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Hyundai Entourage review on vehicle

Very dependable vehicle. Comfortable seats TV in second row seating for the passengers. Overall has been a great car for me of course any car you get requires maintenance no major issues throughout the period I've had this car but now that I have quite a few miles the transmission is starting to have some issues. But like I said overall it has been a great car for me. I especially like the back passenger windows they are huge! The vehicle seats 7 people with room. And the trunk area is decent as well.

- Will W

Our Hyundai Entourage has been very reliable for us. We have done routine maintenance on time but have only had one issue in the 160,000+ miles we've put on it. The air fan module and compressor recently went out, but that's the only issue we've ever had!!

We really like our minivan. It has been very reliable and a great fit for our family of 6. We recently had to replace the fan motor module and air conditioner compressor, but that is the only major repairs we've ever needed - routine maintenance not included (and we've put over 160,000 miles on it). It drives great, is comfortable and the kids love the DVD player!

- Sharon S

Great family vehicle for your driving needs.

Very comfortable seating with DVD player for kids. Seating for 7 people. Both side doors open good sound system stow and go seats gets great gas mileage and very dependable. Has gotten our family to florida several times and to west virginia as well. If you are in the mood to buying a vehicle then the entourage would be great for your family.

- Tim B

There should be a recall for this vehicle

We have had to replace the fan module 2 times. The door actuator had to be replaced twice also. At the moment neither of them are working again. The work was done at the dealership. The manager was very rude and even hung up on my husband when he called to let them know it was not working properly again. This car has been riddled with issues.

- Kimberly L

Entertainment while on long distance trips.

As far as reliability it is top of the line for me. Have made a lot of cross country trips and it superior to any other big old that I have driven on long distance trips. It comfortably seats 7 people with heated front seats with dual temperature control. The vehicle has surround sound system, DVD player, 6 disc CD player.

- Karla S

A mostly good car save for some expensive repairs

The thing I don't like about the minivan is how expensive it is to repair the automatic side doors. They break easily and they're very expensive to repair. I've also had the power steering and rack and pinion go out on me before 120000 miles. Had the radiator go out on me too. What I like about the car is everything else!

- Luke D

Love it's size and reliability however, the door handles come off easily.

I really like the Hyundai entourage mostly because of its size its spacious it has up to 6 seats. Which makes it a perfect family vehicle. It also has seats that collapse into the car so there's no need for heavy lifting. As for dislikes i don't have one besides the car handles come off easily.

- Yami P

I'm a very Happy Hyundai Entourage owner... sorry they're no longer made .

This car gives me Absolutely no problems. The car is comfortable to ride in, easy to drive and handle. There's plenty of room for seven adult passengers and/ or luggage etc. it gets very good mileage and highway driving is great also. I would heartily recommend this vehicle to anyone

- Patricia B

Long lasting but showing it is age.

Overall, it has been a reliable vehicle. It has over 140,000 miles on it and is hanging in there. However, it old and does not have very many features (no Bluetooth, no collision warning, no backup camera- all things I want on my next vehicle). It is also requiring a lot of maintenance.

- Jackie C

I really love my Minivan!

I love the size of my minivan, the automatic sliding doors are a huge help when my hands are full. Having rear a/c control is great for the kids, and the fold down seats were fantastic while camping! My only dislike is how the engine sounds like a toy car. Other than that, I love it!

- Erica H

Best Grandchildren Bus. My 4 four granddaughters loved my van.

This vehicle was a great van. The only problem was when the body control module went bad and the van would not start. The right sliding door did not work and the engine light came on. This vehicle was very good for long trips and very comfortable. The gas usage was reasonable..

- Cal M

Family vehicle. Great for single moms.

I have not had any problems with the vehicle. I have had it for about 7 months. Like the fact that I can open the side doors with the remote, makes it easy with kids. When the back seats are down and the two middle seats out, you can move an entire house with multiple trips.

- Micah T

Tinted windows because it has given us privacy and protected us from the sun.

My entourage 2008 has been very reliable. I have driven it to several states every year. It is very comfortable. I love the tinted windows. It is very spacious. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone, except that they no longer make it. The engine is very powerful.

- Mario P

The color and size and the price.

It is a very good runner good on gas. Rides very smooth could not ask for a better van. It is reliability it is comfy. No problems it is the best. Our family loves it got a lots of room in it. We enjoy it very much it not high price it is reasonable. Price.

- Rebecca V

No matter how tired I am, once I get behind the wheel. Everything is perfect.

No problems. I know no matter how tired I am, once I sit behind the wheel, everything is comfy, okay, and ready to go. I have never had such satisfaction with any other vehicle. I want a new vehicle and only hope and pray I will have the same with another.

- Patricia C

The extremely comfortable minivan.

The Hyundai entourage is an extremely comfortable vehicle! It is very reliable. We have never had any issues with ours. The only thing is the windshields are notoriously thin and crack easily.

- Michaela M

Great Roomy Family Vehicle

It is roomy and great for a family. There is great storage space in the trunk area. The biggest problem has been the automatic doors that have been fixed multiple times.

- Zach M

It's a minivan. Three rows of seats,

I love Hundai, I have had multiple vehicles and their customer service is excellent. They stand behind all of their cars. Mine is a minivan and I no longer need that.

- Keri H




Worked well first few years

Love the heated seats. Electric doors only work when they want to. Radio died and couldn't be replaced, which I found very strange.

- Barbara D

It is a reliable van and has a lot of room.

I love that all the doors work. I love that it is a reliable van. I do not like that the CD player all of a sudden stopped working.

- Rebecca C

Very comfortable for traveling with 6 people.

It has held up really well over the years. Great family vehicle and perfect for long road trips. Priced well with good warranty.

- Jessica D

Can move a ton of stuff in it!

It comfortable, holds a ton of stuff, and we have had very few issues with it. It could get a lot better gas mileage.

- Kathleen A

I have not had any major issues with the minivan in the 10 years that I have owned it.

The van is wonderful on space and is very comfortable to drive and ride in. Wish it was a little better in the snow.

- Amy E

Brake repair is not cheap. I also have a oil leak that going to be expensive

Pretty old car mileage not too high but for sure a gas guzzler. Seats are comfortable and the sound system is great.

- Ariana M

It can be expensive to repair since it is not built in the states. It runs well for us most of the time. It has a good speaker system

It has taken us a lot of miles and been reliable except we have needed to have the brakes fixed more than once

- kristi c

It makes life much easier to manage. Helps out every single day

It has a ton of room. I have a special needs kid and it helps out considerably. It makes life so much easier

- Tomas R

It gets very bad gas mileage

It is very comfortable and reliable, however it gets terrible gas mileage.

- Eddie H

It has enough room for 7 people. The doors open very wide.

I dislike the leather seats, the sunroof, and the color of the carpets.

- Christie J