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2017 Hyundai Accent review.

Though there's nothing flashy about the Accent, it is a handsome car in either sedan or hatchback style that will endure the daily grind with minimal fuss. It is one of the quicker cars in its class, which you'll appreciate with every merge into freeway traffic. It offers both manual and automatic six-speed transmissions with solid feel and tuning. What's more, the Accent is surprisingly quiet and soft on the road, so even those with longer commutes will not regret choosing this Hyundai over a larger, more expensive car. Passenger space is also generous, with plenty of backseat room for two adults. (technically it is a five-passenger car, so we cannot recommend placing three friends in the backseat if you wish to remain friends. ).

- Hunter O

Pleased with the Hyundai accent.

What I love about the Hyundai accent is that it gets great gas mileage. I average over 30 miles per gallon. I also find the car to be quite peppy considering the small engine. It is equipped with standard features very adequate for reasonably priced car. The accent is very easy to park and has great visibility, with few blind spots. It has a good sized trunk. The back seat is a bit on the small side but roomy enough. The one feature I am less satisfied with his road handling. Because the car is light and small, it tends to bounce around a little when you hit bumps on the highway. I have gotten used to that and so far am very pleased with the car.

- Denise M

Small white Hatchback with a good vehicle support package which is cool. Gas gage is nifty looking.

The vehicle was a good deal and it came with most of the basic features when you get the mid package. I love the hatchback feature and my dog loves the back seat. That said, it has a pretty bad crash test rating and lacks any sort of "vroom" so if you want it to zoom from the lights and such it's 100% lacking this (something I regret missing in the test drive). The seats are also a bit narrow and if you don't get a package the radio and car lacks many, many modern features...overall I wish I'd have gone with something a bit better but for the price it is a functional vehicle and better than driving an old clunker like I was.

- Kade H

This is nice and comfortable car for a very low price.

My Hyundai accent is a really good car. Runs smooth and it is very economic in gas. It has plenty of room for a hatchback and my family and I fit pretty comfortable in it. Car seats are comfortable and it has a pretty decent space on the back of the car to load a couple of luggage bags. Love the warranty I received with the purchase. It is a perfect car to go to work or do errands. Since it is the sports edition I have to be very careful with bumps on road or when I park so I will not scratch the front bumper.

- Rita G

A tiny car that can ease into any space, and can be speedy but a smooth ride.

My car is a smooth drive, comfy seats and the air conditioner works extremely well and very fast. Same with the heater. The icons show up when needed except for the oil change you just have to see how long 3 months has been or how long 3000 miles have gone by. If you need an oil change it tends to be more jerky, which is a good signal. Over all it is a very good car and I do recommend especially for a travel car or one needed to keep around a while for miles and a nice luxury car for driving around.

- Haley B

That is gets great gas mileage.

My Hyundai accent gets great gas mileage and drives long distances on a single tank of gas. It has a great warranty and I never have to worry about it being taken care of when it has problems, which is not very often anyway. It is a small car, but handles well, turns well and feels great to ride in. I like the color, which is a red/burgundy color. The design of Hyundai's is sleek and nice and looks good.

- Tracy G

I run on e often, so know I have gotten about 35 extra miles even running on fumes.

I have had my Accent for just a 6 months now and I love it. The gas mileage is great, the a/c works perfect, it is compact size let’s me park anywhere, and it also can zip around pretty quick! The design on my seating is simple but adds to the design. Not to mention I love the sleek creases on the sides, definitely makes the car look nicer than previous year models.

- Deb C

My car is pretty slow at building up it is speed.

I love my vehicle. I just wish it had a few things added on like cruise control, Bluetooth built in, etc. I think it is the perfect size for me and also great on gas! When I first got the car it was low on mileage so that was a plus. One more thing I do not like about the car is how easily a stain can show up on the seats since they are light grey.

- My M

My vehicle is a lower end Hyundai accent, it does not have cruise control.

The Hyundai accent is a good car for people who do not need something fancy. It is affordable, fuel efficient, and has not had any technical issues yet. It is also fairly simple, so it does not take months to understand all of the technology involved. I am sure there are more luxurious options available as well, and it'll probably be perfect then.

- Bob R

Great first car. Lots of room and perfect for anyone small.

Perfect vehicle for first car, and drives great, perfect mileage and when filling up the gas tank. It has eco mode which helps with the environment and also the saving gas while driving it will not rev up the rpm. The four door is really nice and the interior is simple yet clean and neat. Really nice car in general if looking for something simple.

