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Reliable, Comfortable, and Inexpensive

I get a lot out use out of my vehicle and it had 100,000+ miles on it when I bought it. I love that the windows are large and that the blind spot on this car is very small. There are some missing components that should be in the dash. This car is certainly equipment for a smoker. There is a cigarette lighter and an ashtray built into the middle console. The car rides very low to the ground which can be a problem sometimes. Mine has an automatic transmission. My car has had trouble in the winter when it gets very cold and has had some problems with a low coolant level. I have had a flat tire, have had to replace the water pump and it is now in the shop with a transmission issue. I like my car and the brand Hyundai in general. It has not been very expensive to take care of. It changes gears very smoothly and has great gas mileage. It's not expensive to fill up the gas tank at about $3 a gallon it takes only about $25 to fill the tank starting at 1/4 of a tank.

- Kam S

Very reliable older car that saves on gas.

I got my car in 2017, my sister was the previous owner and she had the car for 9 years. I have 2 kids and I feel like this car is very reliable and safe for them. Since its a older make it has a lot of miles but it still runs very well. The best part of it is the gas intake. It is definitely a gas safer. The car is an automatic so that makes things easy. I have had normal wear and tear since its an older car but the maintenance to keep it up is pretty cheap. The features in the car are old but it gets the job done. I installed a USB radio because it had a older tape system. Overall I would say this car is very reliable and cheap upkeep.

- Christine J

My Hyundai is very reliable in the aspect of she rarely breaks down.

My Hyundai Elantra is the best first car I could have ever have gotten. It wasn't my car but was handed down to me by my mother. This car has been through so much as in road trips all the way to Ohio and back on multiple occasions. My Hyundai has survived multiple accidents and bang ups. She has broken down on me a couple of occasions, but that has happened more so in later years when I have taken over the car from it's previous owner. My Hyundai is the safest and most reliable I can say over all of my other friends vehicle makes and models.

- Courtney P

Poor quality car, made very cheap.

I have to rev the engine after I put gas every time or else the car just turns off, it gets annoying. My heater does not work either which sucks in the winter and when the windows get foggy because I cannot use the defroster. However, I will say that the brakes are pretty good compared to my previous 1999 Toyota Corolla. The paint is very faded on the hood and on the roof of the car. Gas mileage is terrible with this car, it is what makes me dislike the car the most. I have to fill about twice a week and I barely drive anywhere.

- Alyssa A

Best thing about my car is that it is amazing on gas.

I purchased my Elantra straight from the dealership and have owned it for the past 14 years. In fact, it is the only car I have ever owned. It has always been a reliable car. In all the years I have owned it (14), I have probably spent about $5, 000 in repair maintenance work. Although it does not have all the bells and whistles of newer cars, this car has always gotten me from point A to B. It wasn't until this year 2018, that I began to think about a new car. Probably something in the Hyundai family.

- Jessica V

It is a great dependable car to have.

Well I have just recently purchased this car from a friend. I used to have a Acura tl and while this Elantra is no tl it is a solid dependable car. I am going to school now and it gets me there and back and to my other errands and obligations. The car is a good running car it has some minor outside blemishes but overall it is a good running car the engine is solid. The only problem that I have had with it after buying it was a battery post that I had to change out with the battery.

- Sean H

"My Hyundai Elantra that just keeps going".

This Hyundai Elantra with its 4 cyl engine just keeps on running with no loss of significant compression. I have had to replace the alternator and starter after 12 years, then the transmission wiring after 14 years followed by needing all of the brake and gas lines replaced soon after. But those were only problems of wear and decay which I would have expected sooner. The car now at 15 years old still shows no sign of rust and the engine just keeps on going.

- Keith W

My Elantra. Great gas mileage.

I prefer a car a bit larger than my Elantra without losing the fuel good miles per gallon ratio. My car is silver which is way too common. Not a problem when I go to local places, I park in the same area each time I go. When I shop elsewhere, like a mall, finding my car can be difficult. I'd like a deeper trunk. Of course I want a newer one with a CD player in it and possibly a built in GPS system.

- Sharon S

It's grey with rust all underneath the car.

The Elantra was a good car in the beginning. It was very reliable, needed repairs rarely, and wasn't a gas guzzler. As time went on and the car got older, the car's reliability began to waver. It began breaking down all the time and by the end of the car's life, it had rust all throughout the underneath of the car, making it undriveable. I would not recommend this car to anyone, to be honest.

