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Small but perfect fuel efficient vehicle!

I love my Hyundai Accent! I have had this car for nearly 3 years and its performance is very good! I am able to get nearly 30 miles to the gallon which is an awesome perk! It is very roomy for how small the car looks from the outside. My biggest complaint about this vehicle is there is not very much storage on the inside besides the glove department and trunk. I recently just had to put a new engine in the car because it was overheating but I believe that was from the previous owner not taking quality care of the vehicle. It is an overall very reliable vehicle that I can always depend on. The seats are very comfortable and I am very satisfied how easily I can get in and out since it is very close to the ground. At the same time, since it is so close to the ground when you drive at speeds higher than 50 mph it is very loud inside the vehicle. At the same time, this car accelerates very quickly which is great for people that drive on interstates/freeways. Some features the car has include: an AUX, XM radio, cruise control, and USB outlets. My favorite feature is the AUX because I like being able to plug a cord in and listen to podcasts/music from my phone. This car is very reliable and I know I can always depend on it to get where I need to be whether that is down the road or halfway across the country!

- Kay W

Good, basic car with nice gas mileage but acceleration and road noise issues.

I bought my Accent in 2013 because I was working about 35 miles away from home and wanted a car with decent gas mileage. I got that but also got a dependable car that has been easy to maintain and is about to hit 100,000 miles. My complaints are that the car feels pretty 'plastic' both inside and out. I have been hit twice and have had significant damage because of how flimsy the front end is. The engine runs well and gets me where I need to go but it literally putters and the cabin noise is significant. The car does well on the highway but there is a small delay with acceleration and it's so loud that it's hard to have a conversation and include someone in the back seat. I have since stopped commuting the 35 miles and have gotten even better gas mileage in town and overall I think it's a great little car but not one with any real sense of luxury or style.

- Melissa M

It's a fun small size vehicle that you can rely on and trust.

I have had no problems with my vehicle I love it. The only time it has broken down on me is when I needed a battery change which has nothing to do with the reliability of the vehicle. Although the interior is cheap the car has definitely proven itself over the years that I've had it. I can trust it everyday anyday, it is not the most comfortable car but it gets the job done. The performance is great and because of the weight it's quite quick! I would definitely buy another accent if I had the money. Hyundai has really outdone themselves making the very reliable low cost economy car. I've been driving mine for almost 4 years and I've loved it from the first day I got it.

- Josue L

Hyundai accent is the perfect vehicle!

I have had my Hyundai accent for about 7 years now and it has been amazing! Comfortable, easy to drive, plenty of space for cargo without it being a bulky large vehicle, it has been an absolutely perfect fit for me. I am trying to make it last as long as I can as I do not see myself in any other car. I am a petite person, so I have always been nervous to drive large trucks/vans/SUV type vehicles; the car I had before was a VW beetle which I loved but just didn't have enough space to fit all I needed on road trips. The Hyundai accent has been great for cruising along the highway!

- Courtney H

It is safe, reliable, gets excellent fuel efficiency, and handles well.

Love that when the engine shuts off, it also shuts off the lights that would have been on overnight. Many times with my previous cars; Honda Civic or Toyota Tercel; I experienced a dead battery for the same reason. Also the car has an auto lock system, because I also with previous cars used to leave my car unlocked overnight... Silly me. Dislike; I wish I hadn't bought my car at Carmax; they are horrible and I have excellent credit; a so called friend suggested Carmax to me... But that's not Hyundai's fault. In 4 years the next car will be purchased at a Hyundai dealership.

- Kat R

Economical and reliable. Easy to drive.

It is an inexpensive car so basically it is all plastic inside. That makes it easy to clean but there's a lot of rattling when your driving. The car gets fairly good gas mileage (sorry I do not have a number) and does not cost an arm and a leg to fill up. It drives well for an economy car, it is definitely not a race car. The headrest is not as comfortable as most because it tends to push your head forward which is not good if you like to rest your head. It is overall a good car and I am glad I purchased it. I would definitely buy another Hyundai in the future.

- Stephanie G

Midsize car, lots of space!

My car is great, even though it was bought used it drives really well. For a smaller car even my taller husband can be quite comfortable in my accent. I love that the accent has a lot of trunk space too for a car its' size. I love that my car has a USB port making charging my phone easier since all I need is a cord and not an additional charger, though it does have the space for a plug. I can also connect my phone to my car to listen to music and audio books. Overall my Hyundai accent was a great purchase and car we will keep for many years.

- Jennie C

An extremely reliable and great first car!

My car drives very smoothly on the road. I hardly feel any resistance in terms of turning and acceleration works perfectly. I have had it for around 4 years now and it has been extremely reliable on road trips and for commuting to and from school. It is extremely comfortable and small enough to fit inside my garage with no issues. I have had to replace the windshield wipers once before due to them wearing out in Washington state weather. I get my tires switched out every winter and the car drives smoothly with the change no problem.

- Raven L

Comfortable, compact, reliable.

Overall, it's pretty comfortable. Big enough front seats. Small back seats. I have a 4 year old, two year old and a baby on the way. Getting three car seats to fit is proving impossible. That's the only reason we are thinking of getting rid of it. Not family friendly. Trunk is big, but kind of awkward shaped, which takes away from the size and you can't fit as much as it looks like you should be able to. Never had any performance issues with the vehicle. Ours is a very base model with little to no 'bells and whistles'.

- Marina T

Why I love my 2013 Hyundai Accent

I have had no problems with my 2013 Hyundai Accent. It is very comfortable, I love the acceleration whenever I need to merge into traffic. I am able to merge with ease and no problems. The maintenance on this vehicle has been very little. I have replaced the original tires after 50,000 miles, had the brakes replaced after 62,000 miles. Had the air filter and cabin filter replaced once. The gas mileage whenever I take a road trip is fantastic. I will definitely purchase another one.

- Kay H

2013 Hyundai accent, the best financial decision I ever made.

Everything about the vehicle has exceeded my expectations. It is very comfortable to drive, great suspension and handling. It has been extremely reliable, I have around 80,000 miles on it and have not had any serious issues. The speakers are great, it is very simple to connect my phone to the Bluetooth and stream all my favorite music while driving. I have taken this car on many long road trips and it has always gotten me there safely with no issues. I would recommend this car to anyone.

- Justin D

2013 Hyundai accent: affordable and reliable.

I really enjoy driving my Hyundai accent. The accent is a great car that I bought at an affordable price. It's great for someone like me who is commuting to work and driving my kids to and from school and other activities. My car has tinted windows, power locks, am FM radio with CD player. It gets great gas mileage and it hasn't given me any major problems since I bought it a few years ago. I would definitely recommend the accent to anyone buying for a dependable yet affordable vehicle.

- Kelly L

No spare tire. Has Bluetooth.

