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Inexpensive reliable car with a few issues.

It's a nice little car, reasonably priced, with one of the best warranties in the industry. At 115k miles I've never had any real mechanical problems. I have had a problem in which the passenger door has been rusting for several years and is almost rusted through. For even longer than that I've had an issue where the visors fall out of the ceiling. This happened when the car was only a few years old but the visors were all out of warranty. It is rather unforgivable that this wasn't a recall since it usually happens when driving, causing the driver's view to be obstructed without warning. I eventually had to remove the visors altogether. I looked into replacing them, but they are over $200 each just for the part.

- Tony I

It is not good for a big family pretty small. I think it pretty good on gas and has a lot of storage space.

I like the car it get the job done. I bought it used so there is a sound from the back that drives me crazy. The car is a nice small car, it is pretty good on gas a full take driving local (to and from work and daycare ) last about 2 weeks. The passenger side has a little hook to hang your purse. Radio is good you can pay for addition stations has cd player and Aux cord. Also thought is was strange it came with a car lighter and a charging port so it has two if you do not use the lighter. Has a lot of storage space I love the sunglasses holder . 4 cup holder 2 front and 2 back. Trunk is big has escape latch. over a pretty good car. has electric windows and locks

- Stephanie U

Nothing fancy, but it's reliable. All the essentials: AC, power locks and windows, and a radio with an aux port.

I was in one crash, where the hood latch came undone spontaneously, and the hood came up and smashed the windshield. I don't think this was a fault of the model of the car, I already had 80,000 miles on it at this point. I now have 92,000, and the battery seems to die when parked for long periods of time (1 week). I think this is just normal old car things as well. AC always worked great, no problem with windows opening or closing, all power lock doors are great, no problems with breaks, etc. Relatively fuel efficient, I still get 27 MPG. My dad gets 36 MPG somehow! I think he's very good at being fuel efficient.

- Megan M

Old car works to full strength.

My car works well, it is just old. It never has problems, it has never broken down on me. The only thing that is bad is how sensitive the gas pedal is. I think the car is relatively comfortable. The seats are comfy, but there is not much room in the back seat, even with the seat up almost all the way. I like that it can use an AUX cord to play music, and I like that it gets all of my radio stations that I like to listen to and that I can save 12 stations at once. It has ample room in the front for the passenger.

- Ana C

The Hyundai Elantra and why you should consider buying it.

My vehicles problems include: hard to start after filling up, sits very low to the ground, has bad tire grip, and the sun visors are broken. The performance is amazing, it can cost for ever and has very good gas economy for its year (I get around 34 mpg but I drive to save gas mileage. ) It is pretty reliable but has difficulty in the snow and hard rain. It is very comfortable other than the fact that it sits low to the ground, and I am 6'4" so this is hard for me. It is a basic car with basic features.

- Benjamin E

Hyundai Elantra: a small but spacious efficient car.

The vehicle is incredibly reliable. My family and I have had it for 10 years and it has not given us any true problems. The door handle has come off a couple times but that is easily put back on without huge cost. It gets really good gas mileage which is good for me because my current job has me driving 30 miles each way as a commute. It is a small car but it is quite spacious. My family and I are all tall people (the shortest one of us is 5'9) and we can all fit in comfortably.

- Dahlia L

2008 Hyundai Elantra: dependable.

My car is very reliable and does well in rainy conditions. I feel very safe when driving it. I often have to commute an hour and half from CT to Nj (about 4 times a month) and have never had an issue. The interior has remained in good condition and I have Sirius XM radio. The control panel is user friendly and you can control the volume from the steering wheel. I have had an issue of squealing from the brake pads but that comes and goes randomly and infrequently.

- Elizabeth G

It gets good gas mileage.

It gets decent gas mileage which is very important to me. The air conditioning works good and the factory speakers sound decent, though I wish the stereo had Bluetooth connectivity so I could stream my music wirelessly. I would prefer if the car we're a hybrid and met lower emission standards as I am very concerned about environmental issues. The car has been a really good dependable car with no major problems so far.

- Micah P

It is reliable, cute, and a great first car for first time drivers and young drivers.

I think my car is perfect for me. When shopping for a used car, I was looking for a black car but my silver baby is totally fine for me. It has a sunroof, automated windows, great radio system, and it's very spacious for me. It had one owner prior to me and it was well taken care of. I haven't really experienced that many issues except changing my tires but that is because of the streets around me. No complaints.

- Felicia F

My Elantra has been very consistent and reliable.

My car has been extremely reliable for the 10 years that I have owned it. I have had to do some typical replacements (timing belt) and I did have some transmission issues a few years ago. I am currently experiencing some issues with brake pads needing to be replaced more often than is normal. I like the way the car drives, although the brakes are extremely sensitive in comparison to other vehicles.

- Bridget W

Nothing but good experiences with Hyundai.

My car is at 154,900 miles and running perfectly. I have not had any major repairs needed at any point regarding the engine. The car still drives smoothly, and I still receive great gas mileage to this day (about 23-28 miles per gallon city driving, more via highway). I plan to drive this car until it runs no more. No need for a car payment when my car is in the shape that it is in at 10 years old.

- Katie R

Excellent low cost automobile.