- Alicia D

Problems and solutions: what I love and dislike about my current car

as the vehicle is almost 15 years old there is a ton of work that needs to be done. brake pads , transmission, and the alternator has been fixed several times in the past 3 years. It still starts and drives, but I am afraid to go on long trips, which leads me to rent when I need to. If I buy a new one, I will continue to go with the type of model as well as the make, just a newer year

- Adam M

Reliable Hyundai Elantra car.

The reliability of the car is good. I am at 160,000 miles and everything is driving well. The lights burn out really quick and are super dim. It is annoying to have to replace them about every other month. The engine is still running well. I would recommend this car as a reliable city car, but I would avoid doing a lot of highway driving. It gets a bit shaking over 60 mph.

- Katie L

Very reliable and very comfortable

It's been a very reliable vehicle. Its 15 years old and still gets me where I need to go. Its having some issues now with my check engine light but it's still driving well until I am able to get it serviced. Some parts are a little pricey now that the vehicle is so old that it costs more than the vehicle is worth but when it was a younger car it was as just fine.

- Crystal B

Royal blue four-door sedan no gt hatchback automatic electric windows CD am/FM.

My car is over 200,000 miles and with basic repair and maintain it still drives great and I love it. I have a 2011 which is also a three car I practice Hyundai 'lan truck just a few months ago and since I bought it a been using this car mostly every day one of the best decisions that I did to buy a used car that in class much and much to maintain neither.

- Mary O

Good gas mileage, easy to drive,.

After few years still running good. Came with few years of warranty which is already expired. My only complaint is the paint on the car. It seems that all or most of Hyundai vehicles have a cheap paint. T?2 of our Hyundai vehicles we own the paint has faded away. We had our santa fe repainted a few years ago and it's back to the faded color...

- Haydi G

Mediocre 2004 Hyundai Elantra

Two door black 2004 Hyundai Elantra. Parking brake light is on, maintenance light is on, airbag light is on. Tires on the car are over 10 years old, passenger side door doesn't unlock with car key must unlock it from the inside. Car radio works but it doesn't display anything on the screen fully. Has heated seats, and has a sunroof.

- Wisdom R

Mine was a 'southern car' purchased in a state south of me, so it had no rust.

it has very minor problems for a fifteen year old car, it has been very well maintained. the only issue is a few flakes of paint missing, and some sun damage/bleaching on the front and rear bumpers, and the window motor has stopped working on one side. again, it's a fifteen year old car so I find this to be a minor issue

- Cassie T

The most interesting thing on my car is the engine, it is such a good engine.

My vehicle drives very good and it also has a good amount of space including in the hatchback. It is very good at getting you to point a, b, c, d, anywhere. It is a nice running car and I actually love the car my Hyundai Elantra. I would honestly recommend it to anyone, especially those who love a face car, it is a GT car.

- Nae J

I like how spacious it is and how much stuff I can fit in it.

The check Engine light won't turn off or the airbag light. And it's kinda weird smell when you get in the car. It gets me from point a to point B and it's starting to rust by the wheels. Also it's hard to turn the key for some reason. The paint is starting to come off the car on top and the front and the trunk of the car.

- Elizabeth K

Greatest little Elantra in town.

Only problem is my a.C. Does not work. I love the car never had any major issues or flaws and drives like a champ. The biggest factor for me is my car is reliable starts every time no issue. It has been taken on long road trips out of state with never giving me a problem. The car has had minor repairs given it is age.

- Louise M

That the color of paint used for this car must have been defective as most cars this color have oxidation spots throughout the paint job.

I have a Hyundai Elantra and bought it used 2 years ago. I love that car but it has bad paint and a few cosmetic problems. I like how the engine runs and how it looks for the most part. I like everything about this model and will be staying with this make of car because I don't have many mechanical problems in it.

- Madge F

Could be better, but good enough to get around.

Drives great, acceleration makes it take off like a go cart. Haven't had too much trouble with it aside from normal maintenance issues. I do run into tire imbalance problems every few months, rotating tires does not seem to help, and steering wheel has too much play in it. Mostly happy with everything with the car.

- Heather C

Curb weight is 2635 lbs. And a turning diameter of 32. 5 feet.

2006 Hyundai Elantra is a compact car. Mpg up to 26 city/ 34 highway. Transmission is a 4-speed automatic. 5 speed manual. Has a 4 cyl 2. 0 liter engine. 135 horsepower at 6000 cylinder. Seating capacity is 5. Basic warranty is 5yr/60000 miles. Compression ratio is 10. 3. 4 valves per cylinder. 178. 1 inches long.

