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Happy with our Hyundai! Will not consider another make.

We looked at and drove probably 25 or more vehicles and kept going back to the Hyundai Elantra. We had a price point that we wanted to stay at, and other criteria that was important to us - (seats lying flat, for instance). We've NEVER had an issue with our vehicle at all. It's comfortable on long trips, there's not all the bells and whistles like on a lot of vehicles today. We think those "features" actually distract the driver rather than be a positive. We will definitely purchase another Hyundai vehicle when that time comes. Our car currently has 134,000 miles on it, and runs as quiet and efficiently as it did when we drove it off the lot!

- Charlotte H

Great car overall, very reliable with features that are ahead of its time.

There have been no major problems with this car, the only thing is the tail lights go out quite often and are sort of hard to get to. The car itself is very reliable and comfortable. The pickup is a little slower than I would like, but it gets me where I need to go. It has Bluetooth , which I thought was impressive for a 2011 and it has a CD changer. The ac is on a dial and there are seat warmers for every seat in the car. There is multiple cigarette lighters and a USB port, but you have to have a specific cable for it to work with your iPhone. When the contacts merge, the car says the last name first and the first name last.

- Kay K

A reliable, roomy car. This car is reliable and roomy with great gas mileage!

I love my Elantra. The car is a medium size car, but is very roomy inside. I never feel like I am in a tight space. The back seats fold all the way down, which is very handy if you need the space for moving, etc. I was amazed at how many boxes I could fit in my car when I moved. The car is very reliable. The side view mirrors are large which is nice because it really helps with seeing cars around you. The car has front seat warmers which is great on a cold day. Best of all is the gas mileage. I generally get around 30 to 35 mpg. I would recommend this vehicle.

- Cheryl W

One thing interesting about my Hyundai Elantra is the tinted windows.

My car is a pretty decent car. For just a small sedan it has a lot of leg space and space in the back and trunk. The gas mileage on my Hyundai is pretty manageable and fits within my budget. My only complaint is that sometimes wear on these cars such as potholes over time or just a lot of driving takes a toll maybe faster than any other cars. The features include Bluetooth and also aux input. Plenty trunk space with spare tire in trunk. Really simple car for any young individual or anyone looking for a decent priced vehicle.

- Colby H

Best car I have ever owned: reliable, comfortable, and a pleasure to drive.

I bought my Hyundai Elantra three years ago and could not be happier with it. I have never had any problems with it besides the usual routine maintenance. The starter can be a little temperamental sometimes, but it always starts, and the three mechanics I have had look it over all said the starter was fine. It has comfortable seats with decent leg-room. The dashboard is laid out well and everything is easy to find. The gas mileage is fantastic - usually around 35-40 mpg. I will be driving this car for as long as I can.

- Anna G

Buying previously owned vehicles is a must!

This car has steering issues. The previous owner put in the wrong oil probably because they were too lazy to i.e.. See owners manual. I just had to flush all the oil and put in full synthetic. The brakes are bad, I can tell because there is black soot all around the front rims. The engine light has been on since I purchased the vehicle. One of the rear seat belts doesn't work. You would think the car lot that allowed the previous owner to trade the car in, would have caught all these issues before reselling vehicle.

- Mary I

Definitely worth the consideration!

Great gas mileage, great usability- very diverse. Contains plenty of seats to take me and 4 friends out on the town or to different adventures. Also a quality but classy looking car. Stick shift for sure all the time. The performance is phenomenal. Handles very well and gas response and brake response are very pleasing and suitable. Reliability I am very confident in and the features on the vehicle with the sound and stereo system specifically are extremely beneficial and quality as I am an avid music listener.

- William S

A nice, relaxing vehicle that is great for leisure and unwinding.

The Elantra is a vehicle that is well-paced for someone that either just started driving, or enjoys a nice slow pace. It is spacious, and easy to ventilate. The one thing that I wish was improved about it was the fuel gauge. Once a driver hits under 30 miles, the number will be cut off. This prompts the driver to panic, and look for gas as soon as possible, when they can still get to their destination relatively easily. Other than that, I have enjoyed the Journeys that I have had with my car.

- Diana C

Reliable car but is cheaply made.

I am very impressed by the amount of space the Hyundai Elantra has in the backseat, as well as the trunk. Overall, this is a great and reliable. However, it does feel cheaply made and things start to go wrong only a few years in to having the car. For example, after 4 years, my paint started to peel throughout the body of the car. The visor mirror fell off and the plastic started breaking. I wouldn't buy another Elantra again, but it's been a great car to get me to where I need to go.

- Amy J

Change the transmission oil and filter every 30,000 miles! The life of the transmission depends on this.

The Bad: Gas mileage is less than advertised. Front end needs alignment about every 35,000 to 40,000 miles, this causes tires to wear out prematurely. The transmission requires a complete flush and fluid/filter change every 30,000 miles. The Good: Room for 5 adults comfortably with baggage stowage space in the rear. Useable roof rack. Air conditioner works well, cools entire car. Car is very dependable, 7 years, 100,000 miles, no problems of any kind, except those noted above.

- Ray E

Great gas mileage with easy inside gas cap opener. Defogger works fast.

My Hyundai 3279 is reliable and saves me money on gas. Is very roomy with fold down back seats to make room for larger objects. Wiper and defogger in back window. Cold air and heat. Electric windows. Front seats are very comfortable and also fold to backseat. Easy to handle with all controls on steering wheel. Push button to open and lock doors. Easy side gas cap release. Adjustable headrests. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi available. Great stereo and speakers. Washable seat covers.

- Sheila M

Happy Hyundai, happy trailing.

I have had my Hyundai Elantra going on 3 years and love it! I have had no major issues with the vehicle other than maintenance being kept up on it. Very reliable again if you take care of your car the Hyundai Elantra will give you no issues. Inside of the vehicle is spacious and comfortable. Seats 5 people. In the backseat there is a cup holder console that comes out. Access to trunk through back seats. CD player, Bluetooth, XM radio, and USB port, iPod, and aux.

- Nesh M

Good overall performance and comfort. Would definitely recommend it.

I love how spacious it is. It has great leg room in the back seats and a very big trunk space. I also enjoy the Bluetooth feature for hands free phone calls. I do however have trouble with the cruise control because it does not always engage. I understand that some of the problems may be due to the age of the vehicle. I have driven it through one winter only where we didn't have a lot of snow and it good, I do not know how it does in a heavy snow packed road.

- Rosa N

Just the car a family needs!