- Jamie N

Hyundai 2017 is easy driving, with right gas mileage.

Comfort could be a little bigger. Hard to ride over bumps. Lite car. Stays on the road perfect and easy to steer. Good color. Speed is great but a little slow when exhilarating free car washes when leasing. Car payment not bad. Easy to park, passenger side could be bigger so passenger can get out. Trunk is big should have a spare tire.

- Barb S

Accent: good car to have for everyday use.

I have driven a lot of different vehicles and I would have to say that the accent is one that I can really depend on to get me where I need to be without any issues. The car has a nice look as well as a nice feel when I drive it around my town and I am glad that I made a good choice to purchase this car for my personal use.

- Donald M

The realistic beauty of the accent.

The car is quite small for my liking but it is very convenient at the same time. Passengers in the back may not be very comfortable. It drives smooth and has great gas mileage. There is sadly no Bluetooth available but the auxiliary cord works just fine. I love the eco mode for the car it helps to save a lot of gas.

- Hannah L

Small car, durable great on gas, can fit anywhere.

It's great to find a parking spot for because it's a small car. It is also great on gas, and very durable. It has all up to date detailing inside and out. The technology in the interior is very understanding and easy to work as well as having the ability to be hands free while driving for phone calls etc.

- Jackie G

Great sound system, car is reliable and I do not worry about it breaking down.

Surprisingly the accent did well in the snow for a small car. It is not as fuel efficient as I thought it would be when it was bought. It has a small fuel tank so I feel like I am always putting gas in it. The ride quality is not that great. The sound system is probably the best thing about the vehicle.

- Kristen M

My 2017 Hyundai accent review.

My 2017 Hyundai accent is the perfect car for me. It handles really well and it's so quiet I have to double check to make sure I cut the engine off and I get over 35 mpg and I haven't had any problems yet if you're looking for a safe reliable car with excellent gas mileage check out the Hyundai accent.

- Timothy E

Its reliable and cheap on gas.

Its reliable, and cheap on gas but is very small in size and tire pressure goes low a lot. Its seats are whatever, with three in the back and 2 up front. Takes aux and has Sirius XM free trial. Is easy to park and fits in small spaces. Is easy to travel with but not much space for luggage or items.

- Cam B

The car is the perfect size and perfect shape the trunk is big.

My vehicle is very good,I love it the seats look very nice my parents love it too I really like the performance of my car it is very smooth and very accurate. I made the right choice to buy my Hyundai and I will keep it for a very long time anyone who read this should get this car right now!.

- Isaiah H

Cool little car, very comfy and cozy small great for teenagers very easy to ride.

My vehicle is a small hatchback. It's very gas efficient I love how easy it is to move around in. I think this car is an ideal car for students people in school and teenagers. The radio and sound is okay I only wish that the radio had navigation or touch screen to make it more accessible.

- John P

Great price for a great car!

This car drives very smoothly. It is very comfortable to drive. The seats are very comfortable for long drives. It is a very reliable car. It is a great car and has a reputation to last over 12 years without any major problems. I would recommend this car for reliability and durability.

- Mary G

Hyundai accent 2017. Very good ac and heater.

It is very roomie and is good on gas. I love it. The only thing is that it doesn't have Bluetooth, but it does have a place for AUX cord. I love the sears, its automatic, ac and heating works very well in the car. It's like the car was made for just me. I love everything about my car.

- Louisa H

Awesome. To be a small vehicle it has speed.

I love my accent! It drive smooth and easy. Get great gas mileage and the radio has get sounds too. The only dislike you can only unlock the outside from the driver's door. Its has a CD player and USB port. Auto windows child anti lock on doors. You can set the radio to six stations.

- Vicki B

Just the essentials. But really much more.

I have only had my accent for 7 months. But I love it! Great gas mileage. Back up camera. Features. Small and great. So far no issues. The maintenance and warranties are wonderful. Our Hyundai dealership takes care of oil changes etc. Would not trade them. So happy with my purchase!

- Mel G

Good electronics, decent fuel efficiency for a lower cost vehicle.

Can be a bit noisy when on the highway at high speed but comfortable enough for long drives. Good electronics (Bluetooth, hands free calling, satellite radio) and decent fuel efficiency. Plenty room inside the vehicle unless you are very tall. Few blind spots and nice sized trunk.

- Craig B

2017 accent is a great car.

It is small but it holds enough for my large family. It is sporty enough it looks cool but not too much that I look funny being older. It is comfortable and easy to drive. Good gas mileage and nice stereo. The driver seat is adjustable in many ways to fit tall and short drivers.

