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Reliable. Great first car!!

No issues with the car beyond complications coming from the accidents the car has been involved in. Very reliable and a great first car! I have driven the car for almost 6 years, have put about 80, 000 miles on the car (it is at about 110, 000 miles now). I'll be getting a new car in the next few months just because the car no longer meets my needs, but will likely be driven by one of my family members until the wheels fall off! Great car, especially for being 10 years old now. I have the very basic package, so the car has crank windows and manual locks (not ideal for a young female in terms of safety). Still a great car and served me well as my first car!!

- Julie D

Hyundai accent- the car that does not give you any problems.

I have only had a couple of problems with my Hyundai accent in the last 8 years. The one that sticks out the most is every 5 ish years or so, the gas pedal and the rpm gauge get off from each other which causes the car to stall and then jump forward when I put the gas down hard. It is a cheap fix. It is plenty comfortable for my needs, rather small if you were a tall person. I does not have any bells and whistles, which is exactly how I wanted it. However, it does have an auxiliary port, which is essential.

- Rachel B

Takes a licking. And keeps on ticking.

This car switched me over to being a loyal Hyundai owner. I wanted a solid, reliable car. With no air conditioning, , or radio, or power windows. I have 195, 000 miles on it, and with basic maintenance, it will be my driving buddy for many more. I drove 2 hour commute, (each way) in the bay area. And then moved to reno and drove 120 commute to Tahoe to work. This baby makes it through snow too. This is my favorite car. Ever.

- Cathy F

Need an upgrade. . . Good first car though!

My model is very basic and does not have power windows or locks. . . Very unsafe in terms of potential for locking keys in the car. In my opinion, the car is outdated and I am in need of an upgrade. Haven't had many issues with the car outside of those caused by accidents, pretty reliable (especially for a first car). Pretty reliable and good performance, just in need of an upgrade at this point.

- Julie D

It is the most dependable car I have ever owned.

This is the most dependable car I have ever owned! Have owned for 7 years and have only had 2 small problems, and no major problems. I have had oil changes and replaced tires and had a few tune-ups. That is it! I have been hit by other cars 4 times, and I drive away every time. This car just keeps going, last month it hit 100, 000 miles and it shows no signs of slowing down.

- Karen G

The Hyundai Accent is a basic vehicle.

I don't have any performance problems, and it is reliable. It only has basic features. The seats are not very comfortable and the car isn't too high so it is harder to get into. It is very good on gas mileage. I like the color which is tango red. I like that it has a hatchback, but I wish it had 4 doors so that passengers could get in more easily.

- Debi T

2008 Hyundai accent blue user review.

It does not have great pickup. The tire pressure monitoring system has been stuck on for a few years. I like that it is small and easy to park and good on gas mileage. The heat and ac do not come out that strong. It has good trunk space. I have manual controls on everything so I like that I do not have to worry about repairs for windows, etc.

- Erin B

It is small but is a gas saver!

It runs great, a. C works, drives smoothly, and great on gas! Mileage is great as well. The down sides are that it's a small car. It is perfect for my small 3 size family, but for giving rides or picking up people it's not so great because of how small the car is. It gets us to work and appointments and stores, so that's all that matters.

- Sylvia M

2008 Hyundai Accent review

Very reliable, had an issue with the ignition switch and it had to be replaced, broke the timing belt this year after 120K miles and put a new engine in. It's a low end model so no rear windshield wiper, which I would have liked. We added aftermarket cruise control. All in all, an inexpensive reliable vehicle with some minor issues.

- Diane M

Great fuel mileage and handles well in bad weather.

The Hyundai Accent that I drive is very reliable the only issue I have with the car is it has no leg room. When you get in the back seat you have to turn sideways to get out. The car gets excellent fuel mileage and does not burn any oil. It's a very easy car to drive it has no blind spots and also good pickup when pulling into traffic.

- Madeline M

The car has great warranty and is affordable and great speed.

The Hyundai is an affordable car and drives well. The Hyundai has good speed when entering the expressway. I would say that this car is reliable, affordable, and if you do your maintenance on time you have a long lasting car. We have not had any major problems with this car. I would say it is a good car for a first time car buyer.