- Jonathan T

Small car but extremely reliable. It's a good starter vehicle.

I bought this car used off of craigslist. It had low mileage and looked great. Everything was going well until i had owned it for a few months. The electrical system began malfunctioning. It wasn't too bad though because i was able to do repairs on my own. I'm going to trade in to a larger vehicle soon.

- Paola J

Old car that still acts new.

I have cruise control and front seat warmers. An up to date stereo system. It gets incredible mileage. Inexpensive parts when things break. Very spacious and compact at the same time. Easy to work on. Have no problem finding parts for the car. And despite the age and high miles it still runs really well.

- Ashley M

The quality and reliability of this car is outstanding. Would recommend.

This is an older car so it is starting to have things break down, but nothing major at this point. It is a good reliable car it is a four door hatchback, gets good gas mileage and I feel it is a safe car. There is a dealer here in town that I can take the car to for any major work that needs to be done.

- Laura G

It is very good on gas very dependable car.

It is reliable it is also my first foreign car so it is not too bad!! I bought it used so it needs struts and brake pads & rotors but the overall dependability is amazing. It is a good car good on gas which is great because I drive all over northwest Indiana and cook county IL so I cannot complain!!

- Megan G

It is super nice, super reliable and amazing gas mileage.

This is a great brand of vehicle it gets amazing gas mileage, it is extremely reliable, and they last forever! I have had this vehicle for 14 years and it still run I have not had to spend any large amount of money on it to keep it running. I would definitely suggest this make and model of vehicle.

- Kourtney B

, radio, tape player, cloth seats, and I can get in and out without trouble.

Replace alternator, brakes, and battery. Only owned 6 months bought used, dealership didn't tell about items had to replace. $1500. 00 to replace and shop time. Dealer saw me coming / female buyer. Car nice to drive. Extras sunroof, tape player and cloth seats. Good gas mileage. On whole I like it.

- Debbie G

My Elantra is a savior of all things travel wise.

It takes a bit more maintenance because we drive it often but it has never once failed us even though it is a higher mileage car. It is cozy enough for a 3 person household but yet has the space for when we go on trips out of town. We have even used it has a “pickup” truck with no issues.

- Rachel Z

Very nice leather interior. Nice alloy wheels. Very dependable and good on gas.

Very solid dependable car. No mechanical issues very reliable. Very cute looking red hatchback. Has power windows and door lock and keyless entry. Cruise control though I do not use that feature that much and nice leather interior plus fog lights. Does have some cosmetic issues but not major.

- Jay U

Its reliable always starts.

I have never had one single problem with this car it hugs the road like a tiger it stops on a dime never any noise coming to a stop sign or stopped at a red light the engine purrs like a kitten seats are comfy back passengers have enough legroom. I truly believe you will not be disappointed.

- Connie D

Great car. Great gas mileage

Alternator went tire popped to easy other than that great car. It is a very reliable car besides those 2 issues. I have had many cars and by far I love this one the most. It gets me where I need to go with really good gas mileage it's nice to only spend 20 dollars to fill at a half of tank.

- Christopher E

The Elantra can be outfitted with a trailer hitch and auto start feature.

The 2004 Elantra gls is extremely reliable, I have only had 1 maintenance issue in 82,000 miles. It gets great gas mileage as well. The stock paint does fade faster than normal, but the sound system is excellent for a smaller vehicle. Overall I am very satisfied as the owner of the car.

- Brian T

The perfect automobile to purchase.

I recently had work done on the cam. Other than that I have only done maintenance, windshield wipers and tires replaced when needed. I purchased this car brand new and it has not let me down at all. It starts up rain, hail, sleet or snow. I would purchase another one in a heartbeat.

- Shirley M

Low miles for its age. Still going strong!

Handles nicely, always starts, so very dependable, great gas mileage had to have radiator flushed in 2013 it had never been flushed, made a great difference in performance of car. New brakes rear 2016 new tires all around 2018 car only has 110,000 miles on it, low miles for its age.

- Kathy B

It's an economy vehicle. Don't expect high end, or it to be a status symbol. However, it will get you from point A to point B for a good 10-15 years if you treat it decently.

My car is very good for an economy car. It has great gas mileage and has very little in need of repairs except for standard wear and tear. My biggest complaint is that it handles poorly in the snow, and the headlights seem faulty (they need replaced more often than they should.)

