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A modest car that is anything but modest.

I recently purchased my car 3 months ago and it is the first new car I have bought in 17 years. It has all of the latest features, apple carplay which is convenient because I can text and make phone calls while driving hands free. I can use maps from my phone when connected so I do not need to pay extra for a navigation system. It has heated seats that will come in handy in the winter months. It has a sunroof for when I want some fresh air but do not want my windows open so I can hear the radio better. The car itself runs really well. It has an eco mode for when I want to save gas while driving which helps when I commute to work during rush hour traffic. The car can be a little sluggish in eco mode but when you are looking to save on gas it is not that bothersome. It has a sport mode for when I am going on a long car trip and I can go a little faster. I have a push start ignition which is convenient because I do not need to take out my keys or worry about them getting lost because I always keep them in my purse. The trunk space is plentiful. Sometimes I take my mother out and she needs a wheelchair and it fits perfectly in the trunk. All in all I am very happy with my purchase. It has all the luxuries of a more expensive car without the hefty price tag.

- Elizabeth F

Apple carplay is the best!!

My vehicle is amazing! If you are looking for a car with great gas mileage then this is the car for you. Driving through neighborhoods and city roads I typically get about 30 mpg and on freeways I get 40-45 mpg. I have driven this car many places and it has never failed me. The only slight complaint I have is that if you have it in either normal or economy mode, then it is very slow at speeding up, so what I do when merging onto freeways or quickly changing speeds is change the car into sports mode and then switch it back into eco mode after that. It is a little bit of work, but is very easy and doable. One of my favorite parts about this car is the Apple carplay function! I can text from my car, play Spotify straight from the screen, and so much more it is amazing! The only recent concern that I have had with the car is that for some reason the right back door will not open so I have to get that checked out, but besides that I would 100% recommend this car to anyone and everyone.

- Taylor S

This car has impeccable safety features.

I love my car. I have had it for over a year and I haven't had any problem. It is very spacious for being a small car. Both the back and the front have a lot of room. The truck also has a lot of space. I travel a lot and I am always able to fit a bunch of luggage in the trunk. I also drive across the country often and it is usually easy for me to get car sick. The roominess of the car help keep that from happening. It is also really good on gas. I do not have to fill up very often. It also has sensors. I am not the best driver so it is extremely helpful when the car will beep if I am trying to switch lanes with a person in my blind spot. It also beeps when I am trying to back out and a car is coming from either side. It even tells me what side the car is coming from. The back up camera and safety features are incredible.

- Alicia W

My car safe and fun to drive. .

Problems -only cosmetic which are very minor and have been cover the car maker. . The car has a lot of really good features and has left some out they need to make standard. The features left out are-auto braking system to avoid trouble also side body molding and front end parking bumper sensor. Trunk is really large and inside cabin space is great and seats front and rear are really comfortable. Head room is great one thing that needs to be addressed by all car makers is they need to make it much easier to get in and out of the front seat of the sedan models they make. I am 5ft 4 inches tall and I have trouble entering and exiting my car. Please redesign cars so this will not be a really l. A big deal. I almost did not buy my car due to just this one and only flaw.

- Greg M

What it is like to have an affordable, dependable, and fun 2018 Elantra.

My vehicle's performance is great. It is extremely reliable through all kinds of weather, day time, and night time. My back seat is very spacious and comfortable. I have recently had to move out and my trunk safe definitely met its standards. It is great on gas! I can fill my tank with 25 dollars and on a regular week it could last me about two weeks sometimes longer. The media features is a great plus especially having hands-free calling is awesome. Also, personally I love sports cars, so nothing a sports car, but having a sports car mode on there is a big plus for me. Another feature I like is having my speed shown digitally. Overall, I really enjoy having a 2018 Elantra it reliable, dependable, and a perfect size.

- Martha P

Elantra sport This beast of a car combines a sedan with a sports car.

The car drives smoothly. The sport mode is strong. The breaks are perfect. The body style is eye catching. On the downside, if you run over a 5lb animal the car will have $2500 worth of cosmetic damages. The plastic around the tires and bumpers are not very durable. The car sits low to the ground. It is easy to scrape the bottom. The back up camera feature is very helpful. The satellite radio is good. There are a few compartments that can hide things. The car is average on gas. Taking it for a spin on long car rides is comfortable. The seats are heated. The leather seats are easy to clean. The interior is beautiful. The led lights are bright and shine on the darkest, back, country roads.

- Goddess O

Best qualities of my car. Amazing car for the price.

I love my heated seat warmers which is so great for the winter time! The Bluetooth works great if you need to make a phone call or hook your phone up to listen to music. Also, if you plug your phone in to charge it, there’s this thing for iphones called apple play. This allows you to see what’s on your phone while you are driving. For example, if you need to look at the maps while you are driving it makeshift it much safer to look at by simply pulling it up on the screen. If someone is driving behind me or someone is walking behind me when I put the vehicle reverse it beeps to warn me which is a great safety feature along with the back up camera.

- Jessica N

Comfortability on adjustments for driving.

Reliable on gas mileage; can get between 29-31 mpg driving in the suburbs. Comfortable heated leather seats and great space for back passengers; manual adjustments for the driver and driver-side passenger seat, but it does not bother me at all. A little discomfort I have is the height/angle and, as well, the delivery response of the brake and gas pedal. My foot does not sit comfortable when switching between pedals; adjusting the seat helps, but the extension from the steering wheel to my arm then gets a bit uncomfy. Between the wheel and my grip to the pedals and my foot, still really haven't found that balanced sweet spot for comfortability.

- Kevin L

2018 Hyundai Elantra value edition, sporty car without the "sport" cost!

My Elantra is awesome on fuel! The interior is simple, yet modern, with features like push start, dual control a/c, heated seats, apple carplay, and touchscreen to name a few. I love the body style although it does seem to be a recycled Sonata body. I front headlights/fog lights are a cosmetic feature I really enjoy about my car. It gives it a "sport" look without being a sport trim. I enjoy being able to control how my car performs. For example, I can put my car into "eco" mode which is a huge gas saver or "sport" mode which improves on acceleration. Overall, I am happy with my 2018 Elantra!

- Brandy W

For the money I spent, it was the best all around choice available.

Love it! I had an optima before and was very happy with it. The Elantra is the value edition model, with heated seats, a moonroof, etc. It is zippy, fun to drive and great on gas. It rides nicely and is comfortable. The trunk is ample, the car has enough drink holders, the hands-free phone is wonderful and I love the audio system. I love the color (lakeside blue) and the style of this car. I test drove several cars before choosing the Elantra and I got so much more car for the money, especially with the value edition options.

- Diana F

Hyundai 2018 review. Hyundai 2018 is a safer and a cooler car to dream of.

Hyundai 2018 is nice car with a lot of comfort while in it. In terms of speed it is really nice. Comfortable ride and impressively quiet cabin. It has a spacious interior with solid, rattle free build quality. It has also long warranty coverage which provides peace of mind. In terms of fuel usage, it excellent in the real world of economy. It has also very comfortable seats which are not even trapping any heat. The only problem so far I can say is that lacks online navigation but it connects to smartphone nav apps.

- Peter M

Hyundai Elantra has great mileage.

I feel safe and secure in my Hyundai Elantra. I get great gas mileage, about 28-30 mpg. I do seem to have issues with the tires, in both of my Hyundai Elantras I get low tires frequently. In addition, I have never experienced vehicular mechanical issues. When getting my car checked I always go to my Hyundai dealer and they do a great job of checkup and service. Due to the great mileage and five star safety of my Hyundai Elantra, I think I will continue to lease and buy Hyundai’s.

- Callie N

Hyundai Elantra: high end sports car at a regular price.

The car drives very smoothly. There have been little to no mechanical issues throughout the many months that I have owned this car. It has both a nice exterior and interior look, with a bunch of high end safety features built in. I cannot believe that a car that is so reliable and runs so smoothly was sold at a reasonable price. Additionally, the car gets pretty good gas mileage for a non-electricity powered car. The car also incorporates apple carplay into the system nicely.

- Ian C

The body sits lower to the ground making accessibility vary between youth and elderly people.

The Hyundai Elantra gets great gas mileage, especially when operating on a full tank of gas. It is spacious and easy to handle. The back up camera feature is needed due to the sleek design and inability for me to fully see dead spots. It helps to make parallel parking a breeze. Unfortunately, it is not favorable in snowy conditions. It sits low to the ground so do not try to drive through unplowed areas. Also, be careful with turning during winter. It tends to slide.

- Margaret P

The Hyundai Elantra is a great car! It is low maintenance and pretty to look at.

The Hyundai Elantra is a fantastic car. Very reliable. It has rear wheel drive. On average it gets about 30 miles per gallon highway miles.(about 24 city miles) it takes regular unleaded gas. It is low maintenance as long as you take for service regularly. It is a small but comfortable car with many options. The model I have has leather heated seats. Abs blind spot technology. A rear view camera and CarPlay for your iOS or android phone. It handles beautiful overall.

- Phillip E

The 2018 Hyundai Elantra value edition.

I have had this vehicle for almost a year and have had no problems with it whatsoever. Great performance in every weather condition, super reliable vehicle and is very comfortable to drive as well as to be as a passenger! With the value edition that I have, the features include blind spot detection, rear-camera, apple carplay (and the android equivalent), amongst a few other amenities. This car is wonderful and I would buy another Hyundai vehicle in the future!

- Colleen O

Best car for college students.

I bought my car because I go to school an two hours away from where I live so I wanted something new that I could drive home on the weekends without worrying about maintenance too much. This car is perfect for young people. It is got awesome technology like Apple CarPlay and Sirius XM radio. It is also super easy on gas. A 90 mile trip only uses a quarter of a gallon of gas. It looks great and it drives really smooth. It is the perfect car for somebody like me.

- Amy S

The gas mileage and low cost to fill the gas tank.

I love this vehicle because it is very good on gas and has options of sport and eco also very small vehicle that is very easy to drive and great going around corners. The car is also an affordable vehicle its spacious for a smaller vehicle and very comfortable and also the trunk is a great size also. I owned a jeep prior to the Elantra and it was a gas heater cost lots of money. I travel a lot for my job so the smaller Elantra is ideal for that...

