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2007 Hyundai Elantra is a dream to drive!

I have been driving my 2007 Hyundai Elantra for years and I have grown very attached to it! My favorite feature is definitely the sunroof that I have which makes my fall morning commutes heavenly. I also really enjoy the interior, the seats are as comfortable as can be and I really enjoy the color scheme of the trimmings and the console. There's a lot of different compartments to hold things, and I really enjoy the one on top of the dashboard; I rarely see this feature in any other car. The blue interior lights when I turn on the headlights is very aesthetically pleasing and it makes driving at night very enjoyable. It is very reliable after all these years and I have only had to bring it in the shop twice, once to change the transmission and another to change the brake pads. Other than that, it is been a dream driving this car. The car takes a while to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph but my commute is only 30 mins one way so I don't really notice it very much.

- Sarah P

12yo Hyundai still going strong

I have had my Hyundai for 6 years. It's been extremely reliable. I replaced the battery and alternator, but haven't had major repairs. It gets good gas mileage. It now has over 200,000 miles on it and is still going strong. There's not a lot of legroom, especially in the back. Two of my sons are over 6'2', and I do have to say that they aren't very comfortable in the car. I'm 5'8', and it's fine for me. I would buy a Hyundai again. I originally bought it because it was cheap, but am very pleased with it.

- Carrie C

A great car, if you're looking for something small, simple, and reliable.

I'm not a big fan of driving, so I like a simple car. The car is small and easy to maneuver. It's reliable, good gas mileage, AC. I have two medium-big dogs, who can get up easily and share the backseat. The back windows roll all the way down which I love. I'm not crazy about the angle of the back window, at my height, it's a bit tricky to back up, but using the mirrors, very doable. I've had issues with the driver's side visor falling down randomly, and have had to replace tires more frequently than expected.

- Ashley F

My vehicle is just that, a car with wheels and you put gas in to go.

My car is great! But there are some odd things that have happened to it. During the start up on rainy mornings the car makes a loud screeching noise when I turn. I have been told this is just something that happens with Hyundai’s after wear and tear. My car is not only 11 years old and I have had cars much older that this never happened to. The car gets terrible gas mileage. But this car has gotten me from point A to point B for a long time. I am almost at 150k miles and it is still trotting along.

- Katie T

Smooth ride very economical; great drive on a tight budget this car is for you.

I have not had any problems with this vehicle short of the normal maintenance. The car gets great mileage ride smooth for a small car. My Hyundai is a very reliable car. I have had it for over 10 years with no problems. I have even taken it on a very long drive and it did extremely well. Except for the routine maintenance this car has cost me very little in upkeep. The gas mileage is about 32 per gallon which you just cannot beat these days on a gas powered car. I just love this vehicle.

- Linda D

Great gas mileage, compact while spacious.

I really haven't had too many problems with my car, knock on wood. It was used when I bought it so the only things I've had to replace have been pretty minor besides tires. The suspension isn't as good as when I first got it, obviously. I have had some issues with my tires where they wear out in the same spot on the front tires. My car has been very good to me and I've taken care of it when it was needed. Definitely a great car. No major issues.

- Ashley M

Get the radiator changes right away if you buy it used

I bought it used with 130,000 miles on it. The guy I got it from kept it in amazing shape. It looked like he almost never drove it. It's a stick shift. The only major complaint I have is that the original radiator was cheaply made. It used plastic and it cracked at was leaking coolant all over the engin. I have two powers with the same car one a year older and one a year newer and they had the same problem.

- Christopher r

Wonderful car, great gas mileage

I love my Hyundai, I have never had any problems with it whatsoever. It gets great gas mileage, runs smoothly and quietly. The one I have is a light gold color, four doors. Really the only issue I have ever had is the battery going dead, but that is entirely my fault. I had to quit working due to health issues and my car sat for quite some time without being started.

- Alicia H

The red little reliable mobile.

Love that it has heated seats. Wish that it had a remote start now that winter is coming. Could have better quality Audio. It a little bit loud of a car if I do not have air and music on. Interior is very well kept and nice. Got the car with hail damage, but something like that really does not affect the cars performance. I have no big issues with the car itself.

- Alyssa G

Great car for the money. You get a high quality car without the high price tag.