Only giving the car a 3 because it did not come with a spare or anything to change a tire. Was not told of this when buying the car and being a woman something that would have been nice to know. Also the ac flicks on and off now like a short and I live in Texas and it gets hot so not ideal to be driving and constantly having to wiggle the ac fan knob to get the light to stay on. It is good on gas and decent trunk space has Bluetooth which is one of my favorite features.

- Ashley A

My mom named my car the red ninja because it's quite.

Well I have had my car for about 3 years now and I haven't had any problems with it at all. It's really good on gas mileage get about 32 in town and 42 on highway. It's a compact car so it is a smaller car but the back seats fold down so if you need more space to move things you have that advantage. It's good for the summer and fall time but not really good for winter because the front end is a bit lower but I have been able to manage.

- Ashley H

I love my car! It's reliable and I haven't had to have any major repairs.

It's actually a really good car! My only real complaint is it doesn't have cruise control, so that makes road trips more difficult. I really like the car though, other than that. It's comfortable, it's small and runs smooth. I've had it for almost 5 years (used) and I've changed the battery once. Other than changing the tires and getting the usual oil changes, I haven't had any repairs. I have loved this car.

- Kylie E

Max comfort and reliability.

I am completely happy with my vehicle. I was definitely impressed with its performance considering its one of the smaller motors. All the features are awesome especially the stereo features. I find that my vehicle is very comfortable and it is not easy for me to find comfort because I have a spinal Fusion. My car has been very reliable and I love how fast the windows defrost in the morning.

- Amy A

2013 Hyundai Accent reliability that will never let you down.

My Hyundai Accent is not the flashiest. It does not look very cool and is pretty compact. For people like me who aren't interested in style so much as daily reliability this car is amazing. I love the gas mileage I get from my car, the cheaper insurance rate and have had it for 4 years with no mechanical issues. If anyone is looking for a car they can depend on then this may be the one.

- Ryan K

Overall, I am satisfied for what we paid for.

Gas mileage is outstanding. It has enough room when you lay the seats down to cart stuff around, but not really a family vehicle. It gets extremely crowded with car seats in the back. It looks slick. The seats are not very comfortable and feel hard after sitting for a while. We haven't had any issues performance-wise. This is our only vehicle at the moment and it is extremely reliable.

- Ashley C

Hyundai accent personal review.

This is a handsome car that will endure the daily grind with minimal fuss. Passenger space is generous is even better with the 2013 model's roomier size. Impressive handling is equaled by a comfortable ride. What's more, the accent is surprisingly quiet and comfortable on the road. Even people with longer commutes will not regret choosing this accent over a larger, more expensive car.

- Dalton H

What a great first vehicle

I love the affordability of this car. Very practical for a younger person looking to invest in their first car. Decent speakers and it's good on gas. Repairs and parts are responsible. I have had to replace a lot of tires due to potholes more than the car itself since I live in the northeast.That's really the only downside to this car. Small on the outside yet roomy on the inside!

- Meg B

The vehicle is great on gas.

This vehicle is great on gas. I can fill the tank up with $20. I have not had any major problems with the car. The engine is in good shape and the car runs well. This is a reliable car, but not for a big family because it is not a big car. The seats are not extremely comfortable, but they are nice. The car has Bluetooth, surround sound, XM radio and electric windows.

- Elisabeth M

Hyundai Accent GLS hatchback pros and cons

The interior space is a bit small but good extra storage room due to the hatchback design. The car is fun to drive but since it's a small car, the AC needs to be set at a more powerful level during very hot day. I wished there was Bluetooth system and back camera set up. It only has radio, CD player (which no one uses it anymore at this century), USB port and audio jack.

- Vivian K

It is very reliable. In 6 years, no major repairs have been needs. .

It is a very reliable car. With regular maintenance I have had no serious mechanical problems with it. There is sufficient room in the backseat for most passengers unless they have long legs. With the back seats flipped down, the hatchback has a good deal of cargo space. Seats are comfortable, but the ride can be choppy and ambient noise can be a problem on the highway.

- Michael L

Comfortable but has some perks.

Rides low, uses oil quickly, not much space, but if you like small cars it is okay. This car goes up slowly, so when you press on the pedal it does not speed up until after a couple seconds of pressing it down. You might feel like all the other cars are going faster than you because it does not ride as fast although you guys are both going the same speed limit.

- Rhys S

Great on gas with a modern look.

A problem with my vehicle is that it takes a while to get to your desired speed. Also, how loud it is. From the inside, it sounds very loud while driving. I will say the car is good on gas. It is pretty comfortable, no complaints in that area. The look and style is cute and modern. Great for someone who wants something affordable but easy on the eyes as well.

- Brooke C

My Hyundai accent: beautiful grey color.

Hyundai accent is quite a comfort. Though initially felt small, it turned out to be a perfect fit. It really does not have major issues. It is very fuel economical. But, when accelerating, it sometimes takes a moment to pick up. But once in motion, it becomes steady and runs smooth. The seats are very nice and spacious enough, even for a big person.

- Foy A

Great economy car that saves a lot of money on gas.

This car is an economy car. The car has been very reliable and it's very good on gas. It is a stick shift which makes it fun to drive. The car is four-door hatchback. It has a sporty look to it. The only issue I have with the car is that it does not have cruise control. Otherwise I am very happy with the car and the amount of money I save on gas.

- Thomas A

Great gas saving vehicle!

Only 2 things missing from this car for it to be perfect to me. 1. Cruise control 2. Bluetooth. If I had both of these things the car would be absolutely the best. It's great on gas and maneuverable. I have driven it almost across this entire country and it drives very well. Keep the car maintenance and tires done and you have. A good car.

- Shannon W

Not sure what to write down.

My car is perfect, I just have a family of 5 now and my car is too small for us to be comfortable in it. My car has been real good to me for the 6 years I've had it, I bought it with 4 miles on it and I'm still not at 10000 a year. If you just need a good car... get it! No complaints whatsoever. My car will be for my oldest son in 2 years.

- Ivy T

Good dependable car I use it for all my far traveling excellent gas mileage,

I haven't really had any issues with performance or reliability. I have a basic model my only complaint is it doesn't have a CD player. I've owned my car for 3 years and it's perfect car to travel in, gas mileage is stunning could be a little more comfortable. Other than that I wish the front and rear bumpers were not a cheap plastic.

- Courtney L

Good car with few problems

It's a little too low to the ground so it tends to scrape on the road when pulling out of parking lots and there isn't much room in the backseat of the car. The only other problem I have had is with some plastic on the car coming off, right above where the tire is located on the driver's side. Overall, I have loved having this car!

- Kara A

Car locks never jammed in cold weather

I have had my car for 6 years it was used when I bought it and in that time I have only had to get new brake pads once and merely simple maintenance, my next car will again be a accent. I Love it,.!I have driven it from syr.NY to NC twice and it has withstood sub freezing temps and snow, ice and any weather you could throw at it.

- Alice C

The gas mileage is amazing!