- Randy H

The most important thing people should know about my Hyundai is that it is very comfortable. I can't wait to make a trip in it so I can see how nice it feels on the road!

I really like my new Hyundai for many reasons. I love that it has Apple Play so I can connect my iPhone to it; it has lumbar positioning driver seat that I need for my chronic back pain, as well as heated driver & passenger seats; & the gas mileage it gets is terrific. The only thing I would want to be different would be the space in the back seat. I wish it were bigger cuz I have 3 grandchildren in car seats & they don't all fit at the same time!

- Kathy W

Great buy for price and experience.

My car is a sport variety and performs beautifully. I have not had a problem with it since I lease it seven months ago. The buying experience was also positive with every member of keys Hyundai being very supportive. My car makes me enjoy driving. The one downside is that my car does not drive up incline very easily. It seems to struggle on steep hills. Otherwise the gas mileage is decent and the tech quality of the car is advanced.

- Jessica S

Safety features super in the Elantra

I've had my Elantra for less than a year. I love the backup camera and side view mirror indicators that tell you if it's safe to change lanes or not. These are great safety features. The car is comfortable for long trips, as I've taken at least five 900 mile round trips since purchasing it. It's perfect for a single, couple or couple with 1 or 2 children. Not too big but not too small. Gas mileage is super.

- Susan R

Pretty good car, but save for all features or upgrade to Sonata.

It is a good car and it is worth it to add more features if you can. I went with a basic model and would have preferred the larger dash view with a built in camera. The dealer I went to didn't have that and I had to pick the standard dash and add a camera that I can view in my rear view. The color is great and engine seems strong. If you have the extra money, get more features or even upgraded to the Sonata.

- Lauren P

Great car with great features!

I love my Hyundai Elantra! It is a smooth ride and I love the backup camera. The service department is very efficient and friendly and handled my issue quickly. Love having the remote start especially in the winter. The automatic lights are nice because I do not have to worry about when to turn them on and off. I can set up service reminders too which keeps me on track with the oil changes and stuff.

- Jamie C

It is very roomy so space is nothing to worry about!

I really like my Hyundai Elantra a lot. I was deciding to get leather seats, but thighs burn a lot especially during the summer. I haven't experienced any problems so far since it is only been 6 months, but I would recommend reconsidering the black phantom colored Elantra since it is a lot of work to keep it looking and fresh and new. Overall my Elantra is a 9/10, and I love everything about it.

- Abigail A

Excellent, sleek, affordable car.

It is spacious for a smaller car & drives very smooth. It accelerates effectively & can switch between sport & eco mode. It has a sleek look but yet is an affordable car with excellent features. I love the blind spot indicators which light up when someone is in your blind spot & also beep when blinker is on. Overall, I love this car & have enjoyed every feature it offers.

- Karen W

Very spacious inside and the trunk as well. It's awesome on gas whether it's short or long distance trips.

I love that it has Bluetooth rear view camera beeps if there is a car near me when I put my signal light I love the ac works awesome. It has cruise control and all the little buttons on my steering wheel. It's bigger than my last car it was a Chevy sonic. It's me boyfriend and our daughter so it's very rooomy in the back for her. I dislike it doesn't have a CD player, or built in wifi.

- Jovanna P

Blind spot detection has helped me avoid many accidents. I didn't even know I needed it until I got it.

My car has a wonderful screen that lets me hook up my phone to it. My husband has a ford and it's bigger than his. I also love my backup camera and my blind spot detection system. What I don't like is that the seats are easily stained and the port for my phone charger doesn't always work. The car has great mileage and I've even gotten it up to 45 mpg but the 0 to 60 is agonizingly slow.

- Danielle R

Love driving my Hyundai!!

I love everything about this vehicle. The placement of all extras is conveniently located on the steering wheel. Needing to access phone, controls is very easy. Great handling for a very comfortable drive. Very roomy front and back seating. Seats in the back go down giving extra room needed in the trunk, however very large trunk space. Also came with an extra spare tire, not a doughnut.

- Pamela B

2018 Hyundai Elantra for the win.

Very comfortable and reliable vehicle. I use it for everyday transportation and it has not given me any problems to this date. Maintenance is very affordable as well such as oil changes. There is room for family and friends and everyone will be comfortable. The trunk has tons of space if you are moving or simply going on a road trip. Very economical car because it does not guzzle gas!

- Stacey H

I do not have any problems out of my car! I absolutely love it. It is great on gas! I live in Louisiana! So it only takes 25.00 to my tank up. I commute from work and home. So my gas last me for a week and half. I definitely recommend this vehicle! I love how it lets me know that I cannot get over if a car is on side me or in my blind spot. I love the camera when I am backing up.

- Tiara M

Smooth ride and great on gas

I prefer a slightly larger car with more interior room. It's a little cramped feeling. It can be a little hard on shifting gears, but rather smooth drive other than that. No lights on the interior mirrors is unfortunate, and I miss having the little blind spot mirror on the mirrors even though I have the blindspot warning lights and sounds. It should have both in my opinion.

- Stepheny C

Amazing black Hyundai Elantra.

Love my car. It is the perfect size and feels way bigger than it looks on the outside. I would highly recommend this car to anyone I know. Also the price you pay is worth it and way less than something else that is half of what you buy. There are many options to have in the car and it is super easy to get used to and handle the car. Honestly a perfect care for new drivers.

- Amanda S

2018 Hyundai Elantra review.

My vehicle drives well and is easy. It has three different modes of driving: normal, eco, and sport. The comfort is nice and has heated seats, a sunroof, backup camera, and a touch screen for music, time, and Apple carplay. I like how I can see my maps app on the screen to navigate places without looking at my phone and can have phone calls through the speakers of the car.

- Lindsey P

Great gas mileage and comfortable family car

I upgraded from the 2014 to the 2018 Hyundai Elantra and honestly never had problems with either. It's always ran well. The battery has lasted and gas mileage is great which was a big reason to getting that vehicle in the first place. It's grown from the 2014 being my first car and great for commuting to the 2018 being the best family car I could ask for with my daughter.

- Kym P

Am an expecting mom & wanted something safe and roomy as well as neat looking.

My 2018 Hyundai Elantra is a pretty neat car. I absolutely love it is safety features. Another quality that I really enjoy is the eco and sports mode. The sunroof is a very nice touch as well. The interior beige color makes the vehicle look very roomy. The white exterior brings it all together and makes it look very elegant in my opinion. It is a very nice car to have.

- Dulce R

The Best in its class: The 2018 Hyundai Elantra

The 2018 Hyundai Elantra is the best I've ever driven. It's comfortable, and comes with a variety of features that I couldn't live without. Cruise control is standard, but also comes with a backup camera, as well as blindspot assist. Not only that, but it's equipped with Apple CarPlay and SiriusXM radio, and overall makes my drive much more enjoyable as well as safer.

- Justin M

The Hyundai Elantra: the ultimate value car.

This is my third Hyundai vehicle and they continue to be incredibly reliable. Great gas mileage. I was averaging over 30 mpg driving 90 miles per day. A comfortable car for the most part. Mine has some great features like touch screen, satellite radio, a backup camera, and more. I haven't had any problems outside of a slight squeak from brakes after a year of driving.

- Caleb D

Hyundai Elantra - has everything that I wanted and more.

Gets great miles to gallon, I love the style, comfort and heated seats. Love the sun roof with skylight. Large screen for the back up camera is awesome. The back up camera and lane advisers are very useful. Individual heat and air control. The price of the car is very reasonable. No problems with vehicle's performance, this is my third vehicle. Will purchase again.

- Annette H

Good selection of dependable features without requiring the whistles and bells. .

Good gas mileage, runs well, some annoying electronic features (cannot adjust radio volume unless the systems are on and stabilized, cell phone left on passenger seat triggers seat belt alarm, etc. ) Small enough for most situations and large enough for most situations. Requires a key (great) instead of a key fob (do not like). One of the best warranties around.

- Randy O

Electric blue Hyundai Elantra 2018.

I love the way this car drives. I always leave it in eco mode and so it gets the most gas mileage possible and is a smooth, easy ride. I love the CarPlay ability so that I can listen to my music and use maps right from a screen in the car. It has the perfect amount of space for me and has a bunch of safety features like blind spot monitors and a back up camera.

- Mackenzie M

The blind spot sensor, controls on menus on the steering wheel and the touch screen and back up camera are so amazing

This year and model of Elantra is much better than years prior. It's safety features such as blind spot sensors is an irreplaceable asset. It's touch screen is so helpful. It's size is still reasonable compared to other Sedans. Though some cons seems that it may eat gas a little faster than other models that are older and it's available colors is super limited

- James R

Fuel efficient sedan with a sporty vibe.

Very fun and fuel efficient sedan with a semi sporty appearance. Drives very smooth and has a decent pick up for such a quiet engine. Sleek interior design and nice stock sound system. Full tank of gas average over 400 miles. Definitely go with the sports model. The base has hub caps that hinder appearance. Any repair is made easy with nice engine lay out.

- Frederick G

Key features of the 2018 Elantra.

Great cars that runs smoothly. It has eco mode as well as sport mode which are very convenient. My car also has Bluetooth and apple carplay. The trunk and back seat of the car are very spacious. I wish the car has a sunroof but all of the other things make up for the small few things it lacks. I also wish it a keyless entry to the car and a push to start.

- Cassie R

The backup camera is super helpful.

I absolutely love my Hyundai Elantra, super comfortable and very reliable. Has a smooth drive and haven't had any issues with it. Honestly the best car I have ever driven or owned and would highly recommend a Hyundai to anyone and everyone. My parents also drive a Hyundai and I do not think any of us will chose any other car company in the future.

- Sierra M

2018 Elantra GT: probably best hatchback for the price.

The 2018 Hyundai Elantra GT, has been reliable, comfortable, and very economical. The epa estimated mpg is 32/highway, however, I have been getting closer to 40 mpg (between 38-42 mpg) rather consistently. It is a fun car to drive, not as sporty as other similar cars, but overall I'd say it is the best deal for a hatchback on the market currently.