I have had this vehicle for almost twelve years and so far have had only two problems that needed fixing and one was covered by the warranty, the other was needing a new abs sensor. It has good gas mileage. With regular oil changes and the recommended factory check ups, I believe this vehicle can last way over the wonderful 100 mile warranty that comes with it.

- Candy B

My car is super dependable. I currently have 179,800+ miles on it with no significant issues. On I have the typical needing brake pads or tires needing rotated, but mechanically my car is a dream.

My elantra is small but roomy, has great gas mileage, and is a breeze to drive. The only complaint I have is that, as with most compact cars, the back can get hot (especially in the Florida heat) and the air doesn't sufficiently reach the back. This makes me worry about my rear-facing toddler when he's in his car seat and the temperature reaches over 90 outside.

- Leighnara B

Pretty much a die hard vehicle. The vehicle is very reliable.

The car is low maintenance. Very good on gas I have had this car for a while and has 135000 mile on it and has been reliable. It is a good buy. Basically it keeps running and a diehard car. There has been times when I let minor maintenance go too long such as oil change and other things but the car keeps plugging forward. I would suggest this car to anybody.

- Simeon M

Very comfortable size. It drives very smooth as well. Very low maintenance.

I have not had any problems with this vehicle! It gets amazing mileage and it is extremely comfortable. It is the perfect sized car'especially for college students. The interior is classy as well and very easy to maintain. The trunk has a great amount of space as well. I was actually able to fit everything in my dorm room from my freshman year in my car!

- Chloe B

My Used Hyundai Elantra!!

It's a nice car on the outside, nice features. My car is really good on gas. But I've been having transmission issue and leaks . I've already had to rebuild the engine. Parts aren't too expensive or too hard to find. So that's a plus. Over all it's a great starter car. Some of the newer models might not have as many transmission issues as mine did .

- Zoe M

How reliable it is and how much I love it.

My 2007 Hyundai Elantra has been incredibly reliable. It got me through college, it travelled cross country twice, and it is almost at 200, 000 miles now. I have never encountered a single problem with it other than routine maintenance and replacement of worn parts. I love the radio, smooth ride, and comfy seats. Awesome first car.

- Marisa G

Great vehicle for the money!

A very good vehicle for the price point. My car is 12 years old with nearly 300k miles and still going strong. The only problem has popped up very recently. We are going to have to fix the heater, which just suddenly stopped working. All in all, we are extremely satisfied with this vehicle, so much so that we bought a second one.

- Dee M

2007 Hyundai Elantra review.

I really like my small compact car because its very good on gas and easy to drive. The maintenance on this vehicle does not cost a lot. When I bought vehicle it was in great condition, exterior and interior. I would definitely recommend this vehicle for anyone looking for a reasonable economical vehicle and for a 1st time driver.

- Tee G

Hyundai Elantra is a small compact car with a smooth ride.

I like my car because its comfortable. I like that it is a compact car. It's nice to have a newer vehicle that I can open with a key fob. Its nice that I can hook my phone up to the car and play music. It drives well. A smooth drive. It is a very roomy car I can fit a lot of people in it. The trunk has a lot of space also.

- Mary H

Only minor problems overall it is a great working car.

It has a missing door handle the visors mirror is shattered it has a antifreeze leak the hood does not stay closed and the cup holder council is gone other than that she runs great super smooth. The breaks are very good the windshields are nice and big. The reverse mirror is super blurry and the radio is always staticy.

- Greta P

2007 Elantra Still Runs Great

I keep waiting for my car to die, and it never does. It runs as well as it did five years ago, with minor repairs and maintenance needed. Plus, it's really comfortable. Near as I can tell, there haven't been any recalls on it. I've thought about switching to a bigger car, but I'm more likely to just get another Elantra.

- Ron S

The interior for is the best part. Again it's simply but nice the inside is real roomy

So I purchased this vehicle, she was in bad condition shocks were tight front end was hit hard but not nasty. Clicking under the hood because of the oil pump was bad. After bringing her back to life she is perfect. A nice car to have. Rides real smooth. Looks simple but a nice simple car. And the car is roomy and comfy

- Cristopher C

This car is my favorite car that I've ever owned. The gas mileage, low maintenance costs, comfort, and safety features are perfect for my needs.