The Elantra has been an extremely durable and low maintenance vehicle. We purchased it new 10 years ago, have averaged about 18000 miles per year, still get about 30 mpg mixed driving / 34 mpg highway, and, other than tires, oil and other routine items, have spent about $1500 in upkeep. The 100000 mile warranty on the engine and transaxle / 36000 mile total warranty on the vehicle is unsurpassed.

- William B

The Elantra a very dependable and reliable car.

The car handles really well. I have never had any big problem with the car maintenance wise. Also, I like the car's interior. The seats are also very comfortable and relaxing. The Elantra has a good sound system and good radio reception. I would recommend this car because it has been very reliable to me. I would buy another Elantra in the future because it has not given me any problems.

- Anthony G

Just take care of it the way you are supposed to and it keeps going.

I am the second owner of the car. The previous owner used the car primarily for commuting, and was careful with upkeep (oil changes, replacing brake pads, etc.) it honestly drives amazing although it has over 100, 000 miles on it and I trust it to keep going for another 100, 000 more. Works great, has a good amount of space, and does not hit my wallet too much for gas. Great car.

- Rebecca M

Highly satisfied with my Elantra.

It has performed wonderfully. No major repairs needed yet, just occasional new brake pads or tires but not any more frequently than expected. Also has very good gas mileage. It's a basic model so it does not have a lot of fancy features. I wish it had lumbar support because that would make long trips much more comfortable for me, but overall I highly recommend this car.

- Linden G

It is a very cost effective vehicle, is dependable, easy on gas and has required relatively little beyond routine maintenance and repair.

We purchased the Hyundai Elantra new from the dealer. Our motivation was threefold: the brand reputation for quality, the purchase price, and the 100,000 mile / 36,000 mile warranty. The car has cost, excluding fuel and tires, less than $1200 in maintenance and repair. The vehicle was an excellent choice, and we are presently contemplating purchasing another Hyundai.

- William B

Lasts a very long time with no problems and I have been told they are the easiest cars to work on for mechanics.

My Hyundai Elantra is great!! I have had it since 2008 and never had a problem. It has great fuel mileage and rates high on safety issues. Only complaint I have is the paint is starting to peel but that is probably due to the fact that it never was garaged. It has spent all It's time outside including the hot Texas summers with temps over 100 degrees.

- Elizabeth B

Hyundai Eleanora 2008, great value and comfort for the money.

The vehicle is very comfortable, I like very much. Quick acceleration, quiet ride package. The one weak spot is that the suspension is horrible. Very little maintenance is need, just the usual oil changes, and fluid fill ups. Nice stock speakers. I even still have the originals brakes, shocks and struts and it rides just as smooth as when I got it.

- Francisco T

Hyundai Elantra: You can depend on it!

We have over 200,000 miles on this vehicle, and we have never had a serious mechanical problem with it. I am short, and it is comfortable for me to drive with good visibility. The trunk is a good size. It suits our needs well and gets good gas mileage. It is also a reasonably prices car. We have a second Elantra (2003) with over 300,000 miles!

- Susan D

It is long lasting and safe. I have had the car for ten years and it is still running without an issues.

My car has lasted 10 years and it is going strong. I highly recommend Hyundai vehicles. They last forever and are a safe car. The warranty is great. I have not have any issues with it other than minor ones, like an oil leak. I have kept up with oil changes, inspections, tire rotation, routine maintenance etc and the car has been so good to me.

- Eileen T

Food running car to school and work.

Good in gas. Sits well. Low repairs. Large trunk. It is a good car for getting back and forth to work every day as well as dropping one child off at daycare and then dropping the other child off at school. It is comfortable even for long car rides. Also the occasional cam radio free weekends are very nice and make the drives go much faster.

- Jesse C

The Hyundai Elantra is a great value for the money. Other comparable cars are more expensive because they are from better known brands. It was worth taking a chance on a brand we were not as familiar with. By the way, we have 2 elantras. The other one is a 2003 with over 300,000 miles on it!

My car has over 200,000 miles on it. It is extremely reliable. We have never had a problem with it. It is comfortable for me - I'm short and have rheumatoid arthritis, and I am able to get in and out without pain and adjust everything for my height. It also gets great gas mileage, and has good legroom in the back and a nice size trunk.

- Susan S

Excellent car, dependable and fuel efficient.

It is very dependable and low maintenance. Roomy interior. I have 225,000 miles and everything still works. I would recommend this car to purchase to anyone. Nice driving car. Good gas mileage. Paint and interior holding up well. Comfortable to drive, peppy enough when passing. I will consider purchasing another Hyundai Elantra.

- Cindy E

Great, long-lasting vehicle!

I bought this car as a used car and it was a year old. As long as I keep up with maintenance (regular oil changes, replacing tires, etc.. ) It has been a very dependent and reliable vehicle. I have not had any issues with this car other than regular wear and tear. It now has almost 200k miles on it and it still functions great.

- Erin C

Gas is great! It only takes about $30 to fill up the entire tank.

The Hyundai Elantra gets great gas mileage and is an extremely reliable vehicle. In the year I have had it I haven't had many issues with it at all. The only issue I have had is the break switch being faulty when I first got the car but it was under warranty and was fixed within a few hours. I haven't had any problems since.

- Danielle H

Love my Elantra from day one even though I bought it used it has been fantastic.