- Aaron H

The detail of the car is quite classy.

Smooth driving car. The seats are exceptionally comfortable. Great looking car. Get great mileage and easy to maintain. Very pleased with the car and the experience. Great driving experience and superdrive. The whole experience is wonderful. Can not say enough about the car. So glad I have the opportunity to own such a great car. Low maintenance.

- Rachel L

I really love the drive modes on the car eco/normal/sport.

The apple car play only works when plugged into my charger not through Bluetooth. We do not like that you cannot open the gas tank from pushing on the round part itself instead of using the gas lever inside the car. Also my gear shift constantly is slipping into tiptronic mode. Otherwise we love our car it has been great we have had zero issues.

- Kelsey M

Happy with my new Elantra GT

I have owned my car about 4 months and have been very happy with it. I have had no issues. The best features are Bluetooth and connecting android auto. This lets me use waze for GPS to get around everywhere. I can also connect to my favorite music apps like Spotify which makes my hour long commute better. Overall I am happy with my car purchase.

- Krystal D

Gas saver and reliable and very detailed exterior.

I am very happy with my vehicle. My vehicle has great performance and it is very reliable. The exterior color is very beautiful. It is an attractive red that cannot be described with words. The space inside the car is wonderful to bring inside a family. It is a great gas saver. My tank of gas can go over a week before I fill up my tank of gas.

- Sandra P

Fuel efficient... Amazing! Sleek!

This vehicle is incredibly efficient, and fuel efficient. I have used it to drive back and forth to school (a 3 hour drive on highways) and it has been incredible. It also has a great sound system and good breaks. The visibility outside the back is also great. I strongly recommend it as a first car (I have it as my first car and it is great!).

- Alex B

An excellent small car to own .

The Elantra is a very fuel efficient car. The warranty offered by Hyundai is one of the best offered. It is a small car with a very roomy interior. Four adults can travel in a very comfortable fashion in the Hyundai Elantra. It offers many features, such as back-up camera, and blind-spot detection that made it a very convenient car to drive.

- Jeremy M

Reliable, cool features in the Elantra.

It is a great car for the price. I like the technology it comes with, and the air conditioning is really quick to cool. The seats are cloth which are not my favorite, but that worked best with our budget. The seats are also a little bit hard for my liking. Overall, it is a really good, reliable car given the price point we were looking for.

- Anonymous S

It has one the highest safety ratings and gas mileage is great.

I absolutely love it most importantly the air conditioning is freezing. The gas mileage is terrific, it handles extremely well and the controls inside the vehicle are very easy to read and operate this car is really a pleasure to drive love. Sometimes I drive to store even though I do not need anything just because I like to drive it.

- Steven L

Family fuel efficient car.

Drives very smooth. Amazing back up camera. Extremely fuel efficient. Has blind spot notifiers and side mirrors. Very comfortable. Small but really roomy. We use it as a family car and love it. Spacious trunk. Car seats fit well in the back seat. Touch screen radio is great. Bluetooth connects my phone so I can make calls hands free.

- Haley A

Best new car warranty on the market.

Has the best new car warranty, gets excellent gas mileage, haven't gotten under 35 mpg since I have owned it, easy to drive, comfortable roomy interior, enough pep for average person, not afraid to pull into traffic, large enough for family of 4, seems to do pretty good in inclement weather, owned for almost a year and had no issues.

- Bill L

It has a 10 year limited warranty.

My car is very reliable as long as I keep up scheduled maintenance. I have not had any problems. It rides smooth and is easy to drive. It has some features, but is not the deluxe model. I love the cruise control and intermittent windshield wipers. I don't listen to music/radio so although it is a plus for some means nothing to me.

- Betty L

Value Elantra with elite features.

Value edition gives you a lot of features within the sport trim without going up to that level. Great gas mileage, safety features and dependability. Having the blind spot indicators on the mirror help give the confidence needed when making a traffic move. This has been the best car I have ever had out of 5 vehicles I have owned.

- Danny D

Sleek, small, comfortable, great gas mileage, and reliable.

I love my Elantra. It has been super reliable. It gets amazing gas mileage. And it looks incredibly sleek for a vehicle in its price range. It drives smooth and because it is a small vehicle, it parks and makes turns super easy. You get amazing value with this vehicle and I will definitely be considering Elantras in the future!

- Chris A

My awesome new auto investment, reliable, affordable, and sleek!

I love my new car! It drives so smooth! Beautiful inside and out and the gas mileage is perfect for my lifestyle! The stereo system is awesome, the trunk space is bigger than I expected and the inside is roomy! I have a six foot son and I am only five feet, we both fit perfectly! Absolutely no complaints! Great investment 👍.

- Jennifer C

Pure satisfaction with all the features

I have only had my car for one month, but I really love it. I have all the features available on a car. The navigation system is very easy to use, the rear camera is great, and the lane assist alarm is really handy. It also has bluetooth and blue link. It has a sunroof and a smart key. I am truly happy with my choice of car.

- Signe S

Size compared to fuel economy.

My vehicle has been reliable and is very fuel efficient. We have had no problems and it provides very reliable transportation. We have owned several Hyundai’s and have been consistently pleased with them. My only complaint is that the Elantra is smaller in interior size. The backseat is rather cramped for adult passengers.

- Barbara S

Faithful owner - blue is my favorite color.

I just recently got the car, but it is very comfortable to drive. The engine has a lot of pep. I wish it had more interior features, but am overall happy with it is performance. I am not sure about reliability just yet since it is new, but have been an owner of these particular cars in the past and love them for reliability.

- Sonya K

What's not to love about Hyundai Elantra.

It's really comfortable and great on gas!! I have the value edition and Hyundai gave me a great deal. They worked with my credit and I didn't feel uncomfortable at all! The car handles really well and I love the android auto. The seat heater is really nice and the back up camera is a lot better than in the Toyota I had.

- Carol M

Hyundai Elantra 2018 car review.

I really love the apple play in my car and the matte screen. It drives very smooth and has a lot of really great steering wheel controls. The car is very easy to maintain and use. It gets very good gas mileage as well. I will definitely look into getting more Hyundai’s later and look for this specific model as well.

- Rachel W

This has easily become my favorite car with the sunroof and heated seats.

drives super smooth, includes the economy feature to help save with gas and the sport version, when I want to speed up a little on the highway. Gas lasts enough, I do not have to keep filling up, about $20-$25 will fill up the tank. Heated seated are a huge plus and sun roof is nice. The radio is great quality sound.

- Gonzalez G

When you have the key by the car it unlocks automatically.

This car is literally the best. It's really good on gas, the touch screen is super cool. And it had Bluetooth connection. When you are driving a little faster, like 80mph it is still a smooth ride. I love the push start aspect of it. It's really nice because you don't have to worry about the steering wheel locking.

- Aloha R

It gets great gas mileage - sometimes over 40 mpg on the freeway

It gets great gas mileage, looks sporty, handles well in rain and snow. Has backup camera, sunroof and heated seats. Super 100000 mile warranty, including roadside assistance for 5 years. Negatives are it is not as quiet a ride as more expensive cars and for shorter drivers vision is not as good on drivers side.

- Michael M

Hyundai makes a very safe car for value paid.

Has excellent reliability drive smooth has a five year 60000 mile 5 year warranty that is bumper to bumper. Best car I have ever driven. Has lumbar seats but you are very comfortable. Has heated seats with sunroof as well as tinted windows and also uses android auto where I can use my phone as a gps on the screen.

- Stephen L

Best car I have ever owned, would absolutely buy another one.

I have owned this car for a year and love it, it is not ideal if u have a big family because it is small, it gets great gas mileage, it is very dependable I would recommend it or any Hyundai my next car will be a sonata cause it has more room, Hyundai is a very reliable vehicle without the cheap CVT transmission.

- Beth L

Great compact car with convenient features and style at a good value.

It is small yet comfortable. It has three driving modes sport eco and normal. Gas mileage is fantastic. It has android auto. And apple carplay and it is quite stylish. So far there are no issues mechanically or cosmetically. And Hyundai has the best warranty of any car maker 5 years and a hundred thousand miles.

- Jared P

Reliable and safe vehicle.

I have only had this vehicle for a year or so, but it has served me well. I feel safe (there are a lot of airbags) and I haven't had any issues. Mileage is pretty good and it does not hurt that it is a good-looking car! I plan to have it for a long time and I am fairly confident that it will not disappoint me.

- Jess D

Very fun to drive, love the sport mode and the sunroof.

Very comfortable, good looking car, gets great gas mileage and is reliable, never had any issues with it. I love all the features, use the sunroof constantly, easy to drive and affordable. Great for commuting or long road trips. I have taken it on long trips and driven all day and never had a problem with it.

- Sasha C

The most important thing to remember is that this is not a sports car.

The Elantra is not a heavy performance car but that being said it still has a nice luxurious overall look and feels sporty at times. The exterior is very sleek and the slopes and angles all add to an elegant finish. The interior is surprisingly spacious and comfortable, and provides a nice luxury atmosphere.

- William L

Gas mileage and safety features

I like the gas mileage, and the safety features like the backup camera and the fact that it beeps when I back up if there is another car. I wish the backup camera also showed my blind spot, like I have seen in some cars. I like the amount of space in the trunk, but wish it could fit larger items like an SUV

- Susan M

It offers so many options at such a reasonable price I can't believe everyone is buying one. In my opinion it's as good as a Toyota or a Honda. But much cheaper.

I love that it fits me perfectly. I love that it has a screen to show me where I'm backing up and it has a blind spot detector. I love that it has Apple play and I can listen to my podcast and even reply to messages easily while I'm driving, even though I probably shouldn't be. I love how fun it is to drive

- Kay D

Overall I enjoy my Hyundai Elantra and would recommend this car to anyone.

There are not any problems with my vehicle. The seats are comfortable, it rides smoothly, good gas mileage. It looks nice and a little sporty. Sometimes it is difficult to keep clean on the outside. The color of the care is nice it is a white pearl finish. Sometimes it shows too much dirt on the exterior.