- Julie G

It is a really great car! We have had a few problems with it but nothing major.

I really enjoy the car. It is an excellent size for my family. It isn't a comfortable ride. It could be a tiny bit roomier in the back for car seats. At this point it definitely has some wear and tear but for the age of the car it has done excellently overall. So good durability!

- Joy W

A Very reliable good car, I would recommend it

Performance wise the car is very durable body/framing will go before the motor and everything else. It's very reliable, as long as you keep good fluid and take care of regular maintenance it will last for a long time. Very recommendable for a decent car that will last you awhile

- Jimmy R

Reliable but basic vehicle.

Hyundai's gets good gas mileage and they are fairly reliable. Not many features though, such as technology, etc. In my vehicle. A lot of people I know with Hyundai's say that they tend to last a long time (many miles). Styling is basic, nothing fancy - but that is okay with me.

- Amanda G

Great Older Car - Little issues, reliable

It seems to run well at 150,000 miles but has had several issues with the engine. It has had many problems with oil and wear and tear, but mostly it's been a decent car and comfortable for shorter people to drive in. I'm 4'10 so it's important to feel like I can see

- Stephanie K

230000 miles and still going strong

The power windows are a plus until one or two of the windows come off track. The gas up process can be a real pain especially if your tank constantly either spits the gas out or makes you pump slow to keep it in. Other than those minor issues my Hyundai is a trooper!!

- Jamie M

It's dependable it has over 250 thousand miles and still runs like a champ

I like my Hyundai because it gets excellent gas mileage. I also like that when the weather is hot my smaller interior cools off quickly which is especially appreciated by my children who have to sit in the back a luxury the family van doesn't have. It's also quiet.

- Chris S

Mixed emotions: 2004 Hyundai Elantra.

It is a good starter car which is what I used it for. Always had acceleration issues but I started driving it after it was used so who knows. Great as a daily driver around town. The interior is basic but comfortable and there is plenty of space in the back seats.

- Ross M

Powerful and economic engine with a smooth and luxurious drive

Very reliable with great power for performance. Handles great in the winter snow and great on gas mileage. Comfortable interior and awesome sound package. A/C with constant coolness and rear defrost for the winter season. All passenger airbag with full size trunk

- Louie D

Nothing too fancy just what I need.

It is an extraordinary gas saver, as well as being comfortable to sit in or even take a good nap on the long trips. It is a gem as well because even though its a 2004 it's still kicking with hardly any problems, just do the normal maintenance and your good to go.

- Alec H

Best car ever, definitely recommend it.

My Hyundai is great! It has 3 previous owners still runs fantastic. One thing I love is I get about 350 miles to a full tank so it usually lasts me over a week so it does not cost that much foot gas! Would definitely recommend this car to anyone who is looking!

- Erica L

It is a comfortable and reliable drive for anyone of any age.

It is been an incredibly reliable car as it is 14 years old and is still serviceable. I have enjoyed driving it over the years. It is held up very well and I have always driven Hyundai for their trust and reliability. It is comfortable automatic and reliable.

- Chris E

Hyundai Elantra 2004 review.

Has some issues but is a reliable car. Good for a first car. It is lightweight metal so if an accident occurs, damage may be more severe than the accident was. Low to the ground, which is good for me and has seatbelts and cup holders. Equipped with a radio.

- Jenna C

Has problems but still runs

There's a problem switching gears and the check engine light blinks often. The drivers door has to be unlocked 3 times to unlock, and the passenger window doesn't work unless the driver does it. Other than them at the car is great, it's kept on driving

- Chris S

My 2004 Hyundai Elantra is a great car.

I have had my car for little over 5 years. I have had to put a catalytic converter on it once and a oxygen sensor once. Besides normal services my car has been really good and I am happy it is a good one. I do need to repair axle on it very soon.

- Sonia M

Routine maintenance is really important in keeping Hyundais running smoothly.

The car is a good size and fits three comfortably in the back seat. The trunk is large and the car drives well. The AC works great. The car itself has a lot of transmission issues but that's expected since it has 187,000 miles on it.

- Kylie S

Hyundai Elantra stick shift

Pretty dependable car. We have owned it since it was new and have only had to do routine maintenance except for a clutch pad change and a radiator change. Even though it is almost 15 years old it still runs decently

- James G

It is awesome and all mine!

I love Hyundai cars they last long and run great! My last Hyundai had a sporty feel to it or was the sporty model. I wish this one had the sporty parts on it because it made it easier to drive in mountains.