My 2008 Elantra has been very reliable and very fuel efficient no major repairs I just recently made my last payment and hope to keep it that way I do know that when I find myself needing a new car it most likely be another Elantra the only issue I have had was headlight bulbs they have been replaced. 4 times in both sides.

- Libby L

Most importantly, my car is reliable.

The Elantra is a fun, practical car. It is great on gas mileage and handles different types of conditions beautifully. It is comfortable, yet stylish and practical. If given the opportunity, I would most certainly invest in this car again--and I say invest because I have had zero problems! The car is awesome.

- Aly L

Mostly reliable. Great gas mileage.

It has been a great car. It does seem as soon as it hit 100, 000 things have started falling apart, though. It does get great gas mileage and has been mostly reliable. It has been an alright vehicle for our family. I would most likely purchase another of the same make but not necessarily that same model car.

- Jean S

My Hyundai is awesome and sparkly and I don't what else to say about it really.

It is very basic, no extra stuff. Power windows. Very reliable, I haven't had any problems with it, minimal maintenance. I wish it accelerated faster and took turns better. The back end is too big which makes it hard to park sometimes. I would buy a Hyundai again. It is very roomy and has a big trunk too.

- Kerry F

It is safe and dependable.

I highly recommend the Hyundai Elantra. It is a dependable vehicle, and has only needed minor updates and repairs. It currently has over 100, 000 miles, and still runs smoothly. The most recent work we had done on our vehicle consisted of routine maintenance- oil change, new tires, and new brake pads.

- Caitlin K

Fun to drive very reliable.

For one thing it is my son's car, I drive it, for right now it is very reliable we have had to change all four tires, nothing major has happened and I think it is very reliable and fun to drive. My son drives it for his job he is a pizza delivery driver and has put on a lot of mileage still runs good.

- Patti D

Very dependable even after its been salvaged title.

I bought my 2008 Hyundai Elantra used last year, it a rebuilt title, bought it for 800 bucks. It has a cracked windshield, side has big dent, no ac, inside pretty torn up, but needed a cheap car. . . And to this day a year later, I got all new tires but the car still runs and its been very dependable.

- Julie R

Love this car a lot. Best deal ever.

Great car. Owned this car for 10 years and never had any issue on car break down. It runs like a tank car. Love this. Never had to dealt with car dramas. Affordable pricing and easy maintenance car. I guess it's worth the investment. I am pretty sure you will not regret what you buy. Runs like angel.

- Shell S

Still running great after 10 years.

It is a good running car a lot of get up and go. It's only broke down once in ten years. Whatever material the seats are made of do not come clean even the detailed got everything clean but the seats. Also our car is not garage kept so the heat of the sun has really damaged the paint on the hood.

- Darlene K

Reliable car with great gas mileage.

Love my car, just normal wear and tear. Most if my fuses don't work. Having 2 rear facing car seats in the back seat is kind of tricky as the front seats cannot move once the car seats are in place so it is kind of uncomfortable of your bigger than 130-180 lbs and taller than 5 foot 6 inches.

- Stacie M

It is the smallest vehicle that can fit three car seats in the back seat.

Seats are small. The car is good for short people. Taller people have issues with comfort. A lot of the functions are not automatic. But it can fit three car seats in the back. It has also been reliable. But if something happens and you get into an accident repairs just do not fix everything.

- Anita S

It has great gas mileage and gets around great.

The Hyundai Elantra is a very reliable car and has gotten me many places on many road trips. I have great gas mileage on the car as well and it only costs around $20 to fill it up. I have had no problems since I got the car and it has made me very happy to not have to deal with problems.

- Skylark A

2008 Hyundai Elantra. I would consider a Hyundai for my next vehicle in 3 years.

I find the Hyundai to be very reliable. I have had mine for over 10 years. I get regular oil changes. Good storage space for sunglasses, etc. Have only about 70 thousand miles on it but brakes needed work just recently for the first time and I think I have only gone through one battery.

- Ellen C

Hyundai Elantra - most reliable vehicle you can purchase.

I have had absolutely no issues with my vehicle. Aside from two recalls, which were covered by the manufacturer, I am only had oil changes, regular maintenance and new breaks. 150,000 plus miles and still going strong. I'd highly recommend an Elantra for its durability and reliability.

- Pat S

My little car. It is pretty cute.

I really haven't had many problems with the car itself. Most of my issues come from car accidents or hitting things causing damage. Otherwise I think it is a very reliable, cute car. It is good on gas mileage and pretty good in all types of weather. I have enjoyed it for the most part.

- Emily H

It's reliable. It is a regular dependable ordinary car without too many bells & whistles. It starts every time, runs smoothly between services, carries what I need carried, & is easy to care for.

It's a little noisy, but it's sturdy and comfortable enough & has served me well for 8 years. It needs some body work to make it fun again, & a good detailing inside, but I am just so happy to have a reliable small efficient car that I'm happy to save up for those "treats" for my car.

- Jan P

Reliable vehicle for a car 10 years old.

The car runs very well for it is age. I have not had any major issues with the car. Comfortable ride. Good heat\air-conditioning. Stereo has some issues. CD stuck in it from prior owner. Low mileage for 10 year old car 69000. . Good highway pickup. I do not use the cruise control.

- Debra F

Great on the road, good on gas.