- Jennifer L

My Hyundai Elantra - what it means to me.

Super affordable, reliable, new, comfort, economic, good deal for what I paid, has some tech features for a bargain price, smart decision, intelligent, pretty good looking car, loyal to Hyundai, do not have to keep it forever because I leased it so it helps me achieve other goals that are important to me.

- Casey S

i like the side mirrors

I love the car, except the way the tires handle the road, very bumpy, other than that, I love the handle, the extra added features, backup camera, side mirrors to let me know there is a car before I chan. Ge lanes, I really use this I love my car app for Siri and have the controls on my steering wheel.

- Linda L

Runs great in sport mode and using the manual shift option. Options.

My 2018 Elantra is CD a great car with great gas mileage. The manual siding gives it a bit more pep. . . In d the sport option it drives really great but I have noticed since using those options my transmission does not work as well as before. It tends to slip once in awhile. Other than that great car.

- Melody A

It probably has more features for the price than any other brand on the market.

We really like the good gas mileage it gets as well as many of the feature. Dual climate control and heated seats have been a life saver for us. It is good looking enough for a sedan, but it's still a sedan and aside from Tesla, very few car makers can do a good job making those look fun or enticing.

- Shelley W

Everything you want in a car!

The Elantra performs great! The ride is smooth and the gas mileage is phenomenal. There's plenty of room and really great safety features. I particularly like the blind spot notification. The trunk is huge and will open automatically if your hands are full. I like that you can switch into sport mode.

- Monica M

Hyundai Elantra se- my best car yet!

I have no problems with my vehicle. It is comfortable, dependable, and easy to use. The touch screen and voice capabilities are handy features I use almost daily. The large center screen is ideal for using maps as I just moved to a new area. I would be lost without my car, literally and figuratively!

- Ashton L

Great car if you are looking for comfort and reliability.

It is a comfortable ride. Has some great features such as a sunroof, back up camera and heated seats. The gas mileage is good and apple CarPlay which is great for navigational purposes. It is more fun to drive than my last car which was a Toyota corolla. Great size for parallel parking in the city.

- Nicole P

The overall gas mileage is great.

My vehicle is 4 door cobalt blue I like the overall look of the car the interior is comfortable, the gas is good mileage car, its has got Bluetooth that works well when answering your cell phone it is hands free. I have had the car 1 year no problems as of yet with anything more than an oil change.

- Roberta Z

This was a wonderful new car.

I have had new car for one month. I have under 1000 miles and not experienced any problems. It helps with changing lanes and driving in reverse by beeping when a car is behind me or in blind spot. I did not use the free month of Siri, and I wish I could remove preinstalled apps from display panel.

- Mary M

I like the warrant Hyundai offers.

This my second Hyundai Elantra. . I love the ride and it has good gas mileage. Another reason. Why I like the Hyundai warranty of ten years or 100 thousand miles. The first three years it covers everything that goes out on the car. I just got a brand new battery which was covered by the warranty.

- Dorothy B

Great car for its price. Love the sound system.

No problems so far. It is a new car. Runs like a new car: reliable, comfortable, has great sound system. Seats are very comfortable, like the design outside and inside. Love the color outside and inside. Runs really smooth. Improved feature from the old model (we have also Hyundai Elantra 2013).

- Lucy H

This vehicle is reliable, comfortable, and economical.

This vehicle has a smooth ride, with limited outside noise and vibration. Complete with Bluetooth, media, and Sirius satellite radio. Driver panel has psi gauge, miles per gallon and miles left that vehicle has before empty. Steering wheel access to Bluetooth, phone, volume, radio, media, etc.

- Paula G

The great lights and Bluetooth.

It is great for long road trips as I usually average 50 mpg on the highway. It is not to bad in the city either averaging about 20 to 25 mpg. I love how when you get close to it the light pop on and I absolutely love how it automatically plays my music on my phone when the Bluetooth connects.

- Caroline S

My new 2018 Hyundai and what I think of it.

The car is a little snug inside vs the last Elantra I had but gas mileage is great no problems with the car yet I do not like the tires they put on the car as they seem to wear out quickly vs American made tires last car had 27k on it and tires were worn. : Hyundai’s do not hold any value.

- Mark S

Safety, security yet sporty.

Car drives on eco mode, very reliable for city driving yet still has good pickup. Sporty looking. We get great gas mileage and we have the option for highway mode which allows a little more power for passing. Service department is outstanding and we are very pleased with all safety features.

- Mary M

Great car for happy travels!

I purchased this car to have something reliable as I travel for work. I have had it one year and so far have had no issues. It handles the hills in my area with no trouble. I love that I can sync my phone and listen to audible or whatever while on the road. Overall I am happy with my choice.

- Alicia C

Fuel Efficient, Top Safety Rating, Bang for your Buck!

I absolutely love my Hyundai Elantra! The heated seats are amazing on a cold day and the auto start feature helps to cool or warm up the car for me. The headlights are automatic, it's extremely fuel efficient and a lot of fun to drive. The quality for the price makes this model a great buy.

- Julie B

Gas efficiency is great and rides smoothly.

Love the gas efficiency of the Elantra. Rides very smooth and is comfortable. However if you are a large person it can feel a little small. If you live in an area with sleet and snow then this is not the car for you. The Elantra does not suit driving in bad conditions such as snow or sleet.

- Amy P

Compact car great on gas and drives nice.

The car is in good condition and I do not have any other time to get on my phone I love the color of the paint and the inside interior design is not good enough for me the cloth seats are easy to get dirty rather not have this problem with the seats I love leather interior design better.

- Henry W

My Hyundai Elantra se car lease.

I really do not have any problem with my car. I love my car, it get me where I am going. I can honestly say never have any problems. I would tell the world to try the Hyundai Elantra se. Everyone should at least try out the Hyundai Elantra se. Maybe you would love this Elantra like I do.

- Barbara H

Automatic trunk when remote is on you, standing by the trunk for five seconds.

Great car with beautiful styling inside and out. Smooth ride, good handling, and excellent gas mileage. The car has plenty of room inside and also has a spacious trunk. The value package trim comes with a sunroof, 7 inch display with a backup camera and side passing lane warning lights.

- Jeffrey M

2018, Hyundai Elantra! Great deal & definitely worth it!

My Elantra is extremely comfortable. I personally say it is a minivan but smaller. It is great for long trips & great on gas mileage! Holds a lot of stuff in the trunk & still manages to hold two car seats! Very nice features & everything! Would definitely recommend as it is very comfy!

- Jeanette R

Fits me well. When I drive it I feel special wherever I go.

Drives beautifully. Has a backup camera. And affordable payments. Good on gas. Looks good. Get lots of compliments on it. Fits my needs and can fit friends in it. The inside looks as good as the outside. Roomy truck and big glove compartment. Free oil changes and full service if needed.

- Susan B

Car is worth the money honey!!

Problems-no front view camera for parking bumpers and no side body molding. Performance-really nice also runs very quiet. Reliability -car is too new to say. Comfort - car is very comfortable font and rear. Features - the car is loaded but needs side body molding and front end camera.

- Greg M

2018 Elantra is driving in style.

It's pretty good on gas. It drives very good but doesn't take bumps that well. It's terrible in the snow. The seats are very comfortable and the heated seats are nice on very cold mornings.It's pretty spacious in the back seats and the trunk holds a lot of groceries and shopping bags.

- Sandra H

The safest car in the world.

My car has a lot of safety features. It has rear and side cameras to keep me safe when backing up or switching lanes. The car is a metallic grey silver color. The headlight on the car automatically turn on at nighttime. The car is smooth when it drives and can Connecticut to CarPlay.

- Jasmine W

Best deal in affordable price.

I love this car because of its road mileage and super cool design. It has lots of boot space. And its have comfortable seats. Overall love everything about it. I didn't had any complaints about this car till now. I am driving it since 1 years now. Best deal in your affordable price.

- Gabriel S

Accommodations and performance are legit.

The back up camera on this car is perfect. The seat warmers work very quickly and really heat up. The performance on this car is fantastic and handles really well. The warranty that Hyundai has is also fantastic and makes me really believe in this car and trust it. I love this car.

- Crystal G

Hyundai Elantra description.

Drives nice and comfortable, ok on gas. Nice feature- Apple carplay. Hands free calls and text. At times it has no acceleration. Comfortable seats. Nice feature, hands free trunk opening. Just have key fob on you and stand behind car. It is not my favorite car, but it does the job.

- Lori C

A great upgrade from my old car.

I love the space that the vehicle provides to not only me but also the passengers on the back seat. The added details that come with it such as the large touch screen, backup camera, 8 speakers, and eco-sports drive option. Drives very smooth and allows me to relax more as I drive.

- Levi W

The car is Bluetooth so it is hand free which is great for driving.

I love my car. I was one of the best purchases I have ever made. It is very reliable and I have not had a problem with the car it is self or Hyundai. It has eco mode so it helps with gas and is eco efficient also. I highly recommend a Hyundai they are great cars and very reliable.

- Marisa T

Great Hyundai Elantra sedan.

The car is perfect. It is a smooth driving car. Eco friendly. It has great features and is amazing on gas. It is perfect for my lifestyle. It is comfortable and extremely spacious despite the outside appearance. Speaker quality is good. Easy to clean carpets that secure are cool.

- Mandi L

This review was forced for payment.

This vehicle offers ample leg room, tons of storage and a very smooth ride. The gas mileage this vehicle gets is absolutely amazing. I would recommend the 4 door passenger vehicle to any of my friends, relatives, and co-workers. I have not had any issues with this vehicle at all.

- Jackie O

Elantra good car for the money.

The Elantra is great on gas. Has good pick up and go. Love the technology like Bluetooth and the Elantra rides very smooth. My only complaint is the car is not good in snow or sleet. The radio is good in the car and the speakers work really well. Overall a good car for the money.

- Amy L

I had no clue that vehicles no longer come with CD players.

The vehicle is very reliable but I hate that the tire pressure warning light keeps coming on. I have only had the vehicle for 7 weeks and it rides well and I like all the modern technology. I am thankful that my lease will be over in 29 months and I can get something different.