My car is great! She has over 120,000 miles and is still running very effectively. I have had some issues with maintenance due to my own neglect but if you take care of this car it will last you a long time. There aren't a lot of bells and whistles but if all you need is a radio and an engine this is the car for you!

- Julia P

I have a gray Hyundai Elantra.

I have owned my car for two years. I have only come across a few problems such as the headlights. The headlight was an easy fix they just came loose every once in a while. I am unsure if it is because of the model or if it was just my car specifically. Overall as long as you take care of the car it has a long life.

- Erica S

Reliable with good gas mileage and fun to drive at night!

My Hyundai Elantra is reliable and gets good gas mileage. The dashboard lights at night are really fun!!!! The red and blue lights against the glowing black background make it really fun to drive! I wish that the car wasn't gray...….and that there was an interior air filter, like my Saturn L200 had inside.

- Shelley B

The car is a kid friendly.

I do not know because I am not the one that drive the car. I drove the car a few times with my driving permit and it was comfortable. It has a child safety so kids cannot play with the car shift handle plus you also have to hit the car brake before you change the shift handle from the park to reverse or drive.

- William T

Reliability is unmatched in my car.

My car is over 10 years old and currently only requires minimal upkeep. I think that speaks for itself. I highly recommend this vehicle. We love it so much we bought another! Extremely reliable and dependable. Within 10 years of owning my car I have put minimal work into it. It is a very cost effective car.

- Alicia M

It is worn down on the interior (misc stains, broken light) but drives great.

love this car! highly recommend a newer version as mine is older. Seats are comfortable, not a whole lot of legroom for the back seats but manageable. Seat controls are older, but still work. Love the shape of the car and how it drives. Highly recommend for anyone, not a great family car however. Thanks.

- Ryan H

It is dependable and has very good gas mileage!

I like my vehicle because it is dependable and doe not ever need maintenance. I also like the fact that this care gets over 30 mpg. Finally, the car handles smoothly and is a very good ride on the highway and on the roads at home. No complaints other than the color is not what I would have liked.

- Bob M

2007 Hyundai Elantra, a reliable and spacious family car.

My car is very reliable, gets great gas mileage, has good trunk space, and has a spacious backseat for my toddler. I can easily fit a good sized car seat in the backseat along with luggage for long trips. I cannot remember the last time I took it a car shop. Such a great trip and family car!

- Christine S

It is very reliable. I love this car.

No problems, it is very reliable. It is a smooth drive even though it is from 2007. Does not give me any problems at all. I do not plan on getting a new one any time soon because this one still works just fine. I would definitely recommend this car to anyone who is looking for a car to buy.

- Maria G

Like my 2007 Hyundai car a lot!

So far my car has been easy to maintain and drive. I have been very happy with the gas mileage and repair history. Besides the regular maintenance and a new battery a few years ago, plus new tires, I have not had problems. I hope this can last long enough to be my last car ever! (I am 71).

- Laurie O

A good experience in car buying

It has great gas mileage and it has a very good powertrain warranty. I have only had to have the usual maintenance on it oil changes brakes and new tires but it has been a very reliable car It has over 154000 miles and it still drives great They have great customer service through Hyundai

- Mark B

Compact and aux availability, four doors, good on gas.

It is reliable, not expensive for repairs, four doors, good on gas, it is compact, trunk is spacious, little bit of space in the back if you have a car seat and two more kids, mileage is good as well, it is a fast car and you do not notice, it is nice and sleek, aux, CD player available.

- Stephanie P

Decent for a first car college student

This car is fairly decent. I got it used, so I can't give my full judgment on a new Elantra but the one that I have, mostly has cosmetic issues. The passenger window main button stopped working, the backseat handle has fallen off, slow pickup speed, besides that it is very reliable.

- Brittany S

Long Lasting Car With Minimal Issues

My Hyundai Elantra has been going strong since 2007 without any significant issues. It is still running well despite high mileage. It has only needed minor repairs and is honestly running better than our newer car. I would highly recommend this year of Hyundai for its reliability

- Jess S

Great gas mileage and long lasting vehicle.

Great gas mileage. Easy to maintain. No problems with car until 106, 000 miles. Is safe in case of car accident and I felt no pain the next day. Its has been a great family car and has been reliable. I would buy Hyundai for their safety ratings. I suggest purchasing one.