- Brandon B

2017 Hyundai accent. Still come with. 10 year 100,000 miles warranty.

It has been reliable so far. What I like about Hyundai is the warranty. You cannot beat that.Actually, this is my second Hyundai accent I purchased. It is very comfortable. Only complaint I have is cup holder is in awkward spot where it is hard to reach but I can deal with that.

- Hiroko T

Cost me 9000 dollars and I put 1053 down.

I love the sound system and how smooth it rides. I like the seats and color. I just really needed a car so I am happy with my choices. I got it from Collinsville, at jack Schmidt. Andrea is awesome and they have an excellent finance manager. I would definitely recommend them.

- Karen B

Good car for the price, no issues.

It performs really well. Good on gas mileage. It is a bit small on the inside, but it has a lot of trunk space. We've had it for a few months, but it was used before and currently has not had any issues. It was a good price for the year. So far it is been a really good car.

- Judas C

Basic but adequate low cost compact.

Basic compact car. Fairly comfortable ride but noisy is radio not on. Decent gas mileage and I like the Bluetooth connectivity for my iPhone for hands free calls & listening to music. Decent leg room in the front but tight in the back of the vehicle. Good ac and heater.

- Craig V

Durable body and excellent performance.

Excellent performance. Features basic automatic functioning. Excellent air-conditioning system. Comfortable and easy to use. Bigger trunk for luggage and some huge stuff. Has enough and very comfortable leg room. Color is stunning red. Has basic safety features.

- Evelyn R

Cute reliable Hyundai accent.

This car is great mostly it handles really well and is great on gas mileage. Seats are comfortable and well made right now with it getting cooler is the only problem the tire light comes on even if it drops just 1 psi and then you are panicking all the way to work.

- Carolyn A

This car is larger than you think. It fits 4 adults with no problem!

I love my 4dr Hyundai Accent. It's perfect for everyday use. The size is larger than I expected. The plastic mat in the trunk is very helpful for carrying kids dirty shoes and sports equipment. The best part of this car is the hands-free Bluetooth system.

- Dee A

The price I paid at the dealer was outstanding.

My family have always bought Hyundai and we love it. Very low maintenance. Fuel efficient and very cute cars. Never have any problems out of my Hyundai accent. My next car will be a Hyundai Sonata. My daughter loves it to very easy to clean upholstery.

- Nicole J

The accent is small but it is reliable

I'm overall happy with his car. It is not accelerate very fast. The only reason I would not buy this car again it's because it is too small for the back seat passengers. This only a problem for me because I was considering Uber.

- Steve S

It sucks it's a Hyundai and if your want power from your car definitely do not buy a car like mine

I like the color and the body style of my car I hate that it has no power when I push the gas and it will not go and I hate that it's so low to the ground and I hate that it doesn't have Bluetooth

- Armando M

It is great on gas, drives well and so far repairs and insurance haven't been too expensive

Love my car. Drives great, great on gas mileage, and definitely way more reliable than my old car. Only issue I find is when accelerating and how there is like a delay getting it to accelerate

- Alena C

A car I would recommend for a young first time buyer

The car gets amazing gas mileage and is smooth when driving, it fits in many spots when I need a tight squeeze and has been a very reliable means of transportation for me and my family.

- Nathan P

The warranty is a very good feature. The visibility through the windows is good. Getting in and out of the car is easy for older people.

I like the size, the fuel efficiency, the comfort, it's style, the warranty, the safety features. I only wish there was a backup camera on my model. No other complaints at this time.

- pam n

Hyundai accent gets the job done.

Very reliable. Haven't had any problems with it in the year that I have owned it. Not a fancy car but it gets me where I need to go and that is all I really need in a car.

- Jennifer H

It's good on gas, both highway and city mileage is good.

Its comfortable and reliable sometimes my Bluetooth wont work but it gets me where I need to go. With most of the car being made out of plastic it doesn't survive much.

- Ashleigh S

Great for budgeting families!

It is a great compact vehicle. The gas mileage is amazing. At $2. 75 a gallon it only cost $23 dollars to fill the tank. The only thing that is slow is the horsepower.

- Jessica L

the color is perfect and cool

Is fine, really comfortable a/c is perfect for a tropical place. The sound system is not that awesome but is fine. Is fast and safe and I like the radio screen.