I truly love my 2013 Hyundai Accent. I believe my favorite thing would be the gas mileage. I've been averaging at about 34 miles per gallon just going back from home and work. The tank last me for awhile and it's cheap to fill up! There are a lot of great features that come with the car and I also love the size for my lifestyle.

- Nolan L

It is safe, reliable, affordable, and I would recommend it.

Problems: seats easily stain, too low to the ground (scrapes easily). Performance: gets the gas mileage I need, not to slow but not to fast. Reliability: as long as it is maintained, it works well. Comfort: seat structure and room is great for all passengers. Features: the back window wiper is valuable, and the trunk space.

- Katie C

Works great, though it carries design flaws.

It has always worked fine, but several issues are consistent with this Hyundai model, for instance doors handles that detach, parts under the front of it that fall, or scratches when parked. It is a good car with consistent design flaws, but the issues are mostly cosmetic. The car runs great and never gave me any problems.

- Maria F

Accent squad. The best car around.

Sometimes the acceleration is a bit laggy. The steering is amazing. But the paint is already wearing thin. I like the feel of the car when I drive. It is a really nice reliable car. The a/c unit sometimes takes a while to kick in. The heater as well. I would of liked for it to be Bluetooth and not the standard CD player.

- L W

Overall a decent car, just does not for physically for bigger people.

Ac is not very powerful. . Check engine light comes on then goes off, sent my car into the shop and nothing was wrong. The dashboard is very simple. Wish that you could change the measurements on the odometer from km to miles. . The chairs are way too small for a bigger guy. . Wish they were a little wider for the back.

- Tristan J

Pros and cons. Simple. Not special.

It's not a bad car. Gas mileage isn't great. I haven't had to replace many things. The tires, the battery a couple times. It doesn't come with a spare though. You are expected to pay extra for one. It's not a high end or nicer car. It really is a point A to B car, with nothing extra and it's very hard to keep clean.

- Tracey P

The one most important thing others should know when buying a Hyundai Accent 2013 is that it is very tight in the back seat there is definitely not enough leg room if you were to go on road trip. But gas mileage is great.

I personally love my Hyundai Accent because it's a compact car and i prefer to drive compact cars bcus of my height it just fits me well. Also the only problem I've had with my car is the air compressor and although It was two months pass the warranty expiration date Hyundai was able to still fix it though warranty.

- Anissa J

Sporty looking mini SUV!!

The car is very reliable and I feel safe driving it with my child in the vehicle. It only has one CD at a time but the sound is great. Ice cold AC and toasty heat. It is a bit slow to accelerate while the AC is on though. It is very comfortable. The seats are comfortable and the hatchback allows for lots of storage.

- Tiffany R

I've owned 2 Hyundai accents in my life!

I enjoy this car for running errands and children around town. I personally haven't had any problems thus far with this car. I definitely maintain standard upkeep weekly, monthly and yearly, this is the second Hyundai accent I've owned since 2002. At this point, I would purchase another in the Hyundai in the future.

- Andrea S

Hyundai is a great car to own

Very reliable car that has never had any major mechanical malfunctions. It has a very high mpg and handles very well on the road. Have made over 10 long road trips on it with no problem. Hyundai is a reliable and low maintenance car brand. This is the second Hyundai we own and have been very happy with both.

- Jorge V

Very dependable and cost efficient

Very good on gas and reliable on long trips. The sound system is great. If you keep the maintenance up on the car it will last forever. The system is awesome in the car. The interior is carpet. The size is compact. But you get good mileage on the car. The parts for any repairs will not cost you an arm and leg.

- Erica W

I like the company and trust their cars.

This was an as is car from Florida, it has water damage and electrical damage. It back right passenger door has electrical issues and it did not come with cruise control. I know the company has good cars I just had to get a car and this was what I could afford at the time. I would buy a newer car from them.

- Ella S

Solid performance in a small car.

The interior is well-designed and the hatch is roomy. The small overall length allows me to parallel park easily in the city. It has a substantial amount of power for its size; I drive on the highway often. The gas mileage is reliably high. I have had some trouble with the air conditioning hose being clogged.

- Suzanne M

My Hyundai Accent is black. It is a reliable car and good on gas.

I've had No problems at all since I've had this car. It Performs great and is Very reliable. It's a nice Simple car with Not that many features at all. The '13 is Great on gas and is a Nice size. This is just an overall Good first car for a teenager or anyone living in a place where you need to drive a lot.

- My W

Small, Spacious and Speedy

It's a compact car and a hatchback but regardless of these two things it has lots of sitting room and ample trunk space and if only 2 people are traveling the back seats can lay down to make even more storage space. It gets great gas mileage and handles very well especially at higher speeds on the highway.

- Heather I

Hyundai accent not for the busy person.

The vehicle is great if you do not drive very often. I have had this car for 3 years and it is had a world of issues. The gas mileage was great at first but now it takes a half a tank to get about 80 miles. The battery has had to be replaced as well as brakes and o2 sensor. Not worth the money at all.

- Taylor M

It's a comfortable hatchback that has plenty of room for a small family.

I really like how smooth it rides and how comfortable it is inside. It has a pretty dark tint too, which is great for the kids in the backseat. The only downside so far is that I have a loose belt that I've tightened twice but keeps getting loose. And it's a new belt. Other than that, it's been great.

- Aaron S

I absolutely love my 2013 Hyundai accent.

I got my accent about a month ago from a family friend. She bought it new so there has never really been any issues with it. I absolutely love it and the only bad thing about it is that the windows do not have automatic up and down. Other than that it is pretty great. Good gas mileage and all the:).

- Lindsay F

Reliable, economical and pleasing to the eye.

Good gas mileage and ample cargo space. Reliable transportation and small enough to fit in tight spaces, Bluetooth and great cruise control. Easy oil changes, not to mention it is really easy on the eyes. Room enough for seating 5 comfortably. Would recommend to anyone looking for these attributes.

- Jeanne M

I love that my vehicle is small and has enough leg room. Great on gas

The vehicle I have has comfortable seating and legroom. It is for a small family. Either a family with one child or single parent. It is not for road tripping. It has little to no horsepower but it get the job done. I use it to commute in town. The radio stations are fantastic especially circus FM

- Joe S

Hyundai Accent: the more affordable Kia Optima on the exterior; while saving on gas.

The Hyundai Accent is gas efficient, as advertised. However, I do not see a house difference in mileage when eco mode is on vs when it not. It is very reliable, however and repairs are inexpensive. If you like driving fast and cars that take off with ease, however, I'd recommend looking elsewhere.

- Andrea O

Attractive and safe ride for the family.

I have had my car for over a year and have had no mechanical issues. It is great on gas, and extremely reliable and safe to drive with my 2 year old child. It is roomy enough, yet not too big and bulky. I have replaced all 4 tires on this vehicle and the tires are very affordable for this model.

- Cara D

Trusty, reliable, safe, amazing car.