- Samantha H

Hyundai Steering Wheel Problems

Problems-When I park, if the steering wheel is rotated all the way to one side or the other, it locks up and is difficult to release. Once I rented another hyundai and it had the same problem. Features-I like the sun roof. Reliability-Has been very dependable vehicle.

- Gloria V

Burns gas too quickly but sleek and nice. It is a regular sedan.

It burns gas way to quickly, Toyota’s give you way more miles than Hyundai’s. I do love the dark interior and the fabric seats are comfortable but I cannot see myself ever buying a Hyundai again! Gas is important to me and these Hyundai cars just burn way to much.

- Tyler J

My blue car is a nice fit for a family of 5.

There are no problems. It has a am/FM radio. It also has a CD player. The ac works great. The car is blue. The interior is gray. It has 93,000 miles. Its has be in 1 car accident. Everything works on the car. It 4 door doors. Its power windows. It just got new tires.

- Melissa R

Great vehicle for mileage and reliability.

2007 Hyundai Elantra - reliable, comfortable vehicle - great mileage. Easy maintenance; minimal issues with the vehicle. Performance of the vehicle is great / have to have normal check ups and have had success repairing and updating vehicle when it needs to be done.

- Megan D

The console. It has some nice little storage compartments.

I have not had any major problems at all. So far it has been very reliable. Comfort is not too bad. And the features are basic. There is no Bluetooth with this model. I am upset with the paint. It is been peeling off for years. And the wheels rusted out years ago.

- Donna R

Reliability is key for travel. My car has exceeded.

No problems besides the interior. Windows, shades, and handles on the passenger and driver's side snapped off. I think this is a manufacturer issue. Car drives well. I never had any issues with it before besides normal issues like battery, brakes, and alternator.

- Louis M

My Hyundai Elantra the Reliable gas saver

My 2007 Hyundai Elantra gets good gas mileage and is affordable. The Elantra could use more comfort features. It doesn't have a lot of power but is reliable car. My Elantra has basic features such as AM FM radio with XM, air conditioning heat and keyless entry.

- Irwin H

It's good on gas and ac is good.

It's good on gas. I gets me where I need to be. Power windows, power locks. It has ac. It has a CD player. Safety locks on back doors for small kids. Lights for map reading at night. Restraints for infant car seat on both sides and in the middle. Ac works good.

- Melissa R

Great vehicle to have. Awesome gas mileage.

I bought my 2007 Hyundai Elantra brand new and now 12 years later it still runs so well. I love it. There is a sunroof and great gas mileage. I haven't had any problems with it so far. So all in all I would highly recommend buying or leasing a Hyundai Elantra.

- Chelsea C

30+ miles to the gallon depending on how you drive.

I love that it gets fantastic gas mileage and this car can last forever (it has 158,000 miles now) - it'll most likely last me at least another 3-4 years. No complaints, I have only had to do routine maintenance or things that normally wear out by this time.

- Erica B

Good on gas. Very reliable. Easy to drive and park. Comfortable interior.

The car is just the right size. It is roomy and comfortable. Gas mileage is very good. In the 11 years that I have owned this vehicle I have only had to do regular maintenance which is very helpful since I am on a fixed income. I would purchase Hyundai again.

- Diane L

My vehicle is grey and truck wise.

Some of the problems I have with my vehicle is gas. It sucks up gas really fast and I have to put gas in my car every week. Another problem I have with it is that it runs slower than it should up hills. I also have a lot of mileage on it so it does not help.

- Britney C

A reliable compact sedan with sport features.

I have not had one problem with the car; I drive approximately 3200 miles a year. It runs fine and is not sluggish; it has a 2.0L gas engine with a five speed transmission. The car has driver and passenger airbags and air conditioning but no cruise control.

- Matt O

Sporty yet safe and stylish to drive.

My vehicle drives very smooth. It has a sporty look, yet it is very spacious on the inside. The mileage it gets on the road is great. It has great safety features,. So you feel confident and safe while driving. Great mileage on the highways and expressways.

- Carol M

Good car. Few problems. Would recommend

Any problems all arise from it being used and having been in accidents before I bought it. All problems seem to be electrical. Overall, it has been a very good car. Pros include smooth drive, reliable, comfortable, and good gas mileage. I have no complaints

- Amanda K

Hyundai Elantra Pros/Cons

I have had the Hyundai Elantra for almost 2 years, and out is cost efficiency. The car is overheating all the time and air conditioner does not work, especially when car is at idle. On the brightest side, the car is very good on gas and easy to operate.