For the first 5 years of ownership we have had little to no problems. The car itself is relatively small, but it has a good amount of storage inside for family road trips. The size of the car itself makes parking in the city incredibly easier than if we were to drive an SUV or pickup truck. It has fantastic gas mileage, which helps us greatly due to driving to far places. It was perfect for learning to drive for the license exam, and was always reliable.

- Brian L

It gets good gas mileage but don't buy new and check to see if anyone has reported issues with the car in years 6 and 7.

I like that I have a spacious back seat and truck. For a lot of years it was entirely reliable. Recently though (just after I paired it off) the engine block had to be replaced. Luckily it was still covered by the warranty. But I feel less confident now, and it took three months for that repair to even be made. I dislike that I now worry it's going to have another big dollar problem. Also the cloth seats show every stain and it looks pretty terrible now.

- Jessica Z

Hyundai Elantra: the Subaru for those on a budget.

I love everything about my car! The only problem that has occurred is the driver's window is currently not working anymore (automatic window lever will not work so it is stuck down). It also sometimes has dimming of it is electrical display items. Other than those two cons, everything has been a dream. We bought it used and it has worked out super well since it is the touring edition; the hatchback aspect allows us to purchase a lot of groceries:).

- Emily J

I really like the way the dashboard is set up.

I have had the car for about three years now and have had little to no issues with the vehicle. It runs smooth and looks beautiful. It was bought from a Hyundai dealership and looked almost brand new when it was bought. We bought the car because it seemed like a very reliable car and it has been such a good vehicle. I go to school about 200 miles from home and I drive this car to and from school the weekends I go home and I have never had an issue.

- Bailey M

Surprisingly durable and efficient. One would think you do without a lot of the extras on a Hyundai but you really don't.

My car is now 6 years old and I recently had my first issue with it and it was covered under warranty. I have everything my husband has in his Mercedes -- heated seats, sunroof, leather seats -- but my car was soooo much less than his and my oil change is much cheaper. Upkeep is in-expensive. Not much I don't like about my Hyundai except maybe their mistruth about mileage .... but then again they did send checks out to cover the difference.

- paula p

This is a great reliable car for commuting and ride share!

This vehicle has been extremely reliable! I greatly enjoy driving this car and plan to keep it forever! There's ample room for passengers and a nice amount of trunk space. The 'eco' that comes on automatically definitely helps to save gas especially for highway miles. The tank is a decent size as well. Depending on the gas prices in your area you'll spend between $30-$40 to fill it up completely from it being near empty. Well worth the buy!

- Zack C

ECO Friendly Car Good For College Students and Moms Alike

I love my car! It's just the right size for me and my 3 kids, it has a spacious trunk is good on gas and get the best mpg. The different features such as Bluetooth and Sirius XM radio make it that much better. This vehicle is very good for a single college or a mother alike, it's very diverse and also driver friendly. It has an ECO feature which can save you gas as well. It's a great car that I don't want to get rid of any time soon

- Ama M

Love the trunk space and radio features!

We have had our car for about 6 years now, it is performance has been outstanding so far and it has been one of the most reliable vehicle we have had. I absolutely love how comfortable the seating is & how easy it is to get to the glove compartment and other areas. The USB outlets are a big plus for being able to play music with and the trunk is extremely spacious, we have plenty of room for our stroller, sports gear and more!!

- Anna S

Since it is a 2010 it isn�t a smart car

My car is pretty good on gas. On average I spend approximately $30 to fill my tank. The car is a 2010 and I had to get a new battery back in 2016. That is the first thing on my car that I have had to replace other than the usual (tires, windshield wipers etc) it doesn't have the best get up and go. It takes a minute for her to pick up speed and she's pretty light so driving on the highway with heavy wind is sometimes scary

- Jared R

Reliable, comfortable vehicle

This vehicle has been a reliable choice and has done pretty good over the past 6 years. I do wish it had more horsepower as it definitely takes some time to get up to speed on the highway. I would say that this is definitely an issue as sometimes when you try and 'put the pedal to the metal', smoke comes out of the pipes in the back. Outside of that, it has had it's quirks like any vehicle would when it has over 100K miles.

- Anna L

Hyundai Elantra the best of vehicle.

Hello my vehicle is Hyundai Elantra, I love it very much. Is of the year 2011, it has being used for 2000 mileage. It uses gaz. I have never had an issue with the engines, the inside decor of the seat are made of real leather. It is very easy to clean and my children love it so much. The color of my vehicle is red. If I have to buy another car, it will still be a Hyundai mark To conclude thumbs up for my vehicle designer.

- Veronique N

This car will last you forever!

Basically I have had no issues with this car. My only concern was that a few weeks ago (around 150, 000 miles) it started making a weird sound going over bumps. However, two different shops told me not only that it is nothing to worry about, but that the car seems like it will last another 50, 000 miles and it is in "pristine" condition. These things have amazing longevity and I definitely recommend it to anybody!

- Keegan B

Good commuter car, comfortable with excellent gas mileage.

It is a good daily driver, great gas mileage, comfortable, I drive eighty miles a day to and from work and it has not failed me on the road. It is a used car so it has had some issues, I have had to replace the calipers, the struts, etc. but these issues all presented themselves before they became dire, so I had plenty of time to get to a mechanic before they proved dangerous. Good, reliable little car.

- Anna G

The car looks cool and the engineering seems to be solid, no real issues after 100K miles.

The size and overall design is sleek, modern, and efficient. Even with just the basic package the features cover all the modern conveniences. The turning radius is awesome and overall the car is fun to drive. My main dislike is the engine can sound "buzzy" at times, like going up hills. The car is low to the ground and isn't the smoothest ride, making it more suited for shorter trips or commutes.

- Kris C

Luxurious car that you will not believe is just a Hyundai.

It is a great car. Great mileage and the model makes it feel a little more luxurious. It has some weird acceleration and brake sounds and feels but there is never anything wrong with it. I got leather interior which keeps it cleaner and the sunroof is a nice addition in the warmer months. It is quite spacious for a smaller car and I am always the one who wants to drive around because of that.

- Zoe B

Overall a good commuter car!

Overall not a bad vehicle. Drive handle is good, but had problems from the beginning with the stereo. Good gas mileage. Big trunk yet back seat is a little small. Car automatically downshifts when speed gets below 20 mph which is irritating. Also takes a second to gain speed especially at an incline or hills. Trouble with the heated seats. But has lasted a long time for a commuter car.

- Angela M

Fully loaded Hyundai Elantra.

The car gets great gas mileage and came fully loaded when I bought it used. The backup camera comes in clutch when trying to fit into tight spaces. The comfort of the car is great. The only negative is that when the car hits a bump, it feels like the back end jumps and slides. The car is very reliable, but it sounds like engine really revs up when I start the vehicle.