I love my vehicle. It's a pretty basic vehicle and it doesn't have all the fancy bells and whistles that cars have today but its really reliable and safe and gets good gas mileage. We have had no problems with this car so far. It carries everything we need it to carry for just a family of two.

- Ellen B

Beautiful car and drives at its best.

It's a really smooth car, had no problems really reliable car to drive. I will recommend it. The steering wheel is really smooth and it's a beautiful color.It's a really comfy car and practically everything works fine at its best. Seatings are really comfortable and it's a really spacious car.

- Marisol M

Sky blue 2013 Hyundai accent SE

The only real problem that I have ran into is that the O2 sensors in the vehicle go out rather quickly. I have had to replace them 2 times since I have purchased. It is great on gas even when the O2 sensors are bad. I get about 26 miles per gallon in the city and 35 miles per gallon highway.

- Brittany C

Reliable vehicle with great gas mileage.

My car has been very reliable. Other than general maintenance items like oil, tires, brakes, fluids, etc. it has been very good. It has started to show some more wear and tear as it passes the 100,000 mile mark. Overall, it is a basic vehicle that does the job of getting me to and from work.

- Jeremy M

Just an overall great car would recommend a Hyundai.

Car has noises runs smoothly and have had it for a very long time and still up and running. Has over 64,000 miles, no dents or dings and only one accident. Great car and Hyundai cars are great and last a lifetime. Great for long drives, going out with friends. I suggest checking out Hyundai.

- Damien C

Amazing, I love my car.:)

The only issue I have had is having to replace my tires a couple times. Also, neither my nor my moms Hyundai came with a spare. Other than those two issues it is a great car! I get great gas mileage, and it is very resilient. The car had Bluetooth radio, nice tan interior and a big trunk.

- Catherine A

The best vehicle for saving gas.

The vehicle is very good on gas. We only need about $20 to fill the whole tank up. It is a small car so it is very good for parking, and it even helped me pass the parallel parking segment of my driver’s test. It comes with an AUX and USB to charge your phone and listen to your music.

- Frances N

Great little car with minor issues

It is a very reliable car. I have 144k miles on it and only do routine maintenance. Every once in awhile the check engine light comes on but then turns right back off. The biggest problems I have with it is the engine is loud and the gas tank is small. Other than that, it's a great car!

- Amber Y

My little reliable vehicle

The vehicle was purchased used and it is very reliable so far. The tires have been replaced 2 times and I purchased this vehicle 1 year ago. When driving the vehicle makes a very loud and annoying sound but no one is able to figure the issue out. I do like the gas usage on the vehicle.

- Andrea V

Simple and very satisfying.

I love how compact the car is so it is great when trying to park, it drives very well, and I love the gas mileage. Air conditioning is wonderful as well. The seats are very comfortable, and I really like that the driver's seat has an arm rest for comfort. The sound system is fantastic.

- Josh M

Excellent gas mileage in this stylish vehicle

Very reliable vehicle with excellent gas mileage. No significant problems with it in the last 6 years. Fairly comfortable considering it is a compact vehicle. Hard to fit car seats inside. Great trunk space for such a small car. Affordable maintenance and maintains trade in value well.

- Rachel P

Cute little compact traveler.

The only problem that I have had with my car is the gas cap will not open with the lever inside the car. The car is super comfortable and compact. It is good on gas mileage. It is perfect for traveling. This car is very reliable as well. It features pretty blue lights and a small size.

- Vanessa C

Hyundai Accent 2013: super economic car

Hyundai Accent is a super small, economic car. I haven't had any problems with it so far, has wise it's a super saving car. The only thing that has worn off in the last 5 years are the door handles I'm guessing because of the material it's made of, but other than that it's a great car.

- Gabriela M

Decent car, that can fit quite a bit, but not car seats very well.

The car can fit a lot of things in it. Gas mileage is pretty good; easy to park in small spots. Less than ideal- the seats have to be pretty far forward when we have our baby's rear facing car seat in the car. It can take a while to gain speed, and on hills feels like it lacks oomph.

- Lin B

The car is so eco-friendly that it will save you money

I like that it is fuel efficient and the vehicle is easy enough to fit in small spots on the street. I do not like that the car is so low that larger cars splash water on my car in the rain. I also do not like how it accelerates very slowly but that's the cost of an eco-friendly car.

- jessica l

2013 Hyundai Accent review

Comfortable seats - love that the driver's seat has an armrest. Large, roomy trunk. Drives very smooth. Overall, very satisfied. I just wish it had cruise control. It never occurred to me to check for something like that on a 2013 vehicle - I assumed it was standard for everything.

- Jennifer A

It�s extremely good on gas.

I wish the engine pick-up were better. My car is extremely good on gas. My car is a manual and shifting into reverse is a bit difficult. The seats are extremely comfortable. I like that the charger is iPhone-compatible and that the car came with a Sirius satellite-compatible radio.

- Michelle W

Speakers work great with music

Comfortable, reliable transportation, no problems, Sirius XM radio, great performance, mileage is great as well. Easy to vacuum up the car. Room in the back seat enough leg space. Enough space for small compact car spaces. Could fit anywhere through tight areas. Love the speakers

- Denise R

Hyundai accent, zooming through traffic.

I love how small my accent is, it makes it easy to navigate traffic and cities. On the downside though, it is also very low which can be tricky or roads and such are graded poorly. It is a little small for more than 1 or 2 passengers but it is especially roomy for my and one dog.

- Michelle H

The car is easy to manipulate and fit in small places.

The performance is good I just find it too small for me. I like to have an open space to feel the comfort. Overall good car. Very reliable and very. Eco efficient. It saves gas and you can fill it up with just thirty bucks every other week or so. I would recommend it definitely.

- Pauline A

Great car but not the best ever.

It is a very reliable car, however it is very low to the ground and does not have a lot of ground clearance which can make it difficult with snow. I also wish there was more space. I would have like to buy a bigger car, because it has no storage up front except for a few spaces.

- Danielle C

Reliable and Great Gas Mileage

This car has excellent gas mileage. It is a very lightweight car and speeds up quickly. For a small car, it can go. It is my first car and makes driving a breeze. I commute to college and the gas mileage has been easy on the bank account. Totally recommend, very reliable car.

- Madison W

The highlight of my car to drive smooth. Very spacious and a lot of room

There is nothing wrong with my vehicle. Drives perfect. Super comfortable, spacious, and drive smooth. I can save on gas and I don't have to pay much at the pump. Easy to clean and maintain. Oil change last me a good a while. My Hyundai accent is literally my go to for work.

- Diana S

My accent is known as the blackberry.

Vehicle drives fine. Features are great. Have been very happy with the accent. The problem I have is that I bought it when it was just me. Now that I have a family the accent is too small. The middle seat is unavailable with two car seats and the trunk fills up too quickly.