- Wendy T

Fun, gas efficient, and safe!

I loved my Elantra. Very easy and fun to drive, easy handling, and extremely safe. It was sadly totaled after I was t-boned in an intersection, but the fact that I walked away without a scratch speaks to its safety. I would absolutely drive one again.

- Andrea B

Nice smooth ride, lots of legroom, great on gas, comfortable ride.

The performance the is great, love the rooftop, nice space with comfortable setting and leg room. No, vehicle problems and my car have over 82,000. If you keep up on the oil changes, tires rotated and keep it in good, the car is awesome I love my car.

- Barbara E

It was built to last a long time - the car manufacturer does a really good job overall.

I love that my car gets great gas mileage and has had no major repairs needed on it the 10 years I have owned it. This car should last me another 5 years at least and it's been paid off for at least 4 years so I'm saving that car payment as well.

- Erica B

It's super reliable. Breakdowns are extremely rare.

It's been a super reliable vehicle. I really like the way it handles, and it never seems to break down. And even after an accident, it drove well despite an unseen fairly major issue. It took a year before the problem even affected the car.

- Sarah T

Gas mileage. I save so much money with this car.

I like the gas mileage. I only spend about 30$ per month on gasoline so that is a plus. I do not like how the paint is starting to chip. I also do not like how it is getting old and does not have the up to date technology.

- Krystal P

Small and easy to drive, easily accessible to the elderly and handicapped.

I love my vehicle because it is great on gas mileage and it does not break down. I drive for a living and I have used it 4 months straight this summer, driving long distances, and it has proven itself reliable many times.

- Kelly R

the it's a excellent car and it gets great gas mileage when you fill her up.

I like my car because it gets great gas mileage, it also handles very well. it performs very well on the open highway. it's a car that looks very nice and is very affordable. there is nothing I dislike about this car.

- todd k

Great gas saver with large trunk

I love the gas mileage this vehicle gets, about 300 miles to the tank and it's about a 13 gallon tank. It is not the MOST spacious but I am able to get 2 carseats in which is nice. I also love the huge trunk.

- Nicole H

Hyundais are good cars. In the past they were not as good as they are now, but the company has really improved them.

I love the gas mileage that it gets. I am happy that it is running very well with no issues given that the model year is 2007. It is easy to drive and enjoyable. And in the winter I LOVE the heated seats!

- Kathy M

Hyundai Elantras provide reliable, but not spectacular, transportation

I had a lot of trouble with the heating system. I also didn't appreciate that one small bumper bump meant I had to get an entire new bumper. However, it's been fairly reliable. It doesn't leave me stranded.

- Debra C

Visor Replacement only Issue

This is a great vehicle. Only issues in 10 years have been the driver and passenger visors snapping off at the hinge and needed to be replaced. All other issues have been solved with routine maintenance.

- Chelsie H

Reliability and dependability.

Smooth ride, meticulous performance, good reliability, smooth ride, and comfortable despite the smaller size of the automobile. Definitely will be a consideration if I purchase another car in the future.

- Allan B

My swanky and cute little car

The car is a nice little car, not too flashy but modern enough, I'm content with it. I have a problem with the engine light and have learned to replace a part you must buy it from the manufacturer.

- Hayley F

One of the main reasons I purchased this back in 2007 was because of the safety rating and the number of airbags that came with it.

Has a smooth ride. It's comfortable. It gets good gas mileage. I haven't had mechanical problems with it. The back seats fold down so I can hall some things but miss the room in a SUV or Van.


it's quiet for its speed. its extremely reliable and handles lots of abuse very well.

very reliable vehicle for what i do to it. had a problem with air conditioning a while back but was just a filter. never had any major problems with it drives very well great first car.

- sterling j

It is a reliable car. No problem with the engine.

It has been a reliable car. The car performance very well. I have had no problems with the engine. The only problem I have had is after 11 years the plastic coating is started to peel.

- Leslie R

It's a very reliable vehicle. But make sure that there is air conditioning

My car is a 5 speed manual transmission. It's purple and it runs great. My only thing i do not love about my car is that there is no air conditioning. So it's very hot living in Texas.

