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Travel in the Hyundai Elantra!

It's a good little car. It has a lot of power and has been very reliable. It's great on gas mileage, I would say a good 34 miles to the gallon. It has power windows and power lock doors. The trunk is HUGE with a little storage area over the trunk area that sits in the back window. It seats 5 comfortably. For a small sedan, it is a good car to travel in.

- Melissa L

One thing I would highlight about my car is that it holds gas.

The vehicle is great on gas the most you'll pay is 25 dollars, but that's in Texas. The vehicle honestly does not have any pick up speed like you think it would. Also when it rained the windows fog up a lot. It's a little to small if your going to have a family, but if it's just you and another person or some friends you'll be okay.

- Jordan G

Few problems but still drives

It's been a good car except a few problems. The electric windows have had to be fixed and broke again. The door handle inside the drivers side broke. The gas acts as full even when not so when I pump gas I have to go as slow as possible so that it doesn't constantly click off as if it was full.

- Jason E

Super Long lasting Hyundai

this car is great for the years ahead. I bought my Elantra with 200,000 miles and have almost reached 300,00 without any major mechanical issues. This car was built to last and is very easy and cheap to fix. The only issue I've noticed is the paint used on this model wears off easily.

- chais S

But a Hyundai. If you want a great car.

I love my car and have not had any major problems with it. I would buy another Hyundai in the future. My car gets good gas mileage and has only needed tires and oil changes. New belts once. For a small car it is comfortable. My chubby friend has no problem riding in the back seat.

- Pat B

How well my car runs and handles.

It's a great car no problems until now. I believe it may be fuel pump. Other than this its a great car I've had no problems it runs great, the gas mileage is awesome, and I drive it everywhere. It even handles great in the snow and we get plenty of that here in Montana.

- Brenda B

It is very reliable and safe

It's an older car so of course I have to replace things but other than that it's great. The seats are very comfortable and maintenance hasn't been too bad. There is a little bit of rusting on the car but again that's from age. Gas mileage with really good on it as well.

- Kelsey W

Wish it could be more reliable.

Barely reliable. Lot's of electrical issues including the check engine light that very rarely stays off despite the lack of engine issue. Also there has been frequent issue with it maintaining proper temperature and it often threatening to stall when the car is idling.

- Natalie T

Lasts a long time but with a lot of maintenance.

Gas tank clogs very quickly and can not fill at pump due to it clicking off every time flow starts faster, everything is made of plastic and breaks extremely easily, air conditioning breaks and will not fix, car drives forever but needs a lot of maintenance.

- Ashley T

It's red it's a wagon u don't see too many of them on the road.

I love the car its my first car the style is nice. Yes I had to put money in to it it's a old car just put starter last week a battery last month oil change a year ago and spark plugs and wires 1 year ago. Timing belt. And other stuff can remember off hand.

- Renee A

The best performance you can expect from a car

The car does not give me much problem on a daily basis. Fuel consumption is very moderate. A/C always working. When it comes to comfort, my power steering is very important to me. And this leaves me no problem on that.

- Benjamin A

An awesome ride with little to no problems!

Car runs well. Very good on handling turns and feels good when driving. When i first got the car the transmission seal was put in wrong by the previous owner but that was fixed. Since then i have no complains.

- Joseph J

It is very reliable and is a great first car because it drives so well.

It drives and handles very smoothly. I have had several issues with the engine, which has proved to be very costly. I love that it is small and compact, i can fit into very tight parking spots.

- Morgan W

It's a death trap on wheels

It kept dying while turning and the dealership kept fixing items that didn't solve the problem. After awhile, I thought I was going to die, so I quit driving it.

- Rebecca K

The most important is it hardly ever needs repairs.

I don't have many problems. The only problem I had was the air conditioner. It need free on. I don't have many problems. It has been a good car.

- Patricia D

It runs a whole lot better than it looks. My Hyundai gets great gas mileage it's got a cool hatchback on the back so I can put my groceries right in the back AC works awesome

It's great on gas easy to maintain it's small and uncomfortable on the other hand it's 18 years old and runs good and has been reliable

- Rae R

Its fast its an older car.

Always fixing it its an older car so more problems love the gas mileage on it, now the heat isn't working and it's blowing cold air.

- Tiffany V

It is superbly cheap on gas.

It is a small compact vehicle. It is very good on gas. The air works great in it. It runs wonderful. I'm totally happy with it.

- Lisa C

It is a reliable model that takes very little care.

It has good mileage, comfortable. The size is perfect. It has been very reliable. I have had very little repair work.

- Mary M

My car is very good in the fact that it is so old but it still runs.

My car was handed down from my dad. The car has been in the family since it was new. It gets me where i need to go.

- Drew B

Mostly negative issues about the Elantra.

I do not feel especially safe driving this car. Unreliable, unattractive and difficult to maintain and clean.

- Jessica P

It is cheap to maintain, gets decent gas mileage, 5 people can ride init.

It gets me to where I need to go on good days. It is a bit small on the inside and I have had it a long time.

- Amanda M

It is dependable, reliable and looks good.

It really drives great! It really looks great! It is certainly a compact. It looks smart. It is very comfy.

- Carol D

Good smooth reliable sleek runs great solid good looking

Been great but low mileage replaced starter and transmission new tires but all else original. It's green

- Lin G

that it has been a really good car as far as mileage and everyday use.

my car is 20 years old & outside of routine things, I have done very little else to keep it in use.

- Crayton G

has been worth the value for what we paid, and we enjoy driving it.

we bought the car used 2 years ago and it has been a very good vehicle for us.

- Martin A

It was well worth the money because it is easy on gas and parts are cheap.

It is easy to maintain. It is good on gas. It is reliable for the most part.

- Licia T

Nothing really. Just easy to drive.

Nice small car. Good on gas. Easy to drive. No complaints.

- Helene S

good on gas, thats it, nobody needs to know about my car

love my car, no complaints,, gets me where i need to be

- Debbie W