- Justin M

Compact and price friendly

It's small and not very stylish but it is reliable. It very good on gas which is a great bonus. The car drives well but sometimes you can feel bumps. I have clothes seats so they feel average, nothing special. The cost is very practical and I think it's a great starter car.

- Diggs D

The good and not so good of a compact car

The car is very reliable, just handles very bad in snow. Have upgraded tires twice doesn't seem to make a difference. Gas mileage is great. Car is also very low to the ground making it very rough over speed bumps and when parking where there is a curb in front of the car

- chris C

An okay car if you can't afford better.

Within two months of owning my car the engine seized and I had to have it replaced. Six months after that, the starter blew and I had to get that replaced. Not worth the purchase but a decent ride if you can't afford better. The best thing about the car is the trunk size.

- Amanda P

Hyundai accent review top notch.

Hyundai is a good, reliable brand. It has good performance and handles well. Very comfortable to ride in. Have been on many long trips with this car. It gets great gas mileage. It is also low maintenance. Like any car you have to keep the oil changed at regular intervals.

- Richard V

It is extremely reliable. Bought it brand new and have had for almost 5 years.

The vehicle is reliable. It travels well in all situations. This accent is fairly comfortable although it is not roomy. We have not had regular maintenance on this vehicle, but still runs well. It is rather harsh on bumps in the road. Not too much cushion. It looks nice.

- Vicki H

The Bluetooth for the personal phone is great.

Car has pep and design styling. The magnesium rims are a great plus. They clean up very nicely. The tires are just to small. I have had impact abrasions going over potholes and railroad track. I slow down and crawl over bumps and holes. I have to or I may destroy a tire.

- Keith D

Accent your life with a reliable vehicle.

I love this car. It handles well at a reasonable cost and is dependable. Easy to maneuver and great as far as fuel efficiency. With normal maintenance, not much else has been a problem. The only issue I have had is a bit of “put-putting” during acceleration at times.

- Cassandra G

It is a nice reddish maroon color.

The car is a great red color and has good internal features in the interior of the car. The performance is pretty good with decent acceleration. The fabric of the seats are comfortable and the maintenance is very fair and minimal in terms of frequency of needed repairs.

- Chris C

Great car! Rides so smooth & great for travel!

I been having this car since 2013, fairly brand sicking new! Of course you have to do some things to all as in oil change and tires or what not but nothing big and bad as been done on this car which I love! Overall great car and it won't be going nowhere anytime soon!

- Connie M

That its dependable and gets 50.02 miles per gallon when running on premium gas...

I like that it has a 10-year 100,000 mile warranty with a towing package up to 1.500 miles per day. It gets great gas mileage and is very dependable. But I don't like the size of the car it only seats 4-adults comfortably or 5-kids if you stuff them into it.....lol...

- Dale C

My car has the eco option.

No functional problems, drives well, and haven't had any big issue with it. Filling the tank is really cheap and will last for a week or more. The car is really spacious. It can get really noisy when in a highway, and has a weird noise in the trunk when first stopped.

- Valentina S

Great basic commuter car, like it

Loud on freeway. Not great for freeway driving. I like how much room it has. Basic stereo setup. Not too many buttons or settings. Easy to use. A little slow up hills but has a manual drive option to make it accelerate faster and that helps. overall a good basic car.

- Ashley R

My first Hyundai and I LOVE her!!

This is the first time I own a Hyundai and I must say I LOVE IT!!!! From the outside it looks really small, but once you set foot inside OMG it is so spacious. Drives so smoothly. I've had it for 3 yrs and have come across NO PROBLEMS. I FULLY recommend this car!!

- Jessica V

Great vehicle with great gas mileage.

I do not have a lot of car problems. The car has great gas mileage. It is compact, yet still is able to fit everything I need. It is relatively comfortable, not really good for sleeping in. The seats go down, but not all the way. The best thing is the gas mileage.

- claire C

Lots of space in a little car

It is a pretty good car. The best part is the large trunk space for such a small vehicle. It has been reliable overall. I have had several minor issues with it, but nothing beyond relatively normal wear and tear. I also with the vehicle had come with a spare tire.

- Lauren S

Very Pleased with my purchase

The car is very spacious for passengers! Has a large truck for transferring items place to place. Is a smooth ride which gets lots of mileage for gallon for daily commutes. Hands free calling and being able to work the stereo from the steering wheel is available!

- Anthony S

It has only had a couple of things that went wrong ,nothing major ,& that is a great thing for a single Mom of three.

I Like that it has only had a couple of issues since I got new in 2013.Everything has worked great about warning me about oil changes or if the tires need air & that's been a life saver.Since I'm a single Mom ,this car has helped me out taking care of my family.

- Cindy B

The toy plastic car that will get you there.

It is mostly all plastic, the front bumper tabs break easily. The front end is low so avoid all parking curbs. When driving on the highway, you can hear the tires on the road. It is very loud. It is great on gas and is a cheap car to buy. I would not buy again.

- Diana F

Awesome car with reliable gas mileage.

Great car! The features are awesome. It's very reliable and has great gas mileage. I love that it has an eco mode on the car to save on gas. I love the color it got. Its light blue. Wish it had a better screen on the radio and had Bluetooth but I love the care.

- Natalie E

Unhappy with vehicle condition

Car has slowly falling apart. Visor has broken. Currently won't stay up, flaps in my face while driving. Both front and back window regulators on driver side have broken. Leaving me with my windows cracked during rain. Would never buy another Hyundai again

- Lindsay B

My car is a beautiful blue. It actually shines in the sunlight.

The Hyundai has a very good warranty program. It has just enough room for 4 people, it gets excellent gas mileage. The color is called marathon blue and the lights are trimmed in red. The pickup is excellent on the highway, it performs well on the highway.

- Dorothy P

Great value for a great city car!

My Accent is a great value and perfect for la traffic. It is small enough to merge and park in the most challenging of situations. It is also very fuel efficient! It is not terribly flashy or peppy, but it is a great value and has all the basics you need.

- Rebecca S

Red, slow, and reliable little car.

Wish it had more power and more features. Accents are the base model with no frills and it would be nice to have a few extra features that the nicer cars now have. It does get great gas mileage and I love the color. It has been a very reliable car so far.

- Michelle S

It's great for a long commute due to the gas mileage and it is a reliable car.

The gas mileage is great. Next time I will purchase a larger car as sometimes it's hard to see around larger vehicles and I can't transport much in the trunk. I also would purchase a lightly used vehicle over brand new next time, the cost wasn't worth it.

- sarah m

Great car with questionable door handles!

I really like my car, but the door handle fell off in a parking lot before it had 50k miles on it. Hyundai fixed it but the clear coat is now peeling off that door handle as well as the spoiler on the back of the car. Those are really my only complaints.

- Beverly M

It's a reliable but stylish car for a good price

It is reliable and stylish. I chose Hyundai because you can get a reliable car for relatively low cost and a 100,000 mile warranty. Mostly, it is not the white Toyota Corolla I drove for 17 years. I probably would have loved anything I bought after that.