- Alex W

The Hyundai Elantra is simple, elegant, and trustworthy.

My Elantra is a workhorse. It gets me to where I need to go, safely and comfortably. In the 5 years I've owned it, I have only had an issue once and it was a simple and moderately priced fix. It is very comfortable to drive and for passengers. I thought when I had my son I would have to get a larger car, but the Elantra is surprisingly roomy for a sedan.

- Ashley R

Cars that run great and have little to no maintenance.

Car runs great never had a problem with anything beside the starter went at 100,000 miles, only thing I have to do is regular maintenance, tires, oil, brakes etc. Car has 112000 and still runs great. Would highly recommend great for traveling. Only downfall is I have 3 kids and it is a tight squeeze for them in the back. Car is perfect for a family of 4.

- Mike D

I like the fact that it has a lot of features for such a reasonable price.

It is very sporty on the highway and has a lot of pickup. It has been very reliable and has a lot of features. It was not expensive and is well worth the money. I would highly recommend this car for someone who does not want to spend a lot of money but who likes to feel like they have a lot of luxury. I would buy this car again if given the choice.

- Elaine M

It's my second Hyundai, and they were both very reliable.

I like that it's fuel efficient but large enough to seat four adults comfortably. It handles ok in the snow, but there are other vehicles that definitely do better. It's been very reliable over the past 7 years I've never had a problem. Next time I may opt for leather seats because I have dogs and work out a lot and leather is easier to clean.

- Carrie D

great technology & clean inside. Feels luxurious.

great features, leather seats have all held up really well. Visuals from the sides could be better (I feel the side mirrors block more than should especially for crosswalks where you have to move your head), but otherwise it's great. Steering wheel has chipped quite a bit. No unexpected costs repairs for daily use under 80k miles as of yet.

- savanna C

Comfortable and roomy vehicle

There have been many recalls on this vehicle. It gets ok gas mileage, but it's very comfortable. It is very roomy and had a large trunk, which is great with 2 kids. I like the Ecoboost button. It helps me to not have a lead foot and save some gas. I love that I can connect my phone to the car and it will do phone calls through the speakers.

- Amy J

My car is black with tints. A four door sedan that is very spacious.

I have had my Hyundai Elantra since June 2015. So for three years I have been in love with my car. It looks small, but inside there is so much room. I love the tints that came on the car. It rides extremely smooth and the sound system in the car is awesome! There was a recall on breaks for the car but I did not experience any problems.

- Sierra W

Review of my Hyundai Elantra.

I love my car! The only problem I have had recently is the tread in my tires getting worn out, but other than that it is a reliable car with great gas mileage. It is comfortable yet not too big and it has Bluetooth, which is always a nice touch. There’s plenty of space in the trunk and the horsepower on the car is pretty nice.

- Rose R

Solid Car with Something Unexpected

The fuel economy is good and I like how it handles. The layout is mostly comfortable. However, I've had a long standing problem with starting. I've tried a number of fixes, but about once a week, sometimes twice, my car takes a few tries before it finally starts and the dealer and another mechanic shop can't tell me why.

- Kate W

It's a great and reliable car.

No spare tire in the truck. Tires are low profile which can be damaged a lot more easily. Sunroof leaks. Has had some spark plug issues. Love the sunroof, heated seats, how cheap it is on gas, and how completely reliable this car has been for me. Overall I absolutely love this car. It runs great, parts are cheap, and it lasts.

- Cheryl C

Comfortable and Music-Friendly

The 2011 Elantra has been an incredibly reliable car. With regular upkeep I haven't had any major issues. The fabric interior prevents major discomfort in the hot summer, as opposed to burning leather seats. The console includes a CD player, AM/FM radio, and inputs for AUX and USB cables to connect music playing devices.

- Rory M

Good car and good guarantee, fix brakes on time and do maintenance on time to avoid problems

Good 100,000 guarantee, good performance but after guarantee ends some problems started, the brake lights have to be fixed several times, ty rods needs fixing and 2 recalled parts were fixed, wear and tear of brakes and parts around brakes needed a fixed of more than 1,000, brakes are too expensive for the make and model

- Aracelis R

When you want to go out on the road with the kids you have to trust your car. I do. It's economical and family friendly.

I love my car. My Elantra has been very good to me. It's good on gas mileage, travels well, and is very comfortable. It has added features for plugging in to charge for the kids Tabs/phones. The only complaint would be is to not live in a city with potholes. You hit one and it hurts the bank book. Otherwise awesome car.

- Lyn H

Bad vent system can not be shut off.

I like the car over all. One problem is the center air vents have no way to close them down. When the air conditioning is blowing enough to keep my husband cool. . . I freeze because I can not close the vent. I end up shoving a napkin in the vent. Another complaint is about the cloth seats. They are not easily cleaned.

- Pam L

Hyundai Elantra, car that last.

I have had few problems with this vehicle. Mostly wear and tear stuff. Like brakes every 80- 100 thousand miles. Change tires and oil changes. Everything works well. Oh! One thing these cars do go through light bulbs a lot. That is one of the only drawbacks. Mine has 334, 995 miles on it right now. Still running good.

- Morris R

Hyundai Elantra - pros and cons.

The car is reliable but it is not good for driving on bad roads. I live in a city with lots of potholes and it does not take them well, it is hard on the tires. Also there is a blind spot on the left side of windshield. I also think the ac vents are poorly placed. But it is comfortable and has few mechanical issues.

- Liz M

A great car for moms without the 'mom look.'.

Really love how reliable this car has been for me and my family. The gas mileage is great and I love the internal features such as Sirius XM radio. A con though is that it is a bit of a tight squeeze with two car seats in the back and it can be difficult fitting a larger car seat behind the driver or passenger seat.

- Katherine B

2011 Hyundai Elantra great vehicle.

No problems or performance issues. There is plenty of room on the inside for passengers and drivers. Has great gas mileage and durability. It sustains weather conditions perfectly. It is eco friendly and has cruise control. I favor the body it is slick and very nice. It can fit into small spaces and easy to control.

- Molly R

Great car with good gas mileage.

It is a good ride. It rides smoothly and gets great gas mileage. I drive a lot for work and it has been very reliable vehicle. I have only had to replace the tires and get regular oil changes. I will buy the same vehicle again. This is the first vehicle that I bought that have not had trouble with. I love this car.

- Melissa K

Always a smooth ride and dependable ride.

Great gas mileage, my third Hyundai, comfortable seats, lots of legroom. Very stylish design for the interior and exterior. No mechanical problems and it has lots of room. I moved across the country in my Elantra touring car. It is a quiet ride and I enjoy the Sirius radio included in the overall package.