Very smooth, engine very quiet. No problem yet with internal lights, pedals, straps or any other equipment. Very good on gas and long road. The tires are very good, we've put about 8 thousand miles on it so far and we love it. Nice trunk size, can fit any things that into it.

- Todd B

Summary of my car: Elantra.

My vehicle is very reliable and has barely had any major issues since I bought it. I would like the features to be updated more to be able to seamlessly connect my electronics. The seats are comfortable and the gas mileage on the car does last awhile before needing to refill.

- Gabrielle C

City friendly car for short drivers.

This is the perfect city vehicle, easy to get around town and get in and out of parking spaces. The acceleration is pretty conservative, which can be a hazard when you are trying to merge quickly, but otherwise it is easy to drive and maintenance is straightforward and easy.

- Cheryl J

Comfortable and reliable!

It's a great little car, gets great mileage. No major issues. I have had this car for 3 years now. Does not really like to accelerate up large hills easily, but slow and steady wins the race! Really reliable and comfortable. Very simple to use and drive, controls are great!

- Amanda K

2008 Hyundai Elantra solidly built.

The 2008 Elantra is a very reliable car which has not required major repairs. The paint job is excellent, as dings and scratches never rusted. The only persistence issues have been with the aux port not working/playing in only half the speakers and the radio display error.

- Katherine J

It's safe and it does the trick!

I'm not a huge car aficionado, so it gets me where I need to go safely and that's all I can really ask for! I do wish it had some more storage space and got better gas mileage, but those are just little things. It's simple to use and not too fancy like some newer models.

- Courtney T

Bought new and drives like it's new so it is very reliable because it hasn't required major repairs ( i.e. part replacements).

It is actually my mother's car. She bought it in 2008 as brand new from the dealer. It is a blue-ish color so it is not overly feminine or masculine. It is roomy and has had no major repairs which is why I enjoy driving it. I gave it 4 stars because it's not my own car.

- Johnnie T

I really love my Hyundai, it meets all my need and very reliable.

I have not had any issues with my car and it is very comfortable, I really feel safe in my. Car and it has all the features I like, I love the color and plenty of room in the car and trunk is very big, also it is very inexpensive to do repairs. I really like my Hyundai.

- Colleen D

2008 Hyundai Elantra reliable ride.

My car is very low maintenance, just routine oil changes and such. No major problems or repairs in the time i've has it. Reliable, drives easily. Love the satellite radio. Comfortable seating, roomy back seat, four adults comfortably with plenty of space on the trunk.

- Diana K

2008 Elantra review for curious drivers.

Emergency brake doesn't work. 3 windows don't roll down anymore. CD player has never worked. Maintenance work is expensive. I have had the cruise control fixed 2 times and it still doesn't work. Gas is cheap for it and it has lasted me 5 years so that is good.

- Mary F

The Hyundai Elantra is a very affordable, safe, reliable car.

I love my Hyundai Elantra because it has been a very reliable and safe car. It currently has over 100, 000 miles, and only needs ongoing maintenance, such as changing tires and oil changes. It does not have any other pressing repairs. It also gets good gas mileage.

- Caitlin K

It is dependable! Always ready when needed!

I have no dislikes......I am a loyal Hyundai customer, weather It's a buy or lease. Any Hyundai purchase I have made, has never given me a problem. Worse case is the usual wear and tear replacement parts. (oil changes/filter, air/cabin filter, brake pads, etc.)

- Joe W

Extremely dependable car!

This car has been so low maintenance and reliable, I would recommend it to everyone. All I've had to do is normal maintenance, and I have 120000 miles on it, it still drives the same as it did when it was brand new. It's not flashy, but a great affordable car.

- Megan S

It is very reliable and will last a long time.

This car is a very reliable car that has lasted over 120, 000 miles. It is comfortable even though it is very simple interior. There is a CD player which can be nice to listen to audiobooks while driving. The trunk is very big and can fit just about anything.

- Jill A

Car with not working sunroof.

Gets good gas mileage, it is had a few problems because of the mileage. Dependable, good fuel efficiency low maintenance costs. Not a lot of electronics in it so less things that can break. Sunroof stopped working after about 3 years too expensive to replace.

- Ang H

We love our Hyundai Elantra.

It has been pretty reliable. It has very high mileage, but it works very well. We've replaced the air conditioner fan and it works great. We are very happy with our purchase. It needs new cv joints. We are only the second owners of this vehicle. We love it!

- Stephanie Y

Elantra the most reliable car.

Very reliable most comfortable XM radio color blue power windows power brakes cloth seating and floor mats sit condition heating 10 year, 100 thousand miles warranty door side pockets net pockets on back of the driver and passenger seats large trunk space.

- Norma M

This has been a very reliable vehicle.

I bought my Elantra in Feb. of 2009. My vehicle has been very reliable. It is comfortable and gets good gas mileage. It performs well. There has been no major problems with it. I do regular routine maintenance and follow Hyundai's service guidelines.

- Rodney S

It is good basic transportation; nothing fancy, but it is efficient.

I like the gas mileage. It is the newest vehicle I have owned. It doesn't really have any style or stand out, it is just basic transportation for me. What bugs me the most is the CD player doesn't work and the radio display is malfunctioning as well.

- Bob V

It runs great and saves money on gas with good mileage.

I test drove a lot of cars while searching for this one. I fell in love with the Elantra on my first test drive. That one though had a airbag light on so I didn't get it. I finally found the another Elantra that was mechanically sound and purchased it.