- Shawn L

This is the best little car I have ever owned.

I love this car. I was looking for a car just for me and found this. So easy to drive. I love the back up camera and the blind side mirrors. My 2 grandchildren fit right in the back. Car seats and all their stuff. The trunk has plenty of room for the stroller and the groceries.

- Marianne G

Luxurious and very cost effective, worth every penny.

It is a cute, sporty reliable car with great features. For example heated seats, windshield wiper speeds, download app to control through your phone. Maintenance is also inexpensive and the miles/gas ratio is great. It is a great luxury car like a high end car for so much less.

- Mary C

It drives really smooth and its safety features are very good for people with families. It has sensors on the mirrors so if someone is in your blind spot it will tell you.

I like the bluetooth features and the hands free phone usage along with the 7 inch backup camera. I don't really like that the seats are so light that anytime anything gets spilled they look awful. The seats aren't electric either so it makes it difficult to adjust the seat.

- Alexis J

Good car if the features decide to work.

The Bluetooth does not work. The media screen freezes frequently. The car is comfortable. The Apple carplay is a huge plus. The center console is too small. The car has a sleek design and a cool look. The car is great on gas. Very affordable for all of the features it has.

- Kelsey D

Very sleek black Hyundai Elantra gt.

I absolutely love everything about this car speed the look interior and exterior apple car play I can change it to manual or automatic good gas mileage the 20 year 200, 000 mile factory warranty low maintenance the excellent service department low cost of maintenance etc..

- Amanda E

Great car and great value.

For being a smaller car, it does not feel that way. There is plenty of room, even in the back seat. The standard options were everything I was looking for. I also love the warranty Hyundai offers. There is a lot of road noise in my opinion, which I was disappointed about.

- Jill W

Heated seats and sunroof. Perfect little starter car. Great gas mileage.

I haven't had any problems with this car so far, I really enjoy my heated seats. It's a great little car for the money. Nice room in the back seats nice trunk size really good gas mileage. It's perfect for me. Leather seats, sunroof, daytime running lights, easy to drive.

- Al L

Great looking car with some minor issues that need to be looked into.

So far no real problems with the car. There is a little bit of a transmission issue as it makes weird sounds if not driven for a week or more. Steering sometimes has a small vibration when turning sharp into a parking space. Once in awhile feel a vibration in the pedals.

- Jamal J

2018 Sonata. Not the best, but a great car.

Only thing I don't like is the way the car starts off once you press on the gas after being at a light or stop sign. It's a bit slow. And sometimes when the ac is on high, you see the cold air coming out of the vents. But overall, I love the car. And the features in it.

- Melissa C

Hyundai Elantra very good at gas mileage.

Very reliable and easy to drive. Comfort is good for a small car. It is a basic car with little in added comfort. Very good gas mileage. Very minimal in luxury added stuff. It is a bit loud & ride is quite bumpy. The Sonata is more comfortable but not as easy to drive.

- Janet M

Zeros issues -- my experience has been perfect thus far with the Azera.

I have zero issues with my Hyundai Azera. It is everything I expected and experienced initially on my test drive. No problems regarding reliability, comfort, gas mileage, service, or performance. Though problems may arise in the future, none have been present thus far.

- Anthem K

Good car for the most part.

The car gets great gas mileage. It takes a few seconds to get the cars speed up. Once you hit 60 mph the air/heat automatically turns on, even if the dial is turned to off. Car is reliable and I haven't had any mechanical issues in the year and 1/2 I have had the car.

- Ariel D

Back up camera side mirrors lite up when there is another car in blind spot.

I only have the car for a few days now so far I like everything about it! I love the backup camera the side mirrors have blind spots on them so they lite up on your blind spots also if parked in between SUV when you go to back out if anything is in your way it beeps!!

- Susann M

Love my car and I would definitely recommend for first time buyers.

Gas is really good it takes about 30-35 dollars to fill my tank one, my car comes with everything minus leather seats for such a great price. This is my first car I bought myself and it is brand new. The passenger sensor is very sensitive sometimes which is annoying.

- Tina E

Three great driving modes to choose from.

This vehicle is truly amazing. It gets great gas mileage, and it offers three different driving modes which meet all my needs: regular, sport and economy. In addition, it has a great moon roof and roomy trunk along with excellent speakers and very comfortable seats.

- Claudia C

Interesting detail of my car is that it has a very detailed body, great on gas.

The installed manufacturer speakers are not the best. It is a great car for what I paid. Free oil changes. This car is wonderful on gas and very fast when the turbo is on. Elegant and stylish. I had to tint the windows myself. I would recommend this car to everyone.

- Annie W

Great car. Rides smooth what more could you want from your car.

My Hyundai Elantra drives smoothly & I love the features that comes with it. It's great on gas mileage. It comes Bluetooth compatibility which is great when it comes to playing music which is an plus as always. You can also drive it in manual mode as also automatic.

- Richard M

Others should know that my car is very smooth to drive and gets good mileage.

I like the technology and excellent gas mileage my elantra offers. Android auto has proven to be a very useful tool while driving. What I dislike about my elantra is that the seats don't have an automatic button to be able to move them up and down and side to side.

- Irene L

Elantra: a quality car at a good price

I like the amount of space on the interior of my elantra. The trunk has plenty of space as well. I like the design of the 2018 elantra exterior. The only thing that is lacking is that the engine is not as big as my old car which makes it hard to accelerate quickly

- Elizabeth F

My family car

I do not have any problems I love my vehicle. It is a great size, very comfortable. Enough for my family & great on gas. Great family car for male or female. I feel my car is great to take for family vacation & just for fun road trips. Anyone would love this car.

- First H

Great car. Reliable for a long a time.

Good, reliable car, dependable. No problems. Works well, drives well. Last long time. We have 2 0of them. One is 2004, we have driven it everywhere, from Florida to Tennessee and Arizona. We use both all the time. Passes emission test always. Good on gas and oil.

- Kathy R

Gas mileage backup camera easy read dash.

I have had it only a week and love all the safety features on it. The side lane warning indicator is a nice feature. But there is no CD player? The backup camera is very useful. The dash is so easy learn to use. The gas mileage is great and easy to keep track of.

- Dennis R

Beautiful colors, good rims, good engine, save gas a lot.

Nothing problem at all. This is very smooth. I love it. My car’s engine is so wonderful and save gas a lot! I love it. I love Hyundai’s lights. I love Hyundai’s design. Easy seat. They have heat seat. Ac is perfect. Air pressure is good balance in system.

- Sergio N

The hatchback keeps purchases private, makes space for the dog.

This 2018 Hyundai Elantra gt is my third. It really is the perfect vehicle for me, covering all the bases in a perfect size. The gas mileage is a plus, averaging 28 - 32 mpg. It has fine handling and plenty of power for me. I always feel that I get my $$ worth.

- Michelle A

It gets outstanding gas mileage!

I love my Elantra. It gets outstanding gas mileage on eco (26 in town). I love the alert features blind spot and backup camera with alert. They work great. It is very comfortable and has a smooth ride. I would recommend this car to everyone! It is a great buy!

- Teresa D

Hyundai Elantra is a great choice vehicle.

So far no problems with my vehicle it has been reliable and dependable it is just the right size I was looking for the seats are comfortable trunk is nice size for storage and rides smooth I love it is a gas saver it has the back up camera which works wonders.

- Tracey H

My car is reliable and inexpensive.

Great on gas, runs smooth, great size, great features, safe, reliable, very affordable, clean, inexpensive, great for trips, nice color, inexpensive maintenance, great on insurance, lots of room, gets me to where I am going, great radio, map, great all around.

- Lisa D

I love my Hyundai Elantra.

I have not had any problems at all. The car gets great fuel mileage and is very comfortable. I have put almost 30k miles on it in 10 months and it is wonderful. Great ride and handling. I haven't had the first problem with it. I really do love the vehicle.

- Tanya R

Monitor System Perfection

This car's monitor system makes me feel safe whenever I am driving. I also appreciate the added airbag safety features as well as the gas mileage. It does not have great pickup; however, I still feel safe driving it (I'm not trying to go too fast anyway).

- Liv A

Pretty quiet cabin. Nice and spacious. Great on gas.

Great on gas. Spacious. Great features and rear view camera. Love the side car mirror detection. Touch screen is nice. Watches tire pressure. Has in car Wifi. Nice size trunk, but hate that there's a black piece blocking from when you pull the seats down.

- Dawn B

The Hyundai Elantra is the perfect car for everybody.

The Elantra 2018 is affordable car, is perfect for families, and consume less gas than others cars, and the price is accessible, the sound inside the car, is good, and the seats are comfortable. It is a perfect car for a short road trip or going to work.

- Carolina A

Great economical reliable car.

Great highway gas mileage. Drives smoothly. A little on the small side if you have children and use car seats. Vents smell funny. Cheap plastic interior. Nice dashboard lighting. Comfortable seats. Cheap bumpers crack easy. Air conditioning works well.

- Sheri B

Love my 2018 Hyundai Elantra!

I absolutely love my 2018 Hyundai Elantra! It gets 44 to 50 miles per gallon depending on where I get gas. It is a six speed manual transmission. I had a 2005 Elantra before. They are excellent vehicles and last a long time. Would definitely recommend!

- Lisa M

Feels like luxury, but super affordable.

Very comfortable, smooth riding car. It feels like a luxury car but it is super affordable. My car is still brand new so no issues so far. The a/c comes on really quickly, there's XM radio, rear camera and an alert when a vehicle is in your blind spot.

- Candace H

Gray color on the outside with black interiors.

Runs beautifully sound system is amazing very comfortable and spacious. This car is very reliable and potent. I absolutely love it. Best car I have ever had. Would definitely recommend to friends and family. I actually already have. The car is amazing.

- Poly M

Very great car and super on gas.

Don't like how to turn headlights on and between high beams. Wish had the heated seats and back up camera as well but will update eventually. Does ok in snow. Slides around a good bit even going slow but still doesn't do bad. Great on gas and reliable.