- Natasha D

It is a tiny, cute, reliable vehicle.

It is reliable and comfortable. Although it is really small it is a cute car. The features are basic and easy to use. I have had no major issues with this car, it is very functional. It drives smooth and it gets good gas mileage. All in all very good, reliable vehicle that gets you from point A to point B with very few complaints.

- Michaela M

Love my accent. It is the perfect car for me.

I have had very few problems with this car. It is the perfect size vehicle for me. Roomy trunk, makes it great for storing things and shopping. My biggest issue is that both side view mirrors broke and it a so expensive to repair. I have yet to do it. Other than that, I have been very happy. I get great gas mileage, too.

- Lisa M

Affordable car, good reliability.

I have really enjoyed the Hyundai accent. I purchased it used and it has been a very reliable car with minimal issues. I did not purchase it for performance, but feel that it is more than adequate for my needs (commuting). My husband (big guy) does not find the car very comfortable, but I have no problems with it.

- Gwen M

Simple and reliable-great commuter.

My Hyundai accent has been a great reliable car. It is a simple, straightforward, user friendly car that when properly maintained can and will last. I have never had any major problems or been left stranded. I highly recommend it- it has been a great commuting car for me and has taken me all over the country.

- Niki R

Not the greatest on fuel for its small size.

Small, great on gas, pretty blue color. I don't like that its a 2 door. I hate that the hatch latch is broken. I hate how little room there is to store and haul. I like that the interior is black with having kids it does not stain very easily but the interior is hard to vacuum things like sand and dirt.

- Trisha G

Compact blue 4 door sedan.

For the first few years after purchase this vehicle was reliable and all was working. Within the past couple of years, electrical issues with windows. Clock, and air blower has stopped working. The air bag sensor stopped worker but it either corrected itself or just burned out completely.

- Julia R

Accent review. The right car for my needs.

I have had very few problems with my car other than age/use related issues. The car still runs quiet after almost 11 years of ownership. I would consider buying another Hyundai in the future. I take my car to the shop approximately every 3,000 - 5,000 miles to get the oil changed.

- Catherine W

Hyundai accent, Small, easy to maneuver. Good gas mileage. Spacious trunk.

My Hyundai accent has been a great little car. It is good on gas. And being small is quite easy to maneuver. The back seats fold down allowing a large area if you need space to pick up bulking items. It has a 4-cylinder engine but still has enough power to merge onto major roads.

- Kat K

It gets great gas mileage.

My car is older, has been wrecked so it has a lot of trouble. Reliability is ok, but something breaks. I get it fixed, then something else breaks. I am not sure about the amount of problems it experienced before I got it, but I know it rattles and makes a weird purring noise now.

- Brittany C

Overall a decent car that I own.

Hard to find people to work on it besides the dealers. I have had a fuel line issue on this car for 2 years and everyone tells me that there is nothing wrong. But when I put my foot on the gas, it hesitates for move. This can be a real problem when I am pulling out into traffic.


I love my Hyundai accent hatchback. It is roomy enough for my six- foot guys to be completely comfortable, is so easy to maneuver in traffic, and has all the storage space I need in the covered hatchback area. I have a 4-cylinder and it has enough power for the freeways here.

- Patricia B

The gas performance is what I like most.

The car gets good gas mileage. It performs great even in the snow. The vehicle has been reliable. Problems are some of the switches are hard to change, they are not easy to get too when needing to be replaced. But overall I am satisfied with my vehicle and its performance.

- Jessica R

The brakes are bad right now.

I really like the pick-up in the engine. I love the small compactness, it makes it so easy to whip it around. However, I have had the car for a long time and it is really falling apart. The windows stopped working, the engine leaks fluid bad and the door handle fell off.

- Lauren W

Road trip car that saves you money on gas.

I hardly had problems with it, the original battery lasted for 7 years with consistent checkups. Does well with gas. It does well to go around town in or from city to city. Sirius XM is included as optional radio. The seats are comfortable and stain resistant.

- Fran J

Solid performance and reliability.