- Michele B

It is reliable and has not had any major problems.

It has been very reliable. The Hyundai service team is very helpful and pleasant to deal with. It is comfortable and easy to drive. I can fit five people. It has a large trunk. It gets decent gas mileage. The displays are easy to see and use.

- Lisa D

It is reliable. It has not needs any major repairs.

My Hyundai Elantra has been very reliable. I have owned it for 9 years and have not had a serious problem with it. The only repairs that I have made due to ordinary wear and tear. It is a comfortable car and gets reasonable gas mileage.

- Kathryn T

It gets great gas mileage.

I like the size of it. It has good storage. I've driven a newer model and didn't like the set up of the dashboard, etc. For the most part, I've only had routine things break. It gets great gas mileage. It handles great in the snow.

- michelle F

Great automobile with great gas mileage.

My vehicle, Hyundai Elantra is very reliable and great on gas. I have a few cosmetic problems from the previous owner, but engine and reliability wise, it is in great shape. The seats are suited to your needs and great for long drives.

- Eden G

The Hyundai Elantra will run forever. It gets great gas mileage and drives smoothly.

My Hyundai Elantra has been amazing. I've had the car for over 10 years and have had no major issues with the car. The engine is running great. None of the major components have gone out. It is a great car and I would buy another one.

- Jonathan P

A silver Hyundai Elantra with new tires.

My 2008 Elantra is a very reliable car. I plan to keep it until it breaks down or I have kids and need more room. I have had it for over 10 years and have never had any major work done. It is very safe and it has good gas mileage.

- Emily F

Great mileage. Minimal maintenance. Any maintenance has been affordable.

My car is small enough to be zippy but big enough to feel safe. It has a great safety rating for me and my kids. It gets great gas mileage and has needed minimum maintenance. I'm at 150K miles on the first manual clutch.

- Laura B

It is very good on gas and reliable.

I like the design, I dislike the model year. I love the color and how comfortable it is but I wish I had more leg room I am sure in the newer models there is more. I will have to rent one from enterprise one day.

- Lisa D

Its affordable and has a lot of nice features for the price.

I love the size of it - it's a compact sedan but is spacious on the inside. It's easy to drive and has been very reliable as well. My family fits comfortably inside and we have enough space for our daily needs.

- Liza C

I do change the oil every 3,000 miles even though it is not required.

I bout this vehicle new in 2008 and I still have it. Paid it off in 2011. Have had it for 10 years and it is in great shape. No major problems other than expected wear and tear. Will buy a Hyundai again.

- Clifford S

The most important thing others should know about our car is that it is a reliable Korean-built

It's white and reliable, and it's good on gas. But it's light and tends to get bounced around from the air streams from the passing trucks on the highways. In that respect it's potentially dangerous.

- Walter S

The best family car out there

I just purchased this car about a week ago from a family friend. It was sitting idle for about six months so I had to replace the battery. They stopped using it because the water pump went out.

- KatyLynne P

Besides the car being relatively safe, if you are going to drive the care you need to be aware of it's slow pick up. It does not have a good 0-60

First off I like the size of my vehicle, it is small and feels safe. Secondly, you can't beat Hyundai's lifetime warranty on the car. If I ever have an issue I can just bring it in for service.

- Steven O

I like the vehicle, especially since it is my first vehicle.

The car is pretty comfortable. The air conditioning system can be pretty weak, and you have to really hit the gas to make it go. Otherwise, I do enjoy the car and see no issues with it.

- jasmine h




It is a very reliable car and has great gas mileage.

It is a very reliable car. I haven't had that many issues with it. I've had it for about 8 years and I've had to change the tires and get new brakes. Other than that, it's been fine.

- Tim G

My Car: A very, very, very brief summary

The car is very reliable, no serious problems that I am aware of. Comfort of vehicle is optimal and the vehicle has really no notable features aside from sunroof and cruise control.

- Bryan F

I took great care in servicing the vehicle.

I wish the driver's seat was a power seat. Design flaw, rear brakes, wear out too soon. I like the size of the vehicle, not too small and not too big. Gets fairly good gas mileage.

- Nancy L

Even though it has high mileage, it runs very well and gets me where I need.

I like that it has been pretty reliable but I do not like how the door handles com off easily. But otherwise it is a really good car, I like it very much I would have to say.

- Steph Y

Always keep up with the o2 sensors, helps with the gas mileage.

I love the smooth ride of my car and how comfortable the seats are on long drives. I really like how easy it is to replace most parts on the car. It has superb gas mileage.

- Silver H

Nice for commuting and gets 34 mpg highway.

The manual transmission works very well. The ride is slightly bumpy and there is wind noise even with the windows up. Overall a very nice commuter car that gets good mpg.

- Brandon C

It is reliable and runs really well. It gets great mileage, and is a great first car for someone.

It was a really good car for high school and college. Gets very good gas mileage and is reliable. Have over 100 thousand miles on it, and it is still running beautifully

- Thomas S

It does not have any fancy technology.

It gets me from point a to b. I do not like that it has a big back end so it is kind of hard to park. It's simple and didn't cost a lot. Does not have a lot of problems.

- Kerry F

It's a great fuel efficient reliable car !