- Tierra L

High tech features, minimal cost.

It has a eco feature that allows me to get on average 38.0 mpg. It also has heated seat that get warm fast. The apple car play is very nice for playing music on apps such as Spotify and you are able to use siri to send text message or find directions.

- Kelsey A

Amazing vehicle with awesome features.

Very comfortable, and love the touch screen with apple carplay. The vehicle has awesome features that make everything so easy and manageable. It has an awesome feature of eco mode to save gas, and sport mode to tighten everything up for sharp curves.

- Katie P

Absolutely amazing. Thank you.

There are not any issues with the car. The car runs fine. It is good on gas. It gets from point a you point b. The color is red. It has four wheels and drives amazingly. There is nothing else to say about my car. I only have 7700 miles on it. Thanks.

- Brian R

Great warranty and safety feature like blind spot alert.

We love our Elantra and especially the style, color and blind spot alert. We were not, however, expecting not to have a CD player since we do not have the necessary smartphone with internet. No problems with it so far. Good warranty too.

- Lee R

It is very affordable for the features it includes

It is a significant upgrade from our previous Hyundai Accent. It is stylish, and it has a lot of current features. It probably has more technological bells and whistles than I need, but it is a comfortable, affordable, and economical car.

- Jack W

Get the Hyundai e value edition!

The Elantra offers great miles per gallon, the dashboard is sleek and easy to use, the lines and body of the car are elegant. It has all the features you want in a sedan for the best price on the market. The Hyundai brand is super reliable.

- Kelsey D

Unsuspected modern luxury in a safe and stylish sedan.

I love my Hyundai. It is solid, has all the tech and extra safety features like back up sensors, blind spot warnings, roll bar, 6 airbags, and you cannot beat a 10 year warranty and free roadside assistance. Did I mention I love my car!!

- Pam W

2018 Hyundai Elantra commuter

Decent vehicle for the money. Minor issues with new vehicle. Brake light keeps going out and dealer warranty services make you jump through hoops before replacing defective housing. It's only a safety item that you can be pulled over for.

- Aaron G

Changing the speed types is helpful when trying to conserve gas or needing to be able to accelerate on the highway

I like that it's good on gas, the heated seats and the sunroof. But I'm used to an SUV so it feels very small in comparison. I've also had a few weird quirks with it (heat not getting hot all the time, weird issues with it starting).

- Mandy C

It is comfortable, reliable and affordable. Great car for the price.

It is a great value. For the price I have more features than I could expect. Also, I previously owned a Hyundai and had NO problems before I reached the 160K miles mark. Since I drive a lot (30K miles per year) this is important.

- Leonard D

One of the most important things to know about my car is how smooth the drive is and about the big, spacious trunk.

My car has a beautiful and comfortable interior, a beautiful and stylish exterior. It is very reliable and comfortable! It has a back up camera, blind spot alert, Bluetooth, and more. I have not had any problems with it! I love it!

- Livia G

Good ratio quality and price.

I have all I need in it, I like most the apple play option which is even better than the navigation system which I had to pay a lot for. It has all the options that I like, such as moonroof, heated seats. . . And it is affordable.

- Colette A

Sharp looking car, price was good, , great gas mileage and it is roomy.

When air is on my car does not take off like it does without air. It bogs down initially. As far as comfort, it is roomy, you are able to move around without feeling confined. It gets great gas mileage. Trunk space is excellent.

- Jennifer B

My car is a very reliable car. It is built well. It performs well in crash test. Safety is very important. I worry about a car not being safe when my loved ones are riding in the car. My car is built well and should last me for years to come!!!

I like the styling. I like the color. I like the gas mileage I get. The car isn't fancy. It gets me where I need to go! The car is not that expensive. I like the fact that it is a popular brand. This makes getting parts easier.

- Rob R

It has excellent gas mileage!

It is the perfect car, complete with all the bells and whistles. Apple carplay, Bluetooth audio, backup camera, blind spot detection, heated front seats, push button start. Everything I could ask for in a car that drives great!

- Elizabeth N

My Hyundai elantra was a great investment- reliable and affordable!

My Hyundai Elantra is a very reliable car. It is small and compact but has enough room. It looks sleek and modern. I love the blindspot sensors and the rearview camera. The seats are comfortable and the trunk is spacious.

- Jennifer H

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it is real good at making the gasoline last.

My vehicle is 2018 Hyundai Elantra sedan. I really like it, it is a super great car. I would totally recommend it to anybody who wants a great car. There really is not anything I dislike about it that I could think of.

- Amelia R

Great on gas vehicle with outstanding warranty.

Great on gas. Sporty. Great features such as Blu tube, satellite, back up alert, passing car alerts, Google, great air conditioning. Great warranty. Bad would be passenger seat belt warning when no one is in the seat.

- Terri C

This car gets the best gas mileage, and there are three different modes you can drive in.

i love the gas mileage. it's very comfortable. I don't like that it's all electronic, I'm not used to that, and if it doesn't start, i'm not really sure what you're supposed to do. And the no-key thing is also weird.

- LeighAnn N

The gas mileage is fantastic. I commute 60 miles round trip and fill my tank once a week.

I love the smaller size of my vehicle. It has a lot of pep and accelerates well since my commute is all highway. It has a lot of nice features that were standard on the base models. I has excellent gas mileage.

- Michelle P

It is a safe and economical vehicle for everyday driving.

Just purchased yesterday. I like the size and handling. I like the safety features such as the rearview camera, automatic headlights, blind spot detection. Easy enter & exit the vehicle. And of course, the price.

- James M

It's relatively inexpensive and has several features typically found in more expensive cars.

For the most part I love my car. The amenities are nice and feel luxurious sometimes. The fuel economy is nice, and having a sunroof is great. My only complaint is acceleration is not up to what my last car was.

- Daniel B

It gets great gas mileage for a gasoline only vehicle.

love everything about my car accept the radio controls. Our previous Hyundai had 3 groups of 6 preset buttons. Our current radio uses a touch screen which is more difficult for my passenger to select channels.

- Ken P

It is easy to drive and makes sure you are driving safe.

I like its technology and blind-spot warnings. I like how smooth it drives and how it tells you whenever something is wrong like low tire pressure and what specific tire is low. I dislike how low the car drive.

- Ashley P

Hyundai elantra sport great car altogether happy i bought for the money..

Really no problems yet the car is to new..the car is quick and sufficient great gas economy,love how quick it warms up and idles down love my flat screen and all the bells and whistles then come along with it..

- Jenn F

It is a very cool car. Very nice to drive.

The Hyundai Elantra is one of the best cars I have ever driven. It drive very smoothly very calm. The Hyundai Elantra that I own is a sport and you can not tell if you are driving fast or slow, so be careful.

- Ashley R

It came with a moonroof and for the price that was a good thing

I like my car it drives very smooth and comfortable. I love the color it came in which is a nice gray color and the interior is a dark color. The only thing is I wish the gas mileage was a little better.

- Monique K

High quality car and great gas mileage.

It is very quiet and rides smoothly. I really like the Elantra because it is very easy to get used to driving and comes with traction control, a bonus. There really isn't anything I dislike about it.

- Stephen B

It has a 10 year 100,00 mile warranty. It's also very fuel efficient.

I love my car there are no blind spots when driving. It's comfortable and has enough room for my bnb kids and a large shopping trip. I don't like that it doesn't have memory seats for different drivers

- Juliette K

Good value for the cost compared to other mid size cars.

I like that I have all the features I wanted like sunroof, xm satellite, backup camera and collision deterrent. I think the vehicle could be heavier and cooling seats in addition to the heated seats..

- Teena C

The most important thing to know about the vehicle is that it is a great value!

My vehicle is a great value. It has a screen that allows you to use your phone for navigation, music, and calling. Sometimes my phone doesn't connect well to the car and can be frustrating at times.

- Kami Y

The gas mileage. 30 MPG is unbeatable. Also one of the best warranties in the industry!

One complaint is it's a bit small. Otherwise I love the color style and gas mileage I get. Also I love the android auto it's compatible with. I get Sirius XM radio and navigation with Google maps!!!

- Megan K

Sunroof, comfortable ride

My second Hyundai elantra first one had for 4 years no problems. My present vehicle also great 2018. Only downfall is they are not a quiet ride. Other than that economical and great gas mileage

- Vivian B

It drives great and smooth, gas mileage is wonderful, and fits all my needs.

I rented a Sonata about 3 years ago and fell in love with it, I said that if I ever bought a new car that is what I wanted but ended up getting the Elantra and I am so happy I did, I love it!

- Roberta V

Sporty and Safe Vehicle for Me!

My car is very reliable. The updates features including back up camera, and sensors on my side mirrors make me feel safe when driving especially with my child. The gas mileage is great also!

- Michelle M

It's great on gas! I drove from MA to FL and filled my tank 2.5 times.

It's amazing on gas. I'm always on the road and I don't get uncomfortable after sitting in it for a few hours. I don't like the lighter interior seats but I didn't have much to choose from.

- Hillary D

That is rides great and it has apple play. Free navigation!!

I love that it has apple play so i can plug my phone in and use map apps on my phone. I love that it comes with Sirius XM radio It rides very smooth. I wish it had better pick up on speed.

- Catherine I

It's reliable, and has a manual transmission

It's my 4th Hyundai. They have been very reliable cars for me. The only thing I don't like is the 6 gear manual transmission. 1st gear is a granny gear. 5 gears would have been sufficient

- Mark L

It is good on gas and you can rely on that.

I like everything about my new lease. The car has a backup camera, warning signals, wi-fi, Bluetooth etc. The only issue is the trunk size. I had a sonata before and the trunk was larger.

- Marjorie M

It is close to, if not top of its class with its performance and gas mileage.

I love the gas mileage. I fill up about every two weeks. It is very comfortable, and handles very well. The only issue is with the horsepower and acceleration. The design is nice as well.

- Brian C

Good mileage and gas saver. You can literally read up on it to further gain information

I like my vehicle because it's a gas saver. I only have to put a certain amount to last me until the end of the week. In addition it runs smoothly and I haven't had any trouble so far.

