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Tiny car- great for a new driver.

My car was purchased used from a friend. It works great and is really convenient for a first time driver. It is small and easy to maneuver (parallel parking, narrow roads, etc. ). It is low to the ground and small so it is easy to speed if you are not paying close attention. The inside is more spacious than you would think. Handles very well in the snow as long as the tires are not too bald. It helps to have something heavy in the trunk during the winter months.

- Savannah F

The Hyundai Accent is a smaller car but has plenty of trunk space.

The car in question has troubles with the gas lines, causing it to stall occasionally after fueling it. However, the other parts work well and the car as a whole performs well. The has not broken down since a part was replaced two years ago and is very reliable. The Accent also has working AC and heat, a working CD player, five seat belts, functioning windows, and everything inside provides a comfortable experience.

- Lori V

Easy to drive and good gas mileage!

My car is comfortable, and extremely easy to drive. Occasionally things such as the belt give me issues, but they are repairable. It has pretty good gas mileage and is inexpensive to fill the tank. Some may complain that the driver's seat does not go back far enough, but I am 5'6 and it is comfortable for me. Overall if I was looking to purchase a new vehicle, I would consider buying a newer version of my car!

- Erin D

This is a great little car that is very reliable and gets good gas mileage.

I purchased my Hyundai Accent new in 2007. It was a great car for teaching my teenager to drive. Although it is a little smaller than I would like, I mostly drive by myself, so it is not too bad. I use it to drive to & from work each day and also for personal use and I fill it once a week. It gets great gas mileage. I also would have liked to have cruise control (mine does not have it).

- Christine C

Used Hyundai accent - good, reliable car.

Gets great gas mileage. Has a few little things that have gone wrong with it that I have had to fix (drivers side door handle broke off, ignition coils have gone out twice, transmission acts a little funny sometimes) but for a used car, it mostly runs great. The interior is pretty spacious for how small a car it is. Not a lot of pickup, but for an everyday car, it is great.

- Shay P

the car has issues with the battery shutting down when it gets wet and it seems to be very rough on tires.

overall it is a good little car but it has a few quirks.the door handles tend to break off either on the inside or outside. I am going through my second inside door handle. the hydrolics on the hatch have gone. I had to replace both visors. all of these things I've been told are common in the accent. The most dangerous is the battery tends to shut down on wet streets

- Brenda B

It lasts forever. It's very reliable.

This car is amazingly reliable for all the driving its been through. I have driven a little over 50,000 miles on it last year alone and its still running with only a few problems. It's almost at 200,000 miles. It does have a wheel bearing issue currently and that is the only problem. But I don't think it's had new wheel bearings in years and years.

- Owen J

Its mechanically reliable, I've had no unnecessary repairs. Only general maintenance

I absolutely love my Hyundai accent. It's the first car I've bought and has been super reliable. There haven't been too many issues with the vehicle either. The only ones of note is the electric inside the vehicle not always working and the sun visors break easily. It's not the best car for passengers, but it's rare I have any, so it works for me.

- Michael S

It is efficient and reliable, and has exceeded my expectations in terms of mileage.

I bought my car used five and a half years ago. It had about 75,000 miles when I bought it, and now it is over 163,000. It has always been reliable with minimal work needed. I do wish it had a more powerful engine, as it struggles to maintain speed going up a hill, but it is a very small car. Overall, I've been very happy with it.

- Sarah H

It is a beat up little finger that keeps me going through life day to day.

I like the small size and the low cost for gas. However my car has been through quite a bit throughout its use and seems to be falling apart (body damage wise) regularly. However it has held on for years longer than expected. I have had really no major issues with it since I have had it and it is a pretty comfortable little ride.

- Christina C

Low cost vehicle which is easy to maintain and has a good longevity history.

The mileage is very good, around 32 mpg. The maintenance doesn't cost a lot, and repair work isn't near as expensive as other vehicles. It has maintained its durability for the most part and is still going pretty good. I would buy another one again. The cost to buy was a lot better compared to other brands with comparable models.

- Brit C

One major issue for the 2007 Hyundai Accent

The 2007 Hyundai Accent is a fairly had efficient car with some zip. The rear axle on the frame is a bit askew with this year. I have needed to shim my rear tires in order to get full wheel alignment. Without shimming the wheels, you will have uneven wear on your tires and would likely need to replace them more frequently.

- Melissa S

Hyundai Accents great little reliable cars for everyday school or work driving.

I have the very basic model of the Hyundai Accent. It is great on gas is comfortable on short and daily driving but a little rough on long drives. It doesn't have tinted windows and the heat is intolerable. It doesn't have all the bells & whistles of newer calls but it is great for daily work or school driving.

- Natalie B

Great gas mileage-33 miles per gallon.

Great gas mileage, very reliable but storage and seating are not great. 4 door and love the red color. Oil changes can go 5,000 miles between. Price was great. Even though a small sedan, drives great in upstate NY snow. Not great on long car trips due to limited leg room and limited luggage storage room.