No real problems. Maintenance as necessary. Only issue was the heater blower had to be replaced twice and the factory radio had to be replaced after warranty ran out. Otherwise it has been a good and reliable car. I am very pleased with owning this Hyundai.

- Christine C

Small yet comfortable for a great price.

It is a small 2 door hatchback vehicle. Only complaint I have is the small amount of room that is available in the car. Also the speakers are not the greatest at all. And lastly the low beam. And the high beam headlights are not the greatest at all either.

- Eric L

It is incredibly hardy. I have gone through an evacuation and three moves with it.

My radio is dead, and died unexpectedly. Other than that, it runs fine for what it is. It is just old. It is fine, nothing fancy, and it does not go super fast super quick, but it works and it rolls. I like it. I just do not love it. I'd like more space.

- Taylor C

The Hyundai accent lie rider.

The vehicle sits to low to the ground. You cannot straddle nothing and drags and everything possible. The seats need more padding very thin and not comfortable h on long rides at all. Factory stereo good heater not so good needs help in that department.

- Teresa K

It has great gas mileage and with power behind it.

The only thing I dislike is It is hard to get under the steering wheel if the need arises. I like the small size of the car, other than the stated, and the amount of room the folding back seats with the hatchback allows for. The gas mileage is great.

- John M

Hyundai accent is a great car!

It is a very reliable car with very little problems and great gas mileage. It has a nice hatchback rear and a great interior. All of the controls are manual and includes a manual transmission, it is definitely an older car, but still very nice.

- Kylie T

No frills here. It's little like me and it gets the job done!

It's basic and entry level model, so it's nothing fancy. My only complaint is that it had automatic locks and windows. I love everything else about it. It's simple but it works for me for now. It's been a good car without any major issues.

- Jamie W

My car is reliable. I have had very few issues with it.

I like my vehicle because it is reliable. I have had it for 10 years now, and it is still running great. The only thing I do not like about my vehicle now is that it is a 2-door, which is difficult with an infant.

- Erin R

What others should know about this car is it gets good gas mileage

I really wish it had power windows, but other than that it gets really good gas mileage and it gets me from point A to point B with no issues. Very little maintenance even at 10 years old.

- Andrea S

It is reliable. I have only had any problem with it in the last year, so it went 9 years with no problems.

I bought my vehicle because it was a very good price for a reliable car. I have had it for 10 years, so it is outdated. It has held up well. It is a little small, but is fairly comfortable.

- Kelli W

Summarize your vehicle pr highlight ab interesting deal

I absolutely love my car, it does not have any problems regardless of motor, battery, aspect or anything else. It is in complete excellent conditions inside and outside as well.

- Laura C

Very comfortable and compact.

It is a very reliable vehicle. Feels spacious, it is very comfortable and it is easy to park. The gas tank lasts pretty long. I was happy to find one with a manual stick.

- Irene I

Good value for price with all the basic features needed.

Good mileage, nice ride, roomy trunk, plenty of power, 4 door sedan, radio, CD player, back seats fold down. Only disadvantage is not enough head room for driver.

- Joseph C

It has seat warmers. They are the best when it's cold. Other than that, it's an unremarkable ride.

It's a pretty basic car. I don't like that it's so basic, but it's what I can afford. I love that it has seat warmers, and it's been reliable for a long time.

- Chris F

Fuel economy is great, purchase price well within my budget.

Love the size & gas economy. Only thing would make it better, wish I had gotten a 4 door, instead of the 2 door. But it is a great car for "empty nesters".

- Linda N

It's small size and great mileage

A very reliable car with good gas mileage. It's 10 years old but still works great. A small car that can fit in most places and it's very easy to handle

- Jacqueline O

It gets good gas mileage.

It's a basic get you where you need to go car. Good gas mileage and no major mechanical issues. Does lack the comfort features of a more expensive car.

- carol m

great gas mileage. easy to maintain. It is a small car, easy to park and has a lot of character.

I love my car. It is easy to handle, good and gas and low maintenance. I have never broken down with this car. I will drive this car until it dies.

- Joanne R

Great for parking, otherwise meh.

So rattly, with a ton of road noise. Not a smooth ride. Okay mileage. Cheap to repair, gets me where I need to go. Easy parking because of small size.