- Madison H

Great on gas and cost for maintenance is reasonable.

Runs great, love all the little compartments and cubbies. Hate seat belt, to high and chokes me out. Does Not have trunk release in car always have to use key which is not convenient

- Kim N

Reliable, great MPG, excellent car.

Honestly, it's a great car. I did have issues with spark plugs and wires needing frequently replaced, but that could have been guy changing them. Very comfortable car, sucks in snow.

- Susan K

Elantra's are comfortable and safe cars

I love my elantra, it is the perfect size that makes me feel comfortable. It has several cubby holds giving you plenty of spaces to store things. It rides well and is great on gas.

- Kim O

Very good acceleration for a four cylinder.

Spacious, seats four easily. Has four doors making it convenient for passengers to get in and out. Very peppy for a four cylinder. Wish it had a little better gas mileage though.

- Robert A

It's reliable and comfortable and have good gas mileage

I Love that it's been really reliable for the past 2 years, with no mechanical issues. It helps me save on gas compare to my previous car. Lastly it didn't cost much to buy it.

- Alexandre S

Still dependable, still a good value, even though it's more than 10 years old.

It's dependable, is easy for me to drive, and still gets good gas mileage. I would like more of the safety features available in newer models. It's starting to look its age.

- Jennifer G

The extreme reliability of the vehicle.

Extremely reliable! Had it for 10 years and have never had to take it into the shop. Just for regular maintenance. Mileage is great and you get a lot of bang for your buck!

- William E

That it serves me well. I can use it for most of my journeys

I like my car, It's design and fuel mileage. However the old age of the car is beginning to give me problems - brake light, check engine light coming on. It is not pleasant

- Tola R

That it is reliable and functional.

It has gotten me around for many years. Now it needs a lot of repairs. I bought it used and it has served it is purpose for me. I just dislike all the things going wrong.

- Tori D

It's a great car for a family with kids. Very reliable.

it gets great gas mileage and is a comfortable ride. It also has a sunroof that is nice when driving down backroads. I don't care for the battery it tends to die easily.

- Frances O

It is functional and practical. It is a minivan with plenty of space.

I like that it has a CD player with Bluetooth capability. I use that a lot. I wish that it had automatic doors. My husband's van has that and it is a game changer!

- Christie S

All the storage it offers.

I love the size of the elantra and the ease with which it handles. The car is also very easy on gas and that is great for retired people living on a fixed income.

- Ellen G

If you want to buy it, go buy it! then you will be surprise at the price

I like the effective mpg. Even Though it is a compact car, I don't have any issue with the size. Max 5 people can get in, and I can put pretty many things in it.

- Jungyu L

This car offers Affordable Reliability!

The Hyundai Elantra is a low maintenance vehicle that I rely on for it's dependability, great gas mileage and its ability to easy navigate between traffic.

- Barb C

The Hyundai Elantra may look like one more compact car, but at night, the dashboard lights makes it a standout!

The dashboard lights at night are really cool! They make you feel like you are driving a futuristic vehicle. I wish that the exterior color wasn't grey.

- Shelley M

Great safety, great mileage.

I love the safety of it, the design, it has been a fantastic car, the mileage has been great and just now at 105,000 stuff is starting to break down.

- Samantha L

The car is reliable and low maintenance. I have only had 1 issue that wasn't routine maintenance.

I like that it has been very reliable. It has excellent fuel efficiency for the age of the car. I really cannot complain since it is an older car.

- Kevin O

The handle on the left comes off

Small, white, portable car thats really cute and has good gas mileage. Had the car with the family for a while until I went to college it's mine now

- Kate D

It does exactly what I bought it for. Nothing fancy, but doesn't do anything unexpected either.

It's a basic Sudan. I like the steering and the large view for the driver. Good on gas. Room for four and not too tight for passengers in the back.

- Natalie T

The best thing about my little car is the great gas mileage.

I've always loved my little Hyundai Elantra. I have never had any issues with it, it has great gas mileage and it was a great price, even new.

- alicia h

Elantra is a great choice.

This has been a great car. It has great steering, sleek design, heated seats front and back, and smooth driving. The sunroof is a nice bonus.