- Jodi D

Very great start off vehicle, and it has lasted me 11 years. Keep up the maintenance and it will run forever!

My vehicle has been very faithful, great on gas, and as a hammy down, has taken a beating. I would recommend a Hyundai Accent to anyone who wants to get around town with no troubles. My only concern is the material of the vehicle, I feel like if I were to get into an accident, the car would be totaled.

- Nikkole M

My economical driving car

A good car to have because it is very economically. It gets me to my destinations from Place a to b. The performance is good the only problem I now have is the belt that's making a noise now but it can be fixed, so that's good, and it is overall a very comfortable car with no problems.

- Melisa S

Super small, very comfortable.

The car is very reliable. There is plenty of space we can put our infant in the backseat with no problems. The only problem we've had with the car was the ac went out but that was a super easy fix! My car has over 1000k miles and it still runs great. I would recommend this car.

- Kay Lee C

Good first car for young drivers. To small for my liking.

The car is to small for my liking. Feels like a tight space. Only one arm rest can be very frustrating when two people are in the front seat. When driving on the interstate it feels like the car is being blown around. For such a small car it is still not very good on gas.

- Hannah S

Looking at a Hyundai? A Hyundai accent is a reliable commuter car that rarely fails. Inexpensive to maintain and gets decent gas mileage

Blown head gasket,commuter vehicle, otherwise easy to maintain, basic comforts and features, problem heater, Hatchback holds a lot. Wipers work well. The front seat area and navigation features are easy to use. Tends to fog a bit. Low maintenance and gets good mileage

- marc o

It is cheap and fairly inexpensive to run. The gas mileage is pretty good.

I like the size of it. I like that it is inexpensive. I hate that it has a timing belt and not a chain. Mine went back, and I had to spent $2500 to fix it, not to mention being stuck on a bridge with no shoulder while holding up the whole city's traffic.

- Jana C

200, 000+ and still going!

It has over 200, 000 miles and is still running. However: driver side door wont open from inside. You have to roll down window and open from outside. Also, if you can get trunk open, the lid won't stay up. Otherwise, it runs good and I am happy with it.

- Barbara B

Good for the price. . . Reliable.

This car has proved to have great performance, reliability, and comfort. Audio features include 6 disc CD changer. No cruise control. The sunroof is nice. It has never broken down on me. However, I have been stuck in the snow on more than one occasion.

- Robert R

My vehicle is blue very small and cute. It is great for a first car.

Runs good, wouldn't recommend for long car trips, the reliability is great, oil change is very cheap, does not take too much money for gas, nor too much money for oil a very good first car for a relative or family member, the trunk has a lot of space.

- Brenda P

Small but great little car

It is small but I love my gas mileage. It is the perfect car for a one person commuter vehicle. I wish there were more built-in features like XM radio and aux cable input. It could also use some get up and go power. I do love it for its simplicity.

- Natalie W

Fuel Efficient and Tons of Trunk Space

Though I have an older model, the Hyundai is great for someone who is single or has a small family. The hatchback is a great feature and I always can fit a lot more into my car than people think I can. My car is also manual, which I love.

- Marnie C

The most reliable ,safe and economy car. It is good on gas.

I like my vehicle because it is reliable. Also like it because it is easy to drive ,has get up and go power. Finally I love my vehicle because it is just big enough for my husband and I also it is a great color that doesn't show the dirt.

- Dena T

Hyundai Accent 2007 is OK

The vehicle's performance is decent. However, for it being over 10 years old, you can't go wrong. I've had to replace only minor parts and now the A/C is starting to not work properly. The car still runs well and everything is in order.

- Alex O

Only having two doors makes it difficult to have many people in the car.

I like how small my car is, as it fits in with my college life. I also love that everything is manual in my car, making it feel more vintage. The only thing I do not like is that it does not have cruise control.

- Elizabeth Z

That this is a cheap option for transportation but it is not one you will enjoy riding in.

I like the size of the car, easy to get around in. I like the fuel economy. I hate the lack of power, and it doesn't seem to be built well.This past 2 weeks, 2 of the door handles broke opening the doors.

- Lavastee W

It is reliable and gets very good gas mileage. If you take care of it, and service it regularly, it will serve you well.

I like that it is reliable and very good on gas. I have not had any serious service issues with it. I don't care for the compact size, and had originally purchased the car to teach my teenager to drive.

- Christine C

Even though it was an inexpensive vehicle, it does the job.

The Hyundai getz excellent gas mileage. Terrible sound deadening, you can hear every noise outside when on the freeway. No matter whether it is hot or cold outside, the car starts, it is dependable.

- Jamie S

It has roll up windows, and you have to manually lock it.

It's all manual windows, but it gets really good mileage and its windows are tinted as well as having enough space in the trunk and being good for small parking spots.

- Nelly M

Umm, mostly i would say that because its getting on in years, a couple things will need to be replaced in it. Also i quite like the buzzing sound of the engine.