- Johanna M

Hyundai Elantra is a great vehicle

The Hyundai Elantra is amazing we have had no problems whatsoever with this car. It doesn't take much to fill up and we get great mileage. We have had it 4 years now and it's still running great. Highly recommend. Haven't had to take it to a shop or anything since we have had it. A great small family car.

- Samantha A

I love my Hyundai Elantra!

I love my Elantra. It is very easy to handle. I like the looks of this car. It has been very dependable. I have not had any problems with this car. I have only taken the ca in for scheduled maintenance. Although a compact car it is big enough to fit three children in the back seat. The trunk is large.

- Laurie D

Best mileage in a car! Use for everyday work and personal use.

I love the gas mileage it gets! It is comfortable. It is a beautiful car. Had zero problems with it since we bought it. Just normal maintenance on it. I put a lot of miles on it but it runs like it is still brand new. I will be buying another Hyundai Elantra hopefully within the next year. Great car!

- Karen C

My Elantra is reliable and saves me money on gas

I love the great gas mileage I get from my Elantra. I also really like how adjustable to driver's seat it (I'm very short). The air conditioning works quickly and is extremely effective. The car comes equipped with Sirius radio which is definitely a plus. However, The headlights are not very bright.

- Emily B

Light blue Hyundai Elantra 2011.

This car is probably the most reliable car. It has survived through all these years and an accident and still works. It is definitely worth your money and time! I love the gas consumption, especially because I drive a lot. Even though it is a sedan I do not feel like the space inside is compromised.

- Lay N

The one good thing about my car is that it is good on gas.

It takes a long time to start. It has taken at least 6 seconds for it to turn on before. Car shops have not been able to identify the problem with the starter. It also does not have a smooth ride. You can hear everything that goes on outside of the car and sometimes it makes a loud high pitch noise.

- Vic R

Great gas mileage, safe and reliable.

Great gas mileage, but does not come with a spare tire. I love this car. I never had any real problems other than the usual maintenance. It is a safe and reliable automobile and I highly recommend it. I would buy another Hyundai Elantra after such a positive experience with my current 2011 model.

- Kelly Q

Sporty, Reliable, Durable

I love my Hyundai! It's stylish and sporty, gets great gas mileage and is reliable in all weather conditions! While I have been considering an upgrade based on new models I have interest in, I LOVE my car and it's paid in full, so I'm hoping to have a few more years left on it! Overall I love it!

- Jamie W

Large back seat and minimal car problems

The car, over the past 7 years, has performed well, without too many maintenance issues. We did experience issues with the car starting approx. 6 years after purchase, which was due to a poor connection of one of the spark plugs. The back seat is large and comfy enough for 3 people to sit in.

- Beth L

Why I love my Hyundai Elantra.

I love the Bluetooth options! This car is spacious, comfortable, and clean feeling with the leather seats. Drives smooth and quiet! Gets about 23 miles to the gallon. Has a 10 gallon tank. Heated seats in the front and the back!! I have had this car for just over 4 years and I still love it.

- McKay W

Reliable car, not great in the snow.

Very reliable car, I have had it for 5 years. It is very fast, has low gas mileage, takes about $23 to fill up with regular. It is not very good in the snow. Anything more than an inch of snow, it tends to slide everywhere, even with new tires. But otherwise a very durable and reliable car.

- Jennifer C

2011 Hyundai Elantra LTD.

Love that it has hands free calling and XM radio. Leather, heated seats, auto windows, sunroof. Plenty of backseat and trunk space. Not a fan of the low profile tires. Have had some minor issues like bulb replacement, valve gasket cover replacement and spark plug replacement since purchase.

- Jennifer T

Lots of trunk space and great mileage.

I have the GT model of the Elantra so I have the extended trunk which is great because it allows me to pack a lot of stuff in the back that I wouldn't be able to do with a typical sedan. I don't like that it is so low to the ground as it makes it harder to drive in snow than an SUV model.

- Brandon M

The color is very nice and detailed inside. The armrest moves forward.

The heating and cooling is very good. Spacious. Comfortable. Nice size trunk. Good gas mileage with regular oil changes as you should. Looks really nice. Make sure you have good tires for when it is windy. Has manual and auto on gear shift. Picks up speed very well and has a kick.

- April D

Great little car. Reliable!

The clutch is really low to the ground so it's tough to get used to it you've driven a manual before. There is also no AC in my car which would be nice on those warm summer days since I'm driving a lot for work(first world problems) Other than that, It's been a very reliable car for me.

- Rachel H

Very sporty and reliable car

The car rides smooth. It is very reliable. I have only had minor things happen to it at random times. Very durable car. I have only had issues with the clock spring which is the steering wheel airbag system, tires, and wheel baron. 6 years with this car I would say I'd buy another one.

- Desi H

Elantra is my favorite car that o have ever had.

Very easy to drive and park. Great bronze color. Heated seats. I like the fuel efficiency and the rear window defrost. Back up camera is so helpful. It has run very well with minimum repairs. My favorite car ever. I am glad I got leather seats as they wipe up nice and still look great.

- Paula J

The most important thing about my car is that it has a large truck and spacious back seats.

My 2011 Hyundai Elantra has 60,000 miles on it. I had just recently had to change my brake, which is normal for 50k-60k miles. My only complaint about my vehicle is that sometimes my starter doesn't turn the engine over all the way which forces me to try and start the vehicle again.

- Nicole C

With a sunroof you can smell fresh cut grass.

Touring edition adds extra room in the back for passengers. No problems with car and easy to drive. Does not sit lie to the ground so it is easy getting in and out. Love the hatchback. Great car. Great on gas, has sunroof, and a comfortable ride for extended trips. Car has XM radio.

- Stacey C

Fantastic look and feel, with minor setbacks.

Some issues with the electrical components of the car such as rear-view camera being fuzzy at times, as well as button that controls the sunroof. Also, I would wish that my car had the feature that alerts me when a light is out or that something else needs replacing or my attention.

- Mary S

This car is great on gas and is very economical.

I like that it is small and easy to park in san Francisco. I like that it has a good sound system and nice interior..... I do not like that it is sort of a noisy ride and the cabin is not quiet enough. I do not like that it has had some expensive issues in the past few years..

- Yarrow S

As an owner of this car you will need to take care of it often and probably need to spend a lot of money to repair it.

My car is a standard 4-door sedan which seats 5 people. I purchased the car used. For the most part, the car has not been satisfactory. The brakes make noises, the engine starts and stops when I accelerate, and I have spent a lot of money on maintenance and auto shop repairs.