- Sam L

It's a reliable car that is also safe and it is fun to drive

It is safe and it is fun to drive. It is also a reliable car. We have over 300,000 miles on it and it's still running like a brand new car.

- Paula K

The most important thing about my car is that it is mine.

I enjoy my vehicle but it's a bit older so it need repairs but there is nothing I dislike about the vehicle itself, just a couple repairs.

- Madison W

Old hyundai elantra blue in Color

Its an old hyundai elantra with minimum features. It is blue in colour and the seats are cream in color. Left window button is not working

- Shweta N

Awesome Little Car Great gas mileage and dependable in bad weather.

All I do is put in gas, change the oil, new tires and basic work done to the car. I am at 250,000 miles and still going strong. Great car.

- Bill F

It is a very dependable car. I have had it for years.

The gas mileage is great. It is reliable and dependable and requires very little maintenance. The maintenance costs are not extravagant.

- Melodie T

Hyundai elantras are the most reliable car I've had

Reliable for past 11 years. Kept up with general maintenance and runs great still. Coming up on 161,000 miles so work needed is expected

- Nicole D

The important thing to know about my car is that it runs really good.

What I like about my car is that it drives. What I hate about my car is that the driver side window broke and that it needs body work.

- Shy S

It is a really good first car.

This car has held up well over the years. Very few problems and the problems have only shown up recently due to the age of the car.

- Jessica L

I've had this car for 11 years, no big problems, however under warranty the drivers side sun visor broke now just recently the passengers side broke. I have almost 200,000 miles, I feel this is every bit as good as any Honda or Toyota!

it's reliable! I get great gas mileage. One thing I really like about it, you can not get into the trunk if you break into the car!

- Karen G

It was reasonable price. It has air bags.

Second hand had some front end issues but is very dependable. Easy to wash. Good gas mileage. Good sound. Holds lots of groceries.

- Judith C

Hyundai Elantra is a reliable vehicle

Our car is very reliable. It has very good gas mileage. We really like that it has a USB port which enables us to use our devices.

- Jean S

Great investment well worth the money

I've had my Elantra for 11 years and it's been a very reliable vehicle. I'd recommend getting one to any of my friends and family

- Tony N

It runs very well with little maintenance and is very reliable

I like that I bought it used over 3 years ago and it still runs like new. I would like it to have a little more get up and go.

- Samantha H

It is a great deal, and it may not be glamorous, but it will get you where you need to go.

It is not the fastest or the most stylish. But, it is great on gas, and it has lasted over 10 years. It is surprisingly roomy.

- Lathan r

Its compact and easily maneuverable it is dependable and rarely has problems.

I like the seats and that it can be easily adjusted for someone who is rather short and I don't have problem with blind spots

- Sarah D

Reliable old car worth the money.

Reliable car. Has over 105000 miles with no major problems yet. Needs some work but for its age it has been very dependable.

- Patty G

Has been an extremely reliable vehicle for me.

It is compact, smooth, appealing and very few issues. Also cheaply fixed. There's not much that I do not like about my car.

- Amanda W

It is very low maintenance and an overall good car!

I like my car because it gets good gas mileage and I dislike it because it is becoming too small now that I have a family.

- khristina D

model and comfortness and very reliable and easy to drive and worth buying it

very comfortable and easy to drive and if any repairs takes more money to repair it and branded one and very happy to use

- gowthami k

It's practical and can handle a lot.

It is a 4 door sedan. I wish it was more gas efficient and had more cargo space. It drives well and does great on trips.

- Angelina j

It is a good car that has good maintenance.

It is good on gas and can go a long ways without having to get gas. It does not have any problems with maintenance.

- Felicia E

It is lovable and great. It doesn't feel as rigid as many other cars. But considering saving money, it is a great car.

It is a great car. It takes me everywhere. I like how cost efficient it is. I don't like that it is kinda outdated.

- Zack a

The gas mileage is impressive.

It has been extremely reliable. I have never had any major issues with the vehicle. I do wish it had more features.

- Jessica R

The passenger airbag automatically comes on if someone is sitting in the seat.

I have not had many problems with my vehicle in the 11 years I have had it. I had the belts replaced every 5 years.

- Brittany G

The vehicle is reliable and very fuel efficient.

I like the power windows and doors. I like that my radio has an auxiliary cord. The car gets good gas mileage, too

- LaShaunda M

It does not drive well in the snow, but it is perfect for warmer climates.