- Misty F

It is very dependable and does not break down a lot

I like my car because it is very dependable and gets very good gas mileage but when it breaks down it is very expensive to fix. I do not like that it is so light that it is not good to drive in snow and the car is so low to the ground like a sports car.

- Kenneth P

Although the stick shift model can be a little gutless on hills, the car is very reliable, looks good and is comfortable.

I have has Hyundai Accents in the past and have totally loved them. I fell in love with my car and bought it new when I noticed that it was a stick shift. I love the color as well (light brown) and I love the cloth seats. This vehicle is my forever car!

- Rose L

I Love my Always Reliable Accent

I love my Hyundai Accent. It's fun to drive and all I've had to do in the 5.5 years I've owned it was change the oil and put on new tires. That's it. I feel that If I keep doing routine maintenance this car could last for many years to come.


It has fantastic mpg rates and is a great car for weaving in and out of highway traffic.

I really love the gas mileage of the car and that it has the ecoboost technology. I do wish I had a little more space now that I have one child and another on the way. It can get a bit cramped in the front seats with car seats in the back.

- Dawn C

Tiny, but strong. Great gas mileage, but still plenty of interior space.

The accent gets spectacular gas mileage, and is very easy to handle and navigate due to its tiny size. In spite of its small structure, storage is very comfortable, leaving plenty of trunk space and comfortable leg room in the back seat.

- Samantha D

Great car that is fun to drive and very economical.

I love my car because it is a hatchback which makes it very convenient for groceries and luggage. It is also very small and compact and makes it easy to drive and park. It also gets great gas mileage. I wish the usb port worked better.

- Heather R

Gets great gas mileage, that's pretty much it.

Check engine light comes on every 6 months when the temperature changes, they tell me it's something to do with the combustion and the temp change of the engine. I've driven 4 other cars before this and never seen this problem before.

- Jacob w

it gets great gas mileage! And it's super easy to park.

I like how easy it is to drive. And I like that it gets moving quickly. But, it is so small I often do not feel safe on the highway. And the road noise is so loud, that it's hard to listen to a podcast or anything while on the highway.

- Vali D

Great gas mileage and surprisingly roomy for such a small car.

I like the gas mileage, and it's surprisingly roomy for such a small vehicle. I also liked how cheap it was. I dislike the interior and sound system in the vehicle but those are compromises I made when purchasing an economy car.

- Patrick M

Black Hyundai Accent review

I feel like people cannot see me in the dark due to the color and size of my vehicle. I have a black vehicle and I tend to sit in truck's blind spots. There are no safety features such as backup assist on these older models.

- Jessica S

Cheap, fuel efficient car suitable for getting around town.

It has a very small turning radius and front profile making it easy to do difficult maneuvers. It is fuel-efficient and has a low total cost of ownership. But, it is small and poor for carrying passengers and cargo.

- Paul W

The car is extremely reliable. It gets great gas mileage.

I love my Hyundai. I get great gas mileage and it has been extremely reliable. I have had it for five years and have not had any major maintenance at this point. I have no complaints on how it has performed for me.

- Kristen M

Great small, fuel efficient car. Downside, low front end

The gas mileage is great and it is comfortable to drive. It is on the smaller side and three people must squeeze in the back seat. Good trunk space for how small it is. Beware, the front is very low to the ground.

- Brittany R

Good gas mileage. I can drive a while without stopping.

The car gets good gas mileage. And I love that but the check engine light goes on all the time when you fill up on gas and then turns off at about half a tank. The engine also makes a strange sound going up hills.

- Tyler S

It does not have cruise control.

I like that is good on gas. I do not like that it does not have cruise control. I do not like that I can barely fit my sons car seat in the back seat. I do not like that the usb port does not charge a phone.

- Erica S

Very small, high road noise.

The performance of the vehicle is good, but it is small and uncomfortable, although I am overweight, I have fit into other small cars with no problem. Other then the size issue, overall it is a good vehicle.

- Garrison S

It does get great gas mileage.

to small it is high on insurance once it hits over 120, 000 miles valves begin to rattle not much go power it is just a throw away car not ever really want to poor a lot of money into. Does not drive great.

- Samantha T

This car is great on gas. It only takes about $20 to fill up.

Car runs well and is great on gas. It has good pickup and the color is a perfect blue. It is a little loud from the road but the radio is good so not a problem. I would definitely buy this car again.

- Kim L

There's Lots of Trunk Space

The trunk is spacious. I was able to get more luggage than I thought possible in it when I brought my belongings back from college. The steering performance is pristine, and the brakes are reliable.

- Kassandra C

It is reliable and has a great warranty.

This car is reliable and seems very resilient. It is comfortable but rides pretty low. It is cute and looks good on the road. But when you close the doors it dies sound a bit like a tin can.

- Paula A

The front fender pops out on the sides.

My Accent is very comfortable and the right size for me a 4 door sedan. It is brown tannish in color and performs very well. The only issue I have is the front fender keeps popping out.

- Tracy N

Roomy with good MPG, Hyundai did good

I love the roomy trunk in my hatchback. The MPG is good, and even though Hyundai messed up the estimate of the MPG that year they made it right by giving a gas card. This is a great car.

- Sadie J

This vehicle is overall pretty great. I love the style and feel.

I just bought this vehicle about a month ago and so far I have no complaints. It was very reasonably priced and it drives great. I love the compact size and it gets good gas mileage.

- Marie R

Since it is a hatchback, it is hard to see out the back window.

I like my car because it is a hatchback and has a back window wiper. I like the size and color and gas mileage. I do not like that both sun visors have broken and will not stay up.

- Karen W

Gas mileage is amazing and there is more room than you initially think!

Great gas mileage. Good room for a family of 4. Maintenance has been easy and great. The standard tires are our only con to this car. We replaced them immediately for better tires.

- Megan G

It is a very reliable vehicle.

I love how economical it is. It is 4 doors and pretty roomy for such a compact car. My biggest dislike is in its size. I wish we would have gone with something a little bit bigger.

- Dawn B

It has Bluetooth capability.

The only dislike i have it that because it being low it tends to scrap. What i like is that it has an eco; which saves on gas when i am on the highway, & that it is amazing on gas.

- Anna J

Very reliable/affordable vehicle.

I get great gas mileage. It is reliable and have not had any major mechanical issues. No complaints. Lacks a lot of bells and whistles. Average noise inside and lack a spare tire.

- Luis C

It is a 6 speed manual but it gets great gas mileage.

I don't like that it is a manual transmission. I love that it has a digital screen that tells me when to shift but I do not like that it does not have Bluetooth capabilities.

- Casey H

Great on gas and pretty fun to drive. Just don't try to take it anywhere where anything is sticking up from the ground.

I like that it is fuel efficient and small enough to fit nearly anywhere. I don't like that it always seems to have some little problem and that it is so low to the ground.