- Heather Z

It runs very efficient and makes parking at the city much easier.

It is a very good car that runs well. It can get just about 200 miles until you need to refill. It is quite small but make parking very easy and safe.

- Jerome L

That it takes a lot of power to get onto the highway.

I like how compact my car is but is a lot bigger when you enter it. He has mileage is super good too. I dislike how the car isn't good in the snow.

- Jack V

Runs great. Over 190,000 miles and still going strong.

Great gas mileage, dependable, great in all weather. Nothing fancy, but great performance. Great for commutes and long distance as well as city.

- Katy F

Manual transmission and good gas mileage.

Small interior hard to get kids in with car seat. Short wheel base and dark interior. Tires are small and does not drive well in rain or snow.

- Karl T

If you need a car to tool around town or just back and forth from work, this is a great car to own

I love the gas mileage that I get. Maintenance has been low cost, and the few repairs that I have had to do I was able to do myself.

- James D

Gas mileage is great, even around town.

i like the good gas mileage and affordability. I have had it since 08 and had to put very little money in it. Very reliable.

- Gregory S

The car is good, economical and with few problems

good car in general, easy driving, Good stability, Its problems are generally few, I've had the most problems with filters

- Jonathan B

Reliable, gets great gas mileage.

I like the gas mileage. Dislike small size, would prefer a hatchback. Only complaint is my sun visors will not stay up.

- Audrey H

Low maintenance, fuel efficient and easy to drive . It is a hatchback and can hold quite a bit of cargo.

It is easy to drive, very dependable and fuel efficient. I wish it had cruise control, it has had a few small recalls.

- Keith J

I like that I have a AUX cord, car is easy to steer, a good first time ca.

There's so much wrong with it, I bought it from a private dealer. Tires are horrible, there are so many problems.

- Ashley W

It drives more like a car than an SUV.

I like the size and ease of driving. I also like the gas mileage. I dislike the age and lack of extra features.

- Celeste F

Great gas mileage about 36 highway and 31 for the city.

It's a good vehicle that handles really well on the road. It is great on gas mileage and has a black interior.

- Karl T

Excellent gas mileage and the repairs have been very inexpensive.

It's a basic car that I got to drive around town. It does exactly that. Been really good for maintenance.

- James D

A small car that gets good gas mileage at reasonable price

A Small car that gets good gas mileage. Low maintenance. Low cost. Seats four people . Aux port for phone

- Tonya J

Good gas mileage and seems very durable.

My car has good gas mileage. It is practical, not too big not too small. It's design is perfect for me.

- Aimee l

It is a great car and very reasonably priced.

My car is small and I can maneuver it very easily. It gets very good gas mileage. It drives smoothly.

- Alexandra B

It is simple, but definitely is a reliable option. (Especially for long travel distances!)

I like how reliable it has been for me and I dislike that it doesn't have some more updated features

- Michelle T



- Paula P

It is a +30 mpg consumption. Tires are cheap and you can get more than 70 mph.

Is very small, great fuel consumption, quite. I would like to have ABS in this model.

- Dioxelis L

I get great gas mileage. My car has survived long road trips and been just fine. My one complaint is that the visors would not stay up anymore, so we have removed them. There are also unexplained rust places.

It is a great little car - emphasis on the little. It fits anywhere I need it to.

- Christy P

A lot of features for the price.air, radio CD player, 4 doors, retractable seats.

Good mileage. Seats retract for more room. Plenty of power. Not enough head room.

- Joseph C

It is the ultimate get from point A to point B car.

The car has no luxury features, but it gets from point A to point B reliably.

- Joseph F

Very good ride. Can do long or short journeys

Sound system is great. The drive is comfortable. Seat too hard

- Brandon H

very smooth and comfortable ride. will enjoy driving

very smooth ride, stereo perfect along with other sound system

- Brandon q

Runs great, easy to drive, great gas mileage, very sharp looking

Love the car! Runs great! Very reliable and easy to drive!

- Kelleen B

My car does not have a radio or stereo of any sort. I use mp3 players to listen to podcasts.

It gets great gas mileage It is reliable It is too small

- Mar D