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Genesis coupe the best from Hyundai.

Ever since I've gotten the car I've had nothing but good news. The car looks great, drives great and the overall quality of the car is spot on to what Hyundai produces. While the motor of my car did blow rods through the hood Hyundai did a great job at fixing the situation and went ahead and fixed my car. For free. It went under a recall and I had to spend no money in order to get my car back on the road.

- jordan O

Genesis: more bang for the buck.

I've had a few problems covered by warranty. Engine cvvt, timing chain tensioners. Burns through tires quick. I've replaced the tires 3 times in 70000 miles. Brakes are expensive to replace as well. I wish the steering wheel was telescoping as I have long legs and it can be uncomfortable on long drives. Service department has been good.

- Bill S

I enjoy the way the screen works for me and the options of Bluetooth.

It functions right but sometimes it takes off a bit slower than I would like when it is cold it takes a bit of time to heat up although it saves lots of gas and it is very family friendly for those who have a family. Overall very much enjoyed this car and the adventures I have had in it. I would recommend it to everyone!

- Jessica M

Car is drives very nice. Shift very nice.

The interior parts are cheap and wear out quickly. Paint chips and flakes all over. Dealer denied claim 4 months after buying car. Week on warranty. Window regulators are awful on this car. I know 6 people with this car and all them have replaced one if not both window regulators.

- Anthony M

The check engine light hasn't come on once in 5 years.

I love my car its fast reliable and never breaks down I've had my car for 5 years and the check engine light hasn't come on once I would recommend this car to first time drivers or anyone whose just beginning to drive it is a very safe and reliable car that anyone can drive.

- Malik V

Great vehicle. Keeps on running with only routine maintenance.

No problems. That is why I will drive it until the wheels fall off. The only time it has been in the shop is for a couple of recalls and regular maintenance. One recall caused a few problems as the car would stall without warning. Without a doubt I would buy a ford again.

- Mike W

Possibly the best quality for the price

I love everything about this car, it really is almost Mercedes level quality for about a fifth of the price. The interior is comfortable and has a really welcoming atmosphere. The only complaint I have is some transmission issues but other than that it's an amazing ride.

- Riley B

A luxury car with other worldly tech.

The features are stellar the performance is simply amazing. The comfort is out of this world. This was my dream car and I constantly get asked about it especially when I have a passenger. The engine is spectacular and it rides like a dream and accelerates super fast.

- Paris G

Great smooth driving sedan, great performance. Navigation feature.

My pros: great performance last, smooth ride, performs great on the highway miles, love the model and overall style. Cons: burns and consumes gas weird toxic smells. I have a 8 cylinder prefer a six. L enjoy my car would like to upgrade to a newer year.

- Rene H

It is a extremely dependable car that requires very minor repairs in the 6 years that I have owned it.

Have two Genesis. The coupe is dependable and has only required preventive maintenance as has the sedan. The sedan in extremely comfortable and drives smoothly whereas the coupe not as much. But that is to be expected between the two models.

- Nan L

Roomy and comfortable for my big kids and friend.

It has electronic doors, push button start, great gas mileage, rides smooth, leather seats, digital screen can watch movies while stopped. Great color tinted windows very roomy and comfortable

- Whitney R

That my car has a 2.0 turbo engine and is one of the safest brands.

I love the body style of my Vehicle. I wish it had navigation, and leather seats and if it came with a backup camera. Also i wish it had leather Seats. especially for a sports car.

- Deanna W

It is a high quality vehicle with a reasonable price

I like that it has a powerful engine and that it is large enough to not feel cramped inside and that it has high quality fittings and fixtures. It also looks good!

- jim B

The power and handling of the car. The ride is very smooth, .

The handling of the car is great as well as the sound system. The ability to adjust the controls is very easy. The wind shield provide a great field of view.

- Edward M

It is a good reliable car that is fun to drive.

Drives good with no issues. Wish it had more power. I haven't had to have any major work done on it up to where it is at with 60,000 miles.

- Dylan R

My car is good for big families that are always on the go.

My vehicle is in a good condition. It does have a small problem with the air conditioning but other than that it's a very good vehicle.

- Cristal D

Makes wide turns so watch out for the front.

Decent car, it drives well. My radio occasionally will not turn on unless I restart the car but other than that it works like a charm.

- Natalia E

Durability, comfort and all the necessary gadgets in the car

When I am ready to buy a new car I am pretty sure I will buy another Hyundai so that tells you how much I love my hyundai genesis.

- claudette P

Love my Genesis car. It is the best!

Great car to drive, easy to maneuver. Sits comfortably. Has all the options we wanted. Love the ease of handling the car.

- Jackie N

It rides great and very stylish car, it has plenty of room and great handling.

I like the body style and power, I wish it came with a sunroof, and a better sound system with ability adjust the speakers.

- Edward M

Fun little car to drive. Love my car.

Great little peppy at. Responsive, great handling, sporty. Not a Sudan ride, but a tight racing ride and tight handling.

- Stacy S

Great car auto everything, smooth ride nice speakers.

Electronic issues: lights flicker certain buttons stop working (ex, trunk) headlights go out, etc., things like that.

- Leslie B

It's got some kick!!!!!!!

The power from 6 cylinders. Ask the bells and whistles. The gas mileage isn't that bad

- John M

very reliable car with little mechanical issues and good warranty

rides well; has lots of amenities. don't like that you can't lock doors when one is open

- bernie b

my car is very fun to drive

it's fun to drive but a gas guzzler and sued t gave a lot of seating

- john K

The car is slow and has a problem with the transmission. Ride is also not comfortable and there are electronic problems as well.

It's overpriced and you can get a better car for cheaper. Sad.

- Jacob G