- Emmy S

This car is a classic. It is all black and a good cheap car.

This vehicle is a hatchback. When I was looking for a car this was the cheapest one at the time. The only thing I don't like is that the a/c doesn't reach the back seat.

- Bitaseme M

Low front bumper so pay attention when park in the parking.

Small car, easy to park on the street. Reliability; since I bought it, there is no big problem, only oil change and tire change. Small car but enough space for 4 people.

- George N

Love the fuel efficiency. It drives and handles well in bad road conditions.

I have had no problems with the car in the 5 years I have owned it. I love this car, simple features, very easy to use, lots of room in the back for a small hatchback.

- Chelsea L

I do like the gas mileage and the price. I would it however buy this car again.

I seem to be having trouble with the transmission and it could use more power. I also didn't realize that it doesn't even gave some simple things like cruise control.

- Amber M

It is little outside and inside.

I have 91, 750 miles on it and I bought it used. I just had to buy new tires and stuff. I get my oil changed regularly. I need it detailed because the inside smells.

- Erica J

That it is cute and reliable.

This is acute and reliable car. It gets decent gas mileage and is small enough to fit into tight spaces while still having enough room for everything you could need.

- Haley D

It is a very reliable fun car requiring very little service with great gas mileage.

I realize it is not considered a top of the line car but it suits me. i get great gas mileage and very few repairs. Also it is easy to handle and fun to drive.

- kim f

my car is simple and enough space for me. I don't need anything bigger.

my car is small but comfortable spacious enough for me and my family. the trunk is spacious enough. i would like the car to have all wheel drive for the snow

- letizia e

That it is a good car overall.

I like that it is good on gas. I like that it is small and easy to drive. I dislike that it got damaged by hail. And I dislike that the interior is beige.

- jasmine R

It gets pretty good gas mileage, it's compact, and I have had no maintenance issues as of yet.

I like that it is compact and fairly fuel efficient. I dislike that it seems a bit cheaply made and doesn't include a lot of features, such as bluetooth.

- Kellie G

The car is fantastic on gas mileage and still drives nice on eco mode.

No problems besides normal maintenance. Not the best in the snow because of it is small, light frame. Fantastic on gas mileage. Compact and convenient.

- Erin R

When needed, it is faster and more responsive than one might think.

I like the small size of my vehicle. It makes for ease in parking and driving in parking lots. I like the style of it as well as the economy for gas.

- Dorian B

It has great gas mileage and is very reliable.

Vehicle is in great shape it has 168, 000 miles on it and no major problems. Hyundai's are a very reliable car/SUV have owned several and love the car.

- Penny A

the seats are rather hard to sit on after an hour of driving.

no problems at all in the last 6 years that I have owned my Hyundai Accent. I bought it new that's probably why and have it checked over twice a year.

- Janis S

Reliable fuel efficient vehicle that masters Michigan winters

Great compact car with amazing gas mileage. Even under extreme driving conditions its holding up well. 200000 miles and counting without major repairs

- Safya B

Quality for the value car

My car is midsize, perfect for getting my toddler in and out, it is reliable and has great gas mileage. I have never had any issues with it.

- Tacara D

The back seat is small so larger passengers should sit in the front.

If you are looking for a new vehicle but do not want to "break the bank" this is the one to get. It is also fuel efficient to save you on gas.

- Bitaseme M

Fair gas mileage. Do not like that insurance is high for this model.

Bought it used. Seems reliable. Haven't had any problems with it. I wish it had a sunroof but was not available. Gets pretty good gas mileage.

- Linda B

Overall, I Like the performance of my car. It is fast, It had a unique color and is a gas saver.

What I love about my car and the features is that it picks up speed really quick. It has a satellite radio feature, spacious and saves on gas.

- Tonya B

It's perfect for a first driver.

Some problems are the backseats are pretty small. Its performance, reliability, is great. Some features I wish it had is a back rear camera.

- Ashley J

It gets great gas mileage. It gets between 27 and 40 on the interstate!

I love the color, the great gas mileage and the smooth ride. I don't care for the lack of cruise control or that it only has one arm rest.

- Jeanette G

Good performance. Great price.

I've had no problems with my Hyundai and will buy another when the time comes. Its comfortable to drive and to ride in. It performs well.

- Diana D

It is very reliable, safe, and efficient.

I like the somewhat small size and the pep it has in acceleration. I am not thrilled with the rear sightlines from the driver's seat.

- Dorian B

The car has an eco button that allows you to conserve gas.

My car drives very smoothly. It is dependable and gas efficient. The seat are a good material that doesn't get too hot in the summer.

- Lindsey B

It gets great gas mileage and is low maintenance with a comfortable ride and roomy trunk.

It is an easy driving and comfortable riding vehicle. It has also proven to be low maintenance with great gas mileage. No complaints.

- Fredrick M

It can hold close to 400 miles in gas.

I love that it is 4 cylinder. I love that its economical. I love that acceleration doesn't delay. I love that the speakers are loud.

- Alejandra Z

it has nice space inside it. nice power. good fuel efficiency

Its 5 year old car and it had almost 1 lakh kms. It's a supercar. nice seating. nice performance. it's a good car for a small family

- Roshan R

Great gas mileage with option to have it in regular mode or eco mode.

I like that it's been reliable. It has great gas mileage. Love the color. Wish it had a smoother ride and more comfortable seats .

- Elizabeth B

accent, a reliable compact

comfortable and a very reliable car. good mileage per gallon although for his size i expected much more performance in mileage.

- marcos b

Car Review for 2013 Accent

So far car as been reliable and runs well. Gas mileage is very good. Car is comfortable but small which we knew when we got it.

- Rik D

It's an economical family car at a reasonable price.

The gas mileage is good. Small but seats 5 comfortably. The AC , heater and rear window defrost work quickly. Reasonable price.

- Ann R

An important thing that others should know about my car would be that it is small and powerful.

I like the way it handles the road and turns. I like the quietness and smoothness of the drive. This little car has some balls.

- Lindsey E

Great gas mileage. Dependable

I have never had problems with my car. It gets awesome gas mileage at 44 miles on the open highway. It has never let me down.

- Christin B

Hyundai Accents are affordable and provide great gas mileage

Roomy interior for a compact car. Love the blue exterior and gray interior, but wish I picked a different interior material.

- Amy W

Surprisingly roomy workhorse.

It is a good reliable car, I just wish it had more engine power. Overall, it is a good car to get you where you need to go.

- Elizabeth F

That it save on gas and it ride good and it white.

I like cause it save on gas and it rides good also it a good car and I dislike it cause it little and small in the inside.

- Joyce C

The vehicle is great on gas!

My car is a 2013 Hyundai Accent and I think it's perfect for a small family or a solo driver. The model is a perfect size.

- Cameron B

Great fuel economy, good amount of trunk space, not great lumbar support

I like the fuel efficiency. It's smaller size is perfect in the city. I wish it had more comfortable seats for long trips.