- Matthew S

Overall great car - safe, reliable, and fun to drive!

The 2011 Hyundai Elantra has great gas mileage. I have not experienced any major mechanical issues since owning this car. It has a number of safety features. The car is very fun to drive and has wireless Bluetooth capabilities which means I can always play my favorite songs!

- Emma S

The blind spots in the car are not very good. Will have to be a Focused driver.

This car runs very smooth and very well. Has great speed and gets you to your destination safely. The gas mileage is also very good and you will not have to fill up the tank very often. Only problem I have noticed is the car has a few blind spots that makes it hard to see.

- Claire P

Dependable, pleasing aesthetically

Great mileage. Comfortable. Pleasant aesthetics. Dependable. Trunk space is sufficient. Colors are good. Shiny. Decent pick up. Sporty but doesn't stand out too much. Sound system is sufficient. Good leg room- im tall so this is important. Like the sunroof. Big windows.

- Laura B

Loving my limited Elantra.

I have the limited edition with heated leather seats, back and front. I really love that feature as do my kids. There are many seat adjustments for the driver. I take my car in for service as needed, and haven't had any major problems. I am the second owner of this car.

- Brandy A

Safe and Reliable Vehicle

My Hyundai Elantra has been a safe and reliable vehicle. Event after 8 years, I average 32 mpg and have had limited repairs. I had an issue with water in the Engine Block and had to get my transmission switch replaced, but otherwise it only required regular maintenance.

- Cherie P

Love my car. Want the right miles per gallon

They overestimated the Miles Per Gallon. This has been corrected by a lawsuit but you must have oil changes done at a dealership while always got me more than a standard oil change. I love my car and it's super reliable just want the Miles per gallon lawsuit to help me.

- Kate H

Room space spaces seating n comes with DVD player.

Need lil more leg room and should be DVD player on each seat, n is convenient if they have automatic locking system, and the seating lil more spaces so everyone can sit comfortable. And have backup camera and other safety for the kids and it should be safe to drive.

- Es S

It is a smooth ride and handles great.

I have not had any problems with my car. It always started in the winter no matter how cold it got. I get very good gas mileage. I have almost 100, 000 miles on my car and just recently I had to replace the brakes. Other then that I have never had any major issues.

- Sandy H

Great Commuter car for you and your family

My Hyundai Elantra is great for a commuter car. It has amazing gas mileage and only takes about twenty two dollars for half a tank. If you travel a lot for work or even for weekend adventures. This little commuter car is a great investment for you and your family.

- Jeremiah P

Mostly great. Love it for most part

I love the shape of my car. It is dependable and saves me a lot of money on gas. A few problems include..the engine light comes on for no reason as well as my tire pressure even after just pumping air. It does not speed up fast so it takes a while to get going.

- Crystal L

The Elantra is a decent car

I think the Hyundai Elantra 2011 is a decent car I've driven mine for close to 5 years now. My main issue with the car seems to be how often it needs to be aligned my tires seem to unevenly wear quite often other than that I have no problems with the vehicle

- Michael P

Economic Car for Small Families

It is small. Doors tend to close without effort, if you like that. Good for small families or single people. Loud interior while driving. Outside paint tends to fade and hand prints are noticeable even after car wash. Good economical vehicle though.

- Jen P

I like the mpg feature and the estimated miles left on the gas in the vehicle.

I prefer larger vehicles but for what this is made for it works. Some of the safety features are not clearly marked as to how you can activate or deactivate them. The engine is also starting to occasionally skip and the dealer cannot even figure it out.

- John S

It automatically connects to my phone but that is a little quirky sometimes.

It is lightweight and pretty compact. Try not to fit more than four adults in it. Not a lot of horsepower but it wasn't really supposed to be that kind of vehicle. Buy a Hyundai new and get the warranty. However the GPS display is pretty bad for glare.

- Paul D

It looks and functions well, but there are some issues that are unexpected, like the electrical goes out and the speakers stop working.

I currently drive a Hyundai Elantra. I like my car in general, but as it's gotten older it seems to have more problems, and they are costly ones. The style is lovely, I got it for a great price, and it has some awesome bells and whistles that I enjoy.

- Emily S

It can be family friendly.

It is great because it is small enough that I can still reach everything I need. I have 2 young kids and it is nice to be able to reach back and hold their hand if needed. I am also able to get around really easily since it is a pretty compact car.

- Christina K

Get the headlights checked thoroughly and use the warranty to check all things before it expires. Overall, great car!

Like - I like the good has mileage, sleek design, durability, size and value. My only true complaints are recurring issues i experience with the light bulbs (primarily headlights) shorting out quickly, and issues with the computer cruise control.

- Shay S

I feel like my car gets very good gas mileage and is easy to drive. I would probably buy another Elantra in the future.

I really like my car. I haven't had very many problems with it. I did have an unusual problem recently that the gear shift would not go into park. It was covered by my extended warranty but dealership said it was unusual for that to happen.

- Janet S

It's a good car for its price with good gas mileage.

I feel like it gets pretty good gas mileage for its size. It's comfortable and holds a good amount of stuff with nice nooks and crannies for storage. I wish the air were better adjustable and I had radio control from the steering wheel.

- Katie B

I would say how well it handles, how it has great pickup and how comfortable and roomy it is.

I really like my Elantra. Has good pickup when needed and is roomy. Has a good turn radius. Only thing I don't like is how low it is. Have broken the plate under the front to protect dirt/water going up in the engine several times.

- Cathy H

The Hyundai Elantra is affordable, not flashy and has good gas mileage.

This car was a certified pre-owned vehicle when I purchased. It has had only one mechanical problem that needed to be fixed and was covered under the warranty. The gas mileage is good; it us comfortable and suits my needs to a tee.

- Lynn W

My car is reliable and performs well, and it is more affordable than most in Its class.

My car has been reliable since I purchased it. I have had few problems with it. It does something I don't like sometimes but not always, and I don't know what causes it, but it hasn't stopped the car from performing properly.

- Samantha B

The Elantra is very reliable and sleek!

Love my Elantra! Very comfortable, easy to drive. Smooth. Tires are not always the best for the winter weather but it is normally wonderful to drive! Love the options it comes with like my sunroof and Bluetooth capabilities.

- Nicole K

It gets anywhere from 30-40 Miles per gallon on a daily basis.

It gets really good gas mileage, which is important because my daily commute is over 25 miles each way. It has some damage on the passenger side from hitting a light post. I like the interior set up & radio system.

- erin b

The body and interior of the car are both very attractive. The trunk is very spacious for luggage. And the recliner features on the seats are very comfortable for persons with back issues.