- Jazmine J

It gets great has not mileage and is perfect for commuting.

Reliable and gets great gas mileage, I previously had the limited and now I drive the value edition, definitely miss the leather interior and additive steering. Heated seats are nice.

- Sasha C

Inexpensive to buy and operate. Great warranty.

No problems in ten months. Gets very good gas mileage. Has many more options than a person needs. Is very comfortable to ride in. Was inexpensive to buy and inexpensive to maintain.

- Robert J

It is a great value for the price. Perfect for single person or couple.

The car is very spacious for how compact it is. I like that it is small and easy to park and navigate tight streets. The interior is comfortable and I love the heated seats inside.

- Shannon T

Sporty and Comfortable Elantra!

I love that I am so comfortable in the vehicle .. .it "fits" me..... I can raise the seat to the position that enables me to see correctly.... some vehicle do not raise that high.

- gale L

The gas mileage is excellent.

I love the sleek appearance. Three modes of use- economy, regular, and sport! I live in a hilly area and use all three. The back seats lay down which increases what I can carry.

- Lucy G

The newer model has larger tires so it rides smoother and has less road noise.

I like that it's an SEL edition, so I can switch from "sport" to "economy" depending on where I'm driving. I love the Bluetooth, XM, and Carplay. I love all the safety features!

- Stephanie W

It's very comfortable and it is very spacious.

The headrests are a little funky but other than that i love it. The passenger seat belt alert is also very subjective on occasions, claiming my purse is as heavy as a human lol

- Hannah W

It has great fuel economy.

The ride is so smooth you can hit pot holes and not even feel it. The features on the car are awesome! I do not dislike anything about it. I'd recommend this car to everyone.

- Aaron A




Reliability is a guarantee with this Hyundai Elantra.

Most of all I like the gas mileage. It also has a sporty design. Finally I don't like the fact that there is no camera on the dash to see what's behind me when I back up.

- Martha R

Lane change assist is awesome.

Very comfortable and adjustable. I love how light my car feels and easy it is to get going. I love that it has the lane change assist and the apple car play is awesome.

- Alexa B

The Hyundai Elantra 2018 is comfortable and convenient. I like the clean and modern design and the quality.

One of the most important things about it is the security and the safety features (electronic stability control, anti-lock braking system, traction control system...).

- Kenny S

If you like driving w/ the windows down on the highway this is not the car for you.

It is not very aerodynamic so you cannot have the winds down while driving. There is no power to the vehicle. The only good thing about the vehicle is the gas mileage.

- Mel G

that it is affordable, stylish and comfortable to drive.

The last Elantra I owned gave me 300,000 before any major problems had occurred. They are also very stylish and comfortable. I really like their warranties on the car.

- sandra j

Great gas mileage is the key feature of this car

The Elantra replaced a leased Sonata. It was the next model down in terms of price, but gets better gas mileage. So far, so good. I've only had it since February.

- George M

The car has some of the best safety features! It has a back up camera and a blindspot mirror.

The only thing I don't like about the car are that it does not have a lock button on the door there for you are required to use the key fob when locking the vehicle.

- Sarah N

Economic cars and how anyone can own a Hyundai.

Vehicle is less than a year and already requires service. Vehicle is not as fast. Not super easy to clean cloth seats. Vehicle is new and does not require much fuel.

- Jazz D

Inexpensive and fun to drive. Gets very good gas mileage.

I drove to Florida and back and it was very comfortable sitting for long periods not like my last car. It has more convenience features then I thought it would have.

- Robert P

the hyundai brand is reliable, this is my 3rd car now and I love them

I love my car, it drives smooth and breaks fast. It warms up fast my only complaint would be on how muggy days it does take a little bit for the ac to come on good

- christina k

Surprisingly roomy inside for a small car and very useful with hatchback, split folding rear seat.

This car is an excellent value. Overall quality is very good, fuel economy is very good. The radio is ok, I wish a better radio was offered at the gt trim level.

- Mark F

It is reliable, comfortable, and gets good mileage.

I am really happy with car. It is a comfortable ride. It does real good on a long ride. Gas mileage good. It is really nice when you have a good dealer you trust.

- Rene E

Handles perfectly and love the amenities

Love this car! I have had this car for about 6 months and only had one problem with child lock sticking on backdoor. The service at the dealership was excellent.

- Lori B

It gets great gas mileage.

I love all the extra features that come on Hyundai's. Like the cruise assist, rear view camera, and the side warning indicator. There is nothing I do not like.

- Holly O

It gets great gas mileage.

I have had no problems with it I have had the car just about one year the car is a little tight snugglers snuggling wise other than that the car is excellent.

- Mark S

Details on the car I love to drive.

I love my Hyundai its great on gas and easy to drive. I have the electric blue and my wife loves the color. It has a big screen for map nav and easy to read.

- Eric W

Safety and comfort are highly integrated in this car.

I love the backup camera! I really helps getting out tight spots. I love how comfortable it is during long car rides too since I do a lot of road-tripping.

- Andrea M

It's great on gas mileage and rides very smooth.

Its reliable and great on gas mileage. The ride is smooth and it has all the basic needs that a person needs. I love the simplicity and user friendliness.

- April A

The car is very comfortable to drive. The space inside can fit 4 people comfortably plus the truck space is large.

The car rides nice and is average on gas. It seems to have no acceleration at times. It is comfortable and has the apple carplay which is a nice feature.

- Lorrie C

It gets good gas mileage. It looks great. Comfortable driver's seat.

I like the way my Elantra looks. It's get good gas mileage. Has a roomy interior. Also a great sound system. Driver's seat is very comfortable. Cold air.

- Tamie J

The style of the elantra is very sharp and sporty.

I own a 2018 hyundai elantra. I chose black on black with a sunroof. The elantra has good pick up. Gas mileage seems to be ok when using eco over sport.

- Paula T

The price was good. Payments a lot cheaper than my Azera and xg350l.

No automatic lights. So gps. Good on gas. Comfortable driving and riding in. I do not know what else to say. Decent price but no luxury like the Azera.

- Eileen H

the fast response and security when driving and you want to avoid difficult situations.

I love the sport style and bright blue color. I also like the black leather seats and sunroof. I really enjoy the fast response and the modern design.

- yudit a

Great suspension, great AC and Heater nice sound system

Very reliable, gas saver, plenty of room inside, Good trunk space, the only negative thing is there is no vent feature on AV also no Bluetooth to radio

- Levi R

It has a good warranty and gets good mileage.

I like my car because it is affordable and reliable. I dislike the fact that my car is kind of dull and didn't come with sirius radio like my last car.

- Ellen F

The Hyundai Elantra is a high tech vehicle

This car drives extremely well. It has a lot of features that makes it enjoyable. It has apple carplay and the controls for the car are very high tech.

- Jackie D

Hyundai Elantra - luxe on a budget.

Great ride and fabulous interior, even the cloth seats seem upscale. I love the way the paint seems to glitter as opposed to flatter paint appearance.

- Elizabeth V

My car is very good on gas.

The 2018 Hyundai Elantra is a very reliable car. It has nice interior with very comfortable seats. There are many safety and eco-friendly features.

- Haley F

That it is important for me to keep up with the repairs to ensure it has a long live to life and I get a lot of use out of it.

I like that it is extremely gas efficient and reliable. A lot of the repairs and upkeep are affordable too. I don't dislike anything about it yet.

- Shirley M

The car is made well. I am impressed considering its price range.

The car is well made. Very sturdy. Runs well. Has pep. Seats are comfortable. And front passenger seat can be raised, I have not seen that before.

- Mag B

It's easy to drive and has a ton of room inside. Also very stylish

This is my third Elantra and I will always be a Hyundai customer. The warranty is the best and the cars run perfect. I would recommend to everyone

- Michelle I

Reliable transportation with good gas mileage and easy handling.

Get great gas mileage when I travel, comfortable ride with ample space in trunk/ Only need to update radio to get XM as it didn't come installed.

- Larry S

The gas mileage is great.

I love the backup camera. I wish the bass on the speakers were a little bit better. There are almost no blind spots, it truly is a wonderful car.

- J S

Hyundai Elantra - great gas mileage, great performance!

I love the gas mileage, the amenities and the performance of the car. It is a good vehicle. I think I would buy another Hyundai in the future.

- Ann W

The bluetooth and backup camera displays. Also, it has 4-wheel brakes.

I love the back up camera which allows for easier parking. I love the carplay feature and the interior. I don't have any dislikes at this time.


It is a really great car. It would be good for a single person or a family.

It is very easy to drive. It is very comfortable. Good visibility. Handles very well. I also like the look of it. I love the hatchback style.

- Carolyn S

Side rear view mirrors, alerting me to traffic in my blind spot.

Love driving it, I like the side mirror alerting me from the cars in my blind spot. I love the backup camera, love the technology in the car.

- Linda L L

It has great safety features, and it's a smooth ride.

This is my first car that I've financed for myself. The value is great for the features it includes. I especially enjoy the rear-view camera.

- Jenna T

Great on gas mileage. Only takes about 20 to fill up the entire tank.

Small wish it was a little bigger. It is basic no special features like a sunroof, backup camera. It is hard to have a car seat in the back.

- Ashley M

It is practical, affordable, and has a sleek design.

It is sleek and has affordable payments. The car is practical and nice for the price. I like the color I chose, white. It is very practical.

- Breakfast D

It's a great value for the money.

I love the ride, it's smooth. I love how it has good 'get up and go'. I love my apple carplay and in dash nav. I love the great gas mileage.

- Keith D

Perfect so good, gas mileage.

I do not have any complaints. I love it. It drive smooth and very safe for my family. I am glad that I do not have to walk to work anymore.

- Angela J

The interesting detail is the radio.

My car is great and I love it. What could be better is that my car could be a little bigger on the interior but other than that it is okay.

- Ashlee M

Gas mileage is good. Ride is good. Carplay feature is tied to your Cell Phone so it is updated and Hands Free operation.

A few blind spots from the drivers view. Automatic window on drivers side only. Fully goes down with a touch of the switch but not auto up.

