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Mid-Sized, Keyless Entry, Safety Features

The Elantra is an excellent automobile. First and foremost, it has incredible gas mileage. A car with great gas mileage enables you to drive long distances without having to constantly fill up at a gas station. In addition, the Elantra is an extremely safe car. It has features which warn you if another car or pedestrian is behind you. While driving the Elantra, there is a safety feature that allows you to determine if it is safe to change lanes. The Elantra is also a comfortable car for a small family. It is built to be safe yet it has a modern sleek appearance. I highly recommend taking a closer look at the Elantra.

- Tara G

One of the best cars I've owned

I have only had this car for approximately 3 months. I have yet to have any problems with it. The vehicle handles extremely well for being new and is a comfortable ride even on the horrible highways here in Pennsylvania. Both the front and back is spacious for seating. The trunk is large enough to accommodate anything I would need it for. I get extremely well gas mileage, I average anywhere from 40-50 mpg on the highway and the lowest in town is around 35. I took a thousand mile trip to Massachusetts and back and didn't have any problems. Definitely love this car.

- Christopher A


Most important to me is that I easily fit into the vehicle. It's comfortable and easy to drive. It has just about all of the bells and whistles a person could want in an everyday vehicle. I've had 2 Hyundai's in the past. The 6 cylinder was great but not so thrilling on the gas mileage. The 4 cylinder was a beauty with all the comforts EXCEPT in the later years (it was a 2008 Sonata) there were problems with the brakes which needed to be completely replaced including the discs

- James M

Great 2019 Hyundai Elantra Value Edition

Performance is great. Haven't had any problems with the vehicle. Hyundai has wonderful warranties they offer. Car is a good size and back seat is roomy enough to fit two gets comfortably and three if you have to. The leather seats are wonderful with the seat warmers. Wish there was pocket(s) behind the front seats. Also wish there was LED headlights, speed sensing wipers, and heated steering wheel. But overall this is an awesome care for the price.

- Danae W

Hyundai Elantra is a good buy

The Hyundai Elantra is a small car with a nice pick up. The back up camera is helpful. There is a changing lanes feature that lets you know when there is a car on the other side of you. Lane assistance helps you stay in your lane, but I turned that off because it steered my car too much. There is no CD player, just Bluetooth. Heated seats are comfortable. The air/heat could be better, it doesn't blast that much. Overall, I enjoy my car.

- Lauren T

Small, good gas, mileage and great driving features

This a good car. It has great extra features including backup camera, lane assist, blind spot alert, and sunroof. It also gets good gas mileage I drive 120 miles a day 4 days a week and it usually averages 45 mile a gallon. The downfall is it does not drive really smooth, but not bad and it's a little small but so far that's not a problem. Overall I do like this car!

- Lee M

Safe, sleek looking and dependable.

My Elantra has all the safety features that I was looking for. They added extra sheet metal to the body and auto breaking, swerve controls since the 2018 model. The exterior design is mice's than previous years and the gas mileage is higher than advertised. My only complaint would be that the seats do not have lumbar support. An airline pillow takes care of that.

- Pat H

My favorite feature is the touch screen radio and all its features.

This is car has great performance and includes many amazing features. It is stylish, comfortable, and user friendly. All buttons are on the steering wheel. Has apple carplay for your phone so your phone is connected to the screen and you never have to pick it up. Also has backup cameras. Regular size which makes it easy to drive. All around perfect car.

- Sara W

You get alot for less money than a Honda So many features are standard

This is my third Elantra, I have been very happy with them. They are reliable, comfortable, great on gas and look beautiful. I love the heated seats and the remote start are now standard options. I also really like the back up camera, that has made my life so much easier when parking! Overall I find this to be a cost effective, trustworthy vehicle

- Wendy G

my car is amazing and I wouldn't trade it for another car

I've never had any issues with my car, it gets me around and I am always driving. I live a few hours from where I work so I am in my car a lot. My car is comfortable for those long drives. I also absolutely love the way my car looks the design inside and out is beautiful. The amount of miles I can get for a gallon of gas is amazing.

- Stephanie B

Welcome to 2019, Yes technology!!

I love my car. It drives really smooth, love all the technology in the car. The blind spot technology has come in clutch, to alerting me when there are cars that I don't see when getting over. Also the blue link is clutch cause I can start my car from my phone as I am leaving the building and the ac/ heat already be on in the car.

- Ashley H

It does what it is supposed to do.

My Hyundai Elantra is a great car. It rides smoothly and it looks good too. It is also roomy on the inside though you wouldn't think so from the size of it. All in all it is a good car. It is worth the money. It does what it is supposed to do which is get me to work everyday, and gone to visit family a couple states away.