I've had electrical issues such as fuses that led to the car being down for a week. As well as the fuel pump and leaking evaporator. What I like about the like is that I can drive about 30 miles per gallon of gas

- Jaq W

The fits the women, great car and no major problems

I am a short women, and the car fits me. I can see out all windows and reach everything. I bought the car brand new and no major repairs yet, only tires every year. Really love the car, it performs great.

- Barbara M

Great first car! Good sized family car!

My Hyundai Elantra is the first and only car I have ever owned. My parents bought it for me as a graduation gift. I think it is a great car! I now have a son, and it works pretty well for our little family!

- Amanda K

Blind spots due to side door standards.

Like-gas mileage, responsiveness to acceleration, handling, front wheel drive.. Dislike- cloth seats stain easily.... No complaints- did have to get a new transmission 2 years ago, covered under warranty.

- Nancy M

It gets great gas mileage for being a compact car but it's also roomy.

I love it; it's got a sporty look ad gets great gas mileage. It roomy inside and has a spacious trunk. Mine is a limited so it has heated seats and a rear view backup camera which I very much appreciate.

- Melissa S

I love that it gets good gas mileage, and it is a perfect size for me. It's a nice gray color, and the upkeep is not too much money. No complaints.

It's a great eco friendly car, excellent for driving around in Southern California. It's small enough to fit in tight parking spaces, and big enough to carry your gear to the beach or just groceries.

- Tessa L

That It's drives very good and It's comfortable and i haven't had any problems so far.

I got my Car a few years ago, when saw it i had to have it so i took it for a test drive and had it checked out and it was perfect so i purchased it and i never had any major problems with it so far.

- Andrea C

It is a reliable car with updated seating and radio, enough space for multiple people

The car is a very reliable car, I have had minimal work needed on the car. I frequently travel and have put a lot of miles on the car but have not needed any major work done. Comfortable small car

- Lauren S

The most important thing about my car is the gas mileage. My car gets around 34 mpg on average. I drive mainly highways, at least 60 miles per day, but it always impresses me how little I have to fill up.

My vehicle was a new-to-me car that I purchased in 2012. It gets great gas mileage and has a sporty look to it. The one thing I dislike about it is the cloth seats. In my next car, I want leather.

- Ryan W

The many attributes of my 2011 Hyundai Elantra.

I have had no problems with my Elantra and I love it. I have 70k miles on it and it is still providing me with good transportation. It is comfortable and still looks good after all of this time.

- Sue T

It's a good dependable little station-wagon type car that we've gotten a really good value from.

It's just the right size, has a cargo area and hatchback, so it's exactly what we need now with our empty nest. It gets good gas mileage. It has held up well for 6 years. We're sold on Hyundai.

- Linda T

All the maintenance done on it. That's the most important and also taking care of it.

I love how economical it is. However I feel the interior is very light, so I can hear all the sounds from outside when I'm driving on the freeway, or that my door is very light when I close it.

- shi b

Dependable and Convenient

My car is quite reliable. It drives well and let's me get to where I need to be. The heater and air conditioner work great. The radio, CD player, and MP3 player outlet are work great as well.

- Theresa M

It makes me feel safe, gets good mileage.

Love it. Great gas mileage, easy ride, all around good car. Everything works great even though it is a 2011, and I look forward to having it for a long time. I do not have any complaints.

- Taylor K

It saves gas, and is a very reliable car.

No problems, the only problems I encountered was with the dealership, when I bought my car and they fix the problem you don't expect to buy a car and than two weeks later get it fixed.

- Ethan S

That it is a really good car. For single people and families.

This has been my favorite car that I have ever driven. It is great on gas mileage and smooth driving. The body style also makes it a sporty looking car. I have no complaints at all.

- Jessica C

I believe it is a great value. I call it a poor man's porsche.

Great on gas. Fantastic acceleration and maneuverability. Reliable performance. Con: blind spots from the design of window frame can be a hazard to pedestrians in metro areas.

- Paul K

It has had very few repairs just the usual wear.

I really like my car. We have had very little problems with it and have taken it on multiple trips. It has been very dependable and we would certainly buy another Hyundai model.

- Darlene K

Excellent warranty so leaves you with peace of mind. These vehicles have a great time record for needing no repairs due to problems

Hyundai is a very dependable make and car. This is my 3rd Hyundai and I have kept them for over 100,000 miles. The warranties are the best and the cars require hardly any work

- Linda S

Great reliable family vehicle

The 2011 Hyundai Elantra touring has been an amazing family vehicle. Great on gas mileage and sturdy on the road. Does present with electrical problems with windows over time.

- Katie M

Fully Satisfied Sporty Yet Dependable

Great running car. Super reliable and have had no mechanical problems. It has been great on gas mileage. Have used on cross country trips and also day to day for work.

- Theresa J

It is stylish yet affordable.

It has been a very good car. It was actually the first car I purchased with very low mileage. It had several upgrades. I don't like that it doesn't have a spare tire.

- Cherlyn D

Hyundai is more affordable than Honda

I enjoy driving my car. It has great mileage in city and on the freeways. It is spacious and affordable. I got my windows tinted darker to that helps a lot with the sun.

- Lisa S

How reliable it has been over the course of going on 8 years!

I love the heated seats & sunroof! The control the vehicle has overall on the highway is just amazing! It definitely has a sporty look but most definitely a family car!

- Liz S

Its reliable very good car.

No problems just the usual overhaul a 120k but we did it a little early It's great no problems had the oil changed on time got just about 97k miles an going strong.

- Jason P

It is paid for. It gets good gas mileage and the ride is smooth.

I love the ride, gas mileage, dependability.. I do not like that the central air conditioning vent in the front seat can not be shut off. I stuff it with a napkin..

- Pam E

For the most part I haven't had to have it serviced much.

The thing I dislike about my car most is that my seats stain very easily. If water gets on my seat the stain. So therefore I have to get them cleaned once a year.

- Kristin K

Maintenance is easy to keep up with.

My vehicle is dependable and safe. We have been in one accident and our vehicle kept us safe during the crash. The maintenance is easy to keep and is affordable.

- Maria R

That it gets great gas mileage.

It is very economical--great gas mileage. It has an excellent warranty. I find that I think the visibility out the back window is not as good as I would like.

- Megan s

That it has great safety feature like all around airbags.

I love the safety features as far as having a family. I like that it is sporty and drives smoothly. I don't like that it's not enough leg room for growing kids.

- Tanzelica S

It's great for commuting to and from work. Nice style and design.

It's a very nice car and gets great gas mileage. Biggest complaint is not great for travel, small engine. It's older do repairs will most likely be needed soon.