- Tim G

It's sleek and nice, but if you are really tall it might not be for you.

I like how smooth it drives. The rear backup camera is cool. It gets up to speed somewhat slow, though. I enjoy the phone connectivity too.

- Charles W

If you are looking for great gas mileage, this is the car for you

Great fuel mileage but it did not have XM radio and I could not get dealer to install. This is 4th one I have owned, first not to have XM.

- Larry m

Gas saver and good for long trips.

Very good on gas and very reliable. I love the get up and go. Automatic locks, power steering, etc. I would highly recommend this vehicle.

- Andres L

The most important thing is the heated seats.

I love the heated seats. The size is nice. Wish the console storage area was a little closer to the front so I could use it as an armrest.

- Linda A

It's easy to handle and it came with a lot of extras for the price

I do like the car it is pretty and has lots of extras but I sometimes think I should have bought a Buick that I had my eye on originally.

- Gail L

It drives smoothly and quietly.

I love how quiet it starts up and is on the road. It is roomy but not too big. It is gas efficient and I like the apple carplay feature.

- Vanessa W

It is a very comfortable car. Very easy to drive. I enjoy my car features.

It is very easy and comfortable to drive. It is a safe car. It is fuel efficient. It is a great car to drive around for work or errands.

- Amy C

It is a really safe car with extra safety when you change lanes or back up.

I love our Hyundai Elantra. It handles really smoothly. It has great safety features. I love the backup camera. I love the side mirrors.

- Marla B

It is a good mileage car and reliable car.

I haven't had any experience any problems with my vehicle. It is a good mileage car with a technology that can help prone to accidents.

- Roy C

It is good on gas mileage

I like the number of features such as apple carplay and heated seats. sometimes the screen in the car lags but it is overall a good car

- Kelsey B

it is inexpensive to own and has low maintenance costs associated with it

I like the standard shift and ease of maintenance. I disliked the shifting which is hard and the seatbelt alarm and electric windows.

- james r

Good gas mileage on this compact car that's much roomier than it looks

It is a very roomy car on the inside, but looks small on the outside. It gets very good gas mileage and heat/AC are quick to come on.

- Meghan Q

The Value Edition is a good step up from the SE, but still has the cool gadgets.

I like the features it comes with, like heated seats, CarPlay, Backup Camera, and the Blind-Spot Detection System. No major dislikes.

- Nicholas B

It's good on gas, and reliable driving wise.

Smooth, and hi - tech. Reliable and fast. It's good on gas and has everything. Had a rear view camera and different types of assists.

- Gavin T

It's a great car; runs well and very efficient on fuel

the only issue that I have had is with Apple CarPlay; sometimes, it does not connect and other times it does; it's very unpredictable

- Dustin W

It occasionally has engine transmission issues.

I love the color and the backup camera. I also love its gas mileage and the fact that it has two doors. I wish it had leather seats.

- Courtney F

The collision sensors on it are a lifesaver.

I like the blind side detectors and collision detection. I also like the reverse camera. I do not like the cost of this car though.

- Victor C

It is new and does not have features of old Hyundai's.

I like the color. I like that it is new. I dislike its lack of features. I dislike how the person handled me when he gave it to me.

- Kam M

good performance safe and reliable, enjoy the extra features and the 100,000 mile warranty

no problems brand new vehicle enjoy it, good performance and good gas mileage. Like the extra features such as real parking assist

- howard s

It is a great on gas mileage.

It does not have a backup camera. The radio is standard. It does not have electric seat adjustments. But I love the way it drives.

- Katie M

A smooth ride on the road!

My car is very quiet and drives smooth. Has a lot of comfortable settings. Nice features that makes set up and commuting a breeze.

- Aresha R

It drives very smooth. Has 2 different performance features including eco-friendly which is beneficial for long trips and a sports mode which makes it pick up speed quickly. It's very good on gas, averaging about 35 mpg. It has a spacious trunk. Only thing I don't like is the sound system, it doesn't go very loud and the car is a bit small on the interior but it's comfortable.

It is fantastic on gas. It gets an average of 35 mpg but I've seen it go up to 50 when I go on long trips and put it in eco mode.

- Alexis W

It's fun to drive it's very safe to drive and it's very comfortable

I love my hyundai Elantra car cause it's great to drive gets me around from point A to point B you should go out and get this car

- Carson R

it rides very smooth and is very quiet.

it is a ok sedan to get me from one place to another. it has the basics and back up camera. i would rate the gas mileage as fair

- sandy o

It is a very safe and comfortable car.

Love everything about my car. I do not like how sometimes the Bluetooth does not work. Also the gears do not switch fast enough.

- Ingrid C

Great mileage! Has no problems with it.

No problems with my vehicle all brand new! Runs smoothly great for being in the city/traveling really great on gas and mileage!

- Kimberly H

White, comfortable, good on gas, affordable.

I love it. Can't beat the price features and especially the warranty. Also the added warranties that are available are a bonus.

- Erika E

Car has smooth handling. Quiet ride. Seats are comfortable. Roomy.

Rides smooth, handles great. I like the safety features, blind spot indicators on side mirrors, back up camera. No complaints.

- David W

Very reliable and dependable.

It has all features, like Bluetooth and satellite radio. Good on gas and takes regular gas. Feels great driving long distance.

- Kimberly M

Needs more interior illumination

One problem it has is not enough illumination of instruments such as climate controls so its very had to see them in the dark

- Sari P

It can get up and down steep, gravel roads.

I like the smooth ride and sleek look of my car. I do not like the low front, as it bottoms out of some driveways too easily.

- Kim C

Comfortable and great fuel economy.

Rides nice. Great fuel economy. Better price than my Azera. Miss a lot of automatic features. No GPS on it. No backup camera.

- Eileen H

The great warranty that came with it that covers all kinds of repairs

I like that its android compatible. I like the gas mileage. I like being able to control everything from the steering wheel.

- Julissa F

Hyundai offers zero percent interest financing.

Zero percent interest rate, affordable monthly payments good factory warranty. Nice stylish car. Interior is a little basic.

- Sage D

The gas mileage is outstanding. Very comfortable and roomy.

I've only had the car for about a month but I am extremely pleased with the gas mileage. Averaging about 42 mpg as of now.

- Karen S

small but good gas mileage

it is small and gets good gas mileage. It's not as easy to get in and out of as a suv, but it's ok. And the price is right.

- sharon b

Smooth ride and great features

my car has great gas mileage and a smooth ride. It has been very reliable since i've had it. I love the bluetooth feature!

- ely T

I really like how it scans the car to let me know if something is wrong with it.

No complaints. I am loving the back up camera and the push button start. I also love if it is super hot I can remote start

- Daina M

Car review. The car is excellent it has a touch screen and Bluetooth.

My vehicle is very reliable, the gas mileage is pretty good. It has a very unique design and an all around wonderful car.

- Nikki T

The style is outstanding, my current Hyundai is the third I have owned.

Hyundai is a great car, excellent mileage, comfort and reliability, roomy with plenty of trunk space. Bluetooth is great.

- John M

Elantra sport, feels and looks sporty also has a 1. 6l turbo!

Haven't had any problems with my car yet, I love driving it and saves gas, Hyundai offers the best warranty out there. B.

- Miguel M

It has sports mode along with eco.

My Hyundai Elantra is a good car overall, but it is not very fancy. It also smells weird inside because of the material.

- Elizabeth P

Awesome car with great gas mileage and lots of interactive features.

Interacts with my phone. Tells me when my tires are low or if anything is wrong with car. Huge trunk. Great gas mileage.

- Kristin B

Great handling and a very nice easy overall ride..

Reliable consistent and sharp Really tends to be no problems overall. Manageable and low maintenance as far as car goes.

- Peir D

The safety features exceed other cars such as Toyota, Nissan and Honda. The price was excellent in comparison.

Excellent gas mileage, apple CarPlay, great speakers, navigation system, backup system and lane change system for safety

- Ashley H

Amazingly safe vehicle and always helpful.

This car is really amazing. The safety features are really advanced and helpful. The car itself is smart and efficient.

- Sajini J

Great midsize sedan for commuting

Comfortable, smooth ride. Love the Apple CarPlay feature, it was worth the slight uptick in price to have that upgrade.

- Chelsea M

Hyundai Elantra - Mixed Feelings

Great car overall, but it makes a lot of creaking noises for a new vehicle. Good gas mileage, and some great features.

- Amanda K

It is reliable. It will get you where you need to be without any problems.

It has a lot of helpful features. It is fuel efficient, but also has a great deal of power. Very comfortable to drive.

- Stephen G

It is roomier than it looks.

It is good for running errands and has enough room for passengers and groceries very happy with it would recommend it.

- Judy G

That it is a safe, comfortable, reliable vehicle. Love my car

Comfortable, safe, reliable, fun to drive, good gas mileage, beautiful looking, great sound system, love using carplay

- LauraR R

It has very good safety ratings

I love my new vehicle. It drives very smoothly and gets great gas mileage. I look forward to many years of driving it.

- Michael k

very good gas wise and easy to handle

have no complaints about car is very comfortable and easy to drive It's good gas mileage and really have no complaints

- terry a

Safety and comfort, looks.

I really love how my car is reliable, comfortable, and safe. It has so many safety features and is also very elegant.

- Emily S

It has really amazing safety features, and allows you to also stay connected to the outside world while you're driving.

I love the changing lane/blind spot indicators. I also really like the back-up camera. I like the style of the car.

- Karlie A

It is safe, reliable, comfortable ride, and gas efficient

I love how gas efficient the car is. I drive about 114 miles each day and it is a smooth ride and very gas efficient.

- Rachel D

Mileage is super important and it is very good.

I like the convenience of the car and how smooth it runs. The car is convenient for me and truly makes me feel safe.

- Jessica M

Elantra: awesome vehicle.

Excellent performance. Great mileage, smooth drive. Spacious. Sometimes low pickup, not always. Low fuel consumption

- Mounika D

It is the car with the best gas mileage I've ever had.

The gas mileage in the car is very good. I like that it has a backup camera. It is pretty comfortable to drive in.

- amy g