I don't have any real complaints about the car. It does seem to need a bit more upkeep than i was planning when i bought it. It's a good car for what i paid for it.

- Lily A

The car has great gas mileage.

I love the quality of the vehicle, in 4 years it has required no major repairs. The gloss remains on the paint making it look new. However, i wish it had more power.

- Chelle M

Fuel economy and low maintenance.

For Its size is very comfortable. It is very economical in fuel usage and maintenance. I've had it for nine years now and it hasn't given me any problems.

- Joram C

How good it is at 10 years old on gas mileage.

Love the gas mileage and it's very inexpensive to maintain. It's a fun car to drive. Is also a very well made car that I enjoy and will keep many years.

- Pat F

It should only be used for close driving, not distance travel.

I like the color of my car. I do not like the acceleration on it because it only has 4 cylinders. I also dislike how there is no option for an aux cable.

- Alexis F

My car consume very low gas and it is very comfortable to travel large distance.

1- I like the elegant style and the bright color. 2- The economical of the parts for repair is awesome. 3- The consumption of the gasoline is very low.

- Karl L

It is a dependable car and it gets good gas mileage.

It gets good gas mileage and I've never had any mechanical issues. However, if I ever bought another small car, I'd not buy that model ever again.

- Michael D

Rarely any problems. To fix parts are not so expensive.

Very reliable. Not so much problems. Smooth and simple to handle. No AUX code to listen to music from your phone. Good size for a small family.

- Diana C

Accent : In my point of view

It's too good and much more affordable to use. Performance is good, haven't faced any issue regarding engine. Very comfortable for 4 people.

- Sagarq K

The brakes rub together and the hubcaps are busted.

The brakes always rub together and need fixed. Although, the car drives really smooth and doesn't have any other problems other than that.

- Kayla H

The gas mileage and cost to fill up is great

For the most part I like my vehicle. The main thing I like is It's great on gas. The main thing I dislike is how it sways when It's windy

- Johnny P

It is economical but is small.

Reliable car mechanically saying. Some parts are cheaply made such as sun visors and handles. They tend to break. But car is dependable.

- Charles B

It has enough space for three passengers; but not a lot of room for storage.

The accent has nice handling. Its compact design makes it easy to park in urban areas. It rarely has any issues and is easy to maintain.

- Ellen G

It is very inexpensive to drive and very safe.

I like that it gets me everywhere. I have had it for years. Its cheap in gas. I love the size that it is and it is very private.

- Manuel A

Size doesn't matter! Small cars can be great!

I like that its fuel efficient and a smaller car. The hatchback on it makes it possible for me to still carry plenty of cargo.

- Nope G

It gets me where I need to go and gets decent gas mileage.

Like: it gets me where I need to be.. Dislike: it is does not drive as smoothly as before. Repairs are getting expensive..

- Samantha R

Car is very small. Not convenient for a person who needs space.

2 door car is inconvenient for me. The car is mostly reliable, but seems to have small frequent issues that need fixed.

- Taylor H

It has a lot of storage and it is perfect for a family.

No complaints! It is just a car to go everywhere I need it there's not much to say. Just an ordinary car to use for...

- Mario M

It is a little hard to handle when the weather is very windy.

I love that my vehicle is very gas efficient. I just wish it had 4 doors, other than that it is a really good car.

- bridget s

Pretty cool model and car design.

Its ok, it could have a overall better performance, but the car itself is pretty good, especially for the price.

- Dave B

Excellent gas mileage. Up to 100 miles at only a quarter of a full tank.

Great car. Great mileage. The seats are terrible however, placing a great deal of pressure on the lower back.

- Shawn L

Love it, cheap, less mileage car.

Good car, easy maintenance cheap parts, good gas mileage. No problem m as long you take care of it. Good car.

- Emily J

It is fuel efficient and reliable. I have not had many maintenance issues.

The worst part of my vehicle is that it is a two-door care making it difficult to load and unload grandkids.

- Nathan K

The back hatch messes up and needs to be replaced. This happened to my daughter's car too, same make and model, but a 2008.

It gets great gas mileage, but something is wrong with the blower making it very hot to drive in the summer

- Beverly S

It's a decent economy car that gets good gas mileage.

It's a compact car and just the right size. It gets decent gas mileage. I've had few problems with it.

- Julie B

My Hyundai Accent with hatchback has great gas mileage.

My car is just the right size. It is really good on gas. My car fits my lifestyle very well.

- Mac B

It's a compact car easy to drive and save gas.

I like it because is small. It save gas. Love the start button. Wish it had four doors.

- Nereida R

I don't really have any complaints. It's been a very reliable car

it's reliable, never had major issues and gets great gas mileage

- Cody S

It's a great, smooth ride and works for a single person.

I love my car! It gets great gas mileage and drives smoothly.

- Jamie F

i've had the car for ten years now, runs like a new car.

it is a mechanically sound car. gets very good gas mileage.

- richard t

Beware handles fall off multiple times

The handles have fallen off three times on a two door car.

- Kristina T