- Lena L

good basic auto, Low initial price

only had 2 weeks, good mileage, comfortable, good AC and heater and defrost. Handles well NO SPARE TIRE,don't know about winter driving dealer good so far

- charles d

It is a safe economy car whose brakes work great.

I like the mileage on gas. I like how comfortable it is. I do not like the stereo setup. I do not like that is does not have a spare tire included.

- Fitzroy S

2017 Hyundai Accent Review

Great gas mileage, so far no problems with the vehicle after one year of ownership. Unfortunately, the color I chose shows scratches very much so.

- Connie M

It's pretty inexpensive for the quality of the car.

I like the MPG ratio and the Eco feature. I dislike the light colored interior and that there's no way to open the trunk unless you're in the car.

- Chloe D

It needs scheduled maintenance to be done on time.

I like that it has technology i like. I can sync my phone up to use it while I drive. It has a better look too. It doesn't look like basic model.

- valerie a

My car is Comfortable and has great pick up when needed.

It's roomy and gets great gas mileage. It has an awesome Bluetooth system, no one ever complains of road noise when I'm driving and talking.

- Laura B

The miles per gallon and Sirius equipped.

No Problems yet, I love the miles per gallon, It has a lot more room than I figured it would. The size is pretty good but I am a big person.

- Christian s

It is worth it but maybe look around first.

I like that It's economical. It drives smoothly. It doesn't have cruise control. I do love the color. I wish it had a better turn radius.

- Andres V

It is a luxury car even though it is cheaper.

I like that it is affordable and simple. But sometimes I wish the car was bigger because certain people have trouble fitting in the car.

- Gaby C

The sunroof is not made to hold out rain. It will leak when you come to a stop and spray water all over the interior.

I don't like the color black , but other than that it is a wonderful car good gas mileage. Comfortable ride and great air conditioner .

- don r

very small inside.could be larger

nice little car. gets good gas mileage. gas tank is to small 10 gallons. service department at dealership is not good. price was high.

- mike M

That we try to use it in the best environmental friendly way such as carpooling,combined trips, and using transit instead of the car if feasible

It is very good on fuel economy, has comfortable seating, being white it does not heat up as much, has good A/C,and is easy to drive

- pesach D

My car gets good gas mileage.

I like that it is good on gas and looks slick. I wish there was a backup camera but overall, I'm happy. I also like the room Inside.

- Joy A

It has good gas mileage but also has good pickup on the interstate.

I like that it has good gas mileage and has so far been reliable. I don't like that it doesn't have cruise control or a spare tire.

- Amanda M

Gets great mileage on gas consumption.

It's functional and attractive. Very good on gas. No extras included so doesn't have the latest devices. Compact and easy to park.

- Howard h

It is very dependable. Hyundai make great cars and are often looked down upon.

Love the gas saving features. Love the stylish looks. Love the smallness. Dislike the slow startup. Dislike the cheap seat fabric.

- Molly B

It runs very well and great on gas and very comfortable and lots of legroom

It runs great the engine purrs like a kitty. Also , it is very relaxing and reliable and great on gas, local and on the highway

- Laurajean N

It gets really good gas mileage.

My car gets good gas mileage. It is comfortable to sit in. It is really cute and adorable. I have no complaints about this car.

- Alexis M

It is white . 4 door . 2017. Hyundai accent hatchback

Nothing is wrong with it. It drives great. Very good on gas mileage. Very comfy car. A Lot bigger in the inside than expected.

- Macy V

Cruise control doesn't come standard, which has been incredibly annoying.

It doesn't have cruise control. It is a dull, boring ride. The trunk is spacious, and the car I roomy enough to travel in.

- Todd R

It handles better than most cars I have owned in the past.

I love my car! I love the option to switch between automatic and manual! The handling is amazing and gas mileage is great!

- Kayla C

It has auto lock when you shift gears.

It has great gas mileage, which makes travel easy. Does not take much to fill the gas tank. And it is a nice small size.

- Kaitlyn A

That it is comfortable and has plenty of space, which makes it good for long drives.

It's a good decent car. It has plenty of room and runs well which is important to me. It also doesn't use too much gas.

- Kayla S

Great performance, low gas mileage, minimum features.

The vehicle is a little vague on it's features but other than that, it runs very well and has incredible gas mileage.

- Richard H

great gas mileage and great price with very little maintenance. great features.

reliable good gas mileage no maintenance problems. drives very nice. has many great features and is not expensive.

- david k

Great gas mileage. Drives good and very easy to handle.

It is easy to get around in. Gets great gas mileage. I love the size of it. . . It is not too big but not too small.

