexpensive to fix. Very comfortable seats. wish the seat adjustments were better. But, great car overall.

- Tanya M

Excellent automobile for the price.

Easy maintenance on the car. Very few problems. Good gas mileage. Great for getting around the city and taking short trips.

- James B

Even though it was the lower end model of a jeep her car, it has been an amazing vehicle. It is very dependable and the ride even though not luxurious, is comfortable.

I really like the gas mileage. It is very dependable car. The size is perfect for my needs. I really like the hatchback to.

- Heather L

It is drives pretty smooth when it is not shaking.

It is okay. It breaks down from time to time. But it gets me from place to place and my gas mileage is not to bad.

- Edith P

Great gas mileage, hard to find replacement tires.

Standard 5-speed, non-tilt steering wheel, gear shift to far back, no air conditioning, great gas mileage.

- John R

The car is a good car good commuting to work with the gas mileage it has.

I like the car size. Good on gas and parts are relatively cheap. Bad transmission and electrical problems.

- Ryan H

This car is a stick shift vehicle.

It small, perfect size, stick shift. I dislike that it has crank windows and no automatic locks on keys.

- Mandy B




I think that everyone should know the this car is completely reliable.

I like the gas mileage. I like the reliability. I don't like the fact that there is not a lot of space

- Suzie J

It is dependable, with no mechanical issues, for the last 6 years.

No complaints, great on gas mileage, very dependable. Never have any mechanical issues

- James S

It drives well and is a good value

It has never given me any real trouble and I've had it for almost 13 years.

- Hillary L

No air conditioning or space when riding with me. Good mileage

Old small car, like the mileage. Do not like lack of space

- Concetta D

Super dependable will never leave you stranded quality machine

Never had any problems with it. Runs smooth great on gas!!

- Shawn R