- Candice H

It's an overall great car that gets good gas mileage, safe and easy to maneuver.

I love the design of my car. It gets good gas mileage. I like that it has 4 doors (prior to this car I also had a 2 door). The trunk was a good amount of space.

- nicole l

It has very good gas mileage and.

My car is safe, has good gas mileage, I like the color (red), it is small but fits 4 passengers, it gets me where I need to go and it should last a long time.

- Harper J

I think the most important thing to know about my car is how gas efficient it is. It is really helpful if you commute long distances.

I like that my car is very gas efficient. My vehicle is the perfect size for my needs at this time. I don't like how my car is not efficient in the snow.

- Jen A

It looks nice (it's 7 years old and has almost 100,000 but it still looks good) and it gets good gas mileage.

This is the first car that I have had that has Bluetooth, so I am really enjoying that feature. It also gets good gas mileage which is important to me.

- Joanna C

Great car with great mileage!

The 2011 Hyundai Elantra is a wonderful vehicle. It's a smooth ride although it is a bit noisier than average. It has great mileage and is a safe car.

- Christine P

Economical to buy and run. Stylish & small enough to park anywhere.

I have no complaints. I love my car. It is small & compact but plenty of room inside & trunk. Gets great mileage. Hasn't needed major repair yet.


It's completely reliable, and Hyundai warrants the power train for ten years, which says something about the build quality.

Reliable, continues to look good after 7 years. Not as much pickup as I would like, but enough for all reasonable purposes. Excellent gas mileage.

- gar k

One of the most important things other should know is that it does not come with a spare tire.

I like my vehicle most of the time. The one thing I don't like about it is that the design of the car makes it difficult to see out of the windows.

- Laura W

It looks nice and drives well. Even though it's not electric/hybrid it is pretty eco friendly with good mileage.

I love my car. It's done well on many road trips, including a cross country move and I hope it will last me several more years. No issues with it!

- Laura M

it doesn't drive well in the winter

like how the miles per gallon is pretty high. i get good gas prices. don't like how the car drives very poorly in winter conditions such as snow

- Mike R

Car is very dependable. Love driving it is very comfortable and drives nice

Car is reliable. No major issues even though I bought is pre owned. Gas mileage is great, i have no bells and whistles, but car is comfortable.

- Kristen P

Great gas mileage and long engine life.

I love how good on gas my car is and how well it drives. I don't like how low to the ground it is, especially during winter with all the snow.

- Rebekka M

More fuel efficient than a lot of the hybrid cars.

Handles really well. A tall person can fit into it comfortably. Like the adjustments of the driver's seat and steering column to fit my needs.

- Bev C

It is a decent car for a reasonable price, and will last a reasonably long time.

It gets me where I need to go. It seems to need maintenance more often lately, which isn't great. Its acceleration could also be better.

- John K

It is the first year that Hyundai began to 'take their product seriously' (in my opinion) and it really is a great car

It is a well designed car. It has a great looking body and a lot of upgraded amenities inside such as leather heated seats and a moonroof.

- Brian B

It is one of the safest vehicles due to the fact it has all around airbags.

It is safe for people who have a family. I like that it is sporty and ride smoothly. I don't like that it can't grow as the family grows.

- Tanzelica S

It is not the most expensive, but she gets the job done.

Cheap, gas efficient and gets the job done with a few cool bells and whistles. I love the stock speakers to. Very reliable and cheap car.

- Maya H

If you live where there is snow, don't buy this brand, it doesn't maneuver well in the snow.

My vehicle does not get around good in the snow. My vehicle makes a loud noise everytime I start it. I would never by a Hyundai again.

- Linda B

It has great safety reviews, drives well and has good gas mileage.

I like the gas mileage, I like the feel of it, also the look. I also like that it is easy maintenance. I dislike the size and the color.

- Tia S

very roomy inside outside it looks small. seat warmers work great

great car no issues always run great. love how well it drives it's 8 years old never had to put a dime into it other reg, wear and tear.

- cathy m

Small easy to move around and great gas mileage.

Gets great gas mileage. Love the color of the car. Easy to maneuver. Only thing I do not like is the lights are turn on / off manually.

- Sandra M

How to open the gas tank.

I have had no major issues with my vehicle I bought it used. Starting to have my one of my tires leak a little air but nothing major.

- Courtney L

It is a fuel efficient, durable, and reliable car.

I like that it's good on gas, it has bluetooth, and the air conditioning works well. I just wish the interior was a little bit bigger

- Brittney J

The Elantra seems to be a good value for the price

It's reliable, stylish, and comfortable. It doesn't get the gas mileage they promised and compensation is tied up in court for years.

- Jill E

Has almost 90, 000 miles with no engine problems.

Drives great, dependable, great size. Requires almost no maintenance. But has cloth seats that are almost impossible to keep clean.

- Donna R

It gets great gas mileage. But doesn't have a spare tire.

I wanted my car because I needed hands free calling because I do a lot of driving. It gets great gas mileage and has plenty of room.

- Jenni T

reliability. i have put a lot of miles on my car, very few maintenance issues.

amazing gas mileage. easy to drive. spacious trunk. almost no maintenance issues. reliable company. rewards program through hyundai.

- beth g

It can go fast, it's safe, and she's pretty good on gas!

I love my car, the way she looks, the way she drives, she's my girl. I don't like not having a rear camera, and my speakers are bad.

- angelina F

Most important is, the more I drive my car, gas mileage is getting better.

Great gasoline mileage and legroom for driver. Only think is I cannot believe that my car is 7 years old. It still looks brand new.

- Mendy L

Good on gas mileage in the city.

Too small. Good on gas mileage.Was used when purchased low maintenance. Need more room. Needs more features, do not like the color.

- Jackie L

built in navigation system

I love all the features. I like the built in nav system. It's a little small is my main complaint. Other than that It's perfect.

- Shawna K

It is pretty awesome but be careful who you buy it from.

It gets okay gas mileage but may have a timing chain problem. I love its look and cheap repair costs. I dislike its reliability.

- Matt A

The gas tank only holds like 10 gallons, so if you commute you'll have to fill up often

I love my little wagon! It is cute, drives nice, and is super comfortable. I wish my usb worked, but everything else is great.

- Rachel H

It is small and not for multiple kids. It is a sedan but feels like a compact car.

Vehicle runs smoothly. Warranty is great however you do need to buy an extended warranty. Small vehicle not for multiple kids.

- Elana M

2011 Hyundai Elantra in Omaha.

I love this car. It is very fuel efficient and handles well. Very little maintenance required. Drives very well. Comfortable!