- Tai C

The interior of the car is amazing

I love my car. Since I have bought it. Haven't have problems out of yet. The car drive smooth. Great on gas I have got the car on open road to average about 43 mpg on the higher way. The car will average around 30 or more in the city. This car was worth it. I would buy the car again if I didn't have it already

- Zack H

Benefits of driving a Hyundai Elantra

I love my Hyundai Elantra. It gets about 35-40 miles per gallon of gas. It has seat warmers and remote start up. I look forward to using those features in the winter. The car is very comfortable and smooth to drive. Plenty of room in the backseat. Also the trunk is quite large for a small car.

- Catherine L

I love how compact the car is and also how good on miles and gas the car is.

Only the vehicle for a total of about three weeks. So far I have not had any issues with it. Very good on gas, runs good. The car is a bit on the smaller size which I don't like too much but other than that there are no major issues. I also like that the car moves fast unlike a lot of compact cars.

- Matthew W

Great look and great on gas

This car is great. Very good on gas, comfortable to drive. It has leather seats which are very good on your back. Has many perks like lane assist, automated brakes etc. My favorite thing about it is the headlights, not only do they have excellent illumination but they look pleasingly sporty

- Michael L

2019 Hyundai Elantra - make the move, stay grounded.

Great gas mileage. Brand new and clean. Good breaking. Smart car options. Stylish and not overpriced. Cheaper to insure and safer vehicle reports. 2 airbags and safety restraining systems. Great stock items on the car. This car has a great backup camera. Good headroom and backseat is big.

- Joe M

Great car for road trips or commuting

Great interior, nice seats, buttons on the steering wheel for radio and cruise control, extremely good gas mileage, I get 30 mpg in town and 40 mpg on the highway. Quiet start up and running, fast warm up and cool down time, the only thing I don't like is how slow it goes from 0 to 60

- Holly M

Hyundai Elantra Car Review

Car interior is laid out really well. Back up camera is a nice bonus as my previous vehicle did not have it. Gets great gas mileage. Runs smoothly and is very quiet. Seats are comfortable and trunk size is average for a 4 door sedan. Great warranty and would recommend it to buyers.

- Lynne M

2019 Elantra Lease Review

It performs great, like the sports mode for that extra horsepower. Smooth ride and very comfortable, graded high on safety too. Got a good deal on my lease and the warranty is exceptional good. I am a very happy customer. Only wish I had GPS but you could probably have that added.

- Pete G

Hyundai is so underrated!

I haven't had any issues with the car yet. I bought it brand new in February 2019 with lane departure assist and blind spot detection safety features. I've driven it on multiple road trips, 7200 miles so far and it is super comfortable and reliable. I definitely recommend Hyundai!

- Bree L

2019 Hyundai Elantra SE..

Small interior, Bluetooth, back up camera, touchscreen, pretty fast driving when in sport mode. Good on gas. Power windows and locks. Seats are not powered and does not have push start feature. Back seats fold down to allow trunk access. Doesn't make sound when listening to radio.

- Brittany C

Daily Driver, two day a week long driver

It is a daily driver but I do enjoy it for a long ride. It is comfortable but not for long drive. It is roomy but with two children like any compact car it is not as roomy as I would like. The features are amazing as you can plug in your phone and use apple carplay or Bluetooth

- Casey S

Hyundai Elantra review of sport

The Hyundai Elantra drives very well and is fun to take in trips. There are no problems I've noticed. I love the power from the engine this car has. I enjoy the steering and stability when driving. It takes corners very well and is very fast, despite having lower horsepower.

- Ian M

My new car I bought for the year 2019 in cocoa FL from the dealer.

No problems, but fun to drive. The comfort is superior to even more expensive models, but the Elantra has developed it at a much cheaper price. The ride is very remarkable. The Bluetooth features in this vehicle sync with apple or android auto making for hands free options.

- Daniel M

Great bang for your buck!

The New Hyundai Elantra Value Edition is a great car. You get so many features for your money. I love the Bluetooth and safety features. The interior is sleek and the seats are firm yet comfortable. The car has a nice size trunk. The backup camera is a nice feature as well.

- Denise V

Good volume Good space Compact Economic

My car is really good. I definitely love it. It's really economic and the seats can go all the way back and that's really helpful to me even when the car is compact because my husband is tall. I like the sound and how you can manage where you want more volume back or front

- Claudia P

Affordable, sleek and safe car!

If you are looking for a affordable car with all the bells and whistles, the Hyundai Elantra may be the car for you! It has apple carplay, which is my personal favorite part of the car. It is the safest car I have ever driven with sensors to keep you focused on the road.

- Page J

Large yet sporty vehicle with good gas mileage.