- Joe Bob S

It is very reliable and has not had to have a lot of repairs.

I best thing about my vehicle is that it has been very reliable. I have had only one major expense with it. The only thing that is annoying is the sound system. It is very hard to adjust the volume

- Nita G

It is very well designed and durable. No major repairs under 100,000 miles. Just the standard maintenance is required.

It has good gas mileage , 35mpg. It is simple to maintain. Cost of maintenance is affordable. Car is durable. Never had any major problems under 100,000 miles. Comfortable to drive long distances.

- James L

It has required very little repairs over the last 16 years.

My car has been awesome to me over the last 16 years. Only in the last year has it had any issues. I haven't always got the recommended maintenance, and it has still been a very reliable vehicle.

- Ashlie T

The most important thing that others should know about my car would be that it is super easy to get used to driving and is very easy to be comfortable in.

I love how easy it is to be familiar and comfortable in my car. I dislike how easily the seats and steering wheel have worn down. I like that the car is evenly proportioned and is easy to drive.

- Madeline W

Great car that is reliable.

I have had this car for only 1 year and I have found that it is economic on gasoline. I have had to fix the bearings on it but other than that it is a reliable car. It has a/c that works well.

- Ana R

Awesome. Just plain awesome.

It's a very reliable vehicle. I have had no problems with it. Everything is electronic and still works just as well as day one. I love my Hyundai Elantra and would recommend it to anyone.

- Rebecca E

That's its great on gas. It's great on mileage. Its small. Its compact.

I like its good on gas and the warranty wad awesome and its small. I really don't have dislikes. The only complaint is that its 14 years old and I can't afford another one right now.

- Sharon M

The beautiful colors on offer. The color was perfect.

I like the blue color since blue is my favorite color. I hate that it wore out so much due to the sun. Also cosmetically it is a disaster. Things are falling apart too quickly

- Sherry R

Inexpensive to run and maintain compared to many other vehicles.

Easy to drive in the city. Vehicle is perfect size. Not too big. Great on gas mileage. 30-40 mpg. Comfortable seats. Can drive long distances with no physical issues.

- James F

2004 Hyundai Elantra, I will buy one next time.

No problems, other than new tires, until vehicle reached 10 years old. It has 117k miles on it. I have replaced radiator, shocks, struts, oxygen sensors and brakes.

- Anita P

The gas pedal is super touchy.

It is very good on gas mileage. It has taken me long distances and hasn't broken down. I dislike its lack of power. A\c has to be turned off when going up a hill.

- Mikey H

it gets great gas mileage

it has proven to be pretty reliable over the years, and the repairs i have needed done have not been too terribly expensive it also gets great gas mileage.

- amanda C

I just said that the car is older so it's going to have problems...its 14 years old

Well it's a older car and I had it for going on 3 years and I must say it get to to point A to point B but the money that I put in his car isn't worth it !

- Akeesa S

Dependable, save money on gas roomy, drives smooth.

Gets you where you are going, good on gas, affordable to maintain, comfortable driving, enough room for myself and 3 other people, enough trunk room.

- Pat G

It has a great motor even after 14 years of driving it still runs good.

I love Hyundai vehicles. I do with I had a newer elantra. They are good cars. I've had to put in minimal maintenance and the car still runs great!

- Ashley O

It may be getting old and in some way showing Its age but it is a keeper.

Even though it is getting old this car has been so reliable, easy to maintain, and economical! It get very good gas mileage and is fun to drive.

- Carol K

It's going downhill and not a great car

It's running downhill and the maintenance on car is getting high. You cannot run a/c while getting more power. We cannot afford a brand new one.

- Karrie A

More bang for your buck. Dependable and well made.

Car is 14 years old and kept up on oil and other required maintenance and it is still running great. This is a car I would def. Recommend.

- Catherine G

Great dependability, good price

Hyundai Elantra has been a very dependable vehicle over the years. Have only had to put new tires on periodically and regular maintenance.

- Terry S

Hyundai Elantra. Love it or leave it

had no problems at all except for the usually oil changes and tire rotation.. love the car and in fact will be buying another one shortly

- cindy e

It lasts. This car will last for so long. I've had no real problems with it. When you turn the key it always goes

It's getting older but it's holding up very well. I love that it has lasted so long but I dislike that the paint isn't lasting very well.

- Bailey S

It is an older model. I really like it but I need something newer.