No tire pressure alerts. Crack in the windshield. The air conditioning kicks on and off for no apparent reason.

- Kathleen S

Reliable good gas mileage.

Car is easy to drive very reliable. It has a sporty look. Great mileage. Comfortable seating anti lock brakes.

- Carol M

It was the cheapest cart that would fit 3 car seats in the back.

It gets me from point a to b, but the car is small and not comfortable. Sits too low. I like higher vehicles.

- Anita S

It's great on gas as long as you always use plus.

It's never hard to fix. It runs great with no problems. It's great on gas no matter how far I have to travel.

- Terri B

It has great gas mileage & is a comfortable car to drive.

4 cylinder.Good on gas mileage.. Small trunk. Not enough for stroller and purchases.. Ac. Not too strong.

- Grace R

Does not have tire pressure sensors. Not very spacious backseat for bigger kids.

It is very comfortable to me. Great handling and gas mileage. Has been very reliable with no break downs.

- Marvelously T

It requires very little maintenance and is surprisingly tough!

It's 11 years old and still going strong! I get excellent gas mileage and it has a nice sound system.

- J M

Reliability, comfort, features and design is very good

Easy, affordable, very reliable and comfortable, perfect car, good features, smooth car. Good design

- Shruti B

that it is my first car. it is four door 4 cylinder front wheel drive and works great

it gets good gas mileage it runs awesome in all weather even in the snow it has never let me down

- Morgan C

It's very reliable. Basic maintenance will keep it running for a long time.

It has great gas mileage. Love that it has Sirius radio. Disappointed it doesn't have Bluetooth.

- Hydie R

its safe and good on gas and compact size comfortable to sit and drive

its compact small car it's good on gas easy to maintain I love my car tints on windows

- Patricia G

No working a/c, wear comfortable clothes, bring your sunglasses.

The windows don't work right. The a/c is broken. Also, the check engine light comes on.

- Taylor T

I have an older van. It has very comfortable seats & easy to open & close sliders. It runs well and I am very satisfied.

My car has comfortable seats, and with my back pain, this is most important to me!

- Linda K

The great gas mileage & is very reliable transportation.

It gets very good gas mileage. It is comfortable to ride in. It handles easily

- Pat B

I like that my vehicle has great gas mileage. It also a great panel set up. But most of all very durable, I have not had any problems out of it.

That my car has great gas mileage and very seldom have any issue out of it.

- Carmen S

Reliable. Reliable. Reliable.

Highly reliable. Only routine maintenance needed in 10 years of ownership.

- Angel o

Wonderful gas mileage. Very dependable. Always on the get up and go.

I love the dependability. I enjoy the gas mile. The car is fun to drive.

- William F

It breaks easily and is expensive to fix. The car lasts for a long time

Many things break on my car and the engine parts are very unpredictable

- Alicia M

It doesn't have good resale value.

It has been dependable. It's not super fancy but it gets the job done

- Dalin C

It has good mileage for a car that is 11 years old.

Good mileage. Good safety No problem with driving Enjoyable to drive

- Gwen M

I really haven't had any problems with it.very low maintenance car

It's nice and easy to drive.It's really great on gas.Low maintenance

- Joanne Y

It is a commuter car that is also used to get my kids where they need to go.

I like that it is dependable. It is also very safe and affordable.

- Ethan M

It's got all the necessary basics.

It's fine. It's getting old and I'm about ready to buy a new one.

- Yma V

works and gets good gas mileage

cheap reliable. decent gas mileage refurbished parts easy to find

- joe P

I've never had issues with it. It is very well made and runs well

I love that it is safe, dependable, and gets good gas mileage.

- Karen O

Good drivers! We're safe in the road and navigate our vehicle with caution.

It's nice to have a car in NYC that is reliable & compact.

- Nicole M

It's low cost to operate.and good gas mileage

It's been a great car. and It's paid for.good gas mileage

- bill R

it is a good reliable car

its lasted almost 10 years with little maintenance

- ang l

The smoothness because it runs well

Great vehicle because it runs well. Runs smooth

- Faviola C

Economic in gas, & standard maintenance

Reliable, economic, compact & is paid off

- Gina U

My blue Hyundai Elantra!!

- Haley S