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Purchase of our 2007 Hyundai entourage. Our grandkids love the DVD player.

We purchased our van in December, after I had an accident. There was plenty of ice and snow, and it was perfect for test-driving on snowy roads. Although it wasn't a new purchase, the van holds the road nicely. I love the air temperature settings, one for the driver, one for the passenger. The heated seats have been wonderful with my back injuries. We can always be comfortable. It is very nice that you can raise and lower the back windows. We like the fresh air, the skylight and openness of the open windows and the skylight. We have a leather seating package that is quite soft and comfortable. We have had a few difficulties of the electric doors. We do not understand why they do not always open or shut properly. The TV and stereo is very nice and has a great sound. Overall, it is a very nice van.

- Darlene N

Great long-lasting and extremely reliable car!

I personally liked the car because it is great in gas and mileage. This was my first car after I passed my driver’s test. I was able to drive all the way from upstate NY to Connecticut (which was a 6 hour drive) so the reliability of this car is awesome. It is easy to use and would stop on a dime, which is great to prevent getting into an accident or hitting someone else’s car. The only thing I did not like about the car is that after a certain amount of years, like any car, it starts to wear down a lot to the point I had to make frequent visits to the auto mechanics. If you are looking for a long-lasting car until you are able to get a better car, then, this is the vehicle for you.

- Krystal C

A More Affordable Option in Minivans

This vehicle is comparable to a Honda, but at a fraction of the cost. It is a reliable vehicle that gets my family where we need to go. Even though it is very reliable, it does have some problems. The Hyundai Entourage burns through brake pads quickly. Front and rear brake pads require changing approximately every 9 months. The back windshield wiper has quit working. The a/c does not work. The back right blinker has a short and does not work, even with a new bulb installed. Outside of these 'issues' we enjoy our vehicle. Our family of six fits comfortably.

- Brenda N

Very comfortable and safe, spacious quiet ride. Best warranty excellent handling.

Since I acquired this vehicle as the second owner, I not have any severe mechanic problems, only normal situations in a vehicle. I am so happy about my minivan Hyundai. The experience has been excellent away. Very comfortable ride and drivability. I have lower back problems which make access and egress from a van, not a problem, especially after driving for a couple of hours with the minivan. Everything is so much easier and my back problems are almost nil. Very safety features I also paramount in my decision to buy this van.

- Frankie V

The button king entourage.

I have a 2007 Hyundai entourage minivan, and it is great. It is very reliable. I love the automatic sliding doors on both sides of the van! I love that it has a button on the key, in the front and in the back to open and close the doors. It has a DVD/TV system in the back which comes with wireless headphones, but you can also put it on surround sound so it plays through the speakers. It has automatic doors and windows. The one thing I wish it had was an automatic trunk, you still have to open it and lift it up.

- Annette C

Hyundai Entourage: No frills, but will get you from point A to point B.

My van is just ok. there's nothing wrong with it necessarily, but it's just a standard van with no bells or whistles. It has a cloth interior with only two zones air/heat. It does seem to have a brake issue where I have to press really far down on the brake pedal door it to engage the breaks but only sometimes. It's weird when that happens,and scary, too, like I have no brakes.

- Krista B

Very good and reliable vehicle.

All in all a very good vehicle - gets me to work and back, as well as longer trips into town. The only problem I have had is with the CD player - it worked for about a week after purchase, and then just stopped working, even if there is a CD inside. It started working again for about a week after a new battery was placed, but again, quickly stopped working.

- Mika F

Van's trunk is deep & the seats hide away to give extra space.

I like that it drives smoothly, but have some issues with sliding doors and the hatchback door buttons don't work as good as they should, but everything else is just perfect, just wish kids would help keep it clean. The van does not have the new radio system that brings a rear view camera for driving in reverse, and the CD player doesn't work well

- Evelyn D

Nice Hyundai Entourage Van

Overall nice vehicle. My favorite features are leather seats, DVD player, and captain seats in the back. I have had it for approximately 2 years now and I have not had any issues with it. Runs great. I like that it also has all power doors so I can press a button for both back side doors and very back hatch to open or close.

- Sam M

My mechanic said that I can drive my car for another 10 years.