Its runs well, but I would like a newer model. I would like a more technologically advanced vehicle. I want to give this to my son.

- Laurie D

Reliable transportation for work

I like that it gets me where I need to be and that it is reliable. I dislike the outdated features that it has and doesn't have.

- Heather Y

Hyundai provides a great value for the price and it is durable.

I like the durability of my car. Never any problems with the powertrain. I would buy a larger Hyundai. Only maintenance issues.

- Carolyn B

That it is reliable and efficient on gas mileage.

I like it because it is reliable and fuel efficient. I dislike it because it is a bit small. Overall, it a great vehicle.

- Melvin H

Sometimes it can take effort to accelerate- it's not that sensitive to change.

Somewhat old vehicle- sometimes have trouble with the air conditioning but overall it hasn't had many issues. Good car.

- Clarissa P

Very reliable vehicle. Low maintenance costs.

No problems with the vehicle until it was 10 years old. General regular maintenance only; oil change, tires, tune up.

- Anita M

That it get good gas mpg but does not look like a cheaply made car and it has comfortable seating

I like it because of the gas mileage and way it rides I do not like the steering and the brakes they wear out fast

- Kendel Q

Reliable. Very little maintenance, good resale value.

I like Hyundai. I hate that it is old. It is breaking down, the engine is old. I dislike the exterior due to age.

- Christine E

i like how dependable and good gas saver car is

my car had problems with steering wheel, have to add fluid. also had problem with brake. need to be replace soon.

- erin p

Not to touch it:) that it is a great truck and rides smooth for a truck.

Its economical when it comes to gas mileage, heats up quickly in the winter and cools off quickly in the summer.

- Christopher S

The most important detail is the kenwood Bluetooth radio.

Cabin lights installed, fog headlights, turbo engine gt installed, size 15 tires, Kenwood Bluetooth/usb radio.

- Jonathan T

It is red, 4 cylinder and great on gas.

It is a reliable car and good on gas. It is old and noisy at times and also is quite small for hauling things.

- Joanna B

It's a nice ride.runs smooth and good for a small family

Nice car for small family.runs well,easy on gas,inexpensive.nice stereo system,a.c .power windows. Great car!

- Jessica W

Reliable transportation. Do recommended service and car will serve you well..

Gets good gas mileage, is reliable and affordable. That is not really anything that I do not like about it.

- Amanda G

2004 Hyundai, great car and runs nice

My vehicle is a good car, I have owned it for 5 years now, with regular maintenance and care she runs great

- Passion J

That it gets me where I need to go.

I love that it gets me where I need to go. I would love a newer car model that has some technology in it.

- Emily M

This vehicle is reliable.

It is a nice car. Rides good, easy on gas, nothing else to say about this car. It is white, has a radio.

- Pat K

The radio volume will change on It's own depending if you hit a bump

It is an older car without any of the newer features of new cars. Good gas mileage Bad radio in the car

- Jeffrey A

oil efficient and perfect to drive long distance

no problem whatsoever. perfect vehicle to commute. haven't come across any major issues. loving it

- abdul n

Runs very well if you take care of it.

I like that it is easy to work on. The car is not to large in overall size. Yet it is spacious inside.

- Justin D

I love my Hyundai Elantra

Has lasted this long with no major issues. Very comfortable. I would by another Hyundai again anytime.

- Jennifer A

Its looks bad but it runs really good. It needs a paint job

Its dependable it have over 100,000 miles and still runs great. Just don't like how old it is

- Sarah E

It's mine and it's been a very good car..

I love my car.Have had it over 5 years and I only put $1.000.00 in it.It does use more gas

- Sonia F

High miles and check engine light. Good AC. Needs new tires

Good gas mileage and rides smooth. Quality air conditioning. Automatic windows and locks

- Robert E

Reliable! The Elantra has 190000 miles and I expect to drive another 100000+

No complaints. Vehicle runs great. I plan to drive till it does not run any more.

- Ferdinand T

Low miles, runs great, body is good no dents tinted windows radio goes on but doesn't work

Mileage is low. Runs good Have had minors problems a/c needs to be stronger

- B L

It is a dependable car and it runs smoothly. I have not had any problems with it.

It is good on gas and has not had too many mechanical problems

- Laura B

It is old but runs with the best of them.I want to keep it.

It is 15 years old. I runs well. I is inexpensive to run.

- Arnie A

It is good for the price.

It is fairly reliable and easy to drive.

- Dan C