- Brian E

Takes a little while to pick up speed.

No problems, does not stall or anything. Long and spacious. Does not break down thank god. Silver colored. Aux. No Bluetooth.

- Jennifer S

It's a good work car. I use it to commute to work, it is great on gas too.

I like that it because it was the same type of car I used while a recruiter in the military. There is nothing i don't like.

- kenneth f

Lots of room for a small car.

Starts every time. On second transmission. Hard ride. Seats comfortable. Ok on gas. Love the heated seats. Good on highway.

- Bob H

Sometimes putting the car in park and turning the car off becomes a little tricky.

I love this car! It is very reliable and looks good on the outside and interior as well. I would recommend this to anyone.

- Noelle M

Excellent Driving & Great Interior

I've never had any problems with the car, & love the way if drives. The interior is very comfortable, & fits all my needs

- Holly S

Good with gas and very small.

Great with gas, problems with engine, rotors bad steering know to mess up, small very small but gets you to point A to B.

- Shay M

It is small but reliable.

It is a reliable car. I feel the tires and brakes run hard. I thing getting the extended warranty would be a great idea.

- Patty S

Hyundai Elantra review 2011

Very reliable car, haven't had many issues. When car cranks now it makes a odd noise. Other than that it's a great car.

- Stephanie P

It's not my car, the car belongs to my significant other.

It's a comfortable car, I wish it had a sunroof and have a few more places to charge things. Overall it is a good car.

- Samantha G

It has an awesome turn radius. Parking this car is a cinch.

It is the perfect size. It has a great turn radius. The gas mileage is ok but more was advertised. Simple interior.

- Brian M

Roomy storage, good leg room, comfortable ride. good gas mileage

Comfortable ride, on second transmission, good suspension. Heated seats. Very roomy storage area. Room for 5 people

- Robert H

It is a comfortable family car that also looks sporty.

My car is very comfortable and stylish. I do not like that it is starting to have a few mechanical problems.

- Sheree B

my car gets great gas mileage I get 28 miles to the gallon

I love this car. It gets great gas mileage . it handles very well and it is comfortable on long road trips

- jayne h

It gets good gas mileage. It can get up and go when I need it to.

It has been reliable and lasted a while. It has space. It is able to accommodate me and my family's needs.

- Kim G

2011 Hyundai...Great vehicle!

Great vehicle! Comfortable, efficient, no maintenance issues! Great gas mileage! Fun to drive, stylish!

- Thomas E

I have replaced spark plugs, battery and the starter.

It's my kind of style. It has navigation system which is helpful. I would like a vehicle with more room.

- Shanna B

The car gets great gas mileage. It steers easily and low maintenance.

I love my car and only wish that the interior were better quality. It is not a kid friendly interior.

- Mari T

The suspension sucks. You feel every bump in the road.

The suspension sucks. It moves across the road. It looks nice outside and inside. The sunroof is nice.

- Cory A

It is economical and easy to maintain.

It is economical and runs well. The grease and oil changes are done on the recommended schedule.

- marg J

My car gets really good gas mileage

It is tiny and awesome and gets good gas mileage but can also fit 3 large dogs in the back seat.

- Kari B

nothing it has a sunroof, leather and heated seats

Like the warranty, gas mileage isn't very good tires that came with car were terrible, cheap

- Chris S

The 2011 Hyundai Elantra which mine is silver in color is a good quality automobile...

I had minimal car repairs. Has half decent gas mileage. The price was kind of high though.

- Walter s

I get good mileage and the transportation is reliable.

I like mileage I get. Like built in GPS & rear camera. Don't like lack of spare tire.

- Michael N

Mpg is not as promised at time of sale.

It's old with high mileage. The mpg is lower than promised. Performance is okay.

- Renee J

It starts every time. It still gets good gas mileage

It's now old and I want to replace it, but I can't afford it right now. Runs OK.

- Rachael N

I like my Hyundai because it is very economical. I don't care much for cars, but the Hyundai does everything it's supposed to do. If anything, I wish the mileage was better and the cost to fix was cheaper.

Hyundais are very cheap to buy so it is very affordable for people on a budget.

- Lara K

It drives very nice although when you hit a pothole you feel it intensely since it is a very small car. Very good on gas

It's great on gas but if you need a car with space this is not the one for you

- Julia B

it has 82000 miles and is running very well; i plan on keeping it for as long as possible

it runs well; i like the color and body style; it has just enough features

- jen d

The gas mileage is not the best but it is not the worst

The gas mileage is not the best. However I like the way I feel in the car

- Brigette N

I like that it is good on gas mileage and very reliable. I do not like the sound system or how noisy it is compared to other cars.

Elantra's are great on gas mileage and are very peppy when driving it

- grace k

It gets really good miles per gallon of gasoline.

Pros: Very good gas mileage. Cons: Doesn't handle well in the snow.

- Brian C

it is a good car, very comfortable and it runs really well

like the comfort it provides, model, that is elegant and yet simple

- Yamira N

It is comfortable, has a great warranty, good on gas, and attractive.

The warranty lasts as long as you own the vehicle, which is great

- Joy W

Low Maintenance with high gas mileage.

it gets great gas mileage, drives smoothly and is low maintenance

- kelley A

It is an old Hyundai with high miles. Good gas mileage.

It's old. Seats are stained. The car is on the older end of cars.

- Victoria G

It is fuel efficient and performs well in winter weather

It drives well. The vehicle is fuel efficient. It is dependable

- catherine a

It's great and it's a blessing to me. I thank the Lord for giving me this vehicle. To God be the glory.

I drive it to church. Thanks to the good Lord in heaven above.

- Lynn M

It is a solid vehicle that performs well with only standard maintenance. For a smaller mid-size car, it has great gas mileage, yet enough pick-up to make getting onto highways issue free.

Take regular care of the vehicle and it will take care of you.

- Robin S

Runs forever if not so well

I love that it's cheap and efficient. Gets good gas mileage

- PJ a

Good gas mileage for the cost of the car. Great for mileage

I like my car. I have no complaints. Quality reliable car.

- branna m

The machine works reliably in all weathers

good reliable car. For many years I have faithfully served

- Cathy K

It gets good gas mileage, and it is a great running car.

the car is good on gas. I have never any issues with it.

- Lorrie K

I love my drive. the drive is smooth and gives a good mileage. Its maintenance is easy. I like the color

Its mileage and the color. Easy to maintain and low cost

- NagaRaghuveer M

good means of transportation and very safe

fine mode of transportation very comfortable to drive

- robert M

great mileage and low maintenance

no complaints very satisfied customer here

- kriss F