Problems on the starter,after 10 years, comfortable on long distance driving not good on gas mileage, can sit 7 adults comfortably, kids can get entertain on small TV,annual maintenance keep me out of big expensive repairs. I just replace my 4 tires after 10 years twice on the battery.

- Josie H

Hyundai Entourage: A decent vehicle for the price.

It's a spacious vehicle. I've had issues with fuses to the power outlets blowing out. Gas consumption is higher than I would like bit all in all I'm glad I purchased this vehicle. I have had to have basic repairs done, brakes etc. There are a few recalls that have had to be done.

- Ruth M

A good thing. Van that will always have your 6.

Very reliable van. It is very comfortable. It may not have all the new features but even with this being an older van I have no worries that its gonna break down. As long as you keep up with maintenance she we be very dependable. Power locks and windows. No camera or navigation.

- Jessica Valencia A

Breeze to drive ease of handling.

It drives really well. But the ties are slick when it rains. Driving is easy. Forget about the snow it doubt like it either. Vehicles are supposed to glide. This is enough words because I can't think of anything else to say. Except for the cargo room in back is nice it have.

- Susan F

Basic necessities met, with perks not found in all 2007 models.

I love my Entourage. The only issues I have are the one automatic door doesn't work anymore and the airbag light stays on. But considering it is a 2007, I can't complain. It gets the job done and I feel safe driving my kids to and from places. Definitely glad I got it.

- Amber F

Great van for big families!!

Great car for big families, comfortable and very easy to drive for long distance trips. It has great visibility and it is easy to maneuver. In addition, car parts are not that expensive and maintenance is not as expensive. On the other hand, it does burn a lot of fuel.

- Margarita V

Never had any major problems and was extremely reliable. Would definitely buy another Hyundai.

I've had this vehicle for the last 12 years. It has been an awesome family vehicle used to transport kids to school and sports. Plenty of room for everyone and everything. Also has been used to take many family adventures across the country. It has served us well.

- Laurie H

The love my minivan, great for big family and reliable

The features I love on my van is the automatic sliding doors, lots of room to move around and a built in DVD player/TV. My van has over 180,000 miles and still runs in great condition. The van is able to accelerate quickly and I love that the size isn't too large.

- Dawn B

I like the speed of my car and it�s shape and color

There are a lot of problems like in these kind of car and same models the break not working anymore and need to change. It is spending to much of gas I don't like that at all. Also it should be better than that. I wish if it's just be like brand new all the time.

- Alex A

Very nice vehicle, best vehicle I have had.

A very nice vehicle! Fairly good gas mileage for what I use it for. The only problem I have had is the CD player does not work, but I do not know if that is a problem with the vehicle or not, since I bought it used. Heat and air conditioning both work fine.

- Mika F

Just don't buy this vehicle!

You can not buy aftermarket things for this vehicle so anything that goes wrong with it you have to go to the dealer. It has bare minimum things inside, just a plain CD player but it does have a DVD player for the kids when it wants to play.

- April P

The reliability and safety.

I like the fact that my vehicle runs smoothly, when you are driving it. I do not like the fact that my AC unit it the vehicle just quit working. The vehicle is an amazing vehicle probably one of the best I have had.

- Ariel S

My Hyundai has fog lights, sunroof, self-opening passenger doors, and best of all sow and go seating.

My Hyundai is a good family vehicle because of the automatic self-opening passenger doors, stow and go seating so you can put anything in the back from kids bikes to sheets of plywood for those DIY projects.

- Dustin J

It's dependable and great on gas. It handles like a car while you are sitting high up like a suv.

I like that it handles like a car but you're up like an SUV. It's great in the snow and good on gas mileage. The after market parts are hard to find and you usually have to go to the dealer for parts.

- George R

This is a good car and it is lasting me well.

I have had this car from only 12 miles to now 80, 000 miles and am happy to report no big problems I drove from Chicago to Memphis tennessee six times with no problems and the miles per gal was good.

- Marvin M

It is a good minivan, Hyundai no longer makes these in the us.

I love my minivan but it is getting older and Its close to time to replace. The handles on the sliding door are cheaply made and broke very easily. The interior is very comfortable and nice.

- Ashley S

You get a lot for your money. It offers the same features of the pricier brands at a fraction of the cost.