It's a great fuel efficient car ! It never breaks down and it has great gas mileage. I've had it for 10 years and have not had any problems with it. It's a great car!

- andy N

The most important this is that it gets good gas mileage.

I drive a green 2008 Hyundai Elantra. It's an ok car. I like that it gets me where I need to go and it gets good gas mileage. I don't like that it has little space.

- Hector C

My car is really good when it comes to playing music loud.

My car is very good with gas so it does not cost a lot to fill up my car. In the middle of the car there's lights and they broke now car inside lights wont turn on.

- Kay T

Performs well when being driven. This car is perfect for a height challenged person. I totally love everything about this car.

tHE eLANTRA PERFORMS REALLY WELL.It takes less than $20.00 to fill the tank. It is a smaller car which fits me very well because I am only 4 feet 10.5 inches tall.

- Erin K

It's dependable and has very low miles so it should last me a long time

I dislike that my car is older and doesn't have the upgraded technology, like gps and hook ur phone up I like my car because it's reliable and still looks newer,

- Kait E

the reliability of the Hyundai is unsurpassed

my Hyundai, just like the 3 before has never given me any trouble, like the others, I have had it for 10 years, only has 45K and running and driving like a champ.

- william S

it is a sturdy car, i have already had it for 10 years and barely any problems with it.

it is reliable, simple, durable. I rarely have any problems while driving it. the handling is smooth and the interior has enough room for a few people at least.

- Faith F

Do the regular maintenance and this car will not disappoint.

I love the way it handles on the road. The ease of upkeep and minimal repair that it has needed. I love the gas mileage!! I can drive forever on a tank of gas.

- Cl P

It drives well and reliably. It has good mileage. It's a nice size, not too big or small.

It is pretty reliable. The gas mileage is good for the type of car. The look of the car however is kind of old and not cool, unlike the newer elantra models.

- Amy B

It is a very safe car and has one of the most comprehensive guarantees of any brand.

I bought this car used in 2017. It's stylish; the ride is smooth, and it is very economical. I have no complaints. I would definitely buy another Hyundai.

- Mary M

It gets me from point a to point b without a doubt. It has 150,000 miles.

Older car, small things starting to go wrong, seat belt does not work, stains on seats. Also, there is rust starting to form even after a new paint job.

- Stacey A

That it's a reliable car that came with a wonderful warranty

My car is extremely reliable. It gets great mileage too. When I purchased it Consumer Reports rated it as one of the best in that particular price range

- Gloria P

The mileage it gets, and the way it handles on the road.

I like the way it handles. I dislike the radio system in it. The tires keep leaking air somehow, related to the wheel. The radio system keeps going out.

- Mary C

It has great gas mileage and they are reasonably priced vehicles

This is a comfortable small car. I have only had it a year and so far I am very pleased. No complaints. Best of all, it has really great gas mileage.

- Deborah b

It is a good mileage and accident prone vehicle.

I haven't really experience any problem with my vehicle. It runs smoothly, and has back camera and alarm system that detects anything within its range.

- Roy C

The Elantra is an excellent car for anyone looking for their Goldilocks - not too large, not too small, but just right.

My Elantra is extremely reliable. After 10 years it is still running strong with no issues. It's comfortable and gets me where I need to go every day.

- Jess S

It is a very reliable little car. It will always get you where you need to go, no problem.

It is such a great car. I have never had any problems with it, only regular maintenance items. I love the sunroof, cup holders, and adapter the most.

- Amanda C

It's got great gas mileage and is awesome on the highway.

It's great on gas, very comfortable and it has a very smooth ride. It's a great compacted car and very reliable. I have no complaints about this car.

- Michele T

It's pretty standard and good for the price but needs care.

Needs a lot of maintenance, for example the tires need constant repressuring and there is a lot of maintenance that need to be done under the hood.

- Robert M

It is very easy to parallel park.

I like my car because it is small, and it suits me. I do not like however how long it takes before it accelerates. Rather than that I love my car.

- Olivia N

Inside light for the door, certain things does not light up. There are two switches does not light up. Even newer models they still don't light up.

My car is used. I bought a lemon car. My transmission slips.The dealership will not fixed it. It was still under warranty when I brought the car.

- Jenny R

It is a great car for the price.

Great gas mileage. It has over 130000 miles and is still going strong. Other than regular scheduled maintenance nothing major has been replaced.

- Missy C

The car is small it's also low maintenance. I haven't had to replace many parts until now.

My car is too small for having two small kids. It's not the greatest car on gas. I will say up until past recent months it was low maintenance.

- Crystal P

It is great on saving fuel. It is very comfortable for a compact

Reliable and very fuel efficient. Only downside is that it is not very soundproof. Can hear wind and outside noises in cabin while on the road

- Vanessa R

My car serves me really well for what I need and I do the maintenance frequently.

I like that the car is comfortable and economic. I dislike that the seats have a bright color and the outside painting is a little bit old.

- Marina L

Great reliable car that will save you a lot of money on gas

Great gas mileage a great reliable car, cheap to maintain, have really no complaints about the car, only thing is it should have Bluetooth

- Val B

The Hyundai Elantra has great gas mileage, is a great family car

My car has great mileage, has roomy trunk, and decent space sitting in the back. Drawbacks are there isn't much room to haul large items

- Michelle E

That I see the model on the highway a lot

I like the color which is silver. I like the way it rides. I don't like it when it has recalls even though I know it is for my safety.