So far so good - no problems!! Good gas mileage, clean, sporty, basic technology - I do wish it was speak enabled or at least given the option to voice activate but Bluetooth works, backup camera is very useful especially when parking in the city!! Lots of trunk space!!

- Mary B

Good mileage and runs smooth with fast pick up

I have used it for only one month now so cannot say much at this moment. Although it runs very smooth and gives good mileage. It has certain basic safety features but does not have button start and heating/cooling of seats feature. It is available in a variety of colors

- Neha Jain L

I love my Elantra!! I wouldn't trade it for anything else

I love my car it is very good on gas. The car is small enough to get in and out of any parking spot but big enough in the inside to ride my family. It's really reliable I haven't had any problems with the car. The car has a sport feature that allows me to pick up speed.

- Tammy P

Elantra a good pick for comfort and style

So far it has been a great vehicle with no problems. We love the color, style, the gas mileage and it is very comfortable. It is taking us awhile to learn all the bells and whistles but slowly but surely we are getting there. We have nothing negative to say at all.


Overall fun car with lots of safety features.

Great reliability, lots of power, low fuel mileage, smooth riding car, safe lane changing feature, backup camera, very safe car. Good acceleration. Plenty of trunk space for luggage. Quiet running car. I don't hear any highway noise. Dark blue color with grey interior.

- Mark G

The vehicle is very smooth and easy to handle.

Very reliable car and good on gas. I like the back up camera and how it alerts me when a car is approaching or a person is approaching. Love the blind spot sensors and the touchscreen radio. The car handles smoothly and has a very quiet engine. Love the car very much.

- Lynn C

Pros and Cons of 2019 Elantra

good- love the backup camera, sensors in mirrors, great air conditioning, smooth steering wheel, apple CarPlay, Bluetooth easy to use, comfortable driver and passenger seat bad- back seat a little squished, seat warmers don't do the back of the seat: only the bottom

- Ka P

Touch screen with backup camera and hands free talk on the phone feature.

Love the hands free phone feature where I can talk on the phone or take a phone call with the touch of a button on the touch screen. You can connect everyone's cell in the family to the car. The car is quiet. There are times I have forgotten I have started the car.

- Mel T

Apple Car Play in the Hyundai Elantra is amazing

I love the car. It has great features that I have never got in a car before. The Apple car play app is a game changer and makes streaming music a breeze! Being able to hook up my phone to a cord and plug it into the card, has made listening to music so much easier!

- Andrew M

The best car I have ever bought

This is one of the best cars I have ever bought. If I didn't know better I would have thought it was an 8 cylinder engine car. It drives smoothly, I am enjoying my new car. There is no problem with this car, it is very comfortable & I like the backup display.

- Janet M

I love the lane assist on my car but that�s about it.

Literally had to settle with this model because if I wanted one extra feature I had to move up an entire trim level costing thousands. Not very happy with the car that I picked out due to the features that are offered and the price increase of the next tier up.

- Lauren B

The most unique quality in the car are the seats they say sport on the front.

No problem with the car, the performance is great and reliable and love the future I just don't like how my sedan waste so much gas I have to fill up gas two times a week. The interior is amazing, black leather seat and red threading along the stitch line.

- Abby C

Great reliable car. Looks more expensive than it is.

It is brand new and runs great it is very reliable and has lots of great features. I wish it was a different color it is silver but that is all that was available at the time. The interior is very nice and almost lush. It looks more expensive than it was.

- Courtney F

Everything to scale and size.

Its small but has everything it needs. It doesn't take up a lot of gas and the steering wheel is very smooth to move. It has a spacious trunk despite the size of the car as a whole. It has a touch screen display and has fast Bluetooth connection as well.

- Abbie S

Sports car with heated seats Very comfortable Fits people nicely

My car is amazing and super safe. I was in a car accident and it saved my life. So when I got a new car I got the same one again with a different shade of blue. It's comfortable and has heated seats and sports mode. It's also a good fit for 3 car seats.

- Kerri C

Hyundai Elantra se 2019. Great car

I love this car because it's so reliable. It's great on gas and that is something that is very important in my life. The interior is very pretty and the seats are very comfortable as well. It has Bluetooth and aux and it has the charging port for you

- Shams N

it's easy to drive easy on gas and lots of room i love it

i love that it has a back up mirror and i downloaded an app for the gps and there is cup holders in the back and you can talk to someone right from the steering wheel and the radio from the steering wheel too

- Christy H

It runs smooth and I take it camping. I fit eight people.

Not heavy enough for snow travel. I wish it had leather heated seats. I love the legroom and trunk space. I love the backup camera. I miss having a CD player.

- Amy H

This car has Great gas mileage! Buy today!!!!!!!!!!

I love the gas mileage my car gets. I like the trunk space. I dislike the low power

- Linds B