I love it! It was super affordable compared to other brands. Loads of room for car seats and strollers. I love the little luxuries like heated seats. I do wish it had an aux port, though.

- Courtney B

It is pretty good on gas mileage and it is a good travel car for a bigger family

It has plenty of room for my 5 family members. I do wish it had power doors and more upgrades. I really like how the last row folds down into an area so it is a flat area in the back.

- Crystal F

It is a reliable vehicle that has really served our family well.

It has been such a good car! We haven't had any problems with it except a few small things over the past 7 years. It has over 160k miles on it which is a bit of a negative.

- Sam S

It is great on gas. No waists of money for you or anyone one else you give the car to.

Very neat vehicle with a sleek design. It has comfortable seating and enough space for my liking. I believe it is good on gas despite certain people's disbelief.

- Creisson S

It's an amazing family car.

My vehicle is wonderful on gas and the extras in the overhead compartment show all the diagnostics on the van. You can even change over from manual to automatic.

- Dustin J

The van has a lot of space for our whole family. We have a family of 4.

We love this van. It has been a great vehicle for us. We have taken it on many many road trips and it provides a lot of room for our whole family.

- Lisa P

It is good on mileage, no major issues other than maintenance based needs.

No major problems until 100k miles. Spark plugs, etc. Typical wear and tear stuff. It is no frills - but it is been reliable and good on mileage.

- Tiffany B

It gets great gas mileage.

I like my van because it is very good on gas. It is also very dependable. It also has lots of room so my whole family can be comfortable.

- James G

The value of my car. I got a lot of car for my money.

I like the value of the car for the money. I like the room within my vehicle. I wish it had better gas mileage. But I love my van.

- Susan D

More comfortable than a sedan.

It is easier to enter than a sedan and far more comfortable to ride in. I like sitting higher; easier on the back and hips.

- Linda O

It is so good for traveling

It is really nice and has plenty of room. Our Family has had it for quite a while and it doesn't have one rust stain on it

- Megan M

It has held up well for the past 10 years they did a great job on the design

The automatic door stick, the cup holders are poorly designed and it is old enough it doesn't have any automatic features

- Larry F

It is a low cost means of moving a lot of people.

I love that it holds my whole family comfortably. It has been reliable. It is getting old and will need replaced soon.

- Michelle O

You should know your truck inside and out.

Works great. No real problems. I like all the extra features. The mirror that allows me to glance at my kids.

- Lauren S

It's a great family vehicle.

I love how it handles. It gets great gas mileage. I wish that it wasn't so old and in better condition.

- Kate M

To know that this is a very spacious good minivan.

We are borrowing this minivan. I like the space. I do not like how hard it is to get to the spare tire.

- Tim D

It can hold up to 7 people and has a lot of storage space.

I like that it comes with many features despite its age. Seems to have a lot of minor problems though.

- ryan j

Great for families and pet transports due to the roominess.

Great style, comfort, and roominess. Good mileage when traveling. Kia Sedona is It's equivalent today.

- Henry Z

The cargo space is extremely important for me because is gives me room to carry strollers and other stuff for my grandkids.

Gas mileage is decent. The van handles well. Love the roominess for carrying my grandkids.

- Dale S

It's a good dependable family car that is reasonably priced.

It is dependable. We have had no major problems with it. And the price was reasonable.

- Candice L

Despite its age it comes with several nice features.

I have a minivan that seats up to 7 people. It's functionable but not very reliable.

- Ryan H

We have no complaints. It has been a very reliable vehicle

They don't make it anymore and that is a shame Hyundai does not make a van any more

- Brian B

The rt front control arm rotted away completely and I was nearly in an accident because of it. Does not drive smoothly.

check your control arms! It could be dangerous if they break while driving.

- Dagny P

Not terrific on gas, especially when not on the highway

After 187,000 it has needed a lot of repairs in the last eight months

- Rich J

It holds what I need and drives well. It is safe. I wish it had auto doors and backup sensors. And I wish it had better fuel evening. I would buy a newer version of this again.

Safe and dependable. Gets you and your family where you need to go.

- Jessica E

It's red. and it is also the best.

It's fast. drives smooth. large gas tank. nice interior.

- tristin A