- Mary H

Good small reliable and car! It has all you need in small package!

It is a good small car! It is reliable and works well! I have almost no problems with it! I only add gas and change oil.

- Michael P

It gets great gas mileage in the city and on the highway.

I love my vehicle because it gets such great gas mileage. I picked this vehicle specifically for the great gas mileage.

- Ginny P

Motors go out easily . Shop said a recall would most likely be issued soon

Love gas mileage Bluetooth system . The motor blew up at 99000 miles but Hyundai replaced since I had extended benefit

- Jessi L

The Hyundai Accent: Why it's Great

I don't like how it sits so low in the front. Other than that it is a great car. Very good on gas, easy to keep clean

- Samantha J

It's a great car. Beware it will not withstand a high impact wreck.

I love my little car however the car is made of cheap plastic. We hit a owl on the highway and it cracked my fender.

- Ashley D

good on gas,was upset it came with no spare tire and was not told when i purchased it

no problems,comfortable. love the sirius radio especially like the light that lets you know if a tire is getting low

- sandra H

It is affordable and it is cute! I also really like how sturdy the car is

It is a little small and has average gas mileage. However it is a very sturdy car and has never given me problems.

- Kayla R

It's good on gas and it has a really good ride to it

missing cruise control and i wish it had a center console because it makes the ride uncomfortable for passengers.

- john b

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that the gas mileage is great

My car is great on gas, so cheap to fill up, and drives smooth. I have no complaints. I am very impressed by it.

- Bridget B

It is a good car and has been very dependable in the year that I have owned it.

I wish it had more features like navigation and cameras. Love the gas mileage I get right now. Love the color!.

- Michelle S

The heat and AC work wonderfully.

Like the way the seats fold down. Like the roominess. Do not like the way it seems like it has engine braking.

- Tamara H

Good car, easy and reliable

Good vehicle I've ever had and it's fun to drive and easy. More features and reliable and good car and source.

- Tuwa W

It is great on gas, no frills.

Good car, reliable, great on gas. Would be perfect with a rear view camera and navigation, and a power seat.

- Bill H

Great car. Great gas mileage

Great gas mileage. Drives well. Comfortable. Great overall price. Good acceleration. Looks nice. No issues

- Henri S

The the mirror will automatically Dim when someone's behind you with bright lights pretty cool

Great car good gas. Nice power for a 4 cylinder car.bumper brackets should be better made they break easy

- Thomas M

My car gets excellent gas mileage.

My car has excellent gas mileage but it is a small very basic car. It is a reliable inexpensive vehicle.

- Sara P

Everyone should know that my car is a gas saver.

I like my Hyundai Accent because it is a gas saver. It is a very efficient car. It is low maintenance.

- Antonio S

I love that there's an option called Eco mode to save gas

Great gas mileage and cute color! Very affordable when I bought it. Great trunk space. Love the eco mode

- Natlaie E

It is a very dependable car. I have owned it for 6 years now and had no problems with it.

It is a very dependable, economical car. It is not fancy by any means, but just perfect for my needs.

- Kathlen M

Good gas mileage. Dependable.

Good gas mileage. A good compact car. The paint is coming off the door handles. The rims are rusting.

- Susan S

Nice little body and easy to maintain

Small and comfortable. Doesn't have that much torch but it's a simple car to get from here and there.

- Desiree A

Good gas mileage, and handles really well. . .

to small, terrible interior, good gas mileage, good radio, body ok, not enough room, no cup holders.

- Tony C

It gets pretty decent gas mileage, which is important to me because I drive a lot for work.

I love the size and the durability. I have had this car for over 6 years and it's still doing great!

- Sarah B

It's a 6 speed manual transmission. It gets up to speed quickly, and has little to no struggle driving up hill.

I love this car. It is very smooth and great on gas. The only feature I wish it had is a sun roof.

- Isaiah V

It's an excellent car to saving on gas. the eco mode really helps

the car is not made of metal. it's like some sort of Plexiglas. That is really my only complaint.

- Kelli C

A reliable vehicle that gets good gas mileage and has a good bluetooth system

it is a good vehicle that gets good gas mileage. i like the compact model and it's reliability.

- crystal w

Easy to drive. Not much of acceleration. But you save good money on gas

Fuel efficient. It's not silent inside. Surprisingly big inside. We've moved furniture in it.

- Esther D

It gets great gas mileage. This is the one most important thing.

It gets great gas mileage. It was cheap. It is made of cheap parts, but has been reliable.

- Solomon B

it's fine and gets decent gas mileage

i don't like that it doesn't have cruise control or a spare tire but it is a good size

- emily P

Great value for a small amount of money. The car has minimal maintenance.

The car has been minimal maintenance and a great ride. The price was very reasonable.

- Rick W

It is very reliable and should last 200,000 more miles.

It was affordable with few mechanical issues so far. It doesn't have cruise control.

- aaron d

needs little maintenance,the purchase price is affordable,it is fun to drive

this car is fuel efficient,it is built solid,it looks great,is quiet and smooth.

- gary v

good gas mileage for the car. I only fill up once a week and drive a lot

I like the gas mileage. no issues with breaking down on the side of the road yet

- tyler s

It can go a long way with a tank of gas which is wonderful

I like the gas mileage the vehicle has, but the shape is a bit weird to me.

- Sarah A

Great gas mileage and smooth ride

Hatchback convenience. Great gas mileage. Drives great, very smooth ride.

- Ron S

This is a very reliable car. I have not had any problems with it whatsoever. This is one car that I would purchase again.

The gas mileage is great on this car. It gets up to 40 miles per gallon.

- Kristen T

reliable and works well for commuting

paint on front is chipping away. gas tank is small. wish it was larger

- Steve D

It's a good commuter car for distance

Love the size. Gas mileage could be better, and a stronger engine

- Lee F

The third setting on the air fan does not work and it blows less than level 2 does.

It is good on gas mileage. It was cheap. It is not fun to drive.

- Kevin D

My car for Its' size is quite comfortable and does well on the highway

I love my car because it is easy to drive, easy to park and cute.

- Jennie M

very economical.good for around town and short trips

expected better gas mileage.want something bigger.want more power

- Evelyn M

Great gas mileage at a good price. Very economical and easy to afford a new one.

Very good on gas, love the color and runs smooth for a small car.

- Jen C

The radio doesn't work, to turn it down you have to turn it up

I like the color. I dislike the speed. I also dislike the size

- kristen l

very reliable. safe. good looking. it doesn't require a lot of upkeep

good gas mileage. low maintenance. comfortable. nice looking

- michael s

The drive isn't smooth but it is gas efficient. The car is smaller, which I like. I like the distance I get from the steering wheel.

It is gas efficient, which is especially nice in California

- Danielle K

RELIABLE fuel efficient safe

Solidly built. Fuel efficient. Reliable. Comfortable.

- LM L