- Dawn N

It is really small cannot fit a lot of items, but good for travel.

It is practical gets me where I need to be. It is too small. The gas mileage is good. I dislike the interior design.

- Gabby B

My Accent Bought New 09/29/2017

Gas mileage is very good, comfortable seating, only negative is it is gasoline powered instead of electric powered.

- pesach k

The car is very reliable and is not expensive to maintain.

Vehicle is very reliable and is cheap to drive. Gas mileage is good but the vehicle is lacking on nicer features.

- James D

It is good on gas and the satellite radio is good, but the foot space in the back seat is small

My car is good on gas, but small. I love the satellite radio. I love the tires. I don't like the backseat space

- Kerri C

Good gas mileage. roomy ,comfortable, and fun to drive

Has good gas mileage on freeway with cruise control. Has good room . Has a good system for listening for music.

- Dottie F

It's a great, small size car that gets great gas mileage

It has good gas mileage. It has a nice, comfortable interior. I wish it wasn't so low to the ground though.

- Amanda G




This car is definitely worth the money

Runs very smoothly.The vehicle has a very user friendly dashboard and comes equipped with satellite radio.

- Donte F

My Hyundai Accent is 2017

My Hyundai Accent has been super reliable during my long commute to work and the gas mileage is wonderful!

- Amber B

Good on gas. Reliable. Roomy inside.

Great car. Good on gas. Comfortable. Roomy for a small car. Awesome sound. Overall pleased with this car.

- Carol V

Vehicle is acceptable but could use more room and extra features.

I find the care to be reliable, great on gas, just wish it was a little bigger and the seats were remote.

- Beverly B

My vehicle is pretty cool.

The way the car sits too low causes blindness from other vehicles lights. I love how well it does on gas.

- Elizabeth T

Hyundai offers an excellent vehicle warranty bumper to bumper.

I like that the Hyundai Accent is a compact vehicle. It makes finding parking in Center City a breeze.

- Christine S

I like that I have a good warranty on my vehicle that is one reason I choose this vehicle. The downfall is the space in the vehicle. It is very small which I did not realize when first driving it. I would purchase this brand again but would go with a different model.

The interior space is very small with no space to store items. Very tight when you have passengers.

- Stefanie L

The eco feature is awesome. I drive a lot through the week and hardly use gas.

I have no complaints. It drives great and has an eco feature that saves me gas. I have no dislikes.

- Christine B

Great fuel efficiency. Also that it is easy to manage

I like that is fuel efficient. I like that it is easy to drive. Also like that parts are cheap.

- Celeste P

the great mileage you get both highway and city driving

I like my Hyundai for it's good mileage, ability to maneuver tight spaces and overall nice looks.

- Liz W

Not super tech savvy compared to other makes and models.

Good mileage and handling. It's small and compact. Love that it's also cute and sleek.

- Annie G

A great car at a great price

The color I would never buy a black car again it looks nice but the upkeep is a pain

- Rebecca W

Has great gas mileage. Sporty shape. Good leg room.

I like the size of it. The gas mileage is great. It has enough room for passengers.

- Alicia K

Hyundai is such awesome car company, I love my accent

My car is so awesome, I love how it drives, looks and everything about my car

- Lena H

I love the gas mileage. I do not like that it doesn't have cruise control

It has great gas mileage. It drives smoothly. Truck has plenty of space.

- Deborah S

Very Compact, with mechanical seats. Power operating windows a plus, and drop down back seats for storage a plus.

Dislike the wheel structure, love gas mileage, hate window viewing.

- Vivian F

the one thing that people should no is it gets great gas mileage

i like the affordability. i like the gas mileage i like the comfort

- robert F

It saves gas but don't go fast. It's spacious inside.

I like my car because it saves gas. It drives great. Runs smooth.

- Andres V

Good value for the price and seems to be very dependable.

The warranty is great, car is good on gas, reasonably priced.

- Don K

It's great on gas and very dependable and won't let you down starts every time

I love my Accent it's roomy great on gas and very dependable

- Reginald R

It is an Economical vehicle to own and easy to drive

Compact and economical for both fuel and ongoing maintenance

- J B

Is very full efficient and very light. The car is perfect size for 5 people.

I love the vehicle. Is very comfortable and easy to manage.

- Jazmin M

Good for small women because you can see all of your blind spots

Slow pickup, not enough power in the engine, gas usage

- Stefanie L

Does,what i expect.Wont let me down.

Not too small,big enough.No problems so far.

- Michi c