- Janice W

That it has great gas mileage.

Very comfortable seats, great gas mileage, room front seat and back seats, quiet inside the car while driving, and good trunk space.

- Melissa C

no major problems, just basic care

I have not had any major problems with this vehicle, very reliable, decent gas mileage, a little uncomfortable but it is a basic car

- brian w

It's cheap and reliable and gets you to where you need to go without breaking down.

The car is very reliable. I've had very few problems with it working properly. What I don't like is how it can feel when driving.

- Alexnder M

Great gas mileage, in city and on highway.

Great on gas, smooth ride. Dislike: very small in size for a family of 5, and the ac tends to give me trouble, even when charged.

- Amanda R

I think the brand is just as good as Honda for dependability but often does not get the recognition it deserves.

This has been a very dependable car requiring few repairs. It gets great gas mileage. The car is easy to drive and handles well.

- Alex T

Bad with snow and rain, great on gas

I like that it's great on gas. I dislike that it has bad traction when it comes.to rain and snow. Acceleration is bad as well

- Dimitra Z

It is good enough, point a to b car.

I like it is steering. Dislike it is look. Love the gas mileage. Dislike putting thousands of dollars in it to keep it going.

- Chandler H

Hyundai is a much better, more reliable brand than people think.

It's very reliable! I have over 130,000 miles on it and have never had a major issue. I don't love that it's very no-frills.

- Kara S

It is very reliable. Feel safe and is good in snow.

It is very comfortable and has a smooth drive. Has enough room to fit 4. Trunk space is large. Sound on radio is very good.

- Sharon C

My automobile is a extremely safe vehicle and I take good care of it.

My car is very safe to drive. It gets great gas mileage. I'm not crazy about the color of it but that's the only complaint.

- Shannon W

Reliable car that has not had any major mechanical issues, recalls, etc.

Good basic car, gets good gas mileage and still have lots of room like a larger car. Reliable and did not break the bank.

- Jackie A

It will probably run fine.

I like that the gas mileage is ok. I like that it is dependable. I dislike that it is bulky and is also a little bit ugly.

- Christina G

It is good on gas and dependable

My car is good on gas. My car does not have a lot of issues. My car is the right size. I do wish I had Sirius radio though

- C V

It is dependable and I never worry about it breaking down on me

My car is a very comfortable ride. It has been very reliable and still looks well. It has held up nicely over the years

- Norma P

It is very good on gas mileage.

I like my vehicle very much. I have not had any problems with it. It has plenty of engine power. I have no complaints.

- Colleen D

sleek and reliable. affordable and attractive

reliable but small. great gas mileage, not too expensive to purchase, and insurance is affordable. all around good car

- haile w

It gets great gas mileage, a long time between fill ups.

It is the perfect size car. It could be a little more comfortable in the interior. Needs a little more pick up and go.

- Sheri E

If you take care of the car it will last you forever.

The car is a good car. It is decent on gas. Not much leg room in the back. Trunk size is good for the make of the car.

- Stephanie H

Reliability! When I get ready to purchase a new vehicle it will be another Elantra.

I bought this car new over 10 years ago. I have had very minimal repairs. I will definitely purchase this brand again.

- Crystal k

It is been a good running car.

My Hyundai Elantra has been trustworthy, it is great on gas. It has plenty of room and I drive it as much as I can.

- Diana K

Hyundai Elantra - a decent car, but potentially dangerous.

It's good on gas, but it is very light and gets blown around a lot on the highway by the winds of passing trucks.

- Chip S

It is dependable for its age. Air conditioning works great. Smooth ride.

It has a problem occasionally when it is really hot and I am in a parking lot going slow with the engine dying.

- Amanda M

Nothing, there isn't anything special to tell.

It rides good. It is comfortable and roomy. It has good heat and air. I wish it was a more sporty and prettier.

- Holly M

Good on gas if you need to take a long trip on the highway.

I love the smooth ride. I also like the way it looks.The only bad thing is i am not use to all the technology.

- Tammy V

It is reliable and comfortable. I have no complaints.

It is not my car- it is my son's- but it drives real good and it is reliable and comfortable.. No complaints..

- Patti D

The car is easy to maintain and use.

I like how reliable my car is. It is useful for me to get wherever I need to go. I don't have any complaints

- Devon W

Great car to drive anywhere

My car is reliable, comfortable and easy to drive. It is a little small in the back. 10 years and no issues

- Makenzie K

It is gives very efficient mileage.

I purchased it at a low price. I love the color of it red. Its sedan, the small size is very advantageous.

- Alex P

We feel that it is a good safe car.

Our car has good gas mileage. We enjoy driving it and listening to our CDs. I like that it is paid for.

- Patricia M

My car gets me where I have to go in comfort and style.

It is good on gas. It's sleek and sporty looking. I just wish I could have picked out the one I wanted.

- Brenda I

Love how smooth the drive is.

I love my car and I have no complaints about my car. Perfect drive, great for travel and short trips.

- Jc W

It is a very economical car. Gets great gas mileage.

This car is reliable to get me from point A to B. It is small for a family. It gets good gas mileage.

- Emily G

I have had experience with multiple Hyundai's gas gages breaking after only a few years, and they cost hundreds to replace.

I like the gas mileage and the look of the car. I wish that it had a better radio display and system.

- Becky H

It's great on gas, you don't have to spend an arm and a leg to go anywhere.

I like everything about it. It is the right size. It handles well and it is very good on gas mileage.

- Beverly E

It's a workhorse! It is reliable! Despite that it is made in Korea it is definitely worth it's weight in gold!

It is a work horse of a car; not expensive and has good powertrain/warranty; I have no complaints.


It was a perfect starter car for a family of 3. Now that we are thinking of extending our family we started looking at something a little bigger. My husband now uses it as a work vehicle and we use it for road trips because it gets great gas mileage.

The small compact car has great gas mileage. However, it is very spacious for being a compact car.

- Julia O

Almost 200,000 miles and still going with very few problems.

It was very affordable when I bought it. The ride could be a little smoother. But it's paid for.

- Lesia C

It is a very reliable car and I have not had too many problems with it, but it is an old vehicle and needs more smart features added to it. I wish it would run more smoothly as well. It seems to catch every little bump and the new cars ride more smoothly.

It is very reliable. I have driven it over 200,000 miles and have had it for almost 10 years.

- Kristyn R

The car is very reliable and very good on gas mileage.

I love the gas mileage. It is very good on road trips. The car has very little maintenance.

- Kathleen R

Good fuel economy, rarely go to the gas station. Fits in tight parking spots

Love the fuel economy Miss the space of my jeep I like that I can park in small spaces

- Rachel H

Low maintenance and operating costs

It is easy and pleasant to drive. It has low maintenance costs. I have no complaints.

- John S

It's a nice car, it gets really good gas mileage, plenty of room for passengers

I love my car I've had it since 2008 and it still runs good, I am staying with Hyundai

- Star B

the one most important thing others should know about my car is that it has lasted a long time

What i dislike about my vehicle is it is pretty basic, not a lot of special features.

- Aimee G

It's great on gas and very comfortable to ride in.

There is nothing that I dislike about it. It's a good car with great fuel economy.

- Deborah P

it is a good and reliable car, has enough room in the trunk

It has a lot of room, it is reliable, But it doesn't have all the modern features

- melissa s

got a good deal on it and it is easy to handle. and the color.

I like the .like the way it looks. Like the way it drives.and the way it handles.

- Pat T

I like that my car is a stick shift. I dislike the large dent on the driver's side from a hit and run accident.

It gets great gas mileage. Despite it being a stick shift it's easy to maneuver.

- Lizz T

Hyundai getz very good mileage with local driving and better on highways.

It has given us few to no problems. It is a joy to drive. It gets great mileage

- Sandra M

Its reliable as cars can get. It does its job by not being too much on gas.

The vehicle runs great. It has plenty of room in the back seat. Nice and quick.

- Niko B

I only bought it cause my previous car died on me

It was inexpensive. It is for the most part reliable. It gets good gas mileage

- howie b

The 10 year warranty sells itself, it's really dependable

It's been a really reliable car and I haven't really had any problems with it

- Brian B

Low cost to operate the car, easy to maintain, AND PLEASant to drive.

Low cost to maintain. Runs well. And has few problems. Pleasant to drive.

- John R

It works well with gas mileage

I dislike the acceleration. It stalls when trying to make emergency turns.

- Bobby D

Great dealership. Served us well. No problems. Has lasted 10 years so far.

Economical. Like the dealership (outstanding). Gets me where I want to go.

- Lonny M

It runs well and gets great gas mileage. It is a great family car.

It runs smoothly. It also gets great gas mileage. And it is comfortable.

- Jordan E

It is a very reliable car and is extremely easy to drive.

It rides very well. It handles corners very well and it is great on gas.

- Donna F

My car has really good gas mileage but it is very small

Is too small the handles broke off and I have problems with the tires

- Andrea F

It's 10 years old I guess

It's reliable and I like the color. I need a bigger car though soon.

- Kristen A

She runs real well and the blue is super pretty in the sun

Its blue and really cute. Its very reliable and i'm the second owner

- Ash T

"Very great gasoline mileage and compact four door sedan"

my car is very economic. nice millage. looks like a deluxe car.

- ivette m

Very convenient. Gets great gas mileage, and hasn't had any problems. Didn't put me in debt buying it. Runs smoothly and gives me everything I need in a car

Great first car. Gets good gas mileage, and is very reliable.

- Thomas H

It's a reliable vehicle and is comfortable to drive.

I love the feel of it. I hate the jolt when coming to a stop.

- Brianne N

It is reliable and still in good shape after 125k miles

It is reliable and gets decent gas mileage. NO complaints

- paul s

It is reliable to a tee. Does Not have torque but can move as I need it to

Good size for passenger and cargo. Good mileage no issues

- Seth B

It has lasted me a long time

It's not too big, not too small, has lasted a long time

- Kristin M

Reliable transportation with minimal maintenance required !

Low Maintenance. Great Gas Mileage. Comfortable ride.

- Jim P

it is safe and handles well, rides smooth despite being small

like the handling and mileage and the size of the trunk

- donald r

I love my car. It's great on gas. Its sporty and fun to drive

It's very reliable and great on gas. I love the color

- Lynne R

Good value for the price,

Good mileage, very few repairs, dependable,

- Louis G

Interesting details is it has heated seats